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Ebbn  Putnam, 

sai,bm,  massachusetts, 





The  making  of  genealogies  is  as  old  as  the  history  of  Adam. 
"With  it,  Moses  begins  the  history  of  his  race.  The  reverence 
for  ancestry,  the  love  of  kindred,  and  the  care  of  offspring 
are  inherent  in  human  nature  and  fostered  by  civilization. 
Though  the  love  of  parents  and  childi-en  leads  the  affections 
in  divergent  lines,  yet  some  subtle  connection  seems  to  make 
them  one.  With  development  of  either  they  both  increase, 
and  our  debt  of  gratitude  to  noble  ancestry  inspires  us  to  re- 
pay it  in  fuller  measure  to  our  children  and  contribute  our 
proper  share  in  the  progress  of  the  race. 

The  guiding  power  of  surrounding  conditions  in  selecting 
and  fixing  the  peculiarities  of  animal  species,  is  alike  potent 
in  imparting  race  types  to  man.  The  great  mass  of  recently 
emigrated  population  has  sprung  from  a  past  in  which  slavish 
obedience  under  monarchial  rule  has  stifled  every  tendency 
to  independent  progressive  thought.  They  have  been  taught 
no  ambition  beyond  material  prosperity,  and  have  failed  to 
learn  the  lesson  of  self-government  on  which  our  country 
must  depend  for  its  honorable  perpetuity.  Far  different  have 
been  the  influences  at  work  alone  those  lines  that  run  to 
the  early  English  pioneers.  To  them  America's  golden 
allurements  were  political  and  religious  freedom.  These 
were  the  ambitions  of  the  people  from  which  they  came  ;  then 
the  Puritans  revolted  against  the  tyranny  and  licentiousness 
of  the  Stuarts,  and  England  was  preparing  the  civil  war 
which  resulted  in  the  dethronement  and  beheading  of 
Charles  I. 

Having  been  nurtured  with  these  tendencies,  they  crossed 

the  mysterious  ocean  when  the  paths  were  as  yet  untried 


when  the  goal  itself. was  unknown,  and  America  held  out  but 
the  opportunities  to  grow  the  fruits  of  liberty.  The  wild  free- 
dom of  a  new  country  was  poison  to  the  unaccustomed.  From 
it  Weston's  men  were  forced  to  flee  ;  and  even  to  those  who 
had  acquired  a  taste,  it  at  first  brought  many  evils  ;  but  they 
were  e\'ils  whose  final  correction  came  by  continued  freedom. 

Thus  reared  with  an  ardent  love  of  liberty,  John  Balch 
left  Old  England  for  the  New,  and  with  this  bias  he  and  his 
associates  and  their  descendants  helped  to  lay  deeply  and  well 
the  foundations  of  our  Nation.  It  should  therefore  be  a 
matter  of  proper  pride  to  know  that  the  family  line  dates  back 
to  a  sturdy,  liberty-loving  ancestry  and  passed  through  gen- 
erations of  industiy,  thrift  and  New  England  hardihood,  cal- 
culated to  produce  a  self-reliant  capable  manhood.  For  the 
most  part  the  families  have  led  quiet  uneventful  lives.  They 
have  lived  long  and  left  small  estates,  but  for  their  descen- 
dants they  have  given  that  best  dower  of  all,  a  constitution  free 
from  inherited  diseases,  a  far  better  factor  for  happiness  and 
usefulness  than  inherited  wealth. 

The  earliest  efforts,  so  far  as  known,  in  the  preparation  of 
a  genealogy  of  the  Balcli  family  was  made  about  a  century 
ago  by  Benjamin  Balch,  of  Essex  Co.,  Massachusetts.  Seven 
hundred  words  comprised  all  that  he  recorded.  Next  fol- 
lowed some  additions  to  this  by  Dr.  William  F.  Balch,  and 
the  whole  was  published  in  the  New  England  Historical  and 
Genealogical  Register  for  Jul}^  1855.  A  few  years  later 
David  M.  Balch  took  up  the  subject  and  worked  at  it,  until 
about  1876.  In  this  he  was  assisted  by  Frank  W.  Balch,  and 
together  they  explored  the  earlj'  records  in  Essex  county,  and 
vicinity,  and  collected  considerable  material.  In  188-1,  I 
commenced  a  search  for  records  of  direct  ancestoi-s.  The 
work  proved  a  fascinating  one  and  quickly  led  into  all  the 
other  family  branches. 

Genealogical  investigation  is  beset  ^^ath  many  difficulties, 
and  some  of  the  solutions  have  been  reached  in  curious  and 
unexpected   ways.     In   several  instances,   slight  clues   con- 

cerning  members  of  the  family  would  be  found  which  baffled 
every  effort  at  systematic  investigation,  but  whose  records 
were  traced  through  unexpected  channels.  One  of  these 
was  63  Josiah^,  another  was  357  Cyrus^  and  a  third  was  382 
Samuel  Williams^. 

After  the  record  of  the  latter  had  gone  into  type  two  of  his 
daughters,  both  over  eighty  years  of  age,  were  found  to  be 
living  within  a  few  minutes'  ride  of  the  office  of  the  writer's 
son.  From  them  it  was  ascertained  that  their  father  was 
United  States  Minister  at  Rio  Janeiro,  Brazil,  in  the  early 
part  of  this  century.  There  are  a  few  puzzles,  similar  to  the 
above  which  have  as  yet  resisted  solution.  They  belong  to 
the  Maryland  family  and  are  appended  as  "broken  families." 

Acknowledgments  are  due  and  are  hereby  made  to  Wil- 
liam Lincoln  Balch,  of  Boston,  for  his  contributions  of  the 
chapters  on  Name,  Arms,  and  English  records ;  to  David 
M.  Balch,  and  Frank  W.  Balch,  for  kindly  placing  their 
manuscript  notes  at  my  service  ;  to  Augustus  A.  Galloupe,  of 
Beverly,  who,  though  no  relative  of  the  family,  has  given 
valuable  assistance,  and  to  all  the  members  of  the  family, 
both  of  the  North  and  South,  who  have  so  kindly  aided  me  in 
the  preparation  of  this  work. 

Galtjsha  B.  Balch,  M.  D. 


The  task  of  tracing  the  descent  of  any  of  the  millions  of 
families  inhabiting  this  planet  is  not,  under  the  most  favora- 
ble circumstances,  an  easy  one,  but  is  beset  at  every  step  with 
various  difficulties.  The  present  inquiry  into  the  origin  and 
history  of  the  Balch  family,  while  simplified  by  the  peculiarity 
of  the  name  and  the  comparatively  small  number  who  have 
borne  it,  is,  at  the  same  time,  rendered  more  difficult  by  those 
very  conditions,  especially  as  few  of  the  name  have  ever 
achieved  more  than  local  distinction,  though  they  have  always 
been  respected  in  the  localities  where  they  have  lived. 


John  Balch  [the  first  in  America]  came  from  Somerset, 
England,  to  Massachusetts,  in  1623.  With  this  central  fact 
the  Balch  genealogy  in  America  begins,  and  its  branches  have 
been  traced  out  down  to  the  present  day.  But  to  go  even 
one  step  backward  from  that  point  has  not  been  so  easy,  and 
it  must  be  confessed  at  the  outset  that  the  missing  links  be- 
tween the  Balches  who  came  to  America  and  those  who  re- 
mained in  the  old  country  have  not  been  found. 

The  search,  however,  has  brought  to  light  the  names  of 
many  Balches  in  England  and  much  information  in  regard 
to  them  which  cannot  fail  to  be  of  interest  to  all  who  bear  the 
name  in  tins  country,  for  there  can  be  little  or  no  doubt  that 
they  were  all  related  to  each  other  in  the  same  way  that  the 
American  Balches  are  related. 

The  subject  of  the  origin  of  the  name  of  Balch  opens  an 
ample  field  for  philological  discussion,  which  has  not  been 
covered  to  any  extent,  for  the  reasons  already  indicated.  It 
seems  tolerably  certain  that  the  name  is  of  Teutonic  deriva- 
tion, and  as  an  English  patronym,  therefore,  might  have  come 
in  with  the  Saxons,  about  A.  D.  500. 

Mark  Antony  Lower,  one  of  the  fii-st  to  write  analytically 
on  the  subject  of  British  surnames,  says  in  his  "  Patronymica 
Britannica,"  that  the  name  is  an  abbreviation  of  Balchin,  a 
very  old  Teutonic  personal  name— in  old  German  Baldechin. 
In  his  "  Essay  on  Family  Nomenclature,''  however,  he  says 
that  Balchin,  in  the  middle  and  western  counties  of  England 
means  an  unfledged  bird. 

Robert  Ferguson,  in  "  English  Surnames  and  their  place  in 
the  Teutonic  Family,"  after  supposing  a  relation  between  the 
name  of  the  great  Italian  poet,  Dante  Alighieri,  and  the  Eng- 
lish name  Alger,  observes  :  "  Other  of  the  Italian  poets  have 
names'more  certainly  Teutonic,  as  Alamanni,  Baldacchini,"  etc. 
"  These  correspond  with  the  old  German  names  Alaman, 
Baldechin,  etc.,  and  with  our  AUman,  Balchin,"  etc.  Further 
on,  in  speaking  of  names  derived  from  mental  and  moral  quali- 
ties, he  says,  "  Thus  we  have  Bold  and  its  patronj-mic  Bald- 


ing — Ball,  the  patronymic  Ballinger,  the  diminutive  Balchin, 
Baldock,  etc." 

How  far  the  imagination  enters  into  comparative  philology 
is  seen  when  it  is  observed  that  another  writer  on  "  English 
Surnames,"  Charles  Wareing  Bardsley,  whUe  not  taking 
cognizance  of  Balchin  at  all,  derives  Ballinger  from  boulanger, 
a  baker,  and  Bald  and  Ball  not  from  bold,  but  from  the  very 
prosaic  characteristic  of  baldness  of  the  cranium  ! 

William  F.  Balch  [1100]  devoted  considerable  time  in  the 
early  fifties  to  an  investigation  of  the  origin  of  the  family,  and 
he  mentions  in  a  paper  published  in  the  New  England  Histor- 
ical and  Genealogical  Register  for  July,  1855,  that  he  found 
the  name  of  "  Balchman  of  Bodeherstegate  "  on  the  roll  of 
"  Battle  Abbey  "  [A.  D.  1066] .  The  name  of  Balchi,  he  also 
says,  is  to  be  found  in  "  Doomsday  Book,"  the  great  survey 
of  England,  which  was  made  by  order  of  William  the  Con- 
queror, in  1086,  and  to  have  been  recorded  therein  the  bearer 
of  the  name  must  have  been  of  at  least  Thane's  rank.  He 
also  states  that  a  John  Balch  was  Sheriff  of  Somerset  in  1392, 
and,  starting  with  that  name,  he  constructs  a  pedigree  ending 
with  John  Balch  who  came  to  America  in  1623. 

Now  all  these  assumptions  can  be  shown  to  be  erroneous, 
and  though  it  is  only  just  to  say  that  they  were  not  put  forth 
as  being  absolutely  correct,  it  seems  proper  to  call  attention 
to  them,  as  they  are  in  print  [in  the  Historical  and  Genea- 
logical Register,]  and  copies  of  the  false  pedigree  are  in  ex- 
istence in  possession  of  members  of  the  family  and  might 
prove  misleading. 

In  the  first  place,  the  document,  usually  called  the  "Roll 
of  Battle  Abbey  "  was  a  list  of  those  Normans  who  took  part 
in  the  conquest  of  England,  and  of  course  one  would  not  look 
there  for  a  Saxon  name.  The  list  referred  to  in  the  article 
in  question  was  really  of  the  names  of  residents  of  the  set- 
tlement which  sprang  up  around  the  Abbey  while  it  was 
building,  to  commemorate  the  battle  of  Hastings,  composed 
of  those  brought  there   from  surrounding  counties  for  that 


purpose,  together  with  the  amount  of  tax,  or  the  kind  of 
service,  which  they  were  to  render  for  their  houses  and  lands, 
which  they  held  under  feudal  tenure.  These  persons  were,  of 
course,  the  Saxon  inhabitants,  but  the  name.  No.  104  on  the 
list,  which  the  compiler  mistook  for  "  Balchman  "  of  Bode- 
herstegate  was  reaUy  "Blacheman"  and  he  was  no  more 
likely  to  have  been  an  ancestor  of  a  Balch  than  No.  26, 
"  Blacheni,  the  cowherd." 

The  "  John  Balch  "  who,  he  says,  was  sheriff  of  Somerset 
in  1392,  was,  by  a  similar  error  in  the  eyesight,  really  John 
Bache,  probably  of  Dorset,  as  those  two  counties  had  but  one 
sheriff  before  1566. 

That  disposes  of  the  foundation  of  the  pedigree,  and  as  for 
the  second  step  it  is  certain  that  no  George  Balch,  between 
the  years  1362  and  1420,  was  "  the  founder  of  St.  Audries, 
the  seat  of  the  family  in  Somersetshire,"  as  that  estate,  which 
is  one  of  the  best  known  in  the  county,  did  not  come  into  the 
possession  of  a  Balch  until  long  after  John  Balch  had  come 
to  America. 

The  earliest  mention  of  a  Balch  in  Somerset  records,  which 
is  at  present  known,  occurs  in  a  tax  list  comi^iled  in  the  first 
year  of  the  reign  of  Edward  III,  1827,  and  it  is  remarkable 
that  at  that  early  date  it  takes  the  simple  form  of  Balch, 
while  in  the  meantime  it  has,  at  different  periods,  and  in  in- 
dividual instances,  lapsed  into  such  odd  orthography  as  Balche, 
Balsh,  Balshe,  Baulch,  Bawlch,  etc. 

But  in  1327  at  least  two  persons  in  Somerset  were  taxed 
under  that  name.  "  Willelmo  Balch,  xii  d.,  "  Piu-ye " 
[perhaps  Puriton  Hundred]  and  "Roberto  Balch,  iij  S., 
V.  d.,"  in  "  Manerium  de  Wryngton  "  [manor  of  Wryngton]. 
There  also  appears  on  the  same  roll  the  name  Balth,  Blatche, 
Borliche,  Barlich,  BaLrich,  Bolde  and  Bald —  any  or  all  of 
whom  might  have  been  Balches,  since  other  and  far  more 
common  names,  such  as  Baker,  Brown  and  Smith,  appear 
with  almost  as  peculiar  variations. 

It  would  be  strange  indeed,  at  a  time  when  the  English 


language  was  not  yet  crystalized,  when  only  "clerks"  and 
priests  could  write,  and  official  documents  were  drawn  up  in 
a  medley  of  Latin,  Norman-French  and  Anglo-Saxon,  if  such 
a  name  had  escaped  variation.  One  can  well  imagine  the 
queer  twists  that  spelling  would  take,  when  the  Norman  tax 
gatherer  attempted  to  set  down  the  name  of  a  "  Zummerzet  " 
rustic  as  given  to  him  with  a  broad  west  country  accent. 

Barlich  and  Barliche  would  certainly  not  be  improbable 
metamorphoses  under  such  circumstances,  and,  indeed,  the 
fact  that  these  forms  have  not  survived  would  seem  to  be  ev- 
idence that  they  were  merely  clerical  errors.  Some  of  the 
forms  which  we  know  the  name  to  have  assumed  at  later  dates 
were  evidently  phonetic,  and  point  to  the  probability  that  the 
"  a  "  in  Balch  had  a  very  broad  sound,  much  broader  than  it 
has  at  present  as  pronounced  in  this  country. 

It  is  of  interest  in  this  connection  to  remark  that  some  of  the 
name  in  London  pronounce  the  "  a  "  sharp,  as  in  "  bat,"  and 
also  to  note  that,  out  of  the  more  than  four  million  people  in 
the  British  metropolis,  there  are  but  six  of  the  name  of  Balch 
registered  in  the  Post  Office  Directory  of  London  of  a  recent 
date— both  "  court "  and  "  commercial  "  divisions  included — 
while  there  are  an  equal  number  of  Balchins,  one  Baulch,  one 
Balck  and  one  Baldach. 

It  thus  appears  that  Balchin  remains  a  surname  in  England 
today,  and  seems,  like  Balch,  to  be  a  shortening  of  the  earlier 
form — Baldechin.  It  has  been  spelled  Balchen,  Ballchen 
and  Balchan.  In  1744  Admiral  Sir  John  Ballchen  was  lost 
in  his  ship,  the  Victory,  off  Alderney. 

Baldachin  is  defined  by  Johnson's  Cyclopedia — and  the 
definition  is  retained  by  our  modern  American  dictionaries — 
as  "  The  canopy  carried  over  the  Host  in  processions.  The 
term  is  derived  from  Baldach,  a  corruption  of  Bagdad,  the 
early  seat  of  the  manufacture  [of  the  stuff  of  which  the  can- 
opy was  made]  and  was  originally  applied  to  the  canopy  car- 
ried over  an  Oriental  prince.'' 

It  has  been  objected  to  by  a  scholarly  member  of  the  Balch. 

■X.  THE  COAT   OP   ARMS. 

family  that  the  deduction  of  Baldach  from  Bagdad  is  unten- 
able on  philological  grounds,  and  he  remarks  that  "  the  old 
Persian  city  Balkh  bears  exactly  our  family  name."  But 
whether  Balkh  or  Baldach  furnished  the  root  of  the  word,  it 
appears  to  have  come  from  the  Orient.  The  Teutons  came 
from  the  East,  their  language,  culminating  in  modern  Ger- 
man, had  many  Oriental  affinities,  and  it  is  not  too  improbable 
to  suppose  that  the  Teuton  who  took,  or  more  likely  had  be- 
stowed upon  him,  the  name  of  Baldechin,  might  have  been 
one  of  the  bearers  of  a  princely  or  ecclesiastical 

The  stuff  of  which  these  canopies,  and  priestly  vestments, 
generally,  was  made,  was  a  very  rich  fabric  of  silk  and  gold 
embroidery,  and  in  old  English  records  the  word  is  variously 
found  written  baudekin,  bawdekin  and  even  bodkyu  and 
bodkin,  certainly  as  wide  a  departure  from  baldachin  in  or- 
thography as  is  Balch. 


Though  perhaps  not  really  germane  to  the  subject,  it 
interesting  to  note  that  in  the  reign  of  Edward  IV,  the 
baudekin  reserved  by  sumptuary  law  for  the  use  of  royalty 
was  woven  of  blue  and  gold  stripes,  which  happen  to  be  the 
chief  colors  of  the  Balch  coat  of  arms.  Those  colors,  with 
the  red  in  which  the  "  bend  "  crossing  the  shield  is  embla- 
zoned, are  esteemed  as  among  the  most  noble  in  heraldry,  and 
the  simplicity  of  the  coat  itself  would  seem  to  be  an  evidence 
of  antiquity.  There  is  nothing  however,  to  show  that  it  was 
granted  at  a  very  early  date.  It  appears  in  the  visitation  of 
Somerset  in  1623,  the  very  year  in  which  John  Balch  came 
to  America. 

The  visitation  of  the  counties  by  the  King's  stewards  and 
officers-at-arms,  under  special  warrants  of  the  sovereign,  for 
the  purpose  of  collecting  and  recording  the  pedigrees  and 
arms  of  the  nobility  and  gentry  resident  therein,  is  of  very 


ancient  date,  and  the  genealogies  and  arms  thus  collected  are 
well  known  by  the  name  of  "  Visitations."  These  records 
are  preserved  in  the  College  of  Arms,  London,  from  the  year 
1523  to  1686. 

There  were  visitations  of  Somerset  in  1531,  the  22d  year 
of  the  reign  of  Henry  VIII. ;  by  Benolte,  Clarencieux  King- 
of-Arms,  in  1573,  the  15th  year  of  Elizabeth  ;  by  Brooke, 
Clarencieux,  by  his  deputies,  Henry  St.  George,  Richmond 
herald,  and  Sampson  Lennard,  Bluemantle  pursuivant,  in 
1623  by  the  last  mentioned,  and  in  1672,  23d  year  of  Charles 
II.,  and  the  last  visitation,  made  by  Bysshe,  Clarencieux. 

The  arms  of  Balche,  of  Horton,  as  illustrated  in  the  fron- 
tispiece to  this  volume,  and  accompanied  by  a  pedigree  which 
forms  the  basis  of  the  sketch  of  early  English  Balches,  which 
follows,  are  thus  described  in  the  Visitation  of  1623  : 

"  Barry  of  six.  Or  and  Azure  ;  on  a  bend,  engrailed.  Gules, 
three  spear  heads,  Argent." 

No  crest  is  described  with  this  shield. 

Sir  Bernard  Burke,  the  English  authority,  in  his  "  General 
Armory  of  England,  Scotland  and  Wales,"  edition  of  1883? 
describes  the  arms  of  Balche  of  Horton  as  above,  and  adds  : 
"  Balche  [Virginia,  Maryland  and  Philadelphia,  North  Amer- 
ica], the  same  arms.  Crest,  out  of  a 
Iducal  coronet.  Or,  a  demi-griffin,  ppr. 
Mottoes  —  Ubi  libertas,  ibi  patria 
[Where  liberty  is  there  is  my  country]. 
"  Not  laws  of  man,  but  laws  of  God." 

Another  motto   which    has    been  at- 
tached to  the  arms,  as  used  by  the  Phila- 
delphia branch,   is,  "Coeur  et  Courage 
font  I'ouvrage,"— Heart  and  courage  do 
the  work. 
It  has  been  stated  that  some  of  the  southern   Balches,  be- 
ing allied  to  the  Maegregors,  use  their  crest,  a  lion's  head 
proper,  crowned  with  an  antique  crown. 

CuUeton,   a  London   heraldic   engraver,   gives  the  Balch 


arms  as  already  described,   and  the  motto  as  being,  "  Fait. 
Devoyr,"  "  Do  your  duty." 

E.  de  Vermont,  in  his  "  American  Heraldry,"  copies^ 

Daniel  Balch,  of  Newburyport,  Mass.,  in  his  will,  dated 
March  9,  1789,  left  to  his  eldest  son,  Daniel,  Jr.,  "  my  coat 
of  arms."  That  he  inherited  his  copy  from  his  father.  Rev. 
William,  or  his  grandfather,  Freeborn,  or  that  John  brought 
it  with  him  to  America,  in  1623,  is  a  matter  of  mere  conjec- 
ture. To  a  copy  in  the  possession  of  a  descendant  of  Daniel 
is  attached  the  note  :  "  The  above  are  the  arms  of  Balche 
of  Horton,  in  the  county  of  Somerset,  as  they  appear  recorded 
to  that  family  in  the  Herald's  visitation  of  that  county,  made 
in  1623.  Albert  W.  Woods,  Herald."  As  Sir  Albert  W. 
Woods  is  at  present  (1896)  Garter  King  of  Arms  of  the 
Heralds'  College,  it  is  evident  that  this  copy  it  comparatively 

The  crest  and  motto  found  with  a  copy  of  the  Balch  arms, 
published  by  a  descendant  of  Daniel — William  F. — in  the 
New  England  Historical  and  Genealogical  Register,  in  1855, 
have  been  a  puzzle.  The  crest  is  a  mailed  arm  and  gaunt- 
letted  hand,  grasping  broken  spears  or  javelins.  The  Latin 
motto  accompanying  this  crest — "  Usus  a 
Punctum  " — seems  to  refer  to  the  spears, 
but,  with  its  grammatical  incorrectness, 
leaves  a  doubt  whether  it  was  meant  to 
convey  the  admonition  to  "  use  to  the 
point,"  or  the  boast  that  the  spears  had 
been  so  used,  as  their  broken  condition 
would  suggest.  Nothing  is  known  in  the 
history  of  the  family  in  England  to  justify 
such  a  warlike  blazon. 

A  variation  of  the  coat  of  arms,  in  which  the  spear  heads 
are  replaced  by  golden  disks,  or  "  bezants,"  a  word  derived 
from  Byzantium,  the  ancient  Constantinople,  and  applied  to 
gold  coins   of  that  country,   appears  in  the  church  of   St» 


Mary,  in  the  parish  of  Poorstock,  in  Dorset.  In  the  chancel 
is  this  escutcheon :  "  Barry  of  six,  Or  and  Azure ;  on  a 
bend,  indented,  Gules,  three  Bezants."  Under  it,  "  Scutum 
Gulielmi  Balch,  obiit  39  die  of  Januarii,  anno  Dom.,  1631." 
The  shield  of  this  William  Balch  is  thus  nearly  the  same  as 
the  one  already  described,  except  that  the  "  bend  "  has  ser- 
rated, instead  of  scalloped  edges — which  might  have  been 
merely  the  result  of  imperfect  workmanship  or  imperfect  de- 
scription— and  the  silver  spear  heads  are  changed  to  golden 
disks.  The  peculiarity  of  the  inscription,  in  giving  the  date 
of  the  bearer's  decease  as  the  39th  of  January,  may,  perhaps, 
be  accounted  for  by  an  attempt  to  reconcile  the  "  old  style  " 
and  "  new  style  "  of  chronology,  between  which  there  was 
then  a  diiference  of  ten  days. 

As  to  the  crests  and  helmet  used  by  the  American  Balches 
there  appears  to  be  no  old  authority.  The  helmet  used  by 
William  F.  Balch  in  the  Historical  and  Genealogical  Register 
is  that  belonging  to  royalty,  so  it  must  be  wrong.  The  hel- 
met should  be  that  of  an  esquire. 

John  Balch,  the  earliest  ancestor  in  America  of  the  New 
England  branch,  the  first  of  his  name  to  come  to  the  New 
World,  was  undoubtedly  a  member  of  a  family  once  numerous 
and  well  known  in  Somerset.  He  is  said,  in  Felt's  "  Annals 
of  Salem  ''  and  in  Hubbard's  History  of  New  England,  to  have 
<!ome  "from  near  Bridgwater,"  which  is  in  the  very  heart  of 
Somersetshire,  and  one  of  its  largest  and  most  ancient  towns. 
It  is  doubtful  if  he  ever  resided  there,  and  a  recent  search  of 
the  well  preserved  parchment  records  of  the  church  of  St. 
Mary  Magdalen,  from  the  year  1575  to  a  date  later  than  that 
of  his  emigration  to  Massachusetts,  failed  to  reveal  any  men- 
tion of  the  baptism,  marriage  or  burial  of  a  Balch.  The  name, 
however,  appears  in  Bridgwater  at  a  later  date,  and  may  still 


be  traced  iipon  the  worn  memorial  stones  with  which  the 
church  aisles  are  flagged. 

Benjamin  Balch,  who  left  a  brief  genealogical  manuscript 
of  the  family  more  than  a  century  ago,  said  that,  according  to 
family  tradition,  John  Balch  came  from  Horton.  At  all 
events,  it  is  extremely  probable  that  he  was  a  member, — and 
as  is  shown  by  his  becoming  a  pioneer  in  the  westward  migra- 
tion of  his  countrymen  beyond  the  sea,  doubtless  one  of  the 
younger  and  dowerless  cadets — of  an  old  family  in  one  of  the 
most  ancient  corners  of  Saxon  England. 

Somerset,  the  English  home  of  the  Balches,  bears  upon  al- 
most every  square  mile  of  its  topography,  on  every  page  of 
its  history,  and  in  all  its  wealth  of  legends,  quaint  nomencla- 
ture and  curious  customs,  traces  of  the  tidal  wave  of  conquest 
that  surged  over  it  in  early  days,  and,  retreating,  left  upon  the 
land  their  indelible  impress. 

Briton,  Gaul,  Koman,  Saxon,  Dane  and  Norman  in  turn 
possessed  and  made  for  themselves  a  home  of  the  fair  south- 
west of  England,  and  left  behind  them  the  tokens  of  their 
prowess,  language,  laws,  religion  and  civilization. 

While  the  Britons,  who  may  be  regarded  as  the  aboriginal 
inhabitants,  were  in  possession,  the  Belgas,  a  warlike  people 
of  Celtic  origin,  from  Gaul,  descended  upon  the  country  about 
350  years  before  the  Christian  era,  and  overran  that  portion 
which  is  now  known  as  Somerset,  Dorset  and  Devon,  together 
with  parts  of  Cornwall,  Wiltshire,  Hampshire,  Sussex  and 
Middlesex.  They  gained  such  a  foothold  that  the  portion 
which  they  held  was  formally  divided  off  from  that  retained 
by  the  British  by  an  immense  trench  and  earthwork,  80  miles 
long,  called  Wausdyke,  portions  of  which  still  remain  run- 
ning across  the  country  to  the  Bristol  channel.  When  they 
were  securely  in  possession  they  were  joined  by  a  large  acces- 
sion of  their  countrymen,  under  Divitiacus,  King  of  Soissons, 
in  France,  who  came  over  about  B.  C.  63. 

Then  came  the  Romans,  about  A.  D.  40,  who  drove  out  the 
Cangii,  a  posthumous  tribe  of  the  Belgae,  and  retained  pes- 


session  for  400  years,  leaving  everywhere  fortifications,  roads, 
temples,  baths  and  other  substantial  evidences  of  their  occu- 

About  half  a  century  later  the  Saxons  came  upon  the  scene, 
landing  on  the  shores  of  Hampshire  under  the  leaders  Cerdic 
and  Cynric,  in  A.  D.  495,  and  spreading  slowly  through 
Hampshire,  Dorset,  and  Somerset,  for  some  years,  if  not  gener- 
ations, stopping  at  the  rivers  Parret  [ancient  Pedred]  and 
Upper  Axe,  which  were  an  understood  boundary  between  the 
Saxon  English  and  British  races. 

Then  the  Danes  invaded  the  country,  keeping  it  for  gener- 
ations in  a  state  of  seige,  until  they  were  finally  conquered 
and  expelled,  and  the  Saxon  heptarchy  grew  and  strengthened, 
only  to  fall  into  the  hands  of  the  Norman  Conqueror,  A.  D., 

The  neighborhood  in  which  we  know  that  Balches  have 
dwelt  for  more  than  500  years,  and  very  likely  for  a  thousand, 
is  intimately  connected  with  the  legendary  history  of  the 
British  hero,  King  Arthur,  and  the  Saxon  hero,  Alfred  the 

Cadbury  Castle,  the  site  of  an  ancient  stronghold,  is  said  to 
be  the  far  famed  Camelot  or  Camalet,  which  was  one  of  the 
stations  of  the  famous  Round  Table  of  King  Arthur,  the  other 
principal  places  where  it  was  set  up  being  Winchester  and 
Hampshire  and  Caerleon,  in  Monmouthshire,  the  latter  coun- 
ty being  formerly  in  Wales. 

At  Glastonbury  Abbey,  according  to  ancient  writers,  was  the 
tomb  of  King  Arthur,  where  he  was  buried  after  his  last  and 
fatal  battle. 

Of  all  the  Arthurian  legends  the  most  widely  known  is, 
perhaps,  that  of  the  Holy  Grail,  which  has  figured  largely  in 
modern  literature,  art  and  drama,  and  with  Glastonbury 
Abbey  is  connected  the  legend  of  the  Holy  Grail  and  Holy 
Thorn.  This  remarkable  story  is  to  the  effect  that  Joseph  of 
Arimathea,  the  wealthy  man  who  offered  his  own  tomb  as  a 
sepulchre  for  Jesus  of  Nazareth,  with  his  own  hands  washed 


and  prepared  the  body  for  burial.  Afterward,  at  the  com- 
mand of  the  angel  Gabriel,  he  left  country,  home  and  kindred, 
to  preach  the  gospel  to  the  heatlien  of  distant  lands.  Joseph 
took  with  him  on  his  mission  the  Holy  Grail,  that  miraculous 
chalice,  made  of  a  single  precious  stone,  brought  from  heaven 
by  angels,  from  which  Christ  drank  at  the  last  supper,  and  in 
which  the  Arimathean  caught  and  saved  the  last  drops  of  His 
blood  as  he  came  from  the  cross.  In  another  vessel  were  the 
blood  and  water  which  he  preserved  when  he  washed  the  body 
of  his  lord,  and  he  also  carried  with  him  as  a  staff  a  piece  of 
thorn  tree  from  the  Holy  Land. 

Combwich,  in  Somerset,  on  the  river  Parret,  was  the  land- 
ing place  in  Biitain  of  Joseph  of  Arimathea,  according  to  this 
legend,  and  when  he  reached  Glastonbury  he  planted  his  staff 
in  the  ground  and  established  there  the  first  Christian  church. 
The  thorn  took  root  and  flourished,  and,  in  proof  of  its  origin, 
blossomed  miraculously  at  Christmas  ever  after.  This  legend 
is  thus  narrated  in  some  curious  old  verse. 

"  The  good  saint  Arimathean  Joseph,  borne  by  the  Parret's  tide 
To  Combwich,  o'er  the  Mendips;  at  length  he  came  to  Glaston's  Hide; 

'  Here  I'll  build  a  wattle  church  '  He  planted  a  Christian  staff. 
'  Twas  Christmas  now — at  Xmas  time  the  staff  with  blossoms  laugh; 

A  miracle — a  miracle— a  miracle  it  turned  to  be 
That  Christian  churches  from  that  time  should  cover  the  whole  country. 

The  staff  was  a  thorn  brought  from  the  Holy  Land — 'tis  known. 
The  Christian  churches  throughout   England — from   its  branches  they 
have  grown." 

"Even  as  late  as  James  II. 's  time"  says  a  Bridgwater  an- 
tiquary, "  the  blossoms  were  esteemed  such  curiosities  by 
people  of  all  nations  that  Bristol  merchants  made  a  traffic  of 
them  and  exported  them  to  foreign  parts." 

The  flowering  of  the  miraculous  thorn  tree  is  noted  in  the 
Gentleman's  Magazine,  for  1753.  People  were  then  under 
some  embarassraent  as  to  dates,  owing  to  the  change  made  in 
the  calendar  from  Old  to  New  style  ;  "  A  vast  number  visited 
the  noted  thorn  on  Christmas  day,  new  style,  but  there  was 
no  bloom.     So  they  watched  till  January  5,  the  Christmas 


*"  *^  ilt''  ":-sw((i. 



t~.-^: ;o,.>dn-')iSu.' 


and  prepared  the  body  for  burial.  Afterward,  at  the  com- 
mand of  the  augel  Gabriel,  he  left  country,  home  and  kindred, 
to  preach  the  gospel  to  the  heathen  of  distant  lands.  Joseph 
took  with  him  on  his  mission  the  Holy  Grail,  that  miraculous 
chalice,  made  of  a  single  precious  stone,  brought  from  heaven 
by  angels,  from  which  Christ  drank  at  the  last  supper,  and  in 
which  the  Arimathean  caught  and  saved  the  last  drops  of  His 
blood  as  he  came  from  the  cross.  In  another  vessel  were  the 
blood  and  water  which  he  preserved  when  he  washed  the  body 
of  his  lord,  and  he  also  carried  with  him  as  a  staff  a  piece  of 
thorn  tree  from  the  Holy  Land. 

Combwich,  in  Somerset,  on  the  river  Parret,  was  the  land- 
ing place  in  Britain  of  Joseph  of  Arimathea,  according  to  this 
legend,  and  when  he  reached  Glastonbury  he  planted  his  staff 
in  the  ground  and  established  there  the  fiist  Christian  church. 
The  thorn  took  root  and  flourished,  and,  in  proof  of  its  origin, 
blossomed  miraculously  at  Christmas  ever  after.  This  legend 
is  thus  narrated  in  some  curious  old  verse. 

"  The  good  saint  Arimathean  Joseph,  borne  by  the  Parret's  tide 
To  Combwich,  o'er  the  Mendips;  at  length  he  came  to  Glaston's  Hide; 

'  Here  I'll  build  a  wattle  church '  He  planted  a  Christian  staff. 
'  Twas  Christmas  now — at  Xmas  time  the  staff  with  blossoms  laugh; 

A  miracle — a  miracle — a  miracle  it  turned  to  be 
That  Christian  churches  from  that  time  should  cover  the  whole  country. 

The  staff  was  a  thorn  brought  from  the  Holy  Land — 'tis  known. 
The  Christian  churches  throughout   England — from   its   branches  they 
have  grown." 

"  Even  as  late  as  James  II. 's  time  "  saj'^s  a  Bridgwater  an- 
tiquary, "  the  blossoms  were  esteemed  such  curiosities  by 
people  of  all  nations  that  Bristol  merchants  made  a  traffic  of 
them  and  exported  them  to  foreign  parts." 

The  flowering  of  the  miraculous  thorn  tree  is  noted  in  the 
Gentleman's  Magazine,  for  1753.  People  were  then  under 
some  embarassment  as  to  dates,  owing  to  the  change  made  in 
the  calendar  from  Old  to  New  style  ;  "  A  vast  number  visited 
the  noted  thorn  on  Christmas  day,  new  st3'le,  but  there  was 
no  bloom.     So  they  watched  till  January  5,  the  Christmas 



TflAq    A    10 


day  of  old  style,  when,  true  to  tradition,  it  bloomed  once 

Another  interesting  legend  of  Glastonbury  Abbey  is  that 
its  fii'st  abbot  was  St.  Patrick,  A.  D.  533,  who  was  succeeded 
by  St.  Benignus  or  Benedict,  a  pupil  of  St.  Patrick,  who  was 
also  his  successor  in  the  archiepiscopal  see  of  Armagh,  Ire- 
land, A.  D.  601.  The  27th  abbot,  according  to  this  legen- 
dary history,  was  the  famous  St.  Dunstan,  afterwards  primate 
of  England,  who  had  a  personal  encounter  with  the  Evil  One 
and  put  him  to  flight  by  seizing  him  by  the  nose  with  a  pair 
of  tongs. 

In  the  Saxon  era  Somerset  was  a  central  part  of  the  im- 
portant Kingdom  of  Wessex  [West  Seaxe]  other  Kingdoms 
of  the  heptarchy  being  Essex  [East  Seaxe]  Sussex  [South 
Seaxe]  and  Middle  Seaxe.  It  was  in  the  Isle  of  jEthelingey 
[isle  of  Nobles]  now  known  as  Athelney,  at  the  junction  of 
the  rivers  Tone,  from  which  comes  the  name  of  Tonetown — 
[Taunton]  and  Parret,  in  the  parish  of  Lyng,  about  seven 
miles  from  Bridgwater,  that  tradition  says  that  in  879  the 
great  Aelfred  was  sheltered  from  the  Danes  by  the  herdsman 
Denwulf,  whose  goodwife  has  passed  into  history  from  having^ 
scolded  the  King  for  neglecting  to  watch  the  cakes  by  the 
fire  while  she  fed  the  pigs.  When  later,  by  strategy,  Alfred 
surrounded  and  totally  defeated  the  Danes  at  iEtheldune, 
now  Edington,  seizing  the  Danish  banner  with  its  magically- 
wrought  raven,  it  was  at  AUer  church,  near  Langport,  that 
Guthrum,  the  vanquished  Danish  chieftain,  allowed  himself 
to  be  baptized  Edelstane,  Alfred  standing  as  sponsor. 

Cannington,  which  is  mentioned  in  the  English  chronolog- 
ical notes  as  being,  among  other  places,  a  locality  in  which 
"Nicholas  Balche,  de  Horton,  generosus"  (that  is,  well  oi' 
nobly  born),  owned  property,  was  the  birthplace  of  the  "  fair 
Rosamond  "  Clifford.  Cannington  was  once  the  abode  of  the 
Cangii,  a  tribe  of  the  Belgae,  and  the  legions  of  the  Emperor 
Claudius  are  said  to  have  passed  that  way  at  the  time  of  the 
second  Roman  invasion. 


The  river  Parret,  wliich,  the  earlier  legend  tells  us,  bore 
Joseph  of  Arimathea  to  Combwich,  and  which  a  later,  if  not 
more  veracious  tradition  says  bore  John  Balch  to  the  ocean, 
on  his  way  to  America,  flows  completely  across  Somerset, 
through  a  rich  and  fertile  country. 

Running  in  the  same  general  direction  as  the  Parret,  a  few 
miles  to  the  westward,  are  the  Quantock  hills,  which  rise  at 
their  highest  point  to  about  1200  feet,  and  enjoy  a  local  rep- 
utation for  picturesque  beauty. 

The  Quantocks  are  truly  picturesque,  and  where  they  ter- 
minate, near  the  Bristol  channel,  are  located  East  and  West 
Quantoxhead,  names  which  are  to  be  found  in  connection 
with  the  manor  of  St.  Audi-ies,  the  seat  for  raan\-  years  of  a 
branch  of  the  Balch  family,  and  that  from  which  the  south- 
ern branch  in  this  country  claims  its  descent. 

A  "  History  and  Antiquities  of  the  County  of  Somerset" 
was  published  by  the  Rev.  John  CoUinson,  vicar  of  Long 
Ashton,  in  1791,  to  which  Robert  Everard  Balch,  Esq.,  and 
George  Balch,  Esq.,  of  St.  Audries,  Avere  subscribers,  and  in 
its  pages  the  estate  is  thus  described : 

"  St.  Audi-ies,  or  West  Quantockshead,  lies  eastward  from 
St.  Decumans,  close  under  the  steep  western  head  of  Quan- 
tock, sheltered  from  the  east  and  northeast  winds,  with  the 
sea  within  a  mile  to  the  north  and  northwest,  and  a  very  rich 
and  beautiful  couutay  to  the  south  and  west. 

"  This  manor  was  given  by  the  Conqueror  to  Sir  William 
de  Mohun,  and  is  thus  recorded  in  the  survey  [Doomsday 
Book]  :  William  himself  holds  Cantocheve.  Elnod  held  it 
in  the  time  of  King  Edward,  gelded  for  three  hides  and  a 
half.  The  arable  is  eight  carucates.  In  demesne  are  three 
carucates,  and  seven  servants  and  ten  villanes,  and  four  cot- 
tagers, with  six  ploughs.  There  are  sixteen  acres  of  meadow 
and  fifty  acres  of  wood.  Pasture  one  mile  long  and  one  mile 
broad.     It  was  worth  three  pounds,  now  four  pounds. 

"It  was  held  in  the  time  of  King  John  by  William  de 
Punchardon,   of   Duuster   Castle.     It   then  passed  into  the 


family  of  Malet,  and  continued  in  that  family,  in  a  regular 
descent,  until  the  time  of  Henry  VIII.  In  the  time  of 
Charles  I.  Arthur  Malet  sold  it  to  Thomas  Malet,  who  died 
in  1664,  leaving  two  sons,  Sir  John  and  Sir  Michael.  Sir 
John's  grandson,  William,  was  the  last  of  the  family  that 
possessed  St.  Audries.  The  manor  now  [1791]  belongs  to 
Robert  Everard  Balch,  Esq.,  who  has  an  elegant  little  seat. 

"  The  church  is  dedicated  to  St.  Ethelred,  or  Aldred,  from 
whom  the  parish  received  one  of  its  appellations,  of  which 
that  now  used  is  a  flagrant  corruption." 

In  1836  it  was  the  residence  of  Rev.  Elias  Webb,  and  in 
1873  of  Sir  A.  Hood. 

Some  brief  explanation  of  the  old  Saxon  terms  used  in  de- 
scribing the  above  estate  will  form  a  fitting  conclusion  to  this 
chapter.  As  regards  the  measures  of  land  recorded  in 
Doomsday  Book,  Sir  H.  Ellis  says  :  "  The  truth  seems  to  be 
that  a  hide,  a  yardland,  a  knight's  fee,  etc.,  etc.,  contained  no 
certain  number  of  acres,  but  varied  in  different  places,"  but  it 
has  been  described  to  be  "  as  much  as  was  sufficient  to  the 
cultivation  of  one  plough." 

"  The  carucate,  which  is  also  to  be  interpreted  the  plough 
land,  was  as  much  arable  land  as  could  be  managed  with  one 
plough  and  the  beasts  belonging  thereto  in  a  year,  pasture 
and  houses  for  the  householder,  and  cattle  belonging  to  it," 
and  it  appears  that  "  the  hide  was  the  measure  of  land  in  the 
Confessor's  reign,  the  carucate  [Latin,  caruca,  a  team],  that 
to  which  it  was  reduced  by  the  Conqueror's  new  standard." 

The  hide  is  generally  supposed  to  have  been  equal  to  120 
acres,  though  Sir  R.  W.  Ej^ton,  in  "  Doomsday  Studies,  an 
Analysis  and  Digest  of  the  Somerset  Survey,"  says  that  the 
Somerset  hide  was  299  2-3  acres.  "  Glaston's  Hide,"  referred 
to  in  the  verses  relating  the  legend  of  Joseph  of  Arimathea, 
is  that  division  of  the  country  called  "  Glaston  Twelve 
Hides,"  and  was  therefore  anciently  a  description  of  the  lo- 
cality by  measurement.  Money  mentioned  in  Domesday 
records  is  generally  estimated  as  at  thirty  times  its  present 


value,  so  that  the  revenue  of  St.  Audries,  in  the  Conqueror's 
time,  £i,  was  equivalent  to  at  least  $600.  The  term  "hun- 
dred," to  designate  a  division  of  an  English  county,  had  this 
origin,  as  defined  by  Blackstone  :  Ten  families  of  freehold- 
ers made  up  a  town  or  tithing,  so  ten  tithings  composed  a  su- 
perior division  called  a  hundred,  as  consisting  of  ten  times 
ten  families. 

Some  Pee-American  Balches. 

The  earliest  glimpse  we  have  of  the  Balch  family  in  Somer- 
set is  afforded  in  a  tax  roll  of  that  shire  made  in  1327,  the 
first  year  of  Edward  III.,  the  hero  of  Crecy,  the  father  of  the 
Black  Prince,  who  there  began  his  brilliant  military  career. 
It  was  toward  the  end  of  his  reign  that  law  pleadings  in  Eng- 
lish were  first  permitted.  The  tax  roll  in  which  the  Balches 
are  inscribed  is  in  Latin  and  is  thus  headed :  "  CoUecta  XX  """ 
domino  Edwardo  tercio,  post  conquestem  Regi  Anglie 
concesse  facta,  per  Johannem  de  Clyvedon  et  Johannem  de 
Erie,  anno  domini  Regis  primo." 

The  list  includes  all  those  in  the  county,  worth  10  shillings 
or  more,  and  among  them  are  Willelmo  Balch,  Thrubbewelle, 
iiii  s.,  Willelmo  Balch,  Purye,  xii  d.,  Roberto  Balch, 
Manerium  de  "Wryngton,  iii  s.,  and  others. 

A  gap  of  168  years  intervenes  before  we  find  the  next 
mention  of  a  Balch.  In  May,  1495,  three  years  after  the  dis- 
covery of  America  by  Columbus,  Richard  Balch  died  in  Farn- 
ham,  Surrey.  He  made  his  will  in  Latin  on  the  12th  of  that 
month,  and  it  was  proved  in  the  prerogative  court  of  Canter- 
bury on  the  27th.  He  directs  his  body  to  be  buried  in  the 
ancient  chapel  of  the  blessed  virgin  Mary,  within  the  parish 
church  of  St.  Andrew  of  Farnham,  next  the  body  of  his  father. 
He  leaves  to  Matilda,  relict  of  William  Balche,  a  tenement  in 
which  she  is  living  for  the  term  of  her  life,  and  after  her  death  to 
Nicholas  Balche,  son  of  the  said  William  and  Matilda.  Other 
legatees  are  his  wife  Isabella,  his  daughter  Florence  [wife  of 
Henry]  Quynby,  and  John  and  Margaret  Balch,  children  of 


William  Balch  before  mentioned.  In  this  document  the  name 
is  spelled  both  with  and  without  the  "  e." 

There  is  nothing  to  connect  the  interesting  family  group 
thus  faintly  outlined  with  any  earlier  or  later  Balches  in  the 
West  of  England. 

It  will  be  observed  that  this  was  in  the  days  when  England 
was  still  Catholic,  the  authority  of  the  Roman  Pontiff  was 
acknov/ledged,  and  ecclesiastical  institutions  were  liberally 
endowed  with  lands. 

In  the  declaration  of  the  rental  and  possessions  of  the 
chantries,  colleges  and  free  chapels  in  the  county  of  Somerset, 
[Land  Revenue  Records,  vol.  97],  is  the  numeration  of  those 
in  the  deanery  of  Crewkerne,  was  included,  in  1628,  the 
chantry  of  St.  Katherine,  within  the  parish  church  at  Ilminster, 
founded  by  John  Wadham,  "  esquire."  There  was  no  monas- 
tic establishment  at  Ilminster,  but  the  manor  belonged  to  the 
abbey  of  Muchelney.  The  manor  of  Ilminster  [the  church 
on  the  river  He]  with  the  whole  place,  was  given  by  Ina, 
King  of  the  West  Saxons,  to  the  abbey  of  Muchelney, 
founded  by  King  Athelstan  in  939. 

In  1528  its  lands  and  possessions  were  "leased  to  farm  for 
divers  years  and  given  for  the  fee  or  stipend  of  three  chaplains 
or  priests  [John  Rippe,  Thomas  Thorne  and  William  Webbe] 
celebrating  in  the  Ilminster  parisli  church. 

Among  the  tenants  of  these  lands  were  a  John  and  George 
Balche.     The  lease  from  the  abbot  reads  in  part  as  follows : 

"  All  those  messuages,  lands,  tenements,  meadow  pasture 
and  feed,  with  their  appurtenances,  in  the  tithing  of  Winter- 
haye,  in  the  parish  of  Ilminster,  called  Modies  tenement,  by 
John  Sherbourne,  abbot,  formerly  of  the  monastery  of 
Muchelney  aforesaid,  and  the  convent  of  the  same  place, 
leased  to  farm  to  Henry  Dawbeny,  Kt.,  lord  de  Dawbeny, 
Thomas  Speke,  Hugh  Paulet,  Nicholas  Wadham,  Jr.,  esquire, 
John  Pool,  Thomas  Michell,  John  Battyn,  clerk,  John 
Bonvyle,  John  Balche,  G-eorge  Balche,  John  Chyke,  bis  son, 
Thomas   Hawker,   John   Barfote,   John  Radbere,   clerk,  by 


deed  of  the  same  abbot  and  convent,  given  in  their  chapter 
house,  under  the  seal  of  the  convent  aforesaid,  the  third  day 
of  November,  1528." 

This  John  and  George  may  have  been,  and  probably  were 
sons  of  the  William  Balche  who  figures  next  in  our  chronol- 
ogy as  being  "of  Higham,''  Somerset,  who  died  on  the  20th 
of  March,  1533,  and  as  appears  by  the  "iuquisitio  post 
mortem  "  taken  at  Wells  in  Somerset  on  the  8th  of  Novem- 
ber, 1534,  in  the  25th  year  of  the  reign  of  Henry  VIII.  [the 
year  in  which  popery  was  abolished  in  England],  was  a  per- 
son who  had  acquired  a  large  amount  of  landed  property  in 
the  county.  He  was  regarded  as  the  founder  of  a  family,  and 
his  name  heads  the  family  tree  recorded  in  the  Somerset  visi- 
tation of  1623. 

The  iuquisitio  post  mortem,  or  escheat,  was  instituted  to 
enquire,  at  the  death  of  any  man  of  fortune,  the  value  of  his 
estate,  the  tenure  by  which  it  was  holden,  and  who  was  the 
heir,  and  of  what  age,  thereby  to  ascertain  the  value  of  the 
"  premier  seizin,"  or  the  "  wardship  and  livery  "  accruing  to 
the  King  thereupon.  The  court  of  wards  and  liveries,  which 
was  instituted  in  the  reign  of  Henry  VIII.,  was  abolished,  with 
other  feudal  customs,  on  the  restoration  of  Charles  II.  Some 
idea  of  the  contempt  into  which  the  practice  had  fallen  may 
perhaps  be  gathered  from  the  fact  that  the  word  cheat  is 
derived  from  escheat. 

The  inquisition  into  the  aiTairs  of  William  Balche  of  Hig- 
ham— which  may  have  been  the  locality  now  known  as  High 
Ham — and  which  was  conducted  with  a  view,  if  possible,  of 
putting  money  into  the  coffers  of  the  bluff  King  Hal,  by 
Thomas  Horner  as  escheator,  states  that  William,  at  the  time 
of  his  death  was  "  Seized  of  200  acres  of  pasture,  100  acres 
of  Arable  and  40  acres  of  meadow  and  30  acres  of  woodland, 
with  the  appurtenances,  etc.,  in  East  Coker,  etc.,  held  of  Sir 
William  Courtenaj'c,  Knight,  as  of  his  manor  of  East  Coker, 
and  the  said  William  Balche  died  so  seized ;  after  whose  death 
the  said  pasture  and  land  and  meadow  and  wood,  with  the 


appurtenances,  etc.,  descend  to  John  Balche,  as  son  and  heir 
of  the  said  William.  And  the  said  William  was  seized  of  one 
messuage,  20  acres  of  land,  meadow  and  pasture,  with  its 
appurtenances,  in  Witencomb,  in  the  said  county  of  Somerset, 
etc.,  held  of  Robert  Pike,  as  of  his  manor  of  Pykkeseighe,  etc., 
also  of  the  moiety  of  a  messuage,  20  acres  pasture,  with  its 
appurtenances,  in  Aldon,  and  20  acres  in  Fydington,  next 
Stokegursey,  etc.,  held  of  Sir  William  Tarrant,  as  of  his  manor 
of  Fydington,  etc.,  all  of  which  descended  to  John  Balche,  as 
above.  The  jurors  found  the  said  William  Balche  died  20 
March,  24th  of  Henry  VIII.,  and  John  Balche  is  the  sou  and 
heir  of  the  said  William,  and  is  36  years  of  age  and  more." 

Two  years  later,  April  1,  1536,  this  John  Balche  in  turn 
made  his  will,  though  he  did  not  die  until  1552.  He  and  his 
descendants  are  described  as  being  of  "  Horton,"  a  hamlet,  a 
mile  and  a  half  west  of  Ilminster  church.  To  his  daughters, 
Anne,  Alice  and  Agnes,  he  bequeathed  £10  each  upon  their 
majority.  It  appears  from  another  source — the  visitation  of 
Somerset  of  1531 — that  he  had  an  elder  daughter,  Joan,  who 
had  probably  received  her  portion  upon  her  marriage  with 
Robert  Hyett,  of  Street.  Agnes  wedded  Christopher  Bour- 
man  [Bowerman  or  Boreman]  of  Wells.  His  son  John  re- 
ceived a  legacy  of  £10.  His  sons  Thomas  and  Anthony  are 
mentioned,  and  to  George,  his  son  and  heii',  is  bequeathed  his 
bay  gelding  in  Donyett  Park.  There  is  also  a  bequest  to 
St.  Andrews  church  at  Wells.  Hugh  Balche,  another  son,  is 
not  mentioned  in  the  will,  but  the  residue  of  the  estate  is 
given  to  Isabell,  the  widow,  who  is  made  executrix,  with  John 
Walys  and  William  Balche  overseers. 

This  William  may  have  been  a  brothei',  a  son  of  William  of 
Higham,  and  he  is  an  interesting  personage  if  he  was,  as 
would  appear,  tlie  William  Bawlche  of  West  Chinnock,  hus- 
bandman, who  died  in  1611,  for  he  must  have  been  at  the 
time  of  his  decease  a  centenarian. 

Sir  Nicholas  Wadham,  of  JVluryfelde  [Merrifield]  Knight, 
left  by  his  will,  which  proved  in  1542  and  directed  his 


burial  to  be  at  Ilminster,  the  sum  of  £3,  6  shillings  and  8 
pence,  besides  their  wages,  to  each  of  his  servants,  Roger 
Fontleroy,  John  Balche,  William  Bevyn  and  Anthony 
Bolleyn.  That  they  were  esteemed  and  trusted  is  shown  by 
the  fact  that  two  of  them  were  among  the  executors  of  the 
will,  and  it  is  to  be  remembered,  in  judging  of  the  value  of 
the  properties  mentioned  in  those  ancient  documents,  that  the 
sums  named  had  many  times  the  purchasing  power  of  the 
money  of  these  latter  days. 

It  is  possible  that  this  John  Balche  was  the  son  of  that 
name  mentioned  in  the  will  of  John  Balche,  and  it  may  have 
been  this  same  John  who,  ten  years  later,  in  1549,  the  third 
year  of  the  pious  young  King  Edward  VI.,  was  made  one  of 
the  trustees  of  the  noted  Ilminster  free  grammar  school, 
which,  upon  the  dissolution  of  the  chantries,  an  act  of  refor- 
mation which  took  place  in  1547,  was  endowed  with  the  lands 
formerly  dedicated  to  their  support.  The  possessions  of  the 
chantries  passed  to  the  crown,  and  those  of  the  four  con- 
nected with  Ilminster  church  were  purchased  of  the  King  by 
Giles  Kaleway,  of  Stroud,  in  Dorset,  and  William  Leonard,  a 
merchant,  of  Taunton,  Somerset,  and  by  them  conveyed  to 
Humphrey  Walrond,  of  Sea,  in  the  parish  of  Ilminster,  com- 
monly called  the  founder  of  the  school,  and  Henry  Greenfield, 
for  the  consideration  of  £12(3.  They  "tendering  the  virtu- 
ous education  of  3'outh  in  literature,  and  godly  learning, 
whereby  the  same  youth,  so  brought  up  might  the  better 
know  their  duty  as  well  to  God  as  the  King's  majesty,  and  for 
divers  other  honest  and  godly  considerations,"  assigned  over 
all  the  premises  acquired,  including  "  ilody's  tenement,"  be- 
fore referred  to,  in  May,  1549,  to  John  Balche,  gentleman,  and 
others  to  the  number  of  eighteen,  for  the  purpose  of  choosing 
a  proper  school  master.  Humphrey  Walrond  was  the  precep- 
tor chosen,  and  a  house  called  the  Cross  house  was  appointed 
for  liis  use. 

George  Balche,  of  Ilminster,  gentleman,  wiis  the  next  rep- 
resentative   of    this   well-to-do   family    at     Hortou.      Born 


about  1524,  he  died  June  23,  1569.  His  will  was  dated  June 
21  of  that  year,  and  proved  August  6th  by  Nicholas,  his  eld- 
est son.  In  it  he  directs  that  he  be  buried  in  the  southern 
aisle  of  the  church  at  Broadway.  This  village,  a  few  miles 
from  Ilminster,  took  its  name  from  its  situation,  being  origi- 
nally a  few  huts  built  on  each  side  of  a  broad  path  cut 
through  the  woods  of  the  forests  of  Neroche.  This  forest  was 
named  from  a  very  ancient  Roman  encampment,  called  Roche 
castle,  on  the  edge  of  Blackdown  hill. 

Bequests  are  made  in  George's  will  to  his  wife  Margery,  his 
daughter  Katherine,  to  whom  he  left  £60,  and  his  sons 
Nicholas,  George  and  John.  His  brother  Hugh  is  mentioned. 
His  widow  Margery  Berj^,  daughter  of  Bery,  of  Bery  Nabor, 
Devonshire,  was  his  third  wife,  and  the  mother  of  his 
youngest  child,  Walter  of  Tavistock,  Devon,  who  left  two 
children,  George  and  William.  His  second  Avife,  named  Kath- 
erine, was  probably  the  mother  of  the  Katherine  to  whom  he 
left  £60,  while  his  first  wife,  Jane,  daughter  of  Nicholas  Ash- 
ford,  of  Ashford,  Devon,  was  the  mother  of  his  eldest  son  and 
heir,  Nicholas,  and  of  George,  John  and  Maximilian,  the 
three  last  named  dying  without  issue  [obiit  sine  prole]  as 
they  are  marked  on  the  genealogical  chart  of  the  visitation  of 

George  had  lands  in  Horton,  East  Coker,  Martock  and 
Cannington  as  appears  by  the  inquisitio  post  mortem  taken 
at  Yeovil,  October  29,  1569,  the  11th  year  of  Queen  Eliza- 
beth, Stephen  Brent  being  the  escheator.  Nicholas,  the  heir, 
was  not  yet  18  years  of  age  at  the  time  of  his  father's  death. 

It  was  about  this  period  in  history  that  desperate  attempts 
were  made  by  the  adherents  of  the  church  of  Rome  to  bring 
England  again  under  the  domination  of  the  papacy,  and  the 
country  was  for  a  long  time  threatened  with  a  Spanish  inva- 
sion. Elizabeth  came  to  the  throne  in  November,  1558,  and 
for  thirty  years  from  that  time,  until  the  great  Armada  was 
finally  repulsed  and  scattered  in  July,  1588,  the  whole  south 
of  England  was  in   a  constant  state   of  watchfulness  and 


preparation.  During  that  time  the  English  militia  system 
was  first  organized  and  developed. 

In  September,  1560,  two  years  after  Elizabeth's  accession, 
the  "  mowster  mayster  "  [muster  master]  of  the  county  of 
Somerset,  George  Broughton,  with  a  commission  consisting 
of  seven  Knights  and  eleven  esquires,  retm-ned  a  most  quaint- 
ly spelled  and  worded  "  certyffycathe  unto  the  queues  ma"'' 
and  here  honorable  counsell,  of  all  syche  abell  men  and  ar- 
mures  as  ys  within  the  countey  afforsayde,"  by  which  it  ap- 
pears that  the  total  strength  of  the  militia  in  the  county  was 
close  on  to  7000  men.  The  account  from  which  this 
extract  is  taken  "  The  Preparations  in  Somerset 
Against  the  Armada,"  by  Emanuel  Green,  states  that 
there  were  twenty-one  "captaynes"  of  the  "abell"  men 
of  Somerset,  and  that  "each  captain  had  300  men,  except 
William  Balche,  who  had  200  only,  the  total  available  being 
about  6,939." 

No  place  in  this  genealogy  of  the  Balches,  of  Horton,  can 
be  assigned  to  this  particular  Captain  William  Balch.  The 
company  of  "  byllmen,"  which  he  commanded  was  credited 
to  the  hundred  of  Mark  and  Bempstone,  on  the  northern 
edge  of  the  count}'.  William,  the  farmer  of  West  Chinnock, 
on  the  southern  edge  of  the  county  some  25  miles  away,  was 
then  about  60  j'ears  of  age.  Nicholas  had  a  cousin  William, 
the  son  of  his  uncle  Hugh,  but  he  was  then  a  mere  infant,  if 
indeed  he  was  yet  born. 

Twenty-three  years  later,  however,  Nicholas,  then  31  years 
old,  and  just  about  a  year  married,  was  among  those  gentle- 
men of  the  county  whose  means  rendered  them  liable  to  fur- 
nish and  equip  a  "light  horseman"  for  the  service. 

On  the  30th  of  September,  1583,  the  commissioners  for 
Somerset  certified  that,  according  to  their  orders  of  the  2Gth 
of  August,  they  had  reviewed  the  demi-lances  and  light 
horsemen,  and  found  them  in  readiness,  according  to  their 
certificate,  and  such  as  since  the  last  certificate  had  died  or 
gone  away  were  replaced.      Where  men    were    wanting  to 


serve  on  the  horses,  time  was  given  to  the  first  of  November 
to  supply  them. 

Under  the  head  of  the  hundred  of  Abdick,  in  which  Hor- 
ton  is  situated,  they  note  that  "  Nicholas  Balche,  gent. 
made  defalte  and  hath  daye  given  him  to  furnish  one  1.  h.  as 

In  the  hundred  of  Somertom,  on  the  same  date,  Thomas 
Balche  was  one  of  two  light  horsemen  furnished  by  James 
Hodges.  It  is  possible  that  Thomas  was  cousin  of  Nicholas. 
Three  years  afterwards,  March  14,  1586,  in  a  return  of  "  the 
names  of  those  persons  charged  to  find  horses  in  the  west 
part  of  Somerset,"  Nicholas  was  again  set  down  to  furnish 
one  light  horseman. 

In  the  same  year  two  other  Balches,  also  possibly  cousins 
of  Nicholas,  for  he  had  cousins  of  their  names,  were  included 
among  "  The  names  of  the  CCC  Shott  and  Pyckes,  trayned 
by  Sir  John  Stawell,  Knight,  at  Bridgewater,  the  viiith  of 
October  in  the  xxviiith  year  of  her  ma'"=^  Eaigne,  anno 
Dom.  1586."  These  were  William  Balche,  corporal  of  "shott," 
in  the  hundred  of  Langport,  Muchelney  and  Pitney,  and 
John  Balch  of  the  "  pyckes  "  of  North  Curry. 

After  all  this  drilling  and  training  for  thirty  years,  the 
men  of  Somerset  were  not  destined  to  strike  a  blow.  The 
Spaniards  never  succeeded  in  landing,  and  when,  in  1588,  the 
great  Armada  finally  appeared  in  English  waters,  it  was 
chased  up  the  channel  so  far  out  to  sea  that  it  could  not  be 
seen  from  the  Dorset  coast,  and  no  beacon  was  fii-ed.  Still, 
as  the  enemy  was  known  to  have  passed,  the  militia  of  the 
counties  moved  with  him  toward  London.  Following  the 
pre-arranged  plan,  3000  men  from  Dorset  marched  into 
Hampshire  to  protect  Plymouth,  and  a  similar  number  from 
Somerset  were  sent  into  Dorset.  From  Dover  to  Gravesend 
every  man  was  astir,  but,  except  as  a  prisoner,  no  enemy  was 
allowed  to  land. 

During  all  these  stirring  years,  Nicholas  Balche — described 
in  the  inquisition  taken  after  his  death  as  "generosus,"  that 


is,  well  born,  of  good  extraction — was  apparently  leading  a 
quiet  and  prosperous  life.  In  him  the  fortunes  of  the  family 
seem  to  have  culminated.  At  about  the  age  of  29  he  married 
Sarah,  the  daughter  of  Robert  May,  of  Charterhouse  Hidon, 
near  Chedder,  in  Somerset,  then  deceased,  who  probably 
brought  him  large  landed  property  in  addition  to  that  inher- 
ited from  his  father  and  grandfather.  A  deed  in  Latin,  ex- 
ecuted by  him  in  1582,  soon  after  his  marriage,  under  the 
name  Nicholas  Balche  de  Horton,  for  the  benefit  of  his  wife 
and  children,  makes  mention  of  houses  and  lands,  in  Ilmin- 
ster.  East  Coker,  Martock,  Cannington  and  Fidington.  At 
his  death  George  Balche  of  Horton,  23  years  of  age,  also  de- 
scribed as  "  generosus  "  was  his  eldest  son  and  heir. 

It  was  this  George,  who,  in  1623,  being  then  39  years  of  age, 
subscribed  to  the  genealogy  and  coat  of  arms  recorded  in  the 
*'  visitation  "  of  that  year.  He  was  then  a  bachelor,  and  there 
is  no  evidence  that  he  ever  married,  but  reason  to  suppose 
that  he  was  single  to  the  day  of  his  death  at  the  age  of  74,  in 

During  his  long  life  Elizabeth  had  died,  James  had  reigned, 
Charles  met  his  unhappy  fate,  Cromwell  ruled,  and  the  res- 
toration of  Charles  II.,  in  1660,  was  near  at  hand. 

George  Balche  was  loyal  to  the  King,  and  his  property  was 
sequestered  by  the  victorious  Puritans,  "  for  his  delinquency 
that  he  adhered  to  the  forces  raised  against  the  Parliament,'' 
and  on  January  11,  16-18,  he  was  constrained,  much  against 
his  will,  perhaps,  to  make  a  petition  in  which  he,  "  Humbly 
prayeth  to  be  admitted  to  a  favorable  composition  for  his  said 
delinquency."  Nearly  a  year  elapsed,  and  then,  December, 
23, 1648,  some  of  his  friends  petitioned  in  his  behalf,  but  with 
what  success  does  not  appear.  It  would  seem  very  likely, 
however,  that  these  efforts  were  fruitless,  and  that  much  of 
bis  large  estate  was  alienated,  and  that,  perhaps,  little  re- 
mained to  be  administered  upon  by  his  niece,  Dorothy  Warre, 
his  executrix,  when  he  died  ten  years  later.  With  him  and 
his  brother  Nicholas,  who  died  a  month  earlier,  the  fortunes 
of  this  branch  apparently  ended. 

a  I 
—  II 11       II 

III     f-Offl 

li  lii 


3  ill 
'  Si 


a  ^^ 




H       2" 


It  was  during  the  lifetime  of  this  George,  and  in  the  year 
in  which  he  subscribed  to  the  Balch  genealogy  and  arms,  ap- 
parently as  the  recognized  head  of  the  family,  that  John 
Balch,  five  years  his  senior,  went  to  America.  John  may 
have  been  a  grandson  of  the  first  George  Balch  of  Horton, 
and  a  son  of  either  Thomas,  Robert  or  William,  but  no  evi- 
dence of  such  a  descent  is  found,  except  a  family  tradition 
that  John  Balch  was  of  Horton. 

Much  interesting  data  remains,  relating  to  the  English 
Balches  of  a  later  date,  but  not  sufficiently  connected  to  form 
a  narrative.  It  is  to  be  hoped  that  some  one  of  them  of  the 
present  day,  with  the  facilities  which  the  examination  and 
publication  of  ancient  documents  now  afford  more  abundant- 
ly than  ever  before,  may  undertake  the  task  of  compiling  a 
family  history  which  shall  show  exactly  the  relationship  of 
all  the  Balches  of  Southern  England. 

For  a  number  of  years  a  branch  of  the  family  owned  the 
manor  of  St.  Audries,  previously  alluded  to,  and  the  "  Gentle- 
men's Magazine"  of  March,  1814,  contains  this  notice. 

"  Died,  at  St.  Audries,  George  Balch,  Esq.,  last  male  dc 
scendant  of  an  ancient  family. 


[English  Period.] 
1327.     Willelmo  Balch,  "  Purye,"'  Koberto  Balch,  "  Maneiium  de  Wryng- 

ton,"  Mathaeo  Palch,  Poilock,  Roberto  Borliclie,  "Pockyngtone," 

Johanne  Balth,   Stapletone,  Rogero  Barlich,  "  Wollavingtone," 

Willelmo   Baltche,   Chiltone,   and  others,  who  may  have  been 

Balches,  were  taxed,  1st  year  of  Edward  III. 
14 —      Assumed  date  of  birth  of  Richard  Balch' s  father. 
14 —      Assumed  date  of  birth  of  William  Balche  of  Higham.  [HighHam?] 
1495.     May.    Death  of  Richard  Balch  of  Farnham,  Surrey.     Will  proved 

in  the  Prerogative  Court  of  Canterbury.  [21Vox.] 
1498?    Birth  of  John  Balch,  son  of  William  of  Higham. 
1511?    Birth  of  William  Bawlche  of  West  Chinnock.     [Son  of  William  of 

1524?    Probable  date  of  birth  of  George  Balche  of  Horton. 
1528.    Mody's  tenement  leased  to  John  Balche,  George  Balche  and  others. 
1533.    March  20,  Death  of  William  Balche  of  Higham,  leaving  large  estate 

as  per  Inquisitio  post  mortem  taken  at  Wells,  Nov.  S,  1534. 
1536.     April  1,  John  Balch  of  Horton  made  a  will,  mentioning  son  and 

heir  George,  sons  John,  Thomas  and  Anthony,  and  daughters 

Anne,   Alice  and  Agnes.      Probably  an  elder  dau.  Joan.     (24 

1539.    Nov.  25,  Sir  Xicholas  Wadham,  Knt.,  of  Merrifield,  Som.,  made  a 

will,  proved  Jan.  30,  1542,  leaving  £3,  6sh.,  8d.,  to  "  my  servant 

John  Balche." 
1549.     May  IS,  [3d  Edw.  VI.]  John  Balch,  gent.,  and  others,  trustees  of 

Ilminster  grammar  school.     [CoUinson's  History  of  Somerset.] 

[Somerset  and  Dorset  Notes  and  Queries.] 
1552.     John  Balch  died.     Buried  at  Ilminster.     Wife  Isabel,  extx.,  Wil- 
liam Balch  and  John  Walys,  overseers.     [24  Powell.] 
1552?    Probable  date  of  birth  of  Nicholas  Balche,  son  of  George. 
1560.    September.     William  Balche  [Hundred  of  Mark  and  Bemstone]  a 

captain  of  forces  I'aised  for  defence  against  the  Armada.    ["The 

preparations   in    Somerset    against    the    Armada'" — Emanuel 

1569.    June  23.     George  Balche  of  Horton  dies.    To  be  buried  in  south 

aisle  of  Broadway  church.    Held  lands  in  Horton,  East  Coker, 

Martockand  Cannington,  as  per  Inquisitio  taken  at  Yeovil,  Oct. 

29,  1569. 
1570?    About  this  time  Jane,  daughter  of  Edward  Balshe  of  Kintsbury, 

Devon,  was  wife  of  William  Handcock  of  Combe  Martin.     [Ped. 

in  Visitation  of  Devon,  1564.] 



1570?    About  this  time  Joan,  daughter  of  John  Balch  of  Horton,  was  wife 

of  Robert  Hyett  of  Street.     [Visitations  of  Somerset,  1531  and 

1570?    About  this  time  Agnes  Balche  was  wife  of  Christopher  Bourman 

of  Wells.     [Visitations,  etc.,  1531  and  1573.] 
1570?    About  this  time  Alice  Eadbard,  of  Aller,  was  wife  of Balch. 

1581?    Probable  date  of  marriage  of  Nicholas  Balche  of  Horton,  age  29. 

1582.  April  22.    Deed  of  marriage  settlement  between  Nicholas  Balche 

of  Horton,  and  John  and  Dorothy,  son  and  widow  of  Robert 
May,  of  Charterhouse  Hydon  [near  Cheddar]  on  behalf  of  his 
wife  Sarah  May. 

1583.  Sept.  30.    Nicholas  Balche  [Hundred  of  Abdick]   was  noted    as 

failing  to  furnish  a  light  horseman  as  required.     ["  Armada, 

1583.    Sept.  30.    Thomas  Balch  [Hund.  of  Somerton]  was  one  of  two  light 

horsemen  furnished  by  James  Hodges,  gent.  [Idem.] 
1584?    Probable  date  of  birth  of  George  Balche  of  Horton. 
1586.    March  14.     Nicholas    Balche  [Abdycke]   "to  furnish  one    light 

horseman."     ["Armada."] 
1586.     Oct.  4.     William  Balche,  a  corporal  in  Sir  Jolm  Stawell's  band. 

[Hundred  of  Langport,  Muchelney  and  Pytney.]     [Idem.] 
1586.     Oct.  4.     Jolm  Balch.     [Hund.  North  Curry.]  "  Pyckes."     [Id.] 
1594.    April  IS.    Will  of  Thomas  Balche  of  Cote  in  Martock.    Wife  Avis, 

sons,  Thomas  and  Robert;  daughters,  Mary,  Ann,  Frances  and 

Avis.    Hugh  Balche  a  witness.     [51  Dixey.] 
159-?    Oct.  20?    Will  of  Thomas  Balche  of  North  Curry.     To  be  buried 

there.     Son    John.     [Adopted    children  named  Miller?]    Will 

proved  July  17,  1600. 
1602.    April  10.    Will  of  Mary  Lottisham  of  Godmanston,  Dorset,  widow. 

"  My  sister,  Joan  Balch."     [46  Montague.] 
1607.     Aug»  26.    Nicholas  Balche  of  Horton  died.     His  wife  Sarah  was 

j  living  and  held   possession  of  lands  in  Ilminster,   East  Coker, 

Cannington,  Martock  and  Fiddington.     Son  George,  heir,  age  23. 

[Inquisition  taken    at  Bridgwater,   Sept.   17,    1607.]    Had   son 

William  as  shown  by  pedigree  in  Somerset  Visitation,  1623,  and, 

from  other  data,  probably  son  Nicholas,  and  daughters  Sarah 

and  Elizabeth. 

161 1.  Dec.  7.     Will  of  William  Bawlche,  of  West  Chinnock,  husbandman. 

1612.  May  27.    Will  proved.    It  made  bequest  to  wife  Ellinor,  son  Peter 

and  to  Azarius  Bawlche  and  Johane,  daughter  of  Hugh  B. 
1615.    Feb.  17.    Nuncupative  will  of  Hughe  Balche,  of  Ilminster,  gent. 

Wife  Elizabeth,  son  William  and  five  children  by  former  wife. 
1615.    March  21.    Will  of  Oliver  Lottishan  of  Fordington  in  Babcary, 

gent.     "  My  kinswomen  Sarah  and  Elizabeth  Balch." 
1623.    Thomas   Hodges  died  leaving  as    heir  to   property  in  Shepton 

Mallet,  his  cousin  Rebecca  Hodges,  then  12  years  old,  who  in 


1639  was  wife  of  "a  certain  John  Balch."     [Fine  Roll,   14th 

Charles  I.,  part  26.] 
George  Balche,  of  Horton  was  a  bachelor,  39  years  old.     [Visi.] 
Carolus  Balch,  gent.,  of  Stockgumber,  was  cited  to  appear  at  the 

Visitation  of  that  year,  and  the  note  made  against  his  name. 

"Sarvant  to  the  E.  of  Pemb.  and  will  be  at  Ilchesteror  London."' 
Will   of  William   Balch  of  Beere  in  High  Ham.     Dated  Xot.  9, 

proved  1630,  Aug.  3.    To  be  buried  at  High  Ham.     All  to  son 

Jan.  11-13.   George  Balche,  of  Horton,  gent.,  petitioned  that  he  be 

admitted  to  composition  for  his  delinquency  in  adhering  to  the 

forces  raised  against  the  Parliament.  Lands  tn  Huister  [?]  Coker 

and  other  places  sequestrated. 
Will  of  Thomas  Balch,  Vicar  of  Dulverton.      Proved  by  widow 

Elizabeth,  Sept.   11.     Daughter,  Ellinor;  sons.    Francis,  John. 

Thomas  and  Robert:  brothers,  Robert  and  John.     [130  Essex 

and  Taunton  Reg.] 


First  Generation. 

1.  John  Balch,^  heads  the  family  which  is  now  scattered 
•across  the  United  States  and  along  the  Pacific  coast.  While 
it  has  been  possible  to  learn  with  much  accuracy  his  own 
history  since  he  landed  in  September,  1623,  all  efforts  to 
trace  him  and  his  ancestry  prior  to  his  settling  in  America 
have  met  with  but  slight  success.  But  it  is  known  that  he 
came  from  Somerset  county,  England,  and  early  family  tra- 
dition says  from  Horton. 

He  came  with  a  colony  in  charge  of  Captain  Robert  Gorges, 
son  of  Sir  Fernando,  who  had  a  grant  of  a  large  tract  of  land 
which  he  wished  to  colonize.  They  landed  at  Wessegusset, 
now  known  as  Weymouth,  Massachusetts.  It  is  learned 
from  British  archives  that  Capt.  Gorges  was  commissioned 
■Governor  of  New  England. 

Concerning  this  place  prior  to  his  landing  some  interesting 
facts  deserve  attention.  Palfrey  tells  us  in  his  history  that 
early  in  the  year  1621  Mr.  Weston  of  London  sent  over  two 
vessels,  the  Charity  and  the  Swan,  with  some  fifty  men,  to 
settle  a  plantation  for  him  in  the  Massachusetts  Bay.  Con- 
cerning them  Bradford  of  the  Plymouth  Colony  received 
warning  from  Cushing  and  Pierce,  in  England,  that  they 
were  base  in  condition  and  unfit  for  an  honest  man's  com- 
pany. These  men  located  at  Wessegusset,  and  stole  vegeta- 
bles from  the  gardens  of  the  Plymouth  Colony.  During 


their  second  winter  their  condition  became  desperate,  and,, 
under  the  leadership  of  their  chief  man,  Saunders,  they  took 
food  by  force  from  the  Indians.  The  Plymouth  Colony  re- 
monstrated in  the  strongest  terms  against  this  robbery,  and 
because  of  it  the  Indians  formed  a  plot  to  exterminate  not  only 
Weston's  company,  but  the  Pilgrims  as  well.  This  would 
have  probably  succeeded,  if  the  Plymouth  Colony  had  not 
been  warned  by  a  friendly  Inchan.  In  the  spring  of  1623  the 
settlement  was  abandoned  by  Weston's  people. 

Next  came  the  Gorges  company,  of  wliich  John  Balch  was- 
a  member,  to  the  deserted  settlement,  in  the  fall  of  1623. 
This  was  the  fii-st  direct  from  Great  Britain  to  form  a  nucleus 
for  a  permanent  settlement  in  New  England.  The  Plymouth 
Colony  and  the  Weston  company  were  indeed  earlier,  but 
the  former  came  by  way  of  Holland,  and  the  latter  dispersed. 

Independence  of  religious  thought  and  a  disposition  from 
the  first  to  break  away  from  the  Church  of  England  charac- 
terized the  Gorges  company.  An  Episcopal  clergyman  named 
Morrell,  who  came  with  them,  finding  no  opportunity  to  ex- 
ercise his  ecclesiastical  authority,  returned  to  England.  The 
vessel,  that  brought  them  over,  shortly  afterward  sailed  with 
passengers  to  the  Virginia  Colony,  while  Capt.  Gorges  made 
an  exploration  to  the  north,  and  soon  returned  to  England. 
After  he  left,  the  settlers  were  joined  by  some  disaffected  and 
expelled  members  of  the  Plymouth  Colony,  among  whom 
was  the  Rev.  John  Lyford  and  Roger  Conant. 

About  this  time  English  capitalists  formed  the  Dorchester 
Company,  with  these  settlers  as  its  agents  and  employees. 
The  object  was  to  carry  on  a  fishery,  and  in  1624  the  colony 
removed  to  Cape  Ann  for  this  purpose.  The}'^  had  about  two 
hundred  servants.  An  attempt  had  been  made  the  year  be- 
fore to  establish  a  plantation  at  Cape  Ann,  with  Thomas 
Gardner  as  overseer,  with  small  success.  Roger  Conant,  who 
was  described  as  "a  rehgious,  sober,  and  prudent  gentleman," 
was  appointed  Governor  of  the  Dorchester  Company,  and 
Lyford  was  the  minister  of  the  place. 


Cattle  were  received  from  England  in  1625.  The  fishing 
business  not  succeeding,  most  of  the  servants  were  returned 
to  England,  and  the  colonists  determined  to  change  their  vo- 
cation from  fishing  to  agriculture.  The  location  at  Cape  Ann 
was  ill  adapted  to  the  new  occupation,  and  in  September, 
1626,  they  removed  with  their  families,  stores  and  cattle,  to 
the  Sagamoreship  of  Naumkeag,  a  densely  wooded  penin- 
sula, where  the  Boston  &  Maine  R.  R.  now  crosses  onto  the 
bridge  over  the  harbor  from  Salem  to  Beverly.  These  first 
settlers  were : 

Roger  Conant,  John  Woodbury,       John  Balch, 

Peter  Palfrey,  Rev.  John  Lyford,    Thomas  Gardner, 

William  Allen,  Thomas  Gray,  Richard  Norman,  Sr. 

Richard  Norman,Jr.  Walter  Knight,  John  Tilley, 
Capt.  William  Trask,  and  others. 
Some  were  married  and  had  children,  and  there  were  in  all 
between  twenty-five  and  thirty  souls.  The  rock  on  which 
this  noble  band  of  pioneers  stepped  ashore  at  Naumkeag  can 
be  seen  from  the  cars  as  they  cross  Beverly  harbor.  It  is 
known  as  Forefathers'  Rock. 

Here  was  a  tribe  of  Indians,  much  reduced  in  numbers  by 
pestilence  and  wars,  who  gladly  received  the  settlers  for  the 
protection  they  might  afford. 

In  the  following  year  Lyford,  who  seems  to  have  had  a 
restless  disposition,  planned  to  remove  the  colony  to  Vir- 
ginia, but  Rev.  John  White,  a  Puritan,  known  as  the  patri- 
arch of  Dorchester,  learning  of  the  contemplated  move,  wrote 
a  letter  from  England  on  behalf  of  the  Dorchester  merchants 
who  had  organized  the  company,  which  deterred  most  of  the 
settlers  from  leaving.  In  it  he  exhorted  Conant  not  to  desert 
the  business,  and  faithfully  promised  him  that  if  he,  with 
John  Woodbury,  John  Balch  and  Peter  Palfrey,  whom  he 
knew  to  be  honest  and  prudent  men,  would  stay  at  Naum- 
keag, he  would  provide  a  patent  for  them.  White  was  un- 
able to  keep  his  promise.  It  was  evidently  on  these  four 
men  that  the  projectors  of  the  colony  relied  for  the  energy 


and  intelligence  requisite  for  the  success  of  their  enterprise. 
The  four  came  to  be  known  as  "  the  Old  Plantei-s."  None 
of  them  or  their  descendants  are  known  to  have  been  among 
the  persecutors  of  the  Baptists,  the  Quakers,  or  the  Witches, 
but,  on  the  contrary,  a  descendant  of  Woodbury  kept  a  horse 
saddled  and  a  lantern  lighted  to  aid  any  accused  of  witch- 
craft to  escape,  and  a  grandson  of  John  Balch  dared  to  sign 
a  remonstrance  against  their  persecution. 

Carpenters  among  the  settlers  at  Naumkeag  built  a  frame 
house  for  Conant,  and  assisted  the  others  in  the  construction 
of  snug  huts,  so  that  they  were  enabled  to  pass  the  winter  in 
comfort.  For  two  years  they  thus  prospered,  attended  to 
their  cattle,  and  raised  maize  and  hunted  in  common  with 
their  Indian  friends.  Their  various  doings  are  set  forth  at 
length  in  the  papers  by  Geo.  D.  Phippen,  in  the  Historical 
Collections  of  the  Essex  Institute,  Vol.  I. 

In  the  meantime  the  Dorchester  Company  in  England  sold 
their  interest  in  the  colony  to  the  Massachusetts  Bay  Company. 
The  description  of  the  Bay  Colony's  grant  shows  how  meagre 
the  geographical  knowledge  of  America  was  at  that  time,  for 
its  bounds  are  given  as  three  miles  north  of  the  Merrimack, 
three  miles  south  of  the  Charles,  and  running  west  from  the 
Atlantic  to  the  South  seas. 

John  Endicott  was  sent  over  as  governor  of  this  new  com- 
pany. On  September  6,  1628,  he  landed  at  Naumkeag  with 
his  Puritanical  band,  and  then  it  was  that  Conant's  party 
learned  of  the  change  in  their  governors.  Although  the 
original  settlers  desired  accessions  to  their  colonies,  they  were 
not  pleased  with  the  followers  of  Endicott,  for  they  quickly 
perceived  in  them  that  stern  religious  intolerance  which  was 
80  soon  to  develop  into  the  cruel  persecutions  that  have 
Btained  the  pages  of  New  England  history. 

The  winter's  stores  were  inadequate  for  the  double  colony. 
The  sad  scenes  of  the  Pilgrims'  first  winter  at  Plymouth  were 
repeated  at  Naumkeag,  and  many  died  before  spring. 

Early  in   the  following   summer   many   more   settlers  ar- 


rived,  abundant  supplies  were  received  from  England,  and 
the  colony  was  firmly  established.  The  differences  between 
the  adventurers  (as  the  first  settlers  were  often  called)  and 
the  Puritanical  followers  of  Endicott  were  amicably  adjusted, 
and  to  commemorate  the  event,  the  town  was  incorporated  in 
July  1629,  and  named  Salem,  the  Hebrew  word  for  peaceful. 

John  Balch  and  about  eighteen  others,  being  members  of 
the  church,  were  made  freemen.  May  18,  1631,  that  is,  given 
the  right  to  vote  and  hold  office.  This  is  the  first  date  on 
which  freemen  were  made  in  America.  Early  in  the  year 
1635  the  Massachusetts  Bay  Company  gave  to  the  several 
towns  within  its  grant  the  right  to  give  grants  of  land.  The 
town  of  Salem,  in  order  to  exercise  this  right,  at  once  ap- 
pointed five  overseers  and  layers  out  of  land  for  its  precinct, 
and  one  of  these  was  John  Balch.  His  name  frequently  ap- 
pears in  this  capacity  upon  the  records.  On  November  25, 
1635,  the  town  granted  a  thousand  acres  in  what  was  then 
known  as  the  Bass  River  District,  to  be  divided  between 
Roger  Conant,  John  Woodbury,  John  Balch,  Capt.  Trask 
and  Peter  Palfrey.  They  divided  it  to  suit  themselves.  This 
land  was  located  between  the  head  of  Bass  river  and  Wen- 
ham  pond.  It  afterwards  became  known  as  the  "  Old  Plant- 
ers' grant,"  and  was  included  iu  the  town  of  Beverly,  incor- 
porated in  1668. 

John  Balch,  in  1638,  built  a  two  story  frame  house  upon  his 
land,  in  which  he  spent  the  remainder  of  his  life.  In  it  his 
son  Benjamin^  and  Benjamin's  grandson  23  Benjamin*  lived 
and  reared  their  families.  From  this  last  Benjamin  it  passed 
to  his  daughter  78  Deborah*  [Balch]  Dodge  in  which  family 
and  name  the  house  has  continued  to  the  present  time.  The 
Balch  house,  although  subjected  to  some  changes,  is  still  stand- 
ing in  a  good  state  of  preservation.  Roger  Conant  and  John 
Woodbury  also  built  houses  near  by,  but  Conant's  is  now 
entirely  obliterated,  and  only  the  cellar  hole  remains  to  mark 
the  sight  of  the  one  reared  by  Woodbury. 

The  first  thirteen  executive  rulers  of  Salem  were  chosen 


January  26,  1636-7,  and  in  June  following  the  number  was 
twelve  selectmen.  The  name  of  John  Balch  appears  in  both 
lists.  Both  his  name  and  that  of  his  wife  Margary  are  in  the 
list  of  the  first  members  of  the  first  church  in  Salem.  The 
organization  of  this  church  was  completed  August  6,  1629, 
and  was  the  first  Congregational  church  completely  formed 
and  organized  in  America.  The  Plj^mouth  church  was  the 
first,  but  it  was  formed  and  organized  at  Leyden,  in  Holland, 
during  the  temporary  sojourn  of  the  Pilgrims  there,  on  their 
way  to  this  country.  So  large  a  part  of  it  was  transferred,  that 
it  was  considered  the  church  to  the  new  colony  in  America. 

John  Balch  was  twice  married,  Margary  was  the  given 
name  of  his  first  wife.  There  is  no  record  of  her  parentage  or 
the  date  of  their  marriage,  but  it  is  not  improbable  that  theirs 
may  have  been  the  first  and  perhaps  only  marriage  in  the 
Naumkeag  settlement. 

To  them  were  born  three  sons. 
2*    Eenjamin,2       b.  Winter  of  1628  and  9;    d.  after  Jan.  31,  171-1-16, 
3*    JoHJf,2  b.  about  1030;  d.  Juno  16,  1662. 

4*    FnEEB0BN,2       b.  about  1631;  d.  about  1658. 

His  second  wife  Agnes  or  Annis  [Patch]  gave  him  no  chil- 

Johni  died  at  his  estate  on  Bass  river,  in  May,  1648.  His 
will  was  duly  made  and  filed  among  the  Essex  County  records, 
where  it  now  is.  A  printed  copy  and  a  fac  simile  are  appended. 
The  inventory  of  John  Balch's  estate  rendered  by  Benjamin 
Balch,  February  2,  16i8-9,  amounted  to  220X  s.l3.  d.4. 

The  Will  of  John  Balch. 

The  last  will  &  testamt  of  John  Baleh,  of  Salem,  bearing  Date 
the  15th  day  of  May,  1648. 

I,  John  Balch  sick  in  bodie  bub  in  pfect  raeinorrie  doe  make 
this  my  last  will)  &  testarat  in  manner  &  forme  following  my 
debts  paid  &  funeral  expenccs  discharged  those  goods  God  hath 
gyven  me  it  is  my  will  to  dispose  ot  them  as  Followeth, 
Imprimis  I  gyve  unto  Annis  Balch  my  loving  wife  the  Room  nev- 
lie  Built  wth  twelve  Akeis  of  land  of  weh  4  akers  to  be  in  tilt  and 

JOHN  BALCH — SAiEM,  BEVERLY,  MASS.         7 

4  Akers  of  medowe  with  some  pt  of  the  barns  to  lay  in  her  fruits 
&  halfe  of  the  great  fruit  trees  for  &  during  the  life  of  said  Annis. 

Itm  I  gyve  Vnto  my  said  wife  my  best  bed  wth  all  Convenient 
furniture  there  vnto  belonging  &  one  fourth  pt  of  all  my  house- 
hold goods  except  the  rest  of  my  bedding  &  also  2  Cowes  by 
name  Eeddie  &  Cherie  &  one  yearling  heaffer.  Further  my  will 
is  that  soe  long  as  my  said  wife  shall  live  my  said  sonnes  shall 
Bowe  or  plant  2  Akers  of  aforesaid  4  akers  for  my  said  wife  for 
the  term  of  7  years  and  after  that  our  sonne  Beuiamin  shall  doe 
all  him  sefe. 

Item  I  gyve  &  bequeth  to  beniamin  Balch  my  eldest  sonne  one 
half  of  my  farm  to  him  and  his  heirs  for  ever  as  alsoe  two  yoke 
of  oxen  1  Cowe  one  third  of  my  young  Cattle  &  of  the  mare  Colt 
with  one  fourth  pt  of  my  household  goods  &  halfe  of  the  great 
fruit  trees  &  after  the  decease  of  my  said  wife  my  will  is  that 
the  said  Beniamin  shall  have  them  all  with  those  he  hath  planted 

Item  my  will  is  that  all  my  Corne  growing  upon  the  ground  shall 
be  equallie  Divided  into  4  equall  pts  among  my  wife  &  children. 

Item  I  gyve  vnto  John  Balch  my  second  sonne  one  fourth  of 
my  farme  and  one  yoke  of  oxen  one  third  of  my  young  Cattle  & 
mare  Colt  one  fourth  of  my  household  goods  &  half  of  the  young 
aple  trees  undispost  of  and  one  cow. 

Item  I  gyve  to  ffree  born  Balch  my  youngest  sonne  one  fourth 
pt  of  my  ffarme  one  yoke  of  oxen  &  one  Cow  I  bred  up  for  him 
one  third  of  the  young  Cattell  &  one  third  of  the  mare  &  one 
fourth  of  my  household  goods  &  half  the  young  Aple  trees 
betwixt  him  &  his  brother  John  equallie  to  be  divided  & 
further  my  last  will  &  testament  &  my  loving  friends  John  Proc- 
tor &  William  Woodberrie  shall  be  overseers  of  the  same  in  wit- 
ess  hereof  I  have  herevnto  put  my  hand  the  day  &  year  above 
written.  John  Balch. 

Witness  : 

Peter         Nicholas  Patch, 
Palfbey    Jepfeeie  Massey. 

Agnes  the  second  wife  of  John  Balch*,  left  a  will  which 
was  declared  illegal.  In  Nov.  1657,  her  stepson  Benjamin 
Balch2  brought  into  court  a  statement  signed  by  several  of 


his  neighbors  that  all  her  estate  was  not  sufficient  to  satisfy 
his  demands  upon  it. 

Bill  of  Expenses  for  Last  Sickness  and  Funeral  op  Agnes 

Nouember  25,  1657. 
a  bill  of  charges  in  hir  sickness  and  death  by  ten-  £    s.   d. 

dance  for  two  years  and  better  3s.  per  weake 
and  is  fifteen  pound  twellfe  shillins  16  12  00' 

for  my  time  for  coming  to  town  to  Mr.  Emri  and 

other  ocations  1  00  00 

at  hir  buriell  for  cfen  and  caks  and  drinks  40s.  2  00  00" 

18  12  00- 
The  above  menchened  carg  is  in  the  sickness  and  death  of  Ane 
Balch  by  me.  Beniamin  Balch. 

The  amount  of  Agnes'  estate  as  per  inventory  was  9£  lls^ 



-     ..^  A...      ^t       y^,  ^A    o/^   ^.  ^  r-' jit^     ?a^ 

f^'  ''^  ^i  <y'  "«  .^^,>..w   ^;  ,. 

^'^    Osj.«       r      h4     i^--         •    -'    „  3   ,,,.  >    ,..-  ^*A   i'<»'"--f/-- 


I   /T'     -  -    -     -        , 


Second  Generation. 

2.  Benjamin, =  eldest  son  of  1  Johii»  and  Margary  Balch 
was  born  in  the  Sagamoreship  of  Naumkeag  during  the 
severe  and  trying  winter  of  1628  and  9  which  followed  the 
arrival  of    Endicott.  fYx         .  .         /O^      /;  /O 

The  evidence  which  ^^Mh^C^WtA/^^^'-'-^leJi^e^ — - 
conclusively  fixes  his 

birth  in  this  winter  was  collected  by  David  M.  Balch  and 
published  in  the  Salem  Gazette  on  May  10,  1878,  and  in 
Balch  Leaflets,  Nos.  1-3.  Twenty-two  years  after  the  death 
of  Benjamin's  third  son  John^  the  tradition  of  the  family  was 
committed  to  writing,  that  Benjamin*  was  the  first  born  male 
child  in  the  Massachusetts  Bay  Colony.  Since  it  was  in  Sep- 
tember, 1628,  that  the  Naumkeag  settlers  learned  that  they 
were  the  Massachusetts  Bay  Colony,  and  the  name  of  the 
place  was  changed  to  Salem  in  the  following  July,  the 
tradition  is  interpreted  as  indicating  that  Benjamin's  birth 
was  between  these  dates.  April  10,  1706,  he  gives  his  age  in 
a  sworn  deposition  as  about  77.  This  places  his  birth  prior 
to  April,  1629,  and  fixing  it  in  the  winter  above  mentioned. 
The  word  male  presented  in  the  tradition  seems  to  hint  that 
a  female  was  born  in  the  Colony  before  him. 

Claims  conflicting  with  the  tradition  that  Benjamin^  was 
the  first  born  have  been  held  by  the  descendents  of  others, 
and  it  will  therefore  be  important  to  notice  them  in  passing. 

After  the  place  took  the  name  of  Salem,  Roger  Conant,  Jr. 

was  born,  and  when  ten  years  old  was  granted  20  acres  of 

land  as  the  "  first  born  child  in  Salem."      He  died  in  1672. 

This  left  John  Massey  entitled  to  describe  himself  aa  the  old- 



est  planter  living  in  Salem  who  was  born  there.  He  was, 
however,  as  several  depositions  show,  two  years  younger  than 
Benjamin  Balch^  who  lived  in  Beverly. 

Benjamin^  received  at  liis  father's  death  half  of  the  farm 
and  sundry  other  goods.  From  his  brother  John^  he  pur- 
chased his  share  in  the  old  homestead  on  Bass  River,  and  in 
1658  secured  possession  of  his  brother  Freeborn's'^  share  in 
his  father's  estate.  He  lived  in  the  old  home  from  its  build- 
ing when  he  was  nine  years  old,  and  in  it  all  of  his  children 
were  born. 

His  independence  of  the  rigid  puritanical  notions  of  the 
times  appears  in  several  instances.  For  entertaining  and 
giving  a  night's  lodging  to  a  stranger  on  foot,  he  was  arrested 
and  fined,  and  he  left  the  baptism  of  his  children  to  their  own 

Previous  to  Benjamin's  last  marriage  he  gave  part  of  his 
farm  to  three  of  his  sons,  and  after  his  last  wife's  death  he 
deeded  the  home  lot  for  a  maintainance  in  his  old  age  to  his 
grandson  Benjamin*.  He  executed  other  deeds  to  his  sons, 
and  the  last  of  these  which  has  been  found  was  given  Janu- 
ary 31,  171-1-15,  and  shows  that  he  completed  his  86th  year. 
He  left  no  will  as  most  of  his  property  was  disposed  of  while 
living.     The  date  of  his  death  is  not  known. 

Benjamin^  was  married  first  about  1G50,  to  Sarah,  the  eldest 
daughter  of  Thomas  Gardner,  the  overseer  of  the  first  Cape 
Ann  Plantation.  They  had  the  following  children,  of  which 
the  ten  eldest  were  baptized  April  10, 1670. 




May -1651; 

d.  Oct.    14,    1723. 





d.  Spring  of  1698. 





d.  Nov.    19,    1738. 





d.  Sept.  16,   1675. 




Aug.  9,  1660; 

d.  June  11,   1729. 


Sarah,  ^ 



d.  prior   to    1717. 





d.  Apr.  130,    1708. 







Mary,  3 



d.  Mch.  12,    1737. 



bapt.Apr.  10,1670; 

probctbly  d.  y. 


David,  » 


July  9,  1671; 

d.  u.  m.  Apr.  17,  1 


Benjamin's  wife  Sarah  died  April  5,  1686,  and  Februaiy  5, 
1689,  he  married  Abigail,  widow  of  Matthew  Clarke,  of  Mar- 
blehead.  She  died  in  Jaiiyaiy,  1690,  aged  55  years.  His 
third  and  last  marriage  was  to  Grace  Mallet.  The  ceremony- 
was  performed  on  March  15,  1691-2  by  Simeon  Bradstreet, 
Esq.  To  Benjamin  and  Grace  were  born  two  daughters. 
16*    Debobah.s      b.  June  6,    1693.  d.  May  5,  1717. 

17*    Lydia,'  b.  Aug.  28,  1695. 

His  wife  Grace  probably  died  before  1704,  since  he  signed 
a  deed  alone  in  that  year. 

3.  John,  2  son  of  1  .Tohn^  and  Margary  Balch,  was  born  at 
Salem,  Mass.,  about  1630.  He  was  drowned  by  the  upset- 
ting of  a  skiff  in  a  storm  when  crossing  the  ferry  between  Sa- 
lem and  Beverly,  June  16,  1662.  He  married  Mary,  daughter 
of  Roger  Conant.  They  had  only  one  child. 
18    Maky,'  died  young. 

John's  widow  married  William  Dodge,  "  ye  yonger."     The 
inventory  of  his  estate  is  given  in  a  quaint  old  document 
which  is  here  copied  entire. 
JoEN  Balch,  Estate. 

Court  at  Ipswich,  March  term,  1662.  Administration  granted 
to  Mary,  relick,  Salem,  June.  Inventory  returned  re.  Ipswich 
31,  March  1663  No.  30.  Whereas  there  was  administration 
granted  to  Mary  Balch  of  the  estate  of  her  late  husband  John 
Balch,  &  the  court  at  Salem  the  4th,  month  1662  did  divide  the 
estate  between  the  said  Mary  Balch  &  Mary  the  daughter  of  the 
s'd  John  Balch  :  now  the  said  daughter  being  dead,  by  the  consent 
of  parties  it  is  ordered  that  Benjamin  Balch  shall  after  the  end 
of  seven  years  next  coming,  enjoy  all  the  lands  that  did  belong  to 
the  said  John  Balch,  being  50  acres  in  all  more  or  less,  only  the 
said  Mary  to  enjoy  all  the  improved  land,  upland  and  meadow, 
during  the  said  term  of  seven  years  the  rest  to  be  in  his  possesion. 

An  Inventory  of  all  such  goods  and  lands  as  John  Balch  of 
Salem  deceased  was  possessed  of,  made  the  19th,  of  the  first 
month  1662,  and  prized  by  us  subscribed 



Imprimis  his  house  with  5  akres  of  Land  adjoining 
Item,     the  quarter  part  of  his  Fathers  farm'about  50 

Item,     two  akers    and  half  of   meadow  in  the  old 

planters  marsh 
Item,    A  Mare  and  Colt 
Item,    A  Cow 
Item,     A  fether  bed  and  bolster,  a  rugg,  blanket  & 

purtenances  &  bed  stead 
Item,     Another  bead  and  beadstead  with  the  apper- 


s.  d. 
0     Q 

Some  other  small  bedding 

The  platters  and  porringers  &e. 

A  kettell,  two  skillets    a   warmingpan   and 

A  small  iron  pot  small  kettle  and  old  iron 
2  chests  a  Cupboard,  and  boxes 
A  little  table  and  four  Chairs, 
His  wearing  apparell 
Two  Cushings  and  some  sea  garments 
pillowpies.  Sheets,  napkins  &c. 
A  friing  pan,  a  Bellows  and  smoothing  iron 
Two  Hats 
There  is  also  an  eight  part  of  a  Ketch  but 

there  is  still  owing  for  prised 

50  0  0 

12  0  0 

15  0  0 

4  10  0 

10  10  0 

6  10  0 

2  0  0 

5  0  0 

1  12  0 
0  8  0 

2  0  0 

0  16  0 
10  0  0 

1  03  0 
6  10  0 

0  08  0 

1  00  0 

26  00  0 


This  is  owing  unto  Lott  Conaut    £      s.     d. 

of  Marblehead  the  sum  of  26    00    00      f  Roger  Conant 

more  in  the  debts  4    00    00     \  Samuel  Corning 

£        30    00    00 
The  above  Inventory  is  allowed  of  in  Court  at  Salem  25th, 
4th,  mo.  1662.  Attest. 



4.  Preeborn,2  son  of  1  John^  and  Margary  Balch,  was 
Ijorn  in  Salem,  Mass.,  about  1631.  He  was  probably  named 
to  commemorate  the  event  of  his  father  being  made  a  free- 
man that  year.  Family  tradition  says  that  he  went  to  Eng- 
land and  died  there  about  1657.  His  estate  in  Salem  was 
purchased  in  1658  by  his  brother  Benjamin,  from  "Walter 
Price,  a  shopkeeper  of  that  place,  who  was  his  executor  and 
administrator.  [Essex  Reg.  Deeds,  Vol.  1,  p.  82,  Jan.  20, 

It  is  probable  that  at  the  time  of  his  death  Freeborn  was  in 
debt  to,  or  in  Price's  employ,  and  it  may  be  assumed  that  he 
was  a  mariner  and  was  lost  at  sea.  His  brother  Benjamin 
purchased  his  inheritance  from  Price,  and  paid  for  it  X20 
and  2i  acres  in  the  "  Old  Planters  Marsh."  The  deed 
shows  that  Freeborn's  death  was  uncertain,  for  it  recites, 
"  alwaise  Provided  y*  if  the  above  sd.  Freeborne  Balch  ap- 
pears to  be  alive,  then  this  bargain  to  be  voyd."  On  May 
26,  1660,  Price  gave  his  receipt  for  the  money  and  the  land 
was  deeded,  and  it  is  to  be  presumed  that  then,  either  because 
Freeborn  had  not  appeared  for  two  years,  or  on  account  of 
information  of  his  death,  that  his  estate  was  settled  up. 

"  The  Old  Planters  Marsh  "  referred  to  was  located  on  the 
peninsula  where  they  first  landed,  in  the  present  city  of 

Third   Generation. 

ic  \(L^^ar(k 

5.  Samuel,3  eldest  son  of  2  Benjamin^  and  Sarah  (Gard- 
ner) Balch,  -was  born  in  the  old  homestead,  at  the  head  of 
Bass  river,  in  May,  1651,  and  died  October  14,  1723.  He 
was  married,  October  27, 
1675,  to  Martha,  daugh- 
ter of  John  and  Martha  | 
(Gould)  Newmarch,  of  "\^^  ^^«- 
Ipswich,  Mass.   She  died 

July  7,  1720,  aged  67  years.     They  had  seven  sons  and  three 
daughters,  all  born  in  Beverly. 

20*  Mabtha,*  b.  Sept.  13,  1676. 

21*  Samuel,*  b.  May  16,  1678;  d.  1764. 

22*  Joseph,*  b.  Apr.  26,  1680;  d.  Dec.  9,  1732. 

23*  Benjamin,*  b.  Mch.  29,  1682;  d.  Jan.  8,  1749-50. 

24*  John*  (twin),  b.  Mch.  29,  1682,  A.  1756. 

25*  Phebe,*  b.  Apr.  1,  1684;  d. 

26*  Peter,*  b.  May  6,  1635;  d.  Dec.  27,  1755. 

27*  CoKNELius,*  b.  May  1,  1687;  d.  1730. 

28  Abigail,*  b.  May  24,  1689;  d.  Sept.  26,  1711. 

29  Thomas,*  b.  Apr.  1,  1692;  d.  Aug.  15, 1699. 

He  married  again,  November  23,  1721,  the  widow,  Martha 
Butman.     She  died  in  1745,  without  issue. 

When  nineteen  years  of  age  he  was  baptized,  at  his  own 
desire,  and  united  with  the  First  church  of  Beverly,  of  which 
he  afterwards  became  a  deacon.  He  was  chosen  town  clerk 
of  Beverly,  and  took  the  oath  of  office,  June  27,  1693.  This 
office  he  held  for  seven  years.  He  was  several  times  chosen 
a  representative  of  the  town,  and  was  evidently  honored  and 
respected  by  his  neighbors  as  a  man  of  integiity  and  ability. 

By  a  conveyance  recorded  April  25,  1692,  his  father  deeded 


to  him  one-half  of  a  40  acre  lot,  which  was  bounded  easterly 
with  Samuel's  own  land,  west  with  country  road,  north  by  the 
Raiments,  southerly  with  Peter  Woodbury.  It  is  evident 
from  this  and  other  deeds  that  he  was  quite  a  land  owner 
near  Wenham  pond. 

His  will,  dated  November  30,  1722,  making  his  son  John 
sole  executor,  was  probated  at  Ipswich,  October  23,  1723, 
[Reg.  Essex  Prob.,  Vol.  13,  p.  859.] 

6.  Benjamin,^  son  of  2  Benjamin^  and  Sarah  (Gardner) 
Balch,  was  born  in  the  old  homestead,  about  1653,  and  bap- 
tized at  his  own  desire,  April  10,  1670.  He  died  in  Beverly 
in  the  spring  of  1698. 

He  was  married  October  11,  1674,  to  Elizabeth,  daughter 
of  John  and  Elizabeth  Woodbury,  and  granddaughter  of  the 
old  planter,  John,  and  his  wife,  Agnes  Woodbury.  She  was 
born  Aug.  15,  1654,  and  died  a  short  time  after  her  husband. 
Their  children  were : 

30*    Ann,*  b.  about  1675;  d.  Aug.  23,  1726. 

31*    Joseph,*  b.  Sept.  26,  1677;  d.  Aug.  14,  1712. 

32*    Ebknezeb,*  b.  June  6,  1680. 

33*    Abigail,*  b.  May  17,  16S2. 

84      Elizabeth,*  b.  July  6,  1688;  d.  y. 

35      KUTH,*  b.  Aug.  29,  1691. 

He  received  25  acres  from  his  father,  by  a  deed  dated  Feb- 
ruary 25,  1688-9.  This  land  is  bounded  north  by  a  birch  tree 
on  the  way  from  Beverly  to  Ephrim  Herrick's,  south  by 
country  road  to  Wenham,  and  east  by  Jno.  Raymond,  Jr. 
The  deed  also  conveyed  one  acre  of  meadow  in  Wenham. 
[Essex  Deeds,  Vol.  21,  p.  20.] 

From  the  Essex  County  records  it  appears  that  his  oldest 
surviving  son  Joseph  was  appointed  executor  June  27,  1698. 
These  records  note  that  Benjamin^  was  a  Mariner. 

7.  John,3  son  of  2  Benjamin^  and  Sarah  (Gardner)  Balch, 
was  born  at  the  old  homestead  about  1654^  and  died  at  Beverly, 
November  19,  1738.  No  record 
of  his  birth  has  been  found,  but 
several  depositions  among  the 
County   Court  papers   give    his 

^^    JSc^ 


age  at  various  times  and  thus  enables  the  year  of  liis  birth 
to  be  determined.  One  of  these  is  as  follows.  "The  deposi- 
tion of  John  Balch  (son  to  Benjamin  Balch),  age  16  years  or 
thereabouts  that  he  saw  Wm.  Barnes,  Mr.  Thorndik's  man 
coming  out  of  Goodin  Lambert's  house  at  y'^  window  on  y' 
last  day  of  y"^  weeke  wch  was  before  y^  Generall  trayning 
when  they  trayned  at  Beverly.  Taken  upon  oath  28,  &  9  mo- 
1670."  It  was  the  custom  in  those  daj's  at  stated  times  known 
as  training  days  to  gather  together  all  the  militia  of  the  Coun- 
ty at  one  town  or  another  to  be  drilled. 

He  was  married  to  Hannah  Veren,  December  23, 1674.  She 
was  the  granddaughter  of  Philip  Veren  of  New  Sarum  (Salis- 
bur}'),  a  roper  by  trade,  who  came  over  in  the  James  from 
Southampton,  and  arrived  in  Boston  in  1635,  bringing  his  wife 
Dorcas  and  four  sons,  Philip,  Hilliard,  Nathaniel  and  Joshua. 

Philip  Veren  Jr.  was  admitted  to  Salem  Church,  January 
3,  1640-41.  He  was  a  wheelwright  by  trade,  and  his  wife's 
name  was  Joanna.  Their  children  were :  Bethrab,  bapt.  Nov. 
14,  1641 ;  Dorcas,  bapt.  April  16,  1643 ;  Philip,  bapt.  March 
23, 1644-5  ;  Hannah,  b.  1655  ;  Adoniram ;  Maiy,  b.  Aug.  10, 
1659 ;  and  Deliverance. 

John^  and  Hannah  Balch  lived  to  celebrate  their  64th  wed- 
ding day.  The  farm  on  which  all  their  wedded  life  was  spent 
was  a  portion  of  the  old  Planters'  grant.  Part  of  it  came  from 
his  father  by  a  conveyance  recorded  April  25,  1692,  which 
recites,  "Benjamin  Balch  yeoman  of  Beverly  to  son  John,  etc. 
half  my  40  acres  where  he  nowdwelleth,  his  portion  to  be  next 
the  Country  road,  and  the  land  to  be  eaqually  divided  between 
my  two  sons  Samuel  and  John." 

Unto  John  and  Hannah,  were  born  14  children. 

36*  Rebecca,*  b.  about  1675. 

87*  Hannah/  b.  about  1676. 

38  John,*  b.  Nov.  1677;  d.  April  27, 1679. 

39*  John,*  b.  about  1679;  d.  about  1728. 

40*  Israel,*  b.  Sept.  3,  1681;  d.  176S. 

41*  Sabah,*  b.  March  20,  1682-3. 

42  Joshua,*  b.  1684;  d.  y. 

43  Joanna,*  b.  1686;  d.  y. 

Map  of  ancient  Beverly,    17th  Century. 

Drawn  by  Samiei.  \V. 


44  KuTH*,  b.  Oct.  6,  1687;  d.  y. 

45*  Joshua*,  b.  Nov.  6,  1688;  d. 

46*  Caleb*,  b.  Oct  14,  1689;  d.  summer  of  1T75. 

47*  David*,  b.  Oct.  1,  1691;  d.  Sept.  25,  1769. 

48  Joanna*,  bapt.  Nov.  20,  1692;  d.  y. 

49  KoCxEK*,  b.  July  14, 1693;  d.  y. 

He  a  was  carpenter  or  "housewright,''  and  also  a  farmer. 
He  was  admitted  to  full  communion,  in  the  first  parish  church 
of  Beverly,  June  2,  1680.  March  23,  1686-7,  his  wife  Han- 
nah was  also  admitted  to  full  communion.  On  May  19, 1680, 
He  was  made  a  freeman.  He  held  the  following  offices  : 
March  15,  1682-3,  Surveyor  of  highways ;  March  15,  1685-6, 
Tythingman  ;  Dec.  9,  1690,  Grand  Juryman  ;  1693,  Tything- 
man;  1694,  Sergeant ;  1694,  Constable;  1695  to  1699,  Selects 
man ;  1700,  Ensign  ;  1705,  Lieutenant ;  1711,  Representative. 

Just  a  month  before  his  death,  his  long  will  was  drawn  up 
and  signed.  His  son  Caleb  was  named  as  sole  executor.  It 
notes  minutely  the  provisions  for  the  widow;  and  among 
other  privileges  it  specifies  "also  y''  Liberty  of  Gathering  so 
many  Beans  in  y*  field  as  she  may  have  occasion  of  for  her 
own  use  both  for  summer  and  winter"  [It  seems  Beverly  did 
not  neglect  her  staple  even  in  those  early  days].  "Twenty 
bushels  of  Good  Indian  Corn  five  bushels  of  Malt.  Two  hun- 
dred Pounds  of  Beef  Out  of  which  Quarter  of  y^  Beast  She 
Pleaseth  to  have  it.  Two  Barrell  of  Cyder,  with  Apples  Suf- 
ficient for  her  use,  and  fifteen  pounds  of  flax  from  y'^  Swingle." 
"To  keep  for  her  use  both  Summer  and  Winter  Two  Cows  & 
four  sheep"  "y^  Service  of  my  Indian  Woman  Called  Quando 
&  y'  Privelege  of  a  Horse  to  Ride  upon  for  her  necessary  occa- 

The  will  mentions  sons  Caleb,  Joshua,  Israel,  David,  grand- 
son Andrew  son  of  John  deceased,  daughters  Sarah  Richard- 
son, Hannah  Leach,  and  grandchildren  of  his  daughter  Rebecca 
Dodge,  deceased. 

Among  other  things  the  inventory  mentions,  1  Negro  man 
value  £95,  and  1  Old  Indian  Woman  .£18.  He  died  Nov. 
19,  1788,  and  his  wife  soon  followed  March  7,  1738-9.     His 


estate  was  proved  Dec.  11,  1738,  but  his  widow  was  too  feeble 
to  attend  the  court. 

8.  Joseph,^  son  of  2  Benjamin^  and  Sarah  [Gardner] Balch, 
was  born  in  the  old  homestead  in  1658.  He  was  a  soldier  in 
Capt.  Lathrop's  company  and  was  slain  at  the  famous  Indian 
battle  of  Bloody  Brook,  September  18,  1675,  in  King  Phillip's 
war.     Palfrey's  History  gives  an  account  of   the  battle. 

Deerfield  was  abandoned,  before  the  inhabitants  had  secured 
their  harvest.  "From  Hadley,  twenty  miles  distant,  the  head- 
quarters of  the  troops,  a  party  was  dispatched  to  finish  thresh- 
ing the  grain  and  bring  it  in.  Eighteen  wagons,  with  their 
teamsters,  were  convoyed  by  a  company  of  ninetj'  picked 
men,  led  by  Capt.  Lathrop." 

On  their  return  after  securing  the  crop  they  were  surprised 
at  a  small  stream  in  the  township  of  Deerfield.  Here  as  they 
were  crossing,  a  large  force  of  Indians  suddenly  fell  upon 
them  and  slew  all  but  seven  or  eight  of  the  company.  The 
stream  was  named  Bloody  Brook  from  this  disaster. 

9.  Freeborn,^  son  of  2  Benjamin^  and  Sarah  [Gardner] 
Balch,  was  born  in  the  old  homestead  at  Beverly,  August  9, 
1660,  the  year  following  the  incorporation  of  the  town.  He  died 
in  Beverly,  June  12,  1729.  His  death  was  probably  quite 
sudden,  for  his  long  will  was  drawn  up  and  signed  the  day 
that  he  died.  His  grave-  ^ 
stone  stands  on  a  hiU  in  the  >^*-r^^^,/» 
cemetery  near  Wenham 
Lake  with  those  of  his  mother-in-law,  Sarah  Fairfield,  and 
his  two  children,  Skipper  and  Sarah. 

Freeborn  was  a  farmer,  and  lived  on  a  portion  of  his  father's 
estate  in  North  Beverly,  on  the  East  shore  of  Wenham  Lake. 
His  thrifty  husbandry  reared  the  finest  apple  orchard  in  the 
county,  which  he  willed,  together  with  his  cider  mill  and 
cider  house,  to  his  son  William.  He  married  first,  late  in  the 
Autumn  of  1682,  the  widow  Mirriam  Bachelder.  She  was 
born  in  January,  1657-8,  and  was  the  daughter  of  Robert 
Moulton,  Jr.,  and  his  wife  Abigail  [Goode  ?].     She  first  mar- 


ried  Joseph,  son  of  John  Bachelder,  October  8, 1677.  By  him 
she  had  two  children,  Joseph,  b.  July  18,  1678,  and  Abigail. 
Bachelder  was  a  mariner,  and  died  or  was  lost  at  sea,  prob- 
ably late  in  1681.  There  is  no  record  of  her  marriage  with 
Freeborn,  but  as  she  signs  her  name  as  a  witness  to  a  deed 
dated  November  13,  1682,  "Mirriam  Bachelder  "  their  mar- 
riage must  have  been  subsequent  to  that  time.  There  is  no 
record  of  Mirriam's  death  which  probably  occurred  in  1688. 

Mirriam  Moulton  was  a  granddaughter  of  Robert  Moulton, 
who  came  to  this  country  in  1629,  with  six  ship-builders,  of 
whom  he  was  chief.  The  first  fishing  and  trading  boats  built 
in  Salem  were  built  by  him  and  his  men.  He  died  in  April, 
1655,  leaving  a  son  Robert  and  daughter  Dorothy.  Robert 
Moulton,  Jr.,  married  Abigail  Croad,  a  niece  of  Emanual 
Downing,  by  whom  he  had  eight  children,  Robert,  Abigail, 
Samuel,  Hannah,  John,  Joseph,  Mirriam,  and  Mary.  He 
died  in  September,  1665. 

Freeborn  and  Mirriam  had  three  children. 

50*    Mirriam,*  b.  Aug.  2.  1683;  d.  1743. 

51*    Freeborn,*  b.  Nov.  25,  1685;  d.  March,  1770. 

62*    Benjamin,*  b.  April  17,  1688;  d.  Jan.  28,  1741-2. 

The  Essex  County  Court  Records  give  the  marriage  of 
Freeborn  Balch  and  Mallis,  February  20,  1688-9.  She  must 
have  died  soon  after  for  no  other  record  is  to  be  found. 

Freeborn's  third  marriage  was  on  April  30,  1690,  to  Eliza- 
beth Fairfield,  daughter  of  Walter  Fairfield,  and  his  wife 
Sarah  [Skipperway]  of  Wenham.  She  was  born  August  9, 
1666,  and  died  January  31,  1736-7. 

They  had  seven  children. 

53*    Skipper,*  b.  July,  25,  1692;  d.  Sept.  13,  1714,  unm. 

54*    Elizabeth,*  b.  1698;  d.  May  1,  1718. 

55      Sarah,*  b.  1698;  d.  Sept.  30,  1714,  unm. 

56*    Abigail,*  b.  1700;  d. 

57*    Tabitha,*  b.  1702;  d. 
^-58*    William,*  b.  Sept.  30,  1704;  d.  Jan.,  1791-2. 
'''^59*    Mart,*  b.  June  6,  1707 ;d.  Oct.  10,  1788. 

10.  Sarah  .^  daughter  of  2  Benjamin^  and  Sarah  [Gardner] 
Balch,  was  born  about  1661,  and  died  prior  to  1717.     She 


was  married,  December  20,  1680,  to  James  Patch,  son  of 
James  and  Hannah  Patch.  He  was  born  in  Salem,  June  21, 
1655,  and  died  at  Ipswich  in  February,  1732-3.  In  June, 
1717,  he  married  again,  this  time  to  Mary  Thoine,  who  w£W 
the  daughter  of  Bernard  Thorne,  and  widow  of  David 

Sarah  and  James  Patch  had  five  children :  James,  d.  unm. 
in  1714 ;  John,  b.  1699,  d.  May  80,  1775  ;  Mary ;  Bertha,  m. 
Samuel  Whipple,  June  20,  1726 ;  Hannah,  m.  Nathaniel 
Potter  in  Oct.,  1710. 

11.  Abigail,^  daughter  of  2  Benjamin^  and  Sarah  [Gard- 
ner] Balch,  was  born  in  1663,  and  died  April  30,  1706.  She 
was  married  February  8,  1680-81,  to  Cornelius  Larcum. 
Their  children  were :  Jonathan,  b.  Mar.  8, 1690-91  :  Cornelius, 
b.  Feb.  15,  1697-8  ;  Benjamin,  b.  Feb.  6,  1699-1700  ;  David,  b. 
Oct.  28, 1701. 

On  March  28,  1707,  the  year  after  Abigail's  death.  Larcum 
married  Margaret  Low.  He  died  June  9,  1747,  aged  94 
years,  and  Margaret  died,  Dec.  10,  1756,  aged  85  years. 

12.  Ruth,3  daughter  of  2  Benjamin-  and  Sarah  [Gardner] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  Mass.,  about  1665,  and  was 
baptized  April  10,  1670.  She  was  married  to  Joseph  Drinker, 
who  was  born  at  Exeter,  England,  March  31,  1653.  He 
emigrated  to  America,  in  July,  1655,  with  his  father  and 
mother,  Philip  and  Elizabeth  Drinker,  in  the  ship  Abigail, 
Robert  Hackwell,  master.  They  resided  at  Beverly,  where 
Joseph  and  Ruth  were  married.  A  deed  signed  by  her  Oct. 
15,  1731,  shows  that  then  she  was  a  xVidow,  and  living  in 

They  had  three  sons  :*  Joseph,  d.  in  1742  ;  m.  July  9,  1708, 

•children  of  joseph*  and  mary  [janey]  drinker. 
Henby  Drinkek,  b.  about  1709;  d.  1746;  m.  Mary  Gottierof  Burling- 
ton, N.  J.,  Nov.  26,  17;n.     Four  sons. 
Joseph  Dkinkeb,  m.  Sarab  Grice,  one  daughter. 
John  Drinker,  d.  Mar.  13,  1787;  in.  Susanna  Allen,  had  three  sons 
who  left  no  descendants. 


Mary  Janney,  from  Cheshire,  Eng.  ;  she  d.  Mar.  17,  1764, 
aged  83  years.  Edward,  b.  Dec.  24,  1680 ;  d.  in  Philadelphia, 
Pa.,  Nov.  19,  1782,  aged  101  years.     John,  lost  at  sea,  unm. 

13.  Mary,3  daughter  of  2  Benjamin^  and  Sarah  [Gardner] 
Balch,  was  born  about  1667,  and  died  March  12,  1737.  She 
married  Nathaniel  Stone,  March  26,  1689.  He  was  the  son 
of  Nathaniel  and  Remember  [Corning]  Stone,  and  was  born 
Sept.  15,  1663,  and  died  February  23,  1741.  Mary  and  Na- 
thaniel had  ten  children  :  Sarah,  b.  1690  ;  Josiah,  b.  1692  ; 
Nathaniel,  b.  1693,  d.  y.  ;  Nathaniel,  b.  1694 ;  Benjamin,  b. 
1696  ;  Ruth,  b.  1699 ;  Hannah,  b.  1702  ;  Phebe,  b,  1703  ; 
David,  b.  1706 ;   Abigail,  b.  1708. 

16.  Deborah,^  daughter  of  2  Benjamin^  and  his  third 
wife,  Grace  [Mallet]  Balch,  was  born  June  6,  1693,  at  Bev- 
erly, Mass.,  and  died  at  Rochester,  Mass.,  May  5,  1717. 

John  Drinker,  b.  1733;  d.  July  27,  1800;  m.  Rachel  Renier,  Feb.  27, 

1756.     Four  cbildren  and  numerous  descendants. 
Hknkt  Drinker,  b.  Feb.  21,  1733-4;  d.  June  26,  1809;  m.   Elizabeth 

Sandwith,  Jan.  13,  1761.     Five  cbildren. 
Daniel  Drinker,  b.  1735;  d.  Nov.  25,  1815;  m.  first  Elizabeth  Hart, 

1760;  m.  second  Hannah  Prior,  Apr.  6,  1796. 
Joseph  Drinker,  d.  Aug.  22,  1809;  m.  Hannah  Hart  1760.     Three 

Sab  AH  S.  Drinker,  b.  Oct.  23,  1761;  d.  Sept.  25,   1807;  m.  May  15, 

1787,  to  Jacob  Downing. 
Ann  Drinker,  b.  Jan.  11,  1764;  d.  Feb.  14,  1830;  m.  May  17,  1791,  to 

John-S^Ryrifl.  -^.^ov. 
William  Drinker,  b.  Jan.  28,  1767;  d.  u.  m.,  1821. 
Henry  S.  Drinker,  b.  Oct.  23,  1770;  d.  July  3,  1824;  m.  Dec.  U, 

1794,  to  Hannah  Smith.   -Six  children,  f  if  i     .^ 
Mart  Drinker,  b.  Mar.  14,  1774;  d.  May  2,  1856;  m.  Aug  8,  1796,  to 

Samuel  Rhoads.'^ 
William  Drinker,  b.  Oct.  14,  1795;  d.  1836;  m.  Elizabeth  Rodman. 

No  children. 
EaxHKB  Drinker,  b.  Nov.  5,  1798;  d.  Aug.,  1856;  m.  Jan.  28,  1841,  to 

Elizabeth  Drinker,  b.  Dec.  11,  1801;  d.  July  11,  1874;  m.  July  6, 

1829,  to  Samuel  C.  Paxton. 
Sally  Drinker,  b.  May.  9,  1803;  d.  Jan  3,  1877;  m.  Apr.  3,  1828,  to 

James  C.  Biddle. 
Henry  Drinker,  b.  Aug.  11,  1801;  d.  Feb.  5, 1868;  m.  June  5,  1845,  to 

Frances  Morton. 
Sandwith  Drinker,  b.  Nov.  19, 1808;  d.   Jan.  18,  1857;  m.  Mch.  17, 

1840,  to  Susanna  B.  Shober. 


She  was  married  February  8,  1710-11,  to  William  Ray- 
mond, Jr.,  a  brother  of  Daniel,  who  married  Abigail  Balch, 
and  Paul,  who  married  Tabitha  Balch,  daughters  of  Deborah's 
brother  Freeborn  Balch. 

It  appears  that  they  removed  to  Rochester,  Mass.,  as  Ray- 
mond was  clerk  of  that  town,  1733-1737,  and  held  various 
other  town  offices.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Congregational 
Church.  Their  children  were  :  William  Raymond,  b.  Beverly, 
Feb.  7,  1711-12  ;  Benjamin  Raymond,  b.  Rochester,  Dec.  4, 
1714  ;  Daniel  Raymond,  b.  Rochester,  March  27,  1717. 

Wm.  Raymond  married,  2d,  Tabitha  Edwards,  by  whom  he 
had  several  other  children.  He  lived  at  "  Raymond's  Land- 
ing," which  was  afterwards  set  off  to  Wareham. 

17.  Lydia,3  daughter  of  2  Benjamin^  and  Grace  [Mallet] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  August  28,  1695. 

She  married  Samuel  Bowles,  and  lived  at  Rochester,  Mass. 
A  deed,  executed  November  13,  1743,  in  which  she  joins  with 
her  husband,  Samuel  Bowles,  of  Rochester,  in  Plymouth 
county,  is  a  conveyance  to  a  sheep  pasture  in  Beverly,  which 
is  referred  to  as  a  common  right  imto  the  heirs  of  Benjamin 
Balch,  senior,  deceased  (our  honored  father).  This  deed  is 
in  the  possession  of  Wm.  F.  Abbot,  of  Worcester,  Massachu- 

Fourth  Generation. 

20.  Martha,^  daughter  of  5  SamueF  and  Martha  [New- 
march]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  Sept.  13,  1676,  and  mar- 
ried about  1698  to  Thomas  Hovey,  of  Ipswich  [now  Topsfield]. 
Nothing  further  is  known  concerning  her. 

21.  Samuel,*  eldest  son  of  5  SamueP  and  Martha  [New- 
march]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  May  16,  1678,  and  died 
in  the  same  town  in  1754.  He  married  first,  September  23, 
1702,  Eleanor,  daughter  of  William  and  Martha  Cleves. 
She  died  Dec.  12,  1708,  aged  30  years.  Three  children  were 
born  in  Beverly. 

60  Maktha,5  b.  Aug.  14,  1703;  d.  Marcli  5,  1703^. 

61  Thomas,^  b.  Aug.  15,  1705;  d.  urnn.  abroad  in  1728. 

62  SAMUEL,5b.  June  1,1707;  drowned  in  Exeter  river  Oct.  12,1728,  unm. 
He  married  second,  Sept.  3,  1710,  Mary,  widow  of  Jonathan 

Baker,  of  Salem.     Their  children  were  as  follows : 

63*    JosiAH,6  bapt.  Oct.  28,  1711. 

64      Ebejiezer,5  bapt.  Jan.  24,  1713-14 ;  d.  May  15, 1714. 

65*    Mabtha,6  bapt.  Oct.  .30,  1715. 

66*    Nathaniel,^  born  Oct.  13,  1717. 

He  was  a  deacon  in  the  church  in  Beverly,  a  mariner,  and 
later  in  life  a  farmer. 

22.  Joseph,*  son  of  5  SamueF  and  Martha  [Newmarch] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  April  26,  1680,  and  drowned 
December  9,  1732.  He  married  in  Boston,  October  23,  1712, 
Mary,  daughter  of  Timothy  and  Deborah  Osgood,  of  Ando- 
ver.  She  was  born  February  11,  1690,  and  died  in  Boston 
Oct.  22,  1752.     They  had  six  childi-en,  all  born  in  Boston. 

67*  JosEPH,6b.  Jan.  13,  1714-16;  d.  unm.  Aug.  20,  1738. 

68*  Mary,6  b.  March  4,  1716-17. 

69*  Debobah,5  b.  Sept.  8,  1719. 

70*  Ebenhzeb,5  b.  May  14, 1723 ;  d.  April  28,  1808. 


71*    TiMOTHT,s  b.  May  28,  1726;  d.  April  11,  1776. 
72*    Sakah,6  b.  April  13,  1728. 

Joseph  was  a  sea  captain,  and  resided  in  Boston.  The  fol- 
lowing account  of  his  death  is  an  extract  of  a  letter  printed  in 
the  Boston  News  Letter,  January  25,  1732-3,  from  Mr.  David 
Linzey,  mate  of  brigantine  "  Robert, ''  and  is  dated  at  St. 
Christophers,  December  13,  1732,  via  Rhode  Island : 

"  Sir,  this  comes  to  acquaint  you  of  the  dismal  misfortune 
that  has  hapened,  Viz.,  the  loss  of  Captain  Balch.  He  was 
knocked  overboard  with  the  gaft  seventeen  days  after  we  left 
Boston,  about  5  o'clock  in  the  afternoon,  in  lat.  17'  3'  N.  We 
reckoned  ourselves  four  leagues  to  the  east'd  of  the  Island 
of  Antigua."  Antigua  is  one  of  the  Caribbean  islands,  be- 
longing to  Great  Britain. 

23.  Benjamin,*  son  of  5  SamueF  and  Martha  [New- 
march]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  March  29,  1682,  and  died 
January  8,  1749-50.  He  was  married  June  27,  1705,  to  Mary 
Leech,  daughter  of  John  and  Mary  Leech,  and  granddaugh- 
ter of  John  and  Sarah  [Conaut]  Leech  of  Wenham.  They 
had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Beverly. 

73      Maktha,6  b.  Dec.  9,  1706;  d.  y. 

74*    Mbrct^,  b.  Feb.  4,  1703-9. 

75      Maktha,^  b.  Feb.  2,  1712-13;  d.  Aug.  18,  1714. 

77*    Mi^TW}*^*"^*'-"^^"-^'^^^^-^^- 

78*    Debokah,5  b.  Aug.  20,  1720. 

79  Benjamin, 6  b.  Sept.  22,  1725;  d.  Aug.  4,  1736. 
Benjamin, was  a  farmer  and  a  deacon  in  the  church.  He 
lived  with  his  grandfather  (2)  Benjamin,^  on  the  old  home- 
stead. This  appears  from  a  deed  of  gift,  dated  January  4, 
1703-4,  as  follows :  "  Benjamin  Balch,  to  grandson,  Benj. 
Balch,  Jr.,  who  dwell  with  me  for  goodwill,"  etc.,  "  conveyes 
dwelling  house,  barn,  orchard,  upland,  salt  marsh,  6  acres,  7 
acres  more,  10  acres  to  mill,  25  acres  beyond  to  geo.  Trow's 
on  the  south,  after  my  decease."  The  will  of  Benjamin  [23], 
dated  Sept.  4,  1749,  is  in  the  Essex  County  Probate  Records. 

24.  John,*  son  of  5  Samuel^  and    Martha  [Newmarch] 


Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  March  29,  1682,  a  twin  of  Ben- 
jamin*. He  died  probably  in  December,  1756,  in  Beverly, 
and  his  will  was  probated  at  Ipswich,  January  3,  1757.  He 
was  married  first,  December  24,  1708,  to  Mary,  daughter  of 
John  and  Rachel  Tuck.  She  was  born  in  1682,  and  died 
February  20,  17-41-2.  John  and  Mary  had  five  daughters.  He 
was  a  farmer  in  Beverly. 

il     MabTs"'^  I  Twins,  bapt.  May  6,  1711 ;  both  died  May  12,  171! .    ■ 

82*  Abigail,^  b.  Oct.  5,  1712. 

83    Sarah,5  bapt.  April  15,  1716;  d.  y. 

84*  Debokah,5  b.  Dec.  19,  1717. 

John  married  second,  December  25,  1743,  Eunice,  the 
widow  of  Samuel  Kimball,  of  Bradford.  She  died  in  1770, 
without  issue. 

25.  Phebe,*  daughter  of  5  SamueF  and  Martha  [New- 
march]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  April  1,  1684.  She  mar- 
ried Samuel  Chapman,  and  removed  to  Greenland,  N.  H. 
Nothing  more  is  known  of  her. 

26.  Peter,*  son  of  5  SamueP  and  Martha  [Newmarch] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  May  6,  1685,  and  died  in  Fram- 
ingham,  December  27,  1755,  of  a  cancer  of  the  hand.  He 
married  Elizabeth  Dwightof  Medfield,  Mass.,  a  daughter  of 
Timothy  D  wight.  The  ceremony  was  performed  by  Mr. 
Joseph  Baxter.  Peter  Balch  was  a  deacon  in  the  church  in 
Medfield,  and  on  removing  to  Framingham  was  made  a  deacon 
in  the  church  there.  In  1744  he  was  elected  selectman  of 
Framingham.  He  was  a  cordwainer  by  trade.  His  will,  re- 
corded in  the  Middlesex  County  Records,  shows  that  he  left 
a  slave.  Flora,  and  children.  Temple's  History  of  Framing- 
ham mentions  a  slave  negro  child  name  Phebe  sold  by  Eliza- 
beth Balch,  August  13,  1767.  Children  of  Peter  and  Eliza- 

85  Maby.s  b.  1726;  d.  1730. 

86*  Elizabeth,^  b.  1729;  d. 

87  Timothy,^  b.  1732;  d.  Feb.  7,  1740-41. 

88*  Sarah,5  b.  1734;  d. 


27.  Cornelius,*  son  of  5  SamueP  and  Martha  [New- 
march]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  May  1,  1687,  and  died 
after  1730,  at  which  time  he  was  living  in  Topsfield.  He 
was  a  cooper  by  trade.  In  1711  he  married  Mary  Shaw. 
They  had  two  children. 

89      Mabt,6  b.  Feb.  22,  1714-16;  bapt.  Mar  6,  1714-15;  d.  in  childhood. 

90*    Cornelius,*  bapt.  Jan.  1717-18;  d.  Dec.  20,  1749. 

Cornelius'  widow  married  Feb.  5,  1753,  Dr.  Mical  Dwinell, 
of  Topsfield.  Two  entries  in  the  Topsfield  Church  Records 
conclude  their  history  :  "  Died,  September  19,  1770,  Mical 
Dwinell,  an  aged  man,  who  died  suddenly."  "  Died  April 
14, 1774,  widow  Mary  Dwinell,  who  died  suddenly,  a  very 
aged  woman,  upwards  of  90  years." 

30.  Ann,*  daughter  of  6  Benjamin^  and  Elizabeth 
[Woodbury]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly  about  1675,  and 
died  August  23,  1726.  She  married  first  a  Mr.  Rich  and 
probably  had  no  children,  as  none  are  recorded.  She  married 
second  Nathaniel  Wallis,  April  20,  1698.  He  died  in  1762 
at  a  very  advanced  age.  His  ancestry  is  appended  to  the 
record  of  13  Mary.^  Among  their  children  were  the  following  : 
Margaret,  b.  Nov.  11,  1699,  who  married  December  26, 
1725,  David  EUenwood,  whose  first  wife  was  96  Joanna,^ 
daughter  of  39  John  Balch,*  Jr.,  and  had  five  children. 
Nathaniel,  b.  Nov.  11,  1700.  Anna,  who  married  Richard 
Wittredge.  Josiah,  bapt.  Aug.  26,  1711.  Mary,  bapt.  June 
20,  1714,  who  married  Benj.  Rayment. 

31.  Joseph,*  son  of  6  Benjamin^  and  Elizabeth  [Wood- 
bur}']  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  September  26,  1677,  and 
died   August    14,  1712.      His    gravestone    still    stands    in 

Beverly's  old  church 
yard.  On  March 
21,  1696-7,  he  was 
published  to  Sarah 
Hart  of  Salem,  who  was  a  daughter  of  Jonathan  Hart,  and 
his  wife  Lydia  [Neal]  and  grand-daughter  of  John  Neal  of 
Salem.     Joseph  was  a    weaver   by  occupation.     His   widow 


married,  December  25,  1716,  William  Mellowes  [now  spelled 
Melius],  a  farmer  of  Scituate,  and  moved  there  with  her 
children.  Joseph  was  appointed  administrator  of  his  father's 
estate,  as  already  noted  under  6  Benjamin.^  The  children 
of  Joseph  and  Sarah  were  the  following  : 

91*  Bbnjamin,6  bapt.  Oct.  18,  1702;  d.  1753. 

92*  Elizabeth.^  b.  Dec.  11,  1704. 

93*  Ltdia,6  b.  Apr.  7,  1707. 

94*  Sarah,5  b.  Dec.  1,  1709. 

95*  JosBPH,5  bapt.  June  22,  1712. 

32.  Ebenezer,*  second  son  of  6  Benjamin^  and  Eliza- 
beth [Woodbury]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  June  6,  1680. 
He  is  the  first  male  in  the  family  whose  descendants,  other 
than  a  daughter,  if  there  were  any,  it  has  not  been  possible 
to  find  and  trace  for  this  genealogy.  The  following  from 
Essex  Land  Records,  Vol.  28,  p.  212,  is  all  that  is  certainly 
known  concerning  him.  "May  7,  1714,  Ebenezer  Balch, 
sayler,  with  wife  Ann,  for  250  deeds  6i  acres  of  land  in 
Beverly  to  people  of  the  precinct,  and  bounded  on  one  side 
by  land  of  my  uncle  Samuel  Balch."  They  probably  had  a 
daughter  Ann  who  married  in  1731,  one  James  Butler,  of 

33.  Abigail,*  daughter  of  6  Benjamin^  and  Elizabeth 
[Woodbury]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  May  17,  1682. 
She  was  married  in  1705  to  Edward  Rainsford,  a  weaver. 

36.  Rebecca,*  daughter  of  7  John^  and  Hannah  [Veren] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly  about  1675,  and  baptized  July  25, 
1680.  She  died  September  24,  1704.  She  was  married 
November  28,  1695,  to  Joseph  Dodge,  of  Beverly,  the  cere- 
mony being  performed  by  the  Rev.  John  Hall.  Joseph 
Dodge  was  a  descendant  of  Richard  Dodge,  who  with  his 
brother  William,  came  over  from  England  prior  to  1638. 
Richard,  in  his  will  dated  September  14,  1670,  mentions  his 
wife  Edith,  sons  Richard,  Samuel,  John,  Edward  and  Joseph, 
daughter  Mary  Herrick,  and  daughter  Sarah.  Joseph  mar- 
ried Sarah  Eaton,    February  21,  1671-2.      A  son,    Joseph, 


was  born  to  them  about  1675.  Rebecca  and  Joseph  had  six 
children  living  and  mentioned  in  the  will  of  their  grand- 
father 7  John  Balch^  in  1738. 

37.  Hannah,*  daughter  of  7  John''  and  Hannah  [Veren] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverlj^  about  1676,  and  was  baptized, 
with  her  sister  Rebecca,  July  25,  1680.  The  date  of  her 
death  is  not  known,  but  in  April,  1739,  she  was  a  widow, 
and  living  at  Ashford,  Ct.  She  received  her  share  of  her 
father's  estate  from  her  brother  Caleb,  who  was  executor. 
Her  marriage  to  Richard  Leach,  of  Weuham,  was  performed 
by  Rev.  Thomas  Blower,  March  7,  17034.  Leach  died  at 
Wenham  in  June,  1719.  He  descended  from  Lawrence  and 
Elizabeth  Leach,  who  came  to  America  with  their  children. 
One  of  their  sons  was  Capt.  Richard  Leach,  b.  1618.  His 
son  John  married  Sarah  Conant,  in  1643.  Their  son  John, 
by  his  wife  Mary,  had  a  son  Richard,  and  a  daughter  Mary, 
who  married  22  Benjamin  Balch. 

Richard  and  Hannah  [Balch]  Leach  had  the  following 
children,  all  born  at  Wenham :  John,  b.  May  12,  1705,  m. 
Feb.  1,  1727-8,  by  Rev.  Robert  Ward,  to  Lydia  Machintyre, 
of  Ipswich,  Mass. ;  Hannah,  b.  May  28,  1707  ;  Deborah,  b. 
May  21,  1708,  m.  March  3,  1724-5,  to  Nehemiah  Wood,  of 
Ipswich ;  Mary,  b.  June  17,  1710  ;  Richard,  b.  July  11,  1711, 
m.  Rebecca  Bugbee ;  Ebenezer  and  Ruth,  twins,  b.  June  10, 
1714  ;  Sarah,  b.  Aug.  17,  1715  ;  Abigail,  b.  June  4,  1718,  m. 
June  4,  1739,  James  Agard,  of  Windham. 

Of  the  above  children  Richard  and  Ebenezer,  and  possibly 
some  of  the  others,  removed  to  Ashford,  Windham  county, 
Connecticut,  and  Richard  removed  later  to  Torrington,  Con- 
necticut. In  the  history  of  that  town  some  of  his  family  are 
mentioned.  Among  his  descendants  was  the  director  of  the 
mint,  under  President  Benjamin  Harrison. 

39.     John,*  son  of  7  John^  and  Hannah  [Veren]   Balch, 

was  born  about  1679,  in  Beverly,  and  died  about  1723.     He 

was   married    in    October, 

yy     ^  ai       /     P    yi^^-  to  Elizabeth,  daugh- 

CJ/<,-^i/fA.       ^CX.  t  C/i.    tej.  of  Richard   Ober.     She 


died  in  1731.  John  was  a  mariner,  and  lived  in  Beverly. 
John  and  Elizabeth  had  two  children. 

96*    JoANNA,6  b.  April  30,  1702;  d.  May  23,  1726. 

97*    Andrbw.s  b.  Feb.  27,  1706-7;  d. 

40.  Israel,*  son  of  7  John^  and  Hannah  [Veren]  Balch, 
was  born  in  Beverly,  Sept.  3,  1681,  and  died  in  1758.  He 
was  married  first,  about  1707,  to  Ruth,  daughter  of  Edward 
and  Maiy.  Dodge.  She  was  born  Aug.  15,  1685,  and  died 
January  9,  1727.  She  was  the  mother  of  all  of  Israel's  chil- 
dren, nine  in  number. 

98*    Jonathan,^  b.  April  19,  1709. 
99*    RuTH,i^  b.  July  3,  1711. 
100*    JoHN,5  b.  May  4,  1713 ;  d.  1788. 
101*    RoGBB,6  b.  June  24,  1715;  d.  1744. 
102*    Rebecca,^  b.  April  10,  1717. 
103*    Joshua,^  b.  May  17,  1719;  d.  March  1,  1804. 
104      I8BAEL,5  b.  Feb.  4,  1720-21 ;  d.  y. 
105*    Vbben,^  b.  May  22,  1724;  d.  1797. 
106*    Hannah,5  b.  Jan.  1,  1726-7;  d.  unm. 

Israel  married  second,  Aug.  23,  1727,  Ann  Coe  of  Wen- 
ham.  She  died  in  1770.  "  The  Sabbath  in  Puritan  New 
England,"  by  Alice  Morse  Earle,  tells  of  a  Bay  Psalm  Book 
published  in  1709,  which  Israel  undoubtedly  owned.  With 
the  characteristic  indifference  of  our  New  England  fore- 
fathers for  tiresome  repetition,  or  possibly  with  their  disdain 
of  novelty,  he  had  inscribed  on  every  blank  page  of  the 

"  Israel  Balch,  His  Book. 
God  give  him  Grace  therein  to  look. 
And  when  the  Bell  for  him  doth  toal 
May  God  have  mearcy  on  his  Sole." 

What  the  diction  lacked  in  variety  is  quite  made  up,  how- 
ever, in  spelling,  which  was  was  painstakingly  different  on 
each  page. 

41.  Sarah,*  daughter  of  7  John^  and  Hannah  [Veren] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  March  20,  1682-3.  She  was  liv- 
ing in  1739,  and  received  her  share  of  her  father's  estate  from 
her  brother  Caleb  Balch,  his  executor.     Richard  Richardson 


and  Sarah  Balch  were  married  by  Eben  Pemberton,  March  3, 
1711-12,  according  to  the  Boston  records.  These  give  the 
following  children  of  Richard  and  Sarah :  John,  b.  Aug.  29, 
1713,  d.  Sept.  17,  1713  ;  Sarah,  b.  July  16,  1714 ;  John,  b. 
Oct.  11,  1716. 

45.  Joshua,*  son  of  7  John^  and  Hannah  [Veren]  Balch, 
was  born  in  Beverly,  Nov.  5,  1688.  November  11,  1725,  he 
married  Rebecca  Brown  of  Boston.  The  ceremony  was  per- 
formed by  Rev.  Thomas  Foxcraft,  pastor  of  the  First  Church, 
Boston.  By  her  he  had  two  children  and  possibly  more,  but 
beyond  the  record  of  the  birth  of  these  two  nothing  has  been 
learned  regarding  Joshua  and  his  family. 

107  Rbbecca,i5  b.  in  Boston,  Sept.  19,  1727. 

108  Calkb,5  b.  in  Boston,  Oct.  2,  1729. 

46.  Caleb,*  son  of  7  John^  and  Hannah  [Veren]  Balch^ 
was  born  in  Beverly,  October  14,  1689,  and  died  in  the  same 

town  in  the  summer  of  1775.     He 
ir^JL^   ^nJr  -P     ^'^^1^  resided  upon   his  father's 
/O-^-COe)    CJ^^^^Ky  farm  in  North  Beverly,  which  he 
He  was  first  married  February  21,  173940,  to  Jerusha  Por- 
ter of  Salem,  who  was  the  mother  of  his  five  childi'en. 

109*  Haiinah,6  b.  May  3,  1741. 

110  Jehusha,^  b.  June  19,  1743,  d.  y. 

111  Sabah,6  b.  Apr.  27,  1745,  d.  unm.  in  1775. 
112*  Calkb,^  b.  June  7,  1747,  d.  Jan.  19,  1820. 
113*  Ann.s  b.  Dec.  31,  1748. 

Caleb,*  married  second,  October  7,  1753,  Mary  Felton,  of 
Danvers,  who  outlived  him.     She  was  born  in  March,  1721-2. 

47.  David,*  son  of  7  John^  and  Hannah  [Veren]  Balch, 
was  born  in  Beverly,  Oct.  1,  1691,  and  died  in  Topsfield,  Sep- 
tember 25,  1769.  He  was  married  April  29, 1713,  to  Hannah, 
daughter  of  Thomas  and  Sarah  [Wallis]  Perkins.  She  was 
born  February  10,  1692-3,  and  died  in  Topsfield,  January  1, 
1747-8.     They  had  three  sons. 


114*    David.s  b.  Apr.  25,  1715,  d.  Apr.  17,  1787. 
115*    J0HN,5  b.  Nov.  2,  1716,  d.  Dec.  31,  1774. 
116*    J08HUA,5  b.  July  17,  1720,  d.  1766. 

David  had  no  children  by  his  second  wife  Ester  Dwinell, 
whom  he  married  November  14,  1752.  She  was  born  May 
1,  1720,  and  died  January  13,  1815-16.  She  was  a  daughter 
of  Thomas  and  Mary  [Perkins]  Dwinell  of  Topsfield. 

50.  Mirriam,*  daughter  of  9  Freeborn^  and  Mirriam 
[Moulton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  August  2,  1683,  and 
died  at  Wenham  in  1743.  She  was  married  first,  February 
22,  1704-5,  to  Richard,  son  of  Joseph  and  Elizabeth 
[Hutton]  Fowler,  of  Wenham.  December  17,  1707,  the 
Fowler  Genealogy  states  that  Richard  received  from  his 
father  land  in  Wenham  upon  his  marriage  with  Mirriam. 
They  lived  at  Wenham,  and  Fowler  died  in  that  town,  Jan- 
uary 24,  1717-18.  They  had  six  children,  all  bom  at  Wen- 
ham :  Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  19,  1705-6,  m.  Thomas  Perkins,  of 
Ipswich,  Feb.  8,  1830-31;  Abigail,  b.  Jan.  4,  1706-7,  m.  Jo- 
siah  White,  Aug.  19,  1729  ;  Mirriam,  b.  April  28,  1712,  d.  y.; 
Martha,  b.  June  1,  1714,  d.  previous  to  1743,  unm. ;  Mirriam, 
b.  April  25,  1715,  d.  previous  to  1743,  unm. ;  Joseph,  b.  Aug. 
3, 1717,  m.  Elizabeth  Perkins. 

Mirriam  married  second,  Ezikiel  Day,  of  Nutfieid,  by  whom 
she  is  not  known  to  have  had  children.  Of  her  children 
only  Joseph  and  Elizabeth  survived  her  and  shared  her  estate. 

51.  Freeborn,*  son  of  9  Freeborn^  and  Mirriam  [Moul- 
ton] Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  November  25,  1685,  and 
died  in  that  town  in  March,  1770,  aged  85  years.  He  was 
married  first  in  Boston,  June  19,  1712,  to  Susanna  Woliston. 
The  ceremony  was  solemnized  by  Rev.  Cotton  Mather.  Su- 
sanna was  living  in  1732,  but  there  is  no  record  of  her  death. 
The  issue  of  this  marriage  was  seven  children,  all  born  in 

in*  Fekkbobn.s  b.  Feb.  5,  1712-13;  d.  1786. 

118*  Susanna,^  b.  Feb.  11,  1714-15;  d.  after  1773. 

119*  Abigail,^  b.  March  9,  1717-18;  d.  prior  to  1773. 

120  MiEBiAM,6  b.  March  18,  1718-19;  d.  unm.  prior  to  1773. 


121  JoHN,6  b.  Sept.  8,  1722;  d.  y. 

122  EBENBZKB.^b.  Jan.  16,  1723-4;  d.  y. 

123  EuzABETH,^  b.  March  2,  1725-6;  d.  y. 

He  was  married  second,  Januaiy  23,  1736-7,  to  Mary  Hub- 
bard, who  died  in  1753,  without  issue.  His  third  wife,  Mrs. 
Sarah  Dodge,  was  married  to  him  November  6,  1753.  She 
died  before  him,  without  issue,  and  at  the  time  of  his  death 
only  two  of  his  children  were  living.  He  was  a  cordwainer 
by  trade,  and  lived  in  Boston  some  fifteen  years.  Upon  the 
death  of  his  father,  in  1729,  he  removed  to  Beverly,  and 
thereafter  resided  on  his  portion  of  the  inheritance. 

52.  Benjamin,*  son  of  9  Freeborn^  and  Mirriam  [Moul- 
ton]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  April  17,  1688.  He  was 
married  in  Cambridge,  Massachusetts,  January  4,  1710-11,  to 

^  Mary,  daughter  of  Solo- 

'^ e^^ytM^CXxyyM^  ^<i^a/C.    '^^'^•>  ^nd  his  wife,  Hep- 
'^  ziba     [Dunn]    Prentice. 

There  are  records  of  but  two  children. 

124*    Thomas,^  b.  Oct.  17,  1711;  d.  June  ?,  1774. 

125*    Maey,5  b.  June  4,  1714;  d.  April  29,  1782. 

Benjamin  was  a  blacksmith,  and  lived  in  Charlestown,  Mas- 
sachusetts. After  his  father's  death  he  returned  with  his 
family  to  the  house  built  by  his  father,  near  Wenham  line, 
and  lived  in  it  with  his  brother  Freeborn.  The  following  is 
taken  from  the  Essex  county  records:  March  3,  1730-31, 
Benjamin  Balch,  of  Beverly,  and  Mary,  his  ■wife,  for  ,£143, 
seU  to  John  Conant  his  part  of  house,  barn,  cyder  mill,  &c., 
"  according  to  y*  division  made  with  my  brother,  Freeborn 
Balch,  of  the  estate  of  our  father,  Freeborn,  deceased." 

A  gravestone  still  standing  in  the  old  Cambridge  cemetery, 
opposite  the  college,  is  inscribed  as  follows :  "  Here  lyes 
Buried  y^  Body  of  Mrs.  Mary  Balch,  wife  to  Mr.  Benjamin 
Balch,  who  Departed  this  life  Jan.  28,  Anno  Dom.,  1741-2,  in 
the  64th  year  of  her  age."     She  was  born  January  4,  1678-9. 

53.  Skipper,*  son  of  9  Freeborn^  and  Elizabeth  [Fair- 
field] Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  July  25,  1692,  and  died  in 


1714  as  shown  by  the  following,  copied  from  his  tombstone 
near  Wenham  Lake. 

"  Here  lyes  buried  the  body  of  Mr.  Skipper  Balch  who  de- 
parted this  life  the  13  September,  1714  in  y^  23d  year  of  his 

Between  the  graves  of  Skipper  and  that  of  his  father  is 
another  which  reads ;  "  Here  lyes  buried  the  body  of  Mrs. 
Sarah  Balch  who  departed  this  life  y*  30  September,  1714  in 
ye  156  year  of  her  age." 

The  monogram  "  15^  "  means  15  to  16.  The  three  stones 
are  still  well  preserved.  The  title  Mr.  was  applied,  accord- 
ing to  the  custom  then  prevailing,  to  captains  and  mates  of 
vessels,  military  captains,  eminent  merchants,  schoolmasters, 
doctors,  magistrates,  clergymen,  persons  who  had  received  a 
degree  at  college,  and  freemen.  It  appears  also  that  not  only 
the  wives  but  the  daughters  as  well  of  such  men,  even  when 
unmarried,  were  given  the  title  Mrs.  Sarah  Balch  was  given 
this  title  because  her  father  was  a  man  of  quality  and  not  on 
account  of  marriage. 

54.  Elizabeth,*  daughter  of  9  Freeborn^  and  Elizabeth 
[Fairfield]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly  about  1696,  and  died 
May  1,  1718.  She  was  married  April  20, 1715,  to  John  Elliot, 
born  May  16, 1693  and  died  April,  1751,  by  whom  she  had  two 
sons.     Skipper,  b.  Jan.  1, 1715-16 ;  John,  b.  Mar.  10, 1717-18. 

Both  sons  were  living  in  1764,  Skipper  in  Newburyport, 
and  John  in  New  Hampshire. 

56.  Abigail,*  daughter  of  9  Freeborn^  and  Elizabeth 
[Fairfield]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  about  1700.  She  was 
published  to  Daniel*  Raymond,  Dec.  5,  1713,  and  was  subse- 

*William  Raymond  b.  1639,  m.  Hannah,  dau.  of  Edward  Bishop,  b. 
Apr.  12,  1646.  Edward  Bishop's  second  wife,  Bridget,  was  the  first  suf- 
ferer in  the  Salem  Witchcraft  delusion.  His  son  William,  m.  Mary, 
youngest  dau.  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Kettle,  and  was  killed  Jan.,  1701, 
by  a  falling  tree  in  Beverly  woods.  Mary  died  shortly  after.  Their 
children  were  cared  for  by  their  uncles  Edward  Raymond  and  James  Ket- 
tle. The  children  of  William  and  Mary  [Kettle]  Raymond,  are  as  follows: 
Mary,  b.  May  16,  1688,  d.  Jan.  20,  1688-9.  William,  b.  Feb.  11, 
1689-90,  m.  Feb.  8,  1710-11,  Deborah  (16)  Balch.^  Daniel,  b.  Nov.  26,  1691, 
m.  Mar.  11,  1713-U,  Abigail  (66)  Balch.*  Paul,  b.  Jan.  22,  1694-5,  m.  Feb. 
28,  ni6-17,  Tabitha  (67)  Balch.* 


quently  married  to  him  March  11,  1713-14.  Raymond  re- 
moved to  Marblehead,  Mass.,  and  lived  there  from  1715  to 
about  1730.  Thence  he  moved  to  Beverly,  and  shortly  after 
to  Concord,  Mass.  He  died  in  1745,  aged  about  59  years, 
while  in  the  expedition  against  Canada.  His  eldest  son 
whose  name  is  not  known,  also  died  while  on  this  expedi- 
tion. The  following  children  of  Daniel  and  Abigail  (Balch) 
Raymond  were  born  at  Concord,  Massachusetts.  Abigail 
Raymond,  b.  Mch.  1,  1730-31 ;  Paul,  b.  Apr.  5,  1733  ;  Eliza- 
beth, b.  Dec.  25,  1735  ;  Mary,  b.  Mch.  8,  1737-8  ;  Freeborn  B., 
b.  Feb.  20,  1739-40. 

57.  Tabitha,*  daughter  of  9  Freeborn^  and  Elizabeth 
[Fairfield]  Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly  about  1702.  She 
married  Feb.  28,  1716-17,  Paul  Raymond,  a  brother  of  her 
sister's  husband,  Daniel.  Paul  was  born  Jan.  22,  1694-5. 
The  baptism  of  five  of  their  children  is  recorded  in  Salem. 
They  sold  their  property  on  Main  street  Jan.  27, 1730-31,  and 
removed  to  Bedford,  Middlesex  Co.,  where  he  died  in  1759. 
Their  three  youngest  children  were  born  at  Bedford.  Eliza- 
beth, bapt.  Apr.  9,  1721.  Mary,  bapt.  Mar.  3,  1722-3. 
William,  bapt.  Aug.  1,  1725  ;  b.  July  30,  1725.  Edward, 
bapt.  Dec.  17,  1727  ;  d.  y.  Paul,  bapt.  May  17,  1730  ;  d.  y. 
Paul,  born  May  12,  1732  ;  m.  1775,  Abigail  Jones.  Tabitha, 
b.  Sept.  19,  1743.  Lucy,  b.  Aug.  5,  1737.  Nathan,  b.  Feb. 
28,  1739-40. 

58.  William,*  son  of  9  Freeborn^  and  Elizabeth  [Fair- 
field] Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  Sept.  30,  1704,  and  died  in 
Bradford  [name  changed  to  Groveland,  Feb.  20,  1850]  Jan. 
12,  1791-2.  He  married,  March 
,  ^    /7      ■^^'    1^-'^-^'     Rebecca     Stone, 

^^^^^'t-^^^O^^^a^  Hannah  [Woodbury]  Stone. 
She  was  born  March  23,  1709-10,  and  died  July  2,  1749. 
William  and  Rebecca  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Brad- 



126*  Eebbcca,5  b.  Aug.  9,  1729;  d.  May  6,  1790. 

127*  WlLLiAM.^b.  July  15,  1730;  d.  May  6,  1806. 

128*  Hannah.s  b.  May  25,  1732;  d.  July,  1755. 

129*  S.\KAH,5  b.  Deo.  Itj,  1733;  d.  Dec.  1753. 

130*  Daniel,^  b.  Mar.  14,  1734-5;  d.  Nov.  30,  1790. 

)L31*  Nathaniel,^  b.  Jan.  17,  1737-8;  d.  Oct.  26,  1802. 

■^132*  Benjamin,^  b.  Apr.  4,  1743;  d.  Oct.  16, 1823.     A   |  (vl585 

Rev.  William  Balch  married,  second,  Abigail  Blodgett,  no 
issue.  She  died  April  10th,  1793,  aged  88  years,  William 
Balch  graduated  from  Harvard  in  1724,  then  he  studied 
Theology,  and  was  settled  over  the  just  organized  parish  of 
East  Bradford,  June  7,  1727,  and  held  the  place  for  nearly 
65  years.  He  is  said  to  have  possessed  strong  powers  of 
mind,  was  mild  and  conciliatory  in  manner,  and  universally 
beloved  by  his  flock.     He  was  a  man  of  great  learning. 

"  Rev.  Mr.  Chipman,  of  Beverly,  his  old  pastor,  with  Rev. 
Mr.  Wigglewoxth,  published  a  controversial  pamphlet  direct- 
ed against  Rev.  Mr.  Balch,  whom  they  accused  of  Arminian- 
ism.  In  reply  to  Chipman,  he  says :  "  It  is  the  grief  of  my 
Soul  to  see  the  Bible  so  much  neglected  and  other  books  so 
much  made  the  standard.  I  cannot  help  miserably  bewailing 
the  state  of  the  reformed  churches  who  stick  where  they 
were  left  by  the  Reformation.'' 

He  was  very  fond  of  agriculture.  Beside  his  homestead 
farm,  in  part  presented  him  by  the  parish,  he  inherited  from 
his  father,  Freeborn,  a  good  estate  in  North  Beverly,  on  which 
there  was  an  apple  orchard  of  six  acres ;  moreover,  his  wife 
Rebecca  inherited  a  considerable  estate  from  her  father.  The 
fruit  from  his  orchard  was  considered  the  best  in  Essex 
county,  and  his  cider  bore  the  best  price  in  the  market.  They 
called  it  "  Arminian  cider."  His  large  landed  property 
should  have  made  him  quite  independent  of  the  meagre  sal- 
ary paid  country  ministers  in  those  days,  which  made  Life 
with  many  of  them  a  struggle  for  existence. 

59.  Mary,*  daughter  of  9  Freeborn^  and  Elizabeth  [Fair- 
field] Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  June  5,  1707,  and  died  in 
Amesbury,  Mass.,  Oct.  10,  1788.     She  was  married  Dec.  12, 


1727,  to  Rev.  Paine  Wingate,  of  Amesbury,  who  died  in 
Amesbury,  Feb.  19,  1786.  He  was  the  son  of  Col.  Joshua 
and  Mary  [Lunt]  Wingate,  of  Hampton.  They  had  twelve 
children :  Mary,  b.  Dec.  17,  1728,  d.  March  12,  1800,  m. 
Ephrim  Elliot  ;  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  6,  1730,  d.  Nov.  5,  1815, 
m.  Bartlett ;  Paine,  b.  Aug.  10,  1732,  d.  in  infancy ;  Sarah, 
b.  Nov.  12,  1734,  d.  October,  1736  ;  Sarah,  b.  April,  1737, 
d.  September,  1825,  m.  Samuel  Bradley,  d.  in  Amesbury  ; 
Paine,  b.  May  14,  1739,  d.  March  7,  1838,  m.  Eunice  Picker- 
ing ;  was  a  S.  Court  Judge  of  N.  H.,  U.  S.  Senator,  or  Rep- 
resentative during  Washington's  first  term,  1789  to  1793,  at 
the  same  time  her  cousin,  Col.  Tim.  Pickering,  was  Secretary 
of  War  and  Secretary  of  State  ;  for  some  years  he  was  the 
oldest  graduate  of  Harvard,  graduating  in  1759  ;  John,  b. 
July  4,  1741,  d.  in  infancy  ;  John,  b.  June  25,  1743,  d.  July 
26,  1819  ;  William,  b.  July  3,  1745,  d.  Nov.  3,  1821,  m.  Me- 
hitable  Bradley  ;  Joshua,  b.  March  3,  1746,  d.  Oct.  11,  1844, 
m.  Hannah  Carr ;  Abigail,  b.  March  27,  1749,  d.  Aug.  28, 

1807,  m. Ingalls  ;  Joseph,  b.  July  17,  1751,  d.  Aug.  2, 

1824,  m.  Judith  Carr. 

Rev.  Paine  Wingate  graduated  from  Harvard  College  in 

Fifth  Generation. 

63.  Josiah,5  son  of  21  Samuel*  and  Mary  [Baker] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  Mass.,  and  was  baptized  October 
28,  1711.  He  married  in  1735,  Patience,  daughter  of  Joseph 
Chamberlain,  one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Oxford,  Mass.,  from 
which  place  he  had  moved  to  Keekamooching,  in  the  town  of 
Dudley.  Patience  probably  died  before  1755,  as  she  is  not 
named  in  a  deed  signed  in  that  year  by  her  husband,  and 
recorded  in  the  Essex  records,  vol.  116,  p.  166.  In  this  deed 
he  is  designated  as  Josiah  Balch,  house-wright,  of  Douglas, 
Worcester  county.  It  appears  that  after  leaving  Beverly  he 
located  in  Thompson,  Connecticut,  and  from  there  moved  into 
Worcester  county.  In  1744,  with  his  brother-in-law,  Ebenezer 
Chamberlain,  he  bought  320  acres  of  land  from  the  state. 
It  was  in  the  wilderness,  on  one  of  those  bits  of  land  known 
as  gores,  which  in  the  crude  surveys  of  early  times  were 
sometimes  left  unsurveyed  between  the  boundary  lines  of 
towns  which  were  intended  to  join.  This  territory  was 
called  the  South  Gore,  but  being  near  Douglas,  Josiah  became 
known  as  Josiah  of  Douglas.  In  the  partition  of  the  purchase 
he  took  the  south  part,  near  the  Connecticut  line,  where  he 
probably  died.  In  1759  he  deeded  his  farm  to  his  son.  The 
South  Gore  was  subsequently  taken  into  the  town  of  Oxford- 

Josiah  and  Patience  had  but  two  children,  both  born  on 
their  farm  in  the  South  Gore. 

133    Mabt,«  b.  July  27,  1737. 

134*  Samtjel,"  b.  June  25,  1739;  d.  Feb.  11,  1816. 

The  connecting  of  Josiah  with  his  descendants  now  living 
was  one  of  the  difficult  problems   in  the  preparation  of  this 
genealogy.     For  a  long  time  it  was  not  possible  to  trace  him 


beyond  his  giving  of  a  deed  in  1755,  and  there  was  no  evi- 
dence of  his  marriage.  Inquiry  of  the  town  clerk  of  Doug- 
las and  the  county  clerk  of  Worcester  elicited  no  information 
concerning  him.  However,  the  name  Josiah  appearing  again, 
60  years  later,  in  a  family  living  at  Athens,  Vermont,  led  to 
suspicions  of  family  ties,  which  it  seemed  impossible  to  com- 
plete. These  suspicions  were  strengthened,  because  the 
Christian  name  Josiah  occurred  in  only  these  two  instances 
in  the  genealogy.  The  family  in  Athens  traced  its  ancestry 
back  to  a  grandfather  Samuel,  but  knew  not  the  name  of  his 
father.  Assistance  to  complete  the  chain  came  curiously 
through  chance  inquiry  of  the  writer,  concerning  an  old  resi- 
dent of  Yonkers,  who  formerly  lived  in  Oxford,  adjoining 
Douglas,  Massachusetts.  This  led  to  communication  with 
Mr.  George  F.  Daniels,  a  resident  of  Oxford,  who  was  en- 
gaged on  a  history  of  his  town.  He  was  able  and  willing  to 
supply  the  information  needed  to  complete  the  broken  chain. 

65.  Martlia,5  daughter  of  21  Samuel*  and  Mary  [Baker] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  Massachusetts,  October  30,  1715. 
She  was  married  October  3, 1735,  to  Nathaniel  Raymond.  He 
was  born  April  1,  1712.  Their  children  were  all  born  at  Bev- 
erly. Hannah  Raymond,  b.  May  1,  1736  ;  m.  John  Porter, 
Jr.,  of  Danvers,  July  22,  1755  ;  they  removed  to  Lyman,  Me. 
John  Raymond,  b.  June  6,  1738.  Sarah  Raymond,  b.  Oct.  3, 
1740;  m.  Ebenezer  Porter,  Nov.  20, 1760  ;  they  lived  at  Dan- 
vers. Samuel  Raymond,  b.  July  7,  1743.  Martha  Raymond, 
b.  Feb.  13,  1744-5  ;  d.  Sept.  26,  1805  ;  m.  John  Low,  May  14, 
1767 ;  they  lived  at  Lyman,  Me.  Nathaniel  Raymond,  b.  May 
8,  1749,  a  sailor ;  m.  Phoebe  Dodge  of  Amherst,  now  Mt. 
Vernon,  N.  H. ;  they  had  six  children.  Nathan  Raymond, 
bapt.  May  29,  1757 ;  m.  Mehitable  Greeu  ;  they  had  five 

66.  Nathaniel,^  son  of  21  Samuel*  and  Mary  [Baker] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  October  13,  1717.  He  married 
Joanna  Dodge.  They  were  published  March  4,  1737-8.  About 
1744  they  removed  from  Beverly  to  Haverhill,   Mass.,  and 


some  dozen  years  later  to  Wakefield,  N.  H.  They  had  eleven 
children.  The  first  three  were  born  in  Beverly,  the  others  in 
Haverhill.  Nathaniel  was  admitted  to  full  communion  in  the 
Haverhill  church,  June  1,  1746,*  by  dismission  from  the  Sec- 
ond church  of  Beverly.  Wakefield,  N.  H.,  was  incorporated 
in  177-1.  The  town  was  settled  under  the  name  of  Easton,  in 
1767.  Nathaniel  Balch  was  the  first  deputy  in  the  Provincial 
Congress  of  New  Hampshire,  from  Wakefield,  being  elected 
in  1775.  A  deed,  on  record  in  Exeter,  from  John  Horn  to 
Nathaniel  Balch,  dated  1773,  shows  that  he  lived  on  Witch- 
trot  road,  between  John  Horn  and  Eliphelet  Quimby. 
Nathaniel  was  a  prominent  man  in  the  church  and  to^vn.  He 
moved  from  Wakefield  over  the  line  into  Maine,  and  the  Balch 
mills  in  Acton  took  their  name  from  him.  Nathaniel  and 
Joanna  had  the  following  children : 

135  Benjamin,  8  b.  March  3,  1738-9;  d.  March  11,  1739. 

136  Ltdia,«  b.  May  10,  1740. 

137  Mary,«  b.  Feb.  4,  1741-2. 
138*  JoANNA,«  b.  Dec.  18,  1744. 

139  Bettt,«  b.  Jan.  11,  1746-7. 

140  Abigail, «  b.  Sept.  9,  1748. 

141  Saeah,«  b.  July  SO,  1749. 
142*  Anna,«  b.  July  22,  1751. 

143*  Nathaniei.,«  b.  Sept.  18,  1753;*  d.  April,  1795. 
144*  Hepzibah,«  b.  Jan.  18,.  1755;  d.  1816. 
145    Maetha,«  b.  May  2,  1756. 

67.  Joseph,^  son  of  22  Joseph*  and  Mary  [Osgood] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  Jan.  13,  1714-5,  and  died  unmar- 
ried in  New  London,  Ct.,  Aug.  20,  1738. 

68.  Mary,5  daughter  of  22  Joseph*  and  Mary  [Osgood] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  March  4,  1716-17.     She  married 

*[At  the  time  of  Nathaniers  baptism  question  was  raised  in  the  Haverhill  Churcli 
legarding  the  Orthodox  belief  of  Mr.  Balch.  It  was  proven  that  he  did  not  regard  all 
parts  of  the  bible  equally,  that  he  denied  the  doctrine  of  original  sin,  of  eternal  dam- 
nation, and  that  Christ  was  God.  ms  position  was  substantially  that  of  the  Unitarians 
to-day.  The  church  found  that  his  opinion  in  all  the  points  but  two  could  not  prohibit 
lis  partaking  of  communion  with  them.  Of  these  two,  the  identity  of  Christ  with  God 
■was  debated  and  twice  postponed  without  action,  but  upon  the  question  of  the  "eternal 
torments  of  Hell"  he  was  suspended  from  the  church.  But.  it  was  voted  that  his 
children  might  be  baptized.  This  was  in  1763,  long  before  the  Liberal  Unitarian 
movement  came  to  the  surface,  and  shows  him  to  have  been  a  remarkable  man  for  his 
time.— See  Balch  Leaflets,  Vol.  I.    E.  P.] 


James  Dodge,  of  Boston,  September  16,  1736.  Nothing  more 
is  known  of  her. 

69.  Deborah,^  daughter  of  22  Joseph*  and  Mary  [Osgood] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  Sept.  16,  1719.  She  married 
James  Robbins.     Nothing  more  is  known  of  her. 

70.  Ebenezer,5  son  of  22  Joseph*  and  Mary  [Osgood] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  Mass.,  May  14,  1723,  and  died  in 
Hartford,  Conn.,  April  28,  1808.      ^ 

He  was  married  twice,  his  first    /\V^^w    ^  C^d^iA   ^ 
wife   was    Miss    Sarah    Belden,  -' 

daughter  of  Capt.  Jonathan  Belden,  of  Wethersfield,  Conn. 
The  marriage  ceremony  was  solemnized  by  the  Rev.  James 
Lockwood,  at  Wethersfield,  on  June  28,  1750.  Sarah  died 
April  3,  1756  in  the  29th  year  of  her  age.  Their  three 
children  bom  in  Hartford,  were  the  following : 

146*    Sabah,«  b.  Apr.  1,  1751;  d.  Mar.  4,  1823. 

147*    Mary,«  b.  Nov.  17,  1752;  d.  Sept.  16,  1852. 

148*    Jonathan  Bbldbn,«  b.  Nov.  14,  1754;  d.  Feb.  16,  1825. 

Ebenezer  married  for  his  second  wife.  Miss  Lois  Belden,  a 
cousin  of  his  first  wife,  and  daughter  of  Ezra  Belden,  of 
Wethersfield.  The  ceremony  was  solemnized  by  the  Rey. 
Elnathan  Whitman,  November  29,  1756.  She  died  May  27, 
1793.     Their  seven  children  were  born  in  Wethersfield. 

149      Loi8,«  b.  Feb.  27,  1758;  d.  Aug.  15,  1760. 

1 50*    Joseph,  «  b.  Feb.  16,  1760;  d.  Dec.  5,  1855. 

151*    Lois,  «  b.  Dec.  20,  1761;  d.  1852. 

162*    LucY,«  b.  Dec.  21,  1763;  d.  July  17,  1854. 

153*    Ebbnezer,«  b.  Aug.  30,  1766;  d.  Dec.  31,  1848. 

154*    TiMOTHT,«  b.  Oct.  26,  1768;  d.  Nov.  22,  1844. 

155*  WiLLiAM,«  b.  May  17,  1778;  d.  Mar.  31,  1857. 
This  family  was  remarkable  for  their  great  longevity,  for  the 
average  ages  of  Ebenezer  and  the  nine  children  that  grew  to 
maturity  was  nearly  84  years.  Two  were  between  70  and  75 
years ;  two  between  75  and  80 ;  two  between  80  and  85 ;  two 
between  90  and  95 ;  and  two  between  95  and  100. 

Ebenezer  was  a  goldsmith  and  clock-maker  by  occupation. 
When  he  came  to  his  majority,  he  left  his  home  in  Boston  and 
went  to  Hartford,  but   removed    to   Wethersfield   12   April, 


1756.  A  letter  written  by  him  to  his  mother  and  now  in 
the  possession  of  Rev.  Manning  B.  Balch,  of  DeSoto,  Wis., 
shows  his  deep  religious  sentiment  and  his  love  for  his 
mother.  There  was  no  regular  mail  service  between  Boston 
and  Hartford  in  those  days,  their  letters  being  carried  by 
chance  travellers.  From  this  letter  it  would  appear  that  his 
mother  married  a  second  husband.  In  the  Town  Clerk's 
office  in  Hartford,  Vol.  9,  p.  46  is  a  record  of  a  deed  from 
Ebenezer  Balch,  to  James  Cadwell  of  a  tract  of  land  and 
buildings  in  the  city  of  Hartford  near  Great  Bridge.  The 
sum  paid  was  3000  pounds  in  money  of  the  old  Tenor  Bill  of 
Credit;  it  is  dated  Nov.  19,  1755,  29th  y.  of  the  reign  of 
George  the  2nd.  A  fragment  of  a  diary  kept  by  Ebenezer 
Balch  is  now  in  possession  of  his  descendant,  John  Watson 
Case,  and  has  been  printed  in  Balch  Leaflets,  Vol.  i. 

71.  Timothy,^  son  of  22  Joseph*  and  Mary  [Osgood] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  May  28,  1725,  and  died  in  New- 
port, R.  I.,  Apr.  11,  1776.  He  married  Nov.  29,  1757,  Sarah, 
daughter  of  Capt.  Joseph  Rogers  of  Newport.  She  was  born 
October  18,  1735,  and  died  July  24,  1811.  They  had  six 
children  all  born  in  Newport : 

156  Sabah,«  b.  Sept.  20,  1759;  d.  Sept.  9,  1765. 

157  Mabt,«  b.  Feb.  9,  1762;  d.  unm.  Jan.  5,  1831. 

158  Joseph,*  b.  Sept.  16,  1764;  d.  Sept.  16,  1765. 
159*  JosKPH,"  b.  Oct.  25,  1766;  d.  July  20,  1845. 

160      Timothy,*  b.  July  5,  1769;  d.  unm.  Oct.  29,  1822. 
161*    John  Rogers,*  b.  May  18,  1772;  d.  Apr.  2,  1848. 

72.  Sarah,5  daughter  of  22  Joseph*  and  Mary  [Osgood] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  April  13,  1728.  She  married 
Capt.  John  Malcom. 

74.  Mercy ,5  daughter  of  23  Benjamin*  and  Mary  [Leech] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  February  4,  1708-9.  She  mar- 
ried John  Lovett,  Jr.,  in  1729.  They  had  five  children.  Ann 
Lovett,  b.  July  19,  1731 ;  Mary,  b.  Sept.  3,  1733  ;  Thomas, 
b.  Sept.  17,  1735  ;  Benj.  Balch,  b.  Dec.  13,  1737,  was  in  the 
French  and  Indian  War ;  John,  b.  Dec.  21,  1739 ;  Peter,  b. 
June  26,  1741 ;  Simon,  b.  May  28,  1743. 


76.  Mary,^  daughter  of  23  Benjamin*  and  Mary  [Leech] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  January  9,  1715-6.  She  was 
married  at  Ipswich,  Mass.,  May  9,  1734,  by  Symonds  Epps, 
Esq.,  to  Mihill  Woodbury,  who  died  in  England,  in  1755. 
Their  three  children  were  born  in  Beverly.  Myhil  Wood- 
bury, b.  Oct.  8,  1734,  d.  Aug.  29,  1738 ;  Myhil  Woodbury,  b. 
Oct.  25,  1739,  d.  Jan.  14,  1741 ;  Mara  Woodbury,  b.  Oct.  5, 

Mara  Woodbury  married  Richard  Butman,  at  Beverly, 
March  16,  1761,  and  they  had  nine  children,  as  follows: 
Richard  Butman,  b.  Mar.  6,  1762 ;  Myhil,  b.  Jan.  26,  1764 ; 
Mary,  b.  Feb.  3,  1766  ;  Hannah,  b.  Apr.  30, 1767,  m.  Issachar 
Thissell,  Feb.  5,  1785  ;  Benjamin,  bapt.  Nov.  6,  1768,  d.  y. ; 
Benjamin,  b.  Oct.  22,  1769 ;  Samuel,  b.  Sept.  3,  1771 ;  Thomas, 
b.  June  13,  1774;  and  Joanna,  b.  Mar.  16,  1776. 

Mihil  Woodbury  was  a  lineal  descendant  of  William  Wood- 
bury, a  brother  of  the  "  Old  Planter  "  John  Woodbury.  Wil- 
liam settled  in  a  beautiful  location  on  the  north  shore  of  Bev- 
erly harbor,  now  Beverly  Farms,  three  miles  east  of  the  home 
of  his  brother  John,  at  the  head  of  Bass  River. 

77.  Martha,^  daughter  of  23  Benjamin*  and  Mary 
[Leech]  Balch  was  a  twin  sister  of  Mary.  She  was  married 
June  5,  1735,  to  William  Trask.  Their  children  were : 
Martha  Trask,  b.  1737 ;  William,  b.  1740,  d.  y. ;  Deborah,  b. 
1744  ;  William,  b.  1747,  d.  y. ;  Osman,  b.  1749  ;  WilHam,  b. 
1751 ;  Barnabas,  b.  1754  ;  Mercy,  b.  1757. 

78.  Deborah,^  daughter  of  23  Benjamin*  and  Mary 
[Leech]  Balch  was  born  in  Beverly,  Aug.  20,  1720.  She 
was  married  April  13,  1743  to  Jonathan  Dodge.*  They  had 
five  children  born  in  Beverly.  Previous  to  1759,  they  removed 
from  Beverly  to  Ipswich.  Cornelius  Dodge,  b.  Jan.  7,  1744  ; 
Benjamin,  b.  Jan.  17,  1745,  d.  y.;  Miall,  b.  Mar.  20,  1748 ; 
Benj.  Balch,  b.  June  3,  1753  ;  Abner,  bapt.  Mar.  30,  1753. 

Cornelius  Dodge,  eldest  son  of  Deborah^  and  Jonathan 
Dodge  inherited  the  John  Balch  homestead.  He  had  four 
children,  Azor,  Jessie,  Seth  and  Bethia.     Azor,  the  eldest  son 


of  Cornelius,  married  Elizabeth  Foster  and  had  ten  children. 
Azor,  Benjamin  Balch,  Joshua  Foster,  Joseph,  Bethiah, 
Lydia,  Elizabeth,  Joanna,  Mary  and  Caroline. 

Joshua  Foster  Dodge  inherited  the  old  homestead  with 
about  eight  acres  of  land.  He  married  Mary  Porter  and  had 
two  children,  Martha  and  Adie  Frances.  She  has  outlived 
him  and  two  additional  husbands.  Her  daughter  Martha 
died  young,  and  her  second  daughter,  Adie  Frances  married 
Charles  Herrick,  and  now  owns  the  old  homestead. 

82.  Abigail,^  daughter  of  24  John*  and  Mary  [Tuck] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  October  5,  1712.  She  was  mar- 
ried May  11,  1731  to  Nathaniel  Brown  of  Salem.  Record 
exists  of  the  birth  of  but  one  child,  Mary,  who  was  bapt. 
Sept.  24,  1732. 

84.  Deborah,^  daughter  of  24  John*  and  Mary  [Tuck] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  December  19,  1717.  She  was 
married  July  13,  1738,  to  William  Dodge,  Jr.  They  had  ten 
children  born  in  Beverly.  Mary  Dodge,  b.  1739  ;  William, 
b.  1741 ;  Samuel,  b.  1743,  d.  y. ;  Huldah,  b.  1745  ;  Samuel,  b. 
1748  ;  Martha,  b.  1750  ;  John,  b.  1753  ;  Thomas,  b.  1755  ; 
Cornelius,  b.  1758  ;  Sarah,  b.  1761. 

86.  Elizabetli,6  daughter  of  26  Peter*  and  Elizabeth 
[Dwight]  Balch,  was  born  in  Medfield,  Mass.,  in  1729.  She 
was  married  in  Framingham,  Mass.,  Sept.  22,  1748,  to  Daniel 

88.  Sarah,5  daughter  of  26  Peter*  and  Elizabeth 
[Dwight]  Balch,  was  born  in  Medfield,  Mass.,  in  1734.  She 
was  married  in  Framingham,  to  John  Pike,  of  that  town. 
Nothing  further  regarding  the  families  of  these  two  daughters 
of  Peter*  has  been  found. 

90.  Oornelius,^  only  son  of  27  Cornelius*  and  Mary 
[Shaw]  Balch,  was  born  in  Boxford,  Mass.,  and  was  bapt.  in 
Jan.  17, 1717-18,  and  died  in  Topsfield,  Mass.,  Dec.  20,  1749. 
He  was  married  in  Boxford,  January  24,  1739-40  to  Martha, 
daughter  of  Joseph  and  Martha  Robinson,  of  Topsfield.     She 


was  born  July  16,  1720,  and  died  in  Topsfield,  June  11th, 
1815,  aged  94  years,  10  montlis,  and  24  days.  Their  five  cliil- 
dren  were  born  in  Topsfield. 

162»    Mabt,«  b.  Feb.  15,  1741. 

163*    Maetha,^  b.  Apr.  9,  1743;  d.  Apr.  6, 1822. 

164  .Joseph,*  b.  April  14,  1745;  d.  Jan.  25,  1750. 

165  Elizabeth,*  b.  Feb.  22,  1747;  d.  Sept.  7,  1749. 

166  CoBNKLiTJS,*  b.  Dec.  23,  1748;  d.  Sept.  22,  1749. 

The  gravestones  of  Cornelius,  and  his  three  children  still 
stand  in  the  old  graveyard,  at  Topsfield  and  are  among  the  old- 
est legible. 

Martha  [Robinson]  Balch,  married  again,  April  16,  1752, 
to  John  Cree,  by  whom  she  had  three  children.  Asa  Cree,  b. 
Feb.  10,  1755.  Elizabeth,  b.  July  24,  1757.  Cornelius,  b. 
Sept.  9,  1759. 

91.  Benjamin,^  son  of  31  Joseph*  and  Sarah  [Hart]  Balch 
was  baptized  Oct.  18,  1702,  grew  up  in  Scituate,  where  he  had 
removed  with  his  mother  upon  her  second  marriage,  and  prac- 
tised his  father's  trade  of  a  weaver.  He  seems,  however,  to 
have  subsequently  changed  his  occupation  for  that  of  a  sailor, 
as  he  is  mentioned  as  a  "marriner"  in  1733,  just  after  his 
removal  to  Boston.  Drew's  Histoiy  of  Scituate,  states  that 
he  resided  in  Scituate  for  several  years  "near  the  North  Meet- 
ing House,  50  rods  south."  . — . 
He  died  in  1753.  /^  /'^ 

September  8,    1726    he /^^^f^^  ,   00^2^ 
married  Nazareth,daughter  / 

of  Judge  John,and  Deborah  iy 

[Loring]  Cushing.  She  was  born  Sept.  11,  1703.  [Judge 
Gushing  was  descended  from  Peter  Cushing  of  Hingham, 
Norfolk  Co.,  Eng.,  whose  son  Theopliilus,  b.  1579,  settled  in 
Hingham,  Mass.,  in  1668,  and  Nazareth  was  a  cousin  of  the 
Margaret  Cushing  who  married  May  30, 1717,  Admiral  Wm. 
Fletcher,  b.  in  Sussex,  Eng.,  March,  1668,  whose  daughter 
Mary,  b.  June  20,  1730,  married  (170)  Nathaniel^  Balch.] 

The  children  of  Benjamin,  and  NazaretJi  were  at  least  six 
in  number. 


167*  Deborah,  «  b.  1727. 

168*  Hakt,«  b.  1731;  d.  about  1751. 

169*  Benjamin,^  b.  March4,  1732-3;  d. 

170*  Nathaniel,^  b.  May  7,  1735;  d.  Sept.  18,  1808. 

171  JoHN,^  b.  May  16,  1737;  d.  y.  baptized  as  Joseph. 

172*  Joseph,"  b.  Feb.  10,  1738-9;  d.  Sept.  1,  1826. 

173  Elizabeth,  «  bapt.  July  25,  1742. 

The  five  last  children  were  baptized  at  the  New  South 
Church,  Bostou,  as  children  of  Benjamin  and  Nazareth  Balch. 

92.  Elizabeth.^  daughter  of  31  Joseph*  and  Sarah  [Hart] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  Dec.  11,  1704.  She  was  married 
February  25,  1727-8,  to  Alexander  Thorpe. 

93.  Lydia,^  daughter  of  31  Joseph*  and  Sarah  [Hart] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  April  7, 1707.  She  was  married 
January  23,  1723,  to  Israel  Cowen. 

94.  Sarah,^  daughter  of  31  Joseph*  and  Sarah  [Hart] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly.  She  was  married  December  7, 
1732  to  David  Cole,  son  of  Ambrose  Cole  of  Cohassett.  He 
was  born  in  1704.     They  had  five  children. 

Lydia  Cole,  b.  1733,  William,  b.  1735,  David,  b.  1737, 
Elizabeth  Cole,  b.  1739,  Abigail,  b.  1743. 

95.  Joseph.^  son  of  31  Joseph*  and  Sarah  [Hart]  Balch, 
was  born  in  Beverly,  and  baptized  June  22,  1712.  Whether 
he  ever  married  and  had  children  has  not  been  learned.  In 
October,  1733,  he  was  a  cooper  and  living  in  Plymouth,  Mass. 
In  the  list  of  persons  who  settled  in  Machias,  in  1765,  as 
given  in  the  "  Historical  Sketch  of  Machias,  Maine,  Memorial 
of  the  Centennial  anniversary  of  that  town  May  20,  1863,"  is 
the  name  Joseph  Balch,  does  it  mean  him  ? 

96.  Joanna,^  daughter  of  39  John*  and  Elizabeth  [Ober] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  April  30, 1702,  and  died  May  23, 
1725.  She  was  married  Dec.  23,  1719  to  David,  son  of  Ben- 
jamin and  Mary  EUengwood,  a  mariner.  He  was  born  August 
17,  1699.  The  issue  was  three  children.  David,  b.  Oct.  17, 
1720,  d.  Oct.  30,  1720  ;  David,  b.  Sept.  17,  1721 ;  Joanna,  b. 
Oct.  29,  1722,  d.  Jan.  25,  1824. 


EUengwood  married  second,  Margaret  Wallis,  who  was 
born  Nov.  1,  1699.  She  was  a  daughter  of  Nathaniel  and  30 
Ann*  [Balch]  Wallis.  They  were  married  Dec.  26,  1725, 
and  had  five  children. 

97.  Aiidrew,5  son  of  39  John*  and  Elizabeth  [Ober] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  Feb.  27,  1706-7.  His  death  oc- 
curred near  Keene,  New  Hampshire,  but  its  date  is  not  known. 
He  was  married  first  Jan.  1,  1728-9,  to  Bethiah  Lovett, 
by  whom  he  had  at  least  five  children.  Bethiah  died  Sept 
15,  1745,  aged  37  years.  Their  children,  born  in  Beverly, 
were  as  follows : 

174  Elizabeth,  «  b.  Apr.  6,  1733,  d.  May  16,  1736. 

175*  JoHN,«  b.  Oct.  12,  1735,  d,  Apr.  30,  1808. 

176  Andbew,^  bap.  Dec.  23,  1738,  d.  1738. 

177*  Caleb,  «  b.  Oct.  16,  1740. 

178  Joanna, «  b.  Sept.  9,  1744. 

Andrew  was  married  to  Ruth  Woodbury,  January  21, 
1745-6.  Only  one  son  seems  to  have  been  the  issue  of  this 
second  marriage,  and  the  tradition  in  the  family  says  he  was 
born  at  Dedham,  Mass. 

179*    Benjamin,^  born  1747  or  8. 

Daniel  F.  Secomb's  History  of  Amherst,  N.  H.  states  that 
in  June,  1735,  Andrew  was  a  landholder  in  that  town.  He 
was  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  in  1773,  when  he  signed  the  Alarm  hst. 

Andrew,  with  his  sons  Benjamin  and  John  signed  the  fol- 
lowing pledge  of  the  Committee  of  Safety  dated  at  Keene, 
N.  H.,  Mar.  14,  1776. 

"  We  the  subscribers  do  hereby  solemnly  engage,  and 
promise,  that  we  will  to  the  utmost  of  our  powers  at  the 
Risque  of  our  Lives  and  Fortunes,  with  Arms  oppose  the 
Hostile  Proceedings  of  the  British  Fleets  and  Armies  against 
the  United  American  Colonies." 

98.  Jonathan,^  son  of  40  Israel*  and  Ruth  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  April  17,  1709. 

He  was  married  Nov.  18,  1733,  to  Esther,  daughter  of 
William  Hall,  of  Mansfield,  Ct.     She  was  born  in  Mansfield, 


Oct.  22,  1713.     They  had  one  cliild  mentioned  in  Weaver's 
History  of  Ancient  Windham,  Ct. 

180*      RUTH.S 

99.  Ruth,6  daughter  of  40  Israel*  and  Ruth  [Dodge] 
Balch  was  born  in  Beverly,  July  3, 1711. 

She  was  married  first,  Sept.  23, 1731  to  Ebenezer  Meacham, 
by  whom  she  had  four  children.     James  Meacham,  bapt.  Oct. 

20,  1734 ;  Ruth,  bapt.  May  9,  1736,  d.  y. ;  Ruth,  bapt.  May 

21,  1738 ;  Anna,  bapt.  Apr.  24,  1743. 

Meacham  died  in  1748,  and  Ruth  married  April  27,  1757, 
Nathaniel  Bragg,  of  Wenham.  There  is  no  record  of  any 
children  by  this  marriage. 

100.  John,5  son  of  40  Israel*  and  Ruth  [Dodge]  Balch, 
was  born  in  Beverly,  Mass.,  May  4,  1713.  He  died  about 
1788.  He  married  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  William  Hall,  of 
Mansfield,  Conn.,  Nov.  9,  1736,  a  sister  of  his  brother  Jona- 
than's wife.     They  had  one  child. 

181*    JoHN,«  b.  about  1737. 

101.  Roger ,^  son  of  40  Israel*  and  Ruth  [Dodge]  Balch 
was  born  in  Beverly,  June  24,  1715,  and  died  about  1744. 
He  was  married  in  Charlestown,  Mass.,  Feb.  23,  1742,  by  the 
Rev.  Mr.  Hall,  to  Ann,  daughter  of  Jonathan  and  Katherine 
[Waters]  Kettell.  She  was  born  May  14,  1721.  Roger  was 
a  mariner,  their  only  child. 

182*  JONATHAU.e  b.  Nov.  26,  1743,  d.  in  1812. 
Roger's  widow  was  married  Aug.  18,  1748,  to  Shippie 
Townsend,  of  Boston,  and  removed  there  with  her  son. 
Shippie  Townsend  was  the  son  of  David  and  Mable  Town- 
send,  of  Charlestown,  born  Nov.  27,  1722.  His  first  wife  was 
Mehitable  Whittemore  of  Charlestown,  b.  1717.  She  died 
March  10,  1746-7.     He  died  of  yellow  fever,  Aug.  31,  1798. 

102.  Rebecca,^  daughter  of  40  Israel*  and  Ruth  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  April  10,  1717.  She  was  married 
January  7,  1746-7,  to  Joseph  Hull.  Two  of  their  children 
were  baptized  in  the  Second  Church  of  Beverly.  Rebecca 
Hull,  bapt.  May  1,  1748  ;  Mary  Hull,  bapt.  Feb.  4,  1749-50, 


103.  Joshua,^  son  of  40  Israel*  and  Ruth  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  May  17,  1719,  and  died  in 
North  Beverly,  March  5,  1804.  He  was  married  first,  No- 
vember 23,  1743,  to  Joanna  Williams,  who  died  in  Decem- 
ber, 1767.     They  had  nine  children,  all  born  in  Beverly. 

183*    Joanna,"  b.  Sept.  15,  1744;  d. 

184      Sarah,«  b.  April  13,  1746;  d.  unm.  after  1804. 

185*    KuTH/  b.  Sept.  15,  174.S;  d. 

186*    JosHUA,6  b.  Nov.  28,  1750;  d.  about  1778  or  9. 

187*    Israel, «  b.  April  1,  1753;  d.  1827. 

188  Mabt,«  b.  May  20,  1755;  d. 

189  William,"  b.  May  1,  1757;  d. 
190*    Hannah,  «  b.  Dec.  26,  1760;  d. 

191*    IsAAc,«  b.  Dec.  27,  1766;  d.  March  6,  1842. 
Joshua  married  second,  October,  1769,  Patience  Pitman  of 
Marblehead,  by  whom  he  had  three  children.     She  was  born 
in  1740,  and  died  in  August,  1824. 

192      JoHN,«  b.  March  17,  1771;  d.  y. 

193*    Betsey,"  b.  Feb.  10,  1772;  d.  Oct.  13,  1863. 

194      John,"  b.  Nov.  2,  1777;  d.  y. 

105.  Veren,^  son  of  40  Israel*  and  Ruth  [Dodge]  Balch, 
was  born  in  Beverly,  May  22,  1724,  and  died  in  Connecticut 
about  1797.  He  was  married  September  26,  1750,  to  Sarah, 
daughter  of  Henry  Taj-lor,  of  Mansfield,  Connecticut.  They 
resided  in  Mansfield,  where  their  childi-en  were  all  born. 

195*  Israel,"!  ]j.  jan.  26,  1751. 

196  A  son  b.  July  27,  1752,  d.  same  day. 

197*  Henry,"  b.  July  2,  1753. 

198  Sakah,"  b.  May  4,  1757. 

199*  Mary,"  b.  May  26,  1760. 

200  Joseph,"  b.  Apr.  8,  1763,  d.  Aug.  S,  1764. 

201*  Hannah,"  b.  Oct.  S,  1765. 

202  Lydia,"  b.  Oct.  10,  1768. 

106.  Hannah,^  daughter  of  40  Israel*  and  Ruth  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  January  1,  1726-7.  After  her 
father's  death  she  lived  with  her  aged  stepmother.  She  never 
married,  was  living  in  Beverly  in  1805,  aged  78  years. 

109.  Haniiah,5  daughter  of  46  Caleb*  and  Jerusha  [Por- 
ter] Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  May  3,  1741.  She  married 
John  Raymond,  of  North  Beverly,  Aug.  28,  1760. 


112.  Oaleb,^  son  of  46  Caleb*  and  Jerusha  [Porter] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  Massachusetts,  June  7,  1747,  and 
died  at  Windham,  N.  H.,  January  19,  1820.  He  was  married 
in  February,  1780,  to  Miss  Mary  Saunders,  who  died  at  Wind- 
ham, August  28,  1843,  aged  88  years  ;  "  Caleb  went  to  Wind- 
ham, N.  H,  about  1784  and  bought  a  farm.  He  had  a  respec- 
table property,  but  lost  much  of  it  by  becoming  security  for 
his  brother-in-law,  James  Saunders,  of  Salem,  N.  H."  Caleb 
and  Mary  [Saunders]  Balch  had  eight  children. 

203      Calbb,6  b.  May,  1781,  in  Beverly,  d.  Sept.  17, 1799,  at  Windham. 

"  He  slid  down  the  side  of  a  barn  head  foremost  between  the 

boards  and  the  hay  and  was  smothered." 
204*    Poi.l.T,6  b.  Jan.  16,  1783,  in  Beverly,  d.  Apr.  5, 1869. 
205*    William,^  b.  Aug.  31,  1786,  at  Windham,  d.  June  24,  1830. 
206      JoHN,6  b.  17S9,  at  Windham,  d.  July  19,  1790. 
207*    Jebusha,«  b.  Jan.  26,  1791,  at  Windham,  d.  Oct.  8,  1874. 

208  Samuel  P.,^  b.  1793  at  Windham,  d.  Feb.  27,  1798. 

209  KoxANA,6  b.  Apr.  2.5,  1797,  at  Windham,   d.  Dec.   17,   1816. 

210  PoRTEK,^  d.  y.  at  Windham. 

113.  Ann,5  daughter  of  46  Caleb*  and  Jerusha  [Porter] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  December  31, 1748.  She  married 
Lot  Conant,  of  Beverly,  June  20,  1780. 

114.  David,^  son  of  47  David*  and  Hannah  [Perkins] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  April  25,  1715,  and  died  April 
17,  1787.  He  married  his  cousin  Hannah,  daughter  of 
Samuel  and  Margaret  [Tower]  Perkins,  November  21,  1752. 
She  was  born  June  17,  1720,  and  died  September  14,  1807. 
David  and  Hannah  had  eight  children,  all  born  in  Topsfield. 

211»  David,«  b.  Aug.  19,  1753;  d.  July  22,  1812. 

212*  Samuel,«  b.  Feb.  7,  175.5;  d.  June,  1810. 

213  Israel,  «  h.  April  3,  1756;  d.  unm.  Nov.  23,  1777,  at  Halifax,  N.  S. 

214  Thomas,  «  b.  Jan.  22,  1759;  d.  Apr.  1,  1759. 
215*  Thomas,*  b.  Mar.  29,  1761;  d.  Mar.  10,  1830. 

216  Richard,*  b.  Dec.  23,  1762;  d.  unm.  Jan.  4,  1770. 

217  William,*  b.  May  26,  1764 ;  d.  unm.  Feb.  26,  1776. 

218  Joshua,*  b.  June  6,  1769,  d.  unm.  Nov.  11,  1839. 

115.  John^,  son  of  47  David*  and  Hannah  [Perkins] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  November  2, 1716,  and  died  De- 
cember 31, 1774.    He  was  married  June  17,  1740,  to  Rebecca 


Smith,  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Rebecca  [Curtis]  Smith, 
She  died  March  1,  1794,  aged  80  years. 

John*  was  a  tanner  and  currier,  and  acquired  a  large  estate 
by  that  business.  He  left  each  of  his  five  sons  a  good  farm 
in  Topsfield.  The  house  which  he  built  in  1774,  is  now 
owned  and  occupied  by  his  greatrgrandson  974,  Benj.  J, 

219*    Bavid,«  b.  Jan.  4,  1740-41;  d.  July  31,  1801. 

220*    John/  b.  Mar.  26,  1742;  d.  July  25,  1798. 

221*    Samuel.s  b.  Mar.  20,  1743-4;  d.  unm.  1820. 

222*    RoBEBT,«  bapt.  July  2S,  1745;  d.  Aug.  3,  1830. 

223*    Hannah,'  bapt.  Mar.  29,  1747;  d. 

224*    CoKNEi>ius,«  b.  Nov.  26,  1749;  d.  May  21,  1795. 

225      Willi AM,«  b.  1752;  d.  unm.  Mar.  22,  1764. 

226*    RoGER,«  b.  May  26,  1755;  d.  Jan.  8,  1842. 

227*    Rebbcca,6  b.  Mar.  27,  175S;  d. 

116.  Joshua,5  son  of  47  David*  and  Hannah  [Perkins]" 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  July  17,  1720,  and  died  in  1766. 
He  was  married  August  25,  1748,  to  Sarah  Town.  They 
resided  in  Boxford,  Mass.,  where  Joshua  died,  and  their  two- 
children  were  born. 

228*    JosHUA,«  bapt.  July  2,  1749;  d.  about  1777. 
229*    Akchelads,«  bapt.  Oct.  14,  1750;  d.  about  1777. 

117.  Freeborn,*  eldest  son  of  51  Freeborn*  and  Susanna 
[WoUiston]  Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  February  5,  1712-13, 
and  died   in   Brad-  ^^.^^  /j 

ford,   Mass.,    ^^^^-^ /^^^.^^(^y^     y  A-'^-^'-J 
He     was      married  ^  u  -^ 

about  1760  to  the  widow  Piatt,  whose  maiden  name  was  Mary 
Perkins.  By  her  first  husband  she  had  two  children.  She 
died  August  7,  1808,  at  the  home  of  her  son,  Wesley  Perkins 
Balch,  iu  Haverhill,  Mass. 

Freeborn  lived  upon  his  father's  estate  in  North  Beverly, 
and  his  seven  children  were  born  in  that  town.  He  removed 
to  Bradford,  Mass.,  May  12,  1779,*  from  Haverhill. 

•He  had  been  in  Bradford  with  his  family  in  1771  as  per  warning  ia 
Court  files,  but  the  date  of  his  beginning  a  permanent  residence  there 
appears  on  the  Town  records  as  above,     (e.  p.) 


280      Mart,6  b.  July  25,  1761;  d. 

231*    Mehitablk,«  b.  March  3,  1763;  d.  Jan  5,  1853.     . 

232*    Benjamin,«  b.  Jan.  10,  1765;  d.  1852. 

233*    Weslet  Pickkins,«  b.  Aug.  14,  1766;  d.  Apr.  27,  1827. 

234*    Abigail,^  b.  Aug,  19,  1768;  d.  1842. 

235*    EuNica,8  b.  Apr.  14,  1771;  d.  Mar.  21,  1855. 

^36*    JoHN,6  b.  July  18,  1772;  d.  1849. 

118.  Susanna,^  eldest  daughter  of  51  Freeborn*  and  Su- 
sanna [Wolliston]  Balcli,  was  born  in  Boston,  February  11, 
1714-15.  She  married  Richard  Kimball  of  Wenham,  they 
were  published  February  6,  1737.  The  date  of  her  death  is 
not  known,  but  she  was  living  in  1773. 

119.  Abigail,^  second  daughter  of  51  Freeborn*  and  Su- 
sanna [Wolliston]  Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  March  9,  1717- 
18,  the  date  of  her  death  is  not  known,  but  it  was  prior  to 
1773.  She  was  married  to  Israel  Porter,  of  Wenham,  to 
whom  she  was  published  September  27,  1741.  Porter  dying, 
she  married  a  second  time  to  Francis  Symonds,  of  Topsfield, 
they  were  published  February  21,  1748. 

124.  Thomas,^  son  of  52  Benjamin*  and  Mary  [Prentice] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Charlestown,  Mass.,  Oct.  17,  1711,  and 
died  at  South  Dedham,  January  8,  1774.  He  married 
Mary  Sumner,  daughter  of  Edward  and  Eliza  [Clapp]  Sum- 
ner of  Roxbury,  Mass.,  October  11,  1737.  She  was  born 
October  9,  1717,  and  died  March  31,  1798.  She  was  aunt  to 
Gov.  Increase  Sumner,  of  Roxbury. 

237*    Thomas,6  b.  August  31,   1738;  d.  unm.  Sept.  29,  1756. 

238*    Mart,6  b.  Nov.  16,  1740;  d.  Kov.  3,  1815. 

239*    Ben.tamin.s  b.  Feb.  12,  1743;  d.  May  4,  1816. 

240*    Elizabeth,^  b.  Sept.  2,  1746;  d.  Sept.  15,  1820. 

241*    LucT,6  b.  Jan.  10,  1748;  d.  Mar.  17,  1776. 

242*    Irene.s  b.  Feb.  6,  1753;  d.  July,  1815. 

243*    Hannah,6  b.  Dec.  10,  1755;  d.  Apr.  17,  1839. 

244*    Thomas,'!  b.  Feb.  21,  1761;  d.  1780. 

Thomas^  graduated  from  Harvard  College  in  1733,  then 
studied  theology,  and  was  ordained  at  South  Dedham,  June 
30,  1786,  one  week  after  the  church  was  organized.  In  1744 
he  was  appointed  by  the  Committee  of  War  to  accompany  the 
expedition  against  Cape  Breton  as  Chaplain.     The  following 


account  by  him,  of  the  expedition,  is  taken  from  the  records 
of  the  South  Parish  of  Dedliam. 

"  Having  an  Inclination  and  being  desired  by  the  Com- 
mittee of  War  to  attend  the  Army  as  one  of  the  Chaplains  in 
the  Expedition  against  Cape  Breton,  I  accordingly  obtained 
consent  of  my  People  on  March  11,  1744-5  and  on  the  13, 
took  my  leave  of  my  family  and  People.  Arrived  in  Safety 
&  Health  at  Canso  on  the  2d  of  April.  Sailed  from  Canso 
to  Cape  Breton  on  April  29,  entered  the  Chappeaurouge  Bay 
the  next  morning,  and  soon  after  went  on  Shoar.  The  seige 
of  Louesborg  continued  until  June  17.  On  which  Day  we 
entered  and  took  possession  of  that  Strong  &  important 
place,  upon  Terms  of  Capitulation.  Sailed  from  Louisborg 
for  New  England,  July  11,  arrived  in  Safety  at  Boston  on  the 
27  of  3d  month,  1745,  Laus  Deo." 

Rev.  Thomas  Balch  was  a  man  of  great  learning,  and  was 
classed  among  the  principal  literati  of  New  England. 

Mrs.  Mary  [Sumner]  Balch  died  in  the  family  of  her  son- 
in-law,  Rev.  Jabez  Chickering,  in  South  Dedham. 

125.  Mary ,5  daughter  of  62  Benjamin*  and  Mary  [Pren- 
tice] Balch,  was  born  in  Charlestown,  Mass.,  June  4,  1714, 
and  died  in  New  Ipswich,  N.  H.,  in  the  family  of  her  son 
Aaron,  April  29, 1782.  She  was  married  in  Cambridge,  Mass., 
April  19,  1788,  to  Isaac  Brown,  he  was  born  in  1711,  and 
died  October  6,  1759.  He  was  a  very  active  business  man. 
He  settled  in  Waltham  Plain  as  a  merchant  and  inn  keeper. 
Their  children  were : 

Maby,  b.  Mar.  17,  17.S8-9,  d.  Nov.  IS,  1740. 

Isaac,  b.  Apr.  14,  1740,  d.  Nov.  16,  1740. 

Mary,  b.  Aug.  22,  1741,  d.  Oct.  7,  1742. 

Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.  3,  1742-3,  d.  y. 

Eunice,  b.  Oct.  10,  1744,  d.  Sept.  9,  1818.  She  was  married 
Nov.  29,  1764,  to  Rev.  Stephen  Farrur,  who  was  born 
Sept.  8,  1738,  and  graduated  from  Harvard  In  1755.  He 
was  ordained  .at  Xcw  Ipswich,  N.  H.,  in  1700,  and  died 
June  23,  ISOS.  They  had  the  following  13  children: 
Eunice,  b.  1765;  Stephen,  b,  176(>;  Eunice,  b.  1768;  James, 
b.  1769;  Isaac  Brown,  b.  1771;  Samuel,  b.  1772;  Prentice, 

MAHY    [bALCH]  brown — WALTHAM,   BEVERLY,   MASS.   53 

b.  1773;  Polly,  b.  1775;  Moses,  b.  1777;  Lydia,  b.  1778; 
Caleb,  b.  1780;  Nancy,  b.  1782;  and  Ephraim  Uartwell, 
b.  1783.    Their  grandchildren  numbered  seventy-nine. 

Isaac,  b.  June  24,  1746,  d.  1752. 

MosBS,  b.  April  6,  1748,  d.  June  15, 1820.  He  was  fitted  for  Col- 
lege by  his  uncle,  Rev.  Thomas  Balch,  of  Dedham.  He 
graduated  at  Harvard  in  1768.  After  teaching  school  in 
Framingham,  Lexington  and  Lincoln,  he  settled  in  Bev- 
erly as  a  merchant,  in  the  autumn  of  1772.  He  was 
very  zealous  in  the  cause  of  American  Liberty,  raised  a 
Company,  in  July,  1775,  under  a  Commission  from  Jos. 
Warner,  Pres.  of  Prov.  Cong.,  and  in  Jan.,  1776,  joined 
the  American  Army  as  Capt.  in  Glover's  Eegt.  14th 
Continentals  with  a  commission  signed  by  John  Han- 
cock, Pres.  of  Congress.  He  was  in  the  Battle  of  Tren- 
ton. On  the  expiration  of  his  terra  of  enlistment  in 
1777,  he  returned  to  Beverly,  and  resumed  business  with 
Israel  Thorndike.  He  retired  in  1800  with  an  ample 
fortune.  His  constitution  was  vigorous  and  his  lifa 
active  and  useful.  He  was  a  member  of  the  State  Leg- 
islature, and  a  Presidential  Elector  in  1808.  He  was 
dignified,  and  courteous  in  manner,  he  united  integri- 
ty and  benevolence;  was  exemplary  in  all  social  and 
domestic  relations;  and  a  generous  contributor  to  pub- 
lic and  private  charities  and  associations.  Quinoy's 
History  of  Harvard  College,  notices  Mr.  Brown  among 
beneficiaries  of  that  institution.  He  is  also  referred  to 
in  Stone's  History  of  Beverly.  He  married  first,  Oct.  16, 
1774,  Elizabeth  Trask,  daughter  of  Osmeyer  Trask,  of 
Beverly,  she  died  leaving  no  children  July  7,  1788.  On 
May  3,  1789,  he  married  second,  Mary  Bridge,  who  out- 
lived him.  She  died  Feb.  21,  1842.  Their  children 
were,  Charles,  b.  May  14,  1793 ;  Georr/e,  b.  Nov.  27,  1704, 
d.  July  25,  1798;  George,  b.  Nov.  24,  1799,  d.  Aug.  1848. 
Mart,  b.  Dec.  29,  1749,  d.  Nov.  30,  1824.  Mary  Brown  was 
married  June  1,  1769,  to  Ephraim  Hartwell,  Jr.  Thoy 
settled  in  New  Ipswich,  N.  H.  Hartwell  was  a  mer- 
chant, and  magistrate.  One  child,  Mary,  was  born  to 
them  Aug.  24,  1770,  she  married  March  6,  1791,  Col- 
Caleb  Bellows,  of  Walpole,  N.  H. 

Sabah,  b.  Oct.  6,  1751,  d. 

Aabon,  b.  Sept.  16,  1752,  d.  Nov.  14,  1811.  He  was  a  merchant 
in  Boston,  afterwards  of  New  Ipswich,  N.  H.  He  mar- 
ried 1st,  Elizabeth  Stowell,  who  was  the  mother  of  all 
his  children,  she  d.  Aug.  4, 1797.  He  married  2d,  Thesta 
Dana,  daughter  of  Hon.  Sam'l  Dana,  of  Brighton. 
Aaron  had  nine  children  as  follows :    Aaron,  b.  Jan.  15, 


1774,  d.  June  13,  1843;  Mary,  b.  Nov.  27, 1777,  d.  Nov.  8, 
1830;  Bettey,  b.  Dec.  1779,  d.  Jan.  29,  1822;  Isaac,  b. 
Sept.  1782,  d.  Sept.  27,  1827;  Samuel,  b.  Aug.  20,  1783, 
d.  Sept.  18,  1812;  Sarah,  b.  July  6,  1788,  d.  Aug.  21,  1790; 
Lucy,  b.  April  9, 1792 ;  Sarah,  b.  1794,  and  a  son  unnamed. 

126.  Rebecca,^  daughter  of  58  Rev.  William*  and  Re- 
becca [Stone]  Balcli  was  born  in  Bradford,  Mass.  (now 
Groveland),  August  9, 1729,  and  died  in  East  Bradford,  May 
6,  1790.  She  was  married  Nov.  1,  1750,  to  Bradstreet,  son  of 
Abraham  and  Elizabeth  Parker,  who  was  born  July  23,  1729, 
and  died  April  8,  1809.  Their  names  stand  side  by  side  in 
the  baptismal  record  for  1729.  They  passed  their  lives  in  E. 
Bradford  on  the  farm  still  owned  by  their  descendants.  They 
had  twelve  children  all  born  in  East  Bradford.  Benjamin 
Parker,  b.  April  8,  1751,  d.  June  16,  1753  ;  Rebecca,  b.  Dec. 
8,  1752,  d.  Mar.  17,  1830  ;  Phineas,  b.  Sept.  6,  1754,  d.  Mar. 
30,  1811 ;  Moses,  b.  April  20,  1756,  d.  July  8,  1837 ;  Hannah, 
b.  Nov.  9,  1757,  d.  Sept.  13,  1783;  Benjamin,  b.  Nov.  11, 
1759,  d.  May  12,  1845  ;  Abigail,  b.  July  19, 1763,  d.  Dec.  19, 
1824;  Nathan,  b.  July  8,  1765,  d.  Aug.  22,  1765  ;  Mary,  b. 
Dec.  8,  1767,  d.  Jan.  5,  1839 ;  Bradstreet,  b.  July  26,  1770, 
d.  Sept.  6,  1798  ;  William  Balch,  b.  Apr.  27,  1772,  d.  May  1, 
1844 ;  Betsey,  b.  Apr.  20,  1775,  d.  Mar.,  1861. 

127.  William.s  son  of  58  Rev.  William*  and  Rebecca 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  in  East  Bradford,  July  15,  1730, 
and  died  May  6,  1806.  He  married  Rebecca  Bailey,  daughter 
of  Jonathan  Bailey,  Nov.  15,  1759.  She  was  born  July  28, 
1736,  and  died  April  23,  1827.  William  was  a  deacon  in  the 
church  at  East  Bradford,  and  Selectman  in  1779.  He  was  a 
farmer,  and  passed  his  life  on  the  homestead  farm  in  E.  Brad- 
ford, where  he  died.  They  had  eleven  children  all  born  in 
E.  Bradford. 

245  Eebecca,«  b.  June  30,  1763,  d.  Sept.  5,  1762. 

246  William,'  b.  Oct.  5,  1761,  d.  Sept.  17,  1762. 
247*    Rebecca,8  b.  July  6,  1763. 

248*    Sarah,6  b.  Aug.  26,  1765,  d.  Oct.  2,  1838. 
249*     Wii.LlAM,'=  b.  July  9,  1767,  d.  unm.  July  9,  1862. 
250*    Jonathan,"^  b.  June  15,  1769,  d.  April  4,  1838. 


251  Pebcis,'  b.  May  24,  1771,  d.  June  14,  1771. 

252  Claei8sa,«  b.  Sept.  3,  1772,  d.  unm.  Dec.  14,  1827. 
253*  Bbnjamin,«  b.  Nov.  9,  1774,  d.  summer  of  1860. 
254*  Mary,6  b.  Dec.  3,  1776,  d.  July  9,  1847. 

255  Tabitha,6  b.  Sept.  30,  1779,  d.  unm.  Mar.  21,  1838. 

128.  Hannah.s  daughter  of  58  Rev.  William*  and  Re- 
becca [Stone]  Balch,  was  born  in  Bradford,  May  25,  1732, 
and  died  July  17,  1755.  She  was  married  April  7,  1752,  to 
Ezekiel  Hale  of  West  Newbury  and  was  Hale's  third  wife. 
They  had  one  child,  Sarah  Hale,  who  married  Moses  Pills- 
bury,  by  whom  she  had  two  children,  Hannah  and  Oliver. 

129.  Sarah,5  daughter  of  58  Rev.  William*  and  Rebecca 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  in  Bradford,  December  16,  1733, 
and  died  in  Dec,  1753,  in  her  20  th  year.  She  married  De- 
cember 26, 1751,  Orlando  Sargent  of  Amesbury.  They  had 
one  child,  Abigail  Sargent,  who  married  James  Bailey. 

130.  Daniel,^  son  of  58  Rev.  William*  and  Rebecca 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  in  Bradford,  March  14,  1734-5,  and 
■died  in  Newburyport,  Mas 
Nov.  30,  1790.  He  was  twice 
married,  first  to  Miss  Hannah 
Clemens,  Aug.  19,  1756,  who  was  the  mother  of  all  his 
children.  He  married  second,  March  24,  1784,  Miss  Judith 
Thurston,  who  was  born  in  Newbury,  a  suburb  of  Newbury- 
port. She  died  June  9,  1825.  He  was  a  watchmaker  by 
trade,  and  lived  in  Newburyport,  Mass.  In  his  will  dated 
March  9,  1789,  he  leaves  to  his  eldest  son  Daniel,  his  "  Coat 
of  Arms."  As  his  children  Hannah  and  William  are  not 
mentioned,  it  is  presumed  that  they  died  without  issue. 

256  Hannah,8  b.  1758,  d.  unm.  1781. 
257*    DANiEL,8b.  Mar.  1,  1761,  d.  Oct.  13,  1835. 
258      WiLi.iAM,6  b.    d.  y. 

259*    Thomas  Hdtchins,^  b.  July  7, 1771,  d.  June  28,  1817. 

131.  Nathaniel,^  son  of  58  Rev.  William*  and  Rebecca 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  in  Bradford,  Jan.  17,  1737-8,  and 
died  in  Newburyport,  Oct.  26, 1802.  He  married  first,  Joanna, 
daughter  of  John  and  Abigail  [Bailey]  Day,  of  Bradford.    She 


died  Sept.  13, 1800,  aged  sixty  years.     They  had  sixteen  chil- 

260  Nathaniel.^  b.  1760,  d.  Sept.  6,  1761. 

61*  JoHN,«b.  Jan.  12,  1761,  d.  Dec.  29,  1836. 

262*  ABiGAiL,6b.  Nov.  12,  1762,  d.  Nov.  13,  1802. 

263*  Nathaniel,^  b.  Aug.  9,  1764,  d.  1793. 

264*  Hannah,5  b.  June  11,  1766,  d.  July  17,  1833. 

265*  Samhel,"  b.  Jan.  25,  176S,  d.  May  26,  1850. 

266  Joseph,"  b.  Mar.  1771,  d.  Aug.  27,  1774. 

267  Mehitable,6  b.  1772,  d.  Jan.  24,  1773. 
268*  Betset,6  b.  July  10,  1774,  d.  July  16,  1836. 

269  Mehitable.s  b.  Sept.  22, 1776,  d.  Feb.  22,  1778. 

270  JosEPH.e  b.  Dec.  28,  1777,  d.  Jan.  10,  1778. 
271*    LrcT,«  b.  Feb.  21,  1779,  d.  1854. 

272      Pamela,^  b.  Aug.  23,  1780,  d.  unm. 

373      Alice,6  d.  unm.  of  Yellow  fever,  Sept.  14, 1800. 

274      Joanna, '5  d.  unm.  of  Tellow  fever,  Sept.  14,  1800. 

Nathaniel,^  married  second,  July  22,  1802,  the  widow  Sarah 
Coffin.  He  was  constable  at  Bradford  in  1779.  By  trade  he 
was  a  cooper,  lived  upon  a  farm  in  Bradford  until  about  1800, 
when  he  removed  to  Newburyport.  He  was  buried  in  the  old 
cemetery  near  the  Mall  in  Newburyport.  His  wife  Sarah  died 
January  26,  1804. 

132.  Benjamin,^  son  of  58  Rev.  William*  and  Rebecca 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  in  Bradford,  April  4,  1743,  and  died 
Oct.  16,  1823.  He  married  September  7,  1786,  Hannah, 
daughter  of  Andrew,  and  Mary  [Ronchon]  Sigourney.  She 
was  born  in  April,  1754,  and  died  December  15, 1833.  When 
Benjamin  married  her  she  was  the  widow  of  Capt.  John  Patten 
of  Biddeford,  Me.  Patten  was  shipwi-ecked,  and  drowned  at 
Marshfield,  January  11, 1783.  Hannah  was  aunt  to  Charlea 
Sigourney,  husband  of  Mrs.  Lydia  H.  Sigourney,  the  poet. 

Benjamin  and  Hannah  were  an  eccentric  couple.  They  were 
both  buried  in  the  cemetery  back  of  the  Episcopal  Church,  oq 
High  street,  in  Newburyport.     They  had  no  children. 

Sixth  Generation. 

134.  Samuel,^  son  of  63  Josiah^  and  Patience  [Cham- 
berlain] Balch,  was  born  on  his  father's  farm,  in  Oxford, 
Mass.,  June  25,  1739,  and  died  in  Athens,  Vt.,  February  11, 
1816.  He  married  Miss  Susan  Aldrich.  She  died  Mai'ch  11, 
1821,  aged  78  years.  They  had  ten  children  ;  the  seven  eldest 
were  born  in  Oxford,  and  the  three  youngest  in  Guilford,   Vt, 

275*  Susanna,'  b.  May  23,  1762. 

276*  Olivk,''  b.  May  4,  1764;  d.  March  1,  1826. 

277*  Samuel,'  b.  March  23,  1767;  d.  about  1847. 

278*  JosiAH,'  b.  Dec.  25,  1769;  d.  Apr.  29,  1843. 

279  Patience,' b.  May  4,  1772;  d. 

280*  Elizabeth,'  b.  Oct.  23,  1775;  d. 

281*  Nathaniel,'  b.  Dec.  3, 1779;  d.  Dec.  25,  1857. 

282  John,'  d.  aged  18  years. 

283*  CoBEN,'  b.    d. 

284*  Abigail,'  b.  March  30,  1788,  d.  March  30, 1868. 

About  1778  Samuel  emigrated  with  his  family  from  Ox- 
ford, Mass.,  to  Guilford,  Vermont.  In  1797  he  paid  a  thou- 
sand dollars  for  one  hundred  acres  of  land  situated  in  the 
southern  portion  of  Athens,  Vt.,  and  it  is  probable  that  about 
this  date  he  removed  from  Guilford  to  Athens. 

138.  Joanna,^  daughter  of  66  Nathaniel  and  Joanna 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  December  18, 
1744.  She  was  married,  December  31,  1769,  to  Enoch  Chase, 
at  Dover,  N.  H. 

142.  Anna,^  daughter  of  66  NathanieP  and  Joanna[Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  July  22,  1751.  She  was 
married  at  Dover,  N.  H.,  March  9,  1769,  to  Paul  Harford. 

143.  Nathaniel,®  only  son  of  66  Nathaniel^  and  Joanna 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  September  18, 



1753,  and  died  at  Wakefield,  N.  H.,  in  April,  1795.     His 
death  was  caused  by  the  falling  of  a  tree.     He  married  Lydia,  y, 
daughter  of  Jonathan  and  Deborah  [Wentworth]  Twombley.  < 
Deborah  was  the  daughter  of  Ebenezer  and  Sarah  [Roberk]  ^ 
"Wentworth.     Nathaniel  lived  in  Wakefield,  N.  H.,  and  his 
eight  children  were  born  in  that  town. 

285*    Samuel,'  b.  1779;  d. 

286*    Joseph,'  b.  March  7,  1781;  d.  Dec.  14,  1848. 

287*    Deborah,'  b.  Dec.  28,  1782;  d.  Sept.  25,  1863. 

289*    Nanct,'  b.  Dec.  8,  1784;  d. 

290  Sally,'  b. ;  m.  Asa  Abbott,  no  children;  d. 

291  Betsey,'  b. ;  m.  Simon  Brown,  of  China,  Me. 
292*    Frederick  B.,'  b.  May  13,  1790;  d.  Sept.  29,  1861. 
293*    Abigail,'  b.  July  23,  1795;  d.  July  13,  1868. 

Nathaniel  signs  a  petition  of  Freeholders  for  a  repeal  of  the 
"  Lumber  Act,"  addressed  to  the  Legislature,  dated  at  Wake- 
field, August,  1785.  Vol.  XIII.  New  Hampshire  Town  Pa- 
pers, p.  590. 

He  enlisted  as  a  private  in  Capt.  Jeremiah  Gilman's  com- 
pany, 18  July,  1777,  and  was  discharged  30  September,  1777. 
144.  Hepzibah.s  daughter  of  6Q  Nathaniel^  and  Joanna 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  January  18, 
1755,  and  died  at  Wakefield,  N.  H.,  in  1816.  She  married 
Tobias  Hanson.  They  lived  in  Wakefield,  and  their  chil- 
dren, all  born  in  that  town,  were  as  follows  : 

Tobias,  married  Miss  S.  Adams.  For  a  time  they  lived  in 
Salem,  Massachusetts,  then  they  returned  to  Wake- 
field, and  lastly  removed  to  North  Conway,  New  Hamp- 
shire, where  he  died,  at  the  age  of  93  years.  They  had 
five  children:  Tobias  Adams  and  Joseph,  both  of  whom 
lived  in  Salem,  Massachusetts,  and  were  men  of  large 
property  and  families;  John  and  Samuel  were  merchants 
in  Boston;  Susan  A.  married  A.  G.  Hoyt,  a  distinguished 
artist,  who  painted  a  portrait  of  Daniel  Webster,  now 
hanging  in  the  State  House  at  Concord,  New  Hampshire; 
Anna  H.  Hoyt,  a  daughter  of  Susan  and  A.  G.  Hoyt, 
married  Prof.  Horace  Bumstead,  of  the  Atlanta  Univer- 
sity, Georgia. 
Isaac,  married  and  lived  in  Wakefield,  N.  H. 

Baktlett,  married  and  left  a  large  family,  a  son  lives  in  Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 



John,  married  and  left  a  family  in  Wakefield,  N.  H. 

Joseph,  left  children. 

Susan,  married  Joseph  Pike,  a  lineal  descendant  of  Robert 
Pike,  the  Puritan,  and  one  of  the  few  men  of  his  time 
who  dared  stand  up  and  boldly  defend  the  Salem  witches. 
They  had  two  children,  Joseph  Hanson  Pike;  Joseph  left 
a  widow  and  three  daughters,  who  were  living  at  Wake- 
field in  1886.  Dolly  Pike  was  born  in  1802,  and  died  Sept. 
17,  1886.  Her  son,  Joseph  P.  Oilman,  has  furnished  the 
records  of  Hepzibah  Balch. 

Rose,  married  Robert  Pike,  a  brother  of  Joseph,  and  left  many 

Hannah,  married  a  Mr.  Wiggins,  and  left  a  daughter  living  in 
Dover,  N.  H.,  and  grandchildren  living  in  Wakefield. 

Lydia,  married  a  southern  gentleman,  and  has  descendants. 

Nancy,  married  a  Mr.  Edgerly,  and  has  descendants. 

146.  Sarah.s  daughter  of  70  Ebenezei^  and  Sarah  [Bel- 
<ieu]  Balch,  was  bom  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  April  1,  1751,  and 
died  at  Wethersfield,  Ct.,  March  4,  1823.  She  was  married 
November  12,  1772,  to  Elijah,  son  of  Joseph  Wells,  of  Weth- 
ersfield. Elijah  Wells  was  born  February  27,  1751,  and  died 
at  Wethersfield,  Ct.,  December  23,  1796.  Mr  Wells  was  a 
farmer  by  occupation.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  American 
army  during  the  Revolution,  and  among  the  many  battles  in 
which  he  participated  were  those  of  Bunker  Hill,  and  Trenton. 
From  exposure  and  hardships  in  the  service  his  constitution 
was  broken,  and  he  died  at  the  age  of  45  years,  leaving  a 
family  of  eight  children.  Sarah,  b.  Aug.  2, 1773  ;  d.  Mar.  11, 
1828.  Elijah,  b.  Feb.  27,  1775 ;  d.  Sept.  18,  1830.  Mary,  b. 
Apr.  25,  1777;  d.  Sept.,  1854.  Patty,  b.  June  26,  1779;  d. 
Nov.  18,  1855.  Esther,  b.  July  24,  1781 ;  d.  July  11,  1813. 
Hannah,  b.  Oct.  2,  1783  ;  d.  Oct.  28,  1857.  George,  b.  Aug. 
26,  1786 ;  d.  Nov.  21,  1861.  Henry,  b.  May  13,  1789  ;  d.  Jan, 
19,  1858. 

147.  Mary,«  daughter  of  70  Ebenezei-^  and  Sarah  [Bel- 
den]  Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  November  17,  1752, 
and  died  at  Wethersfield,  Ct.,  September  16,  1852.  She  had 
lived  nearly  a  century,  and  was  bright  and  active  to  the  last. 
At  her  death  the  church   bell  in   Wethersfield  tolled  one 


hundred  times.  Through  all  her  long  life  her  place  at  church 
was  seldom  vacant.  In  1784  she  married  Daniel  Ayrault,  a 
son  of  Capt.  Nicholas,  and  grandson  of  Dr.  Nicholas  Ayrault, 
a  French  Huguenot.  Daniel  Ayrault  was  born  in  1736,  and 
died  at  Wethersfield,  March  8,  1807.  They  had  but  two 
children.  Mary,  b.  May,  1785;  d.  Feb.,  1854,  married 
Edward  Shepard ;  their  son,  Daniel  Ayrault  Shepard,  was 
living  in  Cleveland,  Ohio,  in  1884.  Daniel,  b.  Oct.  1786 ;  d. 
Nov.  11,  1862,  left  descendants  in  the  female  line. 

148.  Jonathan  Belden,^  son  of  70  Ebenezer^  and  Sarah 
[Belden]  Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Connecticut,  Novem- 
ber 14,  1754,  and  died  at  West  Hartford,  Connecticut, 
February  16,  1825.  He  was  married,  December  6,  1766,  at 
Wethersfield,  Connecticut,  to  Hopeful,  eldest  daughter  of 
Samuel  Hurlburt.  Six  children  were  born  to  them  on  their 
farm  in  Hartford,  where  they  always  lived. 

294*    Sarah,'  b.  1777;  d.  Oct.  5,  1807. 

295      Clabissa,'  b.  Nov.  21,  1779;  d.  unm.  Sept.  20,  1796. 

296*    Mary,'  b.  Sept.  24,  1782;  d.  Oct.  18,  1845. 

297*    Flora,'  b.  Apr.  24,  1785;  d.  Dec.  10.  ISSl. 

298*    Jonathan,' b.  Dec.  14, 1788;  d.  July  19,  18C7. 

299*    Bela,'  b.  Feb.  6,  1792;  d.  May  6,  1852. 

He  married  for  his  second  wife  Elenor  Whitman,  January 
18,  1815,  and  she  died  at  West  Hartford,  March  8,  1832, 
without  issue.  The  Connecticut  Records  show  that  he  served 
six  days  in  Capt.  Chester's  Company  from  Wethersfield,  and 
the  Lexington  Alarm  list  shows  that  he  enlisted  May  11, 
1775,  in  the  second  Regt.,  9th  Company,  as  a  private  and  was 
discharged  in  December  of  the  same  year. 

150.  Joseph^  son  of  70  Ebenezer^  and  his  second  wife 
Lois  [Belden]  Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford  Ct.,  February  16, 
1760,  and  died  at  Johnstown,  N.  Y.,  December  5,  1855. 
During  the  revolutionary  war  he  served  as  a  drummer  boy. 
He  was  a  thorough  Christian  and 
gentleman.  His  memory  was  re- 
tentive and  he  was  always  abreast 
of  the  times.  His  faculties  he 
retained  to  the  last. 


In  1794  he  settled  at  Williamstown,  Mass.,  and  followed 
the  occupation  of  a  silversmith,  and  clock-maker,  a  business 
he  had  learned  from  his  father.  In  1810  he  removed  to 
Johnstown,  N.  Y.,  where  death  came  to  him  while  in  his  ac- 
costomed  seat  in  church,  Bible  in  hand,  following  the  scripture 
reading  by  his  pastor.     He  was  buried  with  military  honors. 

In  1786  he  married  Miss  Mary  Watson  by  whom  he  had 
seven  children.  Miss  Watson  was  born  March  6,  1765,  and 
died  February  11,  1844. 

300  JosEPH,'^  b.  May  26,  1787.  He  went  to  Mexico  or  South  America 
in  1817,  and  was  never  heard  from. 

301*    Justin,'  b.  Dec.  28,  1788;  d.  July  31,  1826. 

302*    Sarah  Maria,'  b.  Nov.  6,  1790;  d.  June  10,  1879. 

303      AuKELiA,'  b.  May  19,  1793;  d.  Sept.  17,  179i. 

304*    GusTAVus,'  b.  May  19,  1795;  d.  1877. 

305*    Cornelia,'  b.  Nov.  3,  1797;  d.  Jan.  19,  1863. 

306*    ViSTUS,'  b.  Feb.  18,  1799;  d.  Oct.  25,  1884. 

151.  Lois,«  daughter  of  70  Ebenezer^  and  Lois  [Belden] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Connecticut,  December  20,  1761, 
and  died  in  1852,  at  Cleveland,Ohio,  and  was  buried  at  Atwater 
in  that  state.  She  married  Oliver,  son  of  Joseph,  and  Sarah 
Talcott.  They  lived  at  Southwick,  Mass.,  until  after 
all  their  children  were  born.  In  1819  they  moved  to 
Cleveland,  Ohio.  Mr.  Talcott  was  born  at  Glastonbury,  Ct., 
November  29,  1759,  and  died  at  Atwater,  Ohio,  in  1830. 
Lois  and  Oliver  had  five  cliildren,  all  born  at  Southwick, 
Mass.  Joseph,  b.  Feb.  12,  1789;  d.  at  Atwater,  Ohio,  1858  ; 
Sally,  b.,  d.  at  Atwater,  Ohio ;  Mary,  b.,  d.  at  Brooklyn,  N. 
y.;  Emily,  b.,  d.  at  Atwater,  Ohio ;  William,  b.,  d.  Wis- 

152.  Lucy,^  daughter  of  70  Ebenezer^  and  Lois  [Belden] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Connecticut,  December  21, 
1763,  and  died  at  Hartford,  Connecticut,  July  17,  1854,  and 
was  buried  at  Wethersfield.  She  was  married  in  1788  to 
Wait  Goodrich,  a  sea  captain,  and  to  them  were  born  three 

l^UCT,  b.  1789,  d.  Feb.  8,  1873.     She  married  Fontaine  Eaphael, 
in  May,  1811.   He  was  born  in  1761  and  died  Nov.  6,  1840. 


They  had  three  children.  Marie  Louise  Angelique 
Baphel,  b.  Dec.  2,  1811,  d.  Feb.  5,  18-52,  and  married  a 
Mr.  Brown;  Joseph  D'Ortigue  Raphel,  b.  Aug.  4,  1813, 
d.  Nov.  19,  1S57;  Adelaid  Josephine  Baphel,  b.  Apr.  3, 
1818,  d.  Jan.  16,  1858. 

Gbove,  d.  in  New  York  city  in  1833.  He  married  Laura  Talcott, 
who  died  in  New  York  city  in  1834.  He  was  a  gold- 
beater by  occupation.    They  had  two  daughters. 

Emilt,  d.  y. 

153.  Ebenezer,^  son  of  70  Ebenezer^  and  Lois  [Belden] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Hartford,  Connecticut,  August  30,  1766, 
and  died  at  Plattsburgh,  New  York,  December  31,  1846. 
About  1790  he  married  Sarah,  daughter  of  James  and  Abigail 
[King]  Burchard,*  of  Becket,  Mass.     She  was  born  in  June, 

*BuRCHARD  Genealogy. 

1  Thomas  Burchard,  b.  in  Roxbury,  Eng.,  1595,  wife  Mary,  b.  1597, 
one  son  and  five  daughters,  b.  in  England,  came  to  America  in  the  ship 
"  True  Love,"  landed  at  Boston  late  in  1636,  and  settled  at  Saybrook,  Ct. 
John,  only  son  of  Thomas  and  Mary  Burchard,  b.  in  England,  1628,  d. 
in  Lebanon,  Ct.,  1702.  He  married  first,  July  22,  1653,  Charity  Ann  An- 
drews. His  second  wife  was  Jane  Lee  [relict  of  Samuel  Hyde].  John 
was  the  father  of  fourteen  children;  six  died  in  infancy. 

Samuel,  b.  July,  1663;  James,  b.  July,  1665;  Abigail,  b.  November, 
1667,  m.  John  Calkins,  Oct.  25,  1690;  Thomas,  b.  January,  1669,  settled  in 
Norwich,  Ct. ;  John,  b.  February,  1671,  settled  in  Lebanon,  Ct.;  Joseph, 
b.  February,  1673,  settled  in  Lebanon;  Mary,  b.  June,  1679,  settled  in 
Lebanon;  Daniel,  b.  November,  1680,  settled  in  Lebanon.  John  Bur- 
chard, as  he  spelled  his  name,  was  a  man  of  considerable  celebrity. 

James,  second  son  of  John  above,  married  Elizabeth  Beckwith,  March 
17,  1697.  They  lived  in  Norwich,  Ct.,  and  had  ten  children:  Elizabeth, 
b.  September,  1697;  James,  b.  May,  1699,  d.  June  12,  1782,  in  Becket, 
Mass.;  Sarah,  b.  July,  1701,  d.  y. ;  Mathew,  b.  December,  1702;  John,  b. 
April,  1704,  great-grandfather  of  the  late  President  Rutherford  Burchard 
Hayes;  Phebe,  b.  October,  1705;  Sarah,  b.  October,  1707;  Jonah,  b.  Octo- 
ber, 1709;  Rebecca,  b.  October,  1717;  Daniel,  b.  October,  1718. 

James,  eldest  son  of  James  and  Elizabeth,  married  Deborah ; 

she  died  in  1768.  In  1775  he  settled  in  Becket,  then  town  No.  4,  Berkshire 
county,  Mass.  For  several  years  he  was  town  clerk.  He  had  but  one 
son,  James,  b.  1730,  d.  July,  1820,  in  Becket. 

James,  only  son  of  James  and  Deborah,  married  Abigail,  daughter 
of  David  and  Lydia  King;  she  d.  June  6,  1791,  aged  62  years.  They  re- 
sided in  Becket,  and  their  seven  children  were  born  in  that  town: 
Lydia,  b.  1757;  Deborah,  b.  1760;  Abigail,  b,  1762;  Phebe,  b.  1764; 
James,  b.  Aug.  17,  1766;  Sarah,  b.  1768,  d.  Oct.  23,  1852,  married  Eben- 
ezer  Balch;  Betsey,  b.  June,  1772,  m.  Walter  Cook,  of  Richmond,  Mass. 


1768.  and  died  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  October  23,  1852.  Id 
1891  the  remains  of  Ebenezer  and  Sarah,  his  wife,  were  re- 
moved to  the  Riverside  cemetery  at  Plattsburgh,  and  interred 
by  the  side  of  their  son,  Alvah 
Burchard,  and  the  monument 
upon  the  lot  was  suitably  in- 
scribed.    They  had  six  children. 

307»  Ebenbzbb,'  b.  June  22,  1792;  d.  Feb.  19,  1861. 

S08«  Sabah,'  b.  April  19,  1794;  d.  Sept.  15,  1871. 

309*  Alvah  Bubchabd,'  b.  April  18,  1796;  d.  March  5,  1871. 

310*  BBiaEY,''  b.  July  22,  1798;  d.  Aug.  3,  1866. 

311  CLAElssA,'b.  April  20,  1801;  d.  May  3,  1822;  m.  Thomas  Thorn, 

312*  HoBATio  James.'  b.  July  22,  1806;  d.  Jan.  17,  1846. 

Ebenezer  learned  the  trade  of  goldsmith  and  clock-maker 
with  his  father,  but  did  not  follow  the  trade.  In  1800  he 
moved  with  his  family,  which  consisted  of  his  wife  and  four 
children,  to  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  and  soon  after  purchased  two 
tracts  of  land,  together  containing  240  acres,  and  situated 
four  miles  west  from  the  village,  and  bordering  on  the  north 
side  of  the  Saracac  river.  Immediately  upon  his  occupancy 
of  the  tract  of  land  he  built  a  log  house.  In  1806  he  built  a 
frame  barn,  and  in  1812  he  built  a  two-story  frame  house, 
which  for  those  days  was  considered  very  fine.  All  the  nails 
used  in  its  construction  were  made  by  him.  There  were  no 
machine-made  nails  in  those  days.  In  this  house  he  and  his 
wife  both  died.  For  several  years  he  was  engaged  in  ship, 
ping  timber  to  Quebec,  Canada,  by  rafts,  and  by  reason  of  this 
venture  he  became  financially  embarrassed,  and  sold  his  farm 
to  his  sons,  Ebenezer  aud  Alvah  Burchard.  He  was  a  man 
of  intelligence,  uprightness  of  character,  and  honor.  Both 
he  and  his  wife  were  members  of  the  First  Presbyterian 
Church  of  Plattsburgh.  He  helped  to  build  the  church  edifice 
in  1806.  It  was  a  historical  structure  in  connection  with  the 
battle  of  Plattsburgh,  September  11, 1814.  In  1867  it  burned 
down,  and  from  it  started  the  great  fire  of  Plattsburgh. 

Ebenezer  was  a  member  of  a  militia  company  called  the 
"Silver  Grays,"   and  as  such  participated   in  the  battle  of 


Plattsburgh.  His  character  is  well  summed  up  in  the  text  of 
the  sermon  preached  at  his  funeral.  It  was  Psalms  xxxvii., 
37 :  "  Mark  the  perfect  man,  and  behold  the  upright :  for  the 
end  of  that  man  is  peace." 

154.  Timothy ,«  son  of  70  Ebenezer^  and  Lois  [Belden] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  October  26,  1768,  and  died 
at  Plattsburg,  N.  Y.,  November  22,  1842.  He  married  Ann, 
daughter  of  John  and  Ann  [Skinner]  Whitman.  She  was 
born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  May  23,  1775,  and  died  at  Plattsburgh, 
N.  Y.,  April  11,  1848.  About  1802  he  located  on  a  farm  a 
short  distance  to  the  north  east  of  the  farm  belonging  to  his 
brother  Ebenezer.  He  and  his  wife  were  members  of  the 
first  Presbyterian  church  in  Plattsburgh. 

313*  Betskt,'  b.  May  4,  1794;  d.  June  28,  1864. 

314*  Chester,'  b.  July  26,  1796;  d.  June  3,  1875. 

315  Lucy,'  b.  Mar.  12,  1799;  d.  s.  p.,  Mar.  19,  1840,  m.  John  Smith. 

316  Eliza,'  b.  Dec.  1,  1801;  d.  Aug.  8, 1828. 
317*  Henry,' b.  Nov.  24,  180.3;  d.  June,  1875. 
318*  Emily,'  b.  Mar.  29,  1807,  d.  1893. 

319  Marietta,'  b.  Nov.  15,  1809,  d.  Apr.  4, 1840. 

320  Jonathan  W.'  b.  Apr.  5,  1811;  d.  unm.  May  11,  1838. 
321*    William  Skinner,'  b.  Oct.  22,  1813. 

155.  William,«  son  of  70  Ebenezei-^  and  Lois  [Belden] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  May  17,  1778,  and  died  in 
that  city,  March  31,  1857.  He  married  Miss  Ann  Smith* 
May  13,  1801,  who  was  born  at  Berlin,  Connecticut,  in  1776, 
and  died  at  Hartford,  in  February,  1858.  William  was  a 
carpenter  and  resided  at  West  Hartford,  Connecticut.  The 
six  children  of  William  and  Ann  [Smith]  Balch  were  born 
at  West  Hartford. 

322  William,'  b.  Apr.  25;  1802;  d.  unm.  Jan.  4,  1822. 

323  Sylvester,'  b.  Aug.  23,  1804;  d.  s.  p.,  Nov.  28,  1877,  m.  Lucy 

324*    Henry,'  b.  Oct.  10,  1806;  d.  Apr.  18,  1874. 
325      Edward,'  b.  July  27,  1809;  m.  Mary  Ann  Corning  of  Hartford, 

Ct.     Two  children,  d.  y. 
326*    Thomas,'  b.  Feb.  19,  1811;  d.  Feb.,  1891. 
327*    Alonzo,'  b,  Apr.  12,  1814;  d.  May  26,  1885. 


159.  Joseph.^  son  of  71  Timothy^  and  Sarah  [Rogers] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Newport,  R.  I.,  October  25, 1766,  and  died 
at  Providence,  R.  I.,  July  20,  1845.  He  married  Miss 
Martha  Grise,  December  20,  1792,  at  ProTOlence.  She  was 
born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  August  16,  1762,  aud  by  her  Joseph 
had  two  children,  both  born  at  Providence. 

328      Caleb  6.^  b.  ;  d.  unm. 

329*    Sabah  R.,'  b. 

161.  John  Rogers,"  son  of  71  Timothy^  and  Sarah 
[Rogers]  Balch  was  born  at  Newport,  R.  I.,  May  18,  1772, 
and  died  at  Providence,  Rhode  Island,  April  2,  1848.  He 
married  Miss  Saphira  Packard,  November  27,  1800.  He 
engaged  in  mercantile  and  banking  pursuits,  and  lived  at 
Providence,  R.  I.,  where  his  three  children  were  born. 

380      James  Rogkks,'  b.  1802 ;  d.  without  issue,  Sept.  28,  1828. 

331*    Sophia  Packard,'  b.  May  9,  1805. 

332*    John  Rosees,''  b.  Aug.  27,  1808;  d.  Oct.  25,  1886. 

162.  Mary,®  daughter  of  90  Cornelius^  and  Martha 
[Robinson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Massachusetts, 
February  15,  1741.  She  was  married  February  15,  1761,  to 
David  Howlet.  They  were  living  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  in  1815. 
They  had  three  children.  Cornelius,  b.  in  1761.  Molly,  b. 
in  1763.     Martha,  b.  1767. 

163.  Martha,®  daughter  of  90  Cornel ius^  and  Martha 
[Robinson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  April  9, 
1743,  and  died  at  Ridge,  New  Hampshire,  April  6,  1822.  She 
was  married  at  Topsfield,  October  31,  1769,  to  Jeremiah 
Towne,  Jr.  He  died  at  Ridge,  June  10,  1830,  aged  82  years. 
They  had  two  children,  both  born  at  Topsfield.  Polly  Towne, 
m.  Thomas  Tarbell ;  Cornelius  Towne,  b.  Feb.  13, 1772  ;  mar- 
ried, in  1791,  to  Hannah,  daughter  of  Michael  Chaplain,  of 
Ridge,  N.  H.  In  1804  Cornelius  Towne  moved  with  his  fam- 
ily to  Dublin,  N.  H.  Their  four  eldest  children  were  born  at 
Ridge,  and  their  youngest  at  Dublin.  They  were  as  follows  : 
John,  b.  in  1792 ;  Rebecca,  b.  in  1794 ;  Moses,  b.  in  1796  ; 
Cornelius,  b.  in  1803 ;  Elijah,  b.  in  1807. 


167.  Deborah,^  daughter  of  91  Benjamiu^  and  Nazareth 
[Gushing]  Balch,  was  born  at  Scituate,  Massachusetts,  in 
1727.     She  married  John,  son  of  Capt.  Alexander  Fors}i;h. 

168.  Hart,6  son  of  91  Benjamin^  and  Nazareth  [Gushing] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Scituate,  Massachusetts,  in  1731,  and  was 
lost  at  sea,  on  a  voyage  to  the  West  Indies,  in  1751,  being  at 
the  time  captain  of  the  vessel.  He  was  married  early  in 
1750  to  a  Miss  Bourne  (?)  who  was  a  niece  or  cousin  to  Gen. 
Joseph  Warren.  She  married  for  her  second  husband  a  Brit- 
ish officer,  and  went  to  live  in  Halifax,  Nova  Scotia.  It  was 
reported  that  she  left  property  to  her  son,  which  he  never 
received.     Hart  Balch  had  by  his  wife  a  posthumous  son. 

333*    Hart,'  b.  Nov.  9,  1751;  d.  Feb.  1.5,  1846. 

169.  Benjamin,6  son  of  91  Benjamin^  and  Nazareth 
[Gushing]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  March  4, 1732-3, 
and  was  baptized  at  the  New  South  Ghurch.  The  rolls  of 
the  French  and  Indian  war  show  that  he  was  a  lieutenant  in 
Captain  Abel  Keen's  company.  Colonel  Joseph  Thatcher's 
regiment,  and  that  he  was  23  years  of  age,  by  occupation  a 
cooper,  born  at  Boston,  and  residing  at  Scituate,  that  he  en- 
tered the  service  February  18,  1756,  and  served  until  Decem- 
ber 5,  1756.  This  company  of  men  was  raised  for  the  expe- 
dition against  Crown  Point.  From  the  same  rolls  it  appears 
that  he  re-entered  the  service  March  23,  1757,  as  .second 
lieutenant,  to  go  on  an  expedition  to  Fort  William  Henry, 
under  the  command  of  Colonel  Frye,  and  was  at  its  capitula- 
tion, August  9,  1757.  It  is  not  known  whether  or  not  he 
was  killed  in  the  massacre  that  followed.  The  Plymouth 
County  Probate  Records  show  that  his  estate  was  adminis- 
tered upon  before  the  close  of  the  year. 

170.  Nathaniel,^  son  of  91  Benjamin^  and  Nazareth 
[Gushing]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  Massachusetts,  May  7, 
1735.  He  died  in  Boston,  September  18,  1808.  He  was 
married.  May  26,  1763,  to  Mary,  daughter  of  Gapt.  William 
Fletcher,  one  of  the  officers  in  the  Louisburg  expedition.  She 
died  in  Boston,  October  7,  1797.  They  had  five  children,  all 
born  in  Boston. 


334*  Nathaniel,'  b.  Feb.  26,  1764;  d.  June  10,  1831. 

335*  William,'  b.  July  11, 1765;  d.  Nov.  4,  1791. 

336  Margaret,'  b.  May  17,  1767;  m.  1789,  Samuel  Whitewell. 

337  Mart,'  b.  May  15,  1769;  m.  Dee.   17,  1789,  Benjamin  Morgan 


338*    Sarah,'  b.  Dec.  5,  1774. 

Nathaniel  was  a  hatter,  and  carried  on  his  business  at  No. 
72  Cornhill,  now  Washington  street,  where  he  also  resided. 
Under  the  title  of  "An  Old  Gentleman's  Recollections,"  in 
Harper's  Magazine  for  May,  1877,  is  the  following  reference 
to  Nathaniel  and  his  neighbors  :  "  We  had  a  medley  of  ec- 
centric tradesmen  in  Boston  in  1788,  who  were  a  compound 
of  flat  simplicity  in  manners  and  acute  cleverness  in  conver- 
sation, shrewd,  perhaps  somewhat  cunning,  often  witty,  al- 
ways smart  and  intelligent.  Such  was  Copley,  my  tailor ; 
Billings,  of  the  same  trade  ;  but,  above  all,  Balch,  the  hat- 
ter. His  shop  was  the  principal  lounge,  even  of  the  first 
people  in  tlie  town.  Governor  Hancock,  when  the  gout  per- 
mitted, resorted  to  this  grand  rendezvous,  and  there  exchanged 
jokes  with  Balch  and  his  company,  or,  as  sometimes  happened, 
discussed  grave  political  subjects,  and  tout  em  badinant  set- 
tled the  leading  principles  of  his  administration." 

According  to  family  tradition.  Governor  Hancock  one  day 
said  to  Balch,  "  Come  up  and  see  a  Savage  I  have  locked  in 
my  garret."  He  complied,  and  found  that  the  Governor  was 
protecting  a  portrait  painter  named  Savage  from  arrest  for 
debt.  Savage  was  engaged  on  a  portrait  of  the  Governor, 
and  at  the  request  of  Hancock,  also  made  one  of  Balch.  The 
latter  is  now  in  the  possession  of  Nathaniel's  great-grandson, 
William  L.  Balch,  of  Boston. 

172.  Joseph,^  son  of  91  Benjamin^  and  Nazareth  [Gush- 
ing] Balch  was  born  at  Boston,  Feb.  10,  1738-9,  and  died  at 
West  Cambridge,  September  1,  1826.  He  was  captain  of  a 
company  in  Colonel  Thomas  Craft's  artillery  regiment.  As 
such  he  is  referred  to  in  the  records  of  the  Massachusetts 
Archives,  Vol.  38,  from  January,  1776  to  December,  1777.  The 
orderly  book  of  the  regiment  preserved  in  the  Essex  Institute 


also  refers  to  him.  He  was  married  August  25,  1760,  to 
Abigail  Audebert,  who  was  baptized  December  30,  1739,  and 
died  at  Billerica,  Massachusetts,  January  7,  1802.  She  was  a 
granddaughter  of  William  Palfrey,  sail  maker,  of  Milk  Street, 
Boston,  to  whom  Joseph  Balch  was  apprenticed.  Abigail  was 
one  of  the  children  of  Mr.  Palfrey's  daughter  Lydia,  and 
Philip  Audebert,  Jr.,  son  of  a  French  Huguenot.  Philip  and 
Lydia  died  young,  and  Abigail's  grandfather  Palfrey,  was 
appointed  her  guardian  in  1752.  She  grew  up  in  his  family, 
together  with  Joseph  Balch.     They  had  nine  children. 

339  Joseph,'  b.  Feb.  18,  1761;  d.  Feb.  23,  1761. 

340  Lydia,'  b.  Jan.  11,  1764;  d.  Aug.  15,  1764. 

341  Abigail,'  b.  Mar.  18,  1765;  d.  Aug.  26, 1795,  s.  p. 

342  Lydia,'  b.  Jan.  15,  1768;  d.  Oct.  9,  1768. 
343*    Joseph,'  b.  Sept.  15,  1769;  d.  Sept.  11,  1798. 

344  Benjamin,'  b.  Mar.  13, 1772;  d.  Aug.  2,  1773. 

345  BEN.IAMIN,'  b.  Aug.  10,  1774;  d.  Aug.  12,  1774. 

346  Lydia  Jarvis,'  b.  Mar.  24,  1777;  d.  Nov.  2.3,  1777. 
347*  Elizabeth,'  b.  April  9,  1779  ;d.  Jan.  29,  1809. 

175.  Johii,6  son  of  97  Andrew^  and  Bethiah  [Lovett]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Beverly,  Mass.,  October  12,  1735,  and  died  at 
Keene,  N.  H.,  April  30,  1808.  The  records  at  Keene,  N.  H., 
show  that  his  first  wife  was  named  Mary,  but  do  not  give  her 
maiden  name.     They  had  two  sons  born  at  Keene. 

348*    JOHK,'  b.  Dec.  10,  1757;  d.  Mar.  15,  1824. 
349*    Timothy,'  b.  about  1760;  d. 

John  married  for  his  second  wife  Safrona,  by  whom  he  had 
six  more  children,  all  of  them  born  at  Keene. 

350  Andrew,'  b.        ;  d.  Sept.  11,  1767. 

351  Ruth,'  b.  Nov.  26,  1767;  d. 

352*    Mary,'  b.  Feb.  10,  1770;  d.  Oct.  14,  1838. 

353      Safrona,'  b.  Feb.  14,  1773;  d. 

854      Anna,'  b.  Deo.  10,  1775;  d.  Sept.  10,  1777. 

355  Anna,'  b.  Feb.  15,  1778;  d.  Sept.  1,  1799. 
In  1759,  John  enlisted  in  Captain  Bayley's  company  for  the 
French  and  Indian  war.  In  1776,  he  was  one  of  the  petition- 
ers to  the  New  Hampshire  legislature,  remonstrating  against 
inoculation  with  small  pox  -^arus.  It  appears  that  the  belief 
was  then  current,  that  small  pox  would  be  more  managable  if 


given  by  inoculation  than  if  contracted  in  the  usual  way.  It 
was  therefore  the  custom  to  perform  such  inoculations  when 
the  spread  of  the  disease  was  feared.  This  was  twenty  years 
before  the  discovery  of  cow-pox  vaccination  by  Jenner. 
Revolutionary  war  rolls  of  New  Hampshire,  John  Balch 
enlisted  as  a  private  May  1,  1777,  and  served  for  three  years 
in  Captain  William  Ellis'  company,  third  New  Hampshire. 
John  was  a  member  of  the  foot  company  of  Keene,  in  1773. 
He  declared  himself  on  the  side  of  the  colonies  by  signing  the 
pledge  above  given  in  the  account  of  his  father  Andrew. 

177.  Oaleb.s  son  of  97  Andrew^  and  Bethiah  [Lovett] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  Mass.,  October  16, 1740,  and  died 
about  1794.  He  married  Elizabeth  M.  and  to  them  were  born 
five  children,  all  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  as  shown  by  the  records  of 
that  town. 

356      Joanna,'  b.  Aug.  21,  1763;  d. 

357*    CirBus,'  b.  July  14,  1765,  d.  about  1605. 

358*    Amos,'  b.  July  28,  1767 ;  d. 

359*    Caleb,' b.  Mar.  9, 1770;  d. 

360  Bethiah,'  b.  July  15,  1772;  m.  at  Westmoreland,  Sept.  25,  1787, 
Josiah  Leach;  d. 

After  the  birth  of  Bethiah,  Caleb  moved  to  Westmoreland, 
N.  H.,  and  may  have  had  more  childi-en.  The  roll  of  Captain 
Ephraim  Stone's  company  for  the  year  1780,  contains  Caleb's 
name  and  shows  that  he  was  paid  589  pounds,  16  shillings. 
The  roll  also  states  that  his  son  Cyrus  received  621  pounds, 
and  one  shilling.  Caleb  served  in  the  Eighth  company  of 
Colonel  Reed's  regiment,  New  Hampshire  Volunteers,  .Jacob 
Hinds  was  the  Captain  and  Isaac  Street,  Lieutenant.  This 
regiment  was  at  the  battle  of  Bunker  Hill.  Hind's  company 
was  called  out  on  various  occasions  for  short  terms  of  service. 
It  consisted  of  65  men.  After  the  fight  at  Bunker  Hill,  it 
was  credited  with  39  men  fit  for  duty. 

179.  Benjamin,^  son  of  97  Andrew^  and  Ruth  [Wood- 
bury] Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  Mass.,  in  1747,  or  1748. 
When  about  21  years  of  age  he  married  Miss  Elizabeth  Blake, 
by  whom  he  had  seven  children.     Elizabeth  died  in  1785. 


361  Olive,'  b.  Mar.  17,  1769;  d.  Oct.  21,  1773. 

362*  Thankful,' b.  Apr.  23,  1772;  d.  18.56. 

363*  Abneb,'  b.  March  5,  1774;  d. 

364  Elizabeth,'  b.  June  21,  1775;  m.  Jonah  Edson;  d. 

365*  Esther,'  b.  Oct.  13,  1778;  d.  Feb.  20,  1830. 

366*  Olive,'  b.  Aug.  25,  1780;  d.  after  1860. 

367*  BEN.JAMIN,'  b.  July  23,  1783;  d.  Sept.  27,  1829. 

Benjamin  was  married  second  at  Keene,  to  Miss  Julia  Ellis. 
by  whom  he  had  six  children. 

368»  Stlvanus,'  b.  Oct.  11,  1786;  d.  after  1870. 

369*  Cs-NTHiA,'  b.  May  14,  1788;  d.  1841. 

370*  Adin,'  b.  Jan,  22,  1790;  d.  Apr.  2,  1859. 

371*  R'illiam,'  b.  June  16,  1791;  d.  Jan.  6.  1868. 

372*  JAME.S,'  b.  Nov.  3,  1794;  d.  1885. 

373  Julia,'  b.  July  10,  1790;  m.  Nathan  Rice.     Two  children;  d. 

About  1800,  Benjamin  left  Keene,  and  went  to  Lunenburg, 
Vermont,  bought  a  tract  of  forest  land,  and  built  a  log  cabin 
and  barn.  The  following  winter  he  moved  his  family,  the 
only  conveyance  being  a  long  sled  drawn  by  a  yoke  of  oxen. 
Upon  the  sled  they  piled  all  their  household  goods,  wife  and 
babies.  The  older  boys  followed  with  two  cows  and  two  pigs. 
These  pioneers  knew  well  the  meaning  of  hard  work  and  scanty 
fare.  By  trade,  Benjamin  was  a  wooden  bottle  maker.  The 
New  Hampshire  town  papers  show  that  Benjamin  signed  the 
petition  against  inoculation  with  small  pox,  described  above 
in  the  account  of  his  brother  John.  He  owned  a  pew  in  the 
meeting  house  at  Keene.  He  was  a  member  of  the  foot  com- 
pany of  Keene  in  1773,  and  signed  with  his  father  as  one  of 
the  Committee  of  Safety  in  1776.  He  was  generally  known 
as  Lieutenant  Benjamin  Balch.  He  enlisted  as  a  j^rivate  in 
Capt.  David  Howlet's  Co.,  January  29,  1777,  and  was  dis- 
charged July  11,  1777. 

180.  Ruth,6  daughter  of  98  Jonathan^  and  Esther  [Hall] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.  She  was  married  Novem- 
ber 4,  1772  to  Elijah  Abee,  who  was  born  at  Ashford,  Ct., 
July  7, 1753.  The  issue  of  this  marriage  was  one  child,  born 
December  15,  1773,  it  died  the  next  day. 

Elijah  Abee  always  lived  at  Mansfield   near  421  Thomas 


Balch'i'  whose  father  197  Henry,^  was  a  cousia  of  Ruth  [Balch]. 
Abee's  property  all  went  to  Thomas." 

181.  John,"  son  100  John*^  and  Elizabeth  [Hall]  Balch. 
He  was  probably  born  about  1737  in  or  near  Mansfield,  Con- 
necticut and  died  there.  About  1758,  he  married  the  widow 
Bigsby,  who  by  her  first  husband  had  two  sons  Orran  and 
Benjamin.     John  had  at  least  four  sons. 

374*    John,'  b.  Sept.  2, 1759;  died  Nov.  10,  1845. 
375*    William,'  b.  ;  m.  Oct.  26,  1786;  d. 

376*    Israel,'  b.         ;  d. 
377*    Bazalael,'  b.        ;  d.  Feb.  23, 1817. 

Family  tradition  says  that  John®  was  married  twice  but 
(does  not  give  the  name  of  his  second  wife. 

182.  Jonathan,«  son  of  101  Roger^  and  Ann  [Kettell] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Charlestown,  Mass.,  Nov.  26,  174-3,  and 

•died  at  Roxbury,  Mass.,  about  1812.  He  was  married  Decem- 
ber 5, 1771,  to  Abigail  Williams,  of  Roxbury.  She  died  in  that 
*own  in  November,  1815.  They  had  eleven  children,  all  born 
at  Boston. 

378  Abigail,'  b.  Sept.  23,  1772;  d.  y. 

379*  Jonathan,'  b.  Apr.  7,  1774;  d.  summer  of  1803. 

380  Nabbt,'  b.  Mar.  14,  1776;  d.  y. 

581  Katy,'  b.  Jan.  31,  1778;  m.  Nehemiah  W.  Skilling,  a  merchant 

of  Dorchester,  Mass. ;  d. 

-382*  Samuel  Williams,'  b.  Mar.  14,  1780;  d. 

383  Sallt,'  b.  Apr.  4,  1782;  d.  y. 

384  David,'  b.  May  14,  1784;  d. 

385*    Alexandeb,'  b.  Mar.  9,  1786;  d.  July  5,  1812. 

386  Sally,'  b.  Dec.  17,  1787;  d.  y. 

387  Nabby,'  b.  June  1,  1789;  d.  unm. 

388  Ann,'  b.  Mar.  3,  1793;  d.  unm.  over  90  years  of  age. 
Jonathan®   was   brought  up  in  Boston  by  his    step-father, 

Shippie  Townsend,  and  followed  his  trade  of  block  and  pump 
:making.  By  it  he  gathered  a  fair  fortune.  He  was  the  owner 
of  Balch's  wharf  with  the  flats  adjoining,  now  beneath  the 
pavements  of  Fulton  and  Commercial  streets,  and  much  real 
•estate  in  Ann  and  Cross  streets.  He  purchased  the  Increase 
Sumner  estate  in  Roxbury  where  he  passed  the  latter  years 
of  his  life  and  on  which  he  died. 


183.  Joanna,®  daughter  of  303  Joshua^  and  Joanna  [Wil- 
liams] Balch  was  born  at  North  Beverly,  Mass.,  September  11, 
1744.  She  was  married  December  22,  1795  to  Abuer  Pittee, 
and  removed  to  Francestown,  N.  H.  where  she  died  April  22, 

185.  Ruth,®  daughter  of  103  Joshua^  and  Joanna  [Wil- 
liams] Balch  was  born  at  North  Beverly,  September  15,  1748, 
and  was  believed  to  be  living  in  1826.  She  was  married  to 
Robert  Baker,  April  2,  1767. 

186.  Joshua,®  son  of  103  Joshua^  and  Joanna  [Williams] 
Balch  was  born  at  North  Beverlj',  Mass.,  Nov.  28,  1750,  and 
died  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  December  31, 1780.  He  married 
Rebecca,  daughter  of  James  Hopkins,  of  Londonderry,  N.  H. 
She  was  Joshua's  second  wife  and  by  her  he  had  one  son. 

389*    Joshua,'  b.  June  9,  1778;  d.  April  23,  1833. 

Joshua's  first  wife,  whose  name  has  not  been  ascertained, 
died  at  Francestown,  September  16,  1777.  She  bore  at  least 
three  children,  as  shown  by  the  Francestown  records,  all  of 
whom  died  young. 

187.  Israel,®  son  of  103  Joshua^  and  Joanna  [Williams}  '-lc 
Balch  was  born  at  North  Beverly,  Mass.,  April  1,  1753,  and  ''   y 
died  suddenly  at  Francestown,  New  Hampshire,  in  1827.     His   S  i : 
home  in  Francestown,  was  on  the  Lyndborough  addition  on 
what  was  known  as  Balch  Hill.     He  was  a  mason  by  trade. 

He  married  Miss  Hannah  Kimball,  of  Beverly,  on  February 
2,  1772.     They  had  five  children  all  born  at  Francestown. 

390*    ISBAEi,,''  b.  June  29,  1773;  d.  May  3,  1847. 

391*    Hannah,'  b.  March  23,  1775;  d. 

392*    Sally,'  b.  Oct.  13,  1778:  d. 

393*    Polly,'  b.  Nov.  4,  1780;  d. 

394*    John,'  b.  Oct.  1,  1782;  d. 

Israel  married  for  a  second  wife  the  widow  Mary  Fletcher, 
of  Greenfield,  New  Hampshire,  by  whom  he  had  six  children, 
all  born  at  Francestown. 

395*  Joanna,'  b.  Jan.  20,  1786;  d.  Mar.  10,  1813. 
396*  Vabion,'  b.  May  6,  1789;  d.  June  12,  1834. 
397*    Pamela,'  b.  Nov.  7,  1791;  d.  Jan.  24,  1833. 


398*    William,'  b.  Nov.  3,  1793;  d.  Jan.  19,  1877. 

399  Ruth,'  b.  Sept.  10,  1796;  m.  Isaac  Jones;  d. 

400  Betsey,'  b.  Oct.  2,  1797;  d. 

In  the  year  1792  the  Lyndborough  addition  was  transferred 
from  Greenfield  to  Francestown. 

190.  Hannah,^  daughter  of  103  Joshua^  and  Joanna 
[Williams]  Balch  was  born  at  Beverly,  Dec.  26,  1760.  She 
was  married  January  1,  1793,  to  Robert  Edwards,  of  Beverly, 
a  iisherman. 

191.  Isaac,^  son  of  103  Joshua^  and  Joanna  [Williams] 
Balch,  was  born  at  North  Beverly,  Dec.  27,  1766  and  died  at 
Lyme,  New  Hampshire,  March  6,  1842.  He  was  a  mason  by 
trade.  He  married  Miss  Olive  Grant,  and  moved  to  Lyme, 
in  1790.  His  wife  Olive  died  in  1797,  leaving  three  chil- 
dren, all  born  at  Lyme. 

401  Olive,'  b.  July  7,  1791 ;  d. 

402*    Isaac,'  b.  Sept.  29,  1793;  d.  Dec.  27,  1873. 

403      Joanna,'  b.  May  3,  1796;  m.  and  had  a  large  family  at  Frances- 
town,  N.  H.;d. 
Isaac®  was  married  second  to  Elizabeth  Bell,  by  whom  he 
had  six  children  all  born  at  Lyme.     Elizabeth  died  March  18, 

404*    Betsey,'  b.  Jan.  16,  1799;  d.  Mar.  24,  1873. 

405      Pamela,'  b.  Oct.  12,  1800;  d.  1806. 

406*    Albert,'  b.  Sept.  6,  1802;  d. 

407*    Theodobe,'  b.  Oct.  4,  1864;  d. 

408*    JoHN,'b.  June  13,  1809;  d.  1846. 

409      Tktjman,'  b.  June  4,  1814;  d.  1821. 

193.  Betsey,®  daughter  of  103  Joshua^  and  Patience 
[Pitman]  Balch  was  born  at  Beverly,  February  10,  1772  and 
died  in  the  same  town  October  13,  1863.  She  was  married 
to  Joseph  Grant  who  was  born  in  Beverly  April  28,  1774  and 
died  in  the  same  town,  February  2,  1840. 

They  always  lived  in  Beverly  and  their  seven  children  were 
born  there.  Sally  D.,  b.  Apr.  27,  1795,  d.  Feb.  29,  1836,  m. 
Stephen  Dodge  ;  Joseph,  b.  May  5,  1802,  d.  Jan.  29, 1881,  m. 
Mary  Fames  ;  John  Balch,  b.  Sept.  6,  1806,  d.  Aug.  1830,  m. 
Rebecca  Harris ;  William  H.,  b.  Aug.  20,  1808,  m.  Mary  Ann 


Pousland  ;  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  1,  1810,  d.  April  8,  1836  ;  m. 
William  Holt;  Joshua  Balch,  b.  Oct.  19,  1812,  d.  Apr.  1888, 
m.  Mary  Lawrence ;  Benjamiii  D.,  b.  Aug.  15,  1815,  m.  Abi- 
gail Wood. 

The  above  records  were  copied  from  the  family  Bible  in 
the  possession  of  William  H.  Grant,  upon  the  old  homestead 
of  John  BalclA  Of  Betsey  [Balch]  Grant  it  is  said  that  she 
knit  hose  for  soldiers  in  the  Revolution,  in  the  war  of 
1812-14,  and  in  the  war  of  the  Rebellion. 

195.  Israel,^  son  of  105  Veren^  and  Sarah  [Taylor] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Mansfield,  Ct.,  January  26,  1751  and  died 
in  Mansfield.  He  was  married  in  February,  1771,  to  Sarah, 
daughter  of  John  Arnold.  The  record  of  the  birth  of  their 
three  eldest  children  is  in  Mansfield.  He  served  in  the  Rev- 
olution, first,  Sept.  2,  to  Nov.  2,  1776,  Captain  Sargent's  Co., 
second,  July  8,  1780  to  December  8, 1780  in  4th  Connecticut 

410*    LuciNDAj  b.  Apr.  3,  1772;  d. 

411*    Aknold,'  b.  Feb.  8, 1775;  d.  Oct.  10, 1848. 

412*    Roger,''  b.  May  17,  1779;  d.  Feb.  12,  1831. 

413*    Polly,"  b.  Apr.  10,  1785;  d.  Jan.  11, 1844. 

414*    Chester,"  b.  1788;  d.  May  15  1847. 

415*    Sylvester,"  b.         ;  d.  1S48. 

197.  Henry ,'^  son  of  105  Veren^  and  Sarah[Taylor]  Balch, 
was  born  in  Mansfield,  Connecticut,  July  2,  1753,  and  died 
in  the  same  town.  He  was  married  March  4,  1783,  to  Eliza- 
beth Kimball  of  Colchester,  Connecticut,  by  whom  he  had 
eeven  children,  all  born  in  Mansfield. 

416      Hanxah,'  b.  Jan.  5,  1784;  d. 

417*    Henry  Taylor,"  b.  Nov.  28,  1785,  d.  Jan.  29,  1869. 

41 S      Joseph,"  b.  Mar.  10,  1788;  d. 

419*     John,"  b.  May  10,  1791 ;  d. 

420     Elizabeth,'  b,"Jan.  5,  1792;  d. 

421*    THOMAs.'b.  Nov.  6,  1794;d. 

422      MOLLIE  BiBBiNS,'  b.  July  20,  1797;  d. 

199.  Mary,®  daughter  of  105  Veren'^  and  Sarah  [Taylor] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Mansfield,  Ct.,  May  26,  1760.  She  mar- 
ried Nathaniel  Bassett,  and  had  two  children,  Sarah,  b.  Dec. 
18,  1783 ;  Nathaniel,  b.  Sept.  12,  1785. 


201.  Hannah,*'  daughter  of  105  Veren^  and  Sarah  [Tay- 
lor] Balch,  was  born  at  Mansiield,Connecticut,  October  8, 1765. 
In  1785  she  was  married  to  Seth  Jennings,  who  was  born  in 
1760.  They  were  early  settlers  in  Killawog,  N.  Y.,  where 
Mr.  Jennings  died.  They  had  eight  children,  Alfred,  Rufus, 
Betsey,  Harry,  Patty,  Lenda,  Seth,   and  an  infant  unnamed. 

204.  Polly  ,s  daughter  of  112  Caleb^  and  Mary  [Saunders] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  Mass.,  January  16, 1783,  and  died 
April  5,  1869,  at  Windham,  N.  H.  She  married  Phineas  Gor- 
don as  his  second  wife.  They  lived  and  died  upon  the  old 
homestead  in  Windham,  and  had  no  issue.  Gordon  died 
Sept.  7,  1863,  aged  93  years. 

205.  William,6  son  of  112  Caleb^  and  Mary  [Saunders] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Windham,  New  Hampshire,  August  31, 
1786,  and  died  in  the  same  town  June  24,  1830.  He  mar- 
ried a  Miss  Ayers  of  Salem,  N.  H.  They  had  no  children. 
William  was  a  soldier  in  the  war  of  1812-14. 

207.  Jerusha,"  daughter  of  112  Caleb^  and  Mary  [Saun- 
ders] Balch,  was  born  at  Windham,  New  Hampshire,  Jan- 
uary 26,  1791  and  died  in  the  same  town  October  8,  1874. 
She  married  John  Kelly  of  Derry,  New  Hampshire,  and  after 
his  death  returned  to  the  old  homestead  where  she  spent  the 
remainder  of  her  life.     She  had  no  cliildren. 

211.  David,6  son  of  114  David^  and  Hannah  [Perkins] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  Mass.,  August  19, 1753,  and  died 
in  the  same  town  July  22,  1812.  He  was  married  April  21, 
1782  to  Betty  Burnham  of  Dumbarton,  New  Hampshire,  who 
was  born  June  8, 1763.     They  had  one  son. 

423*    David  Burnham,''  b.  June  29,  1784;  d.  Juue  27,  1860. 

Betty  died  Oct.  14,  1784,  and  David  was  married  again 
March  19,  1786  to  Sarah  Peabody,  daughter  of  Jacob  and 
Sarah  [Potter]  Peabody,  of  Topsfield.  She  was  born  June 
6,  1769,  and  died  March  2,  1845.  They  had  three  sons  and 
two  daughters. 


424*  Israel,'  b.  Sept.  14,  1788;  d.  July  7,  1S5S. 

425*  POLLT,'  b.  Mar.  7,  1792;  d.  Jan.  7,  1859. 

426  Abraham,'  b.  Nov.  15,  1794;  d.  unm.  Jan.  25,  1872. 

427  Daniel  Perkins,'  b.  July  23, 1797;  d.  at  sea.  unm.  Nov.  1. 1823. 
428*  Sally,'  b.  June  19,  1800. 

David  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution  and  was  at  the  battle 
of  Bunker  Hill.  He  was  of  a  mechanical  turn  of  mind  and 
owned  a  foot  lathe  on  which  his  son  Israel  learned  to  do 
turning.  David  was  a  self  taught  man.  His  monument 
stands  in  the  Topsfield  graveyard. 

212  Samuel,6  son  of  David°  and  Hannah  [Perkins] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  Feb.  7,  1755  and  died  in  June, 

The  date  of  his  marriage  is  unknown,  his  wife's  first  name 
was  Molly.  They  lived  in  Amesbury,  where  he  was  a  school- 
teacher. He  graduated  at  Harvard  in  1782.  They  had  three 

429*  BEN.JAMIN  B.'  b. 

430  Hannah,' b.  ;  m.  William  Lowell,  and  had  three  children : 
William  B., Polly  A.,  Hannah  E.,  and  a  grandson,  William  J. 

431*  Ann,'  b.  ;  m.  Henry  Shoop  and  had  two  children :  William 
n.  and  Ann  M. 

Samuel's  will  was  probated  June,  1840,  and  Mollie's  will 
was  probated  in  Dec,  1841. 

215.  Thomas,*^  son  of  David^  and  Hannah  [Perkins] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  March  29,  1761  and  died  March 
10,  1830. 

He  was  married  June  14,  1761  to  his  cousin  Dolly,  daugh- 
ter of  Samuel  and  Dorothy  Perkins.  She  died  June  22, 1819, 
aged  59  years,  8  months  and  12  days.  No  children  survived 
them  and  they  probably  had  none. 

Thomas  left  his  property  to  his  nephews,  429  Benj.  B.,  sou 
of  his  brother,  Samuel,  and  to  WiUiam  H.,  son  of  423  David 
Burnham  Balch. 

219.  David,^  son  of  115  John^  and  Rebecca  [Smith] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  January  4,  1740-41,  and  died  in 
Keene,  N.  H.,  July  31,  1801.     He  was  married  Nov.  12, 17G1, 


to  Esther  Esty,  daughter  of  Aaron  and  Esther  [Richards] 
Esty,  of  Topsfield.  She  was  born  in  1741.  David  was  a 
soldier  in  the  French  and  Indian  War  of  1758.  They  re- 
sided in  Topsfield  until  about  1789  when  they  removed  to 

432      EsTHEB.'b. 

433*    William,'  b. 

434*    Lydia,'  b.  1765;  d.  Apr.  18,  1S34. 

435*    David,'  b.  Sept.  1, 1771;  d.  Sept.  8,  1835. 

436  Daniel,'  b.  Mar.  6,  1783;  d.s.  p.,  1827;  m.  Mary  Clark,  March  6, 

1783,  lived  in  Danvers,  Mass. 

220.  John,6  son  of  115  John^  and  Rebecca  [Smith] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  March  26,  1742,  and  died  in  the 
same  town,  July  25,  1798.  He  was  married  October  30, 1767, 
to  Sarah,  daughter  of  Thomas,  and  Sarah  [Wade]  Baker  of 
Topsfield.  She  was  born  May  24,  1743,  and  died  January 
16,  1831.     They  had  one  son  and  four  daughters. 

437  Sabah,'  b.  Jan.  18,  1770;  m.  Nov.  4, 1790,  Eoger  Elliot,  of  Mid- 

dleton,  Mass. 

tir     ^Ili'nl?"''  i  t-*-'  ^-  J-e  2«.  l'^2-  i  mv.  22. 1798,  John  m. 

Elliot,  of  Middleton,  Mass. 
440*    JoH^-,'  b.  Aug.  17,  1776;  d.  Oct.  24,  1837. 
441      Rebecca,'  b.  Aug.  17,  1780;  d.  Sept.  8,  1802;  m.  Nov.  26,  1801 


221.  Samuel,^  son  of  115  John^  and  Rebecca  [Smith] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  March  20,  1743-4,  and  died 
about  1820,  aged  76,  unmarried.  His  mind  fell  into  a  dis- 
ordered state  several  years  before  his  father's  death,  and  the 
other  sons  were  directed  by  their  father's  will  to  provide  for 
him  out  of  his  share  of  the  estate. 

9";  222.  Robert,6  son  of  115  John^  and  Rebecca  [Smith] 
Balch,  was  bapt.  in  Topsfield,  July  28,  1745,  and  died  at  New 
Boston,  N.  H.,  August  3,  1880.  He  was  married  November 
28,  1769,  to  Sarah,  daughter  of  Deacon  Solomon  Dodge.  She 
was  born  June,  1752,  and  died  March  16,  1822. 

Robert,^  was  a  farmer  and  lived  in  Topsfield,  until  1791, 
when  he  removed  with  his  family  to  New  Boston,  N.  H. 


442*  Hannah,'  b.  Aug.  18,  1770;  d.  Mar.  20,  1867. 

443*  EoBEKT,'  b.  Feb.  19,  1772;  d.  Mar.  4,  1842. 

444*  Solomon,'  b.  Oct.  20,  1773;  d.  Oct.  22,  18.54. 

445   Sarah,'  b.  June  2,  1775;  d.  Oct.  11,  1776. 

446*  Moses.'  b.  Oct.  7,  1777;  d.  May  7,  1813. 

447*    John,'  b.  June  25,  1779;  d.  June  20,  1822. 

448      Sabah,'  b.  Mar.  20,  1781;  d.  June,    18-56;  m.   John  Cram   of 

Weare,  N.  H.,  tbey  had  two  sons,  and  four  daughters. 
449*    DiLLET,'  b.  May  6,  1784;  d.  Oct.  19,  1864. 
450*    Betsey,'  b.  Apr.  2,  1786;  d.  Nov.  10,  1813. 
451*     Nancy,'  b.  June  10,  1789;  d.  Jan.  30,  1850. 
452*     Allen,'  b.  July  19, 1791 ;  d.  Aug.  28,  1881. 
453*    William,'  b.  July  20,  1793;  d.  Aug.  27,  1885. 
454*    Eebecca,'  b.  Dec.  19,  1796;  d.  Sept.  22,  1876. 

223.  Hannah/  daughter  of  [115]  JohnS  and  Rebecca 
[Smith]  Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  March  29,  1747.  She 
was  published  to  Israel  Kenny,  May  5,  1765.  Nothing  more 
has  been  found  regarding  her. 

224.  Cornelius,''  son  of  [115]  John^  and  Rebecca 
[Smith]  Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  November  26,  1749, 
and  died  in  the  same  town.  May  21,  1795.  He  was  married 
April  4,  1771  to  Mehitable,  daughter  of  Jacob  and  Kezia 
[Gould]  Dwinell  of  Topsfield.  She  survived  him  and  was 
married  second  to  Amos  Nelson  of  Rowley,  November  7, 
1799.  She  was  born  April  30,  1748,  and  died  in  1844. 
Three  children  were  born  to  Cornelius  and  Mehitable,  in 

455*    Abigail,'  bapt.  Dec.  22,  1771. 

456      Richakd,'  bapt.  May  15,  1774;  d.  Nov.  28,  1776. 

457*  Mehitable,'  born  Feb.  1778;  d.  Oct.  4,  1815. 
^  226.  Roger,«  son  of  [115]  John^  and  Rebecca  [Smith] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  May  26,  1755  and  died  Janu- 
ary 8,  1842.  He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution.  He  was 
married  May  14,  1782  to  Sarah,  daughter  of  Moses  and 
Hannah  [Frye]  Perley,  of  Boxford,  Mass. 

458*    Pekley,'  b.  Aug.  5,  1783;  d.  May  2,  1858. 

459      MooDY,'  b.  Feb.  3,  1794;  d.  unm.  Nov.  10,  1851. 

227.  Rebecca,'^  daughter  of  [115]  John^  and  Rebecca 
[Smith]  Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  March  27,  1758.  She 
was  married  March  23,  1783  to  Silas  Dole  of  Rowley,  Mass. 


228.  Joshua,"  son  of  [116]  Joshua^  and  Sarah  [Tower] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Topsfield,  July  22,  1749  and  died  in 
Bradford,  where  he  then  lived.  He  was  married  September 
22,  1772  to  Hannah  Woodman,  of  Bradford,  by  whom  he 
had  three  children. 

460  Joshua,'  b.  Dec.  12,  1772;  d.  Oct.  1773. 

461  Joshua,'  bapt.  Aug.  1,  1774;  d.  Nov.  10,  1774. 

462  A  child,  b.  1776,  d.  without  name. 

Joshua  was  a  blacksmith  by  trade.  His  widow  adminis- 
tered upon  his  estate.  She  married  James  Greenough  in 
March,  1785. 

229.  Archelaus,"  son  of  [116]  Joshua^  and  Sarah 
))^^  [Tower]  Balch,  was  born  in  Boxford,  Mass.,  September  29, 
i  1%     1750  and  died  about  1777.     He  was  a  blacksmith  by  trade, 

and  lived  in  Boxford.     He  never  married. 

231.  Mehitable,"  daughter  of  117  Freeborn^  and  Mary 
[Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  at  North  Beverly,  Mass.,  March  3, 
1763,  and  died  at  Hopkinton,  New  Hampshire,  January  5, 
1853.  She  was  married  October  16,  1781,  to  Wilham 
Palmer,  of  Bradford,  Mass.  He  was  born  December  10, 
1763  and  died  August  20,  1861.  They  resided  at  Hopkin- 
ton, and  had  eleven  children. 
Samuel,  b.  Oct.  29,  1772;  d. 
Polly,  b.  Mar.  5,  1784;  d. 

Mehitable  Balch,  b.  Dec.  7,  178.5;  d.  March  7,  1874.    She  married 
Steven  Parker,  of  Groveland,  Mass.    He  died  Aug.  22,  1861,'  aged  78 
years.    They  had  four  children  -.—Alfred,  b.  at  Groveland,  Mar.  2, 1808 ; 
d.  July  10,  1876,  m.  Adeline  Parker,  of  Groveland,  May  28,  1846,  but 
had  no  issue;  Malinda,  b.  Nov.  15,  1810;  d.  Dec.  1,  1889;  Mehitable 
Balch,  b.  Apr.  26,  181.5;  d.  Nov.  8,  1881;  Abiyail  Palmer,  b.  Apr.  29, 
1818,  m.  George  Atwood,  of  Groveland,   Sept.  29,  1846,  who  died  at 
Groveland,  Jan.  2,  18.54,  aged  35  years,  leaving  one  daughter,  Abbie 
Frances  Atwood,  b.  Sept.  24,  1851,  at  Groveland,  m.  Edward  M.  Stacy, 
of  Haverhill,  Mass.,  but  had  no  issue. 
Abigail,  b.  Dec.  30,  1786;  d. 
William,  b.  Jan.  17,  1790;  d.  y. 
William,  b.  July  13,  1794;  d.  y. 
Moses,  b.  Sept.  14,  1796. 
Mary,  b.  July  27,  1798. 

Feb.  12,  1801. 


Aaeon,  b.  May  19,  1805. 
William,  b.  Sept.  17,  1807. 

232.  Benjamin,^  son  of  117  Freeborn'^  aud  Mary 
[Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  in  North  Beverly,  Jan.  10,  1765, 
and  died  in  Bradford,  in  1852.  He  was  married  March  29, 
1792  to  Susan,  daughter  of  Daniel  Muliken  and  widow  of 
Caleb  Norton.  She  died  Aug.  15,  1847,  aged  78  years. 
Benjamin  was  a  farmer  and  miller  and  resided  at  Bradford. 
Benjamin  and  Susan  had  six  children. 

464*    Benjamin,'  b.  July  21,  1793;  d.  1842. 
465      Betsey,'  b.  Mar.  25,  1794;  d.  1796. 
466*    Daniel,'  b.  Mar.  21,  1797;  d.  Aug.  21,  1875. 
467*    William  H.'  b.  Oct.  21,  1793:  d.  Feb.  14,  1835. 
468*    SoPHBONiA,'  b.  Oct.  6,  1801;  d.  Dec.  13,  1858. 
469      Charles,'  b.  Apr.  17,  1810;  m.  Abigail  Daggett,   lived  at  Can- 
ton, Mass.,  no  issue. 

233.  Wesley  Perkins,"  son  of  117  Freeborn^  and  Mary 
[Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  in  North  Beverly,  August  14, 
1766,  and  died  in  Haverhill,  April  27,  1827.  His  fii-st  wife 
was  Margaret  Lord,  of  Ipswich.  She  died  at  Haverhill,  Sep- 
tember 10,  1807.  For  a  time  they  resided  in  Bradford,  where 
their  eldest  daughter,  Margaret,  was  born  ;  about  1797  they 
removed  to  Haverhill,  where  he  kept  a  country  store,  and 
was  one  of  the  earliest  shoe  manufacturers  in  Haverhill. 
They  had  seven  childi-en. 

470*  Margaret,'  b.  July  24,  1796;  d.  Jan.  4,  1872. 

471*  Wesley,'  b.  Mar.  25,  1798;  d.  July  5, 1853. 

472*  John,'  b.  Jan.  7,  1800;  d.  May  28,  1868. 

473  Matilda,'  b.  Oct.  29,  1801 ;  d.  Oct.  S,  1802. 

474  Matilda,'  b.  Feb.  1,  1804;  d.  unm.  Jan.  6, 1849,  in  Thomastown, 

Me.  of  consumption. 

475  Jacob,'  b.  Jfov.  25,  1806;  d.  in  infancy. 
476*    Sophia,'  b.  Sept.  5,  1807;  d.  Mar.  22,  1855. 

Wesley  P.  married  for  his  second  wife  Miss  Susan  Osborn, 
on  Novembers,  1808;  she  was  born  in  Bos.ton  in  1772,  and 
died  February  28,  1844.  Three  children  was  the  issue  of 
this  marriage. 

477      Susan  Boardman,'  b.  Aug.  20,  1809;  d.  Oct.  23, 1809. 

478*    Susan  Osborn,'  b.  June  11,  1811;  d.  Dec.  5,  1878. 

479      Mary  Boaedman,'  b.  Mar.  7,  1813;  d.  July  27,  1816. 


234.  Abigail,*^  daughter  of  117  Freeborn^  and  Mary 
[Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  Aug.  19,  1768,  and 
died  at  Blackville,  New  Brunswick,  August  7,  1842.  She 
was  married  January  22,  1789,  at  her  father's  residence  in 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  to  James  Christie,  who  died  about  1793. 
Christie  was  a  Loyalist  during  the  Revolution,  and  found  it 
unpleasant  to  remain  in  the  United  States  after  peace  was 
declared  and  therefore  removed  to  New  Brunswick.  They 
had  two  sons. 

James,  b.  Oct.  22,  1789;   d.  Sept.  24,   1893.     He  m.  Sarah  Hum- 
ph erys  of  St.  John,  New  Brunswick,  and  had  four  children: 
— Margaret,  m.  William  Selden,  and  had  four  children,  Helen, 
Serah,  Nancy  and  James  Wesley ;  James,  m.  Sarah  Coughlan, 
and  had  three  children ;  Mary,  d.  unm. ;  T.  Wesley,  m.  Cathe- 
rine Bryant. 
Wesley,    b.    Oct.    4,  1792;    m.    Sarah  Weaver,  and    had  seven 
children : — Thomas,  Abagail,  George,  Sarah,  Mary  Ann,  Bar- 
bary  and  Wesley. 
Abigail,^   was  married  second,  October  25,  1795,  to  Brit- 
ish Nathaniel  Underbill,  who  was  born  in  New  York,  June  22, 
1773,   and  died  at  Blackville,  New  Brunswick,  October   9, 
1850.     His  father  was  a  Loyalist,  and  found  it  unpleasant  to 
remain  in  the  United  States,  so  in  1783  he  removed  with  his 
family  to  Mangerville,  St.  Johns,  New  Brunswick.     In  1806 
he   removed    to   Blackville.     Abigail   and   nearly  all  of  her 
descendants  were    Episcopalians.     They  had  five   children, 
born  at  Mangerville,  and  one,  the  youngest,  born  at  Black- 
ville, as  follows : 

William  Trtan,  b.  Aug.  28,  1796  ;  d.  Feb.  24,  1814. 
Noah  Bishop,  b.  Aug.  8,  1798  ;  died  Aug.  6,  1850,  at  Blackville. 
m.  in  1828,  Miss  Catherine  Meehan,  who  was  b.  in  1813;  d. 
May  22,  1881.  Their  children  were  Mary,  d.  unm.  aged 
22;  Catherine,  d.  y. ;  John,  b.  1829;  d.  1887;  m.  Ann  Fisher,  who 
d.  1876;  had  twelve  children. 
Bbitish  Nathaniel  2d,  b.  June  26,  1800;  d.  Oct.  1,  1883;  m.  Mary 
Kennedy  of  York  County,  N.  B.,  April  IS,  1822.  She  d.  Sept. 
23,  1882.  They  had  nine  children.  William  Tryon,  b.  March 
8,  1823;  m.  Euphemia  Smith,  July  18,  1850.  Issue,  nine  chil- 
dren. British  Nathaniel  3d,  b.  Jan.  31,  1827;  d.  Feb.  23,  1892; 
m.  Mary  ColwelJ,  Oct.  16,  1857.  They  had  six  children; 
Abigail,  b.  April  5,  1829;  m.  a  Mr.  Johnson;  no  issue;  Thomas 
Ward,  b.  April  15,  1831  ;m.  Lives  in  California,  has  one  son; 


James  Wesley,  b.  May  16,  1833 ;  m.  Cynthia  Colwell.  Issue 
six  children.  Susan,  b.  Aug.  31,  1835;  m.  Chas.  Mitchell.  No 
issue.  MarT/  Jane,  b.  Oct.  22,  1839;  m.  James  Fisher.  No 
issue.  Sarah  Hannah,  b.  June  11,  1843,  unm. ;  Eliza  Rebecca, 
b.  Jan.  27,  1848;  m.    No  issue. 

Thomas  Ward,  b.  May  17,  1803;  d.  Dec.  2,  1873,  at  Blackville; 
m.  April  5,  1827,  to  Mary,  daughter  of  John  Sutherland.  She 
was  born  July  23, 1809;  d.  May  .30,  1894,  at  Blackville.  They 
always  lived  upon  the  old  homestead  at  Blackville;  their 
children  were  ThomasWard,  m.  Abigail  Colwell.  They  had 
seven  children.  Mary  Ann,  b.  May  4,  1829;  m.  Oct.  16,  1856, 
to  John  Flett,  of  Nelson,  N.  B.  He  was  born  Feb.  1,  1822; 
d.  July  2,  1889.  They  had  seven  children ;  Thomas  Ward, 
Geo.  Edward  Albert,  Charles  Frederick,  Mary  Jane,  Susan 
Grace,  John  Addison,  William  James.  William  Tryon,  b. 
March  22,  1832;  m.  July  27,  18-56,  Abigail  Coughlan.  Five 
children:  Charles  Inkerman,  b.  June  10,  1857,  d.  May  7, 
1864;  Elizabeth  Alena,  b.  Oct.  7,  1858;  d.  Nov.  3,  1858; 
William  Willett,  b.  Nov.  29,  1860;  Charlotte  Elizabeth, 
b.  April  4,  1864;  Jacob  David,  b.  Dec.  2,  1866,  d.  y.  British 
Nathaniel  Tarlton,  b.  Oct.  13,  1834;  m.  Aug.  9,  1866,  Grace 
Mitchell.  She  was  born  Aug.  5,  1842;  d.  March  24,  1874. 
Issue,  four  children;  Anna  Mary,Grace  Mable,  Bessie  Louisa 
and  Alice  Janet.  Susan  Abigail,  b.  March,  1838 ;  d.  Dec.  19, 
1879;  m.  James  M.  Crawford.  Five  children;  Albert,  Mary, 
Charles,  James,  and  Tryau  Albert.  John  Albert,  b.  Nov.  27, 
1841 ;  m.  Elizabeth  Smith.  Five  children;  Cruden  Alexander, 
Beverly  Addison,  Blanche  Susan,  Mary  Eliza  and  John  Albert. 
Hannah  Moore,  b.  Sept.  27,  1843;  m.  James  W.  Coughlin, 
ten  children.  Alfredine  Ernesta,  b.  October  24,  1845;  d.  Nov. 
21,  1872;  m.  Louisa  A.  E.  Mitchell.  One  child,  Alfred  Ernest. 
Arthur  Averilt,  b.  Oct.  22,  1848,  d.  Jan.  8,  1893;  Jati^es 
Hudson,  b.  July  4,  1852;  m.  Elizabeth  I.  Smith.  Issue,  nine 

Maby,  b.  June  1,  1805;  d.  Jan.  16,  1855;  m.  Thomas  Coughlan, 
of  Prince  Edward's  Island.  Issue,  nine  children,  two  d.  y. 
Thomas,  William,  Nathaniel,  David,  James  W.,  Senjattiin, 

BENJAJII^'  Nelson,  b.  July  1,  1809;  d.  May  10,  1852;  m.  Mary 
Armstrong,  Aug.  25,  1844.  Three  children,  two  d.  y. ;  son, 
British  Nathaniel,  m.  Annie  Hoolarin.  Have  five  children; 
Kenneth,  Joseph,  Benjamin,  John  and  Myrtle. 

235.  Eunice,^  daughter  of  117  Freeborn^  and  Mary 
[Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  Mass.,  April  4,  1771, 
and  died  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  March  21,  1855.  About  the 
year  1794  she  was  married  to  William,  son  of  William  and 


Lydia  [Paxton]  Harmon.  He  was  born  at  Braintree,  Mass., 
December  1,  1760,  and  died  at  Haverbill,  May  16,  1857. 
They  had  ten  children,  all  of  whom  were  born  at  Peterboro, 
N.  H.,  except  the  eldest,  who  was  born  at  Braintree,  and  the 
youngest,  who  was  born  at  Bradford,  Mass.  In  1797  William 
Harmon,  with  his  wife  and  one  child,  removed  from  Braintree 
to  Peterboro,  where  he  bought  a  large  farm,  upon  which  they 
continued  to  live  until  February,  1815,  when  he  removed 
with  his  family  to  Bradford.  In  the  fall  of  1820  they  moved 
to  Haverhill,  where  they  spent  the  remainder  of  their  days. 
William  and  Eunice  were  Baptists.     Their  children  were : 

William  Weslet,  b.  Jan.  7,  1797;  d.  Jan.  17,  1881,  at  Ed- 
wards, N.  Y. ;  m.  Feb.  25,  1823,  Miss  Harriet  Viall,  of  Ed- 
wards. She  was  b.  Nov.  8,  1805,  and  died  in  1886.  They 
had  seven  children,  all  born  at  Edwards.  Eunice,  b.  Mar.  16, 
1824;  d.  in  Mich.;  m.  Sardine  S.  Van  Ornum,  of  Edwards, 
Sept.,  1843.  Susan  Viall,  b.  Dec.  7,  1826;  m.  Chauncy  C. 
Gibbons,  of  Russell,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  1,  1855.  Paul  Osgood,  b. 
June  21,  1829;  d.  Apr.  25,  1864,  at  Edwards;  m.  Mary  Titus, 
of  Edwards,  Mch.  22,  1853.  Altha,  b.  July  23,  1830;  d.  Feb. 
10,  1884,  at  Pitcairn,  N.  Y. ;  m.  John  W.  Laidlaw,  of  Hart- 
ford, N.  Y.,  Jan.  1,  1851.  Adoniram  Judson,  b.  Aug.  3,  1832; 
d.  y.  Sophronia,  h.  Jan.  26,  1834;  m.  Ai  Laidlaw,  of  Her- 
mon,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  11,  1867.  Wesley  Porter,  b.  Oct.  13,  1838; 
m.  Nancy  Laidlaw,  of  Herman,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  4,  1860. 
Mart  Balch,  b.  1798;  d.  y, 

David  Porteb,  b.  Mch.  11,  1800;  d.  Nov.  11,  1869,  at  Ha- 
verhill, Mass. ;  m.  Almira,  daughter  of  Moses  Sargent, 
who  was  born  at  Candia,  N.  H.  Her  grandfather,  who  was 
also  named  Moses,  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution.  She  was 
b.  at  Candia,  Jan.  18,  1802,  and  died  July  13,  1875,  at  Haver- 
hill. David  P.  and  Almira  Harmon  had  five  children,  all  b. 
at  Haverhill.  Henry  Porter,  Jr.,  b.  June  11,  1835;  d.  Jan.  15, 
1855,  at  Haverhill.  Walter  Scott,  b.  May  10,  18.37;  served  in 
the  Union  army  in  the  war  of  the  rebellion;  was  wounded  at 
South  Mountain.  George  Keeley,  b.  July  2,  1840;  m.  at 
Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  in  March,  1868,  to  Cornelia  Willis  [Vogt] 
Douglas.  She  was  born  June  17,  1841,  and  was  the  widow  of 
James  Douglas,  of  Brooklyn,  and  had  two  children,  Cornelia 
Maria  and  Hugh  Henry.  George  K.  and  Cornelia  W.  had 
four  children,  all  b.  in  Brooklyn:  David  Porter,  3d,  b.  July 
28,  1869;  d.  March  30,  1875.  Louisa  Livington,  b.  Sept.  10, 
1871;  d.  Oct.  17,  1872.  George  Howard,  b.  Aug.  17,  1873. 
Annie  Olivia  Vogt,  b.  Feb.  22,  1876.     George  Keeley  served 


in  the  war  of  the  rebellion.  Mary  Frances,  b.  Jan.  4,  1842; 
m.  W.  J.  Flanders,  of  Plaistow,  N.  H.,  June  17,  1868.  He 
was  born  in  Plaistow  in  1842.  Edward  Willard,  b.  Aug.  16, 

Hkbbebt  Sumneb,  b.  June  5,  1801;  d.  May  10,  1852. 

Ltdia  Poeter,  b.  May  4,  1802;  d.  Oct.  11,  1869,  unm.,  at  New- 

Eunice  Balch,  b.  April  19,  1804;  d.  May  30,  1888,  unm.,  at 

Benjamin  Balch,  b.  at  Peterboro,  N.  H.,  Sept.  1,  1806;  d.  Jan. 
24,  1874,  at  Edwards,  N.  Y.  He  was  married  at  East  Haver- 
hill, Mass.,  Nov.  30,  1830,  to  Eliza  White,  daughter  of  Dea. 
Humphrey  and  Kebecca  Chase.  She  was  bom  Oct.  11,  ISOiJ,  at 
Plaistow,  N.H.,  and  died  July  3, 1844,  at  Haverhill.  They  had 
five  children.  Charles  Porter,  b.  Dec.  6,  1831,  at  Bradford, 
Mass.,  d.  in  1865  at  Haverhill;  m.  Louise  G.  Witherell,  of 
North  Falmouth,  Mass.,  Oct.  30, 1855.  They  had  two  children, 
Julius,  d.  y.;  Julia,  d.  y.  Ann  Eliza,  b.  Dec.  1,  1833,  at  Ha^ 
verhill;  m.  about  1852,  Charles,  son  of  Kufus  Kimball,  of 
Bradford.  They  had  three  children,  Annie,  Florence, 
and  Charles.  William  Henry,  b.  Aug.  5,  1836,  at  East 
Haverhill;  m.  about  1876,  at  Edwards,  N.  Y.,  Mary  Rice,  a 
widow.  Abbie  Sweetzer,  b.  July  24,  1839,  at  East  Haverhill; 
m.  at  Bradford,  June  30,  1860,  James  M.  Witherell,  of  North 
Falmouth,  Mass.  They  had  two  children,  Lizzie  and  Horace. 
Almira  Porter,  b.  Aug.  19,  1841;  m.  George  W.  Clark,  of 
Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  and  had  one  daughter,  Mira.  After 
the  death  of  Benjamin's  wife  he  moved  to  Edwards, 
and  there,  November  11,  1857,  he  was  married  to  Mary, 
daughter  of  Abner  and  Elizabeth  Rice,  of  Edwards. 
They  had  seven  children.  Daniel  Wesley,  b.  Aug.  10,  1858; 
Mary  Louise,  b.  Nov.  1,  1859;  Ebenezer  Porter,  b.  Jan.  15, 
1861;  Nellie  May,  b.  May  15,  1864;  Eunice  Balch,  b.  Dec.  23, 
1866;  Sarah  Adelaide,  b.  Oct.  23,  1869;  Eva  St.  Clair,  b.  Sept. 
28,  1871,  d.  May  24,  1873. 

Ebenezer  LoBD,  b.  March  11,  1808;  d.  April  26,  1878,  at  Ed- 
wards, N.  Y.;  m.  Sept.  26,  1830,  PhilaViall,  b.  April  15, 
1813,  at  Russell,  N.  Y.  They  had  two  children,  Javies,  b. 
Oct.  13,  1832,  at  Edwards,  N.  Y. ;  m.  April  30,  1859,  to  Louise 
Johnson.  Charles  Viall,  b.  April  19, 1836,  at  Edwards,  N.  Y. ; 
m.  Jan.  1,  1861,  to  Mariette  Maltby,  of  Russell,  N.  Y. 

Geobge  Osgood,  b.  Jan.  27,  1809;  d.  Dec.  1,  1881,  at  Haverhill, 
Mass.;  m.  Dec.  5,  1855,  Margaret  Osborne,  of  Dover,  N.  H., 
b.  April  11,  1833. 

Nancy  Maria,  b.  Feb.  11,  1811;  d.  Dec.  9,  1892,  at  Yellow  Medi- 
cine, Minn.  She  was  married  at  Haverhill,  April  5,  1846,  to 
W.  C.  Pike,  of  Newburyport,  Mass.     He  was  b.  Nov. 


20,  1807,  and  died  at  East  Douglas,  Mass.,  Aug.  29,  1880. 
They  had  four  children:  Althea  Maria,  b.  March  11, 
1848;  m.  at  Weston,  Vt.,  Aug.  19,  1868,  Gamaliel  L.  Jones,  of 
Hubbardtown,  Vt.  and  they  had  five  children;  Eoa  St.  Clair, 
b.  Sept.  18,  1853;  m.  at  Holland,  Mass.,  Sept.  21,  1875, 
Francis  F.  Young,  of  East  Douglas,  Mass. ;  Sarah  Adelaide, 
b.  April  10,  1855;  d.  Jan.  1,  1868;  daughter,  d.  unnamed. 
Jambs,  b.  Sept.  9,  1818;  d.  Sept.  7,  1888,  at  Edwards,  N.  Y.;  m. 
Caroline  A.,  daughter  of  Francis  and  Betty  Butters,  Dec.  29, 
1841.  Seven  children:  Caroline  B.,  b.  Jan.  25,  1843;  d.  y. 
James  William,  b.  July  1,  1844,  at  Haverhill;  m.  Jan.  18, 
1870,  Cordelia  A.  Shaw,  daughter  of  Elijah  and  Abigail  Shaw, 
of  Edwards,  b.  July  24,  1846,  d.  Feb.  18,  1885.  Five  children: 
Viola  Abigail,  b.  July  28,  1872;  Frank  Henry,  b.  Sept.  26, 
1874;  Florence  Grace,  b.  Sept.  12,  1877,  d.  Sept.  10,  1882; 
Eugene  Blaine,  b.  Dec.  14,  1879;  James  Merriman,  b.  May  4, 
1882.  Carrie  A.,  b.  Aug.  2,  1817;  d.  y.;  Elizabeth  Porter,  b. 
Feb.  18,  1849;  Charles  Luther,  b.  Oct.  5,  1850;  m.  Nov.  27, 
1879,  Alice  B.,  daughter  of  Henry  and  James  Thompson,  b. 
Jan.  1,  1863;  d.  Nov.  7,  1887;  Julia  A.,  b.  Sept.  3,  1852,  d.  y.; 
Ellsworth  Scott,  b.  March  16,  1861,  d.  y. 

236.  John,«  son  of  117  FreebornS  and  Mary  [Per- 
kins] Balch,  was  born  in  Beverly,  July  18,  1772,  and  died 
in  1849,  at  Medfield,  Mass.  He  was  married  July  22,  1792, 
to  Phebe,  daughter  of  William  and  Lydia  [Faxon]  Harmon, 
of  Braintree,  Mass.  She  was  born  June  7,  1772,  and  died 
in  1861.  They  had  nine  children.  John  was  a  farmer,  and 
lived  in  Medfield. 

480*  Wbslby  PBRiaNS,7  b.  Sept.  2,  1794;  d.  Sept.  24,  1850. 

481*  Phebb,'  b.  April  18,  1797;    d. 

482  Enoch  H.,'  b.  May  7,  1799;  d.  unm.  1825;  buried  in  Medfield. 

483*  John,'  b.  May  1, 1801 ;  d.  1869. 

484*  Benjamin,'  b.  Jan.  11,  1804;  d.  April  28,  1888. 

485*  Ebenezbb  H.,'  b.  Jan.  28,  1806;  d.  1878. 

486  Mabt  Battelle,'  b.  June  27,  1807;  d.  1840;  m.  George  Davis. 

487  Lydia  H.,'  b.  March  18,  1808;  m.  1831,  Orin  Nichols  of  Lowell. 

488  Bethsheba  Ellen,'  b.  Nov.  17,  1812;  d.  1876;  m.  George  Ms^ 

son;  ch.,  George  and  Harry,  bothd.  unm. 

237.  Thomas,6  son  of  124  Thomas^  and  Mary  [Sum- 
ner] Balch,  was  born  at  Dedham,  Mass.,  August  31,  1738. 
He  was  in  the  French  and  Indian  war,  and  died  at  Albany, 
N.  Y.,  September  29,  1756,  from  disease  contracted  while  on 
an  expedition  to  Crown  Point. 


238.  Mary ,6  daughter  of  124  Thomas^  and  Mary  [Sum- 
ner] Balch,  was  born  at  Dedham,  November  16,  1740,  and 
died  November  3,  1815.  Sbe  was  married  by  her  father  to 
Rev.  Manasseh  Cutler,  D.  D.,  LL.D.,  of  Hamilton,  October 
8,  1766.     Their  children  were  as  follows : 

Ephraim,  b.  at  Edgertown,  Mass.,  April  13,  1767.     He  remained 
in  Killingly,  Ct.,  until  the  death  of  his  grandfather,  Heze- 
kiah;  married  April  8,  1787,   Leah  Atwood,   of  K. ;  removed 
to   Marietta,    Ohio,   in   1795;    appointed   Judge  of  Court  of 
Common  Pleas  by  Gov.  St.  Clair;  was  Representative  of  Ter- 
ritorial Government  in  1801-2. 
Jebvase,  b.  atEdgertown,  Sept.  17,  1768;  d.  at  Evansville,  Ind., 
Jan.  25,  1844.    Went  vrith  first  party  under  Gen.  Putnam 
which  made  the  first  settlement  in  the  U.  S.  northwest  of  the 
Ohio  river;  was  an  officer  in  the  U.  S.  army,   married,  and 
had  three  sons  and  several  daughters. 
Maet,  b.  at  Dedham,  May  3, 1771 ;  married  Dr.  Joseph  Torrey,  of 
Beverly.     Prof.  Torrey,  of  Burlington,  Vt.,  was  a  descendant. 
Charles,  b.  at  Haverhill,  March  26,   1773;  d.  at  Ames,  Athens 

county,  O.,  in  1802;  graduated  at  Harvard. 
Lavinia,  b.  Aug.  6,  1775;  married,  and  lived  in  Salem  andDan- 

vers;  left  no  children. 
Temple,  b.  April  10,  1778;  d.  same  year. 

Elizabeth,   b.  in  Hamilton,  July  4,   1779;  married  Mr.   Fitcli 
Pool,  of  Danvers,  and  lived  in  Peabody.     A  descendant,  Mr. 
Fitch  Pool,  was  Librarian  in  the  Peabody  Institute. 
Temple,  b.  in  Hamilton,  Feb.  24,  1782;  d.  Nov.  5,  1857;  always 
lived  in  Hamilton. 
Rev.    Manasseh    Cutler   was    a     man    of    high    abilities 
and  reputation.     He    was   born    at   Killingly,    Conn.,    May 
3,  1742.     [His  grandfather  was  John  Cutler,  who  removed  to 
Killingly  from  Lexington,  Mass.,  about  1700.    His  father  was 
Hezekiah,  born  in  1706  ;  married  in  1780,  Susan  Clarke ;  died 
1793,  aged  87  years.]     He  graduated  at  Yale  in  1765  ;  mar- 
ried Mary  Balch,  1766 ;  then  engaged  in  business  at  Nan- 
tucket.    Studied  law,  afterwards  theolog}',  with  his  father-in- 
law  ;  was  ordained  at  Ipswich  Hamlet  [now  Hamilton],  Sept. 
11,  1771.     He  served  one  year  as  chaplain  in  the  Revolution- 
ary war,  and  afterwards  as  surgeon.     He  gave  great  attention 
to  botany,  and  soon  became   noted   for  his  scientiiic  attain- 
ments.    In  January,  1781,  he  was  elected  a  member  of  the 


American  Academy  of  Arts  and  Sciences  ;  many  communica- 
tions from  him  are  printed  in  their  volumes  ;  was  also  a 
member  of  the  leading  scientific  societies  of  this  country  and 
in  Europe.  In  1791  he  received  the  honorary  degree  of  LL.  D. 
from  Yale.  He,  in  connection  with  Gen.  Rufus  Putnam,  who 
has  been  called  the  "  Father  of  the  Northwest,"  was  very 
active  in  promoting  emigration  to  the  west,  secured  the  grant 
from  Congress  of  a  large  tract  of  land  in  Ohio,  and  won  for 
himself  the  title  of  Prince  of  Lobbyists.  [See  Harper's 
Monthly  for  September,  1885.] 

In  1800  he  was  elected  to  Congress,  and  served  two  terms 
as  Representative.  He  died  at  Hamilton,  July  28,  1823,  in 
his  82d  year. 

239.  Benjamin,^  son  of  124  Thomas^  and  Mary  [Sum- 
ner] Balch,  was  born  at  Dedham,  Mass.,  February  12,  1743. 
He  was  graduated  from  Harvard  College  in  1763.  He  stud- 
ied theology  with  his  father,  and  evidently  commenced  preach- 
ing quite  early,  for  while  occupying  a  pulpit  at  Machias, 
Maine,  one  of  his  auditors,  a  pretty  Irish  girl,  caught  his  eye 
and  fancy,  and  in  1764  they  were  married. 

This  young  woman  was  Miss  Joanna  O'Brien.  She  was 
born  at  Searboro,  Maine,  and  died  at  Barrington,  N.  H., 
September  1,  1820.  Her  brothers  Jeremiah,  John  and  Joseph, 
were  all  noted  privateersmen,  during  the  Revolution. 

Rev.  Benjamin  returned  to  Dedham,  with  his  wife,  soon 
after  their  marriage,  and  he  there  temporarily  occupied  a 
pulpit.  He  then  made  a  contract  with  the  congregation  of 
Mendon,  South  Precinct,  and  was  settled  over  that  church. 

Benjamin  remained  as  the  pastor  of  the  Mendon  church  for 
five  years,  when  some  differences  arose  regarding  his  salary, 
and  he  left  them  quite  abruptly,  and  sold  his  property  to  a 
Quaker.  This  was  almost  an  unpardonable  sin  in  the  eyes 
of  the  people. 

In  1772  he  established  his  home  at  New  Mills,  a  part  of 
Danvers,  Mass.,  now  known  as  Danversport,  and  here  his  fam- 
ily lived  for  eleven  years.     He  was  settled  over  no  church 


but  filled  supplies  in  the  vicinity,  when  not  away  in  the  ser- 
vice of  the  Army  or  Navy. 

Benjamin  Balch  was  admitted  to  Jordan  Lodge  of  F.  and 
A.  M.  of  Danvers. 

As  Lieutenant  of  a  Danvers  Company,  Capt.  Edmund 
Putnam,  commander,  he  marched  with  it  to  Lexington,  April 
19, 1775,  and  participated  in  the  battle  on  that  day. 

He  served  in  turn  as  Chaplain  in  Colonel  Ephrim  Doolittle's 
Regiment ;   the  Frigate  Boston,  Captain  McNeil,  and  other 

In  1781  he  was  with  the  Frigate  Alliance,  Captain  John 
Barry,  when  she  conveyed  the  U.  S.  Ambasador  to  France. 
This  vessel  was  in  a  severe  engagement  with  a  British  ship 
and  brig,  which  they  captured  off  Halifax.  The  fierceness 
of  the  battle  so  excited  the  chaplain  that  he  seized  a  musket 
and  fought  with  such  ardor  that  his  exploits  earned  for  him 
the  sobriquet  of  "  The  Fighting  Parson." 

Benjamin's  son  Thomas  was  with  him  in  the  Alliance,  and 
served  as  powder  monkey.  After  the  batttle  he  met  his  son 
with  great  joy  and  exclaimed,  "  What,  Tom,  are  you  alive !  " 

In  August,  1784,  he  was  settled  over  the  church  at  Barring- 
ton,  N.  H.,  where  he  preached  over  thirty  years,  greatly  be- 
loved by  his  people.  The  Barrington  records  show  that  he 
performed  the  ceremony  at  nearly  all  the  weddings  in  the 

Death  came  to  him  suddenly,  on  May  4,  1815.  But  a 
few  days  before,  old  age  had  led  him  to  preach  his  farewell 
sermon  and  bring  his  thirty  years  pastorate  to  a  close. 
He  fell  dead  while  walking  through  the  town.  He  was  hur- 
ried in  the  woods  about  40  rods  to  the  northwest  of  his 
home,  where  he  for  so  many  years  had  lived.  Tradition  says 
that  his  faithful  little  dog  refused  to  forsake  him  even  in 
death,  and  died  upon  his  grave. 

Benjamin  and  Joanna  had  twelve  children.  The  two  eld- 
est were  born  at  Dedham,  the  next  two  at  Mendon,  the  next 
five  at  Danvers,  and  three  at  Barrington. 


489*  Thomas/  b.  Oct.  2,  1765;  d.  Jan.  16,  1840. 

490*  Benjamin,'  b.  Jan.  5,  1768;  d.  Apr.  10, 1809. 

491*  Mart,"  b.  June  11,  1770;  d.  Aug.  30,  1855. 

492*  John,'  b.  Sept.  4,  1772;  d.  Aug.  5,  1843. 

493*  William,'  b.  Jan.  17,  1775;  d.  Aug  31,  1842. 

494*  George  Washington,'  I  ,.„.  „  .    n^t-  ifi  nr:-  ^  '^-  •^"°«  21, 1826. 

495*  HoKATio  Gates,'  ^  twms,b.  Oct.l6,lT77,  |  ^  1350 

496*  Joanna,' b.  July  3,  1780;  d.  in  1866. 

497*  Martha,'  b.  Jan.  19,  1783,  d.  Feb.  1866. 

498*  Jeremiah  O.,'  b.  July  81,  1785;  d.  Nov.  4,  1875. 

499  Hannah,' b.  July  20,  1791;  m.  Mr.  Church;    d. 

500  Joseph,'  b.  Nov.  7,  1794;  d.  June  22,  1797. 

240.  Elizabeth,^  daughter  of  124  Thomas^  and  Mary 
[Sumner]  Balch,  was  born  at  South  Dedham,  September  2, 
1746,  and  died  in  that  town,  September  15,  1820.  She  mar- 
ried Jonathan  Dean,  of  South  Dedham,  May  8,  1766.  She 
left  many  descendants  in  South  Dedham.  Samuel  Holmes, 
b.  May  7,  1767;  Francis,  b.  Mar.  24, 1769 ;  Ebenezer,  b.  May 
17,  1772,  d.  Oct.  23, 1854 ;  Balch,  b.  Mar.  7,  1775  ;  Mary. 

241.  Lucy ,5  daughter  of  124  Thomas^  and  Mary  (Sum- 
ner) Balch,  was  born  at  Dedham,  January  10,  1748,  and  died 
March  17, 1776. 

She  married  Rev.  Moses  Everett,  of  Dorchester,  Mass.,  Nov- 
ember 24,  1774.  No  issue.  Everett  was  an  uncle  of  Hon. 
Edward  Everett. 

242.  Irene,«  daughter  of  124  Thomas^  and  Mary  [Sum- 
ner] Balch,  was  born  at  Dedham,  February  6,  1753,  and  died 
in  July,  1815.  She  married  Dr.  Elijah  Hewins,  of  Sharon, 
Mass.,  Dec.  10,  1797. 

243.  Hannah,"  daughter  of  124  Thomas^  and  Mary 
[Sumner]  Balch,  was  born  December  10,  1755,  at  Dedham. 
She  died  April  17,  1839.  She  married  Rev.  Jabez  Chicker- 
ing  [who  was  her  father's  successor  at  South  Dedham] ,  April 
22,  1777.  Chickering  was  born  at  Dover,  Mass.,  November 
4,  1753,  and  died  March  12,  1812.  He  graduated  from  Har- 
vard University  in  1774,  and  was  ordained  at  South  Dedham, 
July  3,  1776,  and  continued  to  be  pastor  of  that  church  to 
the  date  of  his  death.     Their  children  were  as  follows  : 


Lucy,  b.  March  12,  1778;  d.  unm.  July  5,  1796. 

Joseph,  b.  April  30,  1780;  d.  Jan.  27,  1844.  Graduated  from 
Harvard  University  1799;  was  a  clergyman;  settled  in  Wo- 
burn,  Mass.,  1804,  and  in  rhillipston,  1822. 

Jabez,  b.  Auof.  28,  1782;  d.  Oct.  20,  1826.  Graduated  at  Harvard 
University  1804;  was  a  lawyer;  lived  in  South  Dedham  and 
in  Monroe,  Mich.,  where  he  died. 

Elizabeth,  b.  June  28,  1785;  married  Rev.  Samuel  Gay,  of 
Hubbardston,  Mass. 

Thomas  Balch,  b.  April  24,  1788;  d.  June,  1817;  manied  Susan 
Swift;  lived  in  Louisville,  Ky.,  where  he  died. 

Hannah,   b.  Aug.  8,   1802;  married,   Feb.  2,  1826,   John  Kings- 
bury Briggs,  M.  D.;  married  second,  Samuel  Fletcher,  a  law- 
yer, Feb.  13,  1S47. 
244.    Thomas.e    son   of  124  Thomas^  and  Mary  [Sum- 
ner] Balch,  was  born  at  Dedham,  Feb.  21,  1761  ;  was  a  sol- 
dier in  the  Revolution,  and  died  unmarried  in  1780. 

247.  Rebecca.e  daughter  of  127  William^  and  Rebecca 
[Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bradford,  July  29,  1763.  She 
married,  Nov.  26,  1786,  Niles  Tilden,  a  ship's  carpenter,  from 
Marshfield,  Mass.  Her  grandfather.  Rev.  Wm.  Balch,  offici- 
ated. They  lived  in  Bradford  until  their  children  were  born, 
then  in  Salem  awhile,  then  in  Methuen,  where  she  died. 
Niles  married  Rhoda  Little,  of  Marshfield;  resided  in  Me- 
thuen on  a  farm  ;  removed  to  New  Bedford,  where  he  was  a 
cigar  manufacturer.  Lucretia,  d.  y.  Convers,  d.  aged  30 
years,  married  Mary  Chamberlain  ;  lived  in  Salem ;  had  chil- 

248.  Sarah.e  daughter  of  127  William^  and  Rebecca 
[Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bradford,  August  26,  1765,  and 
died  October  2,  1838.  She  was  married  March  10,  1789,  to 
Deacon  Daniel  Stickney,  of  Bradford.  He  was  a  son  of 
Capt.  Thomas  and  Sarah  [Tenney]  Stickney.  He  died  May 
8,  1840.  They  had  six  children :  Benjamin,  b.  July  14, 
1790 ;  d.  July  21,  1790.  Leonard,  b.  September,  1791  ;  d. 
Jan.  10,  1795.  Daniel,  b.  July,  1793  ;  d.  Jan.  2,  1795.  Sa- 
rah, b.  March,  1796 ;  d.  unm.  Sept.  28, 1817.  Daniel  Balch, 
b.  July  21, 1798  ;  d.  in  Groveland ;  married  Ann,  daughter  of 
Samuel  L.  Parker,     Mary,  b.  July  22,  1800 ;  d.  Feb.  2, 1874  ; 


married  her  second  cousin,  William,  son  of  Samuel  and  Betty 
[Balch]  Savary. 

249.  William.s  son  of  127  William^  and  Rebecca  [Bailey] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Bradford,  July  9,  1767,  and  died  July  9, 

1862.  He  never  married.  He  owned  and  occupied  the  old 
homestead  of  his  ancestors  at  Groveland,  formerly  Bradford, 
and  willed  it  to  his  nephew  505  Thomas  Hutchinson"  Balch. 

250.  Jonathan,6  son  of  127  William^  and  Rebecca 
[Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  June  18,  1769, 
and  died  April  4,  1838,  upon  the  place  where  his  uncle  Na- 
thaniel once  lived.  He  was  married  three  times,  first,  August 
13,  1796,  to  Abigail,  daughter  of  Deacon  Phineas  and  Susan 
[Stickney]  Carlton,  of  Bradford.  She  was  born  November 
1,  1773,  and  died  August  4,  1802.  The  fruits  of  this  marriage 
were  three  children : 

501*    Phineas  Cablton,'  b.  June  20,  1797;  d.  Jan.  24,  1880. 

502*    Leonard,'  b.  Sept.  18,  1799;  d.  Aug.  9,  1871. 

503*    William,'  b.  May  7,  1802;  d.  Oct.  25,  1841. 
Jonathan  married  second,  November  29,  1803,  Mehitable, 
a  sister  to  his  first  wife.    She  was  born  October  16,  1769,  and 
died  Sept.  20,  1830,  at  Bradford.     They  had  five  children : 

504      Ubiah,'  b.  Oct.  7,  1805;  d.  unm.  Nov.  23,  1832. 

505*    Thomas  Hutchinson,'  b.  Marc]i20,  1807. 

506*    Jonathan,'  b.  Oct.  5,  1808;  d.  Nov.  15,  1892. 

io8   itioS'  1 1^'-^*-  ^-  J^°-  "■  1811 ;  t°*^  ^-  y- 

Jonathan  married  third,  April  3,  1832,  Mrs.  Betsey  [Clay] 
Danforth.  She  was  born  February  2,  1774,  and  died  July, 
1850.     She  was  the  widow  of  Eliphalet  Danforth. 

253,  Benjamin.^  son  of  127  William^  and  Rebecca 
[Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bradford,  November  9,  1774, 
and  died  June  6,  1860.  He  was  a  watchmaker  by  trade.  On 
the  13th  day  of  July,  1796,  he  moved  from  Bradford  to 
Salem,  where  he  afterwards  lived.  He  was  married  Dec.  4, 
1800,  to  Lois,  daughter  of  Moses  H.  Phippen.     She  died  in 

1863,  aged  81  years.  Benjamin  learned  his  trade  with  his 
cousin  Daniel,  of  Newburyport.  Benjamin  and  Lois  had  ten 
children : 


609*  LoinsA,'  b.  July  12,  1802;  d.  1837. 

510*  Benjamin,'  b.  Jan.  25,  1804;  d.  Nov.  5,  1863. 

511*  James,'  b.  Feb.  21,  1806;  d.  November,  1846. 

512*  William,'  b.  Feb.  1,  1808;  d.  187-. 

513*  Moses  Phippin,'  b.  Jan.  23,  1810. 

514*  Claeissa,'  b.  June  22.  1812;  d.  1842. 

515  Geokge,'  b.  March  30,  1814;  d.  April  25,  1814. 

516  LucT  Ann,'  b.  Aug.  2.5,  1815;  d.  unrn.  Aug.  26,  18;35. 

517  Caroline,'  b.  Oct.  12,  1818;  d.  unm.  Sept  13,  1878. 
518*  Heney  FP.EEBOEN,'  b.  Nov.  24,  1820. 

254.  Mary,  or  Polly,«  daughter  of  127  WilliamS  and  Re- 
becca [Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bradford,  December  3, 
1776,  and  died  July  9,  1847.  She  was  married  April  19, 
1798,  to  Nathaniel,  son  of  Nathaniel  and  Abigail  [Savory] 
Wallingford,  of  East  Bradford.  Charles,  d.  y.  Rebecca,  b. 
April  6,  1801 ;  married  Osgood  George,  son  of  Eliphalet  and 
Susan  [Nichols]  Boynton,  of  Haverhill,  a  shoe  manufac- 
turer. Sophia,  b.  1804 ;  d.  unm.  1856.  Clarissa,  b.  1811 ;  d. 
unm.  June  15, 1880.  Charles,  b.  Dec.  8,  1812  ;  d.  Sept.  26, 
1885  ;  married  Elizabeth  H.,  daughter  of  Moses  H.  and  Polly 
[Hale]  Palmer;  they  had  four  children,  Byi-ou,  Mary, 
Thomas  and  Fanny. 

257.  Daniel,6  son  of  130  DanieP  and  Hannah  [Clemens] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  March  1,  1761,  and  died  at 
the  same  town,  October  13,  1835.  He  followed  the  occupa- 
tion of  his  father,  a  watchmaker,  at  Newburyport.  He  was 
a  man  of  strong  common  sense,  just  and  honest,  quite  irasci- 
ble, and  when  aroused  apt  to  use  expressions  more  forcible 
than  polite.  He  was  a  Federalist,  and  very  vituperative  of 
Andrew  Jackson.  Pecuniarily  he  was  in  moderate  ciicum- 
stances,  and  dependent  on  his  trade.  He  had  a  comfortable 
home,  with  considerable  land,  on  which  he  raised  hay  and 
vegetables.  He  was  a  great  lover  of  tulips,  the  border  of  the 
middle  path  of  his  garden  back  of  his  house  was  gay  with 
them  in  their  season.  Among  them  were  the  Dutch  tuUps, 
which  he  esteemed  as  rare. 

He  was  of  an  inventive  mind.  From  the  upper  story  of 
his  house,  attached  to  clockwork,  he  suspended  a  cord  with 


a  -weight  attached,  so  that  when  wound  up  it  would  turn  the 
spit  on  which  was  the  turkey  or  goose  to  roast. 

He  attended  the  Unitarian  Church,  but  was  not  a  commu- 
nicant, and,  in  fact,  was  skeptically  inclined,  finding  the  ori- 
gin of  the  universe  and  the  destiny  of  man  subjects  too  vast 
and  mysterious  to  cope  with. 

He  married  fu-st,  November  27,  1783,  Miss  Lucy  Hodge, 
daughter  of  Charles  Hodge.  She  was  born  at  Newburyport, 
April  6,  1760,  and  died  December  27,  1797.  The  issue  of 
this  marriage  was  six  children : 

519*    Hannah,'  b.  Oct.  14, 1784;  d.  March  20,  1828. 

520*    Elizabeth,'  b.  March  18,  1786;  d.  Oct.  17,  1873. 

521*    Chables  Hodge,'  b.  Oct.  29,  1787;  d.  Nov.  18,  1852. 

522*    Daniel,'  b.  June  16,  1790;  d.  Nov.  17,  1858. 

523      William,'  b.  May  12,  1793;  d.  June  13,  1794. 

524*    William,'  b.  July  20,  1795;  d.  June  26, 1886. 

Daniel  married  second,  December  2,  1798,  Martha  Tarbox, 
by  whom  he  had  two  sons.     She  died  August  16, 1802. 

525*    John  Theodobic,'  b.  Oct.  13, 1799;  d.  Feb.  24,  1847. 

526  George,'  b.  March  31,  1802;  d.  Oct.  9,  1802. 

Daniel  married  third,  July  10,  1804,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Mur- 
ray.    She  died  November  16, 1819,  aged  45  years.     No  issue. 

259.  Thomas  Hutchinson,^  son  of  130  DanieP  and 
Hannah  [Clemens]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  July  7, 
1771,  and  died  in  that  town,  June  28,  1817.  He  followed 
the  occupation  of  his  father,  a  watchmaker.  He  married 
Mrs.  Agnes  [Ware]  Sloan,  December  8,  1796.  She  was  born 
in  1767,  and  died  October  24,  1802.  They  resided  in  New- 
buryport, and  all  their  children  were  born  and  died  in  that 
town,  except  Nancy,  the  youngest,  who  died  in  the  Worcester 
Insane  Asylum. 

527  Makt  Sigoueny,'  b.  Feb.  29,  1798;  d.  unm.  Sept.  29,  1808. 

528  Hannah,'  b.  Aug.  16,  1799;  d.  unm.  Sept.  6,  1817. 

529  Agnes,'  b.  May  20,  1801 ;  d.  unm.  April  1,  1825. 

530  Nanct,'  b.  Oct.  17,  1802;  d.  unm.  Dec.  30,  1868. 

Thomas  H.  married  second,  Mrs.  Ann  [Hodge]  Hovey, 
July  26,  1803.  She  was  born  in  1769,  and  died  April  14, 
1818.    No  issue. 


261.  John,®  son  of  131  Nathaniel  and  Joanna  [Day] 
Balch,  was  born  January  12,  1761,  at  East  Bradford,  Mass., 
and  died  at  Newburyport,  December  26,  1836.  He  and  his 
wife  were  buried  in  the  old  cemetery  near  the  Mall  in  New- 
buryport. He  was  a  merchant,  doing  business  on  Merrimac 
street,  in  Newburyport.  He  was  married  March  1,  1783,  to 
Eunice,  daughter  of  Joseph  and  Sarah  [Moses]  Bartlett,  of 
Newburyport.  She  was  born  April  30,  1763,  and  died  August 
7,  1828.  Thirteen  children  was  the  issue  of  John  and  Sarah. 
Their  five  eldest  were  born  in  East  Bradford.  John  moved 
to  Newburyport  in  1791,  and  the  rest  of  his  children  were 
born  in  that  town. 

531      John,'  d.  y. 
^532*    Joseph,'  b.  Dec.  5, 1785;  d.  Dec.  10,  1849. 

533*    Eunice,'  b.  Aug.  7,  1787. 

534*    Hannah,'  b.  Jan.  3,  1789. 

535*    Sarah,'  b.  Dec.  21,  1790;  d.  Feb.  8,  1893. 

536*    SoPHRONiA,'  b.  Feb.  14,  1793;  d.  June  24,  1872. 

537      Nathaniel,'  b.  March  17,  1794;  d.  July  2,  1795. 

538*    Ltdia  Pillsbuet,'  b.  March  1,  1797;  d.  Oct.  2,  1870. 

539      LucT,'  b.  July  28,  1798;  d.  Aug.  26,  1800. 

540*    Mart,'  b.  April  17,  1800. 

541*    Lucy,'  b.  Oct.  11,  1801;  d.  July  20,  1885. 

542*    John,'  b.  April  14,  1803;  d. 

543*    Benjamin,'  b.  April  16,  1805;  d.  Sept.  4,  1880. 

262.  Abigail,®  daughter  of  131  Nathaniel*  and  Joanna 
[Day]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  November  12, 1762, 
and  died  November  13,  1802.  She  was  married,  September 
16, 1782,  to  Dr.  Seth  Jewett,  son  of  Jeremiah  and  Elizabeth 
[Choate]  Jewett,  of  Rowley,  Mass.  He  was  born  in  1756, 
and  died  at  Newburyport,  March  15,  1802.  He  practiced 
medicine  in  Rowley,  until  1798,  when  he  moved  to  Newbury- 
port.    They  had  five  children. 

Sophia,  b.  Aug.  1,  17S3;  married  Walter,  son  of  Jere- 
miah Todd,  of  Rowley.  He  was  a  trader  in  Newburyport. 
Their  children:  Seth,  married  Ann  Giles,  and  lives  in  Wash- 
ington, D.  C:  two  children,  Ellen  and  Seth  Giles.  Sophia. 
William,  who  married  Eliza  Giles,  had  two  children,  Esther 
and  Thomas.  Mary,  who  married  George  Sweetser,  of  New- 
buryport, child,  Caroline  Sweetser. 

i(|oHiiii.0itnTealfI|^  0li  jf|jissad|iisette. 




JOHN  BALCH:  Appears  with  rank  of  Private  on  Muster  and  Pay  Roll  of 
Capt.  Stephen  Jenkins'  Co.,  Col.  Jacob  Gerrish's  (SufTolk 
and  Elssex  Co.)  Regt.  — Enlisted  October  14,  1779. — Dis- 
charged November  22,  1779. — Time  of  service,  i  month,  20 
days. — Detached  to  reinforce  army  under  Gen.  Washington 
by  Resolve  of  October  9,  1779. 

l^i'I.  20;  p.  118. 

Bos/on,  June  14,  l8g~. 
I  certify  the  foreg;oing  to  be  a  true  abstract  f  rem  the 
\\    Record  Index  to  the  Revolutionary  War  Archives  deposited 
this  office. 

IVitnesf  the  seal  of  the  Commonwealth. 

WM.  M  OLIN,  Secretary. 

John  Balch. 

A  soldier  in  the  Revolution, 


Abigail,  b.  July  5,  1785;  married  Daniel  Smith,  an  apothecary, 

of  Newburyport. 
William,  b.  in  1787;  d.  y. 
Seth,  b.  in  1793 ;  d.  y. 
Nathaniel,  b.  June  3,  1795;  married  Ann,  daughter  of  James 

Prince,  of  Newburyport.    They  lived  in  Washington,  D.  C. 

Their  children:    Laura,  Ann,  Corinna,  Sebastin,  Sidney,  and 


263.  Nathaniel,^  son  of  131  NathanieP  and  Joanna  [Day] 
Balch,  was  born  in  East  Bradford,  August  9,  1764,  and  died 
at  Newburyport,  October  19,  1793.  He  was  married  at  Brad- 
ford, October  2,  1790,  to  Lucy  Russell.  Sbe  died  September 
24,  1847,  aged  79  years.  They  had  no  issue.  Nathaniel  was 
a  trader  in  Newburyport.  His  estate  was  administered  by  his 
brother  John.  Lucy,  his  widow,  married  Capt.  Edward  Kim- 
ball, of  Newburyport,  Nov.  30,  1796.  They  removed  to 

264.  Hannall,^  daughter  of  131  NathanieP  and  Joanna 
[Day]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  June  4,  1766,  and 
■died  July  17,  1831.  She  was  married  October  11,  1788,  to 
Lieut.  Silas  Hopkinson,  son  of  Ens.  Samuel  and  Betty  [Pal- 
mer] Hopkinson,  her  grandfather.  Rev.  Wm.  Balch,  offi- 
ciating. He  died  June  29,  1828,  aged  64  years.  They  re- 
sided in  East  Bradford,  in  the  south  half  of  the  William 
Savory  house.  He  was  a  cabinet-maker.  Their  five  children 
were  born  in  that  town. 

William,  b.  July  9,  1790;  married  first,  Maria,  daughter  of  Sim- 
eon and  Hannah  [Braotley]  Atwood,  and  second,  Adeline, 
daughter  of  Kiohard  Morse.  She  died  Sept.  23,  1884,  aged  82 
years.  William's  children  were:  William  L.,  d,  y. ;  Hannah 
B.,  d.  y. ;  Jane  K.,  unm. ;  Wm.  L.,  Jr.,  m.  Cynthia  6.  Morse; 
Beniamin  B.,  Nathaniel  G.,  Moiea  A.,  George  P.,  Daniel  P., 
and  Harriet  A. 

Uriah,  b.  Sept.  28,  1791;  married  first,  Judith  Latham,  and  sec- 
ond, Lucy  Chase,  of  West  Newbury.  Uriah's  children  were: 
Hannah,  AnnM.,  George  W.,  Adeline  C.  and  Joseph  H. 

Hannah,  b.  in  1794;  d.  Feb.  24,  1808. 

Abigail,  b.  June  28,  1796 ;  married  William,  son  of  Samuel  and 
Ann  [Greenough]  Parker,  of  Bradford.  Their  children  were: 
Julia  A.,  Wiliiam  H.,  Henry  T.,  Eustis  P.,  d.  y.,  Alden  B. 
and  Catherine  L. 


Iba,  b.  April  23,  1798;  was  a  tanner  and  currier,  and  later  was  a 
fanner;  was  a  deacon  in  the  church.     Married  Julia,  daugh- 
ter of  Daniel  Poor,  of  Georgetown.     Their  children  were: 
Bophne,  d.  y. ;  Henry,  d.  y. ;  Julia  P. ;  Silas  H.,  and  Martha, 
twins,  d.  y.;  diaries  H.;  Henry,   d.  y.;  Daniel  W.,   d.  1852, 
aged  15  years;  Mary  A.,  who  was  clerk  in  the  P.  O.,  for  her 
brother  Charles  H.,  who  was  p.  m.  in  Groveland  until  re- 
moved by  the  Democratic  administration  in  1885. 
265.     Samuel.^  son  of  131  Nathaniel^  and  Joanna  [Day] 
Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  January  25, 1768,  and  died 
in  Georgetown,  Mass.,  March   26,    1850.     He  was  married 
first,  May  5,  1794,  to  Betsej',  daughter  of  William  and  Mary 
[Gage]  Savary,  of  East  Bradford.     She  was  born    June  24, 
1774,   and  died  ^at  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  September  15,  1800. 
They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Portsmouth. 

544  Betsey,'  b.  March  2,  1795;  d.  July  14,  1798. 

545  Nathaniel,'  d.  y. 

546*    William  Savakt,'  b.  Dec.  15,  1799;  d.  Jan.  22,  1871. 
Samuel    married   second,   in    1801,   Hannah,    daughter  of 
Michael  Widden,  of  Portsmouth.     She  was  born  in  that  town 
in  1773,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  in  February,  1817.     She 
was  the  mother  of  five  children,  all  born  in  Portsmouth. 

547      Seth  Jewett,'  b.  March  7,  1802 ;  d.  unm.  Nov.  10,  1820. 

548*    Mart  Elizabeth,'  b.  June  1,  1804;  d.  Dec.  12,  1851. 

549*    Mehitable  Melcheb,'  b.  Aug.  10,  1806;  d.  Aug.  20,  1873. 

550*    Nathaniel,'  b.  Sept.  9,  1808;  d.  June  3,  1876. 

551      Geokge,'  b.  Jan.  25,  1810;  d.  unm.  1834. 
Samuel  married  third,   July  6,  1821,  Abigail,  daughter  of 
Jacob  and  Catherine  [Hall]  Bartlett,  of  Deering,  N.  H.    She 
died  at  Georgetown,  Mass.,  May  29,  1849.     Their  three  chil- 
dren were  born  in  Portsmouth,  N.  H. 

552*    Eunice,'  b.  Aug.  23,  1822;  d.  Sept.  12,  1860. 

553      John,'  b.  March  15, 1824;  d.  October,  1824. 

554*    Samuel,'  b.  Sept.  28,  1825. 

268.  Betsey,^  daughter  of  131  NathanieP  and  Joanna 
[Day]  Balch,  was  born  in  East  Bradford,  July  10,  1774,  and 
died  July  16,  1838.  She  was  married.  May  7,  1793,  to 
Stephen,  son  of  Joseph  Greely,  of  Haverhill,  Mass.  He  died 
April  16, 1830.  He  was  a  boot  and  shoe  dealer.  They  had 
seven  children. 


Benjamin,  b.  Dec.  11,  1793;  married  a  Miss  Sarah  Knight;  no 

Nathaniel,  b.  Nov,  11,  1795;  -was  drowned  July  12,  1820;  was 
called  Captain  Nathaniel  Greely;  married  Nancy  Swett,  of 
Newburyport;  one  son,  Nathaniel  [posthumous],  b.  Sep- 
tember, 1820,  married  first,  Alice,  daughter  of  Enoch  Hall, 
two  children;  m.  second,  Elizabeth  Bayley,  of  Amesbury, 
who  d.  1891;  children  d.  y. 
John,  b.  June  19,  1798;  d.  April  3,  1799. 
Alice,  b.  Nov.  14,  1800;  d.  y. 
Mart  Ann,  b.  Nov.  19,  1804;  d.  unm.  in  1830. 
John  Balch,  b.  July  20,  1802;  married  Clarissa,  daughter  of 
William  and  Mehitable  [Dole]  Jewett,  of  Byfield.  He  lived 
in  Newburyport,  except  three  years  that  he  lived  in  Haver- 
hill. He  was  a  boot  and  shoe  manufacturer.  He  was  known 
as  Captain  John  B.  Greely,  having  been  a  captain  in  the 
Mass.  Militia,  and  as  such  commanded  an  escort  to  Lafayette 
in  1824.  By  his  wife  Clarissa  he  had  seven  children.  Steven, 
b.  1823;  d.  unm.  1844.  John  Augustus,  b.  July  31,  1825; 
married  Charlotte  M.,  daughter  of  Jonathan  and  Mary 
[Hunton]  Eundett,  of  North  Hampton;  b.  in  Nottingham, 
N.  H.,  June  9,  1827;  they  live  in  Newburyport,  and  have  had 
seven  children,  four  d.  y. ;  William  Henry,  b.  1827;  d.  Aug. 
12,  1831.  Mizabetk  Ann,  b.  Aug.  21,  1829;  married  Lucius  E. 
Hallock,  of  New  York,  merchant;  four  sons,  one  d.  unm. 
Mary  Ann,  b.  1831;  d.  y.  William  Henry,  b.  in  Haverhill, 
Dec.  25,  1833;  married  Eliza  Ann  Jones,  of  Salisbury;  was  a 
mason;  resided  at  Newburyport;  d.  about  1859;  all  issue  d.  y. 
James  Henry,  b.  about  1835 ;  d.  y. 

Captain  John  Balch  Greely's  first  wife  died,  and  he  married, 
in  1843,  Miss  Fanny  Dunn,  daughter  of  Deacon  Samuel  and 
Eleaner  [Neal]  Cobb,  of  Bartlett,  N.  H.  She  was  born  April 
20,  1819.  They  had  two  children:  Adolphus  Washington,* 
b.  March  27,  1844.  Mary  Ellen,  b.  1846,  d.  1850.  Adolphus 
W.,  the  celebrated  Arctic  explorer,  was  the  first  private 
soldier  of  the  volunteer  army  to  reach  the  grade  of  general 
in  the  regular  army.  He  enlisted  in  1861,  in  the  19th  Mass., 
was  brevet  major  U.  S.  Vols,  in  1865,  and  is  now  a  brigadier- 
general.  The  Lady  Franklin  Bay  Expedition  commanded  by 
Gen.  Greely  reached  the  highest  point  north  ever  attained, 
i.e.,  83°,  24'.  This  was  in  1881  to  1884.  During  the  war 
Gen.  Greely  was  thrice  wounded.     He  is  now  stationed  in 

•He  was  married  June  20, 1878,  to  Henrietta  Hudson  Cruger,  daughter  of  Thomas 
X.  Nesmith.     She  was  bom  Oct.  7,   1849.    Their  chUdren  are:  Antoinette,  b,  1879; 

Adola  and ,  twins,  b.  1881 ;  John  Nesmith,  b.  18S5 ;  Rose  Ishbel,  b.  18S7;  Adolphus 

W.,  b.  1889;  Gertrude  Gale,  b.  1891, 


Washington  in  connection  with  the  -weather  service.    Mrs. 
Sarah  K.  Bolton's  "  Famous  Explorers,"  contains  an  excel- 
lent biographical  notice  of  Gen.  Greely. 
Elizabeth,  b.  July  30,  ISIO;  d.  Aug.  e,  1810. 
271.     Lucy,^   daughter   of   131   NathanieP   and    Joanna 
[Day]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  Februarj'-  21,  1779, 
and  died  in  New  York  city  in  1854.     She  was   married,  in 
1799,  to  Samuel  Perley,  of  Newburyport.     They  moved  to 
Harrisburg,  Penn.,  where  he  died.     His  widow  then  moved 
to  New  York  city  with  her  children.     Lucy,  married  Capt. 
Joseph  Livermore,  of  Eastport,  Me.;  he  died  at  sea  of  j-ellow 
fever ;  three  children,  Amanda,  Caroline,  and  John  R.    Sam- 
uel was  a  printer  in   Washington,  D.  C,  and  died  there  in 
1881 ;  his  wife  died  in  1875,   leaving   two   sons   and  three 
daughters.     Eustice,  d.  unm.     Charles,  born  in  Newburyport, 
died  in  New  York  city,  June  15,  1885 ;  he  was  a  ship  ma- 
chinist,  married,    and   had    twelve    children;  of  these  were 
three  pairs  of  twins. 

Seventh  Generation. 

275.  Susanna,'  daughter  of  134  Samuel^  and  Susan  [Al- 
drich]  Balch,  was  born  at  Oxford,  Mass.,  May  23,  1762.  She 
married  William  Hoyt,  and  soon  after  they  moved  to  St. 
Johnsbm-y,  Vt.,  where  they  lived  and  both  died.  They  had 
thirteen  children,  all  were  born  in  St.  Johnsbury.  Among 
them  were  the  following : 

Joseph,  d.  in  Jay,  Vt. 
JosiAH,  d.  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 

HiBAM,  b.  Apr.  27,  1800,  m.  Eliza,  daughter  of  Clark  "W.  McKeige 

of  Boston,  Aug.  28,  1826.     Hiram  Hoyt  was  a  physician  and 

lived  at  Syracuse,  N.  T.,  and  died  there  Feb.  28,  1866.    Son, 

Dr.  Elsmere  Hoijt,  d.  in  Syracuse  in  1891. 

David,  m.  Julia  May.    He  was  a  physician  ;  lived  and  died  at 

Palmyra,  N.  T. 
Nathaxiel,  d.  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
The  eldest  daughter  of  Susanna  and  William  Hoyt,  m.  Mr. 
Higgins  of  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.    Another  daughter  m.  John 
Guild,  and  lived  in  New  York  state. 

276.  Olive,  "  daughter  of  134  SamueF  and  Susan  [Al- 
di'ich]  Balch,  was  born  at  Oxford,  Mass.,  May  4,  1764,  and 
died  at  West  Winfield,  N.  Y.,  March  1,  1826.  She  was  mar- 
ried July  3,  1786,  to  Joel,  son  of  Samuel  and  Ruth  [Nims] 
Guild.  He  was  born  at  Leyden,  Mass.,  Feb.  1,  1764,  and 
died  at  West  Winfield.  Joel  Guild  was  a  farmer.  About 
1794  he  moved  with  his  family  from  Leyden,  Mass.,  to  Paris, 
N.  Y.  They  had  six  children  ;  the  tliree  eldest  were  born  at 
Leyden,  and  the  three  youngest  at  Paris. 

Joel,  b.  1787;  d.  March  28,  1857. 

Daniel,  b.  Dec.  11,  1790;  d.  June  16,  185.3;  m.  Jan.  1,  1818, 
Ehoda  Parmalee.  She  was  b.  1798,  d.  at  Paris,  Mich.  For  a 
time  after  his  marriage  he  lived  at  Frankfort,  N.  T.,  then 


moved  to  Michigan.  Isaac  Phillips,  b.  May  5,  1820;  Mary  T., 
b.  Feb.  23,  1322;  Irene  Amanda,  b.  Nov.  11,  1823;  Olive  E., 
b.  Sept.  10,  182.3;  H.  JVewJoM,  b.  Deo.  11,  1827;  OUve  Cornelia, 
b.  Nov.  11,  1829,  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  and  m.  Jan.  5,  1864,  to 
Charles  C.  Comstock,  of  Grand  Rapids,  Michigan,  who  was 
born  March  5,  1818,  in  Sullivan,  N.  H. ;  Sarah  Elenor,  b.  Sept. 
5,  1831;  Chester  Newto7i,  b.  Sept.  25,  1833;  Harriet  M.,  b. 
December,  1836;  Richmond  Daniel,  b.  June  5,  1839. 

LoBENDA,  b.  March  3,  1793;  d.  Aug.  20,  1844. 

Edwabd,  b.  Dec.  12,  179.5;  d.  Sept.  13,  1871. 

John,  b.  Sept.  S,  1797;  d.  April  20,  1840. 

Olive,  b.  Aug.  29,  1800;  d.  Feb.  20,  1862. 

277.  Samuel,'  son  of  134  SamueF  and  Susan  [Aldrich] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Oxford,  Mass.,  March  23,  1767,  and  died 
at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  about  1847.  He  was  about  80  years  of 
age  at  his  death,  and  was  buried  in  Norwich  Corners  ceme- 
tery. He  married  Miss  Mercy  Atwood,  of  Douglass,  Mass. 
She  died  at  Athens,  Vt.     They  had  eight  children. 

555*  Joseph,**  b.  ;    d.  1828. 

556*  JoHN,8  b.  Oct.  29,  1798;  d.  Aug.  4,  1847. 

557*  Delia.s  b.  1800;  d. 

558*  EBENEZEn,8  b.  1802;  d.  1868. 

559*  Adelixe,8  b.  April  15,  1804. 

560*  Olive,s  b.  March  2,  1806;  d.  about  1876. 

561*  Abigail,^  b.  Jan.  4,  1791;  d.  Jan.  8,  1853. 

562*  Meecy,6  b.  March  2,  1812;  d. 

278.  Josiah,^  son  of  134  SamueF  and  Susan  [Aldrich] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Oxford,  Mass.,  December  25,  1770,  and 
died  April  29,  1843.  He  was  twice  married,  first  to  Sarah 
Kimball,  December  6,  1795.  She  was  born  May  6,  1776,  and 
died  November  6,  1804.     They  had  three  children. 

563      Edward,^  b.  Dec.  17,  1796;  d. 

564*    Charlotte,^  b.  Deo.  27,  1798;  d. 

565      JoHN,«  b.  July  6,  1802;  d. 

Josiah  was  married  second,  January  14,  1807,  to  Miss 
Mercy  Sterns.  She  was  born  June  12,  1781,  and  died  No- 
vember 9,  1856.     Josiah  and  Mercy  had  four  children. 

566*    Saeah,^  b.  March  11,  1808;  d.  Nov.  23,  18.34. 

567*    Philander,*  b.  May  21,  1812;  d.  May  30,  1885. 

568      Avabintha,6  1j.  juiy  6,  1814;  d.  Aug.  13,  1823. 

569*    Leonard,*  b.  Dec.  3,  1810;  d. 


280.  Elizabeth.^  daughter  of  134  SamueP  and  Susan 
[Aldrich]  Balch,  was  bom  in  Kingley,  Conn.,  October  23, 
1775.  She  married  Luther  Chickering,  of  St.  Johusbury, 
and  lived  and  died  in  that  town.  They  had  four  sons  and 
four  daughters.  One  daughter,  Angeline,  married  her 
cousin,  James  Towle. 

281.  Nathaniel,"  son  of  184  Samuel"^  and  Susan  [Al- 
drich] Balch,  was  born  in  Oxford,  Worcester  county,  Mass., 
December  3,  1779,  and  died  in  Kalamazoo,  Mich.,  December 
25,  1857.  On  the  19th  of  September,  1805,  he  married  Sally, 
daughter  of  Nathaniel  and  Sally  [Wilson]  Bennet.  Benuet 
was  a  native  of  New  Jersey.  She  was  born  in  Rockingham, 
Vt.,  August  20,  1781,  and  died  January  28,  1876,  in  Kalama- 
zoo.    Their  children  were  all  born  in  Athens,  Vt. 

570*    Mart  Wilson,^  b.  Aug.  31,  1S06;  d.  Dec.  15,  1875. 

571*    Xathanikl  Aldrich,^  b.  Jan.  22,  1808;  d.  Feb.  1,  1894. 

572*    Sakah  C'hambeelain,8  b.  Jan.  15,  1810;  d.  Nov.  26,  1841. 

573*    Dresa  Webb,8  b.  Dec.  25,  1811;  d.  June  18,  18S7. 

574*    Samuel  Raymond,*  b.  March  22,  1813;  d.  Aug.  2,  1890. 

575*    LoviNA  Cummins,*  b.  Dec.  30,  1815;  d.  Sept.,  1895. 

576*    EoTAL  Tyi,EB,6  b.  Dec.  17,  1817;  d.  Sept.  12,  1884. 

577»    Sybil  Matnard,*  b.  Nov.  22,  1819;  d.  March  31,  1891. 

578*    Amaziah  Robinson,*  b.  Dec.  18,  1821;  d.  May  29,  1872. 

579*    Arab  Chickering,*  b.  Nov.  30,  1823. 

580*    Confucius  Icilious,*  b.  March  26,  1826. 

581      Omar  W.,*  b.  Feb.  3,  1828;  d.  July  2,  1831. 

Nathaniel  Balch  was  a  man  of  medium  stature,  but  strong- 
ly built.  In  his  early  days,  like  most  New  England  boys,  he 
enjoyed  wrestling,  and  was  somewhat  of  a  champion  in  that 
sport.  He  was  an  industrious,  temperate.  Christian  man,  re- 
tiring in  disposition,  but  of  a  quick  temper.  He  held  the 
office  of  selectman  for  the  town  of  Athens  in  the  years  1831- 
32  and  in  1842-43.  He  and  all  his  sons  were  Democrats.  He 
was  a  lover  of  education,  and  gave  to  his  children  all  the  ad- 
vantages for  its  acquisition  that  his  circumstances  would  per- 
mit. He  removed  from  Athens  to  Kalamazoo  in  1850,  and 
since  all  of  his  children  had  found  homes  in  the  then  fai 
West,  he  lived  with  his  son,  Royal  T.,  near  Kalamazoo, 
until  his  death. 


The  childi-en  all  inherited  their  father's  Christian  and 
temperance  principles,  and  only  one  of  this  large  family 
ever  used  tobacco  in  any  form.  All  of  them  lived  to  grow 
up  save  the  youngest,  who  died  of  scarlet  fever  in  his  third 
year.  As  a  family  the}'  were  strong  and  robust,  imbibing 
into  their  very  natures  the  ruggedness  of  their  native  moun- 
tains, and  dearly  they  loved  to  recall  their  feats  of  strength 
and  daring  adventures,  together  with  the  merry  makings 
incident  to  early  New  England  life,  as  apple  parings  and 
husking  bees. 

283.  Coben,'  sou  of  134  Samuel^  and  Susan  [Aldrich] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Guilford,  Vt.  He  married  i\Iiss  Patty 
Patch.  They  lived  in  Athens,  Vt.,  and  all  their  children 
were  born  in  that  town.  About  1830  he  moved  to  Lj-den, 
Vermont,  where  he  lived  several  years  ;  then  he  moved  to 
Chester,  Vt.,  where  his  wife  died,  and  he  married  a  second, 
and  then  moved  to  Kalamazoo,  Mich.  They  had  nine  chil- 

582  Samuel,^  b.  Nov.  27,  1S05;  d. 

583*  C0BEN,s  b.  May  2,  1S07;  d.  Feb.  2,  1863. 

584*  Baenabas  Dodge,^  b.  May  9,  1809;  d.  Nov.  30,  1872. 

585  Maetha,6  b.  April  2,  1811:  d.  iinm. 

586  JoHy,8  ij.  Jan.  5,  1813;  d.  unm. 

587  Elizabeth  P.,s  b.  Deo.  9,  1815;  d.  unm.   July  8,  1891. 
588*  SAEAH.^b.  March  20,  1817;  d.  July  8,  1891. 

589      Sanford,6  b.  Aug.  7,  1819;  d.  unm. 

590*    Luther  Chickerixg.s  b.  Feb.  1,  1S26;  d.  May  7,  1883. 

284.  Abigail,'  daughter  of  134  Samuel*^  and  Susan  [Al- 
diieh]  Balch,  was  born  at  Guilford,  Vt.,  March  30,  1786,  and 
died  at  Victor}%  Vt.,  March  30,  1868,  exactly  82  years  of  age. 
She  married  William  Towle,  of  Fisherville.  N.  H.  He  died  at 
Victory,  Vt.,  January  22,  1850,  aged  76  years.  They  lived 
in  Windham,  Vt.,  and  their  five  children  were  born  in  that 

James,  b.  Sept.  4,  1806;  d.  at  Victory,  Aug.  10,  1881.  He 
ried  his  cousin,  Angelina  Chickering,  daughter  of  Luther 
and  Betsey  [Balchl  Chickering,  of  Danville,  Vt.  She  was 
born  May  14,  1803,  and  died  March  18,  1869.     They  had  four 


children:  John,  b.  June  29,  1S29;  committed  suicide  March 
4,  1849.  Roxana,  b.  Jan.  4,  1834;  m.  Wm.  Brooks,  and  lived 
in  Danville.  James,  b.  Dec.  8,  1838;  m.  Harriet  L.  Town,  in 
Victory,  June  2,  1870;  their  children  vrere:  Lillian  E..  b. 
Feb.  26,  1871,  d.  Feb.  20,  1872;  Alma  E.,  born  Jan.  21,  1873; 
George  E.,  b.  June  29,  1874;  and  Charles  E.,  b.  Oct.  5,  1876; 
the  three  eldest  were  born  in  Victory,  the  youngest  in  Lyn- 
don, Vt;  Alma  E.  m.  Fritz  Norris  in  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt., 
April  22,  1887,  resides  at  North  Concord,  Vt.  Boyal,  b.  Oct. 
10,  1843,  unm.,  lived  at  South  Victory,  Vt. 

MiEBiAM,  b.  in  Windham,  Vt. ;  d.  at  Victory  about  1865,  aged  .58 
years.  She  married  Warren  Harrington,  of  Claremont,  New 
Hampshire;  lived  at  Victory;  no  issue. 

Cakoline,  b.  in  Windham,  Vt. ;  m.  Lyman  Lawrence,  of  New- 
port, Vt.,  and  was  living  in  that  town  in  November,  1889. 
P.  O.  address.  South  Troy,  Vt.    Issue,  two  daughters. 

Angelina,  b.  1809;  m.  Jonathan  Lawrence,  a  brother  to  her 
sister  Caroline's  husband.  They  lived  in  various  places. 
She  d.  atStaustead,  Quebec,  Oct.  17,  1888,  aged  78  years. 
She  had  two  sons,  both  dead,  and  two  davighters,  both  liv- 
ing; one,  Mrs.  Sylvia  Higgins,  is  living  at  Smith's  Mills, 

John,  b.  April  22,  181-5,  in  Townsend,  Vt.,  and  is  now,  Dec.  1, 
1889,  living  at  Victory,  Vt.  A  farmer  and  machinist.  On 
the  14th  of  September,  1840,  he  married  Pamelia,  daughter 
of  Benjamin  and  Jerusha  Brown.  She  was  born  at  Stan- 
stead,  Nov.  4,  1819,  and  died  at  Victory,  March  13,  1888. 
The  issue  of  John  and  Pamelia  was  two  children:  William 
Henry,  b.  April  2,  1842,  in  Victory;  m.  Sept.  8,  1862,  Emily 
B.,  daughter  of  Ruben  and  Lydia  Emerson.  She  was  b.  at 
Whelock,  Vt,  June  20,  1842;  they  have  four  children,  allb. 
at  Victory.  Gertrude  Estelle,  b.  July  15,  1864;  m.  Alex 
Vachan,  Dec.  24,  1SS3.  Bertrand  Edwin,  b.  July  5,  1866;  m. 
Louisa  G.  Graves,  in  West  Concord,  July  10,  1886;  Lydia 
Aurelia,  b.  April  20,  1872;  Anna  Blossom,  b.  Jan.  24, 
1881.  Mary  Ann,  b.  Oct.  1,  1851,  at  Victory;  m.  Feb.  16, 
1869,  Joseph  G.,  son  of  Joseph  and  Sarah  Goddard;  he  was 
b.  at  Bermuda  Isle,  March  1,  1841;  they  have  five  children: 
Harley  Elmer,  b.  Jan.  9,  1870;  Cora  Elsie,  b.  July  31,  1871, 
m.  Edgar  O.  Hayes,  in  West  Concord,  Vt.,  Dec.  26,  1887;  b. 
at  Stowe,  Vt.,  Nov.  5,  1866,  issue,  one  son,  b.  Oct.  10,  1888; 
Mary  Ella,  b.  Sept.  23,  1876;  Georgie  May,  b.  May  1,  1882; 
Harry  Albert,  b.  July  8, 1883. 
285.  Samuel,'  son  of  143  Nathaniel*^  and  Lydia  [Towm- 
Wy]  Balch,  was  bom  in  Wakefield,  N.  H.,  about  1779.  He 
was  married  in  Salem,    Mass.,  August  27,  1819,  to  Eunice 


Moses.  The  ceremony  was  performed  by  the  Rev.  Wm.  Bailey. 
They  had  one  son  and  two  daughters. 

591      Ltdia,*  d.  unm. 

592*    Fkedeeick,8  b.  in  Salem,  Sept.  S,  1817;  d.  Mar.  15,  1S96. 

593*    Matii,da,8  b.  about  1820;  died  April  19,  187.5. 

286.  Joseph,"  sou  of  143  Nathaniel^  and  Lydia  [Towm- 
bly]  Baleh,  was  born  in  Wakefield,  N.  H.,  March  7,  1781, 
and  died  in  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  December  14,  1846.  He  mar- 
ried Miss  Eliza  Legro,  daughter  of  Dr.  Legro,  of  Lancaster, 
N.  H.  She  was  born  Nov.  19,  1790,  and  died  July  5,  1845- 
Eleven  children  was  the  issue  of  this  marriage. 

594*  Almira,8  b.  Dec.  19,  1811;  d.  Dec.  22, 1879. 

595  James  H.,^b.  April  11,  1813;  d.  unm.;  was  a  sailor. 

596*  Amos,8  b.  yov.  1,  1815;  d.  July  5,  1884. 

597*  Samuel  B.,^  b.  July  11,  1817. 

598  Eeuben,8  b.  Jan.  20,  1819;  d.  May  16,  1820. 

599  Maktha,8  b.  Oct.  21,  1820;  d.  Aug.  30,  1821. 
600*  Joseph  H.,*  b.  March  7,  1822;  d.  Dec.  2,  1869. 
601*  Feedeiuck  B.,s  b.  Feb.  16,  1825. 

602      John  L.,«  b.  Oct.  20,  1826;  d.  unm.  Sept.  3,  1873. 
603*    Chaeles  W.,*  b.  Feb.  0,  1829. 
604*    Eliza  A.,*  b.  Feb.  24,  1S32. 

287.  Deborah,"  daughter  of  143  Nathaniel^  and  Lydia 
[Towmbly]  Balch,  was  born  at  Wakefield,  N.  H.,  December 
28, 1782,  and  died  Sept.  25,  1863.  She  was  married  October 
25,  1808,  to  Samuel  Jones,  he  was  born  Nov.  25, 1780,  and  died 
October  22, 1849.  They  lived  in  Gardner,  Maine.  Their  chil- 
dren were  as  follows : 

James  Hates,  b.  Oct.  25,  1809;  d.  in  Newton,  Mass.,  Jan.  12, 
1872;  married  Miss  Lucy  Hurd;  was  a  furniture  merchant  in 
New  Orleans,  La.,  and  lived  there  during  the  war. 

Joseph,  b.  Nov.  7,  1811;  d.  Dec.  27, 1815. 

Joshua,  b.  July  14,  1814;  d.  May  20,  1883;  married  Miss  Susan 
Trask;  lived  in  Cincinnati,  Ohio. 

Fkedeeick  B.,  b.  April  18,  1816;  d.  May  20,  1816. 

Betsey  H.,  b.  April  4,  1817;  married,  Nov.  26,  1835,  to  Henry  T. 
Franklin.  He  was  born  Jan.  17,  1813.  They  were  living  in 
Elizabethport,  N.  J.,  in  1889.    i.  r.-X^/,    ^\'iL 

Lydia B.,  b.  Dec.  11,  1819;  unm.,  living  at  Randolph,  Me.,  in 

Joseph,  b.  June  16,  1823.  He  left  his  home  and  was  never 
heard  from  afterwards.    He  left  his  watch  hanging  in  his 

FREDERICK   B.   BALCH, — ALEXA^^DRIA,   N.  Y.  105 

room ;  in  fact,  he  took  nothing  with  him.  His  family  thought 
he  Tvas  murderecl,  his  disappearance  was  so  sudden,  com- 
plete, and  unaccountable. 

Nanct  L.,  b.  Junes,  1821;  unm.,  living  at  Randolph,  Me.,  in 
18SS.  <•  1-^  ,u/3 

Embline  F.,  b.  May  22,  1828;  d.  April  11,  1879 ;  married,  Oct.  13, 

1847,  Charles  Morris  Webber,  a  sea  captain.    He  was  born 

May  29,  1820,  and  died  of  yellow  fever  at  Maricabo,  July  15, 


289.    NancyJ  daughter   of   143   Nathaniel  and   Lydia 

[Towmbly]  Balch,  was  born  in  Wakefield,  N.  H.,  December 

8,  1784.  She  was  married  in  April,  1806,  to  Douglas  Spauld- 

ing,  of  Lancaster.     He  was  born  July  13,  1784.     They  lived 

in  Lancaster,  where  their  eight  children  were  born. 

Fkedebick  Balch,  b.  Dec.  9,  1806;  d.  Dec.  8,  1850;  married 
Sally  Derby,  and  had  eight  children.  After  his  death  widow 
and  children  went  West. 

SoPHEONiA  WiLLAED,  b.  July  8,  1808;  d.  June  30,  1876;  m.  Isaac 
N.  Cotton,  March  23,  1834.  He  was  b.  March  16,  1808;  d. 
Aug.  12,  1858.  Their  children:  Geonje  D.,  b.  March  16, 
1835;  Phebe  A.,  b.  May  17,  1S.37;  Delphia,  b.;  Isaac  F.,  b. 
April  25,  1843;  Sumner  S.,  b.  Deo.  23,  1850. 

Lydia  HABM0NY,b.  April  1,  1810;  m.  Ezra  Derby,  Dec.  8,  1829; 
he  was  b.  Sept.  16, 1801;  they  had  eight  children:  Moses  W., 
John  N.,  Olive  J.,  Cynthia  M.,  William  F.,  Harriet,  Alfred, 
and  Mary. 

Phebe  Dustin,  b.  May  5,  1812;  m.  Zenas  Snow,  of  Lunenburg, 

Daniel  Nathaniel,  b.  Dec.  9,  1813;  m.  first,  Caroline  Lovejoy, 
July  5,  1840;  she  was  b.  April  10,  1826;  m.  second,  Jane  Win- 
ters, April  5,  1860;  she  was  born  April 20,  1831. 

Catherine  Chaelotte,  b.  Aug.  23,  1818;  m.  Prescott  Lovejoy, 
at  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  Dec.  7,  1840.  Their  children  were: 
Lorin  D.,  b.  Feb.  28,  1841;  Austin  S.,  b.  Sept.  26,  1842. 

Martha  Jane,  b.  Oct.  17, 1820;  d.  Aug.  13,  1839. 

William  Franklin,  b.  Aug.  6, 1822 ;  d.  June  3,  1876. 

292.  Frederick  Bell,'  son  of  143  Nathaniel  and  Lydia 
[Towmbly]  Balch,  was  born  in  Wakefield,  N.  H.,  May  13, 
1790,  and  died  at  Alexandria,  N.  Y.,  Sept.  29,  1861.  He 
was  married  November  20,  1815,  to  Harriet,  daughter  of 
Samuel  and  Thankful  [Knapp]  Benedict.  She  was  born  in 
Litchfield,  Ct.,  July  2,  1796,  and  died  at  Hingham,  Wis., 
August  7,  1861.      Frederick  B.  was  a   cooper   and   farmer. 


He  resided  at  Alexandria,  N.  Y.  They  had  four  children, 
the  two  eldest  were  born  at  Alexandria,  the  other  two  at 
Batavia,  New  York. 

605*    Elviea,s  b.  Oct.  10,  1817. 

606*     Emeline,«  b.  May  10,  1819. 

607      H^BRiET  CELESTE,*b.  Oct.l7,1822;unm.lives  at  Alexandria,X.T. 

608*    Frederick  A.,  b.  Aug.  21,  1S24. 

293.  Abigail,'  daughter  of  143  Nathaniel^  and  Lydia 
[Towmbly]  Balch,  was  born  in  Wakefield,  July  23,  1795, 
and  died  at  Great  Falls,  N.  H.,  July  13,  1868.  She  married 
a  Mr.  Pray.  They  lived  at  Great  Falls.  They  had  three 
children  ;  Issac,  m.  had  one  daughter,  Lydia  :  Lydia  ;  Kate  J. 
m.  a  Mr.  Smith,  and  lives  at  Ashtou,  R.  I. 

294.  Sarah,'  daughter  of  148  Jonathan  Belden'^  and 
Hopeful  [Hurlburt]  Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Connecti- 
cut, in  1777,  and  died  at  Bristol,  I\L\ine,  October  5,  1807. 
She  was  married  September  17,  1801,  to  Rev.  Jonathan  Bel- 
den,  of  Hallowell,  Maine.  They  had  three  children,  all  died 
young.  Josiah,  Louisa,  and  Jonathan.  IMr.  Belden  gradu- 
ated at  Yale  College,  studied  theology  and  became  a  Congre- 
gational clergyman,  for  many  years  he  preached  at  Hallowell. 

296.  Mary,"  daughter  of  148  Jonathan  Beldent^  and 
Hopeful  [Hurlluirt]  Balch,  was  born  at  West  Hartford,  Ct., 
September  24,  1782,  and  died  at  the  same  city,  October  18, 
1845.  She  married  Stephen  Page  of  Kensington,  N.  H.  He 
was  born  April  19,  1780,  and  died  April  13,  1860.  They 
were  married  on  October  13,  1805,  and  had  eleven  childien. 

AriDisoN  Balch,  d. 

Stephen  Bensox,  living  in  Cleveland,  Ohio,  in  1886. 

Sajiuel  Wire,  living  in  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

Belden  Bloomfield,  living  in  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

Jonathan  Beldex,  living  in  Hartford,  Ct.,  in  1S86. 

Mart,  d.  y. 

Mary,  unm.,  living  in  Hartford,  Ct,  in  188S. 

William  Henry,  d. 

Jonathan  Xeavton,  d. 

Julia,  d. 

297.  Flora,"  daughter  of  148  Jonathan  Belden«  and 
Hopeful  [Hurlburt]  Balch,  was  born  at  West  Hartford,  Ct., 


April  24,  1785,  and  died  Dec.  10,  1881.  She  was  married 
February  20,  1810,  to  Austin  Wells,  who  was  born  at  Weth- 
ersfield,  Ct.,  December  2-3,  1778,  and  died  at  Rosevelt,  Os- 
wego County,  N.  Y.,  May  20, 1850.     They  had  six  children. 

Flora  Mabia,  b.  Nov.  13,  1813. 

LrcT  A.,  b.  Oct.  4,  1815;  m.  a  Mr.  Allen,  and  resides  at  Wil- 

loughby,  Ohio. 
Saeah  £.,  b.  Mar.  20,  1818. 
JONATHAif  B.,  b.  Apr.  26,  1821. 
Maky  S.,  b.  Mar.  19,  1824. 
Haeeiet  S.,  b.  Feb.  22,  1826. 

298.  Jonathan,'  son  of  148  Jonathan  Beldeu'^  and  Hope- 
ful [Hurlburt]  Balch,  was  born  at  West  Hartford,  December 
14,  1788,  and  died  at  Harwinton,  July  19,  1867.  He  was 
married  June  9,  1813  to  Minerva,  daughter  of  James  Brace, 
(known  as  Esquire  Brace)  of  Harwinton.  She  was  born  at 
Harvvinton,  December  20,  1791,  and  died  April  20,  1864. 
Jonathan  was  a  farmer.  In  1819  he  moved  with  his  family 
from  Hartford  to  Harwinton  where  he  continued  to  reside  the 
remainder  of  his  life.  For  sixteen  years  he  was  a  deacon  of  the 
Congregational  Church.  The  issue  of  Jonathan  and  Minerva 
was  seven  childi'eu,  the  three  eldest  were  born  at  West  Hart- 
ford, the  others  at  Harwinton. 

609  Sabah  Mineeva,8  b.  Feb.  18,  1815;  d.  Oct.  1.5,  1817. 

610  James  Beace.s  b.  Dec.  15,  1816;  d.  Jan.  27,  1817. 

611  Saeah  Mixekva.s  b.  Apr.  6,  1818;  d.  Aug.  1,  1826. 
612*  Hexrt  Beace.s  b.  May  13,  1820;  d.  Mar.  19,  1886. 
613*  Jonathan  Belden,^  b.  Oct.  26,  1822. 

614*     James  Shelton,^  b.  Apr.  21,  1825. 

615      Maeia  Mixerya.s  b.  Jan.  14,  1828;  d.  Oct.  14,  1851. 

299.  Bela,'  sou  of  148  Jonathan  Beldeu^  and  Hopeful 
[Hurlburt]  Balch,  was  born  at  West  Hartford,  Ct.,  February 
6,  1792,  and  died  in  the  same  town.  May  6,  1852.  He  was 
twice  married :  first  to  Fannie  E.  Yale,  June  21,  1820,  who 
died  July  23,  1824,  aged  24  years;  and  second,  on  October  5, 
1825  to  Miss  Abigail  Wheat,  who  was  born  December  16, 

The  children  by  his  first  wife  were  as  follows  : 


616  Fanxie  M.,s  b.  ^^ov.,  1S21 ;  d.  Jan.  19, 1S25. 

617  LoRESzo  D.,8  b.  1823;  d.  Jan.  3,  1825. 

There  were  also  two  children  by  his  second  wife : 

618  Lorenzo  Yale,s  b.  July  16.  1S26;  d.  Feb.  1,  1828. 

619  George  Wheat.s  b.  Apr.  13,  1831;  d.  y. 

301.  Justin,"  sou  of  150  Joseph«  and  Mary  [Watson] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Williamstown,  Mass.,  December  28,  1788, 
and  died  at  Albany,  N.  Y.,  July  31,  1826.  Justin  was  a  tea 
merchant  and  importer  ;  he  made  a  voyage  to  China. 

In  1823  he  married  Miss  Maria  Veder,  and  by  her  he  had 
one  daughter. 
620*    Alida.8 

302.  Sarah  Maria,'  daughter  of  150  Joseph^  and  Mary 
[Watson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Williamstown,  Mass.,  ISTovem- 
ber  6,  1790,  and  died  at  Johnstown,  N.  Y.,  June  10,  1879. 
She  married  Belam,  son  of  Allen  Case,  October  11,  1822. 
Mr.  Case  was  born  in  Kingsboro,  N.  Y.,  he  was  a  farmer  and 
lived  in  Johnstown,  where  he  died  December  7,  1879,  aged 
86  years.     They  had  seven  sons  and  one  daughter. 

Sarah  Maria,  b.  Oct.  18,  1823.    She  married  Mathew  LaKue 
Perrine  Tale,  Sept.  20,  1849.     Mr.  Tale  was  a  merchant  in  X. 
T.  City;  he  died  in  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  Oct.  21,  1876,  aged  53 
years,  he  was  buried  in  Johnstown.      They   had  one  child, 
Arthur  Wells  Yale,  b.  Feb.  14,  1856;  d.  unm.   Feb.   11.   1876. 
Sarah  M.  [Case]  married  for  her  sesond  husband,  Kev.  Robert 
A.  Hill,  Aug.  1,  187S.     They  reside  at  Pittsburg,  Penn.    No 
Joseph  Watson,  b.  Dec.  18, 1825,  married  Miss  Margaret  Miller 
Dec.  29,  1859.    They  had  one  child,  Millee  Laure,  b.  July  7, 
Charles  Edwin,  b.  Mar.  27,  1829,  married  Miss  Ann  Earle,  of 
Berg<in,N.  J.  in  Jan.,  1861.   They  reside  at  Minneapolis,  Minn., 
and  have  two  children,  Earle  Case  and  Mona  Belden. 
Chester  Hinman,  b.  Mar.   27,  1831;  resides  at  Johnstown,  un- 
304.    Gustavus,'  son  of  150  Joseph^  and  Mary  [Watson] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Williamstown,  Mass.,  May  19,  1795,  and 
died   at   Johnstown,  in  1877.     He  married  first,  Mary  Ann 
Van  Sickles ;  second  wife,  Elizabeth  Potter.  He  had  one  son- 
621*    Joseph,^ 


305.  Cornelia,'  daughter  of  150  Joseph^  aad  Mary 
[Watson]  Baleh,  was  born  in  Williamstowu,  Mass.,  Novem- 
ber 3,  1797,  and  died  at  Sliopiere,  Wis.,  Januarj-  19,  1863. 
She  was  married  to  Jacob  F.  Dockstader,  of  Mohawk,  N.  Y., 
June  21,  1820.  He  was  born  April  7,  1796,  and  died  at 
Shopiere,  Wis.,  November  22,  1867.  Cornelia,  her  husband, 
and  children  were  all  Congregationalists.  She  had  ten  chil- 
dren, and  fifty-one  grand-children.  All  of  her  children  were 
-born  at  Mohawk,  N.  Y. 

Mabia,  b.  Apr.  5,  1821 ;  married  Jacob  Dunn,  resided  at  Grundy 

Center,  Grundy  Co.,  loTva.    Tliey  had  ten  children,  two  died 

in  infancy, 
Saeah  Ann,  b.  June  17,  1823;  married  Alfred  T.  Turner,  June  1, 

1851.     Turner  was  born  Mar.  25, 1819.     They  resided  at  Storm 

Lake,  Buena  Vista  Co.,  Iowa.     They  had  seven  children, 

two  died  young. 
Joseph,  b.  June  2-1,  1S25;  married  Sarah  Chamberlin,  resides  at 

Shopiere,  Wis.,  had  four  children,  one  died  in  infancy. 
Jacob  Vistus,  b.  Sept.  8,  1827;  d.  Aug.  14, 1836. 
Hezekiah,  b.  Nov.  21,  1829;  d.  Dec.  8,  1865;  married  Elizabeth 

Merry,  of  Shopiere,  Wis.,  issue  three  children,  one  died  young. 
CoBNBLiA,  b.  July  1,  1832;  married   Johnson  Dole,  resided  at 

Shopiere,  Wis.,  issue  five  children. 
Catherine  A.,  b.  May  25,  1834;  married  Dennis  Jacobs,  resides 

at  Flandreau,  Dakota,  issue  one  child. 
Caboline  E.,  b.  May  25,  1834,  twin  of  Catherine  A.,   married 

Wm.  Gardner,  resides  at  Emerald  Gore,  Rock  Co.,  Wis.     They 

had  eleven  children,  two  d.  y. 
Jacob  Vistus,  b.  Feb.  6,  1836;  married  Frances  Allen,  resides  at 

Chetfield,  Minn.,  two  children,  one  d.  y. 
Fbedebick  G.,  b.  Jan.  6,  1841;  married  Anna  Merry,  resides  at 

Frederick,  Dakota,  two  children,  one  d.  y. 

306.  Vistus.T  son  of  150  Joseph^  and  Mary  [Watson] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Williamstown,  Mass.,  February  18,  1799, 
and  died  at  Johnstown,  N.  Y.,  October  25,  1884.  Vistus 
was  a  quiet  and  unostentatious  man,  a  ; 
good  citizen,  and  exemplary  Christian,  ^iD,  ^^Cu^c^ 
whom  to  know  was  to  honor  and  respect. 

By  profession  he  was  an  engraver,  and  much  of  his  time  dur- 
ing the  prime  of  life  was  spent  in  New  York,  devoted  to  his 
chosen  vocation,  in  which  he  became  proficient.     Many  large 


and  beautiful  steel  engravings  bear  his  imprint,  but  his  work 
was  generally  confined  to  bank  bills.  For  many  years  he 
was  an  elder  in  the  Presbyterian  church. 

He  was  married  three  times.  His  first  wife  was  Miss 
Rachel  Buel  Wells,  daughter  of  John  and  Rachel  [Buel] 
Wells,  of  Litchfield,  Ct.  They  were  married  in  February, 
1828.  She  was  born  at  Lanesboro,  Mass.,  February  9,  1802, 
and  died  at  Utica,  N.  Y.,  January  10,  1837.  She  was  a 
lineal  descendant  of  Rev.  Benjamin  Woolsej',  of  Desoris,  L.  I. 
They  had  no  issue.  He  married  for  his  second  wife  the 
widow  of  Dr.  Saunders  of  Boston.  His  third  wife  was  INIar- 
garet  Dockstader,  of  Sharon,  N.  Y.  She  died  Jan.  31,  1886. 
They  had  one  son. 

622*    William  Tistits,^  b.  Dec.  17,  1849. 

307.  Ebenezer,'  son  of  153  Ebenezer"^  and  Sarah  [Bur- 
chard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Wethersfield,  Conn.,  June  22, 
1792.  When  about  eight  years  of  age  his  father  moved  to 
Plattsburgh,  N.  Y. 
Here,  with  his  father, 
he  worked  in  clearing 
land  and  upon  the  farm 
until  about  twenty-two  years  of  age,  when  he  went  to  Pitts- 
field,  Mass.,  and  entered  the  office  of  Dr.  James  M.  Brews- 
ter, and  with  him  studied  medicine.  He  settled  as  a  physi- 
cian in  Sandisfield,  Mass.  The  Springfield  Union  of  March 
7,  1879,  says  of  him  :  "  Ebenezer  Balch  was  a  man  of  strong 
individuality,  some  eccentricity,  and  much  medical  reading 
and  skill,  whom  the  Berkshire  Medical  College  faculty  pro- 
nounced equal  to  any  in  the  county." 

Ebenezer  married  Ann,  daughter  of  Parson  Stores,  of  San- 
disfield. She  was  about  twenty-one  years  his  senior.  She 
died  May  22,  1851,  and  the  Doctor  died  February  19,  1861. 
They  were  both  buried  in  Sandisfield.     They  had  no  issue. 

308.  Sarah,'  daughter  of  153  Ebenezer'^  and  Sarah  [Bur- 
chard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Wethersfield,  Ct.,  April  19,  1794, 
and  died  at  Schuyler  Falls,  N.  Y.,  September  15,  1871.     She 

^^W^<^  JJciS^, 


was  married  to  Elijah  Weston,  of  Scliuyler  Falls,  November 
15,  1825.  She  was  Weston's  third  wife.  They  lived  upon  a 
farm  in  Schuyler  Falls,  and  had  three  children,  two  of  whom 
died  in  infancy. 

Lauka  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  12,  1830;  d.  at  Vineland,  N.  J.,  Aug. 
2,  1876;  m.  George  Sutherland,  of  Scliuyler  Falls,  July  2,  1857. 
They  resided  at  Vineland,  N.  J.    Ko  issue. 

309.  Alvah  Burchard,^  son  of  153  Ebenezer^  and  Sa- 
rah [Burchard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bectet,  Mass.,  April  18, 
1796,  and  died  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  March  5,  1871.  He 
married  Mary,  daugh-  _v^    >->       /^  ^     /t 

ter    of     Charles    -d  ^^^^^  ^^.^^^^ 
Lovica   (Jones)    Mc-  *"^   '^  ^^'  ■' 

Arthur,  March  15,  1821.  She  was  born  at  St.  Andrews, 
Canada,  April  11,  1801,  and  died  September  21,  1873.  They 
both  were  buried  in  the  Riverside  Cemetery  at  Plattsburgh, 
N.  Y.  Alvah  B.  was  a  soldier  in  the  war  of  1812-14.  He 
followed  the  occupation  of  a  farmer,  although  he  learned  the 
carpenter's  trade.  He  was  a  man  of  remarkable  character, 
although  of  most  quiet,  unassuming  manners.  His  tastes 
were  of  high  intellectual  order;  his  disposition  mild  and 
peaceful  in  the  extreme.  Nothing  ever  ruffled  his  temper. 
Although  he  talked  very  little  on  religious  subjects,  his  life 
was  eminently  "  an  epistle  known  and  read  of  all  men. "  He 
lived  on  the  earth  as  though  not  of  it,  yet  faithfully  attend- 
ing to  all  the  small  details  of  daily  life,  and  when  the  sudden 
summons  came  was  in  entire  readiness  to  meet  his  Master. 
Early  in  life  he  joined  the  Masonic  lodge  at  Plattsburgh,  and 
always  lived  a  consistent  Mason.  His  life  was  spent  upon  the 
farm  his  father  settled.  Both  he  and  his  wife  were  members 
of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church  of  Plattsburgh. 

Their  issue  was  five  children,  two  dying  in  infancy  un- 

623*    Albert  Vistus.s  b.  July  21,  1828. 

624*    Clarissa,'  b.  Feb.  1,  1831 ;  d.  May  8,  1880. 

625*    Galusha  Bcrchard,6  b.  Feb.  6,  1839. 


310.  Betsey,'  daughter  of  153  Ebeuezer^  and  Sarah 
[Burchard]  Balch,  was  born  July  22,  1798,  and  died  at  Mon- 
dovi,  Wis.,  August  3,  1866.  She  married  Marenus  Hilliard 
in  1814.  Hilliard  was  a  farmer,  and  lived  in  the  town  of 
Schuyler  Falls,  N.  Y.,  where  all  their  children  were  born. 
After  the  death  of  her  husband  she  went  to  Wisconsin  to  re- 
side with  her  son  Obed.  Betsey  was  the  mother  of  thirteen 
children,  five  of  whom  died  in  infancy. 

Samantha  a.,  b.  March  4,  1816;  m.  Geo.  Eosman,  of  Scliuyler 

Falls,  N.  Y.,  in  1834;  resides  at  Hondo vi,  "Wis. 
Ebenezee  B.,  b.  Oct.  27,  1817;  m.  Psche  Milks,  in  1846;  resides 

at  Warren,  111. 
Lanson  H.,  b.  July  18, 1819;  m.  Cecilia  Myers,  in  1845;  resides  at 

Elizabeth,  111. 
ObenD.,   b.  Sept.  20,   1821;  m.  Julia  Soper,   in  1849;  resides  at 

Schuyler  Falls,  N.  T. ;  has  three  children. 
AcHSA  C,  b.  March  19,  1827;  m.  Henry  Adams,  in  1881;  resides 

at  Mondovi,  Wis. ;  has  five  children. 
Allen  D.,  b.  June  14,  1829;  m.  Augusta  Battles,  of  Palmyra,  N. 

Y. ;  they  have  five  children. 
Obed  W.,  b.  April  15,  1832;  m.  in  October,  1865;  resides  at  Mon- 
dovi, Wis. ;  has  three  children. 
Bronson,  b.  July  4,  1834;  m.  Eveline  Soper,  a  sister  of  his  broth- 
er Oren's  wife.     They  live  at  Centre  Point,  Iowa,  and  have 
one  child. 

312.  Horatio  James,"  youngest  son  of  153  Ebenezer^ 
and  Sarah  [Burchard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y., 
July  22,  1806,  and  died  in  Knox  count3%  Ind.,  January  17, 
1846.  He  received  a  good  common  school  education,  was 
an  excellent  penman,  and  was  ingenious  in  wood  working. 
He  married  Sophronia  AUaird,  by  whom  he  had  ten  children. 

626    Sarah  Makaxda,^  b.;  m.  A.  J.  Wheeler; lived  at  Hazleton,  Ind. 
627*  Betsey  Selina,*  b.  Nov.  21,  1830. 

628  Elvira  Christian.^  b.        ;  d.  unm.  jirevious  to  1855. 

629  Mary  Eliza, s  b.        ;  d.  unm.  previous  to  1855. 

630  LrciNDiA  Jane,8  b.        ;  d.  previous  to  1875. 

631  Charles  Hexry,^  b.         ;  d.,  without  issue,  previous  to  1875. 
632*  Abigail  Melissa,''  b.  Jan.  12,  1840. 

633  Nancy  Samantha,^  b.         ;  d.  previous  to  1875. 

634  James  Horatio,^  b.         ;  d.  unm.  previous  to  1855. 

635  Lemuel  Ebexezeb,^  b.         ;  d.  without  issue  previous  to  1875. 

313.  Betsey,"    daughter    of     154    Timothy^    and   Ann 


[Whitman]  Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  May  4,  1794, 
and  died  at  Malone,  N.  Y.,  June  26,  1864.  She  married  first 
Jonathan  AVood,  of  Plattsburgh.  Wood  became  insane  and 
committed  suicide.  She  was  married  a  second  time,  Septem- 
ber 3,  1827,  to  Rev.  Ashbel  Parmelee,  D.  D.,  of  Malone,  N. 
Y.  She  was  Dr.  Parmelee's  third  wife.  The  following  trib- 
ute to  her  memory  is  from  the  pen  of  her  stepson,  Hon. 
Ashbel  B.  Parmelee,  of  Malone,  N.  Y. :  "  She  was  a  woman 
of  great  worth,  devoted  to  her  husband,  and  a  fit  partner  in 
all  his  domestic  and  Christian  labors.  She  never  had  any 
children  of  her  own,  but  the  large  circle  of  her  husband's, 
whom  she  adopted  while  still  in  their  juvenile  years,  cherish 
her  memory  with  the  kindest  and  warmest  regard."  Dr. 
Parmelee  was  a  remarkable  man.  He  was  the  pioneer  of 
Presbyterianism  in  northern  New  York.  His  biography  is 
given  in  the  History  of  Franklin  County,  N.  Y. 

314.  Chester,^  son  of  154  Timothy's  and  Ann  [Whit- 
man] Balch,  was  born  at  Williamstown,  Mass.,  July  26,  1796, 
and  died  at  Plattsburgh,  June  3,  1875.  He  was  married  first, 
September  10, 1821,  to  Miss  Lucy  Smedley,  who  was  born  at 
Williamstown,  Mass.,  January  8,  1800,  and  died  at  Platts- 
burgh, May  21,  1842.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  resided  about 
four  miles  out  from  the  village  of  Plattsburgh,  on  the  old 
military  turnpike  between  Plattsburgh  and  Malone,  N.  Y. 
For  more  than  thirty  years  he  was  a  ruling  elder  in  the  First 
Presbyterian  Church  of  Plattsburgh.  He  was  a  man  of  the 
old  puritanical  stamp.  The  children  of  Chester  and  Lucy 
were  nine  in  number,  all  born  at  Plattsburgh. 

636*  Cakoline  £.,«  b.  Xov.  12,  1822;  d.  June  8,  1842. 

637  Makt  ■W.,s  b.  Feb.  24,  1825;  d.  unm.  Oct.  15,  1846. 

638  Celestia  E.,8  b.  March  1,  1827;  d.  unm.  April  1,  1842. 
639*  LoESA  M.,8  b.  Aug.  IS,  1829. 

640  Eliza  A..^  b.  Jan.  31,  1832;  d.  unm.  April  24,  1847. 

641  Lucy  S.,8  b.  April  13,  1834;  d.  Feb.  1,  1839. 
642*  John  Timotht,^  b.  Oct.  21,  1836. 

643*  Lucy  Smedley.s  b.  Feb.  9,  1839;  d.  July  30,  1863. 
644    Delia  M.,»  b.  April  27,  1842;  d.  May  11,  1842. 
Chester  married  for  his  second  wife  Mrs.  Delia  [Wood- 


ward]  Horton,  widow  of  Harry  Horton,  of  Malone,  N.  Y., 
October  4,  1842.  She  was  born  July  28,  1798,  and  died  Sep- 
tember 4, 1858.  She  was  auut  to  Vice-President  "William  A. 
Wheeler.     They  had  uo  issue. 

In  1864  Chester  married  for  his  third  wife  a  Miss  Ransom, 
of  Mooers,  Clinton  county,  N.  Y.     No  issue. 

317.  Henry,'  sou  of  154  Timothy^  and  Ann  [Whitman] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  November  24,  1803, 
and  died  in  the  same  house  in  which  he  was  born,  in  June, 
1875.  He  married  Miss  Fannie  Baker,  of  Plattsburgh.  He 
was  a  farmer,  living  upon  the  old  homestead  and  was  a  quiet 
and  unostentatious  citizen.     They  had  two  childi-en. 

645*  Henet,8  b.  about  1842. 

646    MARYBTTj^b.  about  1844;  d.  unm.  in  1874. 

318.  Emily,'  daughter  of  154  Timothy^  and  Ann  [Whit- 
man] Balch,  was  born  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  March  29,  1807, 
and  died  in  1893.  She  married  James  W.  Banker,  of  Platts- 
burgh, in  1829.  He  was  born  September  27,  1803,  and  died 
in  Illinois,  January  7,  1887.  Banker  was  a  farmer,  and 
lived  in  Plattsburgh,  where  their  eight  children  were  born. 
About  1852  they  moved  to  Wisconsin  with  their  family. 

Seymour  W.,  b.  March29,  1S30;  living  in  Omaha,  Neb.     Married 

Miss  Ellen  Lassell,  and  had  four  children,  Florence,  Lizzie, 

Jcmey,  and  Harvey,  all  born  in  Wisconsin. 
Anna  P.,  b.  June  12,  1830;  d.  at  Mineral  Point,  Wis.;  m.  Luther 

J.  Lassell. 
William  H.,  b.  Jan.  4,  1835;  m.  Maria  Mallet,  and  lives  in  Am- 

boy,  Illinois.     They  have  one  child,  Frank. 
Eliza  May,  b.  July  14,  1S39;  m.  Rev.  O.  G.  May,  and  lives  in 

California.     They  have  six  children:  Frank,  Grace,  Gertrude, 

William,  Lucy,  and  Robert. 
KrcHABD  E.,   b.   Oct.  3,   1841;   m.  Mary  Maloy.     They  live  at 

Omaha,  Neb.    Issue,  one  child,  Emily  M. 
James  E.,  b.  June  23,   1844;  m.  Aurora  Sternes.    They  live  at 

York,  Neb.,  and  have  four  children:   Bertha,  Walter,  Edna, 

and  Arthur. 
Eleanor  L.,  b.  Sept.  11,  1847;  d.  April  3,  1878;  m.  MaurieShafer 

Frye.      They    lived    at  Alton,    111.    Issue,    four    children: 

Glenbee,  Freddie,  Barlic,  and  Charlie. 
Emily  E.,  b.  Nov.  30,  1850;  m.  James  W.   Holmes,    of  Amboy, 




Wm.  Skinner  Balch. 


321.  William  Skinner/  youngest  son  of  154  Timothy" 
and  Ann  [Whitman]  Balch,  was  born  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y., 
October  22,  1813,  and  died  December  8,  1895.  William  S. 
left  his  home  in  Plattsburgh  in 
1828,    and  went  to  live   with  his 

uncle  Whitman,  in  Williamstown, 

Mass.,  in  whose  store  he  clerked  it 
for  five  years.  In  the  spring  of 
1842  he  removed  to  Saratoga,  N.  Y.,  and  began  hotel  keeping. 
For  some  eighteen  years  he  kept  the  old  Columbian,  which 
was  burned  in  1861.  For  several  years  after  the  burning  of 
the  hotel  he  was  a  passenger  conductor  on  the  R.  &  S.  R.  R. 
In  1882  he  left  the  railroad.  During  the  summer  of  1884  he 
kept  the  Wentworth  Hotel  at  Round  Lake,  and  from  1889 
until  his  death  he  kept  the  Balch  House  at  Saratoga  Springs. 
The  House  is  continued  by  his  widow.  He  was  a  prominent 
member  of  the  INIethodist  Church,  and  the  hotels  of  which  he 
was  proprietor  were  kept  on  strict  temperance  principles. 
He  married  first  Miss  Caroline  M.  Martin,  an  adopted  daughter 
of  Hon.  Manning  Brown,  of  Williamstown.  She  died  in  1858. 
They  had  two  sons. 

647*    Maxnixg  B.,s  b.  Sept.  23,  1836. 

648*    Edwaed  N.,8  b.  Maroli  2,  1841;  d.  Jan.  1,  1863. 

William  Skinner  married  second,  November  30,  1858,  Miss 
Vesta  A.,  daughter  of  Ephrim  Child,  of  Saratoga.  They 
had  three  children. 

649*    Caesie  V.,8  b.  June  24,  1860. 

650  Nellie  W.,^  b.  Feb.  21,  1865. 

651  LiLLiE,8  b.  March  29,  1868;  d.  Feb.  8,  1869. 

324.  Henry,"  son  of  155  William^  and  Ann  [Smith] 
Balch,  was  born  at  West  Hartford,  Ct.,  October  10,  1806,  and 
died  at  Sandisfield,  Mass.,  April  18, 1874.  He  was  a  carpen- 
ter and  farmer.  He  was  honest,  sober,  and  industrious,  and  a 
man  highly  respected  in  the  community  in  which  he  lived. 
He  was  married  January  12,  18-34,  to  Miss  Martha  A.,  daugh- 
ter of  Pitt  Fuller,  of  Windsor,  Ct.  She  was  born  December 
10,  1810,  and  died  at  Sandisfield,  Mass.,  May  9,  1879.    They 


were  both  buried  at  Sandisfield.     They  had  three  children, 
born  at  Sandisfield. 

652*    Jane  Louisa,^  b.  Sept.  IS,  1S38. 

653*    Cornelia  Axn,^  b.  Nov.  19,  1845. 

654*    Edward  Henby,^  b.  April  23,  1852. 

326.  Thomas,"  son  of  155  WilUam^  and  Ann  [Smith] 

Balch,  was  born  at  West  Hartford,    Ct.,  February  19,   1811,' 

and  died  February,  1891,  at  Hartford.     He  was  a  carpenter. 

He  married  Delia  Parsons,  who  was  born  at  Colebrook,  Ct., 

(-,    I     <  I  -J  'lie 
Novembers,  1813,  and  is  now  living.     They  were  married 

November  3,  1836.     Tliey  had  five  children,  all  born  at  Hart- 

655*    Alonzo  W.,s  b.  Sept.  16,  1837. 

656*    Fbedeeick  A.,8  b.  Aug.  22,  1839. 

657*    Maegaket  S.,s  b.  Oct.  12,  1842. 

658*    Alfred  P.,8  b.  Aug.  19,  1844. 

659*    Delia  F.,*  b.  Oct.  7,  1848. 

327.  Alonzo,"  son  of  155  William'^  and  Ann  [Smith] 
Balch,  was  born  at  West  Hartford,  Ct.,  April  12,  1814,  and 
died  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  May  26,  1885.  One  week  before  his 
death  he  had  a  stroke  of  paralysis,  and  did  not  speak  after- 
wards. Two  days  before  he  was  stricken  down  he  was  plan- 
ning to  go  to  New  Mexico.  He  was  a  carpenter.  When  a 
young  man  he  went  to  South  Carolina,  and  thence  to  Galves- 
ton, Texas.  He  was  married  May  12,  1817,  to  Eliza  Jane 
McLane,  who  was  born  at  Greenfield,  S.  C,  June  29,  1832, 
and  died  at  Galveston,  Texas,  January  13,  1881.     No  issue. 

329.  Sarah  R.,'  daughter  of  159  Joseph^  and  Martha 
[Grise]  Balch,  was  born  at  Providence,  R.  I.  She  was  mar- 
ried at  Providence,  October  7,  1816,  to  John  Miller,  a  jour- 
nalist, and  connected  with  the  Providence  Journal.  Their 
issue  was  two  children,  born  at  Providence  :  John,  d.  y. ; 
Sarah,  married  Elias  Smith,  of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

331.  Sophia  Packard,"  only  daughter  of  161  John 
Rogers^  andSaphira  [Packard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Providence, 
R.  I.,  May  9,  1805.  She  is  now  living  in  Providence.  On 
September   8,   1824,  she  was  married   to   Ebeuezer,  son  of 


Joseph  Kelly.  He  was  born  at  Warren,  R.  I.,  and  died  at 
Providence,  on  December  2,  1852.  Their  ten  children  were  all 
born  at  Providence. 

Sophia  Balch,  b.  Aug.  14,  1823 ;  d.  May  11,  1840. 

Makt  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  12,  1827;  d.  July  16,  1843. 

Ann  Frances,  b.  June  24,  1830;  d.  Sept.  6,  1832. 

Eben  Augustus,  b.  April  9,  1833. 

John  Henbt,  b.  Aug.  5,  183.5;  d.  Feb.  27,  1836. 

Emily  Ann,  b.  March  31,  1837. 

AUJANETH  Eddy,  b.  July  21,  1839;  d.  Sept.  14,  1842. 

Benjamin  Eddy,  b.  Feb.  10,  1842;  d.  May  3,  1863. 

John  Balch,  b.  July  2,  1844. 

Louisa  Balch,  b.  Nov.  9,  1846;  d.  May  27,  1876. 

332.  John  Rogers,'  son  of  161  John  Rogers^  and  Sa- 
phira  [Packard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Providence,  R.  I.,  August 
27,  1808,  and  died  in  that  city,  very  suddenly,  October  25, 
1886.  He  married 
Elizabeth  C,  daugh- 

ter    of    Isaiah    and   /  //    /       'Z?  '^ .  . 

Mary  [Collins]  Law-  LT/^  t/iA9^^  00^.^0^ 
ton,  of  Newport,  R.  // 

I.  She  died  October  12,  1879,  in  her  sixty-ninth  year.  Their 
issue  was  three  children,  born  in  Providence. 

660*    Ellen  Elizabeth,^  b.  May  9,  1833. 

661*    Collins  Lawton,'  b.  July  6,  1834. 

662      John  Latvton,^  d.  y. 

John  Rogers  attended  the  public  and  private  schools  of 
Providence  until  he  was  fourteen  years  old,  when  he  entered 
the  house  of  Cook  &  Brown,  cotton  merchants,  Providence, 
R.  I.  He  remained  witli  this  firm  twenty-three  years,  until 
its  dissolution,  in  1845.  He  then  entered  the  employ  of  the 
Providence  and  Worcester  R.  R.  Company,  in  which  he  re- 
mained to  the  day  of  his  death.  May  17,  1847,  he  was  made 
assistant  treasurer  of  the  road,  under  Isaac  Brown,  treasurer. 
May  19,  1851,  he  was  appointed  treasurer,  wliich  position  he 
held  to  the  time  of  his  death.  Since  1851  all  the  records  of 
the  treasurer  of  the  raikoad  company  have  been  kept  in  his 
handwriting.     During  his  period  of  service,   covering  in  all 


about  forty  years,  he  exhibited  an  unusual  sound  judgment 
in  the  transaction  of  the  business  of  the  road,  and  his  long 
experience  rendered  his  knowledge  of  railroad  matters  very 
important.  He  invariably  declined  political  office  and  public 
duties,  because  of  his  preference  for  the  duties  of  his  rail- 
road position.  In  early  life  he  took  an  active  interest  in  pol- 
itics. He  was  a  Whig,  and  later  a  Republican.  In  1827  he 
joined  the  First  Light  Infantry  Company,  and  at  the  time  of 
his  death  was  a  member  of  the  Infantry  Veteran  Association. 
The  following  tribute  was  paid  to  him  by  the  Providence 
Journal  of  October  26,  1885  : 

"  It  is  rare  indeed  that  an  official  is  able  to  retain  so  oner- 
ous and  responsible  a  position  as  treasurer  of  an  important 
railroad  corporation  for  forty  years,  as  did  Mr.  John  R.  Balch 
for  the  Providence  and  Worcester  railroad,  and  the  testimony 
to  his  ability  and  integrity  is  an  irrefragible  one.  As  a  mod- 
est, worthy  and  honorable  citizen,  Mr.  Balch  will  be  widely 
mourned,  as  well  as  an  official." 

333.    Hart,'  only  child  of  168  Hart^  and  [Bourne] 

Balch,  was  born  at  Newbury,  Mass.,  Nov.  9,  1751,  and  died 
at  Andover,  Vt.,  Feb.  15, 1846.  He  was  a  posthumous  child. 
His  mother  married  a  British  officer  and  went  to  Halifax,  N. 
S.  Hart  lived  with  his  aunt,  in  whose  house  he  was  born, 
until  bound  out  an  ajjprentice  to  a  shoe  maker.  The  aunt  was 
Deborah,  his  father's  sister,  and  wife  of  Captain  John  Forsyth. 
He  was  married  first  in  1772  to  Miss  Priscilla  Holt,  by  whom 
he  had  three  children. 

663*    Nathak,8  b.  Aug.  29,  1773;  d. 

664*    JoEL,sb.  Feb.  6, 1774  ;  d.  Oct.  27,  1S45. 

665      Deborah, 6  b.  ;  d.  Aug.  14, 1777. 

Hart's  first  wife  died  and  he  married  for  his  second  Dorcas 
Somers,  daughter  of  Isaac  and  Abigail  S.  Somers,  by  whom 
he  had  eight  more  children. 

666*    Deborah, 8  b.  Nov.  13,  17S0. 

667      Hart,s  b.  Sept.  27,  17S4;  d.  unm.  winter  of  ISIO. 

668*    AsA,sb.  May  12,  1786;  d.  in  1S72. 

669*    Francis  S.,^  b.  Sept.  2,  17SS;  d.  Aug.  23,  1857. 


670*    Ee,8  b.  Feb.  10,  1794;  d.  Jan.  5,  1854. 

671*    Sallt.s  b.  Oct.  7,  1795;  d.  June  15,  1874. 

672*    James  Paekee,^  b.  Dec.  4,  1797 ;  d.  Apr.  2,  1857. 

673*    Jacob  Abbot,^  b.  July  9,  1800;  d.  Aug.  27,  1881. 
Hart'^  was  evidently  a  man  of   strong  individuality,  and 
some  eccentricity.     The  following  from  the  pen  of  his  grand- 
son, the  late  Rev.  William  Stevens  Balch  of  Elgin,  111.,  shows 
very  much  of  the  character  of  both. 

"  I  have  never  strayed  far  from  the  plain  path  of  present 
duty  to  search  the  records  of  ancestry  for  grace  or  glory  to 
adorn  my  own  name.  I  did  once  ask  my  grandfatlier,  when 
grown  to  manhood,  and  he  over  ninety,  about  our  ancestors, 
whether  we  were  English,  Scotch,  Irish,  Dutch,  Greek,  He- 
brew or  heathen.  The  old  gentleman  roused  up  and  said 
rather  seriously,  'What  is  it  to  you?  we  have  only  our 
own  conduct  to  answer  for.'  That  is  very  true,  I  replied, 
still,  it  is  a  satisfaction  to  know  something  of  one's  forefathers. 
The  old  gentleman  replied,  '  I  have  good  reasons  to  desire  no 
such  thing.  I  have  always  thought  it  a  disgrace  and  not  an 
honor,  to  accept  property  or  houses  gained  by  others,  not  by 
myself.  I  never  danced  in  borrowed  pumps.'  Then  straightr 
ening  himself  into  a  dignified  attitude  he  consented  to  gratify 
his  grandson's  request.  '  I  was  born  in  the  Old  Bay  State, 
town  of  Newbury.  When  a  child  I  lived  with  my  mother  at 
my  aunt's.  I  never  saw  my  father.  I  was  told  he  was  a  sea 
captain,  and  was  lost  with  all  his  crew  on  a  voyage  to  the 
West  Indies.  Whether  so  or  not  I  never  knew.  That  was 
no  fault  of  mine.  Yes,  my  mother  left  me  when  young,  was 
married,  I  was  told,  and  went  to  live  in  Nova  Scotia,  the  home 
of  the  Tories.  I  have  been  told  she  died  there  and  left  me 
several  hundred  dollars.  I  never  saw  them, — just  as  well. 
When  fourteen  I  was  bound  an  apprentice  to  a  shoemaker.'  " 
The  records  at  Keene,  show  that  Hart  had  several  real  estate 
transactions  in  that  town  and  Dublin,  N.  H. 

Hart  enlisted  into  Captain  William  Walker's  company, 
Colonel  Reed's  regiment,  April  23,  1775,  and  was  discharged 
August  9,  1775.     He  enlisted  again  into  Captain  Gilmour's 


company,  June  29,  1777,  and  served  one  year  and  ten  months. 
When  he  enlisted  in  1777,  he  was  described  as  age  26  years, 
height,  6  feet.  He  re-enlisted  as  a  private  in  the  Fii-st  New 
Hampshire,  April  24,  1781,  for  three  years,  fi-om  Dublin, 
N.  H. 

334.  Nathaniel,'  sou  of  170  Nathaniel^  and  Mary 
[Fletcher]  Balch,  was  born  in  Providence,  R.  I.,  February 
26,  1764,  and  died  in  Boston,  jNIass.,  June  10,  1831.  On 
December  17, 1789,  he  was  married  to  Miss  Mary  Stillman,  and 
at  the  same  time  Mr.  Benjamin  Stillman  was  married  to  Miss 
Mary  Balch,  his  sister.  The  officiating  clergyman  at  this 
double  wedding  was  Rev.  Dr.  Samuel  Stillman,  father  of  two 
of  the  young  people  concerned.  Nathaniel  and  Mary  had 
five  children. 

674*    MaeiaS.,8  b.  Mch.  20,  1790;  d. 

675*    WiLLiAM,s  b.  Mcb.  11,  1792;  was  lost  at  sea,  after  1826. 

676*    Nathaniel,*  b.  Feb.  13,  1794;  d.  unm.  before  1850. 

677*    Haeriet,'  b.  Nov.  14,  1795. 

678*    Benjamin  Stillman,*  b.  July  9,  1797:  d.  after  18.50. 

Mary,  the  wife  of  Nathaniel  Balch,  Jr.,  was  born  July  20, 
1766,  and  died  November  8,  1800. 

Captain  Nathaniel  Balch  celebrated  the  4th  day  of  July, 
1813,  by  taking  to  himself  for  his  second  wife,  Susan,  daughter 
of  Captain  Wilham  and  Susannah  [Foster]  Young.  She  was 
born  in  Boston,  August  9,  1782.     They  had  two  sons. 

679*    Edward  Lawkexce,*  b.  May  31.  1816:  d.  Nov.  21.  1869. 

680»  -William  Young,*  b.  M.irch  10,  1819;  d.  Dec.  17,  1882. 
Both  of  these  sons  were  born  in  Boston  and  baptized  at  the 
Old  South  Church,  by  Rev.  Dr.  Wisner,  their  mother  having 
united  with  that  church  in  February,  1811.  She  was  a  con- 
stant attendant  of  the  services  at  the  "  Old  South  ""  for  more 
than  half  a  century  up  to  the  second  Sunday  before  her 
death,  which  occurred  December  26,  1864.  Her  funeral  took 
place  from  the  Old  South  Chapel,  in  Spring  Lane,  her  en- 
tombment being  one  of  the  last  permitted  in  the  "  Granarj' " 
buiying  ground  on  Tremont  street. 

Nathaniel   Balch,  Jr.,  was  commissioned  by  '•  His  Excel- 


CAPT.  NAT'L,    WM.,   JOSEPH  BALCH, — BOSTOlf,  MASS.   121 

lency,  Arthur  St.  Clair,  Esq.,  President  of  the  Congress  of 
the  United  States  of  America,"  on  October  20,  1786,  to  the 
rank  of  "  Ensign  in  the  second  regiment  in  the  army  of  the 
United  States,"  the  same  regiment  in  which  his  younger 
brother  William  served. 

Nathaniel  resigned  his  commission,  and  in  1796  he  was  en- 
gaged in  mercantile  pursuits  in  Boston. 

President  John  Adams  commissioned  him  "Captain  in  the 
15th  regiment  of  infantry,  in  the  service  of  the  United 
States,  to  take  rank  from  January  10,  1799."  In  the  summer 
and  fall  of  that  year  he  was  on  recruiting  ser^^ce  in  the 
Province  of  Maine.  On  Wednesday,  January  15,  1800,  fu- 
neral honors  were  paid  by  the  troops  stationed  at  Oxford, 
Massachusetts,  to  the  memory  of  their  illustrious  leader, 
General  George  Washington.  Captain  Nathaniel  Balch  was 
one  of  the  pall-bearers.     [History  of  Oxford.] 

335.  William,"  son  of  170  NathanieP  and  Mary  [Fletch- 
er] Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  July  11,  1765.  He  never 
married.  When  about  25  years  of  age  he  received  a  commis- 
sion, signed  by  George  Washington,  then  President  of  the 
United  States,  dated  March  4,  1791,  as  ensign  in  the  2d  regi- 
ment, in  the  service  of  the  United  States.  With  Capt.  Sam- 
uel Newman  and  many  others  of  Boston,  he  was  killed  in  the 
battle  with  the  Indians,  near  Miami  Village,  Ohio,  Nov.  4, 
1791,  commonly  called  "  St.  Clair's  defeat,"  being  then  a 

338.  Sarah,"  daughter  of  170  Nathaniel  and  Mary 
[Fletcher]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  December  5,  1774. 
She  married  Thomas  Hughes,  January  31,  1805.  They  had 
five  children,  as  follows  :  Thomas  Hughes,  b.  Nov.  16,  1805  ; 
Sarah,  b.  Sept.  8,  1808 ;  George,  b.  Jan.  1,  1811 ;  Mary,  b. 
Aug.  30,  1812  ;  Henry,  b.  May  29,  1816. 

343.  Joseph,''  son  of  172  Joseph^  and  Abigail  [Aude- 
bert]  Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  September  15,  1769,  and 
died  of  yellow  fever,  September  11,  1798.  Yellow  fever 
was  at  that  time  epidemic  in  Boston   where   he   died.     He 


was  a  sailmaker  in  Boston.  He  was  married  on  the  5th  of 
October,  1794,  to  Hannah,  eldest  daughter  of  Dr.  John  and 
Hannah  [Raj-mar]  Pope  of  Boston.  She  was  born  August  13, 
1772,  and  died  June  22,  1811.     They  had  three  children. 

681»    Joseph,^  b.  July  16,  1796;  d.  July  16,  1872. 

682      Hannah  Pope,s  b.  Feb.  23,  1798;  d.  May  24,  IgOS. 

683*    Abigail  Bright,^  b.  Apr.  1,  1799;  d. 

347.  Elizabeth,'  daughter  of  172  Joseph^  and  Abigail 
[Audebert]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  April  9,  1779,  and 
died  January  29,  1759.  She  was  married  to  Jonathan  March 
Dexter,  June  19,  1808,  at  Billerica,  Mass. 

Mr.  Dexter  was  born  March  24,  1775  at  Haverhill,  and 
died  March  26,  1861  in  the  city  of  New  York.  Elizabeth  and 
Jonathan  M.  Dexter  were  buried  in  Greenwood  Cemetery, 
L.  I.  They  had  five  children,  the  two  eldest  were  born  at 
Billerica,  the  others  at  West  Cambridge. 

C4E0EGE,  b.  June  16,  1809;  d.  at  Geneva,  Switzerland,  July  16, 
1872;  m.  Dec.  1,  1845  to  Mary  Elizabeth  Phelps. 

Mart  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  19, 1811;  unm. 

Henry,  b.  Mar.  14,  1813;  m.  Oct.  11,  1853,  Lucretia  Marguand 
Perry.     He  was  living  in  New  York,  May  1,  1892. 

Abba  Maria  Wellington,  b.  Apr.  10,  1816;  d.  at  West  Cam- 
bridge, July  5,  1819. 

Abba  Maria  Wellington,  b.  July  19,  1820;  d.  at  Westport, 
Conn.,  Sejjt.  18,  1878;  m.  Dec.  29,  1852  to  James  Henry 

348.  John,7  son  of  175  JohnS  and  Mary  [ ]  Balch, 

was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  December  10,  1757  and  died  in 
the  same  town  March  15,  1824.  He  was  married  in  1778  to 
Lucy,  daughter  of  Daniel  and  Abigail  Snow.  She  was  born 
in  1762,  and  died  July  5,  1831.  John  always  lived  in  Keene, 
and  both  he  aud  his  wife  were  buried  in  that  town.  They 
had  five  children,  all  born  at  Keene. 

684*  Hannah,s  b.  Apr.  4,  1781;  d.  July  27,  1866. 

685*  LuciNDA,8  b.  Mch.  23,  1783;  d.  Aug.  7, 1848. 

686*  Nabby,s  b.  Mch.  28,  1785;  d.  Aug.  17,  1830. 

687*  Andeew,s  b.  May  2,  1787;  d.  May  26, 1845. 

688*  Ezra,6  b.  1798;  d.  Apr.  26,  1828. 

689  EosALiND,8  b.  1801 ;  d.  Aug.  23,   1824,  unm. 

JOHX,   TIMOTHY  BALCH,— KEENE,   N.  H.  123 

John  was  a  farmer,  and  the  records  in  the  Register's  office 
at  Keene  show  that  he  owned,  and  lived  upon  the  farm  that 
his  grandfather  located  and  cleared.  When  Lieut.  Andrew 
Balch  located  at  Keene,  the  country  about  was  a  wilderness, 
abounding  with  wild  beasts.  He  built  his  house  in  a  forest. 
One  night  John  greased  his  boots  and  slicked  up  and  went 
to  a  party.  While  on  his  way  home  wolves  scented  him  or 
rather  his  boots,  and  gave  chase.  He  ran  for  his  life,  and 
heard  them  snapping  at  his  heels  as  he  escaped  through  the 
house  door.  He  inherited  a  walking  stick  that  is  now  in  the 
possession  of  his  grandson  John  Edwin  Balch  of  Wilson, 
Winona  Co.,  Minn.  Family  tradition  says  it  was  the  prop- 
erty of  John,i  the  old  planter.  The  cane  is  of  hickory  three 
feet  long,  has  the  appearance  of  having  been  varnished,  and 
has  an  ivory  head  about  one  inch  deep  and  the  size  of  a  silver 
half  dollar. 

When  but  fifteen  years  of  age  he  was  enrolled  as  one  of 
the  "  foot  company "  of  Keene.  The  Revolutionary  War 
Rolls  show  that  he  enlisted  in  Capt.  John  Gregg's  Co.  as 
private  in  1777,  age  19.  In  the  same  year  he  served  26  days 
in  Col.  Sam'l  Ashley's  regt.  The  New  Hampshire  town 
papers.  Vol.  XXI.  p.  319  show  that  John  Balch's  contract  as 
Post  Rider  was  made  on  the  27th  day  of  July,  1781.  His  route 
was  from  Portsmouth  on  Saturday  morning,  thence  to  Con- 
way, Plymouth  and  Haverhill,  thence  down  the  Connecticut 
river  to  Charles  town  and  Keene,  and  back  to  Portsmouth 
in  fourteen  days. 

349.    Timotliy,^  son  of  175  John^  and   Mary   [ ] 

Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  about  1760.  He  died  at 
Orwell,  Oswego  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  was  buried  at  Richland,  N.  Y. 
About  1788  he  married  Hannah  Damon,  of  Manchester,  Vt. 
who  died  at  Orwell,  N.  Y.,  November  12,  1857.  They  had 
three  sons  and  three  daughters,  all  born  at  Manchester. 

690*    TiMOTHT.s  b.  Dec.  10,  1789;  d.  Aug.  10,  1843. 

691*    J0HN,8b.  Feb.  14,  1792;  d.  Mcli.  10,  1882. 

692*    Susa:t,8  b.  Aug.  22,  1794;  d.  June  2,  1880. 

693*    AjfNA,s  b.  Aug.  27,  1798;  d.  Sept.  21,  1840. 


694*    Daniel.s  b.  July  29,  1800;  d.  May  25,  1874. 

695*    PoLLT,8  b.  Oct.  31,  1803;  d.  Sept.  IS,  1898. 

New  Hampshire  Town  Papers.  Vol.  XII,  page  320  show 
that  on  June  10, 1785,  Timothy  Balch  was  appointed  Post- 
Eider,  and  carried  the  mail  between  Portsmouth,  N.  H.  and 
Bi-attleboro,  Vt.  This  was  the  first  mail  route  in  the  state  of 
Vermont.  He  moved  with  his  family  to  Orwell,  Oswego 
Co.,  N.  Y.  all  that  section  of  the  state  in  those  early  days  was 
called  the  Black  River  country.  Here  in  that  then  wild 
country  Timothy  took  up  land  and  cleared  a  farm  on  which 
he  lived  the  remainder  of  his  life. 

352.  Mary,"  daughter  of  175  John'^  and  his  second  wife 
Safrona  [ ]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  New  Hamp- 
shire, February  10,  1770  and  died  at  New  Ipswich,  New 
Hampshire,  October  14,  1838.  She  was  married  November 
5,  1807  to  Joel  Pond,  son  of  Daniel.  He  was  born  ^March 
19,  1756,  and  died  at  Keene,  February  23,  1821.  They  lived 
at  Keene,  and  had  one  child. 

357.     Cyrus,'  son   of   177    Caleb«     and    Elizabeth    M. 

[ ]    Balch,   was   born   at   Keene.    N.     H.,    July    14, 

1765,  and  died  about  1805.  He  was  married  about  1782  to 
Judith  Stone.  The  records  of  the  town  of  Westford,  Vt. 
show  that  their  six  eldest  children  were  born  in  that  town,  so 
they  must  have  gone  to  live  there  soon  after  their  marriage. 
Their  four  youngest  clnldi'en  were  born  in  the  town  of  Euos- 
burgh,  Vt. 

696  LuciNDiA.s  b.  Oct.  13,  1783;  d. 

697  Caboline,8  b.  Oct.  20, 1785;  d. 
698*  Ebexezeb,8  b.  Sept.  16,  1787:  d.  1849. 
699*  MART,8b.  Aug.  20,  1791:  d.  Mch.  25,  1862. 
700  J0H>.-,8  b.  Jan.  21,  1793;  d.  Jan.  22,  1793. 
701*  JoHN,8b.  Jan.  29.  1794;  d.  Aug.  21,  1834. 
702*  SiMEOX.s  b.  1796:  d. 

703'    Exos,8b.  1797:  d.  1872. 
704*    Ctbu8,8  b.  Apr.,  1799:  d.  Aug.  7,  1878. 
705*    Elmiea,6  b.  1801;  d.  Sept.  4.  1838. 
706*    Eli  Stone.s  b.  Feb.  13,  1803:  d.  Dec.  24,  1861. 
The  Town  Papers  of  N.  H.  Vol.  XII,  p.  312  show  by  Capt. 

CYRUS   BALCH, — KEENE,   N.   H.  125 

Ephraim  Stone's  return  of  his  company,  that  Cyrus  Balch 
was  a  member,  and  received  621  lbs.,  1  shilling.  These  re- 
turns were  made  in  1782  and  show  service  during  the  Revo- 
lution, up  to  and  including  the  year  1780.  The  records 
show  a  deed  from  him  to  Amos  Balch  for  seventy-five  pounds 
of  one  hundred  acres  of  land. 

The  name  of  Cyius  Balch  is  not  found  upon  the  records 
of  Westford  later  than  Feb.  21,  1795.*  Soon  after  this  date 
he  moved  to  the  township  of  Enosburgh,  Vt.,  where  he  took 
up  land  and  cleared  a  farm,  and  he,  with  his  family,  were  the 
first  to  winter  in  that  town,  1796-97.  His  land  was  in  the 
west  part  of  the  town,  then  and  now  called  Balch  Hill. 

The  information  for  this  genealogy  concerning  Cyi-us  and 
his  children  were  obtained  with  great  difficulty.  A  number 
of  families,  scattered  from  Vermont  to  Dakota,  and  having 
common  traditions,  were  found  in  various  ways.  None  of 
them  knew  the  name  of  their  grandfather,  or  were  able  to 
tell  where  he  lived.  One  of  these  traditions  was  that  an 
uncle  named  Enos  was  the  first  child  born  in  Enosburgh, 
Vermont.  Another  was  that  another  uncle,  named  John,  was 
drowned  in  Lake  Champlain,  and  a  third  that  their  grand- 
father was  killed  while  felling  a  tree.  He  was  cutting  into 
a  tree  against  which  another  had  lodged  in  falling.  The  tree 
he  was  chopping  suddenly  split  and  kicked  back.  It  struck 
him  under  the  chin  and  broke  his  neck.  It  was  not  possible 
to  learn  anything  from  the  town  clerk  of  Enosburgh,  but  the 
Vermont  Gazette  gave  the  name  of  the  owner  of  the  Balch 
farm.  A  letter  directed  to  him  fell  into  the  hands  of  his  ex- 
ecutor, Benjamin  Hoyt,  who  also  was  familiar  with  the  tradi- 
tion of  the  peciiliar  way  in  which  the  owner  of  Balch  hill 
met  his  death,  and  was  able  from  an  old  deed  to  fix  the 
Christian  name  as  Cyrus. 

*The  search  of  the  manuscript  records  of  the  town  of  Westford,  Vt. , 
were  made  by  Mrs.  Clara  Allen  (Morgan)  Cooley,  of  that  town,  a  grand- 
daughter of  Cyrus. 


358.  Amos,'  son  of  177  Caleb^  and  Elizabeth  [ ] 

Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  July  28,  1767.  The  first 
marriage  recorded  upon  the  town  records  of  Westford,  Vt., 
is  Amos  Balch  and  Betsey  Jarvis,  married  December  10, 1792. 
They  had  children,  as  shown  by  the  records. 

707  SusANN A,6  h.        ;  d.  April  27,  1795,  at  Westford,  Tt. 

708  Nathan,^  b.  Aug.  10,  1795 ;  d. 

The  above  mentioned  records  show  that  Amos  Balch  bought 
and  sold  five  different  parcels  of  laud  between  the  dates  July 
31,  1792,  and  February  21,  1795.  He  went  to  Enosburgh  in 
1796,  as  appears  by  the  Vermont  Gazetteer,  but  he  probably 
retm-ned  to  Westford,  as  his  name  appears  as  a  witness  to  a 
deed  m  1799. 

The  above  is  all  we  know  regarding  this  family,  and  is  en- 
tirely from  records. 

359.  Caleb,"  son  of  177  Caleb^  and  Elizabeth  [ ] 

Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  March  9,  1770.  He  was 
married  April  3,  1812,  to  Patience  Nye.  The  Westford  town- 
records  show  realestate  transactions  by  him  in  1812.  From 
these  records  it  also  appears  that  on  January  5,  1793,  he  wit- 
nessed a  deed  as  Caleb  Balch,  Jr.,  and  on  January  24,  1795, 
he  witnessed  a  deed  as  Caleb  Balch,  having  dropped  the  Jr. 
This  would  indicate  that  his  father  died  between  1792  and 

362.  Thankful,"  daughter  of  179  Benjamin^  and  Eliza- 
beth [Blake]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  April  23, 
1772,  and  died  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  in  1856.  She  was  married 
to  Azariah  Snow,  a  brother  to  her  sister's  husband,  John 
Snow.  They  moved  to  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  where  they  continued 
to  reside,  and  both  died  and  were  buried  in  that  town.  Mr. 
Snow  was  one  of  the  most  influential  men  in  that  vicinity, 
both  in  church  and  business.  They  were  both  members  of 
the  Baptist  denomination,  of  which  he  was  for  a  long  time  a 

Mrs.  Snow  was  an  unusually  energetic  and  truly  good 
woman,  living  to  the  age  of  81  years.     The  last  ten  years  of 

ABNEE,  ESTHER  BALCH, — KEENE,  N.  H.       127 

her  life  she  was  entirely  blind.  They  had  five  sons  and  one 
•daughter,  all  born  at  Lunenburg  :  John,  George,  Daniel, 
Benjamin,  Abigail,  and  Abner. 

363.  Abner,'  son  of  179  Benjamins  and  Elizabeth  [Blake] 
Balch,  -n-as  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  March  5,  1774.  He  married 
first  Miss  Lydia  P.,  daughter  of  Zeno  and  Lydia  Alden.  She 
•was  born  in  Stratford,  Ct.     They  had  nine  children  : 

709  Aldin.s  b.        ;  d. 

710  Albeet,^  b.         ;  d.  y. 

711  Albeet,^  b.         ;  d.  y. 

712*    Abxee,s  b.  January  1,  1804;  d.  Ifov.  12,  1888. 
713*    Eliza,6  b.  ;  d.  Dec.  6,  1828. 

714*    Lydia,'  b.         ;  d. 

715*    Alfeed,8  b.  Jan.  8,  1806;  d.  April  11,  1892. 
716*    Almika  A.,  3  b.  Aug.  5,  1811. 
717*    Aleeet,  8  b.  1813;  killed,  railroad  accident,  1846. 
Abner'  married   for  his  second  wife  a  Miss  Latham,  by 
■whom  he  had  one  child. 
718    Amanda,*  b.  ;  d.  y. 

Abner  lived  for  a  time  at  Bethel,  Vt.,  where  he  owned  and 
operated  a  fulling  mill.  Then  he  moved  to  Stratford,  Vt. ; 
then  to  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.  He  was  also  engaged  in  farming. 
He  was  accounted  an  expert  in  the  use  of  the  ax,  and  was 
also  celebrated  as  a  high  jumper. 

Abner  and  his  wives  were  buried  at  East  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 
365.     Esther,'  daughter  of  179  Benjamin^  and  Elizabeth 
[Blake]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  October  13,  1778,  and 
died  in  the  same  town,  February  20,  1830.     She  married  John 
Snow,   of  Keene.     Mr.   Snow  was  a  deacon  in  the  Baptist 
church.     Their  ten  children  were  born  in  Keene. 
Peklet  Blake,  b.  Dec.  31,  1799;  d.  in  Ills. 
Latjee,  b.        ;  d.  in  Keene. 
EsTHEE,  b.        ;  died  in  Keene. 

Sylvia,  b.  1806;  d.  in 'Westmoreland,  N.  H.,  Sept.  30,  1891. 
Channey,  b.         ;  d.  in  Sugar  Grove,  Ills. 
John,  b.        ;  d.  in  Springfield,  Mo. 
Joseph,  b.  Apr.,  1819;  d. 
Cynthia,  b.        ;  d.  at  Keene . 
George,  b.        ;  d.  y. 
FoBBES,  b.         ;  d.  y. 


366.  Olive,^  daughter  of  179  Benjamin^  and  Elizabeth 
[Blake]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  August  25,  1780, 
and  lived  to  be  over  80  years  of  age.  She  married  Erastus 
Lane  of  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  and  had  three  children:  Erastus, 
Sylvanus,  and  William. 

367.  Benjamin,^  son  of  179  Benjamin^  and  Elizabeth 
[Blake]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  July  2-3,  1783,  and 
died  at  Union,  N.  Y.,  September  27,  1829.  About  1808  he 
married  Sarah,  daughter  of  Matthew  Stanley.  Matthew 
Stanley's  lineage  traces  back  to  the  Plantagenets.  Sarah 
was  born  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  May  28,  1789,  and  died  at 
Union,  N.  Y.,  December  11,  1863.     They  had  ten  children. 

719*  Sarah  Stanley,'  b.  Nov.  27,  1809. 

720  LucT,8  b.  Jan.  8,  1811;  d.  Jan.  15,  1818. 

721*  BEifJAMiN,^  b.  June  13,  1812;  d. 

722*  Matthew  Stanley,*  b.  Aug.  4,  1813;  d.  Oct.  20,  1844. 

723  Betsey,^  b.  Mar.  19,  1815;  d.  unra.  at  Union,  N.T.,  Dec.  19,  1663. 

724  Maey,8  b.  Oct.  14,  1817;  d.  unm.  Feb.  22,  1836. 
725*  James  Britton,^  b.  June  22,  1819. 

726*    Lucy  H.,*  b.  Feb.  12,  1821. 

727*    Benjamin  Franklin,'  b.  Dec.  S,  1S22;  d. 

728*    Lydia  M.,'  b.  Dec.  24,  1827. 

368.  Sylvanus,^  son  of  179  Benjamin'^  and  Julia  [Ellis] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  October  11,  1786.  He 
married  Catherine  Wetherby,  of  Concord,  Vt.,  by  whom  he 
had  five  childi-en,  two  of  whom  died  in  infancy. 

729*    Laura  Olive,'  b.  June  24, 1820;  d.  May  24,  1873. 

730*    John  Wetherby,'  b.  May  20,  1824. 

731*  Samuel  Albert,'  b.  June  11,  1828;  d.  May  14,  1895. 
Sylvanus  lived  at  home  and  worked  for  his  father,  in 
Lunenburg,  until  he  was  20  years  of  age,  when  he  was  given 
his  time,  which  was  to  be  his  portion.  In  a  short  time,  with 
energy  and  perseverance  he  was  the  owner  of  a  good  farm. 
He  first  located  at  Concord,  Vt.,  where  he  married.  In  1828 
he  moved  with  his  family  to  Littleton,  N.  H.,  where  he 
engaged  in  business,  first,  as  clothier  and  farming.  After- 
wards he  became  quite  an  extensive  land  owner.  In  1836, 
his  wife  died,  and  in  1837  he  married  Lydia  Pratt  of  Oxford, 


N.  H.     In  1870  he  removed  to  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.     There 
were  no  children  by  the  second  marriage. 

369.  Cynthia/  daughter  of  179  Benjamin^  and  Julia 
[Ellis]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  May  14,  1788,  and 
died  at  Lunenburg,  aged  53  years.  She  married  Stephen 
Smith  of  Lunenburg,  and  had  nine  children,  the  three  eldest 
died  in  infancy.  Benjamin,  d.  at  50 ;  Julia,  d.  at  16 ; 
Cynthia;  Ester;  Henry,  d.  at  24;  and  Leander. 

370.  Adin,'^  son  of  179  Benjamin^  and  Julia  [Ellis] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  January  22,  1790,  and  died 
at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  April  2,  1859.  He  was  a  farmer  by 
occupation,  and  a  man  of  high  moral  and  religious  principles. 
He  was  married  October  12,  1810,  to  Miss  Martha  Gee  of 
Lunenburg.  She  was  born  June  16,  1793,  and  died  at 
Lunenberg,  Jamiary  31,  1880.  They  had  12  children,  all 
born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  who  were  all  noted  for  their  musical 

732*  Selinda,8  b.  Feb.  1,  1812. 

733  Edward.s  b.  Sept.  11,  1813;  d.  Jan.  14, 1814. 

734*  Jame8,8  b.  Feb.  23, 1816;  d.  Feb.  27,  1894. 

735*  Edward  A.,8  b.  June  16,  1817. 

736*  WiLLiAM.s  b.  May  1,  1819;  d.  Sept.  6,  1842. 

737*  Maetha,8  b.  Apr.  17,  1821. 

738*  Caroline  Matilda,^  b.  Apr.  21,  1824;  d.  June  2,  1885. 

739*  Rachel,  8  b.  May  28, 1826. 

740*  Elizabeth  H.,8  b.  .Jan.  6,  1828;  d.  Aug.  19,  1878. 

741*  Geor&e  Shebman,8  b.  Sept.  16,  1833. 

742*  Isaac  A., 8  b.  Sept.  10,  1836. 

743*  Louisa  E.,8  b.  Mar.  16,  1838. 

371.  William,'^  son  of  179  Benjamin^  and  Julia  [Ellis] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  June  16,  1791,  and  died 
January  6,  1868,  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.  He  was  a  farmer  and 
lived  in  the  town  of  Lunenburg.  He  was  married  Septem- 
ber 13,  1819,  to  Lucy  Howland,  of  Lunenburg.  She  was 
born  February  26,  1797,  and  died  February  19,  1844.  They 
had  nine  children,  all  born  at  Lunenburg. 

744  Geoege,8  b.  Jan.  3,  1820;  d.  y. 

745  Eliza,8  b.         ;  d.  y. 

746*    LuRA,8  b.  Sept.  1,  1822-  d.  Oct.  17,  1893. 


747  Newell,  8  b.        ;  d.  y. 

748  Newell,8  b.  May  27,  1825;  d.  June  15,  1889,  unm. 

749  LrcT,8  b.  Jan.,  1828;  d.  Mar.  1,  1852;  m.  Mackwith  Smith.    Had 

one  son,  d.  y. 

750  Aldin,!*  b.  Feb.  22,  1830;  unm. 

751*    Electa.s  b.  Apr.  28,  1832;  d.  Mar.  13,  1888. 
752      Leaft,8  b.  July  22,  1835;  d.  Nov.  20,  1879. 

372.  James,^  son  of  179  Benjamin^  and  Julia  [Ellis] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  November  3, 1791,  and  died 
at  Davenport,  Iowa,  in  1885.  In  July  or  August,  1820,  he 
married  Miss  Nancy  Moore,  of  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  and  to  them 
were  born  two  sons. 

753*    Geoege,8  i3.  Aug.  5^  1821;  d.  Jan.  2,  1880. 

754*    Stephen  Moore,^  b.  Feb.  12,  1826;  d.  Dec.  20,  1876. 

For  several  years  following  his  marriage,  James  lived  at  St. 
Johnsbuiy,  Vt.,  then  he  moved  to  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  where 
his  wife  died  in  1864.  In  1865  he  went  to  Davenport,  Iowa, 
to  live  with  his  son,  and  after  his  son's  death  he  lived  with 
his  widow  until  his  death.  James  was  a  genial,  kind  hearted 
man  and  always  had  a  good  word  for  every  acquaintance. 
He  was  an  earnest  Christian  and  a  member  of  the  Congrega- 
tional church. 

374.    John,"  son  of  181  John^  and  [ ]  Balch,  was 

born  September  2,  1759,  and  died  at  Marcellus,  New  York, 
November  10,  1815,  and  was  buried  at  Amber,  N.  Y.  He 
was  married  April  6,  1785,  to  Miss  Lucy,  daughter  of  William 
Bowen,  of  Lebanon,  Connecticut.  She  was  born  July  20, 
1761,  and  died  at  Marcellus,  November  10,  1819.  Their  ten 
children  were  all  born  in  Connecticut. 

755*  Susan,* b.  Feb.  3,  1786;  d. 

756*  Anna,"  b.  Oct.  4,  1787;  d. 

757  EuNiCE.s  b.  July  17,  1789;  d.  at  Onondaga,  N.  T.,  unm. 

758*  Lucr.s  b.  Nov.  20,  1791;  d.  Oct.  10,  1861,  at  Norvell,  Mich. 

759*  JoHN.s  b.  Dec.  20,  1793;  d.  Oct.  10,  1868,  at  Norvell,  Mich. 

760*  lBA,8  b.  May  20,  1796;  d.  Aug.  29,  1861,  at  Sodus,  N.  T. 

761  Lydia,^  b.  Aug.  3,  1799;  d.  at  Onondaga,  N.  Y.,  unm. 

7ii*    CELmDi,'«  \  '^'^''  b-  Aug.  12,  1801 ;  d. 
764*    David,8  b.  July  2,  1804. 


John  was  a  house  joiner  by  occupation.  In  the  month  of 
January,  1809,  he  moved  with  his  family,  from  Connecticut 
to  Marcellus,  N.  Y.,  which  was  then  called  moving  West. 
All  their  furniture,  with  the  mother  and  small  children,  were 
packed  into  a  one  horse  sleigh,  and  so  part  of  the  family 
walking  and  part  riding,  they  made  the  journey  to  their  new 
home.  The  military  records  of  Connecticut  show  that  John 
Balch,  Jr.,  enlisted  from  Mansfield,  into  the  First  Connecti- 
cut Line.  Benjamin  Throop,  Captain,  Jedediah  Huntington, 
Colonel.  This  regiment  was  raised  from  and  after  January 
1,  1777,  and  took  the  field  in  the  spring  of  that  year.  He 
joined  April  26,  1777  and  was  discharged  April  26,  1780. 
He  was  a  pensioner  and  resided  in  New  York  state.  The 
Pension  Department  records  show  that  his  application  was 
made  in  April,  1818,  and  that  he  was  in  the  battle  at  Stony 
Point,  N.  Y. 

375.  William,^  son  of  181  John^  and  [ ]  Balch, 

was  born  at  Mansfield,  Connecticut  and  died  at  Halls 
Corners,  Onondaga  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  was  married  October  26, 
1786,  to  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Josiah  Hall,  of  Mansfield, 
Conn.  They  had  eight  children,  the  thi-ee  eldest  were  born 
in  Mansfield,  the  others  at  Onondaga,  N.  Y. 

765*    Stephen,*  b.  Nov.  29,  1787;  d.  Dec.  22,  1874. 

767  Bbtset,8  b.  Oct.  27,  1789,  m.  a  Mr.  Hall  and  lived  at  Dowagiac, 

Mich.  d. 

768  Obigin,'  b.  June  15,  1794;  d.  Dec.  24,  1828. 
769*    Phebe,8  b.  June  26, 1796;  d.  1875. 

770  Nelson,*  b.  Dec.  13,  1799;  d.  Sept.  10,  1828,  unm. 

771  Fanny,'  b.  Dec.  2,  1801;  d.  Dec.  27,  1830. 

772  Almika,'  b.  June  15,  1805;  d.  Sept.  22,  1831,  m.  Mr.  Jackson 

and  lived  at  Marcellus,  N.  Y. 

773  Matilda,'  b.  Nov.  2,  1807;  d.  Jan.  10,  1831. 

376.  Israel,'^    son   of  John^   and    [ ]  Balch   was 

married  in  1792.  The  dates  of  his  birth  and  death  have  not 
been  ascertained.  His  wife's  first  name  was  Sarah.  They  had 
three  children,  all  born  in  Mansfield,  Connecticut. 

774*    Maevin,»  b.  Moh.  1,  1793;  d. 

775  Rhoda,'  b.  Jan.  3,  1795;  m.  Mr.  Ford,  of  Lebanon,  Ct. 

776  Lucia,*  b.  Nov.  4,  1798;  m.  Mr.  Thayer. 


By  the  Military  Records  of  Connecticut  it  is  shown  that 
Israel  enlisted  into  the  4th  Ct.  July  8,  1780,  and  was  dis- 
charged Dec.  14, 1780,  also  that  he  enlisted  Sept.  7,  1776,  in 
to  Capt.  Sergeant's  Co.,  Major  Backus'  Regiment  Light 
Horse,  and  was  discharged  from  the  same  Nov.  2,  1776. 

377.    B^Lzaliiel.^  son  of  181  John«  and  [ ]  Balch, 

died  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  Feb.  23,  1817.  Feb.  23,  1786,  he  mar- 
ried Miss  Ruth  Davis,  of  Mansfield,  Ct.,  and  to  them  were 
born  nine  children. 

777      Ahimaaz,8  b.  July  4,  1787;  d.  unm.  Jan.  11,  1804. 

778*    Ann.8  b.  Aug.  18,  1789;  d.  Sept.  7,  1845. 

779*    J0HN,8  b.  Dec.  7,  1791;  d.  April  3,  1868. 

780*    RuTH,8  b.  Sept.  7,  1794;  d.  April  13,  1875. 

781      Joseph,^  b.  March  5,  1797;  d.         ;  m. ;  one  child,  d.  y. 

782*    Elizabeth,8  b.  April  25,  1799;  d. 

783*    Fannt,8  b.  June  21,  1801;  d.  Feb.  19,  1885. 

784*    Ahimaaz,8  b.  April  1,  1804;  d. 

785*    Mart,6  b.  Oct.  3,  1809. 

Bazalael  was  a  farmer,  and  lived  in  the  town  of  Mansfield, 
Conn.,  and  all  of  his  children  were  born  in  that  town.  He 
died  of  dropsy,  from  which  he  suffered  for  more  than  two 
years.     His  widow  survived  him  a  few  years. 

Bazalael  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolutionary  war,  entering 
the  service  when  but  sixteen  years  of  age.  Connecticut  mil- 
itary records  show  that  he  joined  Capt.  James  Dana's  com- 
pany, April  29,  1780.  He  was  a  devout  Christian,  kind  and 
affectionate.  He  sent  his  children  to  church  and  to  school 
faithfully,  and  they  looked  back  to  the  recollections  of  their 
early  life  with  pleasure.  An  incident  occurred  during  the 
war  of  1812  and  14,  and  related  by  Mrs.  Mackenzie  [who 
was  Ruth  Balch]  to  her  daughter  Helen  Mar,  is  of  interest 
in  showing  the  energj^  and  resources  of  the  household.  Baz- 
alael's  son  John  was  suddenly  summoned  to  the  arm}',  and 
had  to  go  on  the  following  day,  but  needed  an  extra  coat  of 
sheep's  gray.  A  black  and  a  white  sheep  were  accordingly 
sheared,  the  wool  mixed,  carded,  spun,  woven  into  cloth,  the 
cloth  cut,  made  ready  into  a  well-fitting  coat,  and  warming 
John's  back  twent3--four  hours  after  it  had  left  the  backs  of  the 

JONATHAN,    ALEX., — BOSTON,  MASS.,    PHILA.,    PA.     133 

sheep.  All  these  operations  were  performed  in  the  family 
without  outside  aid. 

Mrs.  Mackenzie  described  her  father  to  her  daughter  as  a 
dark  complexioned  man,  with  dark  hair  and  eyes.  He  was  a 
man  of  mild  disposition.  It  was  his  custom  to  tell  his  chil- 
dren, without  scolding  them,  that  they  might  go  back  to  bed 
if  they  did  not  feel  well  after  they  had  dressed  and  eaten 
breakfast ! 

379.  Jonathan,^  son  of  182  Jonathan^  and  Abigail 
[Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  April  7,  1774,  and 
died  at  that  city  in  the  summer  of  1803.  He  married  Miss 
Elizabeth  Hastings,  by  whom  he  had  two  sons. 

786  Jo5fATHAif,8  d.  in  infancy. 

787  Thomas  Hastings,*  d.  in  infancy. 

Jonathan  was  a  lumber  merchant  in  Boston.  He  left  land 
and  a  new  dwelling  house  in  Friend  street,  worth  some  six 
thousand  dollars.  His  widow  married  William  Dickenson, 
Aug.  14,  1808. 

382.  Samuel  Williams,"  son  of  182  Jonathan^  and  Ab- 
igail [Williams]  Balch,  was  born  March  14,  1780,  at  Boston, 
Mass.  The  date  of  his  death  is  not  known.  He  was  living 
in  Dorchester,  Oct.  13, 1813,  as  appears  by  Suffolk  Deeds,  Vol. 
236,  p.  193,  but  as  he  is  not  mentioned  in  his  mother's  will, 
dated  Oct.  25,  1815,  either  by  name  or  representative,  it  is 
reasonable  to  infer  that  he  died  between  the  above  dates,  and 
left  no  children. 

384.  David,7  son  of  182  Jonathan^  and  Abigail  [Wil- 
liams] Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  May  14,  1784.  He  was 
alive  in  1818,  and  then  junior  member  of  the  firm  of  Ridg- 
way  &  Balch,  of  Philadelphia,  Pa.  This  is  all  that  is  known 
regarding  him.     *- -   >    .      t>    ,,-,^,'    ^'<  .^c^. 

385.  Alexander,^  son  of  182  Jonathan^  and  Abigail 
[Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  March  9,  1786,  and 
died  July  5, 1812.  He  married,  April  4, 1811,  Ann,  daughter 
of  Col.  Ebenezer  and  Mary  [Glover]  Clapp,  of  Dorchester. 
She  was  born  December  8,  1792.     They  had  one  daughter. 


788    Ann  Alexander,'  b.  Feb.  4,  1S1.3;  m.  Francis  D.  Kidder. 

Alexander  was  a  merchant,  of  the  firm  of  Ridgway  & 
Balch,  of  Philadelphia,  Pa.  His  widow  married  John,  son 
of  Lewis  Wheeler,  of  Boston. 

389.  Joshua,'  son  of  186  Joshua^  and  Rebecca  [Hop- 
kins] Balch,  was  born  June  9,  1778,  and  died  at  Lyme,  N.  H., 
April  2.3,  1833.  He  was  married  June  15,  1800,  to  Miss 
Nancy  P.  Shaw,  who  was  born  December  17,  1780,  and  died 
January  24,  1850.  Joshua  was  a  farmer,  and  lived  in  the 
town  of  Lyme,  N.  H.     Tliej'^  had  eight  children. 

789*  Samuel  West,*  b.  June  9,  1803;  d.  May  27,  1889. 

790*  JTJLiA,8b.  May  15,  180.5;  d.  1893. 

791*  Dan  Shaw,*  b.  March  16,  1807;  d.  Feb.  24,  1888. 

792  Fannt,8  b.  Feb.  28,  1809;  d. ;  m.  in  October,  1833,  to  Francis  A. 


793  Adna,8  b.  April  2, 1811;  d.  Oct.  16,  1816. 

794  A8A,8  b.  April  12,  1814;  d.  Nov.  6,  1820. 

795*    Adna  Perkins,*  b.  Nov.  30,  1817;  d.  May  28,  1889. 
796*    Francis  Brown,*  b.  Aug.  3,  1819;  d.  March  28,  1891. 

390.  Israel,'  son  of  187  IsraeF  and  Hannah  [Kimball] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  June  29,  1773,  and 
died  in  the  same  town,  May  8,  1847.  He  was  married,  in 
1796,  to  Miss  Elizabeth  Epps,  of  Francestown.  She  died 
December  12,  1846,  aged  74  years.  Nine  children  was  their 
issue,  all  born  in  Francestown. 

797*  Mart,*  b.  Aug.  12,  1797;  d.  June  8,  1880. 

798*  Sally,*  b.  Jan.  29,  1799;  d.  Mar.  5,  1893. 

799*    Mason,*  b.  Oct.  23,  1800;  d.  July  21,  1873. 

800*    Betsey,*  b.  Nov.  28,  1802;  d.  April  12,  1816. 

801*    Nanct,*  b.  Sept.  26,  1804;  d.  Sept.  28,  1839. 

802*    Hannah,*  b.  May  IS,  1807;  d.  Dec.  15,  1848. 

803*    Susan,*  b.  Feb.  25, 1809;  d.  Oct.  22,  1854. 

804*    John,*  b.  May  19,  1812;  d.  Sept.  19,  1886. 

805*    Orra  a.,*  b.  Dec.  20,  1813;  d.  March,  1878. 
Israel"  was  classed  among  the  wealthy  men  of  Francestown. 

39L  Hannah,"  daughter  of  187  Israel*'  and  Hannah 
[Kimball]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  March  28, 
1775.  She  married  Bartholomew  Pearson.  They  lived  at 
Peterboro,  N.  H.,  and  had  seven  children. 


392.  Sally/  daughter  of  187  Israel"  and  Hannah  [Kim- 
ball] Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.H.,  October  13, 1778, 
and  died  at  Swale,  Steuben  county,  N.  Y.,  April  1,  1856. 
She  married  Isaac  Jones.  They  moved  from  Francestown  to 
Stoddard,  N.  H.,  in  the  fall  of  1823,  and  Mr.  Jones  died  in 
the  latter  town.     They  had  four  children. 

393.  Polly,"  daughter  of  187  IsraeP  and  Hannah  [Kim- 
ball] Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  November  4,  1780. 
She  married  Isaac  Winchester,  of  Greenfield,  N.  H.,  August 
1,  1799.  They  had  ten  children.  For  a  time  they  lived  at 
Hill,  N.  H.,  and  then  removed  to  Providence,  R.  I. 

394.  John,7  son  of  187  Israel"  and  Hannah  [Kimball] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  October  1,  1782. 
When  20  years  of  age  he  went  to  Chester,  Vt.,  at  which 
place,  on  the  12th  day  of  May,  1803,  he  married  Miss  Lydia, 
daughter  of  James  and  Lydia  [Powers]  Reed.  John  was  a 
farmer,  and  lived  and  died  in  the  town  of  Chester.  Their 
eleven  children  were  all  born  in  Chester. 

806»  J0HN,8  b.  Dec.  28,  1803;  d. 

807*  ACHSAH  Philena,8  b.  Aug.  24,  1804 ;  d. 

808*  Clakk,8  b.  May  29,  1807;  d.  May  24,  1882. 

•809*  Joanna,^  b.  June  1,  1809. 

810*  VARlON,8b.  1811;  d.  July  ],  1864. 

811*  Dastiel,'  b.        ;  d. 

S12*  Maranda  P.,»  b.  Oct.  3,  1824;  d. 

813  Lydia,'  b.        ;  m.  Rial  Walters  living  at  Rupert,  Vt. 

S14  Adeline,'  b.        ;  m.   Edward  Wbiting,  living  at  Whitehall, 

N.  T. 

•815  Louisa,' b.         ;  d.         ;  m.  Richard  Stevens. 

816  Sabah,8  b.         ;  d.         ;  m.  Thomas  Murray,  Whitehall,  N.  Y. 

395.  Joanna,'       daughter   of     187   Israel"   and    Mary 

[ ]  Balch,   was  born  at  Francestown,    N.H.,    January 

20,  1786.  She  married  Daniel  Sj^monds,  they  resided  at 
Francestown,  and  had  three  childien.  A  daughter  was  living 
at  Lyndboro,  N.  H.,  in  1888. 

396.  Varion,^  son  of  187  Israel"  and  Mary  [widow  Fletch- 
er] Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  May  6, 1789,  and 
died  in  the  same  town  June  12,    1834.     He  married  Mary, 


daughter  of  William  and  Olive  [Kindrick]  Thompson.  She- 
was  born  at  Dalton,  Mass.,  June  6,  1794,  and  was  living  in. 
January,  1886.     They  had  six  children. 

817      Vabion,'  b.         ;  d.  in  infancy. 

818*    J0ANNA,8  b.  Apr.  4,  1815;  d.  Apr.  26,  1892. 

819*    James  T.,'  b.  Apr.  IS,  1817;  d.  Jan.  28,  1888. 

820*    Pamela,'  b.  Dec.  21,  1821;  d.  Apr.  9,  1854. 

821*    Olive,*  b.  Apr.  5,  1S25;  d.  June,  1865. 

822*    William,'  b.  July  14,  1831. 

Varion  was  a  farmer  and  always  lived  in  Francestown,  and 
died  in  the  same  house  his  father  lived  and  died  in  at  Balch 
Hill.  It  is  reasonable  to  pi-esume  that  he  was  named  for  his- 
great  grandmother,  Hannah  Veren,  although  the  family  now 
spell  the  name  Varion. 

397.  Pamela,^  daughter  of  187  IsraeP  and  Mary 
[widow  Fletcher]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H., 
November  7,  1791  and  died  in  the  same  town  January  24, 1833. 
She  was  married  February  7,  1825  to  Levi,  son  of  Amos,  and 
Huldah  [Kimball]  Bachelder.  He  was  born  at  Francestown, 
December  27,  1798  and  died  in  that  town  June  24,  1875. 
They  had  two  sons  both  born  in  Francestown. 

Elbridge  Kimball,  b.  May  13,  1826;  m.  Dec.  13,  1849,  Hiss  Car- 
oline Ann,  daughter  of  Elisha  Vose.  She  was  b.  Oct.  11, 
1828,  at  Francestown.  E.  K.  Bachelder  is  a  mason  [brick- 
layer and  plasterer]  and  lives  at  Francestown.  Their  three 
sons  were  b.  in  that  town.  Charles  Levi,  b.  June  24,  1851 ;  m. 
Chelsea,  Mass.,  Nov.  28,  1873.  Miss  Alice,  daughter  of 
Moses,  and  Mary  [Torrey]  Sleeper  of  Quincy,  Mass. 
She  d.  at  Nashua,  N.  H.,  Jan.  5,  1879.  One  child,  Ernest 
Allen,  b;  Jan.  22,  1875;  m.  2,  at  Minneapolis,  Minn  ,  Dec.  15, 
1883,  to  Mrs.  Etta  Sperling,  of  Nashua,  N.  H.  They  were 
living  in  April,  1891,  at  West  Medford,  Mass.  George 
Arthur,  b.  Feb.  14,  1860;  m.  Oct.  30,  1881,  Miss  Ada  F. 
Mills  of  Francestown,  N.  H.  One  child,  Nina  May,  b.  June, 
7,  1882.  They  wore  living  at  West  Medfield,  Mass.,  in  Apr> 
1891.    John  Henry,  b.  Apr.  11,  1869;  d.  April  24,  1887. 

George  Levi,  b.  Dec.  17,  1828;  was  living  at  Sunderland,  Mass. 
in  April,  1891. 

398.  William,"  son  of  187  Israel^  and  Mary  [widow 
Fletcher]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  November 
3,  1793,  and  died  at  Reading,  Mass.,  January  19,  1877.     He 


was  married  first,  July  21,  1818,  to  Nabby,  daughter  of  John 
Johnson.  She  was  born  at  Francestown,  February  18,  1797, 
and  died  July  16,  1836.     They  had  two  sons. 

823      William,^  b.  July  31,  1819;  d.  Nov.  5.  1829. 
824*    Mabk,8  b.  Mcb.  30,  1821;  d.  Dec.  16, 18TS. 

William  was  married  second  June  8, 1837,  to  Zebiah,  daugh- 
ter of  Edward  Johnson.  She  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  Janu- 
ary 24,  1807,  and  was  living  at  Reading  in  1889.  No  is- 
sue.    William  was  buried  at  Francestown,  N.  H. 

399.  Ruth,^  daughter  of  187  Israel  and  Mary  [widow 
Fletcher]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  September 
10,  1796.  She  married  Isaac  Jones,  and  they  moved  to  Canis- 
tio,  N.  Y.,  where  she  died  June  14,  1870. 

402.  Isaac,^  son  of  191  Isaac^  and  Olive  [Grant] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  September  29, 1793,  and  died 
at  North  Thetford,  Vt.,  December  27,  1873.  He  graduated 
from  Dartmouth  College  in  1811.  When  a  young  man  he 
settled  at  North  Thetford,  and  there  married  Miss  Sally 
Marshal  by  whom  he  had  four  children,  all  born  at  North 

825  Sarah  £.,»  b.  Apr.  14,  1826;  living  at  N.  Thetford,  Yt. 

826*  Ai-rKBD,8  b.  Aug.  9,  1828;  d.  Nov.  26, 1869. 

827*  Mar8HAI,l  S.,8  b.  July  10,  1832;  d.  Mcb.  13,  1874.  unm. 

828*  Charlbs  Nbwton,8  b.  Oct.  17,  1836. 

404.  Betsey,'  daughter  of  191  Isaac^  and  Elizabeth 
[Bell]  Balch,  was  borne  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  January  16,  1799, 
and  died  in  the  same  town,  March  24,  1873.  She  was 
married  March  23,  1823,  to  John  Flint.  They  resided  at 
Lyme,  and  their  four  children  were  born  in  that  town. 

Elizabeth  Balch,  b.  Oct.  5,  1824;  m.  a  Mr.  Stanley  in  1867,  and 

reBides  at  Piermont,  N.  H.     They  have  no  children. 
Hannah  Selinda,   b.  Mar.   1,   1826;   m.   Nov.   8,   1859,  Henry 

Newell,  resides  at  Lyme.      Two  children,  both   b.  at  Lyme. 

George  Newell,  b.  Oct.  13,  1860.    Mary  E.  Newell,  b.  July  3, 

Diantha,  b.  Mar.  4, 1827;  unm.  resides  at  Piermont,  N.  H. 
Levi  Spaulding,  b.  Mar.  8,  1829;  d.  in  1864;  m.  in  Chicago  in 

1863,  and  died  soon  after.    No  issue. 


406.  Albert,"  son  of  191  Isaac«  and  Elizabeth  [Bell] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  September  6,  1802.  He 
married,  Nov.  27,  1825,  Miss  Chloe,  daughter  of  Lemuel  and 
Mary  Holt,  they  lived  in  Lyme,  and  all  their  children  were 
born  in  that  town.  After  the  death  of  his  wife  Albert  went  to 
Wisconsin,  and  nothing  more  can  be  learned  regarding  him. 

829  Dolly  Ann,'  b.  July  21,  1820;  d.  Oct.  11,  1849. 

830  Freeman,*  b.  Aug.  27,  1828;  m. ;  rem.  West. 

831  John  Fkancis,'  b.  June  13,  1830. 

832  Harvey,'  b.  Aug.  21, 1833;  d.  Jan.  16,  1857. 

833  Isaac  Lemuel,'  b.  Dec.  30,  1835;  m. 

834  Chloe  Holt,'  b.  Jan.  21,  1837;  d.  Dec.  21,  1858. 

835  Mary  Elizabeth,'  b.  Apr.  24,  1839;  unm.  in  1864. 

836  Harris  Allen,'  b.  Apr.  24,  1842;  d.  Nov.  4,  1859. 

837  Arthur  Newton,'  b.  July  3,  1845. 

407.  Theodore,"  son  of  191  Isaac«  and  Elizabeth  [Bell] 
Balch  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  October  4,  1804,  and  died 
at  Lyme,  January  31,  1892.  He  was  married  March  22, 1831, 
to  Miss  Sally  Lovejoy  of  Lyme.  She  died  April  6,  1874. 
Thej^  had  seven  children. 

838*    Theodore  Edwin,'  b.  Jan.  13,  1832;  d.  Jan.  12,  1896. 

839*    William  Worcester,'  b.  Apr.  27,  1834. 

840*    Isaac  Freeman,'  b.  Feb.  13,  1836. 

841*    John  Carroll,'  b.  July  7,  1839;  d.  Aug.  27,  1889. 

842*    Sarah  Eliza,'  b.  June  18,  1841. 

843*    Hannah  Sophronia,'  b.  June  25,  1843. 

844*    Frank  Pierce,'  b.  Oct.  14,  1850. 

408.  John,"  son  of  191  Isaac«  and  Elizabeth  [Bell] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  June  13,  1809,  and  died  in 
1846.  He  married  Eunice  P.  [Sturtevant]  Lyon,  they  re- 
sided at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  and  had  iive  children. 

845*    Sabah  E.,'  b.  July  31,  1836. 

846*    Ellen  M.,'  b.  Aug.  7,  1838;  d.  Jan.  23,  1861. 

847*    Louise  M.,'  b.  Dec.  24,  1840. 

848*    Eunice  P.,*  b.  Nov.  12,  1843. 

849*     John  H.,'  b.  July  16,  1847. 

410.  Lucinda,"  daughter  of  195  Israel'^  and  Sarah 
[Arnold]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Gt.,  April  3,  1772, 
and  died  at  Wellington,  Ct.  She  married  a  Mr.  Cushman, 
they  lived  in  Mansfield,  and  had  nine  children.  Among  them 
were  the  following  named. 


Israel  CusHMAN. 


William,  d.  at  Belcher,  Mass, 

George,  d.  at  New  Britain,  Ct. 

Angeline,  d.  at  Durham,  Ct. 

411.  Arnold,'  son  of  195  Israel^  and  Sarah  [Arnold] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  February  8, 1775,  and  died 
at  Rush,  Susquehanna  Co.,  Pa.,  October  10,  1848.  He 
married  Meribah,  daughter  of  Ebenezer  Leonard,  of  Burling- 
ton, Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.  She  was  born  December  10,  1783, 
and  died  April  28,  1861,  at  Aldensville,  Wayne  Co.,  Penn. 
Arnold  and  Meribah  had  seven  children. 

850*    Archibald,'  b.  Aug.  30,  1802;  d.  July  U,  1862. 

851*    Arnold,'  b.  Oct.  11,  1805;  d.  Feb.  25,  1881. 

S52*    Sallt,8  b.  July  22,  1807;  d.  Jan.  21,  1841. 

853*    Susan,'  b.  Apr.  30,  1810;  d.  Nov.  8,  1885. 

854*    Jane,'  b.  July  7, 1814;  d.  1889. 

855*    Abigail,'  b.  Jan.  16,  1818;  d.  Nov.  6,  1888. 

856*  Diana,'  b.  Dec.  16,  1822;  d.  June  4,  1892. 
Soon  after  Arnold  was  married  he  moved  to  Montrose, 
Penn.,  and  lived  in  a  log  house  near  where  the  court  house 
now  stands.  Wild  animals  were  in  great  abundance,  and 
neighbors  scarce.  One  night  while  Arnold  and  his  wife  were 
going  home  from  a  neighbor's,  where  they  had  been  spending 
the  evening,  a  panther  took  after  them,  jumping  from  one 
tree  to  another  over  their  heads.  They  ran  with  all  speed 
for  life,  and  succeeded  in  reaching  home  in  safety.  The 
country  being  so  wild  and  new,  they  returned  to  Otsego 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  there  raised  their  family.  All  the  children 
were  born  in  Otsego  County,  N.  Y.,  except  Diana,  who  was 
born  in  Cortlandt  Co.,  N.  Y.  About  1825  they  returned  to 
Penn.  and  settled  at  Rush,  on  the  Wyalusing  creek,  where 
they  continued  to  live  until  removed  by  death.  By  trade 
Arnold  was  a  cabinet  and  wheel-head  maker.  [A  wheel- 
head  is  a  part  of  a  large  spinning  wheel,  which  was  used  in 
making  woolen  yarn.] 

412.  Roger,'  son  of  195  Israel  and  Sarah  [Arnold] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  May  17,  1779.     His  death 


was  caused  by  the  kick  of  a  horse.  He  died  February  12, 
1831,  at  Sherburn,  and  was  buried  in  that  town.  When  a 
young  man  he  went  to  Sherburn,  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and 
continued  to  reside  in  that  town.  On  the  2nd  'day  of  Febru- 
ary, 1806,  he  married  Miss  Hannah,  daughter  of  Stephen 
Northrup.  She  was  born  at  Salem,  N.  Y.,  June  16th,  1787, 
and  died  at  Lenox,  N.  Y.,  October  5,  1870.  Roger  and 
Hannah  had  seven  children,  all  born  at  Sherburne.  Roger 
was  a  farmer  by  occupation. 

857*  Orpha  B.,6  b.  July  6,  1807;  d.  Sept.  6,  1891. 

858*  Mary  P.,8  b.  July  31, 1808;  d.  June  6,  1875. 

859  Ehoda,8  b.  July  31,  1810;  d.  July  1,  1848. 

860*  Marilla,8  b.  Dec.  IS,  1812;  d.  Dec.  24,  1895. 

861  Chester  A.,8  b.  Nov.  2y,  1816;  d.  Feb.  9,  1817. 

862  Feb.  23,  1818;  m.  Feb.  23,  1852,  Enoch  Nortbrup^ 

d.  s.  p. 
863*    Cynthia  L.,*  b.  Oct.  6,  1821. 

413.  Polly,"  daughter  of  195  Israel^  and  Sarah  [Arnold] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  April  10,  1785,  and  died 
at  New  Lisbon,  N.  Y.,  January  11,  18-14.  She  was  buried  at 
Burlington,  N.  Y.  About  1805  she  was  married  to  Russel 
Babcock.  He  was  born  in  Ct.,  June  27,  1786,  and  died  at 
New  Lisbon  Center,  N.  Y.,  January  8,  1861.  Babcock  was 
a  farmer.  They  resided  at  New  Lisbon,  and  their  ten 
children  were  born  in  that  town. 

lEA  Babcock,  b.  Nov.  2,  1806. 
Harriet,  b.  Feb.  21,  1809. 
AsAHEL,  b.  May  17,  1812. 
Sally,  b.  May  10,  1814. 
Rebecca,  b.  June  1.3,  1816. 
Claek  p.,  b.  Sept.  12,  1818. 
Chester,  b.  Aug.  31,  1820. 
Marshall,  b.  July  31,  1822. 
Prosper,  b.  Aug.  7,  1824. 
Sidney,  b.  Nov.  5,  1826. 

414.  Chester,"  son  of  195  Israel^  and  Sarah  [Arnold] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield  in  1788,  and  died  at  New 
Haven,  Ct.,  May  15,  1847,  and  buried  in  Grove  St.  Cemetery 
in  that  city.      He  married  Nancy,  daughter  of  Stephen  At- 


water.  She  was  born  at  Mt.  Carmell,  Ct.,  and  died  at  New 
Haven,  September  11,  1860.  They  had  six  children  all  born 
at  New  Haven. 

864  Sabah,8  d.  y, 

865  AifN,8  d.  y. 

866  Elizabeth,^  d.  y. 

867  Chester,*  d.  of  consumption  in  1842,  aged  19  years. 

868  Charles, 8  drowned  when  a  child. 

869  Nancy  E.,*  b.  in  1827,  is  now  living  unm.  in  New  Haven,  Ct. 
Chester  died  of   consumption.     He  was  a  hard  working 

man,  a  kind  and  obliging  neighbor.  He  owned  his  house  in 
New  Haven,  and  his  daughter  is  now  living  in  it. 

415.  Sylvester,''  son  of  195  IsraeP  and  Sarah  [Arnold] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.  He  died  in  1848.  He 
married  Miss  Mary  Albray.  The  Connecticut  Records  show 
that  Sylvester  enlisted  as  a  private  in  Capt.  Jabez  CoUins 
Company  and  served  from  August  18,  1814  to  October  26, 
1814.     Sylvester  and  Mary  had  six  children. 

870  Cathebine,3. 

871  MABr,8. 

872  lEA,8  d.  Dec.  4,  1881. 

873  Stlvestee.s  d.  1873. 

874  Petee,'. 

875  George,'. 

417.  Henry  Taylor,'  son  of  197  Henry^  and  Elizabeth 
[Kimball]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  November  28, 
1785,  and  died  at  Brockfield,  La  Salle  Co.,  111.,  January  29, 
1869.  He  was  married  to  Catherine  Thomas,  September  11, 
1808.  She  was  born  June  27,  1791,  and  died  at  Brockfield, 
Ills.,  September  2if,'  18^9.  About  1810  they  removed  from 
Mansfield  to  Richfield  Springs,  N.  Y.,  and  lived  there  for  fifty 
years,  and  then  they  moved  to  Illinois.  Their  eldest  son  was 
born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  the  other  eleven  children  were  born  at 
Richfield  Springs,  N.  Y. 

876*    Dan  C.,8  b.  July  14,  1809;  d.  Feb.  1,  1883. 

877  Hannah,'  b.  Mar.  8,  1811;  d.  June  9,  1856;  m.  Joseph  Batohel- 
der,  Sept.  3,  1843. 

878*    Heneietta,'  b.  Apr.  1,  1813;  d.  Feb.  2,  1869. 

879*    Clarissa,'  b.  Feb.  18,  1815. 


880*  Joseph  Chapmax,^  b.  Jan.  30,  1817;  d.  about  1891. 

881  Nanct.s  b.  Mar.  11,  1819;  m.  Amos  Edmunds,  Nov.  7,  1837. 

882*  Maeia,8  b.  Feb.  7,  1821. 

883*  Khoda  Ann.s  b.  Sept.  26,  1823. 

884*  Henkt,«  b.  Dec.  5,  1825. 

885  William.^  b.  Jan.  13,  1828;  d.  Mar.  11,  1830. 

886*  Mabtha,^  b.  Feb.  5,  1830. 

887*  Sabah  A.,8  b.  Oct.  4,  18-32. 

419.  John,^  son  of  197  Henry^  and  Elizabeth  [Kimball} 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  May  10,  1790.  He  was 
married  March  15,  1811,  to  Mary,  daughter  of  Nathan  "Wood 
of  Mansfield.     They  had  two  children  both  born  at  Mansfield. 

888*    John  AusTiN.^.b.  Jan.  24,  1812. 

889*    Mart  Ann  Maeia.^  b.  Apr.  9,  1816. 

In  1822  John  removed  from  Mansfield  to  Marathon,  Cort- 
landt  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  was  a  shoemaker  by  trade  ;  in  politics 
he  was  a  democrat.  He  never  united  with  any  church.  His 
wife  was  a  Presbyterian. 

421.  Thomas,^  son  of  197  Henry^  and  Elizabeth  [Kim- 
ball] Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  November  6,  1794. 
On  the  19th  of  May,  1819,  he  married  Eunice  Hamilton  of 
Mansfield,  by  whom  he  had  four  children  all  born  at  Mansfield. 

890*    SoPHRONiA  Ann,^  b.  Jan.  25, 1820. 

891      Samuel  Henry,*  b.  June  20,  1823. 

892*    RoxANA  Minerva, 8  b.  Apr.  17,  1828. 

894*    Mild  Hamilton,*  b.  June  17,  1835. 

423.  David  Burnham/  son  of  211  David^  and  Betty 
[Burnham]  Balch  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  June  29, 
1784,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  June  27, 1860.  He  married 
Fanny,  daughter  of  Abraham  J.,  and  Abigail  [Burnham] 
Channell,  of  Essex.  She  was  born  March  28,  1784,  and  died, 
April  10, 1882. 

895  Hannah  H.,*  b.  July  8,  1810;  m.  Robert  Channell. 

896  Anstiss  Pitman,*  b.  Aug.  17,  1812;  m.  Moses  Downes. 

897  Sarah  Hodge,*  b.  Apr.  24,  1815;  d.  Mar.  26,  1886;  m.  Geo.  C. 


898  Mart  Elizabeth,*  b.  Nov.  25,  1818;  d.  Oct.  26,  1884. 
899*    William  Henry,*  b.  Mar.  16,  1823;  d.  Aug.  30,  1855. 

David  Burnham,  was  a  farmer,  during  the  war  of  1812-14, 


he  lived  at  Salem,  Mass.,  and  then  at  Durham,  N.  H.,  for 
several  years,  then  returning  to  Topsfield  he  spent  the  re- 
mainder of  his  life  there. 

424.  Israel,^  son  of  211  David^  and  his  second  wife  Sarah 
[Peabody}  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  September 
14,  1788,  and  died  at  Amesbury,  Mass.,  July  7,  1858.  He 
was  married  at  Amesbury,  in  1814,  to  Miss  Nancy  Goodwin, 
who  was  born  October  12,  1793,  and  died  at  Amesbury  in 
1865.     Four  children  were  born  to  Israel  and  Nancy. 

900*    Mara,8  b.  July  20,  1S16;  unm. ;  d.  Aug.  29,  1895. 

901      IsKAEL.s  b.  July  20,  1817;  d.  May  20,  1821. 

902*    Israel  Daniel  Perkins,'  b.  June  IS,  1822, 

903*    David  Lowell  Dearborn, ^  b.  Oct.  l.S,  1828. 

Doctor  Israel  Balch  prepared  himself  for  college,  entering 
Dartmouth  when  eighteen  years  of  age,  and  graduating  at 
the  end  of  a  four  years'  course.  He  then  went  to  Amesbury, 
Mass.,  and  studied  medicine  three  years  in  the  office  of  Doc- 
tor French.  He  was  gifted  with  a  strong  scientific  mind.  He 
took  out  several  patents  and  made  some  very  peculiar  clocks. 
He  wrote  and  delivered  several  lectures  on  scientific  subjects. 
Many  young  men  sought  his  office  for  instruction  in  medicine 
and  surgery,  navigation  and  higher  mathematics.  He  was  a 
strong  advocate  of  temperance  and  a  firm  abolitionist. 

He  located  fh-st  at  Salisbury,  Mass.,  and  practiced  there 
five  years,  then  he  removed  to  Amesbury  where  he  spent  the 
remainder  of  his  life.  He  had  the  largest  medical  library  in 
Amesbury  or  vicinity.  He  was  a  very  successful  practitioner 
of  medicine  and  surgery. 

He  received  no  aid  from  his  father  to  defray  his  educa- 
tional expenses.  He  grandmother  Peabody  made  him  a 
present  of  $450,  which  was  all  the  pecuniary  aid  he  had  that 
he  did  not  earn  himself. 

425.  Polly ,7  eldest  daughter  of  211  David«  and  Sarah 
[Peabody]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  March  7, 
1792,  and  died  January  7,  1859.  She  was  married  April  2, 
1808,  to  Henry  Luscomb,  who  was  born  at  Salem,   Mass., 


April  13,  1785,  and  died  December  11,  1861.  He  was  a 
mariner,  they  lived  at  Topsfield,  and  Salem,  Mass.  They 
had  ten  children,  the  two  eldest  were  born  at  Topsfield,  the 
other  eight  at  Salem. 

Thomas  Balch,  b.  Apr.  3,  1809;  a  shoemaker  by  trade. 
Israel,  b.  Apr.  8,  1811;  a  mariner. 
Haxnah,  b.  Deo.  20,  1817. 

Mart  Mugfobd,  b.  Deo.  21,  1818;  she  married  Samuel  Riohard 
Blisdale,    a   shoemaker.      They    had    two    children;    Mary 
Appleton,  b.  Apr.  13,  1838;  m.  Horace  Lane  Hill,  a  cooper, 
[by  whom  she  had  three  children:    William  Lane,  b.  Xov.  10, 
1861;  Mary  Louisa,  b.  Apr.  6,  1865;  Henry  Frederick,  b.  Dec. 
20,  1867];  Eliza  Thayer,  b.  Nov.  14,  1840;  m.  Henry  Frederick 
Danforth  and  had  one  child;  Ella  A.,  b.  Jan.  8,  1860. 
Henry  William,  b.  Mar.  28,  1820. 
Augustus  Franklin,  b.  1825;  a  mariner. 
Caroline,  b.  July  26,  1833. 
Sarah  Ellen,  b.  Jan.  4,  1834. 

George  Warren,  b.  Jan.  20,  1835.      He  was  married  Nov.  22, 
1856,  to  Pamela  Jones  Wyman,  b.  May  3,  1839.    They  live  at 
Webster,  Me.    Their  children  were  b.  at  Salem  Mass:  Henry, 
b.  Jan.  28,  1857;  d.  y.     Julia  Frances,  b.  July  17,  1859;  m. 
Arthur  Brookhouse;  they  live  at  Medford,   and  have    one 
child,  Albert  Luscomb,  b.  Mar.  30,  1884.    Emma  Louisa,  b. 
Aug.  8,  1862:  d.  y.      George  Benry,  b.  Jan.   14,  1867.     Marv 
Emma,  b.  Nov.  11,  1869. 
Sabah  Ellen,  b.  July  25,  1837 ;  m.  Herbert  Ezekiel  Larrabee. 
Two  children:    Annie  Maria,  b.  Dec.  7,  1862;  d.  y.    Frederick 
Merrill,  b.  Feb.  5,  1864. 
428.     Sally,'  j-oungest  daughter  of  211  David^  and  Sarah 
[Peabody]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  June  19,  1800. 

She  was  married  in  1822  to  David  Sanderson  of  Salem, 
Mass.  They  had  one  daughter,  Lucy  Ann,  who  married  a 
Mr.  "Wright  and  lived  at  Topsfield. 

All  the  knowledge  we  have  in  regard  to  these  daughters  is 
from  their  mother's  will. 

433.  William,'  son  of  219  David^  and  Esther  [Esty] 
Balch,  Avas  born  at  Topsfield,  ilass.  He  married  jNIehitable 
Townsend,  and  first  settled  at  Keeue,  N.  H.,  where 
his  eleven  children  were  born.  Afterwards  he  moved  to 
]\Iadison  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  he  died.  He  was  a  member  of 
the  Baptist  Church. 

LYDIA,    DAVID   BALCH, — KEENE,    K.    H.,  145 

904  Aaron,8  b.  May  10,  1792;  d.  June  10,  1792. 

905  Ephraim.s  b.  Dec.  .3, 179.3;  d.  Sept.  9,  1799. 
906*    Rebecca,"*  b.  Dec.  S,  1795;  d.  Sept.  27,  1S73. 

907  Mehitable.s  b.  Sept.  6,  1797;  d.  Sept.,  1799. 

908  Mehitable,''  b.  Jan.  16,  1800;  d.  Feb.,  1881;  m.  Mr.  Brown. 

909  William,*  b.  Jan.  11,  180.3;  d.  July  21,  1828,  at  Keene,  N.  H. 

910  ErHRAiM,8  b.  Feb.  2,  1805;  d.  May  2,  1839. 

911  Aabon,8  b.  Aug.  8,  1808;  d.  Aug.  27,  1836. 

912  E.\iiLY,s  b.  June  10,  1810;  d.  May  25,  1881;  m.  Tbomas  West. 
913*  Chables,s  b.  Feb.  22,  1814;  d.  July  6,  1882. 

914*    Aktemia,6  b.  Jan.  30,  1816;  d. ;  m.  Mr.  Tarpy. 

434.  Lydia,"  daughter  of  219  David^  and  Esther  [Esty] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  in  1765,  and  died  April 
18,  1834.  She  was  married  to  John,  son  of  John  and  Han- 
nah [Smith]  Peabody,  of  Topsfield,  May  6,  1781.  Peabody 
was  born  in  July,  1762,  and  died  January  22,  1836.  They 
bad  eight  children. 

Abigail,  b.  in  1782;  d.  in  1857;  m.  Humphrey  Wildes  in  1804. 
John,  b.  Oct.  30,  1784;  m.  1st,  Lydia  Symonds,  Jan.  9,  1810;  2nd, 

Margaret  Brown,  of  Hamilton.   He  bad  two  sons  by  Margaret. 
Aakon  B.,  b.  Apr.  12,  1788;  d.  unm.  in  1814. 
Hannah  Smith,  b.  Dec.  28,  1792;  m.  Sewell  Lake,  of  Bucksport, 

Me.,  June  19,  1811. 
Daniel,/    (.„■„„  k    t„     io    ^nn■^   J  d.  unm.  in  1833. 
Lydia,    [   t^'°«'  ^-  J^°-  ^^'  ^  '^^  \  m.  Dec.23, 1819,  Francis  Pea- 

body,  Amherst,  N.  H. 
Joel   Rogebs,  b.   Nov.   29,  1800;  d.  July  24,  1861.     He  was  a 

deacon  of  the  church   at  Topsfield.    Married  1st,  Mary  B. 

Safford,  in  May,  1827;  married  2nd,  Sarah  Dole  of  Newbury, 

Mass.,  Dec.  6,  1841. 
David,  b.  Apr.  16,  1805,  d.  Oct.  17,  1839;  m.  Maria  Bringham  of 

Cambridgeport,  Sept.  11,  1834.      Was  a  minister  at  Lynn  in 

1832,    and  at  Worcester  in  1835 ;  was  Prof,  of  Rhetoric  and 

Oratory  at  Dartmouth  College  in  1838. 

435.  David,"  son  of  219  David^  and  Esther  [Esty]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  September  1,  1771,  and  died  in 
Keene,  N.  H.,  September  8,  1835.  He  was  married  Novem- 
ber 2,  1799,  to  Abigail  Wells,  who  was  born  January  12, 
1778,  and  died  at  Keene,  November  10,  1843.  They  resided 
in  Keene  and  their  seven  children  were  born  in  that  town. 

915      Eliza,«  b.  Nov.  13,  1800;  d.  Nov.  26,  1813. 
916*    Laura  Ann,«  b.  Nov.  11,  1802;  d.  Oct.  19,  1874. 
917      Harriet,*  b.  Sept.  16,  1805;  d.  Sept.  28,  1825. 


918  Charlotte,*  b.  Aug.  31,  1S07;  d.  Jan.  19,  1880. 

919*  George  A.,»b.  Oct.  13,  1809;  d.  Mar.  8,  1S91. 

920  Nabby  Ann,8  b.  Feb.  4,  1812:  d.  Feb.  8,  1S13. 

921  James,8  b.  Aug.  25,  1814;  d.  unm. 

438.  Mehitable,'  daughter  of  220  John^  and  Sarah 
[Baker]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  June  26,  1772,  and 
died  September  16,  1864.  She  was  married  to  Nathaniel 
Fisk,  November  20,  1791.  He  was  born  December  2,  1764, 
and  died  November  13,  1849.  Their  issue  was  four  children  : 
Mehitable,  b.  Aug.  22,  1793;  d.  in  1796;  Elsey,  b.  May 
3,  1798 ;  d. ;  Amos  Fisk,  b.  May  26,  1801 ;  d.  Sept.  9, 
1850;  Rev.  Jonas,  b.  Sept.  24,  1805;  d. 

440.  Jolin,7  son  of  220  John^  and  Sarah  [Baker]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Toj^sfield,  August  17,  1776,  and  died  in  the  same 
town,  October  24,  1837.  In  1798  he  married  Mary,  daughter 
of  Andrew  Elliot,  of  Middleton,  Mass.  They  were  published 
July  22,  1798.  She  was  born  in  1780,  and  died  August  23, 
1856,  aged  76  years  and  seven  months.  They  resided  in 
Topsfield  and  had  five  children  born  to  them  in  that  town. 
This  family  were  all  physically  large. 

922  Maky.s  b.  July  30,  1799;  d.  May  17,  1856;  unm. 

923  Sarah,"  bapt.  Oct.  IS,  1800;  m.  Mr.  Cram. 

924  Andrew  B.,*  b.  Feb.  10,  1803;  d.  June  24,  1865;  unm. 
925*    John  Capen,*  b.  1805;  d. 

926*    Nehemiah,8  b.  1807;  d.  Jan.  2,  1884. 

442.  Hannah,'  daughter  of  222  Robert^  and  Sarah 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  August  18, 
1770,  and  died  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  March  20, 1867.  She  was 
married  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  in  1791,  to  Thomas  Baker,  of 
Topsfield.     They  had  seven  children. 

Thomas,   b.  ;  d.   Mar.   10,   1863;    m.    Mary  C.   Bingham, 

by  whom  he  had  eight  children:  Henry  L.,  b.  June  29,  1837. 
Thomas  J.,  b.  Aug.  3,  1839.  Frances  K.,  b.  Feb.  12,  1841. 
Elias  W.,  b.  Dec.  9,  1S43.  Sherman  C,  b.  June  2,  1847. 
Joseph,  b.  June  11,  1850;  d.  in  18.52.  StUlman  J.,  b.  June  18, 
18.53.  Mary  C,  b.  May  14, 1858. 
JosEPH,1b.  June  20,  1803;  m.  and  had  twelve  children: 
Joseph  W.,  b.  Mar.  13,  ]a31.  Hannah  R.,  b.  Aug.  28,  1832. 
Thomas   B.,   b.   Sept.   11,  1833.    John  S.,   b.   May  19,   1835. 


William  H.,  b.  Apr.  3,  1837.      Gardner  M.,  b.  Sept.  5,  1839. 

Charity  E.  and  Chaney  P.,  twins,  b.  May  9,  1841.     George  W. 

h.  Oct.  4,  1843.     Mary  E.,  and  Moses  F.,  twins,  b.  Aug.  11, 

1845.  William  W.,  b.  Jan.  6,  1849. 
Hannah  [Balch]  Baker,  was  left  a  widow  at  the  age  of 
fifty.  She  moved  to  Johnson,  Vt.,  in  1830  and  united  soon 
after  with  the  Congregational  Church,  of  which  she  was  an 
esteemed  member.  She  died  in  the  family  of  her  daughter, 
Mrs.  Moses  Fullington,  where  she  was  cared  for  to  the  last 
with  exemplary  tenderness.  Eventful  were  the  years  through 
which  she  passed,  remembering  distinctly  when  the  first  blow 
for  freedom  was  struck.  She  was  thirteen  years  of  age  when 
the  sovereignty  of  our  nation  was  conceded  by  the  mother 
country,  eighteen  when  our  present  constitution  went  in 
operation,  forty-two  when  again  arms  were  taken  up  against 
England,  ninety  when  our  country  was  threatened  with  dis- 
union, and  still  she  lived  on  to  see  the  most  gigantic  rebellion 
put  down  tjiat  the  world  ever  saw.  All  of  these  epochs  in  our 
coitntry's  history  were  retained  with  unusual  vividness  in  her 
memory  to  the  last.  Her  predominant  traits  of  character 
were  industry,  prudence,  and  piety,  every  one  of  which,  even 
industry  she  retained  to  the  last. 

443.  Robert,^  son  of  222  Robert^  and  Sarah  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  February  17,  1772,  and 
died  at  Jericho,  Vt.,  March  4,  1842.  He  married  Nabby 
Cram,  of  Ware,  N.  H.  She  died  at  Jericho,  April  17,  1842, 
without  issue.  She  was  a  cousin  of  John  Cram,  who  mar- 
ried Robert's  sister  Sarah.  In  1792,  Robert,  with  his  brother 
Solomon,  settled  at  Johnson,  Vt.  where  they  bought  three 
hundred  acres  of  land  near  the  center  of  the  township. 
There  being  a  defect  in  the  title  they  had  to  pay  for  their 
land  twice. 

444.  Solomon,'  son  of  222  Robert*^  and  Sarah  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  October  20,  1773,  and 
died  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  October  22,  1854.  He  was  mairied  to 
Ruth  Knights,  of  Antrim,  N.  H.,  about  1801.     She  was  born 


July  22,  1777,  and  died  Nov.  4,  1832.  In  1792  Solomon  left 
the  parental  roof  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  and  settled  at  John- 
son, Vt.  upon  a  three  hundred  acre  farm  with  his  brother 
Robert.    There  was  born  to  Solomon  and  Ruth  nine  children. 

927*    PnEBE,8  b.  Mar.  18,  1S03  ;  d.  Mar.  7, 1S41. 
-  928*    KoBEET,'  b.  Aug.  2,  1804  ;  d.  Jan.  11,  1874. 

929*    KuTH,f  b.  Sept.  7,  1806  ;  d.  Feb.  28,  1873. 

930*    Solomon,^  b.  April  8,  1808  ;  d.  April  30,  1859. 

931      Sabah,8  b.  Feb.  26, 1810  ;  d.  April  10,  1845  ;  m.  Darius  Clark,  no 

932*    Ali,ex,«  b.  Nov.  13,  1811  ;  d.  April  13,  1881. 

933*    Fkedkrick  P.,^  b.  Oct.  26,  1813. 

934*    Betsey,*  b.  Dec.  10,  1815  :  d.  Xov.  11,  1848. 

935      Floeella.s  b.  July  IS,  1820  ;  d.  1821. 

Solomon  was  married  a  second  time  to  the  widow  Philo- 
mena  [Marcy]  Willey,  of  Jericho,  Vt.  He  died  March  31, 
1849,  aged  66  j'ears,  without  issue. 

Solomon  cleared  his  share  of  the  farm  which  he  bought  iu 
company  with  his  brother  Robert.  He  built  a  house  and 
barns,  and  a  saw  mill  on  a  small  stream  that  ran  through  his 
farm.  Upon  this  farm  he  spent  the  remainder  of  his  life,  re- 
spected by  all  who  knew  him.  He  was  repeatedly  elected  as 
selectman,  and  justice  of  the  peace.  He  was  a  man  of 
strict  iutegrit}',  and  very  exact  in  all  his  business  dealings. 
As  showing  the  opinion  his  neighbors  had  of  his  honesty,  the 
following  incident  illustrates.  An  eccentric  neighbor  would 
never  measure  anything  unless  he  could  get  the  "  Squire's  "" 
ten-foot  pole,  as  no  other  was  right. 

Solomon  Wiis  a  portly  gentleman,  weighing  250  pounds, 
erect,  with  a  clear  blue  eye.  When  pleased,  his  eye  had  a 
merry  twinkle,  but  he  could  look  as  stern  as  the  sternest. 
He  was  very  fond  of  company-.  The  summer  before  he  died 
he  made  each  of  his  grandsons  a  shot  pouch  of  deer  skin 
with  deer  horn  nozzles.     In  politics  he  was  a  whig. 

446.  Moses,"  son  of  222  Robert"  and  Sarah  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  October  7,  1777,  and 
died  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  May  7,  1813.  He  married  first  Nabby, 
daughter   of  Nehemiah  Dodge,  of  New  Boston,  N.    H.     In 


1794  they  moved  to  Johnson,  Vt.     Three  children  was  the 
issue  of  this  first  marriage. 

936  Elvira,*  m.  Mr.  Tewksbury,  of  New  Boston,  X.  H. 

937  Sarah,'  m.  George  Dunlap,  of  New  Boston,  N.  H. 

938  Franklin,'  d.  y. 

Moses  married  for  his  second  wife  Sally  Willis  of  Wethers- 
field,  Vt.,  who  outlived  him.  Four  sons  was  the  issue  of 
Moses  and  Sally. 

939*  JoHN,8  b.  Feb.  18,  1806. 

940*  Samuel,'  b.  June  23,  1808  ;   d.  Aug.  26,  1854. 

941*  Moses,'  b.  Nov.  30,  1810 ;   d.  Mar.  17,  1891. 

942*  Abijah,'  b.  Mar.  16,  1813  ;  d.  Sept.  21,  1878. 

447.  John.^son  of  222  Roberts  and  Sarah  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  June  25,  1779,  and  died 
at  Jericho,  Vt.,  June  20,  1822.  He  married  Deborah  Kennis- 
ton,  of  Weare,  N.  H.  They  lived  at  Jericho,  Vt.,  and  had 
eleven  children.     John  was  a  farmer. 

Ill    Si'     !  t^i°«'  ^-  AP"1  3,  1800  ;  d.  y. 
945    Robert,'  b.  Feb.  2,  1802. 

946*  John  Jefferson,'  b.  June  27,  1804  ;  d.  Mar.  10,  1879. 
947*  Eliza,'  b.  Mar.  3,   1806  ;  d.  Dec.  22,  1866. 
948*  Eliphalet,'  b.  Dec.  29,  1807  ;  d.  May  28,  1873. 
949*  Julia  Ann,'  b.  Aug.  2.5,  1809;  d.  June  25,  1896. 
950*  Hannah,'  b.  May  11,  1811. 

951*  William  f  lumber,'  b.  Marcb  13,  1813  ;  d.  Apl.  12,  1884. 
952     Allen,'  b.  Mar.  27,  1815. 
953*  Roxanna,'  b.  July  1,  1818;  d.  June  3,  1889. 
449.     Dilley,"  daughter  of  222  Robert«  and  Sarah  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at   Topsfield,  Mass.,  May  6,  1784,  and  died 
at  Unity,  N.  H.,  October  19,  1864.  She  married  Ezra,  son  of 
Capt.  Ezeldel  Cram,  of  Weare,  N.  H.     He  died  October  23, 
1856.     They  lived  at  Unity,  N.  H.,  and  their  five  children 
were  born  in  that  town. 

Hiram  and  James,  d.  y. 

Thomas  Jefferson,  b.  in  1804  ;  d.  of  apoplexy  in  a  street  car 
at  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  Dec.  20,  1883.  Married  Nov.  3,  1853,  Mary, 
daughter  of  James  Boggs,  a  merchant  of  Philadelphia.  They 
had  one  child.     Jcfa  Balc/i,  b.  in  1858. 

T.  J.  Cram  graduated  at  West  Point  in  1826,  commissioned  to 
a  second  Lieutenantcy  in  the4th  U.  S.  Artillery  in  July  ,1826.  In 


April,  1835,  he  was  promoted  to  1st  Lieutenantcy.  He  resigned 
his  commission  in  Sept.,  1836.  Two  years  later  in  July,  1838,  he 
was  appointed  to  a  captaincy  in  the  Topographical  Engineers, 
a  rank  which  he  retained  for  no  less  than  twenty-five  years.  The 
war  of  the  Rebellion  opened  the  path  for  advancement,  and  in 
August,  1861,  heat  last  obtained  his  long  delayed  majority.  In 
Sept.,  1861, he  was  made  a  Lieut. -Colonel  additional  aid-de-camp. 
In  March,  1863,  he  was  transferred  to  the  engineers.  He  was 
breveted  Brigadier  General  of  volunteers  in  March,  1865.  In 
November  of  the  same  year  he  was  promoted  to  a  colonelcy  of 
Engineers.  In  January,  1866,  he  was  breveted  Brigadier  Gen- 
eral, and  Major  General,  in  the  regular  army  for  faithful  and 
meritorious  service  during  the  war.  He  was  retired  from  the 
army  in  February,  1869,  after  an  honorable  career  of  forty-one 
years  in  the  military  service  of  his  country. 

PoLLT,  b.  in  1806  ;  d.  July  26,  1874  ;  m.  Harvey  Bingham,  of 
Unity,  N.  H.  They  had  two  daughters,  Mary  Matilda,  and 
Helen  Mar  ;  both  married  and  were  left  young  widows  with 
one  son  each. 

Eliphalet,  b.  in  1821 ;  d.  Aug.  12,  1868  ;  m.  Betsey  Ann,  daugh- 
ter of  Major  Roys  Jones,  of  Claremont,  N.H.  Eliphalet,  with  his 
wife,  settled  at  Racine,  Wis.  He  was  known  in  that  state  as 
the  Hon.  E.  Cram.  They  had  three  children,  Mari/  Elizabeth, 
Roys  Jones,  and  Arthur  Batch. 

450.  Betsey,'  daughter  of  222  Robert"  and  Sarah 
[Dodge]  Balcb,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  April  2,  1786, 
and  died  at  Washington,  N.  H.,  November  10,  1813.  She 
married  in  1802,  Samuel  Philbrick  Bailey,  of  Washington,  N. 
H.  He  was  born  February  27,  1780,  and  died  in  May,  1880r 
having  lived  more  than  a  century ;  he  descended  from  a  long 
lived  and  patriotic  stock.  His  father,  Jesse  Bailey,  was  from 
Haverhill,  Mass.,  and  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolution,  and  died 
at  Weare,  N.  H.,  aged  near  84  j^ears.  His  grandfather,  Eben- 
ezer  Bailey,  died  at  the  age  of  97  yeai-s. 

451.  Nancy,'  daughter  of  222  Robert*  and  Sarah 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Ma«s.,  June  10,  1789, 
and  died  Jan.  30,  1850.  She  married  Even  Dow,  of  Weare, 
N.  H.,  and  had  two  sons  and  one  daughter.  John,  d.  about 
1865  ;  Franklin,  d.  about  1870,  and  Lucretia. 

452.  Allen,"  son  of  222  Robert*'  and  Sarah  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  July  19,  1791,  and  died 

Allen  Balch. 

WILLIAM][bALCH, — MADISOX,  O.,  NEW   BOSTON,   N.  H.      151 

at  Northfield,  Vt.,  August  28,  1881.  He  married  in  1812, 
Miss  Hepzibah  Dodge,  of  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  who  was  born 
June  30,  1791,  and  died  June  26,  1874.  They  had  nine 

954»    William  D.,*  b.  Oct.  20,  1813;  d.  Oct.  12,  1862. 

955*    Margaret  D./  b.  May  13,  1815;  d.  Jan.  22,  1892. 

956*    Sakah  L.,s  b.  May  16,  1818. 

957*    Elizabeth  C.,sb.  Jan.  15,  1821. 

958*    John  A.,s  b.  June  23,  1823;  d.  July  28,  1891. 

959*    Alma  A.,^  b.  June  6,  1823. 

960*    Ezra  D.,f  b.  May  6,  1830;  d.  Sept.  6,  1867. 

961      ZiLLAH  K.,*  b.  March 5, 1832;  d.  unm.  Dec.  30,  1862. 

962*    Angia  H.,8  b.  Nov.  17,  1837;  d.  Jan.  31,  18S0. 

Allen  Balch  moved  into  the  town  of  Northfield,  Vt.,  in 
1829.  He  always  had  the  merited  respect  and  confidence  of 
his  fellow  citizens.  His  end  was  quite  sudden,  his  daughter 
on  returning  from  church  one  Sunday,  found  him  lying  upon 
the  floor  in  an  insensible  condition,  having  had  a  stroke  of 
paralysis.  Allen  and  his  wife  belonged  to  the  denomination 
of  Freewill  Baptists. 

Allen  Balch  was  a  Democrat,  but  because  Jackson  vetoed 
the  U.  S.  Bank  act,  he  turned  Whig,  and  continued  as  such 
the  remainder  of  his  life. 

453.-  William,"  son  of  222  Robert^  and  Sarah  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  July  20,  1793,  and 
died  at  Madison,  Lake  Co.,  Ohio,  August  27,  1885.  He  mar- 
ried Miss  Mary  Boyington,  of  Wethersfield,  Vt.,  March  5, 1818- 
Mary  was  the  daughter  of  John  Boyuton,  and  sister  to 
Lucindia,  the  wife  of  672  James  Parker  Balch.'^  She  was 
born  30th  of  August,  1797,  and  died  at  Madison,  Ohio,  Jan- 
2,  1851.     They  had  six  children  all  born  at  Madison,  Ohio. 

963*    John  B.,«  b.  Jan.  21,  1S19. 

964      WiLLiAM,8  b.  Sept.  11,  1821;  d.  July  11, 1831. 

965*    Hiram  A..^  b.  Sept.  11,  1824. 

966      OscAR,8  b.  Oct.  30,  1831;  d.  Nov.  3,  1834. 

967*    Mary  L.,8  b.  March  28,  1836. 

968*    George  F.,8  b.  Aug.  20,  1843. 

William  married  second  JNIiss  Mary  Whitney,  Feb.  5,  1853. 
No  issue. 


In  1818,  he  went  to  Ohio  and  located  his  future  home,  he 
then  returned  to  Vermont,  married  his  wife  and  returned  to 
Madison,  Ohio,  where  he  spent  the  rest  of  his  life,  following 
the  occupation  of  a  farmer. 

454.  Rebecca,^  daughter  of  222  Roberts  and  Sarah 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  December 
19,  1796,  and  died  September  22,  1876.  She  married  Ezra 
Dodge  of  New  Boston,  January  5, 1815.  He  was  born  August 
7,  1791,  and  died  February  20,  1853.  Rebecca  was  a  member 
of  the  Presbyterian  church.     No  issue. 

455.  Abigail,'  daughter  of  224  Cornelius"  and  Mehit- 
able  [Dwinell]  Balch,  was  baptized  at  Topsfield,  Mass., 
December  22,  1771.  She  was  married  first  to  Asa  Bradstreet 
of  Topsfield,  November  30, 1790.  He  was  born  May  29, 1769. 
He  died  leaving  Abigail  a  widow,  and  she  married  for  her 
second  husband,  David  Perkins.  Whether  she  had  children 
or  not  is  not  known. 

457.  Mehitable,"  daughter  of  224  Cornelius^  and  Mehit- 
able  [Dwinell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  in  Feb- 
ruary, 1778,  and  died  October  4,  1815.  She  married  John 
Bradstreet,  Jr.,  January  9,  1793.  He  was  born  December  9, 
1771.  Their  issue  was  three  children.  ]\Iehitable,  b.  Mar. 
29, 1794;  Cornelius,  b.  Oct.  30,  1796  ;  Ruth,  b.  Feb.  16,  1799. 

458.  Perley,"  son  of  226  Roger«  and  Sarah  [Perley] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  August  5,  1783,  and  died 
in  the  same  town.  May  2,  1858.  He  was  married  November 
11,  1808,  to  Sarah,  daughter  of  Asa  and  Hannah  [Johnson] 
Perkins.  She  was  born  May  3,  1789,  and  died  March  28, 
1865.  They  resided  at  Topsfield,  and  their  six  children  were 
born  there. 

969*  Pkrley,'  b.  Apr.  27,  1S09;  d.  Feb.  0,  1881. 

970  EumcE,»b.  Sept.  21,  1811;  A.  Dec.  31,  18"8;  m.  Amos  Perkins. 

No  issvie. 

971*  Mehitaulk.s  b.  May  16,  1814;  d.  1891. 

972*  Humphrey,*  b.  May  18,  1818. 

973*  .Jekemiah  Stone,'  b.  May  17,  1823. 

974*  Benjamin  Johnson,«  b.  Sept.  9,  182(5. 


464.  Benjamin,'  son  of  232  Benjamin^  and  Susanna 
[Miiliken]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  Mass.,  July  21, 
1793,  and  died  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  in  1842.  He  married 
Miss  Marilda  Goodale,  and  by  her  had  eight  children.  They 
lived  in  Haverhill. 

975*    Lkwis.s  b.  Aug,  23,  1815;  d.  Apr.  21,  1891. 

976*    Maey  AsrN,8  b.  Apr.  23,  1818;  d.  July  27,  1834. 

977  Daxiel,*  Supposed  to  have  been  lost  at  sea. 

978  ALBERT.^d. 

979  Saphkoxia,» 

980  Wabren,8 

981  Charles, 'I 

982*  Saeah  Goodwin,"  b.  May  19, 1836. 

983  George  W.,"* 

984  Harriet,*  d. 

985  Eunice  Lydia.s  d. 

466.  Daniel,"  son  of  232  Benjamin^  and  Susanna  [Muli- 
ken]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  Mass.,  March  21,  1797, 
iind  died  at  IManchester,  N.  H.,  August  21,  1875.  He  was 
married  October  15,  1822,  to  Miss  Silence  Clark  Adams,  of 
]Medway,  Mass.  She  was  born  at  HoUiston,  Mass.,  July  1, 
1801,  and  died  at  Manchester,  N.  H.,  March  2,  1872.  They 
had  seven  children. 

986  Louisa  Shattuck,"  b.  June  2,  1824,  at  Lowell;  d.  May  17,  1843. 
987*    Asauel  Adams,8  b.  June  1,  182G,  at  Lowell;  d.  Jan.  16,  1869. 
988*    Walter  Btbon,*  b.  Aug.  9,  1828,  at  Lowell. 

989  Sarah  Adeline,^  b.  Aug.  27,  1831,  at  Lowell;  d.  Dec.  U,  1848. 

990  Hannah  Maria,*  b.  Dec.  3,  1830;  d.  Feb.  3,  1837. 

991  Francis  M,*  b.  June  16,  1840;  d.  Aug.  o,  1841. 

992  Emily  Cornelia,*  b.  Apr.  25,  1845;  d.  Feb.  13,  1846. 

For  a  time  they  lived  at  Methuen,  Mass.,  and  then  re- 
moved to  Lowell.  In  1844  he  was  elected  a  member  of  the 
state  legislature  and  served  one  term.  In  1847  they  removed 
to  Manchester,  N.  H.  Daniel  was  a  prominent  member  of 
the  JIasonic  Fraternity. 

467.  William  H.,"  son  of  232  Benjamin^  and  Susanna 
[Muliken]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  Mass.,  October 
21,  1798,  and  died  in  the  same  town  February  14,  1885.  He 
was  married  to  Louisa,  daughter  of  Meshack  Shattuck.  They 
resided  at  East  Bradford,  and  had  four  children,  all  born  in 
that  town. 


993*  Henry  Augustits.s  b.  Sept.  .3, 1824;  d.  Sept.  7,  1830. 

994*  Rebecca  Ann,'  b.  May  8,  1828.         j-  ,  ^  ^  j  j 

995  Mary  Harris,^  b.  M.ay  7, 183t^;  d.  Se«t.  14,  'l838. 

996  Helen  Maria,'  b.  May  14,  ISS^J^  d.  Ju»e-M,  1834. 

Louisa,  William  H.'s  widow,  married  for  lier  second  husband 
Mr.  Amos  Parker.        '•   ■'  '■'      o  ,  i . ,  '^i  v 

468.     Sophronia,'     daughter    of     232    Benjamins     and 
Susanna  [Muliken]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  Mass., 
October  6,  1801,  and  died  at  Bradford,  December  13,  1858. 
She  was  married  December  7,  1818  to  John,  son  of  David, 
and  Abigail  Morse.     He  was  born  August  11,  1790,  and  died 
June  30, 1879.    They  had  five  children  born  at  Bradford. 
Emeline  Ann,  b.  Aug.  8,  1824,  d.  unm.  April  21,  1884. 
Gasoline  E.,  b.  June  20,  1826,  d.  Aug.  20,  1880;  m.   Samuel  B. 
Perry,  of  Bradford,  October  10,  1870.      He  d.   Sept.  27,  1882, 
aged  49  years.     No  children. 
John  Howard,  b.         ;  d.  Sept.  15,  1835. 
Two  died  young,  unnamed. 
470.     Margaret,^  daughter  of  233  Wesley  Perkins"  and 
Margaret  [Lord]  Balch,  was  bom  July  24, 1796,  at  Bradford, 
Mass.,    and  died  January   4,    1872.     She  mai'iied  Benjamin 
Emerson,  of  Haverhill,  Mass.,  April  27,  1815.     He  was  born 
at  Boxford,    Mass.,    Nov.    16,    1785,  and  died  at  Haverhill, 
March  7,  1874.     They  had  seven  children  all  born  at  Haver- 

Charles,  b.  June  27,  1817;  d.  Aug.  6,  1890,  m.  Celinda  George  of 
Haverhill,  who  was  born  June  10,  1820;  d.  March  7,  1891. 
They  had  four  children  all  born  at  Haverhill.  Charles  W., 
b.  ;  d.  in  infancy;  Charles,  b.  July,  1845;  d.  Jan.  3,  1889; 

George  Leighton,  b.  Nov.  o,  1849;  m.  Elizabeth  Killam,  Dec.  7, 
1870.  She  was  b.  at  Boxford,  Aug.  20,  1848.  They  had  three 
children  born  at  Haverhill.  William  Wells,  b.  March  9, 1872; 
Cora  Blanche,  b.  Nov.  22,  1874;  George  Edward,  b.  February 
19,  1877. 

Caroline,  b.  Dec.  4, 1818;  d.  May  2,1843. 

Margaret  Ann,  b.  Feb.  4,  1821;  d.  Jan.  24,  1843. 

George,  b.  Nov.  15,  1822;  d.  Nov.  16,  1822. 

John  Bradstreet,  b.  Nov.  12,  1824;  d.  Aug.  25,  1825. 

Julia  Matilda,  b.  March  25,  1829;  d.  Jan.  11,  1891. 

Benjamin  Levkratt,  b.  Aug.  16,  1834;  m.  Abbie  Augusta 
McDuffee,  July  20,   1801.     She  was  born  at  Winthrop,  Me., 


July  24,  1836.  They  had  six  children.  Edith,  b.  at  Cam" 
bridgeport,  Nov.  23,  1862;  died  Nov.  23,  1862.  Carrie  Augusta, 
twins,  b.  Carabridgeport,  Nov.  23,  1862.  Lizzie  Florence,  b. 
Chelsea,  Dec.  2,  1864.  Alice  Marion,  b.  Charlestovrn,  April 
28,  1867.  Frederick  Benjamin,  b.  Chelsea,  May  4,  1871. 
Rudolph  Waldron,  b.  Chelsea,  July  23,  1875. 

471.  Wesley,^  son  of  23-3  Wesley  Perkins''  and  Marga- 
ret [Lord]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  March  25, 
1798,  and  died  July  5,  1853.  He  was  married  January  29, 
1822,  to  Ann  Greenleaf,  who  died  at  Haverhill,  September  19, 
1865.     They  had  three  daughters  all  born  at  Haverhill. 

997*    Eliza  Gkeenleaf,«  b.  May  16,  1825;  d.  Dec.  18,  1886. 
998«    Haekiet  Frances,^  b.  1827 ;  d.  March  23,  1866. 
999      Mary,*  d.  iu  infancy. 

472.  John,''  son  of  233  Wesley  Perkins^  and  Margaret 
[Lord]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  January  7,  1800,  and 
died  at  Waldeboro,  Me.,  May  28,  1868.  He  was  married  to 
Sarah  A.  Samson,  of  Waldeboro,  September  27,  1827.  She 
died  May  21,  1866.  They  had  two  children,  both  born  at 

1000*    Sarah  Elizabeth.^  b.  Nov.  13,  1828. 

1001      Charles  WesleyS,  b.  Nov.  13,  1834;  d.  March  19,  1861. 

476.  Sophia,"  daugher  of  233  Wesley  Perkins"  and 
Margaret  [Lord]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  Sep- 
tember 5,  1807,  and  died  at  Thomaston,  Me.,  March  22, 1855. 
She  married  Dr.  Moses  R.  Ludwig,  of  Thomaston,  May  6, 
1830,  they  were  published  March  20,  1829.  Dr.  Ludwig  died 
at  Thomaston,  September  7,  1870.  They  had  5  children,  all 
born  at  Thomaston. 

Susan  L.,  b.  March  4,  1831;  m.  Rev.  Oliver  J.  Fernald,  Apr.  30, 
1849.  He  was  b.  in  Boston,  Nov.,  1822,  and  d.  at  T.  May  7, 
1861.  They  had  five  children,  all  born  at  Thomaston. 
William  Ludwig,  b.  Feb.  24,  1850;  ni.  Ada  F.  Whitney  of 
Thomaston,  Sept.,  1873.  Minnie  Eichborn,  b.  Dec.  7,  1851. 
Margaret  Ludwig,  b.  Apr.  7,  1854.  Mary  Frances,  b.  Feb.  22, 
1856.  Susan  Ellen,  b.  Nov.  5,  1858. 
William  A.  T.,  b.  Aug.  26, 1833;  d.  in  infancy. 
Mart  Frances,  b.  June  16,  1835;  ra.  Edward  P.  Merrill,  of  Cam- 
bridge, Mass.  He  was  born  at  Otisfield,  Me.,  Aug.  10,  1829. 
They  had  four  children,  two  eldest  born  at  Thomaston,  Me., 


the  two  youngest  at  Lynn,  Mass.  Mary  Sophia,  b.  Feb.  2, 
1857;  d.  Apr.,  1884.  Helena  Ludwiri,h.  Apr.  24,  1858;  d.  June, 
1807.  Oliver  Fernald,  h.  Jan.  5,  lSQ3;d.J\ine,18QS.  Edward 
n.,  b.  Nov.  1868;  d.  Nov.,  1875. 

Moses  Malory,  b.  July  15,  1837;  d.  Dec.  6,  1858. 

Margarktte  C,  b.  Feb.  4,  1840;  d.  Aug.  22,  1846. 

478.  Susan  Osborn,"  daughter  of  233  Wesley  Perkins^ 
and  Susan  [Osborn]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass., 
June  11, 1811,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  December'5, 1878. 
She  was  married  August  31,  1880,  to  John  Davis  of  Haver- 
hill. He  was  born  at  Bradford,  May  14,  1805,  and  died  at 
Sonierville,  Mass.,  September  6, 1872.  They  had  eleven  chil- 
dren, all  born  at  Haverhill. 

Maby  Boakdman,  b.  Sept.  15,  1831 ;  m.  at  Bi-adford,  Mass.,  June 
4,  1S67,  to  Jackson  B.  Swett,  of  Haverhill,  whose  first  wife 
was  998  Harriet  F.,  daughter  of  471  Wesley  Balch.  He 
was  born  at  Haverhill,  Feb.  12,  1815,  and  d.  at  Haverhill,  Oct. 
3,  1890.  They  had  two  children,  both  born  at  Haverhill. 
Mary  Jackson,  b.  June  13,  1870.  Susan  Ellen,  b.  July  21, 
1873;  d.  Aug.  16,  1873. 

John  Francis,  b.  Dec.  9,  1832;  m.  Nov.  30,  1858,  Julia  M.  P. 
Brown,  of  Haverhill.  She  was  b.  at  Bradford,  Jan.  16,  1833. 
They  had  three  sons,  all  born  at  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  where  they 
reside.  Bev.  Francis  Howard,  b.  Oct.  6,  1800;  m.  May  16, 1888, 
to  Carrie  A.  Foote  of  Brooklyn.  She  was  b.  at  Paish,  X.  Y., 
March  2,  1861.  They  had  one  son:  Francis  Warren,  b.  Aug. 
9,  1889,  at  Franklin  Falls,  N.  H.  Jofm  Herbert,  b.  Oct.  9, 
1S6-2:  m.  Katherine  Kingsbury,  of  Bradford,  Oct.  3,  1888. 
She  was  b.  at  Winooskie,  Vt.,  July  11,  1863;  d.  Sept.  26, 1889. 
They  had  one  son,  born  at  Bradford.  John  Bradford,  b. 
Sept.  20,  1SS9.     Robert  Brown,  b.  July  IS,  1868. 

(tDStavus  Ludwig,  b.  Jan.  6,  1834;  m.  Adelaide  A.  Smith,  of 
Haverhill,  May  27,  1856.  She  was  born  at  North  Bridgewater, 
Mass.,  Aug.  28,  1833,  d.  at  Haverhill,  Nov.  22,  1884.  They 
had  one  daughter  born  at  Haverhill.  Annie  Shumway,  b. 
April  27,  1866;  d.  Feb.  21, 1807. 

Susan  Ellen,  b.  Xov.  8,  1835;  ni.  at  Bradford,  Mass.,  Nov.  24, 
1857,  to  William  Warren  Shumway,  of  Brooklyn,  N.Y.  He  was 
b.  at  Medway,  Mass.,  Sept.  26,  1830.  They  had  seven  children, 
the  first  born  at  Bradford,  Mass.,  and  the  others  at  Brooklyn, 
N.  Y.;  Warren  Davis,  b.  Oct.  17,  1858;  Susan  Alice,  b.  Dec.  18, 
1860;  d.  Oct.  21,  1873;  Frank  Storrs,  b.  March  12,  1802;  Annie 
Hoardinan,  b.  Feb.  8, 1864,  m.  George  H.  Stevens,  of  Brooklyn, 
N.  Y.,  Nov.  24,  1885.     He  was  b.  at  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  Nov.  12, 


1861;  Arthur  Clifford,  h.  Aug.  13,  1872;  WUliam  Warden,  b. 
Nov.  10,  1876;  John  Howard,  b.  May  29,  1878;  d.  May  2,  1880. 
Caroline  Matilda,  b.  June  12,  1837;  d.  Oct.  23,  1837. 
Hakriette  Parker,  b.  Sept.  24,  1838;  d.  Aug.  21,  1839. 
Edward  Orestes,  b.  Apr.  13,  1841;  d.  Sept.  4, 1842. 
Harriette  Anna,  b.  Apr.  15,  1842;  m.  Jan.  24,  187.5,  to  John  L. 
Burst,  of  Fernandina,  Fla.     He  was  b.  at  Woodstock,  Ills., 
March  25,  1849.     They  had  four  children;  the  first  born  at 
Fernandina,   Fla.,  and  the  others  at  Brooklyn,  J^.Y.;EUe7i 
Maria,  b.  Dec.  11,  1875,  at  Fernandina,  Fla.;  d.  Aug.  20,  1888, 
at  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. ;  Susan  Grace,  b.  Aug.  S,  1877,  at  Brook- 
lyn, N.  T. ;  John  Gustavus,  b.  March  23,  1880,  at  Brooklyn,  N. 
Y. ;  William  Corwin,  b.  June  12,  1881,  at  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 
Emma  Louise,  b.  Sept.  7,  1845,  m.  in  Bradford,  Mass.,  June  22, 
1869,  to  Charles  H.  Tufts,  of  Andover,  Mass.   He  was  born  in 
Boston.     No  issue. 
Henrt  Lowe,  b.  March  23,  1851,  unm. 
Carrie  Lizzie  Balch,  b.  July  31,  1853;  d.  Feb.  26,  1857. 
480.    Wesley  Perkins,'   son   of  236  John^   and   Phebe 
[Harmon]  Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  Mass.,  September  2, 
1794,  and  died  at  Medfield,  Mass.,  September  23,  1856.     He 
married  first  Rebecca  Battelle,  of  Dover,  August  20,  1817. 
She  died  January  3,  1820,  leaving  one  son. 
1002      Albert  Battelle,'  b.   April  2,    1819.     Is  living  at  Arlington, 
Mass.,  unm.     li.,      .■^a^vi.    K>-i 
Wesley  Perkins  married  second,  Mary  Baker  of  Dedham, 
Mass.,  September  3d,  1821.     She  died  in  1845,  an  issue  of 
three  children. 
1003*    Wesley  Perkins,'  b.  June  20,  1822; d.  Nov.  10,  1890. 
1004*    Mart  Rebecca  H.,«  b.  Nov.  10,  182.3. 
1005      Elizabeth  C.,«  b.  Nov.  3,  1829;  d.  unm.  in  1845. 

Wesley  Perkins  married  for  his  third  wife  a  widow,  Mis. 
Eliza  A.  Brackett,  October  10,  1847,  by  whom  he  had  two 
children.     She  died  at  Lowell,  Mass.,  August  29,  1892. 
1006*    William  Henry,'  b.  Apr.  3,  1849;  unm.  living  in  California. 
1007*    Elizabeth  Arabella,'  b.  Sept.  23,  1851. 

Wesley  Perkins  when  a  young  man  went  to  Medfield  av.d 
worked  in  a  bakery.  The  firm  for  whom  he  worked  failed, 
and  he  commenced  business  for  himself,  which  he  carried  on 
successfully  for  many  years.  He  was  an  enterprising,  and 
useful  citizen,  serving  in  several  important  town  offices.     He 


was  one  of  the  principal  supporters  of  the   Baptist  Church  in 

481.  Phebe,'  daughter  of  236  John^  and  Phebe  [Harmon] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Beverly,  Mass.,  April  18,  1797.  She  mar- 
ried Mr.  Joseph  Marshall,  and  lived  at  Medfield,  Mass.  She 
had  at  least  two  children.  Mary  and  Rebecca.  Mary  m. 
Dr.  Burpee,  of  Maiden,  now  deceased. 

483.  John,'  son  of  236  John^  and  Phebe  [Harmon]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Beverly,  Mass.,  May  1,  1801,  and  died  in  1868,  at 
Boston,  and  was  buried  at  Medfield.  lu  1827,  he  married 
Miss  Abigail  Fairbanks,  she  was  born  at  Medfield.  For  a 
time  they  resided  at  Medfield,  and  then  removed  to  Boston. 
They  had  two  children,  both  were  born  at  Medfield. 

1008*    John  F.»  b.  in  1829;  d.  Aug.  24,  1869. 

1009       Eliza  E.,*  b.  in  1835;  unm.  is  living  at  Boston. 

484.  Benjamin,'  son  of  236  John^  and  Phebe  [Harmon] 
Balch,  was  born  January  11,  1804,  at  Quincy,  Mass.,  and  died 
of  pneumonia  at  Providence,  R.  I.,  April  28, 1888.  His  occu- 
pation was  that  of  a  baker.  He  was  married  four  times  :  for 
his  first  wife  he  married  Chloe  Smith,  April  17,  1826.  She 
was  born  at  Medfield,  Mass.,  July  1,  1805,  and  died  at  Provi- 
dence, R.  I.,  May  12,  1837.  She  was  the  mother  of  four  chil- 

1010*  Sarah  Clark,'  b.  Sept.  5,  1827;  d.  May  20,  1853. 

101 1  Chole  Smith,'  b.  Sept.  20,  1829 ;  d.  Sept.  30, 1829. 

1012  Clarissa  Smith,'  b.  May  18,  1831;  d.  JTov.  30,  1834. 
1013*  Claba  Anna,'  b.  Sept.  3,  18:34. 

Benjamin  was  married  a  second  time  November  28, 1837,  to 
Frances  N.,  daughter  of  Matthew  Robinson.  She  was  born  at 
South  Kingston,  July  15,  1811,  and  died  at  Providence,  June 
16,  1845.  She  was  the  mother  of  three  children,  all  born  at 
Providence,  R.  I. 

1014  Maria  Frances,'  b.  Dec.  6, 1841;  d.  .Jan.  3,  1842. 

1015  Amelia  Frances,'  b.  Apr.  10,  1&43;  d.  Sept.  18,  1845. 

1016  Mary  Robinson,'  b.  Mar.  6,  1845;  d.  Apr.  11,  1848. 
Benjamin  married  for  his  third  wife,  Alice  H.,  daughter  of 

Jeremiah  N.  Potter,  the  ceremony  was  performed  January  20, 


1846.  Alice  H.  was  born  at  South  Kingston,  R.  I.,  and  died 
at  Providence,  May  12,  1847.     She  had  no  children. 

Benjamin  was  married  a  fourth  time  on  the  31st  of  August, 
1848,  to  Louise,  daughter  of  Benjamin  H.  Fales.  She  was 
born  at  Wrentham,  Mass.,  April  30,  1820,  and  was  living  at 
Providence  at  the  time  of  Benjamin's  death.  Benjamin,  and 
Louise  had  five  children,  all  born  at  Providence. 

1017  Chables  We8Lkt,8  b.  Aug.  26,  1S50;  d.  Aug.  12,  1851. 

1018  WiLLABD  Falbs,8  b.  June  10,  1852;  d.  June  29,  1852. 
1019*    Louise  Maynard,^  b.  Sept.  27, 1856. 

1020*    Frank  Benjamin,^  b.  Oct.  23,  1859. 

1021      Edward  Robinson,^  b.  Sept.  27,  1863;  d.  Feb.  3, 1866. 

485.  Ebenezer  Harmon/  son  of  236  John«  and  Phebe 
[Harmon]  Balch,  was  born  at  Quincy,  Mass.,  January  28> 
1806,  and  died  at  Boston,  Mass.,  December  9,  1878,  and  was 
buried  at  Upton,  Mass.  He  was  married  three  times.  He 
married  first  in  1829,  Miss  Betsey  Childs.  She  was  born  at 
Mendon,  Mass.,  in  1811,  and  died  May  31,  1830.  No  issue. 
He  was  married  second,  November  23,  1830,  to  Sarah,  daugh- 
ter of  Colonel  Evro,  and  Judith  [Chapin]  Wood.  She  was 
born  at  Upton,  Mass.,  March  19,  1809,  and  died  at  Glen  Cove, 
N.  Y.,  August  21,  1865,  and  was  buried  at  Upton.  To  Eben. 
ezer  H.  and  Sarah,  were  born  four  children. 

1022*    Jane  Rebecca,^  b.  Nov.  28,  1S32,  at  Worcester,  Mass. 

1023*    Sabah  Maria.s  b.  Nov.  16,  1834,  at  Providence,  R.  I. 

1024*    Anna  Betsey,^  b.  Sept.  4,  1837;  d.  Feb.  13,  1890. 

1025*    Frank  Wood,^  b.  Sept.  1,  1841. 

Ebenezer  H.  for  his  third  wife  married  Fannie  Maria  Boyle. 
She  was  born  at  Cheltenham,  Eng.,  November  29,  1822,  and 
died  in  New  York  city  without  issue,  June  5,  1875.  Eben- 
ezer H.,  lived  in  many  places,  among  them  were  Mendon, 
Worcester  and  Boston,  Mass.,  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  and  New 
York,  N.  Y.  He  was  also  engaged  in  divers  kinds  of  business. 
At  one  time  he  owned  the  South  Danvers  iron  foundery. 
489.    Thomas,'  son  of  239  Rev.  Benjamin^  and  Joanna 

[O'Brien]  Balch,  was  born  at  Scarboro,  Me.,  October  2, 
1765,  and  died  at  Waterloo,  N.  Y.,  January  16,  1840.  He 
was  married  Nov.  10,  1793,  to   Elizabeth,  daughter  of  John 


Kingman,  the  ceremonj'  being  performed  by  his  father  at 
Barington,  N.  H.  Elizabeth  Kingman,  was  born  August  16, 
1774,  and  died  at  Barington,  April  21, 1802.  They  had  three 

1026*    JoANNA.s  b.  May  5,  1794;  d.  Oct.,  1863. 

1027*    Ben.jamin,8  b.  May  2,  1796;  d.  Jan.  2S,  1S69. 

1028*    DoLLT,8  b.  Sept.  10,  1799;  d.  July  28,  1870. 

Thomas  was  married  a  second  time,  December  6,  1803,  to 
Judeth  [Swain]  Perhens,  a  widow  with  two  sons.  Perkins 
and  Goram.  She  was  born  August  10, 1773.  They  had  three 

1029      Elizabeth,^  b.  Feb.  4,  1805. 

1030*    Lucy  C, 8  b.  Dec.  22, 1807. 

1031       LucRETiA,8  b.  Dec.  16,  1814;  d.  Feb.  4,  1833. 

Thomas  served  during  the  Revolution,  in  the  navy.  He 
was  with  his  father  in  the  Paul  Jones  Squadron.  He  served 
also  on  the  Privateer  "Hannible,"  of  which  his  uncle  Jere- 
miah O'Brien  was  the  commander.  He  was  taken  prisoner 
and  confined  in  the  Jersey  Prison  Ship,  at  New  York.  He 
was  serving  on  board  the  "  Alliance  "  when  she  was  in  the 
terrific  fight  with  a  British  Ship  and  British  Brig,  off  Halifax, 
and  captured  them  both.  He  also  served  on  board  the  ship 

490.  Benjamin,"  son  of  239  Rev.  Benjamin^  and  Joanna 
[O'Brien]  Balcli,  Avas  born  at  Dedham,  Mass.,  January  5, 1768, 
and  was  drowned  at  sea,  April  10,  1809.  He  was  with  his 
father  and  brother  Thomas  in  the  Navy,  the  two  boys  being 
counted  as  one  man  on  the  pay  rolls.  His  occupation  was  a 
shipmaster  ;  he  never  married. 

491.  Mary,"  daughter  of  239  Benjamin"  and  Joanna 
[O'Bi'ien]  Balch,  was  born  at  Meudon,  N.  H.,  June  11,  1770, 
and  died  at  Calias,  Me.,  August  30, 1855.  She  was  married  to 
Benjamin  J.  Garland,  of  Barington,  N.  H.,  the  ceremony  being 
performed  by  her  father,  January  18, 1790.  Garland  was  born 
at  Barrington,  July  11,  1767,  and  died  at  Hamstead,  N.  H., 
November  18,  1835.  Mary  and  Benjamin  had  eight  children, 
all  born  at  Barrington,  N.  H. 

JOHN    BALCH, — TKESCOTT,   5IE.  161 

Dennis,  b.  May  27,  1791;  d.  1879,  at  Calais,  Me.,  Sept.  20,  1847. 

Benjamin  B.,  b.  Feb.  6,  1703. 

Joanna,  b.  Sept.  23,  1796. 

Maby,  b.  Sept.  9,  1799. 

Maktha,  b.  March  16,  1802;  d.  same  month. 

Susan,  b.  April  21,  1803;  d.  at  Joliet,  111.,  Sept.  26,  1838;  m.  a 

Mr.  Wing. 
John  Jay,  b.  July  21,  1806;  d.  at  Joliet,  111.,  Sept.  30,  1845. 
Emily,  b.  March  24,  181.^;  d.  at  Kent,  Mich.,  March  23,  1842;  m. 

a  Mr.  Harris. 

492.  John,"  son  of  239  Rev.  Benjamin^  and  Joanna 
[O'Brien]  Balch,  was  born  September  4,  1772,  and  died  Au- 
gust 5,  1813,  at  Lubec,  Me.,  having  driven  up  from  Trescott. 
That  day  he  had  a  paralytic  stroke,  and  died  almost  immedi- 
ately. His  remains  were  taken  back  to  Trescott  for  inter- 
ment. On  the  28th  of  December,  1802,  he  was  married  to 
Miss  Hannah  Stone,  and  by  her  had  fifteen  children.  The 
ten  eldest  were  born  at  Bangor,  the  other  five  at  Trescott. 
She  died  on  the  30th  of  December,  1829,  aged  46  years. 

1032*  JoHN,s  b.  Nov.  14,  1803,  at  Bangor;  d.  Jan.  29,  1861. 

1033  JoANNA,8  b.  March  25,  1805,  at  Bangor;  d.  March  17, 1828;  unm. 

1034*  HiKAu  Augustus,^  b.  Sept.  14,  1806,  at  Bangor;  d.  Jan.  29, 


1035  Abigail,^  b.  Nov.  15,  1807,  at  Bangor;  d.  Aug.  24,  1808. 

1036*  Rkbecca.s  b.  Feb.  7,  1809,  at  Bangor;  d.  Feb.  20,  1864. 

1037*  Louis,*  b.  March  27,  1810,  at  Bangor;  d.  Dec.  23,  1837;  unm. 

1038*  Charles,^  b.  Sept.  1,  1811,  at  Bangor;  d. 

1039*  Hannah,8  b.  Dec.  1, 1812,  at  Bangor;  d.  1865. 

1040  George  Washington,*  )  ..       ,    ,,      -.„  ,„,- d.  July  19,1816. 

1041  Horatio  Gates,*  \  "^'°^'  "•  ^^*^'  ^'*'  ^'^^^'d.  Apr.  1, 1834. 

born  at  Bangor. 
1042*    Henry,*  b.  July  15,  1819,  at  Bangor. 
1043*    George,*  b.  May  IS,  1821,  at  Trescott;  d.  May  18,  1861. 
1044      Sabah  Ann,*  b.  Oct.  9,  1822,  at  Trescott;  d.  Dec.  22,  1843. 
1045*    Lafayette,*  b.  Feb.  3,  1825,  at  Trescott;  d.  Nov.  25,  1862. 
1046*    Albert  Gallatin,*  b.  March  10,  1827,  at  Trescott;  d.  unm.. 

John^  married  for  his  second  wife  the  widow  Susan  Minot, 
July  25,  1832.  They  had  no  childi-en.  John  Balch  resided 
at  Bangor,  Me.,  until  about  1820,  when  he  met  with  reverses 
in  business,  which  caused  him  to  remove  to  Trescott,  where 


he  continued  to  live.  He  was  an  educated  and  Christian 
gentleman.  He  was  a  justice  of  the  peace,  and  performed  the 
marriage  ceremony  for  a  great  many  in  the  vicinity  of  Trescott. 

493.  William,'  son  of  239  Rev.  Benjamin^  and  Joanna 
[O'Brien]  Balch,  was  born  January  17,  1775,  and  died  at 
Dedham,  Mass.,  August  31,  1842.  He  was  a  classmate  of  Dr. 
Channing  and  Judge  Story  at  Harvard.  He  was  a  chaplain 
in  the  U.  S.  navy,  serving  on  the  Congress*  and  Chesapeake. 
He  preached  at  Salisbury,  Mass.,  1802-1816,  and  at  Salem, 
N.  H.,  1819-1835.  On  the  31st  day  of  October,  1805,  he 
was  married  to  Mary,  daughter  of  Rev.  Benjamin  Wads- 
worth,  D.D.  and  LL.  D.,  and  his  wife  Mary  [Hobson]  of 
Dan  vers,  Mass.  Mary  [Wadsworth]  Balch  died  of  consump- 
tion, June  27,  1816,  aged  41  years.  Two  children  was  the 
issue  of  this  marriage. 

1047*    ilAKT  Wadsworth.s  b.  Aug.  10,  1800;  d.  April  11,  ISSl. 

1048  Elizabeth,*  b.  July  13,  1812;  d.  Dec.  28,  1834;  m.   Dr.  Abra- 

ham Dearborn,  of  Metliume,  Jan.  18,  1834. 
William  married  second,  July  10, 1822,  Miss  Sarah,  daughter 
of  Isaac  and  Sarah  C.  Eaton,  of  Dedham.     They  had  one  son. 

1049  Bkn-iamin  Wadswortii,8  b.  Oct.  10, 1823;  d.  unm.,  at  Chicago, 

111.,  Sept.  18,  1858. 

494.  George  Washington,"  son  of  239  Rev.  Benjamin^ 
and  Joanna  [O'Brien]  Balch,  was  born  at  Danvers,  Mass., 
October  16,  1777,  and  died  at  Welden,  N.  C,  June  21,  1826. 
He  married  Elizabeth  Noble,  of  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  and  they 
moved  to  Weldon,  N.  C,  where  he  engaged  in  mercantile 
business.  In  the  war  of  1812  he  wassailing  master  on  board 
a  privateer,  was  captured,  and  imprisoned  a  year  in  Dartmoor. 

All  the  children  of  George  W.  and  Elizabeth  died  young, 
except  one,  who  died  at  Boston,  Mass. 

1050.     Elizabeth, 8  b.        ;  d.  unra.  1839. 

•Xavy  Dept.  records. 

V,'m.  Balch  was  appointed  Chaplain  to  the  "Congress,''  October  30, 
17S9,  and  discharged  May  10,  1801. 


495.  Horatio  Gates,"  son  of  239  Rev.  Benjamin^  and 
Joanna  [O'Brien]  Balch,  was  born  at  Danvers,  Mass.,  Octo- 
ber 16,  1777,  and  was  baptized  with  his  twin  brother,  George 
W.,  by  the  Rev.  Mr.  Holt,  at  Danvers,  Oct.  26,  1777.  He 
died  at  Lubec,  Me.,  in  1850.  He  studied  medicine,  and  was 
a  physician  of  marked  ability.  The  early  part  of  his  life  was 
spent  in  and  near  Bangor,  where  he  married  his  first  wife, 
Miss  Rhoda  Dutton,  a  sister  of  Judge  Button,  a  lawyer  of 
considerable  note  at  Bangor.  Horatio  G.  was  quite  promi- 
nent in  polities,  was  a  Democrat  up  to  Van  Buren's  adminis- 
tration, when  he  became  a  Whig.  He  was  a  member  of  the 
Legislature  at  Boston,  before  Maine  was  a  separate  state,  and 
also  the  first  Representative  from  Washington  county  after 
Maine  became  a  state.  In  1820  he  was  living  at  Lubec,  Me. 
In  1821  or  2  he  moved  to  Machias,  Me.,  and  soon  after  re- 
ceived the  oifice  of  high  sheriff,  which  he  held  till  1830, 
when  he  moved  to  Lubec  again.  That  year  he  received  the 
appointment  of  inspector  of  customs  at  Lubec,  under  Jack- 
son's administration,  which  ofSce  he  held  about  nine  years. 
He  was  a  member  of  the  Congregational  Church.  He  was 
very  benevolent,  as  many  since  his  death  have  given  testi- 
mony to  his  kindness  and  consideration  of  the  poor.  By  his 
first  wife,  Rhoda  Dutton,  he  had  eight  cliildren. 

1051  HoKATio.s  b.        ;  d.,  s.  p.,  about  1845. 

1052  George,^  b.        ;  d.,  s.  p.,  about  1846. 
1053*    Harriet,^  b.         ;  d. 

1054*  SoPHiA,8  b.        ;  d. 

1055  Elizabeth/  b.  in  1814;  d.,  unm.,  in  1830. 

1056  James, 8  b.        ;  drowned  while  skating  at  Machias. 
1057*  Emily.s  b.  Aug.  8,  1820;  d.  Dec.  13,  1892. 

1058  Andbew,^  b.        ;  drowned  at  sea, 

Horatio  G.  married  for  his  second  wife  Harriet  Tanner  Mc- 
Lellan,  of  Portland,  Me.  To  them  were  born  three  children. 
Harriet  T.  died  at  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

1059  Ebenezer  McIntosh.s  b.        ;  d.  y. 

1060*    James  KirLT,8,  b.  Nov.  22,  1831;  d.  April  18,  1895. 

1061*    Horatio  Gates,*  b.  June  15,  1840;  d.  March  7,  1S94. 

496.    Joanna,''  daughter  of  239  Rev.  Benjamin^  and  Jo- 


anna  [O'Brien]  Balch,  was  born  July  3,  1780,  and  died  in 
1866.  She  was  twice  married.  Her  first  husband  was  a  Mr- 
Stephens  ;  her  second  husband  was  Deacon  Webster,  of  Sal- 
isbury, a  relative  of  Daniel  Webster.  Joanna  had  one  daugh- 
ter, whether  by  her  first  or  second  husband  is  not  known.  Jo- 
anna inherited  part  of  the  manuscript  sermons  of  her  father 
and  grandfather. 

497.  Martha,"  daughter  of  239  Rev.  Benjamin^  and  Jo- 
anna [O'Brien]  Balch,  was  born  Jan.  19,  1783,  and  died  at 
Methuen,  Mass.,  in  February,  1866.  She  was  married  on  the 
8th  of  June,  1806,  to  Richard  Hackett,  of  Salisbury,  Mass. 
The  marriage  ceremony  was  performed  by  her  father,  the 
Rev.  Benjamin  Balch.  Hackett  was  born  at  Salisbury,  and 
died  in  that  town,  October,  21,  1814,  at  the  age  of  thirty 
years.  He  followed  the  occupation  of  his  father,  John 
Hackett,  who  was  a  ship-builder,  and  built  the  U.  S.  ship  Al- 
liance. They  had  four  children :  James ;  Horatio  Balch, 
b.  Dec.  27,  1808;  d.  Nov.  2,  1875;  John,  b.  November. 
1810  ;  d.  Aug.  16,  1815  ;  Richard. 

Martha  married  for  her  second  husband  Deacon  Davidson. 

498.  Jeremiah  O.,"  son  of  239  Rev.  Benjamin^  and 
Joanna  [O'Brien]  Balch,  was  born  at  Barrington,  N.  H.,  July 
81,  1785,  and  died  at  Chicago,  111.,  November  4,  1875.  His 
remains  were  taken  to  Marshall,  Mich.,  for  interment.  He 
was  married  twice.  His  first  wife  was  Sarah  Penniman, 
daughter  of  Jacob  and  Maiy  O'Brien  Penniman,  of  Machias, 
Me.     They  had  four  children. 

1062*    Jacob  William,*  b.  Nov.  19,  1S17;  d.  Nov.  1,  1S83. 

1063*    Maky  CYNTHiA,8b.  Oct.  12,1820;  d.  lS7i. 

1065*    Henky  Crawford.s  b.  Dec.  18,  1824;  d.  July  30,  1861. 

1066*    Feancis  Stoems,8  b.  Sept.  5,  1826;  d.  Aug.,  1888. 
Jeremiah  O.  married  in  the  fall  of  1827,  for  his  second 
wife,  Elizabeth  A.  Haskell,  daughter  of  Reuben  S.  Haskell. 
She  was  born  in  1806,  and  died  at  Marshall,  Mich.,  in  1865. 
To  them  were  born  five  children. 

1067  Jeremiah  0.,8  b.  Aug.  1, 1828;  d.  May  22,  1843. 

1068  Sabah  Elizabeth,*  b.  July  16,  1830;  d.  Oct.  23,  1841. 


1069*    George  Washington,^  b.  May  24,  1832. 

1070*    Benjamin.^  b.  Dec.  8,  1840;  d.  March  8,  1884. 

1071*  Lavinia  Melissa,"  b.  June  25,  1843;  d.  July  12,  1887. 
Jeremiah  0.  Balcli  moved  to  western  New  York  about 
1825.  He  first  engaged  in  mercantile  pursuits,  but  later,  it 
being  better  suited  to  his  education,  he  became  an  editor  and 
publisher,  as  well  as  a  practical  printer.  He  published  various 
newspapers  in  western  New  York,  principally  in  Rochester. 
About  1835  he  moved  to  Illinois,  and  later  to  Michigan, 
where  his  family  followed  in  the  spring  of  1836.  He  was 
here  considered  one  of  the  foremost  and  ablest  editors  of  hia 
day  in  Michigan.  His  work  was  chiefly  done  on  the  States- 
man and  Telegraph,  at  Marshall,  and  the  Whig,  at  Ann 
Arbor.  In  politics  he  was  first  an  old-line  Whig,  and  when 
the  Republican  party  was  formed  joined  its  ranks  and  be- 
came a  most  staunch  and  energetic  supporter  of  its  princi- 
ples. His  was  a  trenchant  pen,  and  a  most  scathing  one  when 
battling  for  his  party.  In  the  war  of  the  rebellion  he  was 
universally  for  the  Union,  and  notwithstanding  his  advanced 
years,  did  good  service  for  the  cause  through  the  press.  Nor 
was  his  hatred  of  disloyalty  confined  entirely  to  words,  for 
when  nearly  or  quite  80  years  of  age  he  raised  his  cane  in  the 
physical  rebuke  of  disloyal  utterances  by  a  neighbor,  with 
such  effect  as  to  break  it,  whereupon  his  loyal  fellow-citizens 
and  friends  procured  a  very  handsome  new  stick  and  present- 
ed it  to  him  with  much  formality  and  words  of  high  appro- 
bation. The  last  work  on  his  paper  was  in  denunciation  of 
Andrew  Johnson. 

He  was  an  accomplished  Latin  scholar  and  linguist,  and 
was  respected  by  the  editorial  fraternity  and  all  as  an  upright 
and  honorable  citizen. 

501.  Phineas  Carleton,' son  of  250  Jonathan^  and  Abigail 
[Carleton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  Mass.,  June  20, 
1797,  and  died  at  Rowley,  Mass.,  January  24,  1880.  He  was 
a  deacon  in  the  church  at  Byfield,  and  was  a  christian  gen- 
tleman of  quiet  virtues.  He  filled  wisely  and  well  many 
offices  of   trust   in   the  town  and  church,  and    was  highly 


respected  and  beloved  by  all  who  knew  him.     He  married  Jane 
Kezer,  daughter  of   Samuel  and    Olive    [Kezer]  Merrill  of 
Byfield.    She  was  born  May  24, 1797.    They  had  but  one  child. 
1072*    Rebecca  Bailey.s  b.  1821. 

502.  Leonard,^  son  of  250  Jonathan^  and  Abigail  [Carle- 
ton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  September  18,  1799, 
and  died  at  Groveland,  Mass.,  August  9,  1871.  He  was  mar- 
ried first,  July  8, 1823  to  Mary  A.,  daughter  of  Eben  Hopkin- 
son.  She  died  September  30,  1848,  aged  45  years.  One 
daughter  was  the  issue  of  this  marriage. 

1073*    Abigail  Caeleton,*  b.  June  25,  1825. 

For  his  second  wife,  Leonard  married  Hannah  J.  Pai-sons. 
She  was  born  in  1 799,  and  died  July  8,  1855,  no  issue.  On  the 
3rd  of  jNIarch,  1859,  he  took  to  himself  a  third  wife,  Reasanna 
P.,  daughter  of  John  and  Nancy  [Brown]  Hooper,  of  Water- 
borough,  Me.     She  was  living  at  Groveland  in  1886. 

503.  William,'  son  of  250  Jonathan**  and  Abigail  [Carle- 
ton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  May  7,  1802,  and  died 
October  25,  1841.  He  was  married  May  3,  1825,  to  Abigail 
B.,  daughter  of  Nathaniel  Parker.  She  was  born  at  East  Brad- 
ford, Mass.,  July  24,  1806,  and  died  March  6,  1869,  at  North 
Bridgewater,  near  Brockton,  Mass.  After  her  husband's  death 
she  resided  at  Groveland,  but  the  last  eight  years  of  her  life 
she  lived  with  her  daughter,  Clara  M.,  in  Richmond,  and  East 
Machias,  Me.,  and  later  at  North  Bridgewater. 

William  and  Abigail  had  two  children. 
1074*    Melvin  Parker.s  b.  Xov.  27,  1832,  at  E.  Bradford. 
1075*    Clara  Maria,*  b.  Sept.  10,  1840;  d.  July  1,  1896. 

505.  Thomas  Hutchinson,'  son  of  250  Jonathan^  and 
Mehitable  [Carleton]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford, 
March  20,  1807.  On  the  12th  of  November,  1838,  he  married 
Sophia  Buck,  daughter  of  William  and  Abigail  [Jaques] 
Tenney  of  Groveland.  She  was  born  May  7,  1811.  Thomas 
H.  and  Sophia  had  seven  children. 

1076*    WiLLiAJt,'  b.  Oct.  9,  1840. 

1077*    Hiram  Tenney,*  b.  May  28,  1842. 

Thomas  Hl"icuixso.\  Balch. 



1078*  Charles  Thomas,'  b.  Feb.  23,  1844;  unm. 

1079*  Akthub  Cliffokd,8  b.  Oct.  22,  1846. 

1080*  EusTis.s  b.  Apr.  2,  1849. 

1081  Sophia  Pkiscilla,'  b.  Aug.  2,  1851;  d.  in  June,  1855. 

1082*  Gardxer  Pxckakd,^  b.  July  7,  1S56. 

Thomas  Hutchinson  was  a  farmer,  and  superintendent  of 
the  burial  ground  at  Groveland ;  also  proprietor  of  "  Balch 
Grove,"  a  popular  picnic  ground  on  the  Merrimac  River.  This 
grove  gave  the  name  to  the  town.  It  is  a  fine  tract  of  pine- 
clad  hills,  and  level  ground,  and  can  be  reached  by  steamer 
on  the  river  where  there  is  a  wharf  for  landing,  or  on  the  other 
side  by  a  street  railway,  which  connects  Haverhill  with  Grove- 
land  about  three  miles  distant.  It  was  formerly  known  as 
"  Uncle  Billy's  Grove."  Thomas  H.  inherited  this  property 
from  his  uncle  249  William*^  whom  he  took  care  of  in  his  old 
age.  The  old  house  in  wliich  the  58  Rev.  William,*  127  Dea- 
con William,^  and  his  uncle  249  William,^  had  lived,  he  tore 
down  and  built  a  new  one  in  which  he  resides  at  tliis  time. 

506.  Jonathan,^  son  of  250  Jonathan«5  andMehitable 
[Carleton]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  October  5,  1808, 
and  died  November  15, 1892,  at  Groveland.  He  was  married 
March  20,  1829,  to  Sally,  daughter  of  Paul  and  Sally 
[Morse]  Hopkinsou,  a  cousin  to  his  brother  Leonard's  wife. 
She  was  born  September  24,  1810.  They  celebrated  their 
golden  wedding  March  20,  1879,  more  than  one  hundred  and 
lifty  guests  were  present.  Mr.  Balch  was  great  hearted, 
broad  and  liberal  in  his  opinions.  He  stood  against  the  slave 
power,  when  it  cost  reputation  and  caste  to  be  an  abolitionist. 
He  was  a  great  lover  of  music  and  was  connected  with  a  band 
of  music  in  early  life.  As  a  neighbor  and  friend  he  was  among 
the  best,  and  as  a  husband  and  father  he  was  not  excelled  by 
any  in  the  community.  He  was  thoroughly  honest,  upright 
and  substantial. 

Jonathan  was  a  boot  and  shoemaker,  and  resided  at  Grove- 
land.    To  him  and  his  wife  were  born  ten  children. 

1083*    Sarah  Hutchinson, ^  b.  Sept.  21, 1829. 

1084*    Horace  Moksb,^  b.  Feb.  24,  1831;  d.  Sept.  14,  1892. 


1085*  Ann  Maby,8  b.  Nov.  17,  1832. 

1086  Gardner  L.,8  b.  Dec.  14,  1834;  d.  .Tan.  12,  1835. 

1087  Gardnek  L.,  2d,8  b.  Feb.  9, 1836;  d.  Aug.  10,  1840. 
1088*  Harriet  Lapham,*  b.  Aug.  28,  1838;  d.  Jan.  31,  1893. 

1089  Leverett  H.,8  b.  May  18,  1841;  d.  June  4,  1844. 

1090  Louisa  H.,^  b.  June  9,  1843;  d.  Feb.  6,  1846. 

1091  Priscilla  K.,8  b.  Aug.  14,  184.5;  d.  Feb.  29,  1848. 
1092*  Frank  Henry,^  b.  July  18,  1851. 

509.  Louisa,"  daughter  of  253  Benjamin^  and  Lois  [Phip- 
pen]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  Mass.,  July  12, 1802,  and  died 
June  1,  1887.  Slie  was  married  January  31,  1822,  to  Hon. 
George  Savary,  son  of  Maj.  Thomas  and  Polly  [Rollins]  Savary, 
of  Bradford,  Mass.  He  was  born  January  30,  1793,  and  died 
March  28,  1854.  He  was  State  Senator  from  Essex.  In  1843 
he  was  candidate  for  Lieut.  Governor. 

Savary  was  a  boot  and  shoe  manufacturer,  and  trader  at 
Groveland  where  he  resided.  Louisa  was  the  mother  of  nine 
childi-en,  all  born  at  Groveland. 

Martha  Wingate,  b.  May  10,  1823,  m.  Eldred,  son  of  Dr.  Ben- 
jamin Parker,  in  1845;  no  children. 

George  Thomas,  b.  July  28,  1826,  m.  iirst,  Margaret  C,  daughter 
of  John  Tappan  ;  m.  second,  Jennie  Goodale  ;  children, 
Annie  Louise,  b.  May  10,  1863,  unm.  ;  George,  b.  July  7,  1865. 
He  is  a  minister  in  the  Reform  Episcopal  church,  at  Newark, 
N.  J.;  m.  Henrietta  L.  Johnson  of  Boston. 

Frank,  b.  Sept.  5,  1829  ;  m.  June  14,  1861,  to  Esther  A.  Barnard 
of  Worcester  ;  children,  Caroline  A.,  b.  Jan.  24,  1864,  an  ar- 
tist ;  Martha  P.,  Ix  Nov.  4,  1865. 

Ci.ARA   Louisa,  b.  July  9,  1831  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

Mary  Rollins,  b.  Apr.  15,  1831  ;  d.  in  infancy. 

William  Henry,  b.  April  19,  183-5.  Graduated  from  Yale, 
18.57,  is  a  Unitarian  minister,  and  is  pastor  of  the  Dor. 
Chester  St.  Chapel,  South  Boston;  m.  a  daughter  of  Rev. 
George  W.  Hosmer,  D.  D.;  children,  Edward  Hosmer,  a 
lawyer;  Sarah  Kendall,  a  teacher. 

Lucy  Ann,  b.  in  1836;  d.  y. 

Clar.^  Louisa,  b.  Dec.  24,  1837  ;    unm. 

Benjamin,  b.  Apr.  17,  1S40  ;  m.  Oct.  ."0,  1873  to  Abby 
Dorr,  of  Medford  ;  children,  Nellie  Louise,  b.  Dec.  27,  1880. 

510.  Benjamin,'  son  of  253  Benjamin^  and  Lois[Phippen] 
Balch,  wa.s  born  at  Salem,  Jan.  25, 1804,  and  died  in  the  same 
town  where  he  always  resided,  November    5,  18G3.     On  the 


12th  of  February,  1829,  he  married  Caroline  L.,  daughter  of 
David  and  Mary  [Pratt]  Moore  of  Salem.  She  died  June 
13,  1880,  in  the  75th  year  of  her  age.  Benjamin  was  a  mas- 
ter mariner  in  the  East  India  trade.  Shortly  after  his  marriage 
he  went  as  mate  of  the  Glide  to  the  Fiji  Islands.  The  ship 
was  totally  wrecked  in  a  hurricane,  and  the  crew,  except  a 
few,  killed.  He  was  held  by  the  natives,  at  that  time  utterly 
barbarous,  for  over  two  years.  They  curiously  tattooed  his 
hands,  feet  and  portions  of  his  body,  and  the  colors  held 
bright  to  the  day  of  his  death.  The  story  is  told  in  a  small 
book  entitled  "The  Wreck  of  the  Glide."  He  was  for  some 
voyages  captain  of  the  celebrated  ship  George,  a  clipper  of 
great  local  fame  in  the  Calcutta  trade.  He  was  also  wrecked 
on  the  coast  of  Zululand,  South  Africa.  Hot  and  unhealthy 
climates  broke  down  his  constitution  and  he  was  an  invalid 
for  several  years.     Benjamin  and  Caroline  had  three  children. 

1093    Benjamin  Fkankhn,^  b.  April  18, 1833  ;  d.  Mar.  6,  1838. 

1094*  David  Moore,'  b.  Jan.  22,  1837. 

1095*  Edward  Fbanklin,'  b.  Nov.  27,  1842  ;  d.  Aug.  29,  1892. 

511.  James,"  son  of  253  Benjamin^  and  Lois  [Phippen] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  February  21,  1806,  and  died  at 
Half  Day,  111.,  in  November,  1846,  while  on  a  visit  to  his 
brother.  He  married  Harriet  Jane,  daughter  of  Captain 
William  and  Sarah  Fowler  [Herrick]  Duncan,  of  Salem. 
The  ceremony  was  solemnized  by  Rev.  Bishop  Griswold, 
June  27,  1833.  She  was  born  Sept.  21,  1807,  and  died  Jan. 
16,  1873.  James  was  a  watchmaker  with  his  father  in  Sa- 
lem.    They  had  four  children. 

1096*  William  Duncan,'  b.  Sept.  28,  1834. 

1097*  Catherine  D.,'  b,  Sept.  22,  1836  ;  d.  February,  1892. 

1098  Annie  Fowler,'  b.  Sept.  28, 1839  ;  d.  unm.  Mar.  14,  1887. 

1099  James,'  b.  May  17,  1846  ;  d.  y.    Oct.  17,  1847. 

512.  William,'  son  of  253  Benjamin^  and  Lois  [Phip- 
pen] Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  Mass.,  February  1,  1808,  and 
died  in  1887.  He  was  a  clerk,  and  a  farmer,  and  lived  at  Prov- 
idence, Pawtucket,  R.  I.,  Chelsea,  Mass.,  and  Half  Day,  Ills. 
He  married  twice,  first  in  1834  to  Miss   Marian  Kittredge, 


daughter  of  Dr.  Benjamin  Kittredge  of  Salem,  by  whom  he 
had  seven  children.  She  died  May  27,  1849,  aged  35,  and 
in  the  following  year  he  married  Miss  Susan  Thayer  of  Bos- 
ton. There  was  no  issue  by  his  second  marriage.  Widow 
living  at  Roxbury,  Mass. 

HOO*  William  Fbedekick,^  b.  July  16,  1S36  ;  d.  Mar.  31,  1868. 
1101*  LtTcy  Ann,8  b.  Aug.  17,  1837  ;  d.  Oct.  21,  1881. 

1102  Benjamin  K.  ,8  b.  Kov.  5,  1840  ;  drowned  after   1885.     d.  s.  p. 

1103  Edward  Augustus,'  b.  in  Ills.;  d.  iinm.  in  Cal. 
1104*  Lowell  Thayek,*   b.  Ills.  May  21, 1848. 
1105     Louisa  M., 8  b.  ;  d.  y. 

513.  Moses  Phippen,'  son  of  253  Benjamin^  and  Lois 
[Pliippen]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  July  23,  1810,  He 
resided  at  many  places  in  several  states,  and  died  March  1 3, 
1888.  On  the  18th  of  August,  1839,  he  married  Miss  Adelia 
M.  Lauriet,  of  Chicago,  daughter  of  the  celebrated  aeronaut. 
She  died  April  19,  1887.  Moses  P.  and  Adelia  had  nine 

1106*  George  Phippen,'  b.  June  18,  1840. 
1107    Adel  Maria,'  b.  June  18,  1842;  unin. 
1108*  Sarah  Elizabeth,'  b.  Jan.  1,  1844. 

1109  Clara  Hudson,' b.  Feb.  27,  1846  ;  d.  unm.  Dec.  30,  1893. 

1110  James  Henry,' b.  Oct.  4,  1849  ;  unm. 

1111  Augusta  L.,'  b.  Aug.  4,  1851  ;  unm. 

1112  Lucy  Ann,'  b.  July  2,  1853;  unm. 
1113*  Laura  Octavia,'  b.  Jan.  IS,  1858. 
1114    Louisa  L.,'  b.  July  27,  1860. 

514.  Clarissa,'  daughter  of  253  Benjamin^  and  Lois 
[Phippen]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  June  22,  1812,  and 
died  Feb.  28, 1842.  She  married  in  1839  Charles  Hodge,  son 
of  John  Rogers  and  519  Hannah  [Balch]  Hudson.  Charles 
married  for  his  second  wife  Mary  Snowman,  by  whom  he 
had  a  son  Charles;  for  his  third  wife  he  married  i\Iary 
Brooks.  He  is  now  living  in  New  York  City.  Clarissa  was 
the  mother  of  three  children,  Clara  L.,  b.  ;  d.  William 
Henry,  b.  in  1840 ;  d.  Annie,  b.  April  23,  1842;  d. 

518.  Henry  Freeborn,"  son  of  253  Benjamin*  and 
Lois  [Phippen]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  November  24, 
1820.      Was  a  mariner,  sailed  with  his  brother    Benjamin. 


Left  the  sea  and  lived  for  a  time  in  Illinois.  He  went  to  Cali- 
fornia in  1852,  and  now  lives  at  Knight's  Ferry.  He  is  the 
owner  of  a  vineyard  and  fruit  ranch,  in  Stainlaus  Co., 
Knight's  Ranch.  He  married  Sarah,  daughter  of  Elijah 
Fuller.     No  issue. 

519.  Hannah,'  daughter  of  257  Daniel®  and  Lucy 
[Hodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  Oct.  14,  1784, 
and  died  at  the  same  place  March  20,  1828.  She  was  mar- 
ried January  9,  1810,  to  John  Rogers  Hudson,  son  of  Henry 
and  Anna  [Rogers]  Hudson.  He  was  born  at  Newburyport 
September  19,  1784,  and  died  at  Newburyport,  April  15, 
1881.  Hannah  and  John  R.  had  eight  children.  John  Rogers, 
b.  Nov.  15,  1810  ;  d.  1888.  Charles  Hodge,  b.  Jan.  17,  1812  ; 
m.  614  Clarissa  Balch.  Lucy  Ann,  b.  Oct.  5,  1813 ;  is  a 
Homoeopathic  physician.  Fanny  Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  26,  1815  ; 
d.  Feb.  7,  1816.  Fanny  Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  3,  1817  ;  d.  Jan. 
5,  1875 ;  Mary  Rogers,  b.  May  14,  1819.  Henry  James,  b. 
June  29,  1821 ;  graduated  from  Harvard,  and  afterwards  from 
the  Divinity  School,  and  was  a  Unitarian  clergyman  ;  living 
at  Plattsburg,  N.  Y.  Sarah  Hodge,  b.  Nov.  14,  1823  ;  d.  Oct. 
29,  1856. 

520.  Elizabeth,'  daughter  of  257  DanieF  and  Lucy 
[Hodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  Mass.,  March  18, 

1786,  and  died  in  that  town,  Oct.  17,  1873.  She  never  mar- 
ried. She  was  remarkable  for  her  great  love  of  books,  and 
desire  for  self  improvement.  She  was  given  to  works  of 
charity,  and  fervently  religious,  a  member  and  communicant 
of  the  Unitarian  church. 

521.  Charles  Hodge,'  son  of  257  DanieF  and  Lucy 
[Hodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  Mass.,  October  29, 

1787,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  November  18,  1852.  He 
was  for  many  years  a  selectman  of  Newburyport,  and  a  rep- 
resentative in  the  state  legislature.  For  two  years  he  was 
state  senator.  In  politics  he  was  a  Federalist.  Although  he 
received  but  a  moderate  schooling,  he  was  a  great  reader,  and 
was  a  self-made  man.  He  was  an  attendant  at  the  Unitarian 
church.     He  never  married. 


522.  Daniel,'  son  of  257  DanieP  and  Lucy  [Hodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  June  IG,  1790,  and  died  in 
the  same  town,  November  17,  1858.  He  married  Elizabeth, 
daughter  of  Ebenezer  Gunnison.  She  was  born  at  Dorchester, 
Mass.,  August  10,  1796,  and  died  at  Newburyport,  November 
16,  1863.  For  a  time  Daniel  resided  at  Dorchester,  and 
then  at  Newburyport.  In  politics  he  was  a  Federalist,  and 
in  church  creed  a  staunch  Unitarian.  When  a  young  man, 
with  a  friend,  he  built  an  organ  on  which  his  brother  William 
learned  to  play.  Neither  of  tlie  young  men  had  ever  learned 
the  trade.  Daniel  and  Elizabeth  had  four  children,  the  eldest 
was  born  at  Dorchester,  the  others  at  Newburyport. 

1115*  Ebenezer  Gunnison,"  b.  Sept.  18,  1819;  d.  Jan.  14,  1884. 

1116*  Lucy  Elizabeth,"  b.  Nov.  14,  1820;  d.  Apr.  16,  1867. 

1117  Charles  Hodgk,"  b.  Nov.  .5,  1822;  d.  unm.  Aug.  7,  1845. 

1118  Sarah  Hodge,"  b.  Feb.  3,  1825;  unm. 

524.  William,"  son  of  257  DanieP  and  Lucy  [Hodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  Mass.,  July  20,  1795,  and 
died  in  the  same  town,  of  pneumonia,  January  26,  1886. 
On  October  11,  1818,  he  married  Hannah,  daughter  of 
Ebenezer  Stone.  She  was  born  at  Newburyport,  December 
14,  1796,  and  died  in  that  town,  March  8,  1864.  William 
and  Hannah  had  eleven  children. 

1119*    William  Charles,"  b.  July  8,  1819;  d.  Feb.  12,  1895. 

1120*    Sarah  Stone,"  b.  Feb.  5,  1821;  d.  Apr.  25,  1848. 

1121*    George  Edward,"  b.  Aug.  7,  1822;  d.  Aug.  2:3,  1889. 

1122*    Leonadas,"  b.  Aug.  7,  1824. 

1123*    Lucy  Hodge,"  b.  Apr.  15,  1826. 

1124      Charles  Carrol,"  b.  Apr.  24,  1827;  d.  Sept.  1,  1827. 

1125*    Elizabeth,"  b.  Sept.  6,  1828. 

1126*    Mary  Caroline,"  b.  Oct.  18,  1829. 

1127*    Hannah  Stone,"  b.  Aug.  28,  1834. 

1128*    Fanny  Stone,"  b.  Jan.  2,  1837. 

1129*    Charles  Carrol,"  b.  May  9,  1841;  d.  unm.  Aug.  27,  1863. 

He  was  a  man  of  strong  sense  and  will,  and  one  who  had 
made  his  own  fortune.  During  a  long  life  he  had  commanded 
the  universal  respect,  and  he  enjoyed  the  friendship,  of  a 
wide  circle,  and  his  advice  in  business  matters  was  sought  by 
many.      While  quite  young  he  entered  the  store  of  Henry 


Frothingham,  hardware  dealer,  as  a  clerk,  and  about  1822,  he 
established  himself  in  the  same  business,  in  Newburyport, 
and  remained  in  trade  for  about  fifteen  years,  and  early  iu 
his  career  became  interested  in  foreign  freighting,  which  he 
carried  on  with  the  late  Edmund  Swett,  and  after  retirement 
from  the  hardware  business,  he  became  part  owner  in  a  good 
many  ships,  trading  to  foreign  ports.  Mr.  Balch  also  became 
interested  in  cotton  manufacture,  and  was  one  of  the  first  to 
introduce  it  in  Newburyport.  He  had  an  interest  in  the 
Bartlett  and  Ocean  Mills,  and  was  for  many  years  a  director 
of  the  James,  now  the  Victoria  mill.  He  was  also  for  a  num- 
ber of  years  a  director  of  the  Merchants  Bank,  a  director  of 
the  Newburyport  Mutual  Fire  Insurance  Company,  and  Vice 
President  of  the  Institute  for  Savings,  which  latter  place  he 
resigned  about  a  year  before  his  death,  on  account  of  age  and 
increasing  infirmities.  He  was  a  noted  accountant  and  kept 
his  own  accounts  by  double  entry.  For  more  than  half  a 
century  he  was  one  of  the  active  supporters  of  the  First  Re- 
ligious Society,  in  Newburyport,  filling  many  of  its  offices, 
and  more  than  sixty  years  ago  was  organist  of  the  church. 
Mr.  Balch  had  a  strong  constitution,  having  never  required 
the  advice  of  a  physician  until  he  was  taken  with  pneumonia 
a  week  before  his  death,  though  he  had  been  gradually  fail- 
ing in  strength  for  several  years.  He  retained  his  faculties 
wonderfully  until  the  last. 

525.  John  Theodoric,'  son  of  257  DanieP  and  Martha 
[Tarbox]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  October  13, 1799, 
and  was  christened  John  Tarbox.  He  died  February  24, 1847. 
He  was  considered  quite  a  wit,  and  a  star  in  society  in  his 
youth.  He  married  Elizabeth  Jones,  daughter  of  George 
Thacher,  of  Biddeford,  Me.  Her  father  was  a  member  of 
Congress  from  Massachusetts  from  April,  1789  to  March,  1801, 
and  at  the  time  of  his  death  was  judge  of  the  Supreme  Judicial 
Court  of  Massachusetts.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Jones  [Thacher] 
Balch  was  a  very  superior  woman.     They  had  five  children. 

1130*    Gbokge  THACHEE,6b.  Oct.  2,  1828,  at  Biddefoid,  Me.;  d.  April 
15,  1894. 


1131*  Theodobic  Augustus,*  b.  Jan.  16,  1832,  at  New  York  city. 

1132*  Daniel  Webster,*  b.  Xov.  14, 1834,  at  New  York  city. 

1133*  Elizabeth  Thacher,*  b.  Dec.  27,  1837,  at  New  York  city. 

1134*  Lauka  Otis,8  b.  Sept.  23,  1845,  at  Akron,  Ohio. 

532.  Joseph,"  son  of  261  John^  and  Eunice  [Bartlett] 
Balcli,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  December  5, 1785,  and  died 
at  Boston,  December  10, 1849.  He  was  President  of  the  Mer- 
chants Insurance  Co.,  of  Boston,  from  the  time  of  its  establish- 
ment to  the  day  of  his  death,  a  period  of  over  thirty  years. 
No  man  in  the  city  was  more  highly  respected  for  the  excel- 
lence of  his  private  character,  as  well  as  for  the  promptness 
and  iidelity  with  which  he  dispatched  the  business  of  his  office. 
In  the  knowledge  of  the  laws  of  Insurance,  and  their  adapta- 
tion to  business  he  had  no  superior.  On  the  13th  of  Decem- 
ber, 1811,  he  married  Caroline  Ann  Buckminster,  daughter  of 
Joseph  "Williams  of  Newburyport.  She  was  born  December 
19,  1789,  and  died  May  24,  1825.     They  had  six  children. 

11  35*  Caboline  Williams,*  b.  Mar.  16,  1813. 

1136  Ann  Buckminster,*  b.  Aug.  24,  1814;  unm. 

1137*  Sarah  Bartlett,*  b.  Nov.  24,  1S17 ;  d.  Sept.  9,  1854. 

1138*  Joseph  Williams,*  b.  Aug.  3,  1819;  d.  Jan.  11,  1891. 

1139  Susan  Williams,*  b.  June  23,  1821;  unm. 

1140  SoPHRONA,*  b.  Mar.  20, 1823;  d.  unm.  Feb.  16,  1883. 

Joseph  married  for  his  second  wife,  Anne  Lathrop,  daugh- 
ter of  Dr.  Nathan,  and  Sally  Noyes  of  Newburyport,  the  cere- 
mony was  performed  on  the  22d  of  January,  1827.  She  was 
born  December  21,  1801,  and  died  at  Cohasset,  Mass.,  August 
26,  1880.    Joseph  and  Anne  L.  had  five  children. 

1141  Eunice  Ann,*  b.  Jan.  30,  1831;  unm. 

1142  Mary  Noyes,*  b.  Nov.  26,  1832;  d.  Apr.,  1833. 

1143  John,*  b.  Apr.  3,  183.5:  unm. 

1144  Francis,*  b.  June  30,  1836;  d.  Sept.  11,  1836. 
1145*  Francis  Vergkies,*  b.  Feb.  3, 1839. 

533.  Eunice,"  daughter  of  261  John^  and  Eunice  [Bart- 
lett] Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  August  7,  1787.  She 
married  Enoch,  son  of  Capt.  Paul,  and  Mary  [Jewett]  Moody, 
of  Byfield  Parish,  INIass.  He  was  born  July  21, 1772,  and  died 
in  1837.  They  resided  at  Hollowell,  Me.,  and  Newburyport, 
Mass.     They  had  six  children. 

TOSEPH   Balch. 



Ann  Mehitablb,  b.  April  23,  1818,  m.  Isaac  G.  Braraan,  M.  D., 

who  married  second  1135  Caroline  Williams^. 
Eunice  Balch,  b.  July  15,  1821 ;  m.  Joseph  Williams,  of  Wilbra- 

ham,  a  school  teacher. 
SoPHKONiA  Little,  b.  April  20,  1824;  m.  Nathaniel  Dole,   her 

cousin,  a  broker,  lived  in  New  York  city,  Tonkers,  N.Y.,  and 

Newburyport,  Mass. 
John  Balch,  b.  Jan.  25,  1827;  d.  Sept.  12,  1837. 
Sakah  Balch,  b.  Aug.  2,  1828;  d.  unm.  Apr.  15,  1S45. 
John  Horace,  b.  Mar.  7,  1831;  d.    Was  in  insurance  business  in 

New  York  city,  and  resided  in  Yonkers,  wliere  he  died.     He 

had  two  children.     Sophronia  Moody,  b.  1855;  Caroline  Moody, 

b.  1856. 

534.  Hannah,"  daughter  of  261  Joim^  and  Eunice  [Bart- 
lett]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  January  8, 1789.  She 
married  Ebenezer,  son  of  Nathaniel,  and  Mary  [Noj-es]  Dole, 
of  Newburyport.  Dole  was  a  merchant  at  Hollowell,  Me.,  and 
died  there  in  1847.     Hannah  was  the  mother  of  five  children. 

Ebenezee,  b.  in  1815;  d.  unm.  June  7,  1846;  graduated  at  Bruns- 
wick College,  and  Bangor  Theological  Seminary.  He  died  at 

Hannah  Balch,  b.  May  19,  1817;  died  at  Jamaica  Plain,  Mass., 

Nathaniel,  b.  May  17,  1819,  m.  his  cousin,  Sophronia  Little 
Moody.  He  was  a  stock  broker  in  New  York  city,  lived  in 
Brooklyn,  and  Yonkers,  N.  Y.,  and  Newburyport,  Mass. 

AnnB  alch,  b.  Apr.  16,  1822,  m.  Jules  Stanis  Lous  De  Lacroix,  a 
planter,  born  at  Rose  Dale,  La. 

Mabt  Balch,  b.  Oct.  16, 1824;  unm. 

535.  Sarah,'  daughter  of  261  John^  and  Eunice  [Bartlett] 
Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  December  21,  1790,  and 
died  at  Georgetown,  Mass.,  February  8,  1893.  On  March  22, 
1837,  she  was  married  to  Rev.  Isaac  Braman,  of  Georgetown, 
being  his  second  wife.  Rev.  Dr.  Braman  was  pastor  of  the 
South  church  for  a  period  of  sixty  years,  loved,  honored  and 
revered,  and  during  this  long  pastorate  he  never  received  a 
salary  exceeding  $400  per  annum.  Dr.  Braman  died  Decem- 
ber 26,  1856,  in  his  89th  year.  Mrs.  Braman  visited  New- 
buryport when  in  her  94th  year.  During  the  summer  of  her 
98th  year  she  attended  church  and  visited  among  her  neigh- 
bors.    She  retained  her  faculties  remarkably  and  was  a  most 


delightful  and  agreeable  conversationalist  and  a  very  in- 
telligent companion.  Her  memory  was  very  accurate,  and 
she  could  readily  locate  all  the  different  branches  of  her 
famQy.  She  narrated  with  great  vividness  the  scene  of  the 
great  fire  in  1811,  in  Newburyport.  She  remembered  "Lord" 
Timothy  Dexter,-  as  he  appeared  on  the  streets  with  cocked 
hat  and  cane,  and  wearing  a  blue  cloak  lined  with  a  bright 
red  material ;  of  going  to  his  funeral  and  seeing  his  dead 
"lordship"  in  his  coffin  with  his  sword  laid  upon  it,  and  many 
other  incidents  in  the  life  of  this  eccentric  man.  Mrs. 
Braman  held  a  reception  upon  her  102d  birthday  and  over 
one  hundred  persons  paid  her  their  compliments.  She  was 
cheerful  and  in  good  health.  About  two  weeks  later  when 
walking  across  the  room  she  fell,  breaking  her  right  arm  near 
the  shoulder.  This  accident  upset  her  whole  physical  econ- 
omy and  she  rapidly  failed  and  died  at  the  ripe  old  age  of  102 
years,  1  month  and  18  days.  She  never  had  any  children. 
The  funeral  services  were  conducted  by  Rev.  John  Rounds 
Smith,  pastor  of  the  Memorial  Church,  in  which  he  was 
assisted  by  several  of  her  former  pastors. 

536.  Sophronia,'  daughter  of  261  John"  and  Eunice 
[Bartlett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  February  14, 
1793,  and  died  in  that  town,  June  24,  1872.  She  was  married 
January  24, 1814,  to  Josiah,  son  of  Josiah  and  Sarah  [Tappan] 
Little,  of  Newburyport.  Little  was  born  January  13,  1791 » 
graduated  at  Bowdoin  in  1811,  was  an  extensive  land  owner 
and  engaged  in  manufacturing,  served  two  terms  in  the  State 
Senate  of  Massachusetts,  was  eminently  a  public  spirited  man, 
and  gave  largely  to  benevolent  objects.     No  issue. 

538.  Lydia  Pillsbury,"  daughter  of  261  John^  and 
Eunice  [Bartlett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburj^port,  March  1, 
1797,  and  died  October  2,  1870.  She  was  married  April  15, 
1822,  to  Jeremiah  Pearson,  son  of  Sewell,  and  Lydia  [John- 
son] Tappan.  He  was  born  July  6,  1795,  and  died  April  7, 
1869.  He  was  President  of  the  Marine  Insurance  Co.,  New 
York  city.  They  resided  at  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  and  had  seven 

Mrs.  Sarah   (   Braman. 


John  Sewell,  b.  June  28,  1823,   marine  ins.  underwriter,    m. 

Susan,  daughter  of  Charles  W.  Storey,  of  Newburyport,  June 

2,  1847.    No  issue. 
Sakah  Elizabeth,  twin  to  John  S.,  m.  Robert  Dodge  Merrill, 

United  States  Consul  to  Australia.    No  issue. 
Lydia  Balch,  d.  y. 
Ltdia  Balch,  b.  Jan.  7, 1829,  m.  Reuben  Laugdon,  of  N.Y.  city, 

had  two  children,  both  died  young. 
Maey  Nelson,  b.  June  14,  1831,  m.   John  Wheelwright.    No 

Jeremiah  Nelson,  b.  in  1833,  d.  Sept.  5,  1884,  m.  Mary  Pearson 

Spencer;  three  children.    Was  a  commission  merchant  in  N. 

Y.  city,  and  held  the  important  office  of  City  Chamberlain. 
Frances  Rollins,  b.  Jan.  3,  1838,  m.  Stephen  H.  Tyng,  Jr. ;  two 


540.  Mary ,7  daughter  of  261  JohnS  and  Eunice  [Bartlett] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  April  17,  1800.  She  was 
married  in  April,  1831,  to  Hon.  Jeremiah  Nelson  of  Rowley, 
Mass.  He  was  born  September  18, 1768,  and  died  October  2, 
1838.  He  graduated  at  Dartmouth  College  in  1790,  and  was  a 
merchant  at  Newburyport,  and  a  member  of  Congress  for  many 
years.  They  had  four  children.  Mary  Balch,  b.  May  29, 
1832 ;  Elizabeth  Meyhill,  b.  Feb.  8,  1834  ;  d.  unm.  June  14 
1851 ;  Jeremiah,  b.  June  2,  1836  ;  John,  b.  Jan.  6,  1839. 

541.  Lucy,^  daughter  of  261  JohnS  and  Eunice  [Bartlett] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  October  11,  1801,  and  died 
July  20,  1885.  She  was  married  twice,  first  October  11,  1821, 
to  Charles,  son  of  Benjamin  French,  he  was  born  March  4,1797, 
and  died  April  4,  1825,  leaving  his  widow  with  two  children. 

Benjamin,  b.  Aug.  17,  1822;  d.  Aug.  12, 1847. 
Charles,  b.  Aug,  19,  1825;  d.  unm.,  Nov.  26,  1846. 
For  her  second  husband,  Lucy  married,  September  28, 
1835,  Ebenezer,  son  of  Dea.  Benjamin,  and  Lydia  [White] 
Hale.  He  was  born  October  4,  1774,  in  Atkinson,  N.  H., 
and  died  February  19,  1848.  They  resided  at  Newburyport, 
and  had  three  children. 

Lucy  Balch,  b.  June  9,  1830,  m.  October  29,  1855,  Benjamin, 
son  of  Benjamin,  and  Caroline  [King]  Hale.  He  was  liberal- 
ly educated,  studied  medicine  and  law,  was  a  farmer  at  New- 
bury, Vt.,  and  is  now  living  at  Newburyport,  Mass.    They 


have  had  two  children,  John  White,  b.  June  12,  1858.  Grad- 
uated from  the  Chandler  Scientific  School,  Dartmouth  Col- 
lege in  1881,  and  is  an  inventor.  He  married  Charlotte  E. 
Mace,  Nov.  10,  1892,  and  resides  in  Newburyport,  Mass.  Mary 
Alice,  b.  March  6,  1873;  d.  Aug.  8,  1873. 

Ebenezer,  b.  Dec.  9,  18.39;  d.  July  23,  1840. 

Ebenezeb  Thomas,  b.  May  9,  1842;  d.  Sept.  7,  1868. 

542.  John,'  son  of  261  John^  and  Eunice  [Bartlett] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  April  14,  1803,  and  was 
run  over  and  killed  at  Topsfield,  July  11,  1871,  while  feeding 
his  horse.  The  horse  took  fright  and  ran,  throwing  him  to 
the  ground  and  the  carriage  wheel  passed  over  his  neck. 
For  a  time  John  was  a  dealer  in  leather,  then  he  became 
agent  and  treasurer  for  the  Bartlett  steam  mills,  of  New- 
buryport, also  a  director  in  the  Ocean  Bank,  and  president  of 
the  Mutual  Insurance  Company,  of  Newburjqaort.  He  was 
married  first  to  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Sewall  and  Lydia 
[Johnson]  Tappan.  She  was  born  August  5,  1804.  By  her 
he  had  four  children. 

1146  Julia  Norris,^  b.  Aug.  17,  1825;  unm. 

1147*  Lucy  French,'  b.  Nov.  22,  1827;  d.  May  30,  1852. 

1148  JoHN,8  b.  June  30,  1S30;  d.  Oct.  15,  1835. 

1149*  Elizabeth  Tappan,'  b.  Sept.  19,  18.32. 

John  married  again  in  1834,  Miss  Laura  Amelia  Denny. 
She  was  born  September  3,  1807,  and  died  in  July,  1886.  By 
her  he  had  five  children. 

1150*    Isaac  Dennt,'  b.  April  18,  1835;  d.  Feb.  16,  1889. 

1151      Laura  A.  D.,'  b.  Oct.  14,  1838;  living  at  Newburyport,  unm. 

1152*    Alice  March,'  b.  Sept.  16,  1840. 

1153  John  Sewall,'  b.  March  28,  1844;  d.  at  Calcutta,  Aug.  27, 

1154*    Mary  Nelson,'  b.  July  29,  1846. 

543.  Benjamin,"  son  of  261  John^  and  Eunice  [Bart- 
lett] Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  April  16,  1805,  and 
died  September  24,  1880.  He  was  married  in  Boston,  April 
27,  1830,  to  Lydia  Elizabeth  WiUiams,  who  was  born  Decem- 
ber 20,  1809.  They  lived  in  New  York  city,  but  the  last  few 
years  of  his  life  Benjamin  passed  in  his  native  city.  Benja- 
min and  Lydia  E.  had  four  children. 

John  Balch. 

William  Savory  Balch. 


1155*  Maria  Williams,^  b.  Jan.  28,  1831. 

1156*  Fbances  Caroline,^  b.  Feb.  28,  1833. 

1157  Charles  O.,^  d.  without  issue. 

1158  Charles  Tilton,^  d.  -svithout  issue. 

Benjamin  was  engaged  in  the  insurance  business.  He  was 
a  remarkable  man,  far  seeing  and  somewhat  eccentric.  His 
eccentricity  rose  to  such  a  degree  that  his  mind  became 
somewhat  unbalanced.  He  was  considered  one  of  the  ablest 
statisticians  in  the  country.  Our  present  national  banking  law 
is  nearly  word  for  word  as  he  designed  it  and  advocated  long 
before  the  civil  war.  He  organized  the  first  life  insurance 
company  in  the  country.  The  Pacific  railroad  schemes  were 
originated  by  him  before  they  were  dreamed  of  by  others. 
For  more  than  fifty  years  he  advocated  the  Darien  ship-ca- 
nal. A  writer  said  of  him  :  "  He  was  called  insane,  but  he 
knew  more  than  any  sane  man  he  had  ever  met,  particularly 
on  the  subject  of  banking  and  insurance." 

546.  William  Savary,"  son  of  265  Samuel'  and  Betsey 
[Savary]  Balch,  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  December 
15,  1799,  and  died  at  Groveland,  January  22,  1871.  He  was 
married  June  4,  1823,  to  Mary,  daughter  of  Deacon  Daniel 
and  Sarah  [Balch]  Stickney,  of  East  Bradford.  She  was  his 
second  cousin,  and  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  June  22, 
1800,  and  died  at  Groveland,  February  2, 1874.  Their  eleven 
children  were  born  at  East  Bradford,  now  Groveland,  Mass., 
in  the  old  William  Savory  house. 

1159  Agnes  E.,^  b.  Sept.  6,  1824;  d.  unm.,  Jan.  4,  1874.  She  lived 
with  her  father  at  Groveland,  where  she  died. 

1160*    William  Heman,^  b.  Aug.  17,  1826;  d.  Sept.  19,  1886. 

1161      Sarah  S.,*  b.  July  7,  1828;  d.  Sept.  27,  1830. 

illl      !.l^rs?/h->-.^-Oct.3,   1830;d.y. 

1164*    Daniel  Stickney,^  b.  Dec.  11,  1831. 

1165  George  Hknrt,^  b.  Feb.  16,  1838.    Is  a  deaf  mute,  and  lives 

on  the  old  homestead  in  Groveland. 

1166  Sarah  Helen,^  b.   July  20,   1835;  unm.,   lives  with  George 

1167*    John  Kibby  Pbrry,^  b.  Feb.  17,  1837. 
1168      Edward  Payson,^  b.  July  18,  1840;  was  a  deaf  mute,  and  was 

drowned  in  a  tan  vat  in  his  father's  yard. 


1169  Louis,'  b.  June  19,  1843;  d.  unm.,  Oct.  10,  1880;  was  a  farmer, 
and  lived  upon  the  old  homestead  in  Groveland. 

William  Savary  resided  at  Groveland  [East  Bradford] 
upon  the  estate  of  his  maternal  grandfather  William  Savo- 
ry. He  was  a  member  of  the  State  Legislature  for  several 
terms,  and  filled  many  public  offices  of  the  town  and  parish. 
His  business  was  that  of  a  tanner  and  dealer  in  boots  and 
shoes.     He  was  generally  called  captain. 

548.  Mary  Elizabeth,"  daughter  of  265  Samuel^  and 
Hannah  [Widden]  Balch,  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  N.  H., 
June  1,  1804,  and  died  at  Woburn,  Mass.,  December  12, 1851. 
She  married  first,  June  27,  1822,  Charles,  son  of  Samuel  and 
Ann  [Andrews]  Wyman,  of  Woburn.  Their  six  children 
were  all  born  at  Woburn. 

Chaeles  Henry,  b.        ;  d.  y. 

Fbancks,  b.  Feb.  19,  1825;  m.  Charles  Thwing,  a  farmer  at  West 

Boxford,  Mass. 
Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  May  1, 1827;  m.  Sept.  8,  1853,  Levi  H.  Rood 
of  La  Salle  county.  111.    He  was  born  at  Litchfield,  Ct,  Jan. 
15,  1803,  and  died  at  La  Salle,  III.,  June  17,  1875. 
Anna,  b.  June  15,  1829;  m.  Aug.  31,  1851,  Claud  B.  King.     He 

was  born  May  25,  1825.  They  had  ten  children. 
Charles  and  Charles  Henry,  twins,  b.  ;  d.  y. 
Mary  Elizabeth''  married  for  her  second  husband,  Moses 
Morrill,  of  Woburn.  He  was  born  at  Canaan,  Vt.,  April  15, 
1812,  and  died  at  Peabody,  Mass.,  Jan.  3,  1857.  By  occupa- 
tion he  was  a  tanner  and  cui-rier.  The  issue  of  this  marriage 
was  three  children. 

Edwin,  b.  March  8,  1840;  was  killed  at  battle  of  Sabine  Cross 

Roads,  La.,  April  8,  1864. 
Julia,  b.  Feb.  20,  1842;  m.  Loren  Augustus  Perkins,  of  Prairie 

du  Sac,  Wis.,  March  18,  1860.    They  have  three  children. 
Martie,  b.  July  3,  18.50;  is  living  with  sister  Julia  in  Wisconsin. 

549.  Mehitable  Melcher,^  daughter  of  265  Samuel® 
and  Hannah  [Widden]  Balch,  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  N. 
H.,  August  10,  1806,  and  died  at  the  same  town,  August  20, 
1873.  She  married  about  1824,  Samuel  Gate,  son  of  George 
and  Mary  [Cate]  Hodgdon.  He  M^as  a  farmer.  They  resided 
at  Portsmouth  until  after  the  birth  of  their  three  eldest  chil- 


dren,  when  they  removed  to  Georgetown,   Mass.  where  the 
other  four  were  born.     Then  they  returned  to  Portsmouth. 

George  William,  b.  in  1820;  ra.  Ann  Leach,  of  Kittery,  Me. 

She  d.  at  Groveland.     They  had  ten  children. 
Nathaniel  Balch,  b.  ;  d.  at  Oak  Alia,  HI.,  Dec.  14,  1857; 

m.  Feb.  27,  1851,  Lucindia  Parley,  daughter  of  Samuel  and 
Letice  [Sanborn]  Verrill,  of  Minot,  Me.  She  was  born  at 
Minot,  Aug.  1,  1821.  They  resided  at  Oak  Alia,  Iroquois 
county.  111.,  and  had  two  children,  Nellie  May,  b.  Dec.  31, 
18.56;  Frank  Edward,  b.  May  1,  1858;  d.  June  28,  1866.  Na- 
thaniel's widow  m.  for  her  second  husband  5.54  Samuel'. 
Alfred,   b.  ;    m.  Emily  Libby.    They  resided  at  Valley 

Springs,  Dakota.    Three  children. 
Harriet  Lavina,  b.  ;   d.  in  Canada;  m.  Charles  Adams. 

Three  children. 
Sarah,  b.   in  1838;  d.  at  Portsmouth,  June  14,  1860;  m.  first, 
John  Neal,  of  Portsmouth;  m.   second,   Charles  Farrell,  of 
Portsmouth.     One  child. 
Haelan  Page,  b.  ;    m.   Miss  Pickering,   of  Portsmouth. 

Two  children. 
Henry,  b.  ;  d.  aged  four  years. 

550.  Nathaniel,"  son  of  265  Samuel®  and  Hannah 
[Widden]  Balch,  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  September 
9,  1808,  and  died  in  that  town,  June  3,  1876.  He  was  mar- 
ried April  8, 1835,  to  Elizabeth  M.,  daughter  of  Mihil  Tucker, 
of  Portsmouth.  She  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  May  9,  1812. 
Their  four  children  were  all  born  at  Portsmouth. 
1170      William  Wallace,^  b.  March  30,  1839;  d.  July  21,  1858,  at 

sea,  on  a  voyage  from  New  Orleans  to  Liverpool,  Eng. 
1171*    Edward  H.,8  b.  Dec.  24,  1840. 

1172  George  T.,8  b.  Feb.  20,  1846;  d.  unm.  March  1,  1869. 
1173*  Martha  Ellen,*  b.  March  30,  1851. 
552.  Eunice  Jane,"  daughter  of  265  SamueP  and  Abi- 
gail [Bartlett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  N.H.,  August 
23,  1822,  and  died  at  Cohasset,  Mass.,  September  12,  1860. 
She  married  Squire  L.,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Martha  [Bart- 
lett] Gove,  of  Deering,  N.  H.  They  had  one  son,  George 
Gove,  b.  Aug.  19,  1857 ;  d.  Feb.  23,  1858. 

554.  Samuel,"  son  of  265  Samuel®  and  Abigail  [Bartlett] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  September  28,  1825 ; 
died   December  4,   1893,   and  was   buried   on   the  7th,    at 


Groveland.  He  was  a  carpenter,  and  lived  at  Groveland, 
Mass.  Deacon  Balcli  was  one  of  the  best  of  men,  upright, 
honorable,  and  sympathetic.  He  was  quiet  and  unassuming, 
but  firm  as  a  rock  for  the  right.  To  him  conviction  was  duty, 
and  he  never  faltered  in  doing  what  his  hands  found  to  do. 
He  was  a  member  of  the  Congregational  Church,  and  for 
many  years  was  one  of  its  most  respected  deacons.  He  was 
married  first,  October  13,  1855,  to  Miss  Hannah  Holton, 
daughter  of  Thomas  and  Deborah  [Perley]  Savary,  of  East 
Bradford.  She  was  born  March  26,  1825,  and  died  at  Grove- 
land, November  24,  1860.     No  children. 

Samuel  married  second,  September  24,  1861,  Lucindia  Per- 
ley, widow  of  Nathaniel  Balch  Hodgdon,  liis  nephew.  No 

Eighth  Generation. 


Descendants  of  5  Samuel.' 

555.  Joseph,*  son  of  277  SamueF  and  Mercy  [Atwood] 
Balch,  was  born  in  tlie  town  of  Shoreham,  Vt.,  and  died  at 
Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  about  1828.  He  married  Miss  Betsey 
Shrove  by  whom  he  had  three  sons,  all  of  whom  were  born 
at  Frankfort,  N.  Y. 

1 174*    Christopheh  S.,8  b.  Aug.  10,  1821 ;  d.  Oct.  22,  1861. 
1175*    John  Hbnby.^  b.  Apr.  26,  1825;  d.  May  30,  1869. 
H76*    Ebknezeb  Atwood,^  b.  Mar.  26,  1827;  d.  Jan.  16,  1892. 

556.  John,*  son  of  277  SamueF  and  Mercy  [Atwood] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  October  29, 1798,  and  died  at 
Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  August  4,  1847.  He  was  married  January 
1,  1825,  to  Margaret,  daughter  of  Joseph  and  Catherine  Had- 
cock.  She  was  born  at  Deerfield,  N.  Y.,  December  15,  1806, 
and  died  at  Utica,  N.  Y.,  May  18,  1887.  John  was  a  farmer 
and  lived  in  the  town  of  Frankfort.  His  nine  children  were 
born  in  that  town. 

1177      Calista  A.,»  b.  Jan.  13,  1826;  d.  Oct.  17,  1882. 

1178*    Joseph,^  b.  Dec.  3,  1828. 

1179*    Andrew  J.,^  b.  Feb.  17, 1831;  d.  Dec.  30,  1889. 

1180  William  W.,s  b.  July  21,  1833;  d.  May  24,  1887. 

1181  Amelia  S.,«  b.  Nov.  18,  1835;  d.  Mar.  26,  1890. 
1182*    Marcus  D.,^  b.  Aug.  5,  1838. 

1183      Esther  Mieanda,^  b.  Apr.  1,  1840;  d.  Feb.  1,  1859. 
1184*    KosELLE,^  b.  Mar.  3,  1844. 
1185      Eugknie,s  b.  Feb.  13,  1847. 

557.  Delia,*  daughter  of  277  Samuel"  and  Mercy  [At- 
wood]   Balch,  was  born  in  1800,  and  died  at  Utica,  N.  Y. 



She  married   Joseph   Tame   and  had   three  sons  and   four 

558.  Ebenezer,^  son  of  277  Samuel'  and  Mercy  [At- 
wood]  Balch  was  born  about  1802  and  died  about  1868.  He 
married,  but  had  no  children. 

559.  Adaline,^  daughter  of  277  Samuel"  and  Mercy  [At- 
wood]  Balch,  was  born  April  15,  1804.  She  married  a 
Mr.  Houghton,  and  had  sons  and  daughters,  some  of  whom 
lived  in  Kenosha,  Wis. 

560.  Olive,^  daughter  of  277  Samuel"  and  Mercy  [At- 
wood]  Balch,  was  born  March  2, 1806,  and  died  about  1876. 
She  married  Joseph  Brown,  her  sister  Abigail's  widower. 
No  issue. 

561.  Abigail,*  daughter  of  277  Samuel"  and  Mercy  [At- 
wood]  Balch,  was  born  at  Guilford,  Vermont,  January  4, 
1791,  and  died  January  8,  1853.  She  married,  March  13, 
1815,  Joseph  Brown,  and  had  several  childi-en,  one  of  whom, 
Mercy,  married  a  Mr.  Smith,  and  lived  at  Rodman,  Jefferson 
Co.,  N.  Y. 

562.  Mercy ,8  daughter  of  277  Samuel'  and  Mercy  [At 
wood]  Balch,  was  born  March  2,  1812.  She  married  twice 
but  had  no  children.  Her  last  husband  was  a  Mr.  Johnson. 
She  was  living  in  Somers,  Wis.,  in  1891. 

564.  Oliarlotte.s  daugliter  of  278  Josiah^  and  Sarah 
[Kimball]  Balch,  was  born  December  27,  1798.  The  date  of 
her  death  is  not  known.  She  married  James  Greely.  They 
lived  at  Lyndon,  Vt.,  and  had  two  children.  James,  m.,  lived 
at  West  Dedham,  Mass.,  where  he  died  leaving  a  widow  and 
four  children.  Charlotte,  m.  George  Bennett.  They  live  at 
St.  Johnsbury  Center,  Vt. 

566.  Sarah.s  daughter  of  278  Josiah"  and  Mercy  [Sterns] 
Balch,  was  born  March  11,  1808,  and  died  November  23, 
1834.  She  married  Erastus  Graves  and  lived  at  Lyndonville, 
Vt.  Graves  was  born  February  8,  1808,  and  died  August  4, 
1888.     They  had  two  daughters,  both   living  unmarried  at 


Lyndonville,  Vt.   Susan  M.  Graves,  b.  Dec.  24, 1832  ;  Rosaline 
Graves,  b.  Jan.  1,  1834. 

567.  Philander/  son  of  278  Josiah'  and  Mercy  [Sterns] 
Balch  was  born  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  May  21, 1812,  and  died 
May  30,  1885.  He  was  married  September  24,  1838,  to  Jane 
A.  Robinson,  and  had  five  children.  They  lived  at  Charles- 
town,  Vt. 

1186  MABiuM.'b. 

1187  MAETHA,9b. 

1188  Frkdekick,^  b. 

1189  MEBCT,3b.    ;  d. 
1190*  EMMAM.,»b. 

569.  Leonard,^  son  of  278  Josiah'  and  Mercy  [Sterns] 
Balch,  was  born  December  3,  1816,  and  died  at  Baton  Rouge, 
La.  He  enlisted  in  the  8th  Vermont  Infantry  Volunteers, 
and  died  while  in  the  service.  He  married  Betsey,  daughter 
of  Samuel  and  Phebe  Smith.  She  was  born  at  Lyndon,  Vt., 
December  22,  1816 ;  and  died  May  3,  1893.  To  them  were 
born  four  childi'en  at  Lyndon,  Vt. 

1191  Chables  N.,"  b.  Mar.  5,  1844;  d.  May  31,  1865. 

1192  Adeline,^  b.  Nov.  24,  1847. 
1 193*    RoMANzo,"  b.  June  14,  1852. 

1194      William,"  b.  Mar.  19, 1860;  d.  Mar.  9, 1872. 

570.  Mary  Wilson.^  daughter  of  281  Nathaniel'  and 
Sally  [Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  August  31, 
1806,  and  died  December  15,  1875.  She  was  married  to  Jon- 
athan Towne  of  Rockingham,  Vt.,  February  25, 1835,  the  cer- 
emony was  performed  by  Chester  W.  Levings,  a  minister  of 
the  gospel. 

571.  Nathaniel  Aldrich,^  son  of  281  Nathaniel"  and 
Sally  [Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt. ,  January  22, 
1808,  and  died  at  Kalamazoo,  Feb.  1,  1894.  Hon.  Nathaniel 
A.  Balch  was  endowed  with  a  wonderful  memory.  When 
17  he  began  life  as  a  teacher.  He  graduated  from  Middle- 
bury  College  with  high  honors  in  1835.  He  was  principal  of 
Bennington  Academy  for  two  years,  and  during  his  spare  time 
read  law  in  the  ofiSce  of  Gov.  John  S.  Robinson.     In  1837,  he 


moved  to  Kalamazoo,  Mich.,  and  became  principal  of  the  Huron 
Institute,  now  known  as  the  Baptist  College.  He  was  admitted 
to  the  bar  of  the  state  of  Michigan  in  1840,  and  in  1842  was 
elected  prosecuting  attorney  for  Kalamazoo  Co.,  and  the  same 
year  was  appointed  by  the  circuit  Judge  to  the  same  office 
in  Barry  Co.  He  filled  the  office  of  president  of  the  Kala- 
mazoo Bar  Association  with  credit  and  honor  for  more  than 
thirt}^  years.  He  was  licensed  to  practice  before  the  Supreme 
Court  of  the  United  States.  In  1847  he  was  elected  to  the 
State  Senate  for  two  years,  where  he  exhibited  great  diligence 
and  caution.  He  was  postmaster  under  Buchanan's  adminis- 
tration for  four  years.  He  was  engaged  in  over  twenty  mur- 
der trials  some  of  which  had  national  notoriety.  Eminently 
patriotic  he  has  contributed  to  public  and  philanthropic  enter- 
prises liberally.  He  was  a  professed  Christian  in  the  Presby- 
terian church,  a  devout  Bible  student,  an  instructive  Sabbath 
School  teacher,  and  an  earnest  friend  of  the  temperance  cause 
and  every  other  moral  reform.  He  married  first,  Sarah  M., 
daughter  of  Rev.  Walter  and  Hannah  [Mosher]  Chapin.  She 
was  born  at  Woodstock,  Vt.,  May  14,  1817,  and  died  at  Kala- 
mazoo, Mich.,  April  12, 1848.  She  was  an  accomplished  lady 
and  a  profound  scholar.  Nathaniel  A.  and  Sarah  M.  had  three 
children  all  born  at  Kalamazoo. 

1195'»    H.  Anna,'  b.  July  12,  1840. 

1196«    Walteb  0.,»  b.  Apr.  9,  1843;  d.  Dec.  22,  1876. 

1197  S.  Eliza,»  b.  Oct.  12,  1845;  d.  Nov.  2,  1848. 

In  1849,  Nathaniel  A.  married  his  second  wife,  Miss  Eliza- 
beth E.  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Eliza  [Boyd]  Dungan,  o£ 
Philadelphia,  Pa.  She  was  born  at  Philadelphia  in  1825,  and 
died  at  Kalamazoo,  January  8,  1880.  She  was  a  highly 
accomplished  lady,  knew  the  French  and  Spanish  languages, 
was  a  remarkable  conversationalist,  a  fine  student  of  his- 
tory, and  possessed  an  extensive  knowledge  of  great  men, 
both  living  and  dead.     They  had  two  children. 

1198  William  Sidney,"  b.  Aug.  22,  1850;  d.  Oct.  15,  1850. 

1199  Gebtkude  E.,»  b.  June  11,  1852;  d.  June  25,  18(51. 


The  home  of  Nathaniel  A.  Balch  was  proverbial  for  the 
hospitality  there  extended.  His  mind  was  remarkably  active 
nearly  to  the  last. 

572.  Sarah  Ohamberlain.s  daughter  of  281  NathanieF 
and  Sally  [Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  January 
15,  1810,  and  died  at  the  same  town  November  26,1841.  She 
was  married  to  the  Rev.  Hubbard  Eastman,  a  Methodist  min- 
ister, March  16,  1836.  He  was  a  son  of  John  and  Elizabeth 
Eastman,  and  was  born  at  Grafton,  Vt.,  January  22,  1809. 
They  had  but  one  child.  Sarah  L.  Eastman,  b.  at  Athens, 
April  9,  1838.  She  married  first  Edward,  son  of  William  and 
Hannah  Gorton,  May  23,  1862.  He  was  born  in  the  state  of 
N.Y.Aug.  4,1832,  and  died  at  Pepin,  Wis.,  April  12,  1874. 
They  had  four  children.  Lottie  E.,  b.  July  20, 1866,  at  Kala- 
mazoo, Mich. ;  HughH.,  b.  May  14,  1870,  at  Pepin,  Wis.,  d. 
Aug.  16,  1870  ;  David  E.,  b.  June  10,  1871,  at  Pepin,  Wis.  ; 
Nellie  A.,  b.  May  25,  1874,  at  Pepin,  Wis. 

The  widow  Gorton  married  for  her  second  husband,  Oliver 
P.  Carruth,  January  31, 1880.  He  was  born  Sept.  8,  1828,  at 
Lorraine,  N.  Y.     No  issue. 

573.  Drexa  Webb.^  daughter  of  281  NathanieF  and  Sally 
[Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  December  25, 1811, 
and  died  at  St.  Charles,  Ills.,  June  18,  1887.  She  was  buried 
in  the  North  Cemetery  at  St.  Charles.  On  April  13,  1837,  she 
was  married  to  Charles  Haile,  son  of  Amos  and  Nancy  [Skin- 
ner] Haile.  He  was  born  at  Acton,  Vt.,  November  26,  1808. 
Haile  was  a  farmer,  and  they  lived  at  Brookline,  Vt.,  until  after 
the  birth  of  their  three  eldest  children,  when  they  removed  to 
St.  Charles,  Ills.,  where  they  had  two  more  children.  Charles 
Walter,  b.  May  13, 1838,  d.  Nov.  21,  1844 ;  James  Omar,  b. 
Nov.  20,1839,  d.  March  26, 1863,  at  Vicksburg,  Miss.  A  soldier 
in  the  Union  arm}',  and  one  of  Gen.  Steele's  body  guard. 
Nathaniel  Amos,  b.  March  8, 1842.  A  member  of  the  27th  Ills. 
Vols,  served  through  the  war,  now  living  at  Maple  Park,  Ills. 
Occupation  a  miller.  Sarah  D.,  b.  June  19,1845,  d.  Oct.  9,1883, 
m.  a  Mr.  Daly.     Harriet  L.,  b.  Sept.  29, 1847,  m.  a  Mr,  Wright. 

This  famil}'  are  Baptists,  and  Republicans  in  politics. 


574.  Samuel  Raymond,*  son  of  281  Nathaniel'  and 
Sally  [Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  March  22, 
1814,  and  died  at  El  Dorado,  Kansas,  Aug.  2,  1890.  He  was 
married  May  12,  1853,  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich.,  to  Elizabeth 
Kendell,  daughter  of  Albert  and  Betsey  [Kendell]  Woods- 
She  was  born  at  Windsor,  Vt.,  April  6,  1826,  and  died  at 
Kalamazoo,  Nov.  29,  1866.  Their  seven  children  were  all 
born  at  Kalamazoo. 

1200*    Herbert  Mei.vili.e,^  b.  July  13,  1854. 

1201      Sarah  Elva,'  b.  Oct.  20,  1856;  d.  July  21,  1857. 

1202*    Elmer  Adelbert,^  b.  Sept.  25,  1857. 

1203*    Laura  Alice,'  b.  Sept.  15, 1859. 

1204      Albert  Sidney,''  b.  Apr.  24,  1862. 

1205*    William  Arthitb,"  b.  Aug.  28,  1864. 

1206      Uriel  Kendell,'  b.  Oct.  17,  1866. 

Samuel  R.  was  a  farmer  and  lived  for  many  years  at  Kala- 
mazoo, he  then  removed  to  El  Dorado,  Kansas.  He  was  mar- 
ried a  second  time  at  Michowaka,  Mich.,  to  Mrs.  Sarah  B. 
Fiuley,  no  issue. 

575.  Lovina  Cummins,*  daughter  of  281  Nathaniel" 
and  Sally  [Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  Decem- 
ber 30,  1815,  and  died  September,  1895.  She  married 
Samuel  C.  Easau  of  Springfield,  Mass.,  :March  27,  1842. 
They  had  two  daughters,  Mary  Lovina,  b.  Oct.,  1844,  d.  at 
Kalamazoo,  Mich.,  aged  17  years  ;  and  Alice.  Soon  after 
their  marriage  they  moved  to  St.  Chai-les,  Ills.,  where  their 
two  daughters  were  born.  They  afterwards  moved  to  Sher- 
men,  Texas. 

576.  Royal  Tyler,*  son  of  281  Nathaniel"  and  Sally 
[Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  December  17, 
1817,  and  died  at  Oshtemo,  Mich.,  September  12,  1884.  On 
July  4,  1844,  he  was  married  to  Miss  Ruthaua  Grimes, 
daughter  of  Micah  and  Abigail  [Woolly]  Davis,  at  Athens, 
Vt.,  where  she  was  born,  October  26,  1826.  She  died  at 
Oshtemo,  Mich.,  September  28,  1889.  They  had  seven 

1207*    Jane  Maria,'  b.  Sept.  18,  1845. 
1208      KuTHANA  Augusta,'  b.  Sept.  12,  1847. 


1209*    Sarah  Lokinda,'  b.  Nov.  29,  1849. 

1210»    Abbt  Adella,9  b.  July  16,  1862. 

1211*    Kotal  Curtis,^  b.  Apr.  26,  1856. 

1212*    Emma  Mat,^  b.  Aug.  21,  1858. 

1213*    Ernest  Alanson,^  b.  June  23,  1867. 

Royal  Tyler  was  born  upon  the  farm  purchased  by  his 
grandfather.  He  possessed  a  mild  disposition,  but  was 
firm  in  his  convictions  of  right,  and  labored  to  improve  the 
neighborhood  in  which  he  lived.  He  never  used  intoxicants 
or  tobacco.  He  taught  several  terms  of  school  successfully. 
In  1860  he  joined  the  M.  E.  church  at  Oshtemo,  contin- 
ued a  faithful  member  of  the  same  until  his  death,  and  for 
many  years  he  served  as  steward  and  trustee.  He  also  was 
Sunday-school  superintendent  and  class  leader.  As  a  neigh- 
bor he  was  loved  and  respected  by  all,  as  a  husband  loving 
and  true,  as  a  father  he  was  kind  and  indulgent,  no  pains 
were  spared  nor  labor  unexpended  if  his  family  could  be 
benefited  thereby.  He  gave  all  his  children  the  privilege  of 
a  liberal  education,  often  saying,  "  An  education  is  something 
that  no  one  can  take  from  you."  He  moved  to  Michigan  in 
1850,  and  purchased  a  farm  near  Kalamazoo,  in  which  vicinity 
he  lived  until  his  death. 

577.  Sybil  Maynard,^  daughter  of  281  NathanieF  and 
Sally  [Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  November 
22,  1819,  died  March  31,  1891,  at  St.  Charles,  111.  She  was 
married  January  20,  1846,  to  Harlow,  son  of  Gustavus  A.  and 
Pamela  [McArthur]  Hooker.  He  was  born  at  St.  Andrews, 
Prov.  of  Quebec,  April  11,  1818.  His  mother,  Pamela  Mc- 
Arthur, was  the  daughter  of  Peter  McArthur,  a  brother  of 
Charles  McArthur,  father  of  Mrs.  Mary  Balch,  wife  of  309 
Alvah  Burchard  Balch.  Hooker  follows  the  occupation  of 
farming,  and  both  he  and  his  wife  were  members  of  the  M.  E. 
church.  Their  children  were  born  in  St.  Charles.  Adelbert 
Harlow,  b.  Oct.  4, 1847,  d.  Apr.  10, 1892.  Adolphus  Nathan- 
iel, b.  Feb.  22,  1849.  Ceton  Icilious,  b.  May  7,  1858.  Em- 
marilla  Augusta,  b.  Nov.  23,  1854.  Lydia  Annette,  b.  Aug. 
21,  1857. 


578.  Amaziah  Robinson  .^  son  of  281  Nathaniel"  and 
Sally  [Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  December 
18,  1821,  and  died  at  Wayland,  Mich.,  May  29,  1872.  He 
was  married  first  in  1846,  to  Abby,  daughter  of  Micah  and 
Abigail  [Woolley]  Davis,  of  Athens,  Vt.  She  died  June  7, 
1851,  leaving  one  son. 

1214*    Dorr  Micah,5i  b.  Jan.  11, 1848,  at  Athens,  Vt. 

In  1861  Amaziah  married  his  second  wife,  Miss  Mary 
Williams,  formerly  of  Canada.  The  issue  of  this  marriage 
was  five  children. 

1215  Edgar  Douglass.^  b.   ;  d.  y. 

1216  Cora  Bella,''  b. 

1217*    Nathaniel  Amaziah, »  b.  Feb.  18,  1866. 

1218      James  Bied,^  b. 

1219*    Maky  Elizabeth,"  b.  Jan.  9,  1872. 

579.  Arad  Ohickering,^  son  of  281  Nathaniel"  and  Sally 
[Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  November  30,. 
1823.  He  was  married  April  20,  1853,  to  Elizabeth  0., 
daughter  of  Daniel  and  Hannah  [Pool]  Emerson.  She  was 
born  February  18,  1829,  at  Plainfield,  N.  H.  To  them  have  . 
been  born  nine  children. 

1220*  Emerson  B.,^  b.  Mar.  26,  1854. 

1221*  Frank  C.,«  b.  Oct.  4,  1855. 

1222  Sallie  0.,o  b.  Oct.  12,  185T;  d.  Jan.  4,  1861. 

1223  Daniel  W.,"  b.  Oct.  17,  1859;  d.  Jan.  3,  1861. 

1224  Lucy  J.,'  b.  July  18,  1861;  d.  Feb.  6,  1864. 

1225  Grace  E.,^  b.  June  11,  1865;  d.  Dec.  3,  1871. 

1226  Guy  F.,'  b.  Oct.  31,  1866;  d.  Dec.  1,  1871. 
1227*  Glenn  E.,"  b.  May  11,  1869. 

1228*    Ralph,''  b.  July  31,  1873. 

Arad  C.  was  postmaster  at  Dowagiac,  Cass  Co.,  Mich,  for 
the  two  years  of  1848-9,  he  has  been  Marshal,  and  for  several 
years  justice  of  the  peace  for  Kalamazoo  Co.  He  served  in 
the  Civil  War  as  Captain  of  Co.  "G"  Thirteenth  Regt. 
Mich.  Vols.  He  was  commissioned  October  3,  1861,  and 
resigned  January  20,  1863.  He  was  in  command  of  his 
company  at  the  battles  of  Shiloh,  Stevenson,  Perryville  and 


Arad  C.  is  now  engaged  in  farming,  apiculture,  and  stock- 
raising  at  Kalamazoo. 

580.  Confucius  Icilious,^  son  of  281  NathanieF  and 
Sally  [Bennett]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  March  26, 
1826.  On  April  10,  1852,  he  was  married  to  Caroline  A., 
daughter  of  Daniel  and  Emily  [Loomis]  Ryther.  She  was 
born  at  Canton,  N.  Y.,  March  28,  1833.  Their  five  eldest 
children  were  born  at  St.  Charles,  Ills.,  the  two  youngest  at 

1229*    Emily  A.,'  b.  Mar.  1, 1855. 

1230      Sarah  A.,^  b.  Aug.  20,  1856;  d.  Nov.  21,  1859. 

1231*    Claba  0.,»  b.  Mar.  27,  1858. 

1232*    Herbert  B.,^  b.  Dec.  1,  1860. 

1233*    George  K.^  b.  June  20,  1862. 

1234*    Louis  N.,'  b.  Apr.  28,  186.5. 

1235  Charles  N.,'  b.  April  6,  1867;  unra.  a  book-keeper  at  Chicago. 
Confucius  I.  is  a  builder  by  trade,  but  is  now  engaged  in 

farming  and  livery  at  Kalamazoo.  He  raises  fine  horses  on  liis 

583.  Ooben.s  son  of  283  Cohen''  and  Patty  [Patch]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Guilford,  Vt.,  May  2,  1807,  and  died  at  Grand 
Rapids,  Mich.,  February  2, 1863.  He  was  a  farmer  and  lived 
at  Irving,  Mich.  In  February,  1832,  he  married  Amanda  E., 
daughter  of  Jonathan  and  Polly  Houghton.  She  was  born 
November  1,  1811,  and  died  November  8,  1863.  They  had 
eight  children. 

1236  CoBEN,9  b.  Sept.  17,  1832;  d.  Sept.  19,  1832. 
1237*    Martha  P.,'  b.  Feb.  10,  1834. 

1238*  Mary  E.,^  b.  Nov.  7,  1837. 

1239*  Sarah  A.,«  b.  Mar.  29,  1840;  d.  Sept.  SO,  1869. 

1240  Herman  P.,'  b.  Nov.  3,  1842;  d.  y. 

1241  Waitstkllb  B.,"  b.  Oct.  24,  1845;  d.  y. 

1242  JoHN,»b.  May  18,  1848;  d.  y. 

1243  Eugene  H.,«  b.  March  8,  1850;  d.  Feb.  25,  1852. 

Coben  was  an  extensive  dealer  in  cattle,  and  often  went  to 
Grand  Rapids  on  business.  On  the  first  day  of  February,  1863, 
he  stopped  at  a  hotel  in  that  town  for  dinner,  it  was  not  a  house 
at  which  he  had  ever  stopped  before,  the  beef  put  upon  the 


table  was  exceedingly  tough,  and  he  remarked  that  it  was  some 
of  an  old  steer  he  used  to  have  in  his  breaking  team.  The 
landlord  hearing  the  remark  was  infuriated,  and  coming  to 
Cohen's  back  attacked  him,  and  before  Cohen  could  help  him- 
self had  him  upon  the  floor,  and  was  jumping  upon  him.  The 
man  was  taken  off,  and  Cohen  was  removed  to  another  hotel. 
Inflammation  set  in  and  on  the  following  day  he  died.  The 
landlord  was  tried  and  sentenced  to  prison  for  life.  Coben  was 
a  strong  man  and  well  able  to  have  protected  himself  had  he 
had  a  chance. 

584.  Barnabas  Dodge,^  son  of  283  Coben'  and  Patty 
[Patch]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  May  9, 1809,  and  died 
November  30,  1872.  He  was  married  first  to  Phebe  Brown  of 
Barton,  Vt.,  she  died  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich.  She  was  of  Quaker 
descent  from  Providence,  R.  I.     No  issue. 

He  married  a  second  time  November  7,  1847,  Miss  Adeline 
Ketchum.  She  was  born  at  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  January  1,  1823. 
They  had  thi-ee  children,  now  living  at  Kalamazoo. 

1244      Phebe  Eliza,'  b.  Dec.  3, 1848. 

1245*    Mabia  E.,3b.  Feb.  1,  1851. 

1246      Henry  Dodge,'  b.  Dec.  3,  1856. 

588.  Sarah  Marion.s  daughter  of  283  Coben^  and  Patty 
[Patch]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  March  26,  1817,  and 
died  at  Kalamazoo,  July  8,  1891.  She  married  Henry  Bishop 
and  had  four  children,  three  of  them  died  in  infancy.  Lucius 
Bishop,  b.  April  2,  1818,  m.  and  has  two  children,  Charles 
and  Henry. 

590.  Luther  Ohiokering.s  son  of  283  Coben"  and  Patty 
[Patch]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt.,  February  1,  1826, 
and  died  May  7,  1883.  He  was  married  to  Sarah  A.  Pointer, 
who  was  born  September  12,  1828,  and  is  now  living  at  Kala- 
mazoo.    The  issue  of  this  marriage  was  two  children. 

1247*    Floeenck  Gertrude,'  b.  Nov.  28,  3851. 

1248*    Charles  L.,»  b.  Jan.  14,  1855. 

592.  Frederick,^  only  son  of  285  Samuel"  and  Eunice 
[Moses]  Balch,   was  born   at  Salem,    Mass.,    September    8, 


1817,  and  died  March  15,  1896.  He  had  a  beautiful  home  at 
West  Somerville,  and  was  a  carpenter,  doing  business  at  Bos- 
ton. He  was  a  prohibitionist  in  politics,  and  an  earnest 
Christian.  In  1845,  he  was  married  to  Hannah  J.,  daughter 
of  Cushman  and  Tabitha  Perry,  who  was  born  at  Charlestown, 
Mass.,  Nov.  8,  1817.     They  had  five  children  born  in  Boston. 

1249*    James  F.,^  b.  Nov.  12,  1847;  d.  June  14,  1889. 

1250*    Ltdia  A.,"  b.  Jan.  6,  1849. 

1251*    Hannah  M.,9  b.  Feb.  21, 1850;  d.  Feb.  22,  1891. 

1252  Joseph,^  b.  June  20,  1852;  d.  Mar.  13,  1854. 

1253  JosKPH,sb.  Aug.  24, 1859;  unm. 

593.  Matilda,^  daughter  of  285  SamueF  and  Eunice 
[Morse]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  Mass.,  about  1820,  and 
died  at  Boston,  April  19,  1875.  She  was  married  April  30, 
1840,  to  Joseph  Lyon,  of  Hubbardston,  Mass.  He  died  in 
November,  1869.     They  had  six  children. 

Caeoline  M.,  b.  Feb.  2,  1841,  at  Boston;  m.  Jan.  31,  1867,  Albert 
Hall  of  Marsbfield,  Mass.,  a  son  of  Luke  and  Elsie  Hall.  He 
was  b.  Deo.  31,  1839;  issue  one  son,  Albert  Percival,  b.  at 
Chicago,  Ills.,  Feb.  15,  1870. 

Lucy  A.,  b.  Nov.  6,  1843,  at  Boston;  m.  H.  Floyd  Faulkner,  Nov. 
27,  1867;  be  was  born  in  Maine,  and  d.  Sept.  25,  1875.  They 
had  four  children,  William  Floyd,  b.  Nov.  10,  1868;  Eunice 
Florence,  b.  Apr.  11,  1873;  Bollis  Moore,  b.  Sept.  10,  1874;  d. 
Sept.  23,  1875;  Helena  Kent,  h.  Feb.  11,  1876;  d.  Aug.  20,  1876. 

Joseph,  b.  Feb.  17,  1845;  m.  Sept.  3,  1872,  Miss  Hattie  S.,  dau.  of 
Edward  and  Mary  Parmenter,  of  Boston;  she  was  b.  Sept.  4, 
1850;  they  had  six  children,  Joseph  Willis,  b.  Sept.  18,  1873; 
Herbert  Edward,  b.  Nov.  17,  1875;  Fred  Oscar  Oray,  b.  Mar. 
20,  1878;  Hattie  Alice,  b.  Nov.  15,  1881;  Lester  Packard,  b. 
Aug.  29,  1884;  Walter  Mitchell,  b.  Oct.  21,  1890. 

Asa,  b.  March  31,  18.50;  m.  in  Dec,  1880,  to  Alice  Brown,  who 
was  b.  in  Maine,  June  15,  1859;  no  issue. 

Eunice  Makia,  b.  Feb.  9,  18-53;  m.  Charles  K.,  son  of  Jeremiah 
and  LucindaEobinson;  he  was  born  at  Exeter,  N.  H.,  Oct.  21, 
1844;  they  had  two  children,  Albert  J.,  b.  Nov.  1,  1876;  d. 
Aug.  15,  1877;  Harold  B.,  b.  June  8,  1882,  at  Cambridge, 

Frederick  Balch,  b.  Apr.  12,  1861 ;  d.  unm.  Mar.  4,  1887. 

594.  Almira.s  eldest  daughter  of  286  Joseph^  and  Eliza 
[Legro]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  December  19, 
1811,  and  died  at  the  same  town,  December  22,  1879.  She 
was  buried  at  Lancaster. 


On  January  1,  1840,  she  -vras  married  to  James  N.,  son  of 
Hezekiah  and  Abigail  [Carr]  Cloudman.  He  was  born  at 
Rocliester,  N.  H.,  December  10,  1811.  Tliej  had  four  chil- 
dren :  Mary  E.  and  IMartha  J.,  twins,  b.  Mar.  18,  1841 ; 
Pircis  A.,  b.  Mar.  26,  1843 ;  Joseph  B.,  b.  Nov.  30,  1845. 

596.  Amos,^  son  of  286  Joseph"  and  Eliza  [Legro] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  November  1,  1815.  He 
always  lived  at  Lancaster,  and  died  there  July  5,  1884.  He 
was  married,  November  30,  1841,  to  Esther  A.,  daughter  of 
Luke  and  Sarah  Woodward.  She  was  born  at  Minot,  Me., 
March  7, 1818,  and  died  at  Lancaster,  January  2, 1880.  Amos 
was  a  farmer.      Their  four  children  were  born  at  Lancaster. 

1254*  Adeline  R.,'  b.  Aug.  30,  1842. 

1255*  Luke  W.,"  b.  Dec.  23,  1846. 

1256  Hbnbt  H.,'  b.  Apr.  22,  1855;  d.  Feb.  11,  1857. 

1257*  EvaA.,9  b.  Jan.  3,  1858;  d.  Apr.  9,  1885. 

597.  Samuel  B.,«  son  of  286  Joseph'  and  Eliza  [Legro] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  July  11,  1817,  and  died 
at  Hollister,  California,  July  22,  1890.  He  was  married 
August  13,  1839,  to  Mary  A.  Holmes.  She  was  born  at 
Jefferson,  N.  Y.,  January  20,  1814.  She  was  a  daughter  of 
Nathaniel  and  IMary  Holmes.  Their  children  were  born  at 
Lancaster  and  Colebrook,  New  Hampshire. 

1258*  EMMELixE,'>b.  Oct.  22,  1841;  m.  M.  C.  Series. 

1259  EDGAR,»b.  Nov.  3, 1845;  d.  Mar.  12,  1866;  in  the  war  three  years. 

1260  Jane,"  b.  June  15,  1847;  m.  Alfred  Kurd. 
1261*  Hakvey,'  b.  Dec.  24, 1848. 

1262*    Adelaide,^  b.  Feb.  17,  1852;  d.  Oct.  21,  1894;  m.  F.  E.  Bilden. 

600.  Joseph  H.,^  son  of  286  Joseph'  and  Eliza  [Legro] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  March  7,  1822,  and  died 
at  New  Iberia,  Louisiana,  December  2,  1869.  He  was  mar- 
ried March  7,  1850,  to  U.  S.  Riles,  a  daughter  of  Joseph  and 
Celest  [Dupny]  Riles.  She  was  born  at  Plaquemine,  Louisi- 
ana, March  6,  1830,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  December  12, 
1861.     They  had  six  children,  all  born  at  Plaquemine. 

1263*    Sabah  Arams,"  b.  Dec.  16,  1850. 

1264      Fkank  Piekce.o  b.  July  3,  1852;  d.  Oct.  17,  1864. 


1265*  Eliza  C.,^  b.  Sept.  16,  1854. 

1266*  Joseph  Thomas,"  b.  June  7, 1856. 

1267  Lauka  C.,9  b.  Mar.  19,  1858;  d.  Apr.  8,  1860. 

1268  M.  HuBBAED,9  b.  Dec.  27,  1859;  d.  June  1,  1S63. 

On  the  3rd  day  of  July,  1862,  Joseph  H.  married  his  second 
wife,  the  widow  C.  Olivia  Marr,  of  Plaquemine,  by  her  he  had 
no  issue.     She  was  living  at  New  Orleans,  Louisiana,  in  1888. 

Joseph  H.  Balch  studied  law  in  the  ofBce  of  Gov.  Williams 
at  Lancaster,  New  Hampshire.  About  1845  he  went  to 
Louisiana,  and  settled  at  Plaquemine.  In  1864  he  was  a 
member  of  the  State  Legislature  at  New  Orleans.  In  1868 
he  removed  to  New  Iberia,  where  he  continued  to  reside  till 
his  death.  Joseph  H.  Balch  was  one  of  the  most  prominent 
men  in  the  community  in  which  he  lived,  and  was  respected 
and  beloved  on  account  of  his  superior  talents  and  amiable 
qualities.  He  died  of  pernicious  malarial  fever,  leaving  a 
widow  and  three  children,  upon  whom  the  love  and  venera- 
tion of  the  community  was  most  bountifully  bestowed. 

601.  Frederick  B.,^  son  of  286  Joseph'  and  Elizabeth 
[Legro]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  February  16, 
1825.  On  March  4,  1848,  he  married  Thankful,  daughter  of 
John  and  Sarah  Vincent,  by  Avhom  he  had  one  son,  born  at 
Manchester,  at  which  place  Frederick  B.  is  now  living. 

1269  Charles,"  b.  Nov.  4,  1850;  d.  August  8,  1851. 

603.  Charles  W..^  son  of  286  Joseph^  and  Elizabeth 
[Legro]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  February  6, 
1829,  and  died  December  9,  1888.  He  was  a  moulder.  He 
married  first  Olive,  daughter  of  Hiram  and  Belinda  Higgins. 
She  was  born  and  died  at  West  Boudoin,  Me.  They  had  two 
children,  both  born  at  West  Boudoin,  Me. 

1270*    Emma  E.,9  b.  July  13, 1855;  d.  June  2, 1880. 

1271*    Charles  H.,"  b.  June  21,  1856;  d.  May  18,  1889. 
Charles  W.  was  married  again,  April  20,  1864,  to  Isabel  M., 
daughter    of   William   and   Isabel   M.    [Morison]    Gillfilan. 
She  was  born  at  Rygate,  Vt.,  November  21,  1834  ;  they  have 
one  daughter  born  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. 

1272    DaisibE.,9  b.  Sept.  23,  1868. 


604.  Eliza  Ann,^  daughter  of  286  Joseph'  and  Elizabeth 
[Legio]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  Feb.  2^,  1832. 
She  was  married  April  7,  18-51,  to  James  P.,  son  of  Stephen 
and  Isabel  [Perkins]  Hayes  of  Guildhall,  Vt.  They  live  at 
Northumberland,  N.  H.,  and  all  their  eight  childi-en  were 
born  at  that  town  except  Henry  H.,  who  was  born  at  Lancas- 
ter. Charles  T.,  b.  June  13,  1852;  William,  b.  July  11, 
1853 ;  Guy,  b.  Mar.  4,  1855 ;  Henry  H.,  b.  Dec.  19,  1856 ; 
Nellie  A.,  b.  June  6,  1858,  d.  June  4,  1863;  Isabel,  b.  Jan. 
22,  18G1  ;  Frederick,  b.  Apl.  19,  1865  ;  J.  Melvin,  b.  April  9, 

605.  Elvira,^  daughter  of  292  Frederick  B.'  and  Harriet 
[Benedict]  Baloh,  was  born  at  Alexander,  N.  Y.,  October  10, 
1817.  She  was  married  Feb.  13,  1840,  to  William  Hopkins, 
son  of  James  and  Sally  Jones,  who  was  born  June  7,  1812, 
and  died  at  Alexander,  August  7,  1844.  They  had  one  child 
born  at  Alexander,  Hopkins  Earl,  b.  July  20,  1841,  d.  April 
19,  1865. 

Elvira  married  a  second  time,  December  28,  1854,  to 
Austin  Richmond.  They  live  at  Alexander,  N.  Y.,  and 
have  no  children. 

606.  Emeline,s  daughter  of  292  Frederick  B.^  and  Har- 
riet [Benedict]  Balch,  was  born  at  Alexander,  N.  Y.,  May 
10,  1819.  She  was  married  August  14,  1845,  to  Frederick 
Leason,  who  was  born  at  Batavia,  N.  Y.,  January  12, 1821,  and 
died  at  Sheboygan  Falls,  Wis.,  October  19,  1864.  They  had 
four  children.  Frederick  Grove,  b.  Aug.  11,  1848,  m.  Dec. 
2,  1873  Mary  Lois  [Piatt]  Aiken,  lives  at  Hingham,  Wis- 
consin ;  Frank  Eugene,  b.  April  7,  1850,  unm.,  lives  at  Alvin, 
Texas  ;  Park  Benjamin,  b.  Mar.  2,  1852,  unm.,  physician, 
lives  in  Chicago  ;  Ida  Emeroy,  b.  July  11, 1857,  num.,  lives 
at  Sheboj'gan  Falls. 

608.  Frederick  A.,«  son  of  292  Frederick  B.'  and  Har- 
riet [Benedict]  Balch,  was  born  at  Batavia,  N.  Y.,  August 
21,  1S24,  and  is  living  at  Neillsville,  Wisconsin.  He  was 
married  August  9,  1852  to  Henrietta,  daughter  of  William 


C.  Caldwell.     She  was  born  at  Greenville,  N.  Y.,  Jauimry 
22, 1836,  and  died  Nov.  11,  1895.     They  have  five  children. 

1273  Leroy  W.,3b.  Mar.  22,  1854  ;  d.  Oct.  20,   1855. 

1274*  LoREN  A.j^b.  Nov.  4,  1856. 

1275*  Bella  W.,'  b.  Sept.  14,  1859. 

1276  Lillian  M.,"  b.  May  30,   1866;  d.  May  13,  1877. 

1277*  Feedbrick  O.,"  b.  May  3,  1869. 

612.  Henry  Brace,^  son  of  298  .Jonathan^  and  Minerva 
[Brace]  Balch,  was  born  at  Harwinton,  Ct.,  May  13,  1820. 
Ke  was  run  over  and  killed  on  the  railroad  at  Cadillac,  Mich., 
March  19,  1886.  He  was  married  twice,  first  to  Lucy  Auro- 
ra Brace,  October  13,  1851.  She  was  born  in  Canada,  and 
died  at  Meadville,  Pa.  They  had  one  daughter  born  at  Mead- 

1278*    Aurora  Makia,^  b.  Oct.  19,  1852;  d.  Jan.  6,  1877. 

Henry  Brace  married  'second,  December  10,  1858,  Julia 
Elvira,  daughter  of  Dr.  S.  vS.  Bates.  She  was  born  at  Evens- 
burg,  Crawford  Co.,  Pa.,  Fe))ruaiy  27, 1834,  and  died  June  17, 
1891,  at  Benzonia,  Mich.  Their  three  eldest  were  born  at 
Meadville,  Pa.,  the  youngest  at  Benzonia,  Mich. 

1279      Cecil  Henry,'  b.  Sept.  IG,  1859;  d.  Sept.  5,  1860. 

1280*    Heebket  Coerie,^  b.  Jan.  27,  1861. 

1281*    Ida  Minerva,"  b.  Mar.  26, 1S63. 

1282  Ealph  Walkbe,9  b.  Jan.  1,  1871;  lives  at  Aneta,  North  Da- 

Henry  Brace  Balch  for  a  time  attended  the  Western  Re- 
serve College,  at  Hudson,  Ohio,  but  did  not  graduate.  After 
leaving  college,  he  travelled  for  the  Bible  Society  in  Virginia, 
Illinois  and  Wisconsin.  In  1849  he  settled  at  Meadville 
Pa.,  and  opened  a  bookstore.  In  1863  he  removed  to  Titus- 
ville.  Pa.,  and  travelled  as  agent  for  a  Hartfoi-d  publishing 
house  until  1869  when  he  removed  to  Benzonia,  Mich.  In 
pushing  his  agency  he  was  pleased  to  style  himself  "  A  Mich- 
igan Picket.''  Over  this  signature  many  readable  articles 
appeared  in  several  of  the  Michigan  newspapers  in  the 
Grand  Travers  region,  where  his  home  was  located.  He  was 
outspoken  in  his  hatred  of  tobacco,  alcohol,  and  all  kinds  of 
narcotics,  and  intoxicants.     He  and  his  wife  were  members 


of  the  Congregational  cliurch.     In  politics  he  was  a  staunch 

613.  Jonathan  Belden,^  son  of  298  Jonathan"  and  Min- 
erva [Brace]  Balch,  was  born  at  Harwinton,  Ct.,  October  26, 
1822,  where  he  still  lives,  and  his  children  were  born.  He  is 
a  carpenter,  and  is  now  in  the  carriage  repairing  and  under- 
taking business.  On  January  1,  1844,  he  was  married  to 
Harriet  N.  Gibbs,  of  Montrose,  Pa.  She  was  born  November 
16,  1819,  and  died  December  30,  1852,  without  issue. 

Jonathan  B.  was  married  a  second  time  January  24,  1855, 
to  Charlotte  Crosby,  daughter  of  Isaac  and  Diana  [Crosby] 
Warner,  of  Middleton,  Ct.  She  was  born  September  2, 
1828,  and  died  April  15,  1895.  Her  sister  Maria,  married 
the  Hon.  Chauncey  Shaffer,  who  was  an  eminent  New  York 
lawyer.     Jonathan  B.  and  Charlotte  C.  had  four  children. 

1283*    CuAKLEs  Warnbr,9  b.  Mar.  30,  1856. 

1284*    George   Humphrey.^  b.  Aug.  28,  1858. 

1285*    Walter  Shaffer,^  b.  Sept.  29,  1860. 

1286*    Cakeib   Makia,9  b.  Oct.  22, 1862. 

614.  James  Shelton.^  son  of  298  Jonathan?  and  Minerva 
[Brace]  Balch,  was  born  at  Harwinton,  Conn.,  April  21, 1825, 
and  is  now  living  in  the  same  town,  and  in  the  same  house  in 
which  his  mother  and  himself  were  born.  He  never  married, 
is  a  farmer,  was  a  member  of  the  state  Legislature  in  1883. 

620.  Alida,8  daughter  of  301  Justin"  and  Maria  [Veder] 
Balch.  She  married  a  Mr.  Putnam,  a  druggist  in  New  York 
city.  They  moved  to  Galveston,  Texas,  and  had  one  child. 
All  three  died  of  yellow  fever  in  Galveston. 

621.  Joseph,^  son  of  304  Gustavus"  and  Mary  Ann  [Van 
Sickles]  Balch,  was  born  at  Johnstown,  N.  Y.,  May  18,  1844. 
He  is  a  farmer  at  Mayfield,  N.  Y.  He  married  Elbertine 
Wilkins,  of  Mayfield,  N.  Y.  She  was  born  at  Kingsbury, 
May  25,  1844.     No  issue. 

622.  William  Vistus/  son  of  306  Vistus"  and  Margaret 
[Dockstader]  Balch,  was  born  December  17,  1849.  He  mar- 
ried Elizabeth  Young,  of  Johnstown,  and  is  a  phj-^sician  and 

Albert  V.  Balch. 



fiui'geon  at  East  Galoway,  New  York.  He  graduated  from 
the  College  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons,  New  York  City,  in 
1871.  He  married  Elizabeth  Young  of  Johnstown,  N.  Y. 
They  have  four  children. 

1287  Walter  Anderson,''  b.  Aug.  2,  1874. 

1288  Ethel  M.,»  b.  Oct.  3, 1880. 

1289  Hazel  Y.,^  b.  Dec.  6,  1884. 

1290  Maejorie  K.,»  b.  May  11,  1890. 

623.    Albert  Vestus,^  son  of  309  Alvah  Burchard"  and 
Mary  [Me Arthur]  Balch,  was  born  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  July 
21,  1828,  and  is  now  an  insurance  agent  at  Weyauwega,  Wis. 
_,, .  He  was  married  December  1, 1853, at 

C^^ij^^^^ClCcy^  Malone,  N.  Y.,  to  Sarah  T.,  youngest 
z  daughter  of  Rev.  Dr.  Ashabel  and 
Fanny  [Brush]  Parmelee.  The  ceremony  was  performed  by 
the  bride's  father.  She  was  born  at  Malone,  December  24, 
1826,  and  died  at  Weyauwega,  December  9, 1887.  They  had 
three  daughters  all  born  at  Weyauwega. 

1291*    Mary  Julia,^  b.  Jan.  21,  1855. 

1292*    Sabah  Maria,'  b.  July  25,  1860. 

1293*    Laura  Bektha,"  b.  Dec.  12, 1862. 

Albert  Vestus  is  a  man  of  remarkable  and  sterling  qualities. 
He  received  his  education  at  the  common  district  school,  at 
select  schools  at  Schuyler  Falls  and  Keesville,  N.  Y.,  and 
finished  at  the  Plattsburgh  Academy  at  the  age  of  sixteen. 
He  was  an  apt  scholar,  possessing  a  retentive  memory,  and  was 
quite  an  athlete.  He  could  clear  over  13  feet  at  a  standing 
jump  with  dumbbells.  On  leaving  school  he  entered  on  a 
mercantile  career  in  New  York  city,  but  a  serious  illness  led 
him  to  give  it  up.  When  twenty  years  of  age  he  was  employed 
as  a  teacher  of  convicts  at  Clinton  state  prison,  after  which  he 
was  appointed  a  keeper.  lu  1850  he  located  at  Weyauwega, 
and  was,  in  1853,  the  first  to  make  a  purchase  of  land  from  the 
United  States  in  the  town,  upon  which  he  has  lived  continu- 
ously since  that  time.  He  there  took  a  government  contract 
of  surveying,  and  through  this  work  made  himself  thoroughly 
acquainted  with  the  timber  and  mineral  lauds  of  Northern 


Wisconsin,  and  became  largely  engaged  as  a  land  agent.  He 
has  been  largelj^  interested  in  the  development  of  northern 
Wisconsin.  He  was  postmaster  from  lb61  to  1867,  was  a 
member  of  the  Legislature  of  Wisconsin  in  1867,  and  has  held 
some  civil  office  almost  continuouslj'  either  in  county  or  town 
since  1852.  Early  in  life  he  united  with  the  First  Presbj-te- 
rian  church  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  and  was  prominent  in  the 
organization  of  the  Presbyterian  church  at  Weyauwcga,  of 
which  he  has  been  an  elder  since  1857.  He  has  represented 
the  Winnebago  County  Presbj-terj'  three  times  in  the  (reneral 
Assembly.  He  united  with  the  Freemasons,  and  has  taken 
the  Royal  Arch  degrees.  In  politics  he  is  a  staunch  Republi- 

Albert  V.  was  married  again  June  4,  1891,  to  Madeline, 
daughter  of  Maurice  and  Mary  Ann  [Dobler]  Blind.  She  was 
born  in  Kiffis,  Alsace  Lorain,  August  21,  1851.  In  the  fall 
of  1875,  she  came  to  America.  In  1881  she  returned  to 
Europe  to  perfect  her  German  education  at  the  University  of 
Gottingen.  Returning  to  America  in  two  years,  she  entered 
the  Millersbui-g  Female  College,  at  Millersburg,  Kentucky,  as 
a  teacher  of  Modern  Languages. 

624.  Olarissa.s  daughter  309  Alvah  Burchard"  and  Mary 
[McArthur]  Balch,  was  born  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  February 
1, 1831,  and  died  at  Dayton,  Wis.,  May  8,  1880.  She  was 
married  to  Lorin,  son  of  Hiram  Larkin,  October  18,  1853. 
He  was  born  at  Beekmantown,  N.  Y.,  December  19,  1829. 
The  ceremony  was  solemnized  at  her  father's  house  in  Platts- 
burgh. In  the  spring  of  1854,  they  moved  to  Dayton,  Wis., 
and  Larkin  followed  the  occupation  of  farming.  He  died  sud- 
denly of  heart  disease  at  Wej-anwega,  February  5, 1861.  They 
were  both  members  of  the  J\I.  E.  church.  To  them  were  born 
five  children,  all  at  Dayton.  Alvah,  b.  Mar.  11,  1855  ;  Hiram, 
b.  Apr.  9,  1857,  lives  at  Waukesha,  Wis.;  Mary  L.,  b.  Jan. 
26, 1859,  m.  Aug.  19, 1885,  to  Robert  McFetridge,  and  resides 
at  Oshkosh,  Wis.;  Arthur,  b.  Apr.  27,  1861,  lives  at  Sur- 
rounded Hill,  Ark. ;  Albert,  b.  Apr.  9,  1868,  lives  at  Wauke- 
sha, Wis. 

Galusha  B.  Balch,  M.  D. 


Clarissa  was  married  a  second  time,  February  12,  1867,  to 
Hiram  Lynch,  of  Dayton.  He  was  born  in  Penn.,  April  5, 
1828,  and  by  him  she  had  four  more  children,  all  born  at 
Dayton.  Ernor,  b.  July  30, 1870,  lives  at  Dayton,  O. ;  Hat- 
tie,  b.  Oct.  30,  1872,  killed  bj'-  a  falling  tree  in  a  wind  storm 
Aug.,  1888 ;  Charles,  b.  Jan.  6,  1874,  lives  at  Dayton,  O. ; 
Frederick,  b.  Feb.  19,  1876,  lives  in  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

625.  Galusha  Burchard.s  son  of  309  Alvah  Burchard^ 
and  Mary  [McArtlmr]  Balch,  was  born  February  6,  1839,  at 
Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  and  now  lives  at  Yonkers,  N.  Y.  October 
9,  1860,  he  was  married  to  Harriet  Cornelia,  daughter  of  Tru- 
man Bishop  and  Mary  Ann  [Austin]  Andrews,  of  Richmond, 
Mass.,  Rev.  George  F.  Kettell,  officiating.  She  was  born  at 
Addison,  Stuben  Co.,  N.  Y.,  December  8,  1837.  They  had 
five  children,  the  first  born  at  Malone,  the  last  at  Yonkers 
and  the  others  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y. 

1294*    Samuel  Weed,«  b.  Jan.  18,  18G2. 

1295      Fbederick  Andrews,^  b.  Dec.  14,  1868;  d.  Aug.  2,  1809. 

1296*    Harbiet  Elizabeth,"  b.  May  17,  1870. 

1297      Mary  Louise,!'  b.  May  28,  1871;  d.  July  26,  1872. 

1298*  Margaret  Andrews,"  b.  June  1,  1875. 
Galusha  B.  was  born  and  reared  upon  the  farm  on  which 
his  grandfather  located  in  1800.  He  finished  his  schooling 
at  the  Plattsburgh  Academy,  and  after  teaching  district 
schools  for  two  seasons  entered  the  Berkshire  Medical  College 
at  Pittsfield,  Massachusetts.  Here  he  was  under  the  tutilage 
of  Dr.  Harry  Childs  and  his  son.  Dr.  Timothy  Childs.  He 
then  finished  his  medical  education  at  the  College  of  Physi- 
cians and  Surgeons  of  the  Medical  Department  of  Columbia 
College  at  New  York  City,  and  graduated  in  1860.  After 
graduating  he  practiced  first  at  Saranac,  and  then  at  North 
Lawrence,  New  York.  At  the  outbreak  of  the  Civil  War  he 
passed  the  examination  of  the  board  of  examiners  for  medical 
staff  appointments  in  New  York  regiments,  and  was  com- 
missioned assistant  surgeon  of  the  98th  New  York  Infantry, 
October  20,  1861.  The  regiment  was  at  that  time  being 
recruited  at  Malone,  N.  Y. 


In  the  spring  of  1862  he  went  to  the  front  with  this  regi- 
ment. It  was  assigned  to  the  Army  of  the  Potomac,  and 
went  to  the  Peninsula  under  General  McClellan.  Upon  the 
taking  of  Yorktown  he  was  detached  from  his  regiment  and 
assigned  to  duty  in  the  general  hospital  there,  and  for  a  time 
was  in  charge  of  the  steamer  State  of  Maine,  transporting  sick 
to  Baltimore.  While  thus  engaged  Dr.  J.  Simpson,  the 
medical  director  at  Baltimore,  said  in  a  letter  to  the  Surgeon 
General  that  the  condition  in  which  the  State  of  Maine 
arrived  was  highly  creditable  to  Dr.  Balch,  that  the  sick  were 
well  cared  for  and  that  the  sanitary  condition  of  the  vessel 
was  in  a  much  better  state  than  that  of  the  others  that  had 
lately  arrived. 

Contracting  typho-malarial  fever  at  Yorktown,  he  lay  sick 
in  hospital  for  about  six  weeks.  Having  returned  to  his 
regiment  early  in  August  before  he  had  fully  recovered,  the 
condition  of  his  health  led  him  to  resign  on  Sept.  20,  1862. 
Returning  north  he  located,  as  soon  as  his  health  would  per- 
mit, at  Sheffield,  Massachusetts,  and  practiced  his  profession 
till  December,  1863,  when,  feeling  restored  to  health,  he 
accepted  a  commission  as  Assistant  Surgeon  of  the  Second 
Regiment  of  Veteran  Cavalry,  New  York  Volunteers.  With 
this  regiment  he  went  to  the  Department  of  the  Gulf  in 
February,  1864,  and  was  the  only  surgeon  with  the  regiment 
during  the  Red  River  campaign  of  that  year,  and  with  it  in 
the  battles  of  Alexandria,  Grand  Ecore,  Camptee,  Pleasant 
Hill,  Cane  River  and  Yellow  Bayou. 

During  the  summer  of  1864,  and  winter  following,  the 
regiment  was  stationed  at  Morganzia  Bend  on  the  Mississippi 
river,  and  was  kept  constantly  scouting  up  and  down  both 
sides  of  the  river  between  Baton  Rouge  and  the  mouth  of 
the  Red  river,  having  frequent  sanguinary  skirmishes.  The 
Doctor  was  almost  always  out  with  these  scouting  parties,  and 
consequently  was  frequently  exposed  to  the  bullets  of  the 

In  March,  1865,  the  regiment  was  sent  to  Pensecola,  Fla., 


and  joined  General  Steel,  who  moved  around  into  the  rear  of 
Mobile,  Ala.,  to  co-operate  with  General  Canby  in  capturing 
that  city.  After  the  surrender  of  Fort  Blakely  the  regiment 
moved  out  through  the  state  of  Alabama,  and  on  April  11, 
fought  the  battle  at  Mt.  Pleasant,  one  of  the  last  of  the  war. 
After  the  surrender  of  all  the  opposing  forces  the  regiment 
was  sent  to  Talladega,  Alabama,  where  it  remained  until 
it  was  mustered  out  on  November  8,  1865. 

In  the  spring  of  1866  the  Doctor  located  at  Plattsburgh, 
N.  Y.,  and  purchased  a  drug  store.  This  was  destroyed  by 
the  great  fire  of  Plattsburgh,  in  1868.  In  1872  he  moved  to 
Yonkers,  N.  Y.,  where  he  is  now  practicing  his  profession. 
In  1876  he  was  appointed  Health  Officer  for  the  city  and 
organized  the  Health  Department  and  made  it  one  of  the  best 
in  the  state  at  that  time.     This  office  he  held  two  years. 

In  1877  he  was  elected  vice-president  of  the  Westchester 
County  Medical  Society,  and,  in  the  year  following,  was  chosen 
as  its  president  and  is  still  a  member  of  that  society.  He 
was  one  of  the  organizers  of  the  Yonkers  Society  for  the 
Prevention  of  Cruelty  to  Children,  and  since  its  organization 
in  1881  has  continued  as  its  president  at  the  unanimous 
desire  of  its  directors.  In  1867  he  became  a  member  of 
Clinton  Lodge,  155,  of  F.  and  A.  M.,  and  has  taken  the  Royal 
Arch  and  Council  degrees.  He  served  two  years  as  thrice 
illustrious  master  of  Nepperhan  Council  R.  and  S.  M's,  No. 
70.  During  the  year  1883  he  was  Commander  of  Kitching 
Post,  No.  60,  G.  A.  R.,  and  was  Commander  of  John  C. 
Fremont  Post,  No.  590,  for  seven  years.  The  Doctor  and 
Mrs.  Balch  are  members  of  the  First  Presbyterian 
Church.  His  first  ballot  was  cast  for  Abraham  Lincoln,  in 
1860,  and  he  has  voted  the  Republican  ticket  ever  since.  He 
was  one  of  the  organizers  of  the  Yonkers  Historical  and 
Library  Association  and  is  its  librarian.  The  work  of  com- 
piling this  Genealogy  was  taken  up  by  him  in  1874,  and  has 
occupied  his  spare  moments  for  twelve  years. 

627.    Betsey  Selina,^  daughter  of  312  Horatio  James'' 


and  Sopkronia  [Allaird]  Balch,  was  born  in  Canada  East, 
November  21,  1830,  and  now  resides  at  Olney,  Illinois.  She 
was  married  January  11, 1849,  to  Isaac,  son  of  William  Sut- 
terfield,  a  farmer  who  was  born  at  Highland  Co.,  Ohio,  Janu- 
ary 1,  1826.  They  have  had  thirteen  children,  the  eldest  was 
born  in  Gibson  Co.,  Ind.,  the  others  in  Richland  Co.,  111. 
Amanda  Bristoe,  b.  Oct.  26,  1849 ;  Lucinda  Bell,  b.  Feb.  3, 
1851 ;  Sylvester,  b.  Sept.  16,  1852  ;  Sophronia  Walker,  b. 
April  18,  1855  ;  Mary  Ann  Kellogg,  b.  June  14,  1857  ;  Wil- 
liam A.,  b.  Jan.  11,  1859,  a  school  teacher  ;  Margaret,  b.  Feb. 

15,  1861,  d.  May  31,  1874  ;  Isaac,  b.  Dec.  20,  1862,  d.  Feb. 
7,  1863  ;  Ephraim  P.,  b.  Jan.  7,  1864 ;  Lizzie  Stacey,  b.  Feb. 

16,  1866 ;  James  M.,  b.  April  27,  1868,  d.  June  4,  1874 ; 
Thomas,  b.  Oct.  17,  1870,  d.  Nov.  7,  1870  ;  Theodore,  b.  Apr. 
20,  1872,  d.  Aug.  22,  1873. 

632.  Abigail  Melissa,^  daughter  of  312  Horatio  James' 
and  Sophronia  [Allaird]  Balch,  was  born  in  Knox  Co.,  Ind., 
January  12,  1840.  She  was  married  January  11,  1860,  to 
Isaac,  son  of  James  Garrett,  of  Gibson  Co.,  Ind.  He  was  born 
February  9,  1842.  They  reside  at  Wabash  township,  Gibson 
Co.,  Ind.  P.  O.  address  Owensville,Ind.  Their  eleven  children 
were  all  born  in  Indiauna.  Aac,  b.  Nov.  18,  1860 ;  d.  Jan.  19, 
1861.  Alexander,  b.  Dec.  10, 1861 ;  d.  June  10, 1 862.  Elvira 
Christian,  b.  Mar.  20, 1868.  Lemuel  Ebenezer,  b.  Feb.  15, 1865; 
d.  Dec.  20, 1867.  EveUne,  b.  Jan.  20, 1867  ;  d.  June  15, 1868. 
Samantha  Ellen,  b.  Sept.  17,  1868  ;  d.  Aug.  25,  1869.  Elsie 
P.,  b.  Sept.  18, 1871.  Saphronia  Catherine,  b.  Sept.  29, 1873  ; 
d.  Oct.  23,  1877.  William  Henry,  b.  Sept.  22,  1877.  Sarah 
Effa,  b.  Jan.  13,  1880 ;  d.  Sept.  12,  1880.  Delia  Florence,  b. 
Oct.  4, 1881. 

636.  Caroline  E.^  daughter  of  314  Chester"  and  Lucy 
[Smedley]  Balch,  was  born  November  12,  1822,  at  Platts- 
burgh,  N.  Y.,  and  died  in  the  same  town  June  8,  1842.  She 
was  married  to  John  Banker,  of  Plattsburgh,  November  12, 
1841.     No  issue. 

639.     Ijoesa  M.8   daughter   of   314   Chester"   and  Lucy 


[Smedley]  Balch,  was  born  at  Plattsburg,  N.  Y.,  August  18, 
1829.  She  was  married  Feb.  22,  1855,  to  Calvin  Deming,  son 
of  Nathan  A.  Vaughan,  of  Plattsburgh.  He  died  at  Amboy, 
Ills.,  March  26,  1886.  C.  D.  Vaughan  was  a  merchant  at 
Amboy,  Ills.,  where  their  six  children  were  born.  Lottie 
Louisa,  b.  Apr.  17,  1858,  m.  Dec.  25,  1878,  to  P.  M.  James,  a 
lawyer,  and  resides  at  Amboy,  Ills.  Harriet  Deming,  b.  Nov. 
7,  1860.  Frank  Chester,  b.  Mar.  17,  1863  ;  m.  Feb.  25,  1891, 
Carrie  J.  Briggs.  Fred  Nathan,  b.  Feb.  1,  1865  ;  m.  Nov.  23, 
1887,  Elizabeth  Jeannette  Poland.  Wallace  Baker,  b.  Mar. 
11,  1867  ;  m.  Jan.  18,  1893,  Helen  May  Doty.  Louie  Smed- 
ley, b.  Feb.  9,  1869. 

642.  John  Timotliy,^  son  of  314  Chester"  and  Lucy 
[Smedley]  Balch,  was  born  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  October  21, 
1836.  He  is  of  a  kind  and  gentle  disposition,  affectionate, 
jovial,  and  enjoys  society.  The  strict  puritanical  ways  of  his 
father,  and  uncongenial  feeling  that  existed  between  him  and 
his  stepmother,  induced  him  to  leave  home  in  1856.  He  went 
first  to  his  sister's  home  at  Amboy,  Ills.,  and  there  he  found 
emplo3^ment  with  the  Illinois  Central  R.  R.  Co.  In  the  spring 
of  1858  he  went  South  in  the  employ  of  the  Mississi^jpi 
Central  R.  R.  and  in  1860  was  in  the  employ  of  the  Mobile 
and  Ohio  R.  R.  He  remained  within  the  Confederate  lines 
in  the  employ  of  this  latter  road  until  1864,  when  he  came 
through  the  lines  at  Vicksburg,  Miss.  Thence  he  went  to 
St.  Louis  and  was  in  the  employ  first  of  the  Ohio  and  Missis- 
sippi, second  as  general  baggage  agent  of  the  Wabash  for 
seven  years,  and  third  at  Union  depot  for  six  years.  Since 
1881  he  has  been  assistant  baggage  agent  at  Union  depot, 
Kansas  City.  He  is  a  Democrat  and  a  member  of  the  West- 
minster Presbyterian  Church  at  Kansas  City.  On  June  20, 
1872,  he  married  jNIargaret  J.,  daughter  of  Frank  P.  and 
IMargaret  Traynor.  _  She  was  born  at  Davenport,  Iowa,  May 
1st,  1854.     They  have  one  child. 

1299    Louise  Makt,^  b.  Jan.  3,  1874;  a  school  teacher. 

643.  Lucy  Smedley .^  daughter  of  314  Chester"  and  Lucy 


[Smedley]  Balch,  was  born  Februrary  9, 1839,  at  Plattsburgh, 
N.  Y.,  and  died  at  Malone,  N.  Y.,  July  30,  1863.  She  was 
married  to  C.  Halsey  Vaughan,  M.D.,  a  brother  of  Charles 
Demming,  her  sister  Loesa's  husband.  They  moved  to  Illi- 
nois, but  in  1861  returned  east,  and  Dr.  Vaughan  entered  the 
service  as  Assistant  Surgeon  of  the  96th  New  York  Volunteers, 
commissioned  March  27,  1862,  promoted  to  surgeon  of  the 
43d  New  York  Volunteers,  May  18,  1864,  and  was  mustered 
out  on  March  14,  1865.  They  had  one  son,  Louis  Hubbard, 
b.  July  26,  1863 ;  d.  July  19,  1864. 

645.  Henry ,8  son  of  317  Henry'  and  Fanny  [Baker] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y.,  about  1842.  He  has 
lived  at  Saranac  and  Plattsburgh,  N.  Y. 

647.  Manning  B.,^  son  of  321  William  Skinner"  and 
Caroline  M.  [Martin]  Balch,  was  born  at  Pownal,  Vt.,  Sep- 
tember 23,  1836.  In  1859,  he  married  Clementine,  daughter 
of  John  H.  and  Eliza  Wager,  of  Saratoga,  N.  Y.,  by  whom  he 
had  one  son  who  died  in  infancy.  She  died  in  August,  1860. 
He  enlisted  in  the  Union  Army  in  1861.  In  1865  he  became 
a  lecturer  for  the  Good  Templars  in  Wisconsin,  and  after 
wards  in  Massachusetts.  In  1869  he  entered  the  Methodist 
Episcopal  ministry  in  the  West  Wisconsin  conference,  was 
presiding  elder  of  the  La  Cross  district  in  1883,  and  of  the 
Madison  district  in  1887. 

;'   On  August  11, 1867,  he  married  Hattie  L.,  daughter  of  Hon. 
Dr.  William  and  Mary  [Beebe]  Monroe,  of  Fayette,  Wis.    She 
was  born  July  31,  1846.    .They  have  had  one  son. 
1300*    WiLi^TAM  MoxROE,"  b.  Nov.  2-5,  1871. 

648.  Edward  N.,»  son  of  321  William  Skinner'  and  Car- 
oline M.  [jMartin]  Balch,  was  born  at  Williamstown,  Mass., 
March  2,  1841.  At  the  breaking  out  of  the  Civil  War  he  was 
in  Wisconsin,  and  enlisted  in  the  twenty-second  Wisconsin 
Volunteers.  He  died  in  the  army  hospital  at  Lexington,  Ky., 
January  1,  1863,  from  exposure  in  the  service.  He  never 

649.  Carrie  V.,^  daughter  of  321  William  Skinner'  and 


Vesta  H.  [Child]  Balch,  was  born  at  Saratoga  Springs,  N.  Y., 
June  24,  1860.  She  was  married  Nov.  17,  1880,  to  George 
D.  son  of  Daniel  and  Fatima  [Shedd]  Harvey,  of  Aiiburndale, 
Mass.,  where  they  reside.  He  was  born  Dec.  20, 1840,  and  is 
a  wliolesale  dry  goods  merchant  at  Boston,  Mass.  They  have 
no  children. 

652.  Jane  Louisa,^  daughter  of  324  Henry"  and  Martha 
Ann  [Fuller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Sandisfield,  Mass.,  Septem- 
ber 18,  1838.  She  was  married  to  Charles  Stevens,  son  of 
Abner  Stevens  and  Mary  M.  [Alford]  Webster,  January  1, 
1865.  He  was  born  at  Sandisfield,  Mass.,  May  6,  1837,  and 
died  July  19,  1896.  He  owned  extensive  poultry  yards  at 
West  Winsted,  Conn.  They  have  two  children  both  born  in 
New  York  city.  Celia  Louise,  b.  Nov.  8,  1865,  m.  Oct.  7, 
1891,  Darwin  S.  Moore.     Lillian  Matilda,  b.  Oct.  31,  1867. 

653.  Cornelia  Ann,^  daughter  324  Henry^  and  Martha 
Ann  [Fuller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Sandisfield,  Mass.,  Novem- 
ber 19,  1845.  She  was  married  November  19, 1872,  to  Wil- 
liam Edwin,  son  of  Edwin  Butler.  He  was  born  at  Norfolk, 
Conn.,  November  16,  1849.  He  is  a  farmer  and  they  live  at 
Tolland,  Mass.,  where  their  two  children  were  born.  Addie 
CorneUa,  b.  Nov.  19, 1878  ;  Grace  Eliza,  b.  July  24,  1885. 

654.  Edward  Henry/  son  of  324  Henry"  and  Martha 
Ann  [Fuller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Sandisfield,  Mass.,  April  23, 

1852.  He  was  married  May  20,  1870,  to  Emma  E.,  daughter 
of  Lewis  G.  Sage.     She  was  born  at  Sandisfield,  in  October, 

1853.  Edward  H.  is  a  farmer  and  resides  at  Southwick, 
Mass.     They  have  one  child,  born  at  Sandisfield. 

1301  Wallace  Wilbuk,'  b.  Mar.  7,  1873. 

655.  Alonzo  W.,s  son  of  326  Thomas"  and  Delia  [Per- 
sons] Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  September  16,  1837. 
He  was  married  May  31, 1865,  to  Joanna  B.  Rohr,  and  lives  in 
New  York  City.     He  is  a  wholesale  dealer  in  teas  and  wines. 

1302  David  Clark,'  b.  April  27,  1806,  at  Xew  York  City. 

656.  Frederick  A.,'^  son  of  326  Thomas"  and  Delia 
[Persons]  Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  August  22,  1839. 


He  was  a  wood  engraver,  but  lost  his  business  owing  to  im- 
proved methods  of  illustration.  Worry  over  this  led  to  his 
untimely  death  oa  July  10,  1896.  This  was  exactly  seven 
years  even  to  the  hour  and  minute  after  the  death  of  his  son 
Claude.  He  was  a  man  of  scrupulous  integrity,  unselfish, 
and  devoted  to  his  family.  On  November  22,  1867,  he  mar- 
ried Celeste  A.  Brasier,  daughter  of  Jean  Claude  Brasier  De 
Latour,  she  was  born  at  LaRoche  [Haute-Saevoie],  France, 
on  January  10,  1842.  She  is  a  dressmaker  in  Brooklyn,  New 
York.  Two  children  have  been  born  to  them,  both  in  Brook- 
lyn, N.  Y. 
1303*    Elkoxore  Marie  AMELiE,3b.  Dec.  1,  1863. 

1304  Claude  Alfred,9  b.  Oct.  11,  1873;  d.  July  10,  1889. 

657.  Margaret  S.,^  daughter  of  326  Thomas'  and  Delia 
[Persons]  Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  October  12,  1842. 
She  was  married  May  26,  1881,  to  Augustus  F.  Kumrael. 
They  reside  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  and  have  no  children. 

658.  Alfred  P.,8  son  of  326  Thomas'  and  Delia  [Per- 
sons] Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  August  19,  1814. 
He  was  married  October  31,  1879,  to  Grace  L.,  daughter  of 
J.  C.  Perkins,  she  was  born  at  Calais,  Me.,  June  12,  1851. 
They  live  at  Wiusted,  Ct.  and  have  two  children,  born  at 
that  place. 

1305  Alice  Margaret,"  b.  Oct.  29,  1880. 

1306  Grace  P.,"  b.  Oct.  27,  1887. 

659.  Delia  F.,8  daughter  of  326,  Thomas'  and  Delia 
[Persons]  Balch,  was  born  at  Hartford,  Ct.,  October  7, 1848. 
She  was  married  April  20,  1870,  to  Eugene  H.  Williams. 
He  was  born  at  Rockville,  Ct.,  July  3,  1846,  and  is  a  whole- 
sale dealer  in  confectionery  at  Hartford.  He  enlisted  as 
a  drummer  boy  in  the  fourteenth  Connecticut  Volunteers 
and  served  all  through  the  Civil  War.  They  have  no  chil- 

660.  Ellen  Elizabeth.^  daughter  of  332,  John  Rogers" 
and  Elizabeth  C.  [Lawton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Providence, 
R.  I.,    on   May   9,  1833.     She   married  George   O.,  son  of 


Nathaniel  H.  and  Louisa  Olmstead.  He  was  born  at 
Savannah,  Georgia,  December  30,  1830.  They  live  at  Provi- 
dence, where  Mr.  Olmstead  is  engaged  in  mercantile  pur- 
suits. They  have  two  children,  born  at  Providence.  Na- 
thaniel B.,  b.  Feb.  12,  1855 ;  d.  in  Oct.  1857.  Nellie  L.,  b. 
Mar.  27,  1866. 
661.  Oollins  Lawton.s  son  of  332  John  Rogers'  and 
Elizabeth  C.  [Lawton] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Prov- 
idence, R.  I.,  July  6, 
1834.  He  was  married  to  Georgia  Hardy  of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y., 
Oct.  11,  1859.     They  had  two  children. 

1307  Frank  Collins,'  died  in  infancy. 

1308  Grace  Collins,^  b.  Nov.  13,  1S65. 

Collins  Lawton  is  the  last  male  descendant  of  71  7'imothy,5 
son  of  22  Joseph*  and  Mary  [Osgood]  Balch,  of  Boston.  He 
prepared  for  college  at  the  Providence  High  School  and  en- 
tered Brown  University  in  1851.  He  pursued  an  English 
course,  but  left  the  University,  in  1854,  without  graduating, 
to  enter  upon  a  business  life  in  New  York  City,  as  a  clerk  in 
a  dry  goods  commission  house.  After  a  few  years  he  left  to 
take  charge  of  the  business  of  a  manufacturing  jewelry  firm. 
Next  he  went  into  the  manufacturing  and  jobbing  jewelry 
business  on  his  own  account,  and  subsequently  became  inter- 
ested in  the  development  of  the  then  new  material  "  cellu- 
loid "  and  is  now  one  of  the  managers  of  the  Celluloid  Com- 
pany. In  1864  he  united  with  the  First  Presbyterian  Church 
at  Tremont,  N.  Y.,  then  a  suburb  of  New  York  city.  In  this 
church  he  has  at  different  times  filled  the  various  offices 
trustee,  deacon,  and  elder,  and  for  fifteen  years  enjoyed  the 
confidence  of  the  church  officers  by  being  annually  elected 
superintendent  of  the  Sabbath  School. 



Descendants  of  6  Benjamin.^ 

663.  Nathan,8  sou  of  333  Hart'  and  Priscilla  [Holt] 
Balch,  was  born  August  29, 1773.  He  married  and  moved  to 
Thompson,  Ohio,  with  his  family  of  14  children,  about  1828. 

1309*    Joel,"  b.         ;  d. 

1310  Ika,'  was  in  Sou  Prah-io.  Madison  county,  Wis.,  in  1856. 

1311  Charles^. 

1312  William'. 

1313  Xathaniel^. 

1314  Daniel^ 

664.  Joel.s  son  of  333  Hart"  and  Priscilla  [Holt]  Balch, 
was  born  February  6,  1775,  and  died  at  Andover,  October 27, 
1815.  He  was  married,  July  4,  1796,  to  Betse}',  daughter  of 
William  Stevens.  She  was  born  April  30,  1778,  and  died  at 
Andover,  Vt.,  December  31,  1810.  They  had  six  children, 
all  born  at  Andover. 

1315  Priscilla  Holt,"  b.  Nov.  6,  1797;  d.  June  4.  1813. 

1316  Betsey,'    b.    April  27,   1800;   d.    Xov.   10,  1871;    m. 

Derby,  in  February,  1823. 
1317*    Aakon  Leland,^  b.  June  17,  1802;  d.  Nov.  4,  1839. 
1318*    Louisa  Mekkeam,'  b.  April  13,  1804. 
1319*    Williahi  Stevens,"  b.  April  13,  1806;  d.  Dec.  2.5,  1887. 

1320  Scsan,"  b.  Sept.  7,  1810;  d.  April  11,  ISll. 

Joel®  was  married  a  second  time,  February  6,  1812,  to  Abi- 
gail Joy  Edwards.  She  was  born  at  Johnson,  R.  I.,  March  9, 
1786,  and  died  at  Andover,  January  12,  1852.  They  had 
three  children. 

1321  Susan  Edwards,"  b.  Marcb  16,  1813;  d.  1854. 

1322  John  Hart,"  b.  Sept.  2.5,  1816;  d.  July  12,  1841. 

1323  Maria,"  b.  June  23,  1820;  d.  April  4,  1848. 

Joel  Balch  was  a  man  of  a  strong  and  active  mind,  but  had 
little  opportunity  for  an  education,  having  gone  to  Vermont 
among  the  first  settlers  there.  His  wife  taught  the  first 
school  in  the  town.  He  was  not  rich,  but  industrious  and 
frugal,  and  lived  comfortably,  and  enjoyed  the  respect  and 
confidence  of  all  who  knew  him.  He  never  sought  office, 
but  was  often  called  upon  to  serve  as  one  of  the  selectmen. 


justice  of  the  peace,  representative  to  the  Legislature,  and  in 
places  of  trust  in  the  neighborhood  and  town.  He  was  a 
great  reader  of  the  Bible,  but  could  never  agree  with  the 
close  communion  Calvinism  of  his  day. 

666.  Deborah,'^  daughter  of  .333  Hart'  and  Dorcas 
[Somers]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  November  13, 
1780.  She  married  Lemuel,  son  of  Josiah  and  Hannah 
[Hobbs]  Abbot,  of  Amherst,  N.  H.  He  was  born  May  13, 
1764,  and  died  January  19,  1841.  They  lived  at  Windham, 
Vt.,  and  had  seven  children :  Lemuel,  b.  April  3,  1799  ; 
Hart  B.,  b.  Dec.  29,  1800  ;  Sally  B.,  b.  Nov.  17,  1802;  Lu- 
cius, b.  Feb.  3,  1804 ;  Lucia,  b.  Aug.  5,  1807 ;  Marcius,  b. 
Dec.  1, 1809  ;  Marcia,  b.  Nov.  26,  1811. 

668.  Asa,8  son  of  333  Hart'  and  Dorcas  [Somers] 
Balch,  was  bora  May  12,  1786,  and  died  at  Andover,  Vt.,  in 
1872.  He  married  Betsey  Parker;  both  were  quite  old  when 
married,  and  they  had  no  issue. 

669.  Francis  S.,''  son  of  333  Hart"  and  Dorcas  [Somers] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Andover,  Vt.,  September  2,  1788,  and 
died  at  Shirley,  Mass.,  August  25,  1857.  On  February  7, 
1810,  he  married  Sally,  daughter  of  James  Dickerson.  She 
was  born  at  Shirley,  January  24,  1790,  and  died  in  that  town, 
December  28,  1871,  and  was  buried  by  her  husband.  Imme- 
diately after  his  marriage  he  Avent  to  live  at  Mitchelville 
(then  a  part  of  Shirle}',  now  of  Ayer),  and  engaged  in  flour- 
milling  for  Levi  Dodge.  He  worked  in  the  mill  several 
years,  then  bought  a  farm  near  by.  He  was  short  of  stature, 
of  medium  weight,  and  quick  in  his  movements.  He  loved 
the  country  life,  hunting  and  fishing.  They  had  four  chil- 
dren, all  born  in  the  town  of  Shirley. 

1324*  DoKCAs,"  b.  Nov.  26,  1811;  d.  Oct.  23,  1886. 

1325*  Francis,^  b,  March  10,  1814;  d.  Nov.  22,  1876. 

1326*  Sakah,9  b.  May  14,  1818. 

1327*  Charles  C,"  b.  Dec.  20,  1820;  d.  May  16,  1893. 

670.  Er.s  son  of  383  Hart"  and  Dorcas  [Somers]  Balch. 
was  born  at  Andover,  Vt.,  February  10,  1794,  and  died  at 


Leominster,  Mass.,  January  6, 1854.  He  was  married  March  7, 
1818,  to  Susan,  daughter  of  John  and  Sarah  [Richardson] 
Buss.  She  was  born  at  Leominster,  February  26,  1796,  and 
died  in  that  town,  September  12,  1867.  Er  was  a  hotel 
keeper  at  Leominster  for  the  last  thirty  years  of  his  life.  Both 
he  and  his  wife  were  buried  in  that  town,  and  their  ten  chil- 
ch-en  were  born  there. 

1328*    Susan,*!  b.  May  13,  1819;  d.  May  22,  1863. 

1329*    Sabah  Ann,9  b.  May  20,  1821;  d.  Oct.  3,  1851. 

1330*    John  Buss,^  b.  June  17,  1825;  d.  Oct.  27,  1851. 

1331*  June  6,  1829;  d.  Dec.  20,  1867. 

1332*    George  Luciu.s,^  b.  April  8,  1831. 

1333*    Francis  Ek,"  b.  Jan.  17,  1834. 

1334*    Ad  ALINE  Adam8,3  b.  Nov.  26,  1837. 

1335  Harriet  Elizabeth,^  b.  Sept.  21,  1840;  d.  Aug.  9,  1860. 

671.  Sally ,8  daughter  of  333  Hart"  and  Dorcas  [Somers] 
Balch,  was  born  October  7,  1795,  and  died  at  Charlestown, 
Mass.,  June  15,  1874.  She  married  Obediah  Parker,  by  whom 
she  had  several  children,  among  them  Jerome  W.  Parker,  who 
lives  at  Charlestown,  and  is  a  butcher  in  Boston  market. 

672.  James  Parker.^  son  of  333  Hart^  and  Dorcas 
[Somers]  Balch,  was  born  at  Andover,  Vt.,  December  4, 
1797,  and  died  at  Weathersfield,  Vt.,  April  2, 1857.  He  was 
married  to  Lucinda,  daughter  of  John  Boynton,  of  Weathers- 
field.  She  was  born  at  Weathersfield,  July  28, 1795,  and  died 
at  Newbur3rport,  Mass.,  November  15,  1881.  James  P.  was 
a  farmer,  and  resided  at  Weathersfield,  Vt.,  and  their  nine 
children  were  born  in  that  town. 

1336  Horace  Leland,^  b.  Nov.  11,  1820;  d.  unrn.  in  1854. 
1337*    John  Hibam.s  b.  Feb.  22,  1824. 

1338"  Elizabeth  Mart,"  b.  Jan.  18,  1827;  d.  July  16,  1894. 

1339  Jeannette  Nancy,'  b.  April  4, 1829;  unm. 

1340*  James  Nelson,''  b.  May  26, 1832. 

1341*  George  Parkeb,«  b.  Jan.  18,  1834;  d.  Oct.  17,  1891. 

1342*  IsADOBE  LuciNDA,9b.  Feb.  8,  1836;  d.  July  14,  1883. 

1343*  Ellen  Jane,'  b.  Aug.  20,  183S. 

1344*  Carrie  Maria,"  b.  Dec.  7,  1841. 

673.  Jacob  Abbot,**  son  of  333  Hart'  and  Dorcas 
[Somers]  Balch,  was  born  June  4,  1800,  at  Andover,  Vt.,  and 


died  at  Newburyport,  Mass.,  August  27, 1881.  He  was  married 
at  Chester,  Vt.,  April  20, 1829,  to  Huldah  J.  Burton,  daughter 
of  Samuel  Burton,  one  of  the  pioneers  of  Vermont.  She  was 
born  at  Andover,  Vt.,  October  23,  1803,  and  died  at  New- 
buryport,  Mass.,  August  28,  1893.  Her  mother  was  a  cousin 
of  Gen.  Israel  Putnam.  At  the  time  of  Jacob  Abbot's  mar- 
riage, both  he  and  Huldah  were  living  at  Andover,  Vt.,  but 
the  record  of  their  marriage  is  at  Chester,  Vt.  They  had  one 
daughter,  born  in  Newburyport. 

1345      Helen  B.,»  b.  Dec.  5,  1835;  m.  Moses  H.  Fowler,  July  8,  1874. 

674.  Maria  S.,8  daughter  of  384  Nathaniel  and  Mary 
[Stillman]  Balch,  was  born  March  20,  1790.  She  married 
Dr.  David  Torry,  and  had  two  sons. 

675.  William.s  son  of  334  Nathaniel-  and  Mary  [Still- 
man]  Balch,  was  born  March  11,  1792,  and  was  lost  at  sea 
sometime  after  1826,  as  he  was  in  Boston  in  that  year.  He 
never  married.  William  was,  like  many  Balches,  a  sailor,  and 
commanded  several  vessels  in  the  merchant  marine  service. 

676.  Nathaniel,^  son  of  834  Nathaniel"  and  Mary  [Still- 
man]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  February  13, 1794.  In  1826 
he  was  a  printer  in  Boston.  In  1831  he  was  in  Baltimore, 
Md.,  and  probably  died  in  that  city  a  few  years  afterwards, 

677.  Harriet,'  daughter  of  334  NathanieF  and  Mary 
[Stillman]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  November  14,  1795. 
She  married  a  Mr.  Grafton. 

678.  Benjamin  Stillman,'  son  of  834  Nathaniel"  and 
Mary  [Stillman]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  July  9,  1797. 
Early  in  life  he  removed  to  Baltimore,  Md.  About  1857,  he 
discovered  a  mode  of  rapidly  cutting  stencil  plates  by  means 
of  nitric  acid,  this  proved  valuable  to  him,  but  the  fuming 
acid  proved  detrimental  to  his  health,  as  he  wrote  in  his  last 
letter  to  his  relatives  in  1850. 

679.  Edward  Lawrence,'  son  of  334  Nathaniel"  and 
Susan  [Young]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  May  31, 1816,  and 


was  baptized  at  the  "  Old  South  Church"  by  Rev.  Dr.  "VVisner. 
He  died  at  Boston,  November  21, 1869.  On  Sunday,  Decem- 
1,  1844,  he  was  married  at  Jamaica  Plain,  by  the  Rev.  Dr. 
Gray,  to  Miss  Martha  Willis,  third  daughter  of  Bradford, 
and  Rebecca  [Atwood]  Lincoln.  She  died  at  Boston,  April 
4,  1882,  at  the  age  of  71  years  and  eight  days.  They  had 
two  childi-en,  the  first  of  whom  was  a  daughter,  b.  Nov.  11, 
1845,  and  died  the  next  day. 

1346*    William  Lincoln,^  b.  April  2,  1S47. 

Bradford  Lincoln,  the  father  of  Mrs.  Edward  L.  Balch,  was 
descended — through  Stephen  Jr.,  David,  Mathew,  and  Job,  of 
Hiugham,  Mass.,  from  Stephen  Lincoln,  who  came  from 
Windham,  Eng.,  in  1638,  and  tluoiigh  his  mother,  Mercy 
Hersey,  on  her  maternal  side,  from  Gov.  William  Bradford,  of 
the  Plymouth  Colony. 

Edward  Lawrence  Balch  when  a  very  yoimg  man  was  em- 
ployed for  a  short  time  in  the  office  of  the  first  city  clerk  of  Bos- 
ton,— which  received  its  charter  in  1822, — and  was  at  an  early 
age  apprenticed  to  the  printers  trade,  his  employers  being  the 
Merriams  at  Brookfield,  Mass.  Returning  to  Boston,  he  made  a 
specialty  of  music  printing  and  for  many  years  a  large  share 
of  the  music  book  and  concert  printing  of  the  city  issued  from 
liis  office.  For  a  time  he  had  charge  of  the  printing  of 
"Dwight's  Journal  of  Music."  He  was  the  first  printer  of 
the  "  Boston  Musical  Times  "  and  of  the  "  Congregational 
Quarterly  "  magazine.  He  was  a  patentee  of  a  form  of  mov- 
able music  type  for  school-chart  printing.  He  was  an  oflicer 
of  the  Mendelssohn  Choral  Societ}^  and  an  active  member  for 
yenvs  of  the  Handel  and  Hayden  Society  and  the  Massachu- 
setts Charitable  Mechanics  Association. 

680.  William  Young/  son  of  334  Nathaniel"  and  Susan 
[Young]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  March  10, 1819,  and  died 
in  that  city  December  17,  1872.  He  was  a  picture  frame 
maker,  and  resided  for  several  years  at  Hillsboro,  Illinois.  He 
was  married  October  24,  1844,  by  the  Rev.  James  Angier,  to 
Maria  Swift,  daughter  of  William,  and  Elizabeth  Beal,  of  Mil- 
ton, Mass.     They  had  two  daughters  born  at  Milton. 


Dr.  Joseph  Balch. 



1347      Kate,9  b.  April  24, 1853. 

1348*    Ella  M.,^  b.  Sept.  29,  1857. 

681.  Joseph/  son  of  343  Joseph'  and  Hannah  [Pope] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  July  16,  1796,  and  died  at 
Providence,  R.  I.,  July  16,  1872.  He  settled  in  Providence  at 
the  age  of  21  and  was  the  head  of  the  firm  of  J.  Balch  &  Son, 
druggists.  He  was  married  at  Providence,  July,  1821,  to 
Mary  Ann,  daughter  of  Eli  and  Hannah  [Vaughn]  Bailey. 
She  was  born  June  25, 1800,  and  died  January  9, 1879.  They 
had  nine  children,  all  born  at  Providence. 

1349*  Joseph  Popk,^  b.  Aug.  9,  1822;  d.  Dec.  2,  1872. 

1350*  Maet  Ann.s  b.  Oct.  7,  1823;  d.  Aug.  31,  1839. 

1351  Jane,9  b.  Jan.  1825;  d.  1826. 

1352*  Jake  Adams,^  b.  Jan.  14,  1827;  d.  Jan.  4,  1893. 

1353*  Ellen  Howaed,«  b.  Mar.  14,  1830;  d.  Oct.  6,  1865. 

1354*  Edward  AuGusTrs,^  b.  Apr.  2,  1832;  d.  Jan.  14,  1871. 

1355*  Anna,9  b.  Mar.  12,  1835. 

1356*  Abigail  Popb,^  b.  Mar.  11,  1837;  unm. 

1357*  Hannah  Eatmkb,^  b.  Mar.  16,  1839;  d.  Dec.  18,  1891. 

683.  Abigail  Bright.s  daughter  of  343  Joseph^  and 
Hannah  [Pope]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  April  1, 
1799.  She  was  married  October  13,  1824,  to  Stanton  Bebee, 
of  Little  Compton,  R.  I. 


Descendants  of  7  Jobn.^ 

684.  Hannah,^  daughter  of  348  John'  and  Lucy  [Snow] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  April  4,  1781,  and  died  at 
Brattleboro,  Vt.,  July  27,  1866.  She  was  married  to  Abel 
Haynes,  at  Keene,  N.  H.  in  April,  1801.  He  was  born  March 
3,  1780,  and  died  September  29,  1822.  He  was  a  farmer  at 
Landgrove,  Vt.,  where  they  had  always  lived,  and  where 
their  children  were  born. 

Clarissa,  b.  Mar.  7,  1802;  d.  at  Westmoreland,  N.  H.,  Oct.  27,   1823. 
Lucy  Ann  B.,  b.  Oct.  23,  1800;  d.  at  Landgi-ove,  Vt.,  Oct.  12,  1833. 
Abigail  S.,  b.  Oct.  2,  1808;  d.  at  Landgrove,  Vt.,  Jan.  2,  1812. 
John  Robinson,  b.  Sept.  22, 1811;  d.  at  Landgrove,  Vt.,  Oct.  7, 1879, 

was  killed  by  a  bull;  m.  Fannie  Garfield,  had  one  child, 

a  daughter;  he  was  a  farmer. 


Abigail  S.,  b.  Oct.  6,  1814,  lives  at  Putney,  Vt.;  m.  Cincmnatus  J. 
Taft,  of  Putney,  Vt.,  a  farmer,  had  one  child,  Ellen,  d. 
y.     Taft  died  in  1863. 

Marietta  P.,  b.  Dec.  30,  1817;  d.  at  Landgrove,  Aug.  19,  1804;  m. 
Almon  Patterson,  a  miller,  lived  at  Landgrove,  had  three 
sons  and  four  daughters. 

Henry  B.,  b.  May  1,  1820;  resides  at  Granville,  Ills,  has  been  mar- 
ried three  times ;  has  one  son. 

685.  Lucindia,^  daughter  of  348  John''  and  Lucy  [Snow] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  ilarch  23,  1783,  and  died  at 
Westmoreland,  N.  H.,  August  7,  1848.  She  was  married  at 
Keene,  December  23,  1810  to  Gaines  Hall,  who  was  born  at 
Raynham,  Mass.,  June  12,  1780,  and  died  at  Westmoreland 
November  30,  1871.  He  was  a  farmer  and  for  more  than  50 
years  he  was  a  deacon  in  the  Christians  Church.  They  had 
two  sons  and  two  daughters  all  born  at  Westmoreland. 

Esther  Mason,  b.  June  9,  1812;  d.  at  Westmoreland,  Sept.  6,  1889  ; 
m.  at  Westmoreland,  Nov.  16,  1834,  Mr.  Prentis  Daggett, 
who  was  born  at  Westmoreland,  Aug.  25,  1807,  and  died 
in  the  same  town,  Oct.  29,  1881,  occupation,  farmer;  poli- 
tics. Republican. 

Gains  Kibth,  b.  Feb.  10,  1814;  d.  April  6,  1863;  m.  Nov.  1,  1837,  to 
Mary  Fuller,  resides  at  Westmoreland.  He  is  a  farmer, 
a  member  of  the  Christian  Church,  and  a  Republican. 
His  wife  Mary,  died  July  21,  1858,  and  he  married  2ndi 
Cordelia  Hubbard,  Nov.  1858.  By  his  first  wife  he  had 
seven  children. 

Emeline,  b.  July  30,  1816;  d.  Sept.  26,  1816. 

Emehne,  b.  Feb.  2,  ISIS;  d.  Mar.  23, 1818. 

Lucy  Snow,  b.  Feb.  18,  1820;  d.  Apr.  7,  1S95;  m.  Feb.  28,  1844,  Elisha 
Shelley,  resided  at  Westmoreland,  a  farmer  and  a  Repub- 
lican, he  was  born  Aug.  27,  1822,  no  children. 

Sbth  Chandler,  b.  Oct.  28,  1822 ;  m.  at  Westmoreland,  Oct.  28,  1847, 
Alfreda  Pattan,  they  reside  at  Keene;  have  had  five  chil- 
dren; are  members  of  the  Christian  Church;  a  farmer 
and  a  Republican, 

686.  Nabby.s  third  daughter  of  348  John"  and  Lucy 
[Snow]  Balch,  was  born  at  Westmoreland,  N.  H.,  March  28, 
1785,  and  died  in  the  same  town  August  17,  1830.  She  was 
married  January  1,  1816,  to  Isaac  Miller,  who  was  born  at 
Westminster,  Mass.,  July  12,  1789,  and  died  at  Worcester, 
Mass.,  July  27, 1870.     He  was  a  fanner  at  Westmoreland,  N. 

ANDREW   BALCH, — KEENE,    WESTMOKELAKD,    N.    H.    217 

H.  and  Athol,  Mass.     They  were  Baptists  and  their  children 

MA.BY  C,  b.  at  Putney,  Vt.,  Oct.  9,  1817;  d.  at  Swansey,  N.  H.,  Nov. 

15,  1845. 
John  Balch,  b.  at  Westmoreland,  Jan.  28,  1819;  d.  at  Brattleboro, 

Vt.,  Apr.  3,  1873  ;m.  Apr.  25,  1842,  Sabrina  P.  Stockwell, 

who  was  born  at  Brattleboro,  Vt.,  Dec.  20,  1820.    He 

was  a  tanner  and  currier.     No  issue. 
Aebl  Hatnes,  b.  at  Westmoreland,  May  1,  1822;  d.  at  Malone,  X. 

Y.,  Aug.  30,  1877;  m.  Jan.  10,  1845,  Martha  Moody.     Ho 

was  a  merchant. 
Isaac  Jackson,  b.  at  Westmoreland,  May  1,  1825;  d.  at  Brattleboro, 

Vt.,  Deo.  13,  1849;  m.  Celista  C.  Ward,  who  was  born  in 

1827.     They  resided  at  Brattleboro,  Vt.    No  issue. 

687.  Andrew.s  eldest  son  of  348  John  7  and  Lucy  [Snow] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  May  2,  1787,  and  died  at 
Westmoreland,  May  26, 1845,  and  was  buried  at  Keene.  On 
October  5, 1815,  he  was  married  at  Westmoreland  to  Louisa, 
daughter  of  Noah  and  Olive  [Staples]  Fuller.  She  was 
born  at  Westmoreland,  N.  H.,  May  30,  1796,  and  died  in  the 
same  town,  November  26,  1870. 

Andrew  was  a  farmer  and  lived  at  Keene  up  to  1826,  when 
he  removed  to  Westmoreland.  Their  six  eldest  children  were 
born  at  Keene,  and  the  three  youngest  at  Westmoreland.  In 
politics  Andrew  was  a  Whig,  and  both  he  and  his  wife  were 
members  of  the  Baptist  Church. 

1358*  Louisa  Fullbb,"  b.  July  7,  1816. 

1359*  Jambs  Andrew,"  b.  Nov.  22,  1817;  d.  Out.  11,  187G. 

1360*  Lucy  Snow,^  b.  Sept.  17,  1819. 

136 1  Olive  Amelia  Fuller,'  b.  Aug.  11,  1821;  d.  July  23,  1822. 

1362*  Perlet  Sxow,'  b.  Sept.  15,  1823;  d.  Aug.  16,  1868. 

1363  Philinda,"  b.  May  27,  1825;  d.  Sept.  3,  1826. 

1364*  Betsey  Fult,ek,»  b.  Aug.  L'l,  1827. 

1365*  Mary  Elitia,'-'  b.  June  2,  1831. 

1366*  John  Edwin,"  b.  Apr.  27,  1833. 

688.  Ezra,^  second  son  of  348  John"  and  Lucy  [Snow] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  in  1798,  and  died  April  26, 
1828,  and  was  buried  at  Keene.  He  married  in  1820,  Dorcas 
Miller.  She  was  born  in  1799,  and  died  March  28,  1877,  and 
was  buried  at  Keene.  They  were  Baptists  and  had  three 


1367      Sabah  Ann,9  b.  1821 ;  d.  May  26,  1824. 
1368*    Sabah  L.,3  b.  1826;  d.  Feb.  26,  1860. 

1369  Ezra  W.,«  b.  1829;  d.  in  Xew  Orleans,  La.,  Jan.  5,  1853. 

690.  Timothy,8  son  of  349  Timothy"  and  Hannah  [Da- 
mon] Balch,  was  born  at  Manchester,  Vt.,  December  10,  1789, 
and  died  at  Orwell,  N.  Y.,  August  10,  1843.  About  1821  he 
married  Hannah  Randall.  She  was  born  in  1800,  and  died 
December  12,  1889.  Timothy  was  a  farmer  and  lived  in  the 
town  of  Orwell,  N.  Y.  Their  seven  children  were  born  in 
that  town. 

1370  John,'  b.  Dec.  3,  1823;  d.  Sept.  19,  1842. 
1371*    EzBA  W.,9  b.  Sept.  12,  1825;  d.  Sept.  18,  1862. 

1372  HiBAM,^  b.  Jan.  8,  1828;  went  away  and  was  never  beard  from. 

1373*  Nancy  L.,'  b.  Dec.  26,  1832. 

1374*  LuciNDiA,''  b.  March  22,  1834. 

1375  Timothy,^  b.  Jan.  28,  1836. 

1376  ANN,'b.  March  20,  1842;  m.  first  Thomas  Thompson,  second 

Horatio  Tiffts. 

691.  John.s  son  of  349  Timothy'  and  Hannah  [Damon] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Manchester,  Vt.,  Februaiy  14,  1792,  and 
died  at  Orwell,  N.  Y.,  March  10, 1882.  He  was  married  at 
Orwell,  in  1821,  to  Eunice  Stowell,  of  Orwell.  They  had 
ten  children. 

1377  LuciNDiA,9  b.  Deo.  6,  1823;  d.  Apr.  30,  1851. 

1378  Walstin,s  b.  Jan.  2,  1826;  d.  Mch.  2,  1890. 

1379  SusANAH,'  b.  Nov.,  1827;  m.  NelsonRima,  P.  O.  Demster,  N.  Y. 
1380*  William,'  b.  Dec.  18,  1832. 

1381*  Orrin  H.9  b.  Mch.  31,  1835. 

1382  Harriet,'  b.  Mch.  18, 18:38;  m.  a  Mr.  Tyheeler,  Horsehead,  X.Y. 

1383*  lRA,9  b.  Feb.  22,  1840. 

1384  LoRKTT,'  b.  1842. 

1385  ANN,»b.  1842. 

1386*    John  H.,'  b.  Jan.  24,  1849. 

John  Balch  possessed  a  well-balanced  organization  and 
powers  of  endurance  that  well  fitted  him  for  the  pioneer  life 
in  which  he  was  brought  up. 

692.  Susan/  daughter  of  349  Timothy"  and  Hannah 
[Damon]  Balch,  was  born  at  Manchester,  Vt.,  August  22, 
1794,  and  died  June  2,  1880.  She  married  Stephen  Tift, 
March  1,  1818,  and  had  four  children : —Jarome,  b.  Sept.  13, 


1819  ;  d.  Dec.  17,  1888;  m.  Lucinda  Ritter,  Dec.  19,  1858. 
Amy  M.,  b.  Nov.  3,  1826  ;  m.  Henry  K.  Kain,  Feb.  20,  1856. 
Lafayette,  b.  June  19,  1829  ;  m.  Jane  Ann  Thomas,  Feb.  5. 
1851.  Susannah,  b.  June  18,  1835  ;  d.  Aug.  18,  1865 ;  m.  E. 
P.  Potter,  May  1,  1855. 

693.  Anna.s  daughter  of  349  Timothy"  and  Hannah 
[Damon]  Balch,  was  born  at  Manchester,  Vt.,  August  27. 
1798,  and  died  at  Orwell,  September  21,  1840.  She  was 
married  at  Orwell,  April  16,  1817,  to  Edward,  son  of  Allen 
and  Mary  [Hall]  Gilbert,  of  Orwell.  He  was  born  May  3, 
1795,  and  died  at  Lorraine,  N.  Y.,  May  2,  1882.  Mr.  Gilbert 
for  his  second  wife  married  Poll^^  a  younger  sister  of  Ann. 

Edward  Gilbert  and  his  wife  Ann  had  nine  children,  all 
born  in  the  town  of  Orwell,  N.  Y.  Hannah,  b.  March  7, 
1819  ;  Polly,  b.  June  26,  1821,  m.  first,  March  19,  1843, 
Samuel  Hayt,  m.  second.  May  10,  1846,  a  Mr.  Spink  ;  Na- 
thaniel, b.  July  8,  1823,  d.  May  1,  1893,  m.  Jan.  1,  1849, 
Nancy  Leech ;  Charlotte,  b.  Sept.  2,  1825,  d.  Jan.  28,  1847, 
m.  Mr.  Luther  James;  Lucy,  b.  Aug.  19,  1827,  d.  Sept.  6, 
1881,  m.  Oct.  20,  1851,  Mr.  Chancey  James ;  John,  b.  Nov. 
6,  1831,  d.  Jan.  27, 1853,  at  Orwell ;  Timothy,  b.  July  17, 
1834,  m.  Sept.  20,  1857  ;  Richard,  b.  July  17,  1840,  d.  Oct. 
15,  1840. 

694.  Daniel,^  son  of  349  Timothy'  and  Hannah  [Damon] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Manchester,  Vt.,  July  29,  1800,  and  died 
May  25,  1874.  He  married  Betsey  West,  who  died  Septem- 
ber 1,  1787.  They  were  members  of  the  Methodist  church, 
and  had  five  children. 

1387  PiiiLo  W.,9  b.  1825;  d.  1828. 

1388  MARYKTT.'b.  1826;  d.  1828. 
1389*    Aktimicia  M.,»  b.  May  19,  1829. 

1390      Calista.s  b.  Aug.  IS,  1831;  d.  Dec.  21,  1893;  m.   Lewis  Park- 
hurst,  Dec.  ,30,  1857. 
1391*    LuKANXAH,'  b.  June,  1833;  d.  Oct.  26,  1877. 

695.  Polly, 8  daughter  of  349  Timothy"  and  Hannah 
[Damon]  Balch,  was  born  at  Manchester,  Vt.,  October  31, 
1803,  and  died  at  Orwell,  September  18,  1893.    She  was  mar- 


ried,  February  20,  1824,  to  Daniel,  son  of  Dimmiet  and  Ruth 
[Goodenough]  Damon.  He  was  born  at  Manchester,  Vt., 
Nov.  13,  1801.  He  was  killed  June  2,  1835  ;  he  was  a  con- 
stable, and  went  into  the  woods  in  the  to\vn  of  Boylston, 
N.  Y.,  to  serve  some  papers,  and  was  there  killed.  He  was  a 
farmer,  and  resided  in  the  town  of  Orwell;  and  their  four 
children  were  born  in  that  town. 

Joseph  H.,  b.  Nov.  24,  1825;  d.         ;  m.  Aug.  31,  1S62,  Melissa 

H.  Makilla,  b.  Sept.  12,  1828;  d.         ;  m.  June  5,  1850,    D.    C. 

Mart  M.,  b.  April  4,  1832;  d.  March  5,  1S93;  ra.  Sept.  7,  1856, 
A.  J.  Potter. 

Ruth,  b.  May  17,  1835;  m.  Dec.  26,  18.55,  G.  H.  West. 
Polly  married  second,  March  19,  184-3,  Edward  Gilbert,  a 
widower  of  her  sister  Ann.  They  had  one  son,  Herbert  C,  b. 
Oct.  12,  1844,  at  Orwell.  He  was  a  corporal  in  the  147th 
regiment,  N.  Y.  vols.,  wounded  at  Gettysburg,  came  home  on 
a  furlough,  went  back,  and  was  killed  at  Petersburg,  Va., 
June  19,  1864. 

698.  Ebenezer.s  son  of  357  Cyrus'  and  Judith  [Stone] 
Baleh  was  born  September  16,  1787,  in  the  town  of  West- 
ford,  Vermont.  He  died  in  Alleghany  Co.,  N.  Y.  aged  62 
years.  When  he  was  four  years  of  age,  his  father  moved  into 
the  town  of  Enosburg,  Vermont.  About  1813  he  married 
Lydia,  daughter  of  Silas  Shepard  of  Northern  Vermont.  She 
died  in  Meigs  Co.,  Ohio,  at  the  age  of  about  88  years.  They 
were  members  of  the  M.  E.  church  and  lived  in  Alleghany  Co., 
N.  Y.  Family  tradition  says  that  he  was  a  volunteer  in  the 
battle  of  Plattsburgh.     They  had  ten  children. 

1392*    Cyrus  Decatur,"  b.  1812;  d.  1877. 

1393  Nelson  Horatio,'  b.  1815;  left  his  home  in  Alleghany,  N.  T.. 
when  22  years  of  age  and  was  never  heard  from  afterwards, 

1394*    Ebenezeb  Washington, '  b.  1819;  d. 

1395*    Christopher  Columbus,' b.  1821;  d.  1848. 

1396*    John  Quincy  Adams,'  b.  April  6,  1825;  d.  Aug.  28,  1887. 

1397      Marquis  de  Lafay-ettb,'  b.        ;  d.  at  two  years  of  age. 

1398*    Andrew  Jackson,'  b.  Dec.  1,  1838;  d.  Nov.  3,  1894. 

1399      SoPHBONA,'  b.        ;  d.         ;  m.  a  Spaniard  and  went  to  Cuba. 


1400  AcHSA,'  b.        ;  d.         ;  m.  a  Spaniard  and  went  to  Cuba. 

1401  MABlA.'b.        ;  d.  aged  17. 
1402*    Benjamin  Fbanklin,'  b.  1S42. 

699.  Mary ,8  daughter  of  357  Cyrus"  and  Judith  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  August  20,  1791,  and  died  March  25,  1862, 
at  Elyria,  Ohio,  where  she  was  buried.  In  1850  she  went  to 
Ohio,  where  two  of  her  brothers  had  made  their  homes.  She 
lived  a  brave,  trusting,  unselfish,  unwavering,  noble,  Christian 
life.  Just  one  year  before  the  day  of  her  funeral  she  was 
stricken  with  typhoid  fever  from  which  she  recovered  but  never 
rallied.  She  was  married  Dec.  31,  1810,  to  Seth,  son  of  Tim- 
othy and  Elizabeth  Morgan.  He  was  born  at  Westford,  Ver- 
mont, October  15,  1791,  where  he  died  July  9,  1846.  He 
constructed  a  log  house  on  an  uncleared  faim  in  Westford, 
where  their  twelve  children  were  born  and  named  as  follows  : 
Orville,  Timothy,  Tyler,  Seth,  Elizabeth,  Emily  Caroline, 
Hampton,  Harmon  Cyrus,  Elmina  Smith,  Allen  Smith,  Eliza- 
beth Roenee,  Cora  Allen.  They  also  adopted  one  child, 
Eliza  Abigail.     Five  grew  to  maturity. 

Emilt  Caboline,  b.  Aug.  25.  1818,  d.  at  Elyria,  Ohio,  April  22, 
1893;  m.  Jonas  Cooke,  April  25,  1838.    Lived  at  Elyria,  Ohio, 
San   Diego,    Cal.     Six  children,  two  surviving.     Herman   C. 
and  Janet  M.  at  San  Diego. 
Habmon  Cyrus,  b.  April  6,  1821. 
Et-MINA  Smith,  b.  Nov.  19,  1823;  d.  Oct.  6,  1849. 
Elizabeth  Roenee,  b.  Feb.  7,  1828;  m.  George  W.  Pettengill, 
Jan.  31,  1847.     Live  at  Essex,  Vermont.     Nine  children,  four 
reaching  maturity.    George  H.  b.  Dec.  1,  1847,  d.  Nov.  5,  1888; 
Elmina  M.,  b.  Sept.  15,  1849,  d.  April  6,  1889;  Carrie  H.  b. 
July  17,  1862;  Walter  J.,  b.  March  31,  1866. 
Claba  Allen,  b.  Sept.  5,  1830;  m.  Abel  Cooley,  Oct.  31,  1864,  in 
Cleveland,  Ohio.    He  died  at  their  home  in  West  Springfield, 
Massachusetts,   Nov.  13,  1864.     She  lives  at  Westford,  Ver- 
701.    John.s  son  of    357    Cyrus"    and     Judith    [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  January  29,  1794,  and  was  di-owned  with 
nine  others  by  the  capsizing  of  a  small  boat  in  Lake  Cham- 
plain,  Aug.  21,  1834.     He  was  buried  at  Addison,  Vermont. 
He  married  about   1825,   Miss   Lucy  Williams,  a  native  of 
New  Hampshire,  and  to  them  were  born  five  children. 


1403»  Elmina  M.,9  b.  Feb.  6,  1826. 

1404*  JoHN,»  b.  Nov.  12,  1827. 

1405*  Emeline  Robinson,^  b.  May  4,  18-30;  d.  Sept.  28,  1886. 

1406»  Martha  Eliza,^  b.  Sept.  15,  1832. 

1407  Enos  CEYLON,»b.  Mar.  7,  1834,  at  Addison,  Vt.;d.  Sept.,  1804, 

in  the  Union  army  at  Fort  Slocum,  D.  C,  and  was  buried  at 
Arlington.  He  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Charles  H.  Long"s 
Company,  1st  N.  H.  Heavy  Artillery. 

702.  Simeon.s  son  of  357  Cyrus"  and  Judith  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  in  1796.  He  married  second,  about  1829,  Mis^ 
Sophrouia,  daughter  of  Capt.  CofBn,  of  Nantucket,  Mass. 
They  lived  at  Mt.  Vei'non,  Fredericktown,  Ohio,  and  later  in 
Missouri,  where  they  both  died.     They  had  five  children. 

1408  Albert  Goodwin,"  b.  Aug.  22,  1830. 

1409  GEOReiANNA,"  b.  Oct.  9,  1836. 

1410  Edwin  Coffin,"  b.  Nov.  12,  18-38. 

1411  Mabt  Coffin,"  b.  Deo.  14,  1840. 

1412  William  Coffin,"  b.  Mar.  1,  1843;  d.  1860. 

Under  date  of  Vergennes,  Vermont,  Dec.  12,  1891,  Mr. 
Geo.  W.  Grandey  writes :  "  Simeon  Balch,  Enos  B.  Balch, 
John  Balch,  and  Elmina  Balch,  came  from  Enosburg,  Frank- 
lin Co.,  Vt.,  nearly  or  quite  70  years  ago.  Simeon  was  my 
first  School  Master  and  taught  in  Panton  many  yeai's.  Enos 
worked  on  my  father's  farm  in  Panton  and  Addison  and 
boarded  there.  Elmina  boarded  and  lived  in  our  family  a 
long  time.  I  attended  the  funeral  of  John  Balch  and  the 
others  who  were  drowned  in  August,  1834,  saw  them  all 
taken  from  the  Lake.  Simeon,  after  he  left  Panton,  went 
to  Washington,  Vt.,  and  married.  My  age  79.  Think  I 
must  have  been  about  5  or  7  years  old  when  Simeon,  Enos, 
and  Elmina  lived  at  our  house." 

703.  Enos.s  son  of  357  Cyrus'  and  Judith  [Stone]  Balch, 
was  born  in  Enosburg,  Vt.,  in  1796,  '97,*  and  died  at  Cleve- 

»Hemenway,  Vermont,  Historical  Gazetter,  Vol.  II,  page  133. 

"As  per  record;  '  June  4,  1798,  Anna  F.  Farrar,  daughter  of  Isaac  B. 
FaiTar  and  Anna,  his  wife,'  appears  to  be  the  first  child  born  in  town. 
Although  report  has  it,  and  it  is  believed,  that  Enos  Balch  was  the  first 
child  born  in  town,  was  named  Enos  in  consideration  of  the  fact,  and 
was  cradled  in  a  sap-trough.     It  is  claimed  that  his  father  and  mother 

CYRUS   BALCH, — CARLISLE,    O.,    RUTLAND,    MICH.       22:3 

land,  Ohio,  in  1872.  He  married  Emeline,  daughter  of  Capt. 
Robinson,  of  Nantucket,  Mass.  They  lived  at  Elyria,  Ohio, 
and  had  no  children,  but  adopted  a  girl,  Amanda,  who 
married  N.  D.  White.  She  lived  in  Cleveland,  and  it  was  at 
her  home  that  Enos  died. 

704.  Oyru8,8  son  of  357  Gyrus"  and  Judith  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Enosburg,  Vt.,  in  April,  1799,  and  died 
at  Rutland,  Barry  Co.,  Mich.,  August  7,  1878,  and  was 
buried  in  the  same  town.  He  was  a  farmer.  For  a  time  he 
lived  in  New  York  state  where  his  two  eldest  children  were 
born  and  died,  then  he  moved  to  Carlisle,  Ohio,  where  his  six 
other  children  were  born,  finally  he  moved  to  Rutland,  Barry 
Co.,  Mich.  In  August,  1830,  he  was  married  to  Asenith, 
daughter  of  Moses  and  Sarah  Robinson.  She  was  born  near 
Auburn,  N.  Y.,  August  4,  1808,  and  died  at  Rutland,  Mich., 
September  27,  1882.  He  was  a  Republican,  a  soldier  in  the 
War  of  1812,  and  a  member  of  the  M.  E.  church.  Their 
children  were  eight  in  number. 

1413  Virginia, 0  b.        ;  d. 

1414  Elmina,^  b.         ;  d. 

1415  Sarah  Sophronia,^  b.  Dec.  1,  1836;  d.  Mar.  2t,  1871). 
1416*  Cyrus  Muxson,^  b.  June  5,  1839. 

1417*    Mary  Ermina,"  b.  Sept.  10,  1842. 
1418*    Caroline  Elizabeth, »  b.  Jan.  15,  1815. 
1419      Edwin  Moses,»  b.  Feb.  6,  1848. 
1420*    James  William,"  b.  Xov.  13,  1849. 

705.  Elmina.s  daughter  of  357  Cyrus"  and  Judith  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Enosburgh,  Vt.,  in  1801,  and  died  at 
Addison,  Vt.,  September  4,  1838.  She  married  Allen  Smith. 
Of  her  children  one  is  known  named  Cyrus,  and  one  named 

706.  Ely  Stone.s  son  of  357  Cyrus"  and  Judith  [Stone] 

constituted  the  first  family  that  wintered  in  town — the  winter  of  179(5  an<) 
"97,  on  the  Hoyt  farm,  so  called,  now  owned  by  Bradley  Bliss,  situated  ou 
a  swell  of  land  in  the  west  part  of  the  town;  then  and  now  called  Balch 
Hill.  It  is  interesting  to  know  that  this  first  son  of  Enosburgh  became 
a  worthy  minister  of  the  Gospel,  of  the  Methodist  persuasion." 


Balch,  was  boi-n  at  Enosburg,  Vt.,  February  13, 1803,  and  died 
at  Conway,  Mich.,  December  24,  1861,  and  was  buried  in  the 
latter  town.  He  was  married  first,  October  30,  1827,  to 
Philura,  daughter  of  Moses,  and  Cynthia  [Wilson]  Southard. 
She  was  horn  in  Vermont,  December  8,  1808,  and  died  at 
Pontiac,  Mich.,  June  14,  1842.  They  had  four  children,  the 
three  first  were  born  in  Addison,  Vt.,  the  last  at  Summerfield, 

1421*    Cyrus  Henby,^  b.  Jan.  16,  18.30;  d.  May  23, 1867. 

1422*    Mabtha  Helkn,9  b.  Mar.  12,  1832. 

1423      Albeet  Allen,«  b.  Oct.  2,  1833;  d.  Aug.  8,  1855. 

1424*    Delia  Ann  Elmina,^  b.  Sept.  14,  1836. 

Ely  Stone  was  married  second,  June  5,  1845,  to  Adeline 
Coffin.  She  was  born  at  Nantucket,  Mass.,  May  18, 1806,  and 
died  at  Conway,  Mich.,  August  13,  1858.  They  had  two 
children  born  at  Conway. 

1425      Adeline  Coffin,^  b.  Apr.  27,  1S46;  d.  Apr.  27,  1846. 

1426*    Emaline,3  b.  July  31, 1847. 

On  October  14,  1859,  Ely  Stone  Balch  married  Maria  Wil- 
cox. He  was  a  farmer.  About  1834,  he  moved  with  his 
family  to  Michigan  in  which  state  he  continued  to  live,  first 
at  Pontiac,  and  finally  in  Conway. 

709.  Alden,8  oldest  son  of  363  Abner'  and  Lydia  P. 
[Alden]  Balch,  was  born  in  1798,  and  died  in  1813. 

711.  Abner.s  son  of  363  Abner"  and  Lydia  P.  [Alden] 
Balch,  was  born  January  1, 1804,  and  died  November  13, 1888. 
He  was  a  farmer  also  a  carder,  dyer  and  fuller,  and  was  an 
exemplary  man.  He  married  Lydia  Woodbury,  September  2, 
1830.  They  lived  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Bath,  and  Luninburg, 
Vt.,  and  had  seven  children. 

1427*    Eliza  H.,»  b.  July  19,  1S32;  d.  Dec.  8,  1863. 

1428*    Almiba.s  b.  July  2,  1834;  d.  Nov.  25,  1801. 

1429*    William  Henky.^  b.  Jan.  11,  1837;  d.  Nov.  13,  1865. 

1430  ALFBED.^b.  June  11,  1839;  killed  at  battle  of  Fair  Oaks,  June 
1,  1862,  Fifth  N.  H.  Volunteers. 

1431*    Ellen  J.,»  b.  Feb.  27,  1842. 

1432      Levi  C.^  b.  1841;  d.  Dec,  1850. 

1433*    Bybon  Blis8,»  b.  Nov.  23,  1848. 

ALiT-ED   BALCn, — LEBANOX,  N.  H.,   TISKILWA,    ILL.    225 

712.  Eliza/  daughter  of  363  Abner"  and  Lydia  P.  [Alden] 
Balch,  was  bom  February  8, 1805,  and  died  December  6, 1826. 
She  married  Aaron  Hayes  of  Lebanon,  N.  H.  They  had  on& 
son  born  at  Lebanon,  Horace  Alden,  who  was  born  July  26, 
1826,  and  died  October  3,  1895.  He  was  married  October 
28,  1852,  to  Lucy  Ann  Fellows,  who  was  born  at  Lyme,  March 
6,  1833.  They  had  seven  children,  the  first  born  at  Windsor, 
Vermont,  the  second  at  St.  Johnsbury  and  the  others  at 
Groveton,  N.  H.  Charles  Melroy,  b.  Oct.  28,  1853  ;  Edith 
Balch,  b.  Sept.  15,  1857  ;  Winifred  Lucy,  b.  Apr.  1,  1861 ; 
John  Alden,  b.  Nov.  6,  1864  ;  Annie  Grace,  b.  Dec.  28,  1867, 
d.  June  29, 1868  ;  William  Henrj%  b.  Apr.  4,  1871 ;  Blanche 
Adelyn,  b.  Feb.  12,  1874. 

713.  Alfred.s  son  of  363  Abner"  and  Lydia  P.  [Alden] 
Balch,  was  born  January  8,  1806,  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt. ;  and 
died  at  Lebanon,  N.  H.,  April  11,  1892.  He  was  a  twin  to 
Albert,  who  died  the  same  year.  He  was  married,  September 
3,  1843,  to  Elizabeth  Fellows,  daughter  of  Alvah  and  Eliza- 
beth [Fellows]  Cory,  at  Lebanon,  N.  H.  She  was  born  at 
Thetford,  Vermont,  June  19,  1826.  They  lived  at  Lebanon,. 
N.  H.,  until  1856,  then  in  Illinois  for  two  years,  and  after- 
ward at  Hanover,  N.  H.  Mrs.  Balch  is  now  at  Tiskilwa,. 
111.     The  following  are  their  children. 

1434*  Ellen  Almiba,=>  b.  May  31,  1844. 

1435*  Chaeles  Pabkhdbst,'*  b.  Aug.  10,  1845. 

1436*  Plinxy  Earl,'  b.  .Jan.  35,  1847. 

1437*  Fkank  Moktimek,"  b.  June  10,  1849. 

1438  Xed  Eugene,<>  b.  Feb.  25,  1S51;  unm;  living  in  Chicago. 

1439*  Alice  Maud,**  b.  Jan  21,  1853. 

1440*  Rosalie,'  b.  Sept.  6,  1855. 

1441*  Alvah  Abnek,'  b.  Sept.  5,  1857. 

1442  Jessie,'  b.  May  1,  1859;  d.  unm.  Jan.,  1878. 

1443  Alfbed  Alden,'  b.  Oct.  4,  18&5;  unm. ;  living  in  Boston,  Mass. 

1444  Clarence  Hepworth,'  b.  Jan.  5, 1868 ;  unm. ;  living  in  Boston. 

715.  Lydia,*  daughter  of  363  Abner^  and  Lydia  P. 
[Alden]  Balch,  was  born  in  1808  and  died  in  1829.  She 
married  her  sister  Eliza's  widower,  Aaron  Hayes  and  had  one 
child  who  died  young. 


716.  Almira  A.,8  daughter  of  363  Abner"  and  Lydia  P. 
[Alden]  Balch,  was  born  August  5,  1811,  and  is  living  in 
Boston.  She  was  married  December  1,  1852,  to  Frank,  son 
of  David  and  Balinda  [Hadlock]  Rowell.  He  was  born  at 
Weare,  N.  H.,  February  1,  1832.  They  have  no  children. 
Mr.  Rowell  is  a  photographer. 

717.  Albert.s  son  of  363  Abner"  and  Lydia  P.  [Alden] 
Balch,  was  born  in  1814,  and  was  killed  in  a  railroad  acci- 
dent, Feb.,  1854.  He  was  married  to  Lois  Balcom,  of  Meri- 
den,  N.  H.  They  lived  at  Lebanon,  N.  IL,  and  St.  Johns- 
bury,  Vermont,  and  two  children  were  born  at  each  place. 

1445  SusAN,8  b.        ;  d.  y. 

1446  Charles   Gleason,^  b.  ;  was  a  soldier  in  the  Union  Army 

and  was  drowned  at  Hilton  Head,  N.  C. 

1447  JosHLTA.eb. 

1448  Elizabeth,^  b. 

719.  Sarah  Stanley ,»  eldest  daughter  of  367  Benjamin^ 
and  Sarah  [Stanley]  Balch,  was  born  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt., 
November  24,  1809  and  lives  at  Sayre,  Pa.  She  married 
Russell  M.  Badger,  and  by  him  had  one  son,  RoUo  M.,  b. 
Jan.  1,  1849 ;  m.  Mar.  19,  1879,  Maria  M.  Hutchins. 

721.  BeDJamin,^  eldest  son  of  367  Benjamin^  and  Sarah 
[Stanley]  Balch,  was  born  at  St.  Johnsbmy,  Vt.,  June  13, 
1812,  and  lived  at  Union,  N.  Y.  He  died  July  15, 1894.  About 
1840,  he  married  Lucy  Gary,  by  whom  he  had  six  children. 
She  was  born  August  22,  1818. 

1449  JuDSON,^  b.  Sept.  6,  1842;  d.  in  the  army  unm.  in  his  23d  year. 

1450  Mary,"  b.  Feb.  2.3,  1845;  d.  unm.  in  her  18th  year. 
1451»  Sarah  Bella,'  b.  May  26,  1849. 

llfi    f r™ick,'    !     '^'^''  "^^  J">y  28,    1852. 

1454  Nettie  BEN,3b.  June  18,  1858. 

722.  Matthew  Stanley ,«  son  of  367  Benjamin'  and 
Sarah  [Stanley]  Balch,  was  born  August  4,  1813,  at  St. 
Johnsbury,  Vt.,  and  died  Oct.  20,  1844.  About  1840  he  was 
married  to  Maria  Eldridge,  by  whom  he  had  two  children. 

1455  Clary.s  b.  June  27,  1841. 
1456»  ELN0RA,9b.  1843;  d. 


725.  James  Britton.s  son  of  367  Benjamin'  and  Sarah 
[Stanley]  Balch,  was  born  June  22,  1819,  at  St.  Johnsbury, 
Vt.,  and  is  now  living  at  Nanticoke,  N.  Y.  He  was  married 
at  Union,  N.  Y.,  May  15,  1847,  to  Phoebe  Eliza,  daughter  of 
David  and  Esther  (Hempstraugh)  Decker.  She  was  born  at 
Campville,  N.  Y.,  June  13,  1818.  Their  three  eldest  children 
were  born  at  Union,  N.  Y.,  and  the  youngest  at  Bingham- 

1457  ViBGiNiA,^  b.  May  1,  1848;  unm. ;  lives  at  Union,  N.  T. 

1458*  Esther  Alicb,^  b.  Oct.  4,  1850. 

1459*  Thuk,'  b.  Oct.  19,  1852. 

1460*  Emma  Ank  Stanlet,^  b.  Mar.  25,  1856. 

726.  Lucy  H..^  daughter  of  367  Benjamin^  and  Sarah 
[Stanley]  Balch,  was  born  Feb.  12,  1821.  She  married 
Thomas  Twining,  January  14,  1849,  and  to  them  was  born 
one  son,  Thomas  Dick,  b.  Oct.  22,  1849.  He  married  in 
1870,  Dorinda  M.,  daughter  of  James  Cogswell,  and  to  them 
were  born  two  children.  Guy  Elmer,  b.  Apr.  7,  1871 ;  Merta, 
b.  Mar.  8,  1878. 

727.  Benjamin  Franklin.^  son  of  367  Benjamin"  and 
Sarah  [Stanley]  Balch  was  born  December  8,  1822.  He  was 
married  August  4,  1851,  to  Miriam  Clark,  by  whom  he  had 
three  children.     They  live  at  Binghamton,  N.  Y. 

1461  Emmbt  Lee,8  b.  May  10,  1854. 

1462  EvEKETT  B.,9  b.  Dec.  19,  1860. 

1463  Rosa  L.,^  b.  Feb.  12,  1867. 

728.  Lydia  M.,^  daughter  of  367  Benjamin^  and  Sarah 
[Stanley]  Balch,  was  born  December  24,  1827,  and  was  mar- 
ried to  Samuel  Weed,  March  4,  1856,  and  had  three  children. 
Lilla  B.,  b.  Nov.  15,  1857 ;  Samuel  Everett,  b.  Aug.  14,  1859; 
Nella  M.,  b.  Feb.  12,  1869.     She  lives  at  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

729.  Laura  Olive,^  daughter  of  368  Sylvanus^  and 
Catherine  [Wetherby]  Balch,  was  born  at  Concord,  Vermont, 
June  24,  1820,  and  died  at  Littleton,  New  Hampshire,  May 
24,  1873.  She  was  married,  in  1847,  to  Franklin,  son  of 
Joseph    Tilton,  of  Danville,  Vermont.     He   was   a   man  of 


prominence  in  Littleton,  and  a  successful  merchant.     They 
had  five  children,  all  born  in  Littleton. 

John  Franklin,  b. 

"William  Henbt,  b.  Jan.  23,  1852,  a  clothing  merchant  at  San 

Francisco,  C'al. 
Fredeuick  Albert,  b.         ;  d.  May  30,  1893  at  Spokane,  Wash. ; 

m.  Hattie  Grace  Sample,  of  Littleton;  children,  Luna  Belle, 

Franklin  Pearce,  Isabel,  and  William  Henry. 
Mart  Balch. 
Cabrie,  b.        ;  m.  Dr.  M.  F.  Young,  of  Littleton,  N.  H.    Two 

sons,  Ililei/  Tilton  and  Willard  F. 

730.  John  Wetherby.s  son  of  368  Sylvanus'  and  Cath- 
erine [Wetherby]  Balch,  was  born  at  Concord,  Vt.,  May  20, 
1824.  He  was  married  July  23, 1849,  to  Miss  Louisa  C, 
daughter  of  Solomon  and  Sally  Stevens  of  Barnet,  Vt.  She 
was  born  at  Barnet,  June  12,  1827,  and  died  at  Marshall- 
town,  Iowa,  February  11,  1887.  They  had  two  sons. 

1464*    Albert  F.,^  b.  April  11,  1855. 
1465*    Phineas  S.,"  b.  April  27,  1857. 

John  W.  was  a  merchant  and  farmer  at  Littleton,  N.  H. 
for  more  than  20  years.  In  1865,  he  removed  to  St.  Johns- 
bury,  Vt.,  and  formed  the  company  of  "  Ely,  Balch  &  Co." 
manufacturers  of  hoes  and  forks.  In  1887  he  was  living  at 
St.  Johnsbury,  a  dealer  in  furniture,  under  the  firm  name  of 
"  Hall  &  Balch." 

731.  Samuel  Albert/  son  of  368  Sylvanus'  and  Cath- 
erine (Wetherby)  Balch,  was  born  June  11,  1828,  and  died 
in  San  Francisco,  California,  May  14, 1895.  He  was  married 
in  New  York  city  about  1862,  to  Agnes  Lacy,  a  native  of 
Ireland,  and  a  Roman  Catholic.  She  died  Jan.  31,  1886, 
aged  52  years.  They  had  two  daughters,  both  born  in  New 

1466*    Mary  E.,*  b.  June  22,  1863. 

1467      Eliza  J.,'  b.  Aug.  23,  1867  ;  d.  Oct.  6,  1876. 

Samuel  Albert  worked  for  many  years  for  the  Knicker- 
bocker Ice  Co.,  of  New  York,  then  he  went  to  California  and 
engaged  in  mining  and  farming.     He  then  returned  east  and 


engaged  in  the  ice  business  again.  About  1882  he  returned 
to  the  Pacific  coast.  He  was  of  quiet,  gentle  disposition,  but 
extremely  reticent,  and  never  told  his  family  who  his  relatives 
were,  or  told  his  brother  of  his  marriage.  Because  of  his 
prolonged  absence  from  home,  his  daiigliter,  Mrs.  Smalley, 
became  anxious  after  his  welfare,  and  in  the  spring  of  1893 
her  husband  looked  in  the  New  York  directory,  and  finding 
the  son  of  the  author  of  this  Genealogy  with  a  similar  name, 
called  at  his  office  and  made  known  the  facts  concerning 
his  father-in-law's  marriage.  As  Samuel  Albert  had  not  com- 
municated with  his  brother  in  Vermont  for  some  time,  it 
was  not  possible  to  obtain  his  address  at  the  time.  Early  in 
the  next  year,  Samuel  Albert  suddenly  appeared  at  his 
daughter's  home,  was  shown  his  genealogical  record  and  ad- 
mitted that  it  was  correct.  He  remained  for  a  few  days  and 
then  suddenly  disappeared.  Notice  of  his  death  was  pub- 
lished in  a  San  Francisco  paper  ;  it  was  cut  out  and  sent  to 
the  author  of  the  Genealogy  by  a  correspondent  in  Tacoma, 
and  through  it  Mrs.  Smalley  first  learned  of  her  father's  death 
just  three  months  after  it  occurred. 

732.  Selinda.s  daughter  of  370  Adin"  and  Martha  [Gee] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  February  1,  1812.  She 
married,  when  quite  young,  a  Mr.  Carby,  a  farmer,  and  was 
the  mother  of  fourteen  children,  of  whom  none  were  twins- 
They  moved  about  considerably. 

734.  James.s  son  of  370  Adin'^  and  Martha  [Gee]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  February  23,  1816,  and  died 
February  27,  1894.  He  was  a  shoemaker.  For  many  years 
he  played  the  bass  viol  in  the  Baptist  Churcli  choir  at  Lunen- 
burg. He  married  Fannie  Smith,  who  was  born  April  3, 
1816,  and  died  March  31,  1887.  They  had  seven  childi-en, 
all  born  in  Lunenburg,  Vermont. 

1468-  Sylvia  'W.,^h.  Sept.  29,  1839;  d.  Oct.  15,  1892. 
1469*  Emeline  M.,0  b.  Nov.  5,  1840;  d.  July  27,  1874. 
1470*    Austin  A.,«  b.  Jan.  8,  1842. 


1471  William  J.,»  b.  Oct.  18,  1843;  d.  July  8,  1868;  m.  Mary  Hub- 


1472  Matilda  C.,»  b.  Aug.  17,  1845;  m.  June  3, 1874,  Martin  V.  B. 

1473*    Gardner  H.,«  b.  Dec.  7,  1848. 
1474      Lucy  E.,"  b.  Aug.  8,  1852;  m.  John  B,  Blandin. 

735.  Edward  Austin.^  son  of  370  Adin^  and  Martha 
[Gee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  June  16,  1817, 
and  died  November  12,  1891,  at  Harmon,  Illinois,  where  he 
was  a  farmer.  He  was  a  fine  singer.  He  was  married  April 
20,  1847,  to  Mary,  daughter  of  William  and  Betsy  [Davis] 
Ingerson.  She  was  born  at  Jefferson,  N.  H.,  December  26, 
1813.     They  had  three  children  of  whom  one  died  young. 

1475*    Laura  L.,^  b.  Feb.  15,  1848,  at  Lunenburg,  Vt. 
1476*    George  Edward,«  b.  Oct.  25,  1853,  at  Jefferson,  N.  H. 

736.  William,8  son  of  370  Adin'  and  Martha  [Gee] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  May  1,  1819,  and  died 
September  6,  1842.  He  married  Lucy  Ann  Moss.  A  few 
minutes  before  his  death  he  sang  with  great  pathos  the  hymn 
"  All  is  well." 

737.  Martha.s  daughter  of  370  Adin'  and  Martha  [Gee] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  April  17,  1821.  She  married 
a  well  to  do  farmer,  and  lived  on  one  farm  all  her  life,  and 
had  five  sons  and  three  daughters.  She  was  a  most  excel- 
lent woman  and  a  fine  singer. 

738.  Caroline  Matilda,^  daughter  of  370  Adin"  and 
Martha  [Gee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  April  21, 
1824,  and  died  at  Pewamo,  Mich.,  June  2,  1885.  Slie  was 
buried  at  Lebanon,  Mich.  She  had  a  fiue  alto  voice,  trained 
for  concert  singing.  On  December  8,  1849,  she  was  married 
to  William  Henry,  son  of  George  and  Louisa  [Hovey] 
Woodworth.  He  was  born  at  Dorchester,  N.  H.,  on  January 
14, 1828.  They  had  one  son,  Henry  Dodge,  b.  March  10, 
1851,  at  Salem  Falls,  N.  H.  He  was  married,  Nov.  27, 1873, 
to  Maggie  H.  Rose,  daughter  of  Almon  Rose  and  Cai-oliue 
[Brown]  Kraus.  She  was  born  at  Lyons,  Mich.,  March  5, 
1856.     Henry  Dodge  is  a  farmer  at  Pewamo,  Mich.     Their 


children  are  as  follows :  Bertha,  b.  Nov.  6, 1874 ;  Vera,  b. 
June  11,  1878 ;  Bela,  b.  July  31,  1880  ;  Vida,  b.  July  31, 
1882  ;  Thomas,  b.  March  4,  1887  ;  Pliny  Lawton,  b.  June  8, 
1889 ;  William  Henry,  b.  Feb.  26,  1892  ;  Caroline,  b.  April 
28,  1893  ;  Dorothy,  b.  April  13,  1895. 

739.  Rachel.s  daughter  of  370  Adin"  and  Martha  [Gee] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  May  23,  1826,  and  lives 
at  Pewamo,  Michigan.  She  married,  in  1857,  George  D. 
Pennington,  who  was  born  in  England,  and  died  at  Pewamo, 
Mich.,  in  April,  1867,  from  disease  caused  by  service  in  the 
army.     He  was  a  cabinet  maker  at  Pewamo. 

Rachel  married  a  second  time,  December  8,  1885,  William 
H.  Woodworth,  whose  first  wife  was  her  sister,  Caroline  M. 
His  business  is  farming  and  lumbering.  From  1873  to  1885 
he  was  Judge  of  Probate  for  the  county  of  lona,  Mich. 
Rachel  was  a  fine  singer.     She  has  no  children. 

740.  Elizabeth  H.,«  daughter  of  370  Adin^  and  Martha 
[Gee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  January  6,  1828, 
and  died  August  19,  1878.  She  married,  first,  Leonard 
Pierce,  a  well  to  do  farmer.  No  issue.  She  married  second 
a  Mr.  Neigh,  by  whom  she  had  one  child. 

741.  George  Sherman,*  son  of  370  Adin"  and  Martha 
[Gee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  September  16,  1833, 
and  has  always  lived  in  that  town,  and  is  a  manufacturer  of 
sleighs,  carriages  and  caskets.  He  was  one  of  the  Balch 
Concert  Company.  On  April  6, 1853,  he  was  married  to  M- 
Eliza,  daughter  of  Rev.  Jeremiah  and  Weltha  [Wood]  Glins  i 
of  Lunenburg.  She  was  born  in  that  town,  February  8, 
1835,  and  died  there,  July  28, 1887.  Their  five  children  were 
born  in  the  same  town. 

1477*  William  E.,»  b.  Feb.  3,  1854. 

1478*  George  A.,"  b.  Sept.  27,  18.55. 

1479*  HEBBEitr  F.,»  b.  Sept.  28,  1857. 

1480*  KA.BL  0.,»  b.  July  4,  18G0. 

1481  Annie  W.,«  b.  Auj;.  21,  1871. 

742.  Isaac  A.,*  son  of  370  Adin"  and  Martha  [Gee] 


Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  September  10,  1836.  He  was 
married  June  3,  1860,  to  Abbie  J.  Wallace,  of  Concord,  Vt. 
Shortly  after  his  marriage  he  removed  from  Lunenburg  to 
Lyons,  Michigan,  where  he  was  a  successful  teacher  of  mu- 
sic. He  is  the  owner  of  a  large  farm,  and  has  an  apiary  of 
over  300  colonies  of  bees.     He  has  no  children. 

743.  Louisa  E.,^  youngest  daughter  of  370  Adin'  and 
Martha  [Gee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  March  16, 
1838.  She  married,  first,  J.  E.,  son  of  Rev.  Jeremiah  and 
Weltha  [Wood]  Glins.  He  was  born  at  Concord,  N.  H.,  in 
1830,  and  was  a  teacher  and  composer  of  both  instrumental 
and  vocal  music.  He  volunteered  and  served  in  the  civil 
war  as  a  band  master.  They  had  one  son,  Frank  Gay,  b. 
April  22,  1869. 

Louisa  E.  married  second  Peter  J.,  son  of  Christien  Speicher, 
a  farmer  at  Goble,  Michigan.  He  was  born  April  3,  1835,  at 
Milford,  Penn.;  they  have  one  son,  Benjamin  M.,  b.  May  17, 

Louisa  E.,  at  the  age  of  ten  years,  traveled  with  her  brother 
Geo.  S.  and  sisters  Caroline  and  Rachel,  giving  concerts 
through  the  Eastern  States,  under  the  name  of  the  Balch 
Family.     Her  first  husband  was  one  of  the  Concert  Company. 

For  many  years  she  has  been  a  member  and  the  leader  of 
the  choir  of  the  Baptist  Church  at  Goble.  Her  two  sons  are 
musical  and  are  members  of  the  band  at  Goble. 

746.     Lura,^  daughter  of  371  William"  and  Lucy   [How- 
land]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  September  1,  1822, 
and  died  Oct.  17,  1893.      She  was  married,   December  14, 
1844,  to  Caleb  Johnson,  a  farmer,  who  was  born  at  Lunenburg, 
June  10, 1814 ;  and  died  July  20,  1889.      They  always  lived 
at  Lunenburg,  and  their  children  were  all  born  in  that  town. 
William,  b.  Oct.  31,  1845;  m.  l.ouisa  Wheeler,  Oct.  19,  1871.    He 
is  a  farmer,  and  lives  at  Ferris,  Cal.      They  have  three 
children:      Grace  L.,  b.  June  24,  1878;  Mabel  J5.,  b.  Dec, 
1,  1881;  Harry  A.,  b.  Aug.  18,  1885. 
Washington,  b.  May  19,  1848;  m.  Jenney  Manley,  Dec.  18,  1871. 
He  resides  at  Grand  Junction,  la.,  and  is  an  engineer. 

GEOEGE  BALCH, — DAVENPORT,  lA.         233 

They  have  four  cliiklren :     Irving  W.,  b.  Aug.  8,    1876; 

Ernest  W.,  b.  May  5,  18S0;  Charlott  G.,  b.  Aug.  25,  1885; 

Mildred  P.,  b.  Jan.  17,  1889. 
Jebome,  b.  Nov.  21,  1849;  d.  Mar.  2,  1883;  m.  Lizzie  L.  Dodge, 

Nov.  21,  1877.     He  was  a  farmer;  they  had  two  children: 

Vernon  P.,  b.  May  26,  1879;  Inez  H.  b.  Feb.  21,  1881. 
Lucy  M.,  b.  June  21,  1854;  ni.  Albert  J.  Morton,  June  17,  1882. 

They  have  one  daughter,  Laura  B,,  b.  Mch.  28,  1893. 
Alonzo,  b.  Apr.  24,  1857. 
Belinda,  b.  Oct.  17,  1859;  live.s  at  South  Lunenburg,  Vt. 

751.  Electa,^  daughter  of  371  William''  and  Lucy  [How- 
land]  Balch.  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  April  28, 1832,  and 
died  in  the  same  town,  Marcli  13,  1888.  She  was  married, 
September  14,  1854,  to  Timothy  Powers,  a  farmer ;  he  was 
born  at  Lunenburg,  April  27,  1827.  They  always  lived  in 
Lunenburg,  and  their  four  children  were  born  there. 

Julia  A.,  b.  Aug.  28,  1850;  m.  Jan.  27,  1880,  Judson  Olcot,  a 
farmer.  They  live  at  Lunenburg,  and  have  had  three 
children:  Glen  Edison,  b.  Apr.  21,  1881;  Boy  Berton,  b. 
Dec.  30,  1886;  d.  Sept.  4,  1888;  Nina  Electa,  b.  Oct.  7, 
Nellie  A.,  b.   Mar.  24,   1860;  d.   Feb.   12,    1890;  m.  Nelson  D. 

Holmes,  of  Brockton,  Mass,,  a  carpenter. 
Eugene  C,  b.  Apr.  30,  1864. 
Eenest  W.,  b.  Jan.  22,  1874. 

753.  George,^  son  of  372  James''  and  Nancy  [Moore] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  August  5,  1821,  and  was 
killed  by  the  cars  at  Davenport,  Iowa,  January  2,  1880,  and 
was  buried  at  Davenport.  He  was  married  at  Concord,  Vt., 
May  27,  1844,  to  Elizabeth  H.  Aldrich,  who  was  born  at  Troy, 
Vt.     They  had  two  children. 

1482*    Feank  a., 9  b.  May  14,  1847. 

1483      Ellen,»  b.  Mar.  13,  1852;  d.  June  1,  1857. 

After  George's  marriage  they  resided  at  Concord,  Vt.,  for 
five  years,  then  they  removed  to  Milford,  Mass.,  where  they 
lived  nine  years,  and  then  they  removed  to  Davenport,  Iowa, 
where  his  widow  still  resides. 

754.  Stephen  Moore,*  son  of  372  James^  and  Nancy 
[Moore]  Balch,  was  born  at  Concord,  Vt,  February  12, 1826. 
He  was  a  commission  merchant  at  San  Francisco,  California, 


where  he  died  December  20,  1876 ;  he  was  buried  ia  the 
Masonic  Cemetery  of  San  Francisco.  He  was  married  in 
Boston,  Mass.,  March  13,  1852,  to  Olive  A.  Kimball,  of 
Kennebeck,  Maine.  She  was  born  July,  1820.  They  had 
two  children. 

1484      Ella  A.,'  b.  at  San  Francisco,  July  13,  1858;  d.  Sept.  3,  1858. 
1485*    Addie  Louise,'  b.  at  Kennebeck,  Me.,  Oct.  8,  1860. 

755.  Susan,^  daughter  of  374  John^  and  Lucy  [Bowen] 
Balch,  was  born  February  3,  1786.  She  married  Alexander 
Harrison.  They  lived  at  Onondaga,  N.  Y.,  and  their  eight 
children  were  born  in  that  town.  Peggy  Ann  ;  Susan ;  Em- 
erson ;  John  ;  Sprague ;  Thomas ;  Alexander ;  AUet. 

756.  Anna,^  daughter  of  374  John'  and  Lucy  [Bowen] 
Balch,  was  born  October  4,  1787.  She  married  Chauncey 
Brockett.  They  had  four  children ;  then  they  moved  to 
Ohio,  and  nothing  more  is  known  of  them ;  their  children 
were  Hosea,  Nancy,  Lucy  Ann  and  Matilda. 

758.  Lucy,^  daughter  of  374  John"  and  Lucy  [Bowen] 
Balch,  was  born  November  20,  1791,  and  died  at  Norvell, 
Mich.,  October  10,  1861.  She  married  William  Marlatt,  by 
whom  she  had  four  children,  Maria,  Lucy  Ann,  James  and 

759.  John,^  son  of  374  John"  and  Lucy  [Bowen]  Balch, 
was  born  December  20,  1793,  and  died  at  Norvell,  Mich., 
October  10,  1868.  He  was  married  to  Sybil,  daughter  of 
Lemuel  Barrow.  She  was  born  in  1788,  and  died  August 
3,  1858.  John  resided  at  Marcellus,  N.  Y.,  and  at  Norvell, 
Mich.     Their  three  children  were  born  at  Marcellus,  N.  Y. 

1486*    Abigail,'  b.  Dec.  12,  1815;  d.  May  9,  1891. 
1487*    James,"  b.  May  7,  1819;  d.  Feb.  14,  1892. 
1488*    Adklphia,*  b.  Dec.  12,  1821;  d. 

760.  Ira.s  son  of  374  John^  and  Lucy  [Bowen]  Balch, 
was  born  May  20,  1796,  and  died  at  Sodus,  N.  Y.,  August  29, 
1861.  He  was  married  about  1820  to  Margaret,  daughter  of 
George  Baker.  She  was  born  June  21,  1804,  and  died  Sep- 
tember 15,  1864.      Ira  was  a  farmer  at  Sodus,  N.  Y.     Their 

DAVID   BALCH, — RIDGEWAY,    MEDINA,    N.    Y.  236 

eight  youngest  children  were  born  in  that  town,  and  the  two 
eldest  at  Onondaga,  N.  Y. 

1489      LiTA.'b.  Sept.  18,  1822;  d.  unm.,  Oct.  30,  1838. 

1490*    Holland,'  b.  Jan.  31,  1825. 

1491*     Maet,9  b.  July  21,  1827;  d.  March  20,  1892. 

1492  Jane,'  b.  Nov.  9,  1829;  lives  at  Mount  Morris,  Michigan. 

1493  EUPHKASIA,'  b.  July  21,  1832;  d.  July  12,  1860. 
1494*    Gasoline,'  b.  May  28,  1835;  d.  Aug.  30,  1889. 
1495      Olive,'  b.  Feb.  11,  1838;  d.  Dec.  19,  1849. 
1496*    Okkin,'  b.  June  4,  1840. 

1497  John,'  b.  Jan.  15,  1843;  lives  at  Mount  Morris,  Michigan. 

1498  Amanda,'  b.  Aug.  17,  1845;  lives  at  Mount  Morris;  m.  Granger. 

762.  Oalista,^  daughter  of  374  John'  and  Lucy  [Bowen] 
Balch,  was  born  August  12,  1801,  and  died  at  Onondaga,  N. 
Y.  She  married  Sylvester  Harroun,  by  whom  she  had  ten 
children,  all  born  at  Onondaga  :  Emma,  Narcissa,  Seth,  Cor- 
nelia, Roxy,  Albert,  Alexander,  Wesley,  Fletcher,  William. 

763.  Oelinda,^  daughter  of  374  John"  and  Lucy  [Bowen] 
Balch,  was  born  August  12,  1801,  a  twin  to  Calista.  She 
married  George  Baker,  and  had  six  children  ;  Fanny,  Laura, 
Byron,  Elsie,  Frank,  Willard. 

764.  DavidjS  son  of  374  John"  and  Lucy  [Bowen] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Colerain,  Massachusetts,  July  2,  1804,  and 
is  living  at  Medina,  New  York.  On  February  20,  1831,  he 
was  married  to  Polly,  daughter  of  Jude  and  Joyce  [Baher] 
Comstock.  She  was  born  at  Onondaga,  N.  Y.,  February  10, 
1811,  and  died  February  5,  1895.  David  is  a  farmer,  and 
lived  many  years  at  Ridge  way,  N.  Y.,  where  his  six  children 
were  born. 

1499*    Jude  Henry,'  b.  July  5,  1833. 

1500*    Lydia  Almira,'  b.  Nov.  8,  1835. 

1501      Francis,'  b.  April  I,  1S;38;  d.  Aug.  21,  1838. 

1502*    William  Jackson,'  b.  Feb.  18,  1843. 

1503*    Charles  Irwin,'  b.  Feb.  10,  1849. 

1604*    Martha  Ann,'  b.  Sept.  16,  1851. 

765.  Stephen.^  son  of  375  William"  and  Elizabeth  [Hall] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  November  29,  1787,  and 
died  at  Algonquin,  Illinois,  December  22,  1874,  and  was 
buried  at  Elgin,  Illinois.     Rev.  William  S.  Balch  officiated  at 


his  funeral.  He  was  a  farmer,  a  Republican,  and  a  member 
of  the  Church  of  the  Disciples.  On  December  25,  1809,  he 
married  Polly,  daughter  of  Zalmon  Terrell.  She  was  born 
February  7,  1790,  and  died  at  Elgin,  Februaiy  10,  1872. 
They  had  twelve  children,  all  born  in  the  state  of  New  York. 

1505*  Horace,"  b.  JaD.  2,  1811. 

1506*  .Jasper,'  b.  Sept.  11,  1812;  d.  .Tan.  19,  1891. 

1507*  DiANTHA,9  b.  Sept.  16,  1814;  d.  Dec.  9,  1848. 

1508  Phoebe,''  b.  June  15,  1817;  d.  unm.  March  2ti,  1S86. 

1509*  PHiLANDfiR,3  b.  Feb.  IS,  1819. 

1510*  Laura,9  b.  July  10,  1821;  d.  July  2,  1891. 

1511*  Albert,'  b.  March  30,  182.3. 

1512*  Matilda,'  b.  Sept.  17,  1S25. 

1513*  LrciNDA,'  b.  Nov.  .30,  18;i7. 

1514  Xelsox,'  b.  Oct.  20, 1829;  d.  unm.  Jan.  2,  18.53. 

1515*  Harriet,'  b.  Feb.  4,  1832. 

1516*  Melixda,'  b.  Nov.  2,  1835;  d. 

769.  Phebe.s  daughter  of  375  William"  and  Elizabeth 
[Hall]  Balch,  was  born  at  Onondaga,  N.  Y.,  June  26,  1796, 
and  died  at  Marcellus,  N.  Y.,  in  1875.  She  was  married  Oc- 
tober 26, 1810,  to  Seneca  Hunt,  of  Onondaga.  He  was  the 
son  of  Seneca  Hunt,  and  was  born  June  19,  1766,  and  died 
at  Onondaga,  March  31,  1847.  He  was  a  carpenter,  and  they 
resided  at  Onondaga  and  Marcellus,  N.  Y.  They  had  ten 
children :  Stephen,  b.  Aug.  10,  1812  ;  Jehial,  Sarah  Ann, 
Jasper,  Senaca,  Betsey  Ann,  Adeline,  William,  Henry,  Cor- 

774,     Marvin/  son   of   376   Israel"   and   Sarah    [ ] 

Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  March  1,  1793.  Whether 
he  married  or  not  has  not  been  ascertained.  The  Connecti- 
cut Records  show  that  Marvin  enlisted  from  Groton  in  Amos 
Chaff e's  company,  serving  from  Aug.  23  to  Oct.  26,  1814. 

778.  Ann,8  daughter  of  377  Bezaleel"  and  Ruth  [Davis] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  August  18,  1789,  and  died 
at  South  Coventry,  Ct.,  September  7, 1845.  She  was  married 
to  Samuel,  son  of  Jerome  Topliff,  of  Coventry,  October  28, 
1819.  He  was  born  at  South  Coventry,  October  8,  1789,  ajid 
died  in  the  same  town  August  29,  1850,  and  both  he  and  hia 

JOHN    BALCH, — CORTLAND,   N.  Y.  237 

wife  were  buried  in  that  town.  He  was  a  farmer.  They  had 
seven  children  all  born  at  Coventry. 

Samuel  D.,  b.  July  13,  1820. 

Aakon  p.,  b.  May  20,  1822;  d.  May  28,  1833. 

Bavid  B.,  b.  Got.  31,  1823;  d.  June  12,  1831. 

John  S.,  b.  July  9, 1824;  m.  Zerviah  F.  Standish,  June  2, 1851,  who 
was  born  Mar.  17,  1825.  She  was  a  sister  to  Lucius  Green 
Standish,  who  married  Mary,  the  youngest  daughter  of  Bez- 
aleel  Balch.  John  S.  and  Zerviah  F.  had  two  children.  Miles 
Standish,  b.  March  23,  1852;  m.  Mary  Kenyon,  and  resides  at 
Andover,  Ct.    Fanny  S.,  b.  Oct.  17,  1853;  d.  Dec.  23,  1863. 

Andrew  J.,  b.  Mar.  23,  1828;  m.  first,  Mary  Bascom,  had  one 
child  Mary,  b.  in  1861. 

Ehoda  Ann,  b.  Oct.  13,  1830;  d.  June  15,  1847. 

David  W.,  b.  June  29,  1833. 

779.  John,8  son  of  377  BezaleeF  and  Ruth  [Davis]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  December  7,  1791,  and  died  at 
Momence,  111.,  April  3,  1868.  He  was  married  April  10,  1816, 
to  Almira  Stowell,  who  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  June  21, 
1793,  and  died  at  Momence,  May  17,  1886.  He  was  a  stone- 
mason, and  resided  most  of  his  life  in  Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y. 
He  enlisted  in  a  Connecticut  regiment  in  1814,  but  the  war 
closed  before  the  regiment  was  sent  into  the  field. 

1517*    Fidelia  ANN,3b.  June  9,  1825. 

1518      Horace  Orlando,' b.  Mar.  31,  1827;  lived  at  Wichita,  K. 

1519*    Emma  Melvina,'  b.  Oct.  11,  1831. 

1520*    Mary  Jane,'  b.  April  9,  1833. 

1521*    John  Ransom,"  b.  Jan.  18,  1835. 

1522      Betsey  Eoxana,'  b.  July  30,  1841. 

780.  Ruth,8  daughter  of  377  BezaleeF  and  Ruth  [Davis] 
Balch,  was  born  at  jNIausfield,  Ct.,  September  7, 1794,  and  died 
at  Blauvelt,  New  York,  April  13,  1875.  She  was  buried  in 
New  York  Baj'  Cemetery  at  Jersey  City,  N.  J.  She  was  mai- 
ried  October  23,  1822,  to  Philip  Mackenzie,  a  ship  carpenter. 
He  was  born  at  Ross  Shire,  Scotland,  June  24, 1783,  and  died 
in  New  York  city,  October  30, 1842.  They  had  five  children, 
the  three  eldest  were  born  at  Springfield,  Mass.,  the  other  two 
at  New  York  city. 

Philip  Wallace,  b.  Jan.  27,  1824:  d.  May  24,  1891.  He  was  an 
inventor  and  niauufacturer. 


Helen  Mar,  b.  Sept.  23,  1825 ;  resides  at  Pearl  River,  New  York, 

is  a  teacher  and  writer.     She  is  a  member  of  the  Episcopal 

Church,   and  an  active  member  of  the  Woman's  Christian 

Temperance  Union. 

Walter  Scott,  b.  Aug.  18,  1828;  d.  spring  of  1871,  was  a  jeweler. 

He  removed  to  California  in  1852,  and  died  there. 
Andrew,  b.  Oct.  10,  1831.     He  has  been  a  machinist,  but  is  now 
at  Pearl  Kiver.     He  enlisted  as  a  private  in  the  170th  New 
Tork  Infantry  Volunteers  and  served  from  Sept.  6,  1862,  to 
the  close  of  the  war,  was  wounded  near  Petersburg,  Va.,  June 
16,  1864. 
Mart  Fanny,  b.  Sept.  12,  1834.     Is  a  teacher,  and  has  been  en- 
gaged in  schools  in  New  Tork  city  and  vicinity.     She  is  a 
member  of  the  Episcopal  church,  and  interested  in  the  tem- 
perance cause. 
This  family  are  Republicans.     Mrs.  Mackenzie  was  a  Con- 
gregationalist.     Before  her  marriage  she  was  a  school  teacher, 
and  through  her  life  she  took  a  deep  interest  in  education  and 
missionary  work. 

782.  Elizabeth,^  daughter  of  377  BezaleeF  and  Ruth 
[Davis]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  April  25,  1799, 
and  died  January  3,  1877,  at  Colchester,  Ct.  She  married 
James  Ashton,  of  Ashton,  England,  and  had  three  children. 

Oliver  Cromwell,  b.  July  28,  1882  ;  m.  first,   Oct,    22,    1860, 

Eunice  S.  Marsh,  of  Colchester,  Ct. ;    m.  second,   June   24, 

1896,  Mrs.  Ouiss  J.  Oilman. 
Elizabeth,  b.  May  2,  1835;  m.  Dec.  18,  1865,  John  H.  Talcott; 

lives  at  Silver  Creek,  N.  T. 
James  T.,  b.  Aug.  1,  1836;  m.  Sept.  19,  1865,  Mary  Lou  Stevens, 

of  Bryan,  Ohio,  where  they  reside;  children,  Clara  E.,  James 

T.,  Fred  W.,  Walter  *'.,  Emma  Lou. 

783.  Panny.s  daughter  of  377  BezaleeF  and  Ruth 
[Davis]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Connecticut,  June  21, 
1801,  and  died  at  Tolland,  Connecticut,  February  1,  1885. 
She  was  a  woman  of  great  courage  and  endurance.  She  was 
married  to  Jabez,  son  of  David  and  Mercy  (Clark)  West,  of 
Lebanon,  Connecticut.  He  was  born  in  that  town  February  22, 
1799,  and  died  at  Tolland,  August  11,  1869.  He  was  a 
blacksmith  and  farmer.  Their  nine  children  were  all  born  at 
Colchester,  Ct. 

FANNY    [BALCH]     WEST, — COLCHESTEE,    CT.  239 

Mart  E.,  b.  Feb.  19,  1825;  m.  Feb.  19,  1845,  Albert  W.  Lamb. 

He  left  for  California  in  1850,  and  was  never  heard  from. 

She  was  at  Hai-tford,  Ct. ;  two  sons,  Frank  A.  and  AdeWert  W. 
Fannt  H.,  b.  April  3,  1827;  m.  Apr.  .3,  1844;  William  C.  Thomp- 
son.    He  died  Oct.  12,  1860.     She  lives  at    Waterbury,  Ct. ; 

two  daughters,  Mary  F.  and  Julia  H. 
AtJBBLiA  M.,  b.  Nov.  28,  1828;  d.  Dec.  17,  1882;    m.  Charles  H. 

Stebbins;  one  son,  Charles  F. 
Susan  M.,  b.  Apr.  29,  1831;  d.  Apr.  3,  1892;  m.  Sept.   19,  1852, 

Thomas  Burt,  at  Tolland,  Ct.     He  d.  Apr.  3,  1881;  children, 

George  W.  and  Susan  M.  live  at  Holyoke,  Mass. 
Caroline  N.,  b.  Feb.  23,  1833;  m.  May,  1853,  James  W.  Burton. 

He  d.  Jan.,  1882;  three  children,  William  J.,  Carrie  E.,  and 

Lillian  E. 
Jabez  C,  b.  Jan.  6,  IS.SS;  d.  Apr.  11,  1865. 
Okben  C,  b.  Jan.  18,  1837;  m.  Amanda  Waller;  one  daughter, 

Fanny;  m.  second,  Elizabeth  M.  Fuller;  one  daughter,  Grace 

Julius  C,  b.  Jan.  14, 1839;  m.  Martha  J.  Charter;  children,  Julius 

S.,  Nettie  B.,  Walter  P.,  Howard,  Evelyne  H.,  Byron  E. 
William  W.,  b.  Oct.  28,  1841;  d.  Apr.  29,  1844. 

784.  Ahimaaz,^  son  of  377  BezaleeF  and  Ruth  [Davis] 
Balch  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  April  1,  1803,  and  is  not 
now' living.  He  married  Sarah  Way,  of  Colchester,  Ct.,  and 
had  one  son  by  her. 

1523*    John,"  b. 

Ahimaaz  married   second,  Eliza,  daughter   of    Nehemiah 
Lee,  of  Colchester,  Ct.,  and  by  her  he  had  two  more  children. 
1524*    Betsey  Morgan,'  b. 
1525*    Frances  Ann,'  b. 

785.  Mary ,8  daughter  of  377  BezaleeF  and  Ruth  [Davis] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  Oct.  3,  1809.  She  is  living 
at  Springville,  N.  Y.  On  September  7, 1834,  she  was  married 
to  Lucius  Green  Standish,  who  was  born  Sept.  7,  1812,  and 
died  May  3,  1882.  He  was  a  blacksmith.  Their  three  chil- 
dren were  born  at  Colchester,  Connecticut. 

Mart  Pamela,  b.  Mar.  20,  1840;  m.  Henry  Miller,  of  Colches- 
ter, and  they  now  reside  in  that  town. 

Julia  Frances,  b.  Nov.  27,  1843;  m.  Henry  Ware,  June  20, 1878. 
They  reside  at  Springville,  N.  T.  Ware  is  road  master  on 
the  Rochester  and  Pittsburg  R.  R. ;  one  son,  Lloyd,  b.  June 
29,  1879. 


George  Gebb,  b.  Apr.  6,  1846;  m.  Nov.  22,  1883,  Evalyn  M. 
Webb,  of  Willimantic,  Ct.  She  died  June  28,  1886.  One  son, 
Heary  Webb,  b.  Sept.  24,  1884,  George  G.  is  liead  of  tlie  firm 
of  Standisli  &  Thompson,  boot  and  shoe  dealers  at  Danbury, 
Ct.  He  m.  second,  Oct.  12,  1891,  Harriet,  daughter  of  Dr. 
George  and  Anna  Miner.  She  was  b.  New  Torlc  City,  June 
9,  1864.  Three  sons :  Jl/y(es,  b.  Aug.  18,  1892;  Livingston  Miner, 
b.  Mar.  29,  1894;  George  Wintkrop,  b.  Jan.  17,  1896. 

787a.  Thomas  Sumter,^  son  of  382*  Samuel  Williams^ 
and  Maria  Randolph  [Holmes]  Balch,  was  born  February  29, 
1812,  at  Rio  Janeiro,  Brazil,  and  died  unmarried  in  1884  in 

787b.  Maria  Glorianna,^  daughter  of  382*  Samuel 
Williams"  and  Maria  Randolph  [Holmes]  Balch  was  born 
May  20,  1814,  at  Rio  Janeiro  and  lives  at  New  Brighton, 
Staten  Island. 

787c.  Emilia  Abigails  daughter  of  382*  Samuel 
Williams'  and  Maria  Randolph  [Holmes]  Balch,  was  born 
July  1,  1816,  at  Roxbury,  Massachusetts.  She  lived  at  New 
York  City  from  1823  to  1886,  and  now  lives  at  New  Brighton, 
Staten  Island. 

787d.  Natilie  Oatharine.s  daughter  of  382*  Samuel 
Williams"  and  Maria  Randolph  [Holmes]  Balch,  was  born  in 
1817  at  Good  Luck,  New  Jersey,  and  is  living  at  Matteawan, 
New  York.  She  was  married  in  1845  to  William  C.  Free- 
man, a  lawyer  in  New  York  City.  Their  childi-en  are  as 
follows :  William  Randolph,  born  Nov.  20,  1847,  and  died  in 
Texas,  1892;  Josephine  Augusta,  born  April  20,  1851,  m. 
John  Wesley  Chandler,  a  flour  merchant  in  Chicago  ;  Catha- 
rine Maria,  born  November,  1859,  m.  Aaron  Tice  and  lives  at 
Matteawan,  New  York. 

787e.  Louisa  Anna  Davidson,^  daughter  of  382* 
Samuel  Williams"  and  Maria  Randolph  [Bolmes]  Balch  was 
born  December,  1819,  at  New  Orleans,  where  she  died  un- 
married, Nov.  20,  1885. 

•See  Addend.-!  for  .ulilitioiu-;!  rcconis  of  38l'  Saimiel  Williams  Balch. 

SAMUEL   WEST  BAIiCH, — LYME,  N.   H.  241 

788.  Ann  Alexander.^  daughter  of  385  Alexander^  and 
Ann  [Clapp]  Balch,  was  bom  February  4,  1813,  and  died  in 
Boston,  May  12,  1885.  She  was  married  February  23,  1834, 
to  Francis  Dana  Kidder,  a  merchant  of  Boston.  They  had 
one  child,  Frances  Ann,  born  in  Boston,  June  14,  1835.  She 
was  married  December  8,  1870,  to  Zabdiel  Boylston  Adams, 
M.  D.,  son  of  Zabdiel  Boylston  Adams,  M.  D.,  and  Sarah  May 
[Holland]  Adams,  of  Boston.  He  settled  in  Framingham  in 
1867,  and  they  have  two  children,  Frances  Boylston,  b.  1872 ; 
Zabdiel  Boylston,  b.  1875. 

789.  Samuel  West.^  son  of  389  Joshua^  and  Nanny  P. 
[Shaw]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  June  9,  1803,  and 
died  May  27,  1889.  He  married  December  23,  183.5,  Joanna 
E.,  daughter  of  Adna  and  Frances  [Campbell]  Perkins.  She 
was  born  May  31, 1812,  and  died  June  27,  1875.  They  had 
twelve  children  born  at  Lyme,  New  Hampshire. 

1526*    Annah  Maria,9       I  twins    h    Tnlv 'i  1Rq7 

1527*      LUCRETIA  SOPHIA.S  \  *^'°^'    "•  ""^'y  °'  ^^^'^ 

1528*  Frances  Campbell,''  b.  Oct.  2,  18.39. 

1529  Sarah  Perkins,^  b.  Apr.  24,  1842;  lives  at  Lyme,  N.  H. 

1530  West  Shaw,9  b.  July  9,  1843;  d.  Nov.  14,  1844. 

1531  West  Shaw,^  b.  May  16,  1845;  d.  May  18,  1848. 
1532*  Charles  Caeeol,^  b.  Aug.  23, 1847. 

1533*  West  Shaw,^  b.  May  16,  1849. 

1534  John  Bunyan,»  b.  Mar.  17,  1850;  d.  Feb.  12,  1853. 

1535  Harriet  Beecher,'  b.  Jan.  3,  1853;  d.  June  13,  1859. 

1536  Ellen  Rugglbs,«  b.  Dec.  1,  1854;  d.  May  .30,  1859. 

1537  Elizabeth  Pritchard,'  b.  Dec.  12,  1856;  d.  Dec.  20,  1860. 

790.  Julia,8  daughter  of  389  Joshua^  and  Nanny  P. 
[Shaw]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  May  15,  1805,  and 
died  in  1893.  She  was  married  February  8, 1829,  to  Jonathan 
Kittredge.  He  was  born  July  17,  1793,  graduated  at  Dart- 
mouth in  1813,  read  law  in  New  York  city,  and  settled /at 
Canaan,  N.  H.,  and  represented  the  town  for  several  yeai-s  in 
the  state  legislature.  He  was  appointed  Chief  Justice  of  the 
Court  of  Common  Pleas,  and  removed  to  Concord,  N.  H., 
where  he  continued  to  reside  until  his  death,  which  occurred 
April  8,  1864.     He  was  distinguished  as  a  pioneer  in  the 


temperance  niDvement.  A  lecture  by  him  was  the  first  de- 
livered and  published  in  the  state,  January  8,  1827.  They 
had  nine  children :  Edgar  Perry,  b.  Apr.  6,  1830  ;  d.  Mar.  5, 
1832.  Julia  Apphia,  b.  Oct.  18,  1831 ;  d.  Feb.  18,  1861,  m. 
James  Monroe  Fallansbee,  Jan.  2,  1854.  Alfred  Hamilton,  b. 
July  31,  1833;  m.  Susan  Frances  Keefer,  Jan.  11,  1865, 
Edward  Cornelius  Delevan,  b.  Dec.  29,  1834;  d.  Jan.  20, 
1879;  m.  Rosaline  Holmes,  May  9,  1871.  Augustus  Greeley, 
b.  Sept.  30,  1836  ;  d.  Jan.  23,  1868.  Ellen  Maria,  b.  Dec.  7, 
1838 ;  d.  Aug.  11,  1839.  Jonathan  Perry,  b.  Dec.  13,  1840  ; 
resides  at  Concord,  N.  H.     Henry  and  Fannie. 

791.  Dan  Shaw,^  son  of  389  Joshua'  and  Nanny  P. 
[Shaw]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  March  16, 1807,  and 
died  at  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  February  24,  1888.  He  was 
married  November  2,  1834,  to  Dorothy  Marston,  daughter  of 
Richard  and  Lettace  Whittier.  She  was  boru  at  Grafton, 
N.  H.,  March  8,  1816,  and  died  at  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  July 
21,  1886.  They  lived  at  Canaan,  N.  H.,  Bradford,  Vt., 
Boscawen,  Concord  and  Fisherville,  N.  H.  In  May,  1855,  they 
moved  to  Minneapolis,  Minnesota.    They  had  eleven  children. 

1538*    Foster  Lamson,"  b.  Sept.  19,  18.35,  at  Canaan,  N.  H. 

1539      Adeline  Pbichard,'  b.  Jan.  13,  1837. 

1540*    Henry  Feanci8,9  b.  Nov.  17,  1838. 

1541*    Martha  Jane.^  b.  Nov.  8,  1S42. 

1542*    Dan  Whittibe,^  b.  Sept.  28,  1844. 

1543*    Fred  Kittredge,^  b.  Mar.  2,  1847. 

1544*    Charles  Joskph,^  b.  Dec.  8,  1848. 

1545*    George  Shaw,'  b.  Apr.  S,  1851. 

1546*    William  Clark,'  b.  Sept.  18,  1853. 

1547*    Kate  Gage,'  b.  Nov.  9,  1857. 

1548*    Eva  Dorothy,'  b.  June  8,  1860. 

795.  Adna  Perkins,^  son  of  389  Joshua^  and  Nanny  P. 
[Shaw]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  November  30, 1817, 
and  died  at  Hanover,  N.  H.,  May  28, 1889.  He  married  first 
December  23,  1841,  Julia  A.  Drake,  by  whom  he  had  three 

1549  Helen  A.,'  b.  May  8,  1843;  d.  at  Hanover,  N.  H.,  Nov.  18,  1868. 

1550  Frank  K.,'  b.  Feb.  23,  1845;  died  at  Panama,  United  States  of 

Columbia,  April  13,  1883. 
1651     Edtvabd  p.,'  b.  Feb.  1,  1850;  d.  at  Shakopee,  Minn.,  in  1876. 

FRANCIS    B.   BALCH, — LYME,    N.    H.  243 

Julia  A.  Drake  died.  Abner  P.  married,  October  17, 
1855,  Susan  Brewster  Bibby,  of  Paterson,  N.  J.  She  died  at 
Hanover,  N.  H.,  March  3,  1889,  aged  55  years.  They  had 
seven  children,  three  dying  unnamed. 

1552      William  Van  Bbaverhendt,^  b.  Oct.  5,  1857;  d.  Dec.  1,  1858. 

1553*    Julia  Gotjverneuk,^  b.  Nov.  9,  18(31. 

1554  Emily  MontacxUE,9  b.  Nov.  13,  1867;  d.  Dec.  10,  1868. 

1555  Henkt  Kemble,»  b.  Mar.  7,  1874. 

796.  Francis  Brown,^  son  of  389  Joshua"  and  Nanny  P. 
[Shaw]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  New  Hampshire,  August 
3,  1819,  and  died  at  Winchester,  New  Hampshire,  March  28, 
1891,  and  was  buried  in  the  same  town.  He  was  a  currier. 
He  was  married  December  16,  1849,  to  Louisa,  daughter  of 
Omri  and  Hannah  Dyke.  She  was  born  at  Lyme.  They 
had  seven  children,  one  unnamed,  all  born  at  Lyme,  except 
the  youngest,  who  was  born  at  Haverhill,  N.  H. 

1556  Nelson  Kent,^  b.  Feb.  11,  1851;  d.  Aug.  27,  1863. 
1557*    Adelia  Ann,^  b.  Jan.  11,  1853. 

1558      Julia  Kitthidoe,^  b.  Nov.  1,  1855;  d.  Aug.  25,  1863. 
1559*    Alice  Louisa,"  b.  Dec.  18,  1857;  d.  Aug.  26,  1887. 
1560      Francis  Bkown,»  b.  July  6,  1860. 
1561*    Herbert  Newton,'  b.  July  11,  1S6S. 

797.  Mary,^  daughter  of  390  Israel'  and  Elizabeth  [EppsJ 
Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  August  12,  1797, 
and  died  at  Troy,  N.  H.,  June  8,  1880.  She  was  married 
December  30,  1821  to  William  Taylor,  of  Greenfield,  N.  H. 
He  died  Nov.  6,  1876,  and  both  he  and  his  wife  were  buried 
at  Francestown,  in  which  town  he  was  a  farmer  and  always 
lived.     They  had  five  children,  twin  sons  died  in  infancy. 

Mart  Elizabeth,  b.  July  9,  1824,  was  married  at  Francestown, 
Sept.  30,  1847  to  Milton  C.  Dickey.  He  died  July  15,  1879. 
After  tbeir  children  were  born  they  moved  to  Missouri. 
Mrs.  Dickey  and  her  children  live  at  Cadet,  Missouri.  Charles 
W.,  b.  Jan.  22,  1849;  unm.  Mary  Francella,  b.  June  15, 
1850;  m.  at  Madrid,  Mo.,  Sept.  12,  1878,  to  Alonzo  L.  Secoy, 
by  whom  she  has  two  children,  Charles  M.  and  Cora  L. 
Frederick  T.,  b.  Apr.  1,  1853;  was  married  at  Madrid,  Mo., 
Mar.  19,  1874  to  Christine  A.  Secoy.  Their  children  were 
Wilfred  T.,  Maud  E.,  Ida  Mabel.  Walter  E.,  b.  Sept.  29, 
1863.    Jlfo&el  J.,  b.  Sept.  17,  1865. 


Nancy  Ann,  b.  May  17,  1825;  married  Nov.  10,  1847,  Calvin  C. 
Lord,  of  Ossipee,  N.  H.  They  lived  in  Francestown,  where 
they  both  died  and  were  buried.  Their  children,  George  Cal- 
vin, b.  Nov.  30,  1848;  m.  Oct.  1.5,  1879,  Addie  Brown.  Ida  F. 
b.  Dec.  11,  1851;  m.  Sept.  28,  1875,  Edward  B.  Richardson. 

Sabah  Fkances,  b.  Oct.  23,  1829;  was  married  Sept.  2,  1850,  to 
Charles  Whitney.  They  have  three  children  all  living  at 
Troy,  N.  H.  Ella  F.,  b.  Sept.  26,  1854;  married  George  F. 
Kimball,  Aug.  21,  1877.  He  died  April  26,  1881.  They  liad 
two  children,  Edward  W.,  b.  July  11,  1873.  Mary  F.,  b. 
July  28,  1879;  d.  Aug.  19,  1880.  Cora  M.,  b.  May  29,  18."y8, 
married  Melvin  T.  Stone,  M.  D.,  Jan.  26, 1882;  three  children, 
Mary  F.  Stone,  b.  Apr.  29,  1886;  d.  April  15, 1891;  Mildred  T., 
b.  Mar.  17,  1889;  Dorothy  C,  b.  Apr.  25,  1896.  Charles  W., 
b.  Mar.  14,  1861;  married  Lizzie  L.  Hayward,  Nov.  26,  1884; 
one  child,  Doris  B.,  b.  Sept.  20,  1888. 

798.  Sally ,8  daughter  of  390  IsraeF  and  Elizabeth  [Epps] 
^alch  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  January  29.  1799,  and 

died  March  5,  1892.  She  was  married  in  January,  1856,  to 
WiUiam  Holt,  of  Greenfield,  N.  H.,  in  which  town  they  lived. 
Mr.  Holt  died  in  June,  1873.  Mrs.  Holt  at  the  age  of  87 
was  able  to  sew  and  care  for  her  home.     She  had  no  children. 

799.  Mason.s  son  of  390  Israel"  and  Elizabeth  [Epps] 
-Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  October  23,  1800, 
and  died  in  the  same  town  July  21,  1873.  He  married  first 
Sabina  Holmes,  Apr.  17,  1826,  who  died  September  21:,  1831, 
aged  24  years,  leaving  two  children. 

•1562*    Mason  Hoi,mes,9  b.  Nov.  22,  1829. 

1563*    Maby  Ann,''  b.  Mar.  14,  1827;  d.  Sept.  30,  1858. 

Mason  was  married  a  second  time  at  Francestown,  Oct.  7, 

•1836  to  Hannah,  daughter  of  Joshua  and  Hannah  [Ingalls] 

Holt,  of  Greenfield.     She  was  born  May  3,  1796.     They  had 

one  son,  born  in  Greenfield. 

i^564*    Chaeles  Edward,^  b.  Mar.  17,  1843;  d.  Oct.  18,  1884. 

Mason  Balch  was  a  farmer  and  lived  at  Francestown.  He 
^BQarried  a  third  time  Mrs.  Elizabeth  (Gould)  Styles,  of  Green- 
'field,  who  is  living  at  Milford,  N.  H.     No  issue. 

800.  Betsey.s  daughter  of  390  IsraeF  and  Elizabeth 
.'f  Epps]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  New  Hampshire, 

NANCY    [BALCH]    HOPKINS, — FEANCESTOWN,    N.  H.     245 

November  28,  1802,  and  died  April  12, 18-46,  at  Francestown. 
She  was  married  Apr.  5,  1824  to  Nahum  Farnum,  of  Frances- 
town,  and  had  three  children. 

Sabah  Jane,   b.  ;    she   married  Dr.   Hardy  Atwood, 

June,  1845.      He  died   in  Virginia  during  the  war.    They 
lived  at  Manchester,  N.  H.  and  had  two  children,    Jennie 
and  Walter  who  lived  at  Manchester. 
Maria,  b.  Aug.,  1828;  d.  Aug.,  1847. 

IsbaelB.,  b.  July  17,  1832;  m.  Apr.  27,  1858;  lives  at  Derry 
Depot,  N.  H. 

801.  Nancy,^  daughter  of  390  IsraeF  and  Elizabeth. 
[Epps]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  September  26, 1804, 
and  died  September  28,  1839.  She  was  married  in  1827  to 
William  Hopkins,  of  Francestown.  He  died  April  2,  1859. 
They  resided  at  Francestown,  and  had  two  childi-en. 

Obba  Ann,  b.  Aug.  23,  1835;  married  Nov.  27,  1877,  Ambrose 
Gould,  of  Greenfield,  N.  H.  He  died  July  15,  1888,  and  his 
widow  is  now  living  at  Greenfield. 

William  Cleaves,  b.  Aug.  16,  1837;  man-ied  at  Manchester, 
Oct.  16,  1859,  Lucetta  Wood  of  Topsham,  Vt.  They  have 
four  children.  Arthur  William,  b.  Aug.  29,  1867.  Gmj  An- 
son, b.  Nov.  19,  1872.  Hay  Cleaves,  b.  May  19,  1875.  Orra 
Lucetta,  b.  Jan.  1,  1882.  William  Cleaves  Hopkins  has  lived 
at  Manchester  and  Portsmouth,  and  in  1886  was  living  at 
Nashua,  N.  H.  He  served  three  years  with  a  N.  H.  battery 
in  the  Army  of  the  Potomac. 

802.  Hannah.s  daughter  of  390  IsraeF  and  Elizabeth 
[Ejij^s]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  May  18, 1807, 
and  died  Dec.  15,  1848.  She  married  Ebenezer  Boj^d,  of 
Francestown,  who  died  in  1839.  They  lived  in  Francestown, 
and  their  thi-ee  children  were  born  there.  Page  I.  was  living 
at  Dover,  Kansas,  in  1886.  George  F.,  was  living  in  Oregon, 
in  1886.  Charles  Henry,  b.  Nov.  4,  1836,  died  Jan.  5,  1868, 
at  Manchester,  N.  H.  On  Nov.  26,  1863,  he  married  Lizzie 
Cregin,  of  Francestown.  He  was  a  Congregational  ministev 
of  exceptional  earnestness  and  talent. 

803.  Susan.s  daughter  of  390  Israel"  and  Elizabeth 
[Epps]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  February  25, 
1809,  and  died  Oct.  22,  1854.     She  married  Horace  Hopkins, 


of  Francestown,  in  Sept.,  1830,  where  their  three  children 
were  born. 

Sabah  Feancbs  L.  married  Daniel  Patch,  who  lives  at  New- 
port, N.  H.  They  had  one  son  William,  who  is  married  and 
lives  at  Manchester,  N.  H. 

Dean  N.  married  Nellie  Gilman,  lives  at  Francestown,  N. 
H.     One  daughter,  Mary,  lives  witli  her  parents. 

Harvey,  M.  D.     Married  Mattie  A. Has  two  children, 

lives  at  Manchester,  N.  H. 

804.  John.Sson  of  390  Israel'  and  Elizabeth  [Epps] 
Balch,  was  bom  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  May  19,  1812,  and 
died  Sept.  19, 1886.  He  was  a  farmer  at  Francestown,  N.  H. 
He  was  married  April  26,  1836,  to  Roxie  Dutton,  daughter  of 
Ruben  Dutton.  She  was  born  at  Lyndborough,  N.  H.,  April 
11,  1813,  and  died  at  Francestown,  October  5,  1865.  They 
had  seven  children,  the  eldest  was  born  at  Lyndborough,  the 
other  six  at  Francestown. 

1565*  Israel  D. , 3  b.  Mar.  4,  1839. 

1566  Elizabeth  E.,»  b.  Apr.  11,  1841;  d.  July  26,  1860. 

1"567*  Okrin  J.  L.,s  b.  May  19,  1843;  d.  Jan.  14,  1895. 

1568  Alfonso  L.,»  b.  Aug.  2.5,  1845,  d.  Feb.  24,  1861. 

1569  Harlon  r.,9  b.  Mar.  15,  1848;  d.  Sept.  19,  1871. 

1570  Josephine  H.,9  b.  Mar.  25,  1851;  d.  Feb.  5,  1861. 

1571  Eugene,'  b.  Aug.  6,  1864;  d.  Mar.  10, 1861. 

805.  Orra  A.,*  daughter  of  390  Israel'  and  Elizabeth 
[Epps]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  December  20, 
1813,  and  died  in  March,  1878.  She  married  Deacon  Merrill 
C.  Dodge,  of  Francestown,  in  May,  1844.  He  died  in  March, 
1884.  They  resided  at  Greenville,  N.  H.,  and  both  died  and 
were  buried  in  that  town.  They  had  one  child  which  died  in 

806.  John,8  son  of  394  joim"  and  Lydia  [Read]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Chester,  Vt.,  December  28,  1803,  and  died  Janu- 
ary 3,  1873.  He  was  married  to  Julia  Ann  Pond.  She  was 
born  at  Wrentham,  Massachusetts,  May  22,  1803,  and  died 
July  11, 1896,  at  Hartland,  Vermont.  They  lived  at  Hart- 
]j3,nd,  and  afterwards  at  Granville,  N.  Y.  Their  children  were 
as  follows : 


1572*  Harvkt  John,9  b.  July  22,  1829. 

1573*  Elizabeth  M.,^  b.  December  14,  1830. 

1574*  Lowell  Lkvi,^  b.  Jan.  22,  1832. 

1575  William  Mason,!*  b.  Oct.  11,  1834;  d.  Oct.  22,  1843. 

1576  Daniel  Everktt,^  b.  Sept.  .30,  1836;  d.  Aug.  20,  1838. 

1577  Charles  E.,^  b.  Aug.  12,  1840;  d.  Sept.  12,  1842. 
1578*  Amanda  0.,^  b.  Aug.  15,  1844;  d.  May  14,  1871. 
1579*  Mary  Ann,^  b.  May  7,  1848. 

807.  Achsah  Philena/  daughter  of  394  John"  and 
Lydia  [Read]  Balch,  was  born  at  Chester,  Vermont,  August 
24,  1805,  and  died  Jan.  1,  1894.  She  married  Hiram,  son  of 
Adolphus  Whitney,  of  Westminster,  Vermont.  He  was  born 
at  Sherburne,  Vermont,  May  28, 1810,  and  died  November  21, 
1889.     They  had  eight  children,  the  first  unnamed. 

HuLDAH  D.,  b.  Feb.  16,  1833;  d.  Nov.  22,  1833. 

HuLDAH  Ann,  b.  Feb.  9,  1835;  d.  1881;  m.  her  cousin,  1574  Low- 
ell Levi  Balch,^  which  see. 

Hiram  H.,  b.  May  23,  1836;  d.  Oct.  10,  1844. 

Sarah  Josephine,  b.  Feb.  23,  1838;  d.  Oct.  3,  1844. 

Sanford  M.,  b.  Deo.  10,  1840;  m.  Addie  M.  Marcy,  July  7,  )869; 
two  children,  Fred  S.  and  Mary  A. ;  lives  at  Taftsville,  Vt. 

John  B.,  b.  July  8,  1844;  m.  Jan  1,  1864,  his  cousin  1578  Amanda 
Balch,'  which  see. 

Hiram,  b.  Deo.  21,  1846;  d.  Feb.  18, 1849. 

808.  Clark,8  son  of  394  John'  and  Lydia  [Read]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Chester,  Vt.,  May  29,  1807,  and  died  in  the  same 
town.  May  24,  1882.  On  February  2'),  1829,  he  married  Miss 
Sabrina  Pamela  Shelden,  of  Chester,  Vermont.  She  was 
born  February  24,  1813. 

Clark  was  a  farmer  and  lived  at  Chester,  Vt.,  and  his  16 
children  were  born  in  that  town. 

1580  Israel,^  b.  Dec.  23,  1829;  d.  y. 

1681  Pamela  C.,«  b.  June  4, 1832 ;  d.  Sept.  23, 1893 ;  m.  Herman  Merrill 

1582  Sarah,'  b.  Oct.  20,  1833. 

1583  Orba  Ann,'  b.  Dec.  30,  1835. 

1584  Phebk,'  b.  May  24,  1837;  d.  aged  17  years. 

1585  Susan  A.,'  b.  Feb.  20,  1838;  d.  Sept.  6,  1891;  m.  Nutting  Parker. 

1586  Hiram  W.,'  b.  Mar.  26,  1840. 

1587  John  C.,'  b.  Nov.  4,  1841;  lives  Bellows  Falls,  Vt. 

1588  Elizabeth  E.,'  b.  Sept.  10,  1843;  d.  y. 

1589  Henrt,'  b.  Nov.  6,  1844;  d.  aged  five  years. 

1590  Julia  J.,'  b.  Aug.  3,  1848;  d.  June  17,  1882. 


1591  Emma  3.,^h.  Jan.  29,  1851;  d.  Oct.,  1892;  m.  Woodworili. 

1592  James  S.,'  b.  Mar.  28, 1853. 

1593  Daniel,9  b.  Feb.  23,  1855;  d.  Apr.  21,  1855. 

lilt    fk^^^^i^l  twins,  b.  May  8,  1859. 

809.  Joanna,^  daughter  of  394  John'  and  Lydia  [Read] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Chester,  Vt.,  February  15,  1809,  and  is 
living  at  Manchester,  N.  H.  She  married  first  Silas,  son  of 
Josiah  and  Ann  [Harding]  Lamb,  who  was  born  at  Pomfret, 
Vt.,  April  16,  1808,  and  died  at  Stockbridge,  Vt.,  October  14, 
1837.  They  had  one  son,  who  was  born  at  Pomfret.  Vt. 
Alfred  S.,  b.  Dec.  14, 1835.     He  is  living  at  Manchester,  N.  H. 

Joanna  married  for  her  second  husband,  Derstin  Kendall, 
who  was  born  at  Cavendish,  Vt.,  October  6,  1806,  and  died  at 
Manchester,  N.  H.,  June  8,  1890.  They  had  one  daughter 
born  at  Sheffield,  Vt.;  Clara  E.,  b.  May  22,  1851. 

810.  Varion.s  son  of  394  John'  and  Lydia  [Read]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Chester,  Vt.,  about  1811,  and  died  in  the  same 
town  July  1, 1864.     He  married  and  has  one  daughter  living. 

1596  Susan, 3  married  a  Mr.  Glynn,  and  lives  at  N'orth  Springfield,  Vt. 

811.  Daniel,^  son  of  394  John"  and  Lydia  [Read]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Chester,  Vt.  The  dates  of  his  birth  and  death 
are  not  known.  He  married,  lived  at  North  Granville,  N.  Y., 
and  had  childien. 

1597  Walter,!' 

812.  Maranda  P.,^  daughter  of  394  John'  and  Lydia 
[Read]  Balch  was  born  at  Chester,  Vt.,  October  3,  1824,  and 
died  August  19,  1892.  She  married  Laban  B.,  son  of  Jona- 
than Bradley.  He  was  born  at  Sheffield,  Vt.,  December  21, 
1827,  and  died  November  22,  1894.  They  had  two  children 
born  at  Sheffield. 

Josephine,  S.,  b.  Aug.  26,  1851;  m.  Azro  J.  Gray,  Aug.  26,  1872; 

lives  at  Shefifield,  Vt. 
Mabt  a.,  b.  Mar.  14,  1858;  d.  July  10,  1884;  m.  Geo.  B.  Newell, 
May  20,  1879. 
814.    Adeline,*  daughter  of  394  John"  and  Lydia  [Read] 
Balch,  married  Edward  Whitney,  whose  brother  married  her 
sister  807  Achsah  Philena  Balch.     They  had  four  childi-en, 
Frederick;  George  Henry;  Marion;  Louisa. 

JAMES   T.   BALCH, — ANTKIM,   N.  H.  249 

818.  Joanna,^  daughter  of  396  Varion"  and  Mary 
[Thompson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  April  4, 
1815,  and  died  April  26,  1892.  She  was  married,  November 
17,  1835,  to  John  K.  Cristy.  They  lived  at  New  Boston,  N. 
H.,  where  their  nine  children  were  born. 

James  C,  b.  Oct.  31,  1836;  d.  Jan.  25,  1837. 

John  R.,  b.  Jan.  8,  1838;  d.  Dec.  22,  1838. 

Rebecca  C,  b.  1840;  d.  1842. 

Mabt  Elizabeth, b.  July  1,  1842;  d.  June  7,  1871;  m.  Solomon 
Dodge,  Aug.  9,  1862;  had  five  children:  Effle  E.,  b.  May  31, 
1863,  m.  George  W.  Can-;  Carrie  M.,  b.  April  12,  1866.  m. 
Chas.  M  Gaffield;  Nellie  R.,  b.  Oct.  19,  1867,  m.  Frank  E. 
Rowe;  Millie  Belle,  b.  Oct.  16,  1869,  d.  y.;  Mary  E.,  b.  May 
30,  1871,  d.  y. 

Pamela,  b.  Sept.  24,  1845;  d.  May  17,  1874;  m.  James  B.  Whip- 
ple, August,  1866;  no  issue. 

Cynthia  A.,  b.  Aug.  4,  1848;  d.  unm.  July  3,  1871. 

Rebecca  C,  b.  Feb.  16,  1850;  d:  Jan.  2,  1873;  m.  Chas.  W. 
Dodge,  Sept.  17,  1870;  no  issue. 

Martha  J.,  b.  April  24,  1853;  d.  July  5,  1888;  m.  George  Stearns, 
no  children. 

Varion  B.,  b.  Nov.  24,  1856;  d.  June,  1857. 

819.  James  T-.^son  of  396  Varion"  and  Mary  [Thomp- 
son] Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  April  18,  1817, 
and  died  at  Antrim,  N.  H.,  January  28,  1888.  He  held  sev- 
eral positions  of  trust.  He  married  Lois,  daughter  of  Josiah 
and  Polly  [White]  Robbins,  of  Antrim.  She  was  born  March 
8,  1817.     They  had  four  sons,  born  in  Antrim. 

1598*    Charles  F.,^  b.  Nov.  29, 1844. 

1599      George  W.,'  b.  July  31,  1848;  was  drowned  May  8,  1852. 

1600*    William  A.,^  b.  Nov.  4,  1856. 

1601*    John  A.,^  b.  Feb.  28,  1860. 

820.  Pamela,*  daughter  of  396  Varion'^  and  Mary 
[Thompson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  Decem- 
ber 21,  1821,  and  died  April  9,  1854,  at  Lyndeborough.  She 
married  Franklin  Senter.  They  lived  at  Lyndeborough,  N. 
H.,  and  had  four  children.  Mary  Ann,  b.  Feb.  27,  1847,  d. 
Feb.  18,  1882 ;  Juliette,  b.  Oct.  16,  1848  ;  William  Franklin, 
b.  Jan.  31,  1851;  George  Riley,  b.  Dec.  25,  1852. 

821.  Oliva.s     daughter    of    396     Varion^     and     Mary 


[Thompson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  April 
5,  1825,  and  died  June,  1865.  She  married  William  Cristy. 
They  lived  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  and  had  two  children,  one 
of  whom  was  James  William. 

822.  William,^  son  of  396  Varion'  and  Mary  [Thomp- 
son] Raich,  was  born  at  Francestown,  N.  H.,  July  14,  1831, 
and  is  a  foreman  at  Nashua,  New  Hampshire.  He  was  mar- 
ried first  at  Harvard,  November  3,  1852,  to  Hannah  Crosby 
Worster,  who  was  born  at  Harvard,  ilassachusett.s,  August 
28,  1836,  and  died  at  Nashua,  N.  H.,  July  28,  1854.  They 
had  one  daughter,  born  at  Harvard,  Massachusetts. 

1602     Hannah  Pamela,^  b.  March  4,  1854:  d.  Oct.  7,  l!-89. 

William  was  married  second  at  Caro,  Mich.,  September 
26,  1870,  to  Sarah  Ann,  daughter  of  William  and  Sarah  Hoyt. 
She  was  born  at  Craftsbury,  Vt.,  November  3,  1845,  and  died 
at  Nashua,  N.  H.,  November  23, 1880.     They  have  one  son. 

1603*    William  Hoyt,^  b.  April  3,  1874. 

824.  Mark,8  son  of  398  William^  and  Nabby  [Johnson] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Francestown,  March  30,  1821,  and  died 
December  16,  1878,  and  was  buried  at  Francestown.  On  the 
2d  of  May,  1850,  he  married  Laurilla  H.  Farnum,  of  Fran- 
cestown.    She  is  not  living. 

826.  Alfred.^  son  of  402  Isaac"  and  Sally  [Marshall] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  August  9,  1 828,  and  died 
at  Marble  Hill,  Mo.,  November  26,  1869.  He  married  and 
had  four  children. 

1604  Chkistiana,^  b.  1860. 

1605  Sabah,9  b.  1863. 

1606  Annie.s  b.  1867. 

1607  Isaac  Newton,' b.  1868. 

When  fifteen  years  of  age  Alfred  went  to  Cambridge, 
Mass.,  to  live  with  his  uncle,  408  John  Balch.  Upon  his 
uncle's  death  he  assisted  in  settling  up  the  affairs.  Then  he 
went  into  the  express  business,  and  next  became  connected 
with  the  Penny  Post  in  Boston.  He  moved  west  in  the 
spring  of  1858,  and  went  to  farming.  All  through  the  civil 
war  he  served  in  the  Union  army. 


827.  Marshall  S.,s  son  of  402  Isaac^  and  Sally  [Mar- 
shall] Balch,  was  bom  at  Lyme,  N.  H„  July  10,  1832,  and 
died  at  Boston,  Mass.,  March  13,  1874,  and  was  buried  at 
North  Thetford,  Vt.  For  22  years  he  was  with  the  Boston 
Penny  Post.     He  never  married. 

828.  Charles  Newton/  son  of  402  Isaac"  and  Sally 
[jNIarshall]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  October  17, 
1836.  He  is  a  farmer,  and  lives  at  North  Thetford,  Vt.  He 
married  Julia  A.  Mayo,  of  Lyme,  N.  H.  She  was  born  July 
31,  1847,  and  died  February  29,  1896.  They  had  two  daugh- 
tei's,  both  born  at  North  Thetford. 

1608  Annie  B.,'  b.  .Tune  24,  1874. 

1609  Julia.  Mat,«  b.  July  13,  1884;  d.  March  2,  189G. 

838.  Theodore  Edwin.^  son  of  407  Theodore^  and  Sally 
[Lovejoy]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  January  13, 
1832,  and  died  at  Wakefield,  January  12,  1896.  He  was 
married  September  3,  1856,  to  Ellen  R.,  daughter  of  John 
and  Rebecca  [Coffin]  Sanborn.  Their  three  eldest  children 
were  born  at  Hopkinton,  New  Hampshire,  and  their  youngest 
child  at  Wakefield,  Massachusetts. 

1610  Ellen,8  b.  July  18,  1857;  d.  same  day. 

1611  Edwin  Randolph,^  b.  Got.  23,  1858;  d.  April  27,  1863. 

1612  Mart  Eli-bn,'  b.  Oct.  26,  1864;  m.  June  4,  1896,  H.  G.  Gowlng. 
1313    Annie  Gebtkude,''  b.  Sept.  8,  1872. 

Theodore  Edwin  Balch  was  elected  chancellor  of  the  Cen- 
tral University  of  Iowa,  and  removed  from  Wakefield,  Massa- 
chusetts, to  Pella,  Iowa,  to  fill  that  position.  He  was  elected 
treasurer  of  Roger  Williams  University,  at  Nashville,  Tennes- 
see, and  removed  from  Pella  to  Nashville,  to  accept  the  office. 
He  returned  to  Wakefield  in  1887,  and  from  then  until  his 
death  was  general  agent  of  the  Watchman.  He  was  financial 
agent  of  Colby  Academy  in  N.  H.,  selectman,  overseer  of 
poor,  member  of  school  board,  trustee  of  Public  Library  and 
trustee  of  Savings  Bank. 

839.  William  Worcester.s  son  of  407  Theodore^  and 
Sally  [Lovejoy]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  April  27, 


1834.  He  was  married  June  9,  1858,  to  Wealthy  A.  Flint. 
They  live  at  Lyme  Centre  where  he  is  a  farmer.  They  have 
adopted  three  children  who  have  taken  the  name  of  Balch. 

1614  Rosa  M.,  b.  July  9,  1856. 

1615  Gbor&e  B.,  b.  March  23,  1S58;  d.  June  12,  1896;  m.  no  children. 

1616  Hattib  J.,  b.  Aug.  14,  1866. 

840.  Isaac  Preeman.s  son  of  407  Theodore"  and  Sally 
[Lovejoy]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  February  13, 
1836.  He  was  married  September  3,  1867,  to  Sarah  Sanborn. 
They  had  two  children,  both  born  at  Lyme. 

1617  Ella  Mabia,!*  b.  Mar.  9,  1869. 

1618  Theodore  Edwin,"  b.  Sept.  13,  1870. 

Isaac  Freeman  is  a  farmer  at  Webster,  N.  H.  In  1861  he 
enlisted  in  the  First  New  Hampshire  Battery,  and  was  honor- 
ably discharged  in  January,  1863,  on  surgeons'  certiiicate  of 
disability,  caused  by  disease  contracted  in  the  service. 

841.  John  Oarroll.s  son  of  407  Theodore"  and  Sally 
[Lovejoy]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  July  7,  1839,  and 
died  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  August  27,  1889.  He  was  married  first, 
in  May,  1864,  to  Sarah  H.  Baker,  she  died  March  17,  1883, 
without  issue.  He  was  married  second,  February  10,  1885, 
to  Josie  A.  Lane,  by  whom  he  has  one  daughter,  born  at  Man- 

1619  May  Lena,"  b.  Dec.  1,  ISSt. 

John  C.  Balch  resided  at  Manchester,  N.  H.,  occupation,  a 

time  keeper.  In  August,  1862,  he  enlisted  in  the  Tenth  N.  H. 

Volunteers  and  was  honorably  discharged  therefrom  March  19, 

1863, on  Sui'geon's  certificate  of  disability,  caused  by  a  fall  on 

"^  a  transport  going  from  Aquai  Creek,  to  Newport  News,  Va. 

842.  Sarah  Eliza.^  daughter  of  407  Theodore"  and  Sally 
[Lovejoy]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  June  18,  1841. 
She  was  married  September  9,  1868,  to  Joseph  N.  Flint.  They 
have  one  child,  born  in  Lyme,  Cara  Hope,  b.  March  6,  1875. 

843.  Hannah  Sophronia,^  daughter  of  407  Theodore'^ 
and  Sally  [Lovejoy]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  June  25, 
1843.     She  was  married  March,  17,  1861,  to*iIoses  A.   Flint. 

ISAAC    F.,   JOHN   C.    BALOH, — LYME,    N.    H.  253 

They  moved  from  Manchester,  N.  H.,  to  Deep  River,  Iowa. 
In  1885  they  moved  to  the  state  of  Washington,  and  are  now 
living  there  at  Rankin.  They  had  six  children,  the  eldest 
was  born  at  Manchester,  the  others  at  Deep  River.  Edwin 
Atwood,  b.  Dec.  3,  1862.  Theodore  Balch,  b.  Nov.  28,  1865. 
Sarah  Elizabeth,  b.  Apr.  27,  1868  ;  m.  Nov.  19,  1885,  to  David 
Scovel.  Levi  Carroll,  b.  Dec.  28,  1871 ;  d.  Mar.  5,  1876. 
Moses  Delos,  b.  Sept.  30,  1873.  Emma  Frances,  b.  Apr.  27, 

844.  Frank  Pierce.^  son  of  407  Theodore  and  Sally 
[Lovejoy]  Balch,  was  born  at  Vershire,  Vermont,  October 
14, 1850.  He  was  married  March  C,  1880,  to  Hannah  Lytle. 
He  is  a  farmer  at  Methuen,  Massachusetts,  and  has  two 

1620  Beknice  LiLLiA>f,*>  b.  Jan.  12,  1882. 

1621  Feankie. 

845.  Sarah  E.,*  daughter  of  408  John  and  Eunice  P. 
[Lyon]  Balch,  was  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  July  31,  1836. 
She  was  married  May  20,  1854,  to  Milton,  son  of  Daniel  and 
Sally  Branch.  They  reside  at  Waterville,  Me.,  and  have  six 
children.  Walter  N.  b.  Dec.  20,  1856;  m.  Aug.  9,  1885, 
Hattie  Thornton.  Edward  R.,  b.  June  28,  1860  ;  m.  Jan. 
20,  1884,  Gertrude  Rideout.  Leonard,  b.  Nov.  25,  1862; 
d.  unm.  Mar.  8,  1882.  John  B.  b.  Aug.  8,  1864.  Frank  M. 
b.  Jan.  9,  1870.     Ethel  M.  b.  Dec.  21,  1879. 

846.  Ellen  M..^  daughter  of  408  John'  and  Eunice  P. 
[Lyon]  Balch  was  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  August  7,  1838. 
and  died  at  Waterville,  Maine,  January  23,  1861,  the  fifth 
anniversary  of  her  marriage.  She  was  married  January  23, 
1856,  to  Asa  R.  son  of  John  and  Mary  [Cree]  Clifford.  He 
was  born  April  12,  1820.  They  had  thi-ee  childi-en,  born  at 
Waterville,  Maine. 

Fidelia  A.,  b.  Dec.  17,  1857;  m.  Nov.  27,  1878,  Frank  B.  Tea^e, 
of  Skenhegen,  Me.,  where  they  live  and  have  two  children. 
Henry  F.,  b.  June  25,  1880;  Nellie  M.,  b.  May  30,  1882. 

Cora  E.,  b.  Feb.  11,  1859;  m.  Oct.  12,  1878,  Frank  W.  Davis;  they 
reside  at  Waterville,  Me.,  and  have  three  children.     Stella 


M.,  b.  Dec.  18,  1879;  Harrison  M.,  b.  Aug.  28,  1888;  Ellen  M., 
b.  Mar.  10,  1890. 
Ellen  M.,  b.  Jan.  18,  1861;  m.  Nov.  4,  1879,  to  Frank  E.  Sturte- 
vant;  they  live  at  Waterville,  Me.,  and  have  the  follo-sving 
children:  Bertie  E.,  b.  Jan.  8,  1881;  Leslie  H.,  b.  Bee.  27,  1885; 
Delia,  b.  Aug.  IS,  1889. 

847.  Louisa  M.,^  daughter  of  408  John'  and  Eunice  P. 
[Lyon]  Balch,  was  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  Dec.  24,  1840. 
She  was  married  November  28, 1866,  to  Asa  R.  Clifford,  whose 
first  wife  was  her  sister  Ellen  M.  They  reside  at  Waterville, 
Me.,  and  have  five  children.  Eunice  B.,  b.  Mar.  8,  1869;  m. 
Oct.  10,  1891,  Olie  Willey.  Edith  S.,  b.  Apr.  16,  1871 ;  m. 
May  5,  1890,  Fred  B.  Grimes.  John  C,  b.  Nov.  11, 1872  ;  m. 
Dec.  7,  1895,  Mary  D.  Trafton.  Jennie  M.,  b.  Aug.  6,  1877. 
Theodore  A.,  b.  May  26,  1880. 

848.  Eunice  P..^  daughter  of  408  John"  and  Eunice  P. 
[Lyon]  Balch,  was  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  November  12, 
1843,  and  died  December  17,  1891.  She  was  married  October 
4,  1865,  to  William  E.  Shedd.  They  resided  at  West  Somer- 
ville,  Mass.,  and  had  two  childi-en.  Horace  S.,  b.  Aug.  4, 1866, 
d.  Nov.  11,  1886  ;  Annie  L.,  b.  July  29,  1871 ;  m.  June  8, 
1892,  Augustus  O.  Clark. 

849.  John  H.,8  son  of  408  John"  and  Eunice  P.  [Lyon] 
Balch  was  born  at  Cambridge,  Mass.,  July  16,  1847,  and  is  a 
merchant  at  Cambridge,  Mass.  He  was  married  June  28, 
1886,  to  Minerva  A.  Booth  and  has  three  children.    /  i,_,{    Ta.,^, 

1622  Gbetchen.s  b.  June  4,  1888. 

1623  JoHN,«  b.  Nov.  16,  1889. 

1624  Clarkson,'  b.  March  29,  1892. 

850.  Archibald,^  son  of  411  Arnold'  and  Meribah  [Leon- 
ard] Balch,  was  born  in  Otsego  Co.,  New  York,  August  30, 
1802;  and  died  at  Westfield,  Pennsylvania,  July  11,  1862. 
He  was  a  house-carpenter  and  farmer.  He  owned  at  one  time 
a  chair  factory  and  afterwards  a  saw  and  shingle  mill.  He 
was  married  to  Mary  Sweet.  She  was  born  July  30,  1802, 
and  died  at  Westfield,  December  11,  1854.  They  had  three 


1625*     Henry  R.,'b.  Dec.  23,  1826. 

1626*    Alphonzo  Bukdett,'  b.  Apr.  13,  1832. 

1627*    Helen  Adalaid,"  b.  Mar.  7,  1839. 

851.  Arnold,*  son  of  411  Arnold^  and  Meribah  [Leonard] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Cooperstown,  New  York,  October  11, 1805, 
and  died  at  North  Jackson,  Pennsylvania,  February  25, 
1881.  He  was  married  June  15,  1826,  to  Sarah,  daughter  of 
Justice  Leonard.  She  was  born  at  Stevenstown,  New  York, 
February  15,  1801,  and  died  at  Jackson,  Pa.  August  27, 1831. 
Arnold  was  an  ordained  minister  of  the  Baptist  denomination. 
He  was  also  a  farmer,  and  lived  at  Jackson,  Pa.  Their  three 
children  were  born  in  that  town. 

1628  Chester,^  b.  Mar.  24,  1827;  d.  Apr.  3,  1827. 

1629  Catherine,'  b.  Mar.  4,  1829;  d.  Oct.  27,  1880. 
1630*    Milton,'  b.  Jan.  2,  1831. 

852.  Sally,*  daughter  of  411  Arnold'^  and  Meribah 
[Leonard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Cooperstown,  N.  Y.,  July  22 
1807,  and  died  January  21,  1841,  at  Rush,  Pennsylvania, 
where  she  was  buried.  She  was  married  September  21, 1826, 
to  Heniy  Joslin,  son  of  Asa,  and  Elizabeth  Kinne.  He  was 
born  at  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.,  July  21,  1803,  and  died  at  Stevens- 
ville.  Pa.,  May  30,  1875,  and  was  buried  at  Wyalusing,  Penn 
sylvania.  He  was  first  a  shoemaker,  and  afterwards  a  farmer 
They  had  six  children. 

Meribah  Elizabeth,  b.  June  8,  1827,  at  Hartwick,  N.  Y. ;  m 
first,  Jan.  10,  1847,  Henry  L.  Fessenden,  at  Wyalusing,  Pa. 
He  was  born  in  1822,  and  d.  Oct.  21,  1868.  They  were  both 
members  of  the  Baptist  church.  Meribah  E.  m.  second,  Oct. 
21,  1872,  B.  A.  Pettes,  who  was  born  in  1820,  and  d.  in  1887, 
Meribah  had  six  children  by  her  first  husband,  none  by  her 
second.  Sally  Esther,  b.  at  Montrose,  Pa.,  Oct.  28,  1847;  d. 
May  26, 1874,  m.  F.  B.  Ryder  in  1865.  JBosea,  b.  at  Montrose, 
Pa.,  Aug.  17,  1849,  m.  Stella  Jones,  Jan.  7,  1880;  Martha 
Meribah,  b.  at  Wyalusing,  Pa.,  June  8,  18.51;  d.  Nov.  9,  1870. 
Theodore  Augustus,  b.  at  Terrytown,  Pa.,  May  14,  18.53,  m. 
Dec.  25,  1873,  to  Hattie  Wells;  d.  Mar.  1890;  Jaines  Edward, 
b.  at  Terrytown,  Pa.,  Jan.  15,  1856,  m.  Anna  Stevens,  Jan.  1, 
1877;  Charles  Ellery,  b.  Mar.  28,  18.58;  d.  August  31,  1861. 

Minerva,  b.  at  Harwick,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  13,  1829;  d.  Aug  7, 1830,  at 


Fbankmn  Everkt,  b.  at  Harwick,  Oct.  13, 1831 ;  d.  at  Morris 
Farm,  Va.,  Oct.  13,  1863;  m.  Mar.  16,  1851,  to  Elizabeth  PlacC: 
by  whom  he  had  four  children.  Gilbert,  b.  at  TeiTytown,  Pa. 
Feb.  22,  1852;  m.  Catherine  Capwell,  July  5,  1875.  Josephine 
b.  at  Terrytown,  Pa.,  Apr.  22,  1855;  m.  Elwood  Capwell,  Mar 
11,  1878.  Jacob,  b.  at  Frenchtown,  Pa.,  June  25,  1857;  m, 
Catherine  Proof,  Apr.  22,  1882.  Byron,  b.  in  Ohio.  Sept.  14, 
1859;  m.  Sept.  22,  1883.     Laura  Place. 

Franklin  E.  with  two  half  brothers  enlisted  in  1862,  into  Co 
"A"  141,  Pa.  Vols,  and  was  shotthrough  the  body  and  killed 
on  his  thirty-second  birthday.  He  was  Orderly  Sergeant  of 
his  company,  and  was  about  to  be  promoted  to  a  lieutenant. 
He  was  a  brave  soldier,  loved  and  respected  by  both  officers 
and  men. 

LuciNDA,  b.  at  Hartwick,  Oct.  11, 1833;  m.  first,  Valentine  Brown, 
Jan.  9,  1856.  He  died  Feb.  9,  1879.  Brown  was  a  Methodist, 
Lucinda  a  Baptist.  They  had  two  children,  both  b.  in  Illi- 
nois. Jane,  b.  Mar.  25,  1857;  m.  at  Montrose,  Pa  ,  in  1881,  to 
Frank  Campbell.  Henry,  b.  Mar.  15, 1860;  m.  Oct.  1,  1S80,  to 
Ette  Gannon.  Lucinda  m.  second,  in  1893,  T.  E.  Philips  a 
Baptist  minister. 

Obvil  W.,  b.  at  Rush,  Pa.  Mar.  25,  1836;  m.  Apr.  15,  1862,  to 
Catherme  Richards,  their  four  children  were  born  at  Ter- 
rytown, Pa.  where  they  live  with  their  parents  on  their 
farm.  Parents  and  children  are  members  of  the  Baptist 
church.  Helen,  b.  Jan.  19,  1864;  m.  Nov.  23,  1887,  Derr  Bow- 
men; Jo!m,  b.  Nov.  5,  1865;  m.  Mar.  23,  1893,  Margaret  Can- 
non; Mary,  b.  Oct.  6,  1867;  Burroughs,  b.  Nov.  30,  1870. 

Helen,  b.  May  31,  1838,  d.  Oc\  9,  1863 ;  m.  George  Brown,  in  1885, 
had  three  children.     Ida  Eudora,  Samuel  and  John. 

853.  Susan,8  daughter  of  411  Arnold'^  and  Meribali 
[Leonard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Burlington,  New  York,  April 
30,  1810,  and  died  at  Seward,  Nebraska.  November  8,  1885. 
She  was  married  April  8,  1826,  at  Truxtou,  New  York,  to 
Ebenezer  M.  Ellsworth.  They  resided  at  Burlington  and 
Cooperstown,  New  York,  at  Rush,  and  Auburn,  Pa.,  at  sev- 
eral places  in  Iowa,  and  last  at  Seward,  Nebraska.  They  had 
nine  children. 

Geoboe  a.,  b.  at  Burlington,  Feb.  13,  1828;  d.  at  Prescott.  Ara., 
July  3,  1882;  m.  Mar.  15,  1853,Margaret  Hulick,  at  Ainsworth, 
Iowa.  Three  children,  Charlotte  P.,  m.  Geo.  Brobaker,  Los 
Ange\es;  Maryettee,  m.  Charles  Glover,  Oskaloosa,  la.;  James, 
d.  1884. 

SUSAN    [bALCH]    ELLSWORTH — SEWARD,  NEB.         257 

Chandheb  W.,  b.  at  Cooperstown,  July  15,  1831 ;  in.  Sept.  16, 
1852,  to  Helen  E.  Maxson,  of  Fiedonia,  Iowa.  A  farmer  at 
San  Diego,  Cal.  They  have  nine  children.  Oliver  Jajnes,  h. 
Feb.  26,  1856,  m.  Laura  MuUhorn;  George  L.,  b.  Feb.  17, 1858, 
m.  Ida  Finney;  Clara  A.,  b.  Jan.  15,  1860,  m.  T.  B.  Thomp- 
son; Emma,  b.  Sept.  25,  1862,  m.  L.  C.  Chusemann;  Elmer  O., 
b.  Feb.  1,  1866,  m.  Emma  Christmas;  Laura  A.,  b.  July  17, 
1870,  m.  W.  R.  Guy;  Molley  H.,  b.  Nov.  3,  1873,  m.  A.  F. 

Susan  D.,  b.  at  Rush,  Pa.,  Jan.  30,  1888;  m.  Mar.  8,  1851,  to  John 
Hood,  of  Washington  Co.,  la.  They  had  ten  children.  Annie 
M.,  b.  June  18,  1855;  Susan  D.,  b.  Dec.  9,  1860,  m.  J.  J. 
Emmerson,  Feb.  2.  1881;  Wilfred  B.,  b.  April  17,  1862; .Franfc 
W.,  b.  July  11,  1863,  d.  Mar.  8,  1874;  Emma  J.,  b.  Feb.  22. 
1867;  Nancy  D.,  b.  Mar.  7,  1870,  m.  Oct.  1,  1885,  to  S.  A.  Don- 
alson;    Martha  M.,  b.  May  7,  1873. 

Nancy  P.,  b.  at  Auburn,  Pa.,  Apr.  11,  1837;  now  lives  at  San 
Diego,  California;  m.  Feb.  11,  1861  to  Charles  C.  Jobes.  He 
was  proprietor  of  the  Seward  Broom  Factoiy,  at  Seward, 
Nebraska,  and  their  four  children  were  born  in  that  town. 
Joseph  Weeks,  b.  Feb.  27,  1865;  Frank  Benry,  b.  July  9,  1867; 
Susan  Emeline,  b.  Aug.  21,  1869. 

Olive  P.,  b.  Feb.  14,  1840,  at  Auburn;  d.  Sept.  14,  1854,  at  Fre- 

Fkancis  M.,  b.  Mar.  3,  1844,  at  Rush;  m.  Feb.  22,  1871,  to  Emma 
Smith,  at  Seward.     Francis  M.  is  a  lawyer  at  Colfax,  Wash. 

Elizabeth  E.,  b.  Feb.  6,  1847;  d.  Apr.  14,  1876,  at  Mt.  Pleas- 
ant, la. 

Chaeles  a.,  b.  Mar.  10,  18.50;  d.  Mar.  14,  1877,  at  Jessup,  Ga.; 
m.  Jan.  1873,  to  Ivy  Newell. 

Mebibah  D.  J.,  b.  Sept.  2,  1853;  in  Louesa  Co.,  la.;  m.  Dec.  1, 
1874  to  John  A.  Stephens,  of   Union  Co.,  Iowa. 

854.  Jane.s  daughter  of  41 1  Arnold"  and  Meribah  [Leon- 
ard] Balch,  was  born  at  Truxton,  New  York,  July  7,  1814, 
and  died  November  29,  1889.  She  was  married  at  Sherburn, 
N.  Y.,  March  7,  1832,  to  William  P.  Tefft.  He  was  born  in 
Vermont.  January  16,  1779,  and  was  a  farmer  at  Port  Alle- 
ghany, Pa.,  when  he  died  June  8,  1862.  He  was  a  son  of 
Oliver  and  Deborah  Tefft.  They  had  seven  children.  Mary 
Jane,  b.  April  19,  1833,  m.  1855,  B.  F.  Jackson  ;  Julia,  b. 
May  15,  1836,  d.  Dec.  21,  1892,  m.  Geo.  Salisbury;  William, 
b.  1839,  d.  1841 ;  Arnold,  b.  Mar.  15,  1841,  d.  Nov.  20,  1856  ; 
Diana,  b.  1844,  m.  1863,  N.  R.  Page ;  Victoria,  b.  1847,  m. 
Edgar  Burr  ;  Fitz  James,  b.  May  11,  1850,  m.  Suaie  Burr. 


855.  Abigail,^  daughter  of  411  Arnold"  and  Meribah 
[Leonard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Burlington,  N.  Y.,  January  16, 
1818,  and  died  November  6,  1888.  She  was  married  March 
1,  1840,  to  David  Bonnel,  at  Rush,  Pa.  They  had  two  chil- 
dren born  at  Rush.  Sally  C,  b.  Mar.  14,  1841  ;  Abel  R.,  b. 
Aug.  22,  1844,  d.  Jan.  24,  1866. 

Mr.  Bonnel  died  at  Rush,  and  Abigail  married  for  her 
second  husband  Thomas  C.  Hoover.  He  was  born  July  27, 
1828,  and  died  September  13, 1879.  To  them  were  born  four 
children.  Arnold  G.,  b.  Dec.  26,  1852,  d.  Sept.  28,  1881  ; 
Archibald,  b.  Dec.  28,  1855  ;  Frank,  b.  May  19,  1858 ;  Meri- 
bah S.,  b.  Mar.  19,  1861,  d.  Mar.  13,  1866. 

856.  Diana,^  daughter  of  411  Arnold'  and  Meribah 
[Leonard]  Balch,  was  born  in  Cortlandt  Co.,  N.  Y.,  December 
16,  1822,  and  died  June  4,  1892.  She  was  married  firat 
to  William  D.  Dennison,  March  8,  1846.  Dennison  was  born 
April  18,  1821,  and  died  at  Gainsville,  Florida,  October  13, 
1859.  He  was  the  son  of  Dr.  Mason  Dennison,  of  Montrose, 
Pa.  They  had  one  son.  Mason  W.,  b.  Apr.  20,  1847,  at 
Montrose,  Pa.,  who  is  a  civil  engineer. 

Diana  married  for  her  second  husband  Levi  Marsh,  June 
15,  1869,  and  lived  at  Maple  Works,  Wisconsin.  He  died  in 

857.  Orpha  B.,^  daughter  of  412  Roger  and  Hannah 
[Northrup]  Balch,  was  born  at  Sherburne,  N.  Y.,  July  6. 1807, 
and  died  September  6,  1891,  at  Fulton,  N.  Y.  She  was  mar- 
ried. May  6,  1828,  to  Albert  P.  King,  of  Sullivan,  N.  Y. 
They  had  seven  children,  the  youngest  died  young.  Amos 
N.,  b.  Mar.  27,  1829  ;  Alfred  J.,  b.  Dec.  2,  1831,  d.  Jan.  26, 
1832 ;  Celestia  E.,  b.  Jan.  12,  1834,  m.  D.  M.  Cox,  Granby, 
N.  Y. ;  Ann  Maria,  b.  May  16,  1836,  d.  Feb.  9,  1870,  m.  John 
A.  Cox,  Hannibal,  N.  Y. ;  Jennie  H.,  b.  Apr.  14,  1845,  m. 
Amasa  B.  Iveeney,  lives  at  North  Hannibal,  N.  Y. ;  Albert  J., 
b.  Dec.  5,  1847. 

858.  Mary  P.,8  daughter  of  412  Roger"  and  Hannah 
[Northrup]  Balch,  was  born  at  Sherburne,  N.Y.,  July  31. 1808. 

DAN    C.    BALCH, — EUCLID,    N.    Y.  269 

and  died  June  6,  1875.  She  was  married,  October  11,  1829, 
to  Charles,  son  of  Stephen  and  Joanna  Mills  Benedict.  He  was 
born  at  Sherburn,  New  York,  May  6, 1803  ;  Benedict's  2d  wife. 
No  issue.     The  Benedict  Genealogy  gives  her  name  Cornelia. 

860.  Marilla,*  daughter  of  412  Roger'  and  Hannah 
[Northrup]  Balch,  was  born  at  Sherburne,  N.  Y.,  December 
18,  1812,  and  died  December  24,  1895,  at  Whitelaw,  N.  Y. 
She  was  married,  March  27,  1834,  to  Seymour  H.  Barnes,  of 
Lenox,  N.  Y. ;  they  had  six  children.  Catherine  M.,  b.  Dec. 
31,  1835,  lives  at  Canastota,  N.  Y. ;  Albert  S.,  b.  Sept.  1, 1837, 
m.  Carrie  C.  Ward  in  Sept.,  1865 ;  Emma  C,  b.  Feb.  8, 1839, 
m.  B.  F.  Harpham,  Feb.  28, 1861 ;  Chester  E.,  b.  July  3, 1842, 
d.  Mar.  2,  1860  ;  Mary  L.,  b.  Feb.  14,  1846,  d.  Dec.  19,  1877 ; 
Fannie  A.,  b.  Mar.  16, 1860,  m.  June  1,  1887,  Rev.  Lansing 
Van  Auken,  of  Troy,  N.  Y. 

863.  Cynthia  L.,^  daughter  of  412  Roger^  and  Hannah 
[Northrup]  Balch,  was  born  at  Sherburne,  N.  Y.,  October  6, 
1821.  She  was  married  January  5,  1853  to  Zerah  R.  Niles, 
of  Cooperstown,  N.  Y.  They  live  at  Oneida,  N.  Y.  They 
have  four  childi-en.  Arthur  S.,  b.  March  17, 1855  ;  Ebbert  R., 
b.  March  6, 1858  ;  Irving  Balch,  b.  July  6,  1860  ;  Minnie  E., 
b.  Oct.  31,  1864. 

876.  Dan  O.,^  son  of  417  Henry  Taylor"  and  Catherine 
[Thomas]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.  July  14,  1809, 
and  died  at  Euclid,  N.  Y.,  February  1,  1883.  He  was  a  far- 
mer, and  a  member  of  the  M.  E.  Church.  On  April  11, 
1831,  he  was  married  to  Matilda  Gammet,  by  whom  he  had 
three  daughters. 

1631*    Pamela,^  b.  .Jan.  18,  1842;  d.  Dec.  19,  1872. 

1632  Rhoda  ANN.'b.        ;  m.  Eckert,  lives  Euclid,  N.  T. 

1633  Edson.s  b.        ;  d.  y. 

878.  Henrietta,^  daughter  of  417  Henry  Taylor"  and 
Catherine  [Thomas]  Balch,  was  born  at  New  Haven,  April 

1,  1813,  and  died  at  Richfield,  Otsego  Co.,  N.  Y.,  February 

2,  1869.  She  was  married  first  to  Andrew  Chrisman,  July 
27,  1835,  and  second  to  Henry  Oxner,  who  died  at  Richfield, 
April  14,  1868. 


879.  Clarissa,**  daughter  of  417  Heniy  Taylor^  aud 
Catherine  [Thomas]  Balch,  was  born  at  Richfield  Spa,  N. 
Y.,  February  18,  1815.  She  was  married  Jan.  22,  1837,  to 
Leroy  Robinson,  and  was  living  at  Newell,  Iowa. 

880.  Joseph  Chapman,^  son  of  417  Henry  Taylor^  and 
Catherine  [Thomas]  Balch,  was  born  at  Richfield,  N.  Y.,  Jan- 
uary 30,  1817,  and  died  about  1891.  He  was  a  mason,  and 
lived  last  at  Sand  Bank,  N.  Y.  He  was  married  February  7, 
1844,  to  Sarah  J.  daughter  of  William  Rose.  She  was  born  at 
Fly  Creek,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  13, 1824,  and  died  at  Albion,  N.  Y.,  April 
25,  1863.  They  ha.d  six  children,  the  five  eldest  were  born  at 
Richfield,  the  youngest  at  Albion,  N.  Y. 

1634  EsTELLA,^  b.  Nov.  0,  1S44. 

1635  Delas,«  b.  May  21,  1846. 

1636  JonN,9  b.  June  17,  1850;  d.  Mar.  11,  1863. 

1637  Emely,"  b.  Aug.  19,  1853. 

1638  Albert,!'  b.  Aug.  28,  18.56;  d.  Feb.  17,  18-57. 

1639  Darwbll,^  b.  Sept.  4,  1862. 

Joseph  C.  was  married  second  September  13, 1864,  to  Mary 
J.,  daughter  of  Terance  Sheridan.  She  was  born  in  Ireland, 
September  17,  1829.  By  this  marriage  Joseph  C.  had  four 
children,  all  born  at  Albion,  N.  Y. 

1640  Eliza  A.,9  b.  Aug.  14,  1S65. 

1641  Chables,''  b.  Jan.  20,  1867. 

1642  .Tames,8  b.  July  3,  1868. 

1643  Makt,s  b.  Dec.  11,  1871. 

882.  Maria.s  daughter  of  417  Henry  Taylor'  and  Cath- 
erine [Thomas]  Balch,  was  born  at  Richfield,  N.  Y.,  February 
7,  1821.  She  was  married  October  24,  1844,  to  George 
Washington  Rose  of  Otsego,  N.  Y.  He  was  born  April  10,1821, 
and  died  in  March,  1894.  He  was  a  farmer.  Their  residences 
have  been  Richfield,  N.  Y.,  Brockfield,  111.  and  Marseilles, 
111.  They  had  six  children,  the  three  eldest  were  born  at 
Richfield,  the  others  at  Brockfield,  111.  William  H., 
Catherine  V.,  George  Washington,  Albert,  Emma,  Truman. 

883.  Rhoda  Ann,s  daughter  of  417  Henry  Taylor^  and 
Catherine  [Thomas]    Balch,  was    born  at  Richfield,  N.  Y., 


September  26,  1823.  She  was  married  Dec.  12,  1857,  to 
Thomas,  son  of  William  Holt.  He  was  born  in  New  York 
March  24,  1826.  He  is  a  farmer,  and  is  living  with  his  wife 
at  Seneca,  111.  They  had  five  childi-en.  The  eldest  was  born 
at  Richfield,  N.  Y.,  the  other  four  at  Brockfield,  111.  Martha 
A.,  b.  Nov.  5,  1852,  m.  March  10,  1879,  Nathaniel  Baker ; 
John  A.,  b.  Nov.  10,  1856,  d.  Dec.  15,  1856  ;  Sarah  A.,  b. 
March  18,  1858,  d.  Feb.  17,  1862;  Nellie  F.,  b.  Feb.  20, 
1860,  d.  Aug.  21,  1860 ;  Aveline  R.,  b.  Jan.  7, 1863,  m.  Dec. 
29,  1880,  Frank  L.  Covell. 

884.  Henry.s  son  of  417  Henry  Taylor"  and  Catherine 
[Thomas]  Balch  was  born  at  Richfield,  N.  Y.,  December  5, 
1825,  and  is  living  at  Schuyler  Lake,  N.  Y.  He  married  first 
Emma  Deloug  by  whom  he  had  one  daughter  who  is  now 

1644  Emma,^  b.        ;  m. 

Henry  married  second,  Lovanda  Sitts,  by  whom  he  has 
one  daughter. 

1645  May,"  b.        ;  in.  William  Fay. 

886.  Martha,^  daughter  of  417  Henry  Taylor"  and  Cath- 
erine [Thomas]  Balch,  was  born  at  Richfield,  N.  Y.  February 
5, 1830  ;  she  married,  first,  John  Shaul,  June  3,  1855.  She  was 
living  at  Forest  City,  Iowa,  in  1887.  Shaul  was  a  farmer ;  they 
moved  to  Iowa  about  1862  ;  they  have  six  children ;  the  tliree 
eldest  were  born  at  Brockfield,  111.,  the  other  three  in  Iowa. 
Monroe,  b.  Feb.  25,  1857,  d.  Sept.  14,  1865 ;  Julia,  b.  Dec.  2, 
1859 ;  Cornelus,  b.  May  5, 1860  ;  Edward,  b.  March  13,  1863  ; 
William,  b.  Aug.  29,  1864 ;  Dora,  b.  Jan.  5,  1866.  Shaul 
died,  and  Martha  married  John  Reynolds,  who  died  without 

887.  Sarah  A.,^  daughter  of  417  Henry  Taylor'  and 
Catherine  [Thomas]  Balch,  was  born  at  Richfield,  N.  Y., 
October  4,  1832.  She  was  married  September  23,  1849,  to 
Alexander  Shaul.  He  is  a  farmer,  and  they  are  living  at 
Armstrong,  Iowa.  They  have  two  children.  Charles  C, 
b.  July  9,^850  ;  Henry  Alexander,  b.  Feb.  1,  1854. 


888.  John  Austin.^  son  of  419  John"  and  Mary  [Wood] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Conn.,  January  24,  1812,  and 
was  a  farmer  at  Killawog,  N.  Y.  in  March,  1886.  He  is  a  Demo- 
crat and  Spiritualist.  In  1839  he  was  married  to  Minerva 
Lynde,  who  died  in  1886.    They  had  two  children. 

1646  Ira,'  b.  1840;  unm.,  a  farmer. 

1647  Pamela,9  b.  1S43;  d.  1848. 

889.  Mary  Ann  Maria,^  daughter  of  419  John'  and 
Mary  [Wood]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  April  9, 
1816  ;  she  married  Harmon  Mackey  by  whom  she  had  two 
children.  Marvin  Mackey  married  Miranda  Jennings  ;  Lucy 
Mackey  married  William  Wheaton,  one  child  Florence 
Wheaton.  This  family  are  all  Methodists. 

890.  Sophronia  Ann,^  daughter  of  421  Thomas'  and 
Eunice  [Hamilton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.  Janu- 
ary 25,  1820.  She  manied  a  Mr.  Lawrence  Wood  and  re- 
sided at  East  Winsor,  Ct. 

892.  Roxana  Minerva,^  daughter  of  421  Thomas"  and 
Eunice  [Hamilton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  April 
17,  1828.  She  married  first  Rufus  Fielden  Conant,  son  of 
Edmund,  and  grandson  of  Sylvester  and  a  lineal  descendant 
from  Roger.  He  was  born  May  27,  1827,  at  Mansfield,  Ct., 
where  he  always  lived.  He  died  in  1865.  They  had  two 
children,  Isadoras,  b.  March  12,  1849.  Mary  Ann  Jeau- 
nette,   b.  August  17,  1850. 

Roxanna  M.  married  for  her  second  husband  a  Mr. 
Merrick.     They  lived  at  Atwoodville,  Conn. 

894.  Milo  Hamilton,^  son  of  421  Thomas"  and  Eunice 
[Hamilton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mansfield,  Conn.,  June  17, 
1835,  and  was  living  at  Mansfield,  Ct.,  in  1886. 

899.  William  Henry,*  son  of  423  David  B.'  and  Fanny 
[Cliannell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  March  16, 
1823,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  August  30, 1855.  He  married 
Hannah  Lowell,  who  was  born  in  1816.     They  had  one  son. 

1648  David  Hkxby,^  died  at  Amesbury,  Mass.,  the  last  male  descen- 

dant of  Bavid  Burnham. 

CHARLES  BALCH, — OR  AN,  N.  Y.  263 

900.  Mara,^  daughter  of  424  Dr.  IsraeF  and  Nancy 
[Goodwin]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salisbury,  Mass.,  July  20, 
1816,  and  died  at  Amesbury,  Mass.,  August  29,  1895.  She 
was  a  lady  of  excellent  mind  and  memory.  She  rendered 
great  assistance  to  this  Genealogy  in  giving  the  biography  of 
her  father  and  the  records  of  his  family.     She  never  married. 

902.  Israel  Daniel  Perkins,^  son  of  424  Dr.  Israel"  and 
Nancy  [Goodwin]  Balch,  was  born  at  Amesbury,  Mass.,  June 
18,  1822.  In  1850  he  married  Margaret  Cherry,  who  was 
born  in  1822  at  North  Balmore,  Ireland.  She  died  in  1867. 
They  had  four  children. 

1649  Anna  Frances,^  b.  Oct.  23,  1854;  d.  1856. 

1650  Nellie  Augusta,!"  b.  Nov.  21,  1856;  d.  Nov.  21,  1856. 
1651*    Ida  Fbances,''  b.  Dec.  3,  1857. 

1652  Abthuk  Israel,^  b.  Dec.  3,  1850. 

Israel  D.  P.  was  married  a  second  time  in  1868  to  Marga- 
ret Kenedy.  She  was  born  at  North  Andover,  Mass.,  De- 
cember 20,  1833.     They  had  two  children. 

1653  Hebmon  Frederick,'  b.  June  12,  1869;  d.  July  13,  1881. 

1654  Nellie  Josephine,^  b.  May  6,  1871. 

903.  David  Lowell  Dearborn.^  son  of  424  Dr.  IsraeF 
and  Nancy  [Goodwin]  Balch,  was  born  at  Amesbury,  Mass., 
October  13,  1828.  On  January  10,  1854  he  was  married  to 
Miss  Judith  Ann  Boardman,  who  was  born  at  Newburyport, 
Mass.,  in  1832.     No  issue. 

906.  Rebecca,«  daughter  of  433  William'  and  Mehitable 
[Townsend]  Balch,  was  born  December  3,  1795,  and  died 
September  27,  1873.  She  married  a  Mr.  Farnham  in  N. 
H.  He  was  a  ship  blacksmith.  They  moved  to  Bangor,  Me., 
where  he  had  a  large  shop. 

913.  Oharles.s  son  of  433  William"  and  Mehitable  [Town- 
send]  Balch,  was  born  February  22,  1814,  and  died  July  6, 
1882,  at  Ogden,  Iowa.  He  was  a  farmer  and  Baptist.  He 
was  married  in  1835  to  Harriet,  daughter  of  Nathan  Hines  of 
Schoharie,  N.  Y.  She  was  born  March  18,  1805,  and  died 
March  28,  1882,   at  Oran,  N.  Y.     They  had  four  children. 


1655*  William  Henby,'  b.  Nov.  7, 1S36. 

1656*  Eliza  Jane,^  b.  Sept.  2,  1S38;  d.  May  9,  1885. 

1657*  Charles  D.,"  b.  Aug.  18,  1840. 

1658*  Habriet  Cornelia,"  b.  Feb.  8,  1844. 

1659*  Maria,'  b.  May  26,  1846. 

916.  Laura  Ann,^  daughter  of  435  David^  and  Abigail 
[Wells]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  November  11, 
1802,  and  died  at  Winchendon,  Mass.,  Oct.  19,  1874.  She 
was  buried  at  Keene,  N.  H.  She  married  Daniel  Jackson, 
and  had  seven  children.  They  lived  at  Winchendon,  Mass. 
David  W.,  b.  Oct.  27,  1829  ;  Harriet  A.,  b.  Sept.  16,  1831,  d. 
Jan.  5,  1882  ;  James  W.,  b.  Sept.  22,  1834 ;  Charles  A.,  b. 
Nov.  24,  1837,  d.  Nov.  29,  1842  ;  Eliza  N.,  b.  Oct.  12, 1839,  d. 
May  7,  1842 ;  Sarah  C,  b.  Sept.  16,  1841 :  George  A.,  b.  Feb. 
6,  1844. 

919.  George  A..^  son  of  435  David'  and  Abigail  [Wells] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Keene,  N.  H.,  October  13,  1809,  and  died 
in  Worcester,  Mass.,  March  8,  1891,  and  was  buried  at  Keene. 
He  was  a  mechanic,  and  was  engaged  in  railroading  for  the 
Cheshire  R.  R.  He  was  a  strong  Republican.  On  November 
13,  1831,  he  was  married  to  Jemima  Clark,  who  was  born  in 
Chestei-field,  N.  H.,  July  25,  1805,  and  died  in  Keene,  Sep- 
tember 2,  1850.  They  had  three  children,  aU  born  in 

1660      Geobge  W.,'J  b.  Dec.  23,  1832;  d.  Apr.  13, 1848. 

1661*    Martha  A.,»  b.  Aug.  19, 1834;  d.  Mar.  5,  1883. 

1662*    Mart  A.,'  b.  July  11,  18.37. 

George  A.  married  second,  September  1,  1851,  Maria  San- 
derson, who  was  boin  in  Springfield,  Vt.,  July  9,  1815,  and 
died  in  Keene,  May  14,  1888.  They  had  two  children,  both 
born  in  Keene. 

1663*    Emma  M.,'  b.  Sept.  5,  1852. 

1664*    Charles  A.,*  b.  Nov.  23,  1854. 

925.  John  Capen.^  son  of  440  John"  and  Mary  [Elliot] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  in  1805,  and  died  at 
Lynn,  Mass.  He  was  a  inau  of  great  piety.  He  was  married 
twice.     The  name  of  his  second  wife  was  Mary  Ann  Collin- 


son.     A  diary  by  Mary  Endicott  of  Danvers,  notes  the  date 
of  death  and  age  of  a  Rebecca  Balch,  who  was  probably  his 
daughter.      The  diary  says  that  she   was  the  only  child  of  a 
widowed  mother. 
1665    Kebkcca  P.,9  b.  1S37;  d.  Mar.  20,  1864. 

926.  Nehemiah,8  son  of  440  John'  and  Mary  [Elliot] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsiield,  Mass.,  in  1807,  and  died  in  that 
town  January  2,  1884.  He  was  married  April  2-3,  1829,  to 
Mary  Ann  Lovett.  She  was  born  .June  22,  1806,  at  Newbury- 
port.     They  had  three  children,  all  born  at  Topsfield. 

1666*    J^EHBMiAH  Chables,"  b.  Feb.  6,  1834. 

1667      Edwin  Wallace,"  b.  Aug.  27,  1837;  d.  Mch.  8,  1838. 

1668*    George  Edwin,"  b.  Jan.  23,  1839;  d.  June  11,  1874. 

Nehemiah  Balch  was  a  man  of  sterling  integrity,  kind  and 
sympathetic.  Nearly  forty  years  of  his  life  was  spent  in  the 
employ  of  C.  Herrick  &  Co.,  where  as  overseer,  and  at  one 
time  as  director,  he  gained  the  confidence  of  all  with  whom 
he  came  in  contact. 

He  served  the  town  in  many  places  of  trust.  In  1861,  '62, 
he  was  treasurer,  and  had  much  to  do  with  the  recruiting  for 
the  war.  In  1850  he  represented  the  town  in  the  legislature 
and  took  a  lively  interest  in  the  contest  for  the  senate,  between 
Sumner  and  Winthrop.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Con- 
gregational church  for  fifty-three  yeais.  Mrs.  Balch  was 
a  woman  of  great  persistency  and  remarkably  well  read,  es- 
pecially of  religious  and  theological  works. 

927.  Phebe,8  daughter  of  444  Solomon"  and  Ruth 
[Knights]  Balch,  was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  March  18,  1803, 
and  died  Maicli  7,  1841,  in  the  same  town  where  she  had 
always  lived.  She  married  Charles  H.  Clark,  a  farmer,  and 
had  five  children.  Augusta  M.,  b.  Aug.  20,  1829  ;  Amelia  A., 
b.  Sept.  3,  1831 ;  Solomon,  b.  July  15,  1833,  d.  1836;  Byance, 
b.  Nov.  16,  1835  ;  Charles,  b.  Feb.  22, 1838. 

928.  Robert.^  son  of  444  Solomon^  and  Ruth  [Knights] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  August  2,  1804,  and  died  in 
the  same  town  Januaiy  11,  1874.     He  was  married  April  22, 


1828,  to   Lydia,  daughter  of   Seth  Pike.     She  was  boru  at 
Brookfield,  Vt.,  October  2,  1805.    Robert  was  a  farmer,   and 
lived  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  where  his  eight  children  were  born. 
1669*    Ruth  Clementine,'  b.  Jan.  17,  1830. 

1670  Caroline  Maby,«  b.  Apr.  7,  1832;  d.  Aug.  10,  1841. 

1671  Vbknon  Waterman,'  b.  July  16,  1S34;  d.  Feb.  13,  1812. 
1672*    Louisa  Pike,''  b.  Nov.  1,  1836;  d.  Aug.  6,  1862. 

1673      Solomon,'  b.  Apr.  9,  1840;  d.  Oct.  5,  1852. 
1674*    Caroline  Martha,'  b.  Aug.  28,  1843. 
1675*    Julia  Etta,'  b.  Mar.  5,  1846. 
1676      Robert,'  b.  May  16,  1849;  d.  Aug.  24,  1869. 

929.  Ruth.s  daughter  of  444  Solomon'  and  Ruth 
[Knights]  Balch,  was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  September  7, 
1806,  and  died  in  the  same  town  February  28,  1873.  She 
married  John  A.  Clark,  who  was  born  August  31,  1804,  and 
died  May  9,  1874.  They  had  six  children,  all  born  at  John 
son,  Vt. 

Frederick,  b.  Oct.  17,  1836. 

Jane,  b.  Apr.  22,  1838;  m.  first  Lucius  S.  Rand,  Oct.  28,  1863. 
Rand  was  born  Mar.  4,  1835,  and  died  Mar.  31,  1877;  they 
had  two  children.  John  C,  b.  June  9,  1865;  and  an 
unnamed  son,  d.  y.  Jane  [Clark]  Rand  m.  second  Samuel 
H.  Smith,  Nov.  6,  1882.     Smith  was  born  Jan.  11,  1834. 

Solomon  B.,  b.  Dec.  25,  1839;  d.  Jan.  11,  1872. 

Jennett,  b.  Mar.  28,  1842;  m.  Lewis  D.  Smith,  Jan.  1,  1861. 

John  A.,  b.  Jan.  17,  1847;  d.  Apr.  10,1847. 

Ruth  A.,  b.  May  8,  1848;  d.  Sept.  8,  1852. 

930.  Solomon,^  son  of  444  Solomon^  and  Ruth  [Knights] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  April  8,  1808,  and  died  at 
Waterville,  Vt.,  April  30,  1859,  and  was  buried  at  Johnson. 
He_  was  married  first  in  March,  1832,  to  Hannah  Clark.  She 
was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  and  died  at  Waterville,  in  August, 
1841.     They  had  two  children. 

1677*    Ruth  K.,'  b.  Apr.  11,  1833. 
1678*    Kno8,'  b.  Dec.  16,  1835. 

In    December,    1842,    Solomon   married   his   second  wife, 
Maria  A.  Huiiburt,  of  Waterville.     They  had  three  children. 
1679*    Maky,'  b.  in  1844;  d.  in  Kansas. 
1680*    Martha,'  b.  in  1S46;  d.  at  Waterville. 
1681*    Fidelia,'  b.  in  1848. 


932.  Allen.s  son  of  444  Solomon"  and  Ruth  [Knights] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  November  13,  1811,  and 
died  in  the  same  town,  April  13,  1881.  He  was  married 
July  23,  1842,  to  Jane,  daughter  of  Joseph  Andrews,  of 
Johnson.     Their  five  children  were  all  born  in  Johnson,  Vt. 

1682*  Alma  H.,«  b.  Nov.  6,  1843;  d.  Mar.  1889. 

1683*  Edwin  K.,^  b.  Oct.  12,  1846;  d.  Dec.  19,  1895. 

1684  Allen,'  b.  Mar.  12,  1849;  d.  May  9,  1849. 

1685  Wabren,"  b.  Apr.  28,  1852;  d.  July  2,  1856. 
1686*  Addib,'  b.  Dec.  25,  1857;  d.  Sept.  7,  1885. 

Allen  was  ambitious  to  leave  home  when  he  was  of  age,  but 
one  trip  as  a  yankee  pedler  satisfied  him.  He  bought  the 
old  farm  on  which  he  was  raised,  and  built  a  new  house  near 
the  old  one  in  which  he  lived  the  remainder  of  his  life.  He 
was  a  quiet,  hard  working  man,  fond  of  fun  in  a  quiet  way, 
a  Republican,  an  earnest  Christian,  a  member  of  the  Baptist 
church,  a  good  neighbor,  a  kind  father,  and  respected  by  all 
who  knew  him. 

933.  Frederick  P.,*  son  of  444  Soloman"  and  Ruth 
[Knights]  Balch,  was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  October  26, 
1813,  and  is  a  farmer  at  Masena,  New  York.  He  married 
February  12,  1847,  Elvira  Clark,  of  Johnson.  She  died 
February  18,  1893.     They  had  one  son. 

1687*    Fbed,9  b.  October  21,  1818. 

934.  Betsey ,s  daughter  of  444  Solomon'  and  Ruth 
[Knights]  Balch,  was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  December,  10, 1815, 
and  died  November  11, 1848.  She  was  married  in  December, 
1841,  to  John  T.  FuUington,  of  Cambridge,  Vermont.  They 
had  one  son,  George  H.,  who  is  a  merchant  at  Idana,  Kansas. 

939.  John,8  son  of  446  Moses'  and  Sally  [Willis]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  February  18,  1806.  He  was 
married  December  2,  1831,  to  Lydia  A.  Andrews.  She  was 
born  at  Johnson,  February  28,  1811,  and  died  at  Newport, 
Vt.,  October  19, 1866.  John  was  a  farmer  and  carpenter,,  and 
was  living  at  Newport,  Vt.,  in  1887.  They  had  eight  chil- 
dren, all  born  at  Johnson. 


1688  Sarah,  J-.^b.  Sept.  11,  1832. 

1689  Otis  P.,8b.  Feb.  28,  1835. 

1690  JoHN,8  b.  July  23,  1837;  d.  Mar.  28,  1861. 

1691  Joseph  A.,^  b.  Oct.  11,  1839. 

1692  Serea  A.,»  b.  Aug.  15,  1811:  d.  Aug.  20,  1841. 

1693  Chat  M.,!"  b.  July  U,  1842;  d.  Nov.  20,  1862. 

1694  Mary  J.,'  b.  May  14,  1844. 

1695  Samuel  A.,^  b.  Apr.  22,  1847. 

John  was  married  again  September  15,  1867,  to  Sarah  G. 
Hazelton.     No  issue. 

940.  Samuel.s  son  of  446  Moses'  and  Sally  [Willis] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  June  23,  1808,  and  died  at 
Manchester,  N.  H.,  August  26,  1854.  He  was  married  April 
2,  1835,  to  Nancy  Maria  Bartlett.  She  was  born  at  Unity, 
N.  H.,  March  23,  1813,  and  died  at  Manchester,  April  12, 
1884.     They  had  three  children. 

1696*    Susan  Elizabeth,^  b.  Dec.  27,  1835. 

1697*    George  Granville,^  b.  Aug.  17,  1837  ;  d.  Dec.  20,  1865. 

1698  Sarah  Maria  Herbekt,^  b.  Jan.  7,  1840  ;  d.  unm.  Apr.  14, 


Samuel  was  a  farmer,  and  lived  at  Manchester,  N.  H.  His 
^vidow  Nancy,  married  Charles  C.  Huntoon.     No  issue. 

941.  Moses.s  son  of  446  Moses'  and  Sally  [Willis]  Balch, 
was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  November  30,  1810,  and  died  Mar. 
17,  1891.  He  was  married  August  14,  1831,  to  Mary  Ann, 
daughter  of  Moses  Burnham,  of  Chester,  Vt.  She  was  born 
at  Chester,  Vt.,  December  23,  1813.  They  have  had  eight 
children,  all  born  at  Johnson,  except  their  youngest  son,  Sam- 
uel H.,  who  was  born  at  Goffstown,  N.  H. 

1699  Martha  M.,^  b.  Sept.  18,  1832;  d.  unm.,   at  New  Boston,  N.  H. 

June  23,  1851. 
1700*    Prolina  L.,«b.  Dec.  24,  1834;  d.  June  18,  1878. 
1701*    Elizabeth  A.,9b.  Feb.  22,  1837. 
1702*    Wayland  F.,9  b.  May  28,  1839. 
1703*    Sarah  A.,«  b.  Oct.  31,  1841. 
1704*    Ellen  Asinith,^  b.  Feb.  14,  1844. 
1705*    Charles  S.,='  b.  Feb.  5,  1848. 
1706*    Samuel  K.,^  b.  Oct.  1,  1854.      . 

942.  Abijah.s  son  of  446  Moses"  and  Sally  [Willis] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Johnson,  Vt.,  Mar.  16,  1813,  and  died  in 

ABIJAH    BALCH, — JOHNSON,    VT.  269 

the  same  town  in  which  he  was  born  and  always  lived,  Sept. 
21, 1878.  He  was  buried  in  North  Hyde  Park,  Vt.  Abijah 
was  a  farmer.  On  February  10,  1838,  he  was  married  to 
Eliza  Nites.  She  was  born  at  Enosburg,  Vt.,  July  23,  1815. 
Their  four  children  were  born  at  Johnson,  Vt. 

1707      HiAL  B.9  b.  April  ],  1839  ;  d.  June  8,  1839. 

1708*    WiLLAED  M.,9  b.  Apr.  17,  1840  ;  d.Dec.  17,  1881. 

1709      Fkederick  Y.,^  b.  Mar.  16,  1842  ;  d.  Feb.  2,  1852. 

1710*    Ai.M0N,8  b.  Nov.  20,  1847. 

946.  Jolin  Jefferson.s  son  of  447  John"  and  Deborah 
[Kenniston]  Balch,  was  born  at  Jericho,  Vt.,  June  27,  1804, 
and  died  March  10,  1879,  at  Kennebunkport,  Me.,  where  he 
had  gone  because  of  his  eldest  son's  illness.  He  was  a  farmer. 
He  was  married  in  November,  1827,  to  Abigail  G.  Mudgett. 
She  died  at  Lyndeborough,  New  Hampshire,  March  16,  1879, 
within  twelve  days  of  the  death  of  her  husband  and  their 
eldest  son.  All  three  died  of  pneumonia.  They  lived  at 
Lyndeboro  and  were  much  esteemed  for  their  uniform  kind- 
ness and  generosity.  Prior  to  1862  they  lived  at  New  Bos- 
ton, New  Hampshire. 

1711*    .John  W.,'  b.  September  10,  1828  ;  d.  Mar.  4,  1879. 
1712*    Moses  M.,^  b.  Sept.  11,  1881. 
1713*    Mart  Emily,"  b.  July  17,  1840. 

947.  Eliza,^  daughter  of  447  John'  and  Deborah  [Ken- 
niston] Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  March  3, 
1806,  and  died  at  LeClaire,  Iowa,  December  22,  1866.  She 
was  married  May  25,  1823,  to  Ezekiel,  son  of  Philip  and 
Hannah  [Hackett]  Peaslee,  who  was  born  at  Lewiston,  Me., 
October  5, 1802,  and  died  at  LeClaire,  la.,  July  14, 1880.  They 
lived  at  Middletown,  Mass.,  until  1837,  when  they  removed 
to  LeClaire.  They  had  six  children,  the  five  eldest  were  born 
at  Middletown,  Mass.,  the  youngest  at  LeClaire.  John  B., 
b.  Sept.  10,  1824,  m.  Nov.  1,  1855,  Isabelle  Barr;  Phillip  O., 
b.  May  28, 1828,  d.  unm.  1850;  Hannah  M.,  b.  Jan.  27,  1830, 
d.  Mar.  22,  1851,  m.  Nov.  7,  1847,  Silas  Lancaster;  Julia  A. 
Peaslee,  b.  Mar.  3,  1833,  m.  Aug.  14,  1853,  David  T.  Stone- 
braker,  lives  at  Melvern,  Kansas;  George  P.,  b.  May  3,  1836, 


d.  April  1,  1867,  m.  July  5,  1863,  Melissa  Lewis;  Orrin  H., 
b.  Jan.  23,  1848,  m.  Jan.  24,  1868,  Anna  E.  Stonebraker,  live 
at  LeClaire,  Iowa. 

948.  Eliphalet,^  fourth  son  of  447  John"  and  Deborah 
[Kenniston]  Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  New  Hamp- 
shire, December  29,  1807,  and  died  May  28,  1873,  at  Jericho, 
Vt.,  where  he  was  a  farmer.  He  was  married  Nov.  9,  1831, 
to  Lucretia  Maria,  daughter  of  Pittman  Barker.  She  was 
born  in  Tiumouth,  Vt.,  June  17,  1812,  and  died  at  Jericho, 
Vt.,  March  29,  1890. 

1714  Henry  John.s  b.  Nov.  24.  1832;  d.  Feb.  12,  1S53. 

1715*  Helen  Abigail,^  b.  Sept.  5,  1S34;  d.  Aug.  16,  1881. 

1716  George  Hibam,»  b.  Oct.  27,  1836;  d.  Feb.  9,  1853. 

1717*  Barker  SA-n-TER.^  b.  July  28,  1838. 

1718  Olive  Sawyer,'  b.  April  2,  1840;  d.  Feb.  6,  1853. 

1719  Noah  Woodman,**  b.  Jan.  28,  1842;  d.  Feb.  16,  1853. 

1720  Ann  Eliza,' b.  Nov.  29,  1844;  d.  Feb.  16,  1853. 
1721*  Fayette,'  b.  August  23,  1848;  d.  Sept.  30,  1886. 
1722*  Effie  Jane,'  b.  Sept.  16,  1850. 

The  entire  family  with  the  exception  of  the  father  were 
sick  with  scarlet  fever,  and  five  died  in  ten  days. 

949.  Julia  Ann,^  daughter  of  447  John'  and  Deboi-ah 
[Kenniston]  Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  August 
25,  1809,  and  died  June  25,  1896.  She  lived  at  Hookset, 
N.  H.  She  married  January  24,  1835,  Ayers,  son  of  Ayers 
and  Sarah  Worth.  He  was  a  farmer,  and  was  born  August 
10,  1808,  at  Center  Harbor,  N.  H.,  and  died  Nov.  21,  1875, 
at  Moultonboro,  where  they  lived.  They  had  two  children. 
Julia  Maria,  b.  Dec.  14,  1836,  d.  December  25,  1886,  m.  Aug. 
6,  1854,  Elisha  Slager ;  William  Balch,  b.  May  26,  1844,  d. 
May  3,  1863,  in  the  army. 

950.  Hannah,^  daughter  of  447  John"  and  Deborah 
[Kenniston]  Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  May  11, 
1811,  and  is  living  at  Waltham,  Mass.  She  was  married  in 
1836  to  George  Washington  Haseltine,  who  was  born  Febru- 
ary 18,  1812,  and  died  August  27,  1864.  They  had  ten  chil- 
dren.    George  Hector,  b.  June  29,  1837,  d.  July  25,  1889 ; 

WILLIAM   PLUMMER   BALCH, — SOUTH   WEABE,    N.  H.     271 

Wright  Augustus,  b.  Dec.  2,  1838,  d.  July  21, 1847  ;  William 
Harrison,  b.  Nov.  30, 1840,  d.  Feb.  22,  1881;  Charles  Sewell, 
b.  June  5, 1842,  d.  June  29,  1885  ;  John  R.,  b.  Feb.  2, 1844,  d. 
May  10,  1896  ;  Hannah,  b.  Sept.  7,  1845  ;  Edwin,  b.  Nov.  20, 
1847,  d.  Feb.  28,  1885;  Augustus,  b.  Oct.  17,  1849;  Helen, 
b.  August  10,  1851,  d.  Sept.  27,  1855;  Emma,  b.  Aug.  19, 
1855,  d.  Sept.  30,  1855. 

951.  William  Plummer.s  son  of  447  John"  and  Deborah 
[Kenniston]  Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  March  13, 
1813,  and  died  at  South  Weare,  N.  H.,  April  12,  1884,  and 
was  buried  in  the  Hillside  cemetery  at  South  Weare.  He 
was  a  farmer,  in  politics  a  democrat.  He  was  married  Feb- 
ruary 15,  1846  to  Sarah  C.  daughter  of  Samuel  and  Delila 
[Welch]  Gove.  She  was  born  at  South  Weare,  February  15, 
1821.  The  family  are  Universalists.  They  always  lived  at 
South  Weare,  where  their  four  children  were  born. 

1723*    Henby  H.,9  b.  Jan.  16,  1847. 

1724*     Delila  Gove,«  b.  Sept.  16,  1848. 

1725*    Almena  M.,9  b.  Mar.  11,  1850. 

1726*    Emma  D.,«b.  July  IS,  1855. 

953.  Roxanna,^  youngest  daughter  of  447  John  and 
Deborah  [KennistonJ  Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  N.  H., 
July  1,  1818,  and  died  at  Goffstown,  June  3,  1889.  She 
was  married  at  Stoddard,  N.  H.,  April  14,  1872,  to  Samuel 
Nichols,  who  was  born  at  Stoddard,  March  11,  1831,  and  is  a 
dry  goods  peddler,  living  at  Hopkinton,  New  Hampshire. 
They  had  no  children. 

954.  William  D.,8  son  of  452  Allen?  and  Hepzibah 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  October  26, 
1813,  and  died  at  New  Orleans,  La.,  October  12,  1862.  He 
enlisted  in  1861,  in  Co.  K,  seventh  regiment,  Vermont 

955.  Margaret  D.,^  daughter  of  452  Allen?  and  Hepzi- 
bah [Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Unity,  N.H.,  May  13,1815,  and 
died  at  Antrim,  N.  H.,  January  22,  1892.  She  married  James 
C.  Brackett.     He  was  born  June  27,  1815,  and  died  Septem- 


ber  21,  1889,  and  was  buried  with  Masonic  rites  at  Antrim 

where  they  lived,  and  were  members  of  the  Methodist  church. 

Clarence   A..,  b.   Mar.   2,  1840;  m.   Laura  Oliver,  of  Walpole, 

Mass.,  lives  at  Chelsea,  Mass  ,  a  physician. 
Chaklks  p.,  b.  June  9,  1842;  lives  at  Antrim,  a  merchant. 
EsTELA  O.,  b.  Jan.  28,  1851;  m.  Fred  L.  Nay,  a  photographer  and 
engraver,  they  live  at  Antrim. 

956.  Sarah  L.,^  daughter  of  452  Allen'  and  Hepzibah 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  New  Boston,  N.  H.,  May  16, 
1818,  and  lives  at  Jackson,  Michigan.  She  was  married 
August  19,  1838,  to  Samuel  O.  Knapp,  who  died  suddenly 
January  6,  1888.  He  was  born  in  1816,  at  Royalton,  Vt. 
He  was  superintendent  of  a  woolen  manufactory  connected 
with  the  Michigan  State  Prison.  Afterward  he  made  valu- 
able investments  in  Lake  Superior  mining  property.  He  was 
a  prominent  member  of  the  Methodist  Church.  He  was  a  pub- 
lic spirited,  high  minded,  and  generous  citizen,  courteous 
and  genial.     They  had  no  children. 

957.  Elizabeth  0.,^  daughter  of  452  AUen^  and  Hepzi- 
bah [Dodge]  Balch,  was  bom  at  Unity,  N.  H.,  Jan.  15, 1821. 
She  was  married  November  19,  1843,  to  Charles  S.  Philips. 
He  is  a  miller  at  Watertown,  New  York.  They  are  members 
of  the  Methodist  church,  and  have  one  son,  George  Henry, 
b.  April  2,  1854,  who  is  with  his  father  in  the  milling  busi- 

958.  John  A..^  son  of  452  Allen'  and  Hepzibah  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Unity,  N.  H.,  June  23,  1828,  and  died  at 
Tola,  Wisconsin,  July  28,  1891.  He  was  married  first,  in 
1852,  to  Caroline  Stevenson,  of  Keeseville,  New  York.  She 
was  born  in  1837,  and  died  September  26,  1878.  They  had 
six  children. 

1727*  Jennie  Lauba,«  b.  March  25,  1853, 

1728*  Claka  Louisa,^  b.  Jan.  20,  1855. 

1729*  Elizabeth  D.,«  b.  Xov.  27,  1856. 

1730*  Mary  Kate,»  b.  July  20,  1853. 

1731*  Charles  P.,"  b.  April  21,  1860. 

1732  John  A..'  b.  Feb.  8,  1864;  d.  July  6.  1876. 

In  1882  John  married  his  second   wife,   a  Miss  Pope,  of 

JOHN   A.,   EZKA   D.  BALCH, — lOLA,    WIS.  273 

Shawano,  Wis.  She  was  born  at  Wurtemburg,  Germany, 
April  10,  18-42.  As  a  boy  John  A.  was  full  of  mischief  and 
fun.  When  20  years  of  age  he  bought  his  time  from  his 
father  for  forty  dollars,  and  in  the  early  spring  of  1844  left 
home  for  Keeseville,  New  York,  to  learn  flour  milling.  From 
Burlington,  Vermont,  he  walked  twelve  miles  across  Lake 
Champlain,  on  the  ice,  which  was  deemed  unsafe  for  teams. 
He  remained  at  the  mill  until  1849,  and  then,  on  December 
18,  took  passage,  with  three  others,  on  the  brig  "  Orbit," 
from  New  York,  around  the  Horn,  to  San  Francisco.  The 
journey  took  four  months  and  twenty  days,  and  cost  two 
hundred  dollars.  John  worked  a  short  time  in  the  gold 
mines  at  Weaver  Creek,  was  taken  sick,  spent  all  his  money, 
and  then  went  to  Oregon,  landing  at  the  site  of  the  present 
city  of  Portland.  Here  he  soon  found  employment  as  a  car- 
penter, first  at  five,  and  then  at  eight  dollars  a  day,  with 
tools  and  board.  After  a  time  he  returned  to  the  California 
mines,  and  was  doing  very  well,  when  news  of  his  mother's 
illness  led  him  to  sell  out  and  return  home  by  way  of  the 
isthmus.  Soon  after  his  return  he  maiTied  and  took  charge 
of  the  flour  mill  at  Peru,  New  York.  In  1858  he  took  charge 
of  the  mill  at  Ausable  Forks,  New  York,  and  two  or  thi-ee 
years  later  he  moved  to  Tola,  Wisconsin.  He  was  a  Demo- 
crat, and  a  hard  working,  honest,  temperate  man. 

959.  Alma  A.,^  daughter  of  452  Allen"  and  Hepzibah 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Unity,  N.  H.,  June  6,  1828. 
She  never  married.  Her  father  gave  her  the  old  homestead 
and  personal  property  at  Northfield,  where  she  now  lives. 
She  is  a  lady  of  ability  and  kindly  disposition,  and  has  ren- 
dered much  assistance  in  collecting  material  for  this  Gene- 

960.  Ezra  D.,s  son  of  452  Allen'  and  Hepzibah  [Dodge] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Charlestown,  N.  H.,  May  6,  1830,  and 
died  at  lola,  Wisconsin,  Sept.  6,  1867.  He  was  married  Jan- 
uary 1,  1850,  to  Martha  E.  Nye,  of  Northfield,  Vermont,  and 
removed  to  Tola  in  1855.     He  was  a  farmer,  a  member  of  the 


Methodist  church,  superintendent  of  the  Sabbath  school,  and 
class  leader.  He  also  held  various  town  offices.  His  six 
children  were  born  at  lola,  except  the  two  eldest,  who  were 
born  at  Northfield. 

1733      Abaeella  S.,^  b.  Sept.  26,  1850;  d.  Sept.  13,  1862. 

1734*    OssiAN  E.  D.,'  b.  July  21,  1853. 

1735*    Allen  E.,»  b.  Oct.  7,  1855. 

1736*    Etta  Alma,^  b.  Feb.  10,  1858. 

1737*    Okkblia  E.,9  b.  Mar.  3,  1861. 

1738*    Mattie  E.,9  b.  May  19,  1867. 

962.  Angia  H.,^  daughter  of  452  Alien'  and  Hepzibah 
[Dodge]  Balch,  was  born  at  Northfield,  Vt.,  November  17, 
1837,  and  died  at  Montpelier,  Vt.,  January  31,  1880.  She 
was  married  to  George  Wheeler,  April  2, 1860,  at  Montpelier ; 
they  resided  in  that  town  and  kept  the  Union  Hotel. 

963.  Jolin  B.,8  son  of  453  William"  and  Mary  [Boynton] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Madison,  Ohio,  January  21,  1819.  He 
was  married  January  29,  1838  to  Mary  Ann  Stoddard,  who 
was  born  at  Madison,  Ohio,  in  1818,  and  died  at  Fon  du  Lac, 
Wisconsin,  December  14,  1851.  They  had  seven  children, 
five  eldest  were  born  at  Madison,  the  two  youngest  at  Fon 
du  Lac. 

1739*  John  Allen,^  b.  Jan.  26,  1839. 

1740*  William  Hbnby,''  b.  Apr.  10,  1840;  d.  Jan.  14,  186S. 

1741  Oscar  Fitsland,"  b.  1842;  d.  y. 

1742*  Ann  Eliza,**  b.  Apr.  8,  1844. 

1743*  OscAB  Nelson,*'  b.  May  16,  1846;  d.  1873. 

1744  Jasper  Hibam,'  b.  Jan.  10,  1848;  d.  y. 

1745*  Julia  Ann,^  b.  Dec.  4,  1851. 

John  B.  married  second,  January  28,  1852,  Ellen  0., 
daughter  of  Levi  Stevens.  She  was  born  at  Russell,  N.  Y., 
May  20,  1884.  He  was  divorced  from  her  in  1875.  They 
had  eight  children. 

1746  Harrison  F.,^  b.  Nov.  28,  1852;  d.  1862. 

1747*  Laura  Ellen,^  b.  Aug.  29,  1854. 

1748*  Fkancks  Amelia,"  b.  Mar.  28,  1856. 

1749  John  Btron,»  b.  June  20,  1857;  d.  July  22,  1859. 

1750*  Fred  Willard,'  b.  June  15,  1860. 

1751  Fitch  B.,»b.  Oct.  1861:  d.  1862. 

HIEAM   ALLEN    BALCH, — WASHINGTON,    D.    C.  275 

1752*    Nina  Jessie,"  b.  Oct.  25,  1863. 
1753*    Hattie,9  b.  Nov.  18,  1869. 

After  his  fii-st  marriage,  John  B.  engaged  in  farming  at 
Madison,  Ohio,  for  about  ten  years,  when  he  lost  everything  by 
fire  but  f35  which  was  in  his  pocket.  He  then  moved  to 
Fon  du  Lac,  Wis.,  and  with  liis  strong  mental  and  physical  en- 
ergy, he  was  soon  engaged  in  farming  and  land  speculating. 
In  1862,  he  turned  to  well  sinking  for  salt  and  oil,  in  Michi- 
gan, Pennsylvania  and  Kansas.  In  1871,  he  engaged  in  the 
successful  cultivation  of  cranberries  at  Bennington,  Wisconsin. 
In  1877,  he  married  his  third  wife,  Margaret  D.  Nute,  who 
had  no  children. 

965.  Hiram  Allen,*  son  of  153  William"  and  Mary 
£Boynton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Madison,  Ohio,  September  11, 
1824.  He  was  married  first,  June  4,  1850,  to  Martha  A., 
daughter  of  Judge  Daniel  and  Polly  [Ross]  Curtis  of  Joliet, 
Illinois,  formerly  of  Pennsylvania.  A  daughter  was  born  to 
them  but  both  mother  and  child  died  October  16,  1854. 
Hiram  A.  married  again  August  15,  1866,  to  Emilia  Hough- 
ton, daughter  of  Jasper  and  Melvina  [Conroy]  Curtis,  of  St. 
Albans,  Vt.  She  was  born  in  that  town  January  10,  1839. 
They  had  two  children. 

1754      Melvina  Curtis,"  b.  July  3,  1837;  d.  July  17,  1867. 

1755*    William  Allen,"  b.  Aug.  27,  1869. 

Hiram  was  educated  at  Madison  Academy  and  Kirtland 
Institute,  and  in  1844  at  the  latter  had  charge  of  the  classes  in 
chemistry  and  penmanship.  In  1846  took  up  daguerreotyping 
and  went  South.  In  1849,  he  settled  in  Joliet,  Illinois.  His 
photographs  won  premiums  wherever  exhibited.  He  traveled 
through  Kentucky  and  Tennessee  from  1859  until  the  break- 
ing out  of  the  war,  and  then  came  to  Cairo,  Illinois.  Soon 
after  the  capture  of  Memphis,  he  opened  a  gallery  there  and 
remained  until  1869.  In  1869  he  bought  one  thousand  acres 
of  land  in  Arkansas,  and  tried  farming  for  three  years,  but  his 
crops  were  destroyed  by  di'ought  and  cattle.  He  then  engaged 
again   in   photography  at  Hot    Springs,  Arkansas,  and  was 


burned  out  in  the  great  fire  of  1879.  In  1880,  he  received  an 
appointment  in  the  Census  Bureau  at  Washington,  D.  C,  and 
since  1882  has  been  a  clerk  in  the  Pension  Bureau.  He  is  a 
Republican,  an  Episcopalian  and  is  a  member  of  the  Masonic 
fraternity  and  Odd  Fellows. 

967.  Mary  L./  daughter  of  453  William"  and  Marj' 
[Boynton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Madison,  Ohio,  March  28, 
1836.  She  was  married  July  27, 1854,  to  William  Y.  Duke, 
who  was  born  at  Manchester,  England,  August  24, 1832,  and 
died  at  Onarga,  Illinois,  November  28,  1877.  He  was  the  son 
of  William  and  Ann  Duke.     They  had  eight  children. 

William  F.,  b.  at  Madison,  Ohio,  Apr.  15,  18.55;  graduated  at  the 
Commercial  College  at  Grand  Prarie,  Seminary,  Onarga, 
Illinois.  He  is  a  partner  of  the  firm  Duke  Brothers,  stock- 
men and  fruit  growers,  at  Hotchkiss,  Colorado.  He  married 
October  10,  1894,  Bertha  Merrifield;  they  had  one  child 
Wanda  E.,  b.  Aug.  22,  1895. 
George  H.,  b.  at  Loda,  Ills.,  March  13,  1867;  is  a  member  of  the 
firm  Duke  Brothers.  He  graduated  at  the  Commercial 
College,  Onarga,  Illinois.  He  married,  July  12,  1885,  Ger- 
trude M.  Miller;  children  Helen  M.,  b.  July  6,  1886;  George 
W.,  b.  Nov.  1,  1888;  Homer  A.,  b.  July  12,  1892. 
Ada  Mary,  b.  at  Ash  Grove,  Ills.,  Sept.  13,   1859;  d.  Aug.  1, 

Nettie  E.,  b.  at  Ash  Grove,  Ills.,  Jan.  25,  1862;  married  Dec.  25, 
1881,  Horace  F.  Dent,  a  traveling  merchant;  children,  Edna, 
b.  Chicago,  Dec.  8,  1881;  Vivian,  b.  Florida,  Sept.  16,  1883; 
Ada,  b.  Kansas  City,  Mo.,  July  18,  1887;  Ormlle,  b.  Kansas 
City,  Dec.  20,  1889. 
Edward  M.,  b.  at  Ash  Grove,  Ills.,  Oct.  12,  1866;  is  a  member  of 
the  firm  of  Duke  Brothers.     He  married,   Nov.    17,    1891, 
Maud  E.  Doughty;  children,  Horace  E.,  b.  Sept.    15,   1892; 
Bruce  E.,  b.  Aug.  6,  1894. 
Charles  A.,  b.  at  Onarga,  Ills.,  Dec.  26,  18(18;  d.  Jan.  12,  1870. 
Clara   E.   b.  at  Onarga,  Ills.,   Oct.  19,  1870;  m.  Jan.  15,  1893, 
Fred  W.  Simonds,  wholesale  book  business;  child  Elinor,  b. 
Chicago,  Dec.  25,  1893. 
Jessie  E.,  b.  at  Onarga,  Ills.,  June  11,  1877;  is  a  teacher  in  the 
High  School,  at  Onarga,  Illinois. 
When  the  civil  war  broke   out,  William  Y.  Duke  enlisted 
in  the  76th  Illinois  Infantry  Volunteers,  with  which  regi- 
ment he  served  nearly  three  years  as  firat  Sergeant  of  his 


company.  He  was  wounded  in  the  Mobile  campaign,  in  the 
spring  of  1865,  from  which  wound  he  never  recovered,  and 
finally  died  from  its  effects.  Mr.  Duke  was  a  carriage  maker 
by  trade. 

968.  George  P.,^  son  of  453  William"  and  Mary  [Boyn- 
ton]  Balch,  was  born  August  20,  1843,  at  Madison,  Ohio, 
where  he  is  a  farmer.  He  was  married  October  5,  1865,  to 
Emma,  daughter  of  Edwin  Warner.  She  was  born  at  Madi- 
son, Ohio.     They  have  one  son,  born  at  Madison. 

1756  William,'  b.  Mar.  18,  1873. 

969.  Perley.s  son  of  458  Perley'  and  Sarah  [Perkins] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  Mass.,  April  27,  1809,  and  died 
at  Lowell,  February  9,  1881.  He  was  a  teacher  at  Lowell. 
He  married  Susan  H.  Glazier,  by  whom  he  had  one  child. 

1757  Maky  Abbt,^  b.  March  10, 1844,  at  Lynn,  Mass.;  a  teacher  at 


971.  Mehitable,^  daughter  of  458  Perley^  and  Sarah 
[Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  May  16,  1814,  and 
died  July  24,  1891.  She  married  William  G.  Lake,  Novem- 
ber 25,  1834.  Their  four  children  were  born  at  Topsfield, 
Massachusetts.  Marietta  B.,  b.  Dec.  13,  1835 ;  d.  Nov.  15, 
1845 ;  Susan  J.,  b.  June  24,  1838 ;  Perley  B.,  b.  March  9, 
1843;  William  G.,  b.  Feb.  27,  1851. 

972.  Humphrey ,8  son  of  458  Perley^  and  Sarah  [Per- 
kins] Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  May  18, 1818,  and  is  liv- 
ing at  Topsfield.  On  April  10,  1842,  he  was  married  to 
Hannah  P.,  daughter  of  Peter  and  Mehitable  Bradstreet.  She 
was  born  March  5,  1823,  and  died  June  19,  1891.  She  was  a 
descendant  of  Governor  Bradstreet,  and  was  born  on  the 
historical  Governor  Bradstreet  farm  in  Topsfield,  which 
came  down  to  her  in  regular  descent.  She  was  highly  ac- 
complished, of  lovely  character,  and  possessed  of  much  of 
the  spirit  of  Ann  [Dudley]  Bradstreet,  the  first  American 
poet.     Humphrey  and  Hannah  had  four  children. 

1758  Httmphbet  Porter,'  b.  May  28,  1844;  d.  May  2.S,  1847. 
1759*    Edward  Perley,'  b.  Jan.  13,  1850. 


1760*    Gilbert  Brownell,"  b.  Feb.  9,  1856. 
1761*    Anna  Bkadstkeet,"  b.  Feb.  18,  1860. 

973.  Jeremiah,^  son  of  458  Perley"  and  Sarali  [Perkins] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  May  17,  1823,  and  is  living  at 
Salem,  Mass.  He  and  his  children  are  excellent  musicians. 
He  was  married,  Oct.  24,  1849,  to  Mary  Shepherd,  of  Salem. 
They  have  had  six  children. 

1762  Harriet  W..^  b.  June  3,  1850;  d.  July  5,  185.3. 

1763*  Mary  Augusta,^  b.  June  16,  1853;  d.  March  31,  1888. 

1764  Jeremiah  Perkins,"  b.  April  12,  1855;  d.  May  24, 1856. 

1765  Clarence  Linwood,"  b.  May  21,  1857;  d.  unm.  Sept.  1,  1882. 

1766  Jeremiah  Shepherd,^  b.  Nov.  6,  1859. 

1767  Edward  Forest,'  b.  April  7,  1862. 

974.  Benjamin  Johnson,^  son  of  458  Perley'  and  Sa- 
rah [Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Topsfield,  September  9, 
1826,  and  is  living  in  Topsfield,  upon  the  farm  owned  by  his 
greatgrandfather,  115  John^  Balch.  On  May  2,  1858,  he 
married  Eliza,  daughter  of  Oliver  Killam,  of  Boxford.  She 
died  January  22,  1868,  leaving  one  child. 

1768*    Florence  Eliza,"  b.  Sept.  3,  1859. 

Benjamin  J.  married  second,  September  26,  1871,  Caroline 
P.,  daughter  of  Jewett  and  Mary  [Perkins]  Pingree,  a 
bright  and  intelligent  lady. 

1769      Franklin,"  b.  Jan.  15,  1876;  student  Boston  University  Law 


Descendants  of  9  Freeborn.^ 

975.  Lewis,^  son  of  464  Benjamin"  and  Marilda  [Good- 
ale]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  August  23,  1815, 
and  died  at  West  Troy,  N.  Y.,  April  21,  1891,  and  was  buried 
at  Balston,  N.  Y.  He  was  married,  December  22,  1844,  to 
Sarah,  daughter  of  Henry  and  Isabel  Tucker.  She  was  born 
at  Greenwich,  N.  Y.,  May  5,  1824.  Lewis  and  his  wife  were 
members  of  the  Episcopal  church.     They  had  eight  children. 

LEWIS,    ASAHEL   A.    BALCH, — MANCHESTER,   N.    H.      279 

1770  Charles  H.,^  b.  Dec.  18,  1846;  d.  unm. 

1771  Sarah  M.,^  b.  Jan.  27,  1848. 

1772  Cora  K.,^  b.  Aug.  30,  1850;  d.  unm. 
1773*  Mary  E.,9  b.  July  5,  1853. 
1774*  Benjamin  H.,^  b.  Dec.  22,  1855. 

1775  Albert  W.,^  b.  Jan.  13,  1860;  d.  unm. 

1776  Lewis  F.,^  b.  Apr.  15,  1862;  d.  unm. 

1777  George  W.  L.,»  b.  Sept.  5,  1868. 

976.  MaryAnn.s  daughter  of  464  Benjamin'  and  Ma- 
rilda  [Goodale]  Balch,  was  born  April  23,  1818,  and  died  at 
Milford,  N.  H.,  July  27,  1884.  She  married  Harvey  Sweet. 
He  died  at  Milford,  April  3,  1858.  They  had  one  daughter. 
Mary  Esther,  b.  at  Milford,  June  13,  1855  ;  m.  Albert  H. 
Morton,  May  1, 1877.  They  had  two  children':  Ethel,  b.  Dec. 
4,  1878,  d.  Jan.  1,  1879  ;  Earle,  b.  June  6,  1881. 

982.  Sarah  Goodwin.^  daughter  of  464  Benjamin'  and 
Marilda  [Goodale]  Balch,  was  born  at  Methuen,  Mass.,  May 
19,  1836.  She  was  married,  May  17,  1854,  to  John  Murry 
Sunt,  who  was  born  at  Saco,  Me.,  May  7, 1833.  He  is  a  shoe- 
maker and  farmer,  and  they  live  at  South  Berwick,  Maien. 
They  had  two  children. 

Sarah  Marilda,  b.  May  18,  1855,  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  d.  Sept. 
12,  1885,  at  South  Berwick;  m.  Herbert  W.  Butler,  a  sales- 
man, April  30,  1874.  Butler  was  born  at  Maiden.  Four 
children:  Herbert  L.,  b.  at  Haverhill,  Oct.  4,  1875.  Grace 
H.,  b.  at  South  Berwick,  Jan.  3,  1877;  d.  June  7,  1877.  Effy 
May,  b.  at  South  Berwick,  June  20,  1879.  Leroy  Sheldon,  b. 
at  Portsmouth,  N.  H.,  Mch.  7,  1881. 
Susan  Ellen,  b.  Jan.  2,  1863,  at  Haverhill;  d.  Nov.  8,  1869,  at 

987.  Asahel  Adams,^  son  of  466  Daniel'  and  Silence  C  • 
[Adams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lowell,  Mass.,  June  1, 1826,  and 
died  at  Manchester,  N.  H.,  January  16,  1869.  He  was  State 
Representative  from  Manchester  from  1865  to  1869,  and  was 
a  prominent  Mason.  He  was  married,  February  4,  1854,  to 
Izetta  Theresa  Thompson,  of  Manchester.  She  was  born  at 
Fryeburg,  Me.,  July  7,  1835,  and  died  at  Lowell,  Mass., 
August  26, 1889.  They  had  four  children,  all  born  at  Man- 


1778  Frank  Bush,«  b.  Aug.  16,  1855;  d.  Dec.  8,  1883,  at  Pomona,  Fla. 

1779  Louisa  Shattuck,^  b.  July  12,  1860.     Living  at  Lowell,  Mass. 

1780  Edward  Everett,^  b.  Jan.  17,  1865;  unm. 

1781  AsAHEL  Adams,^  b.  Aug.  14,  1869;  unm. 

988.  Walter  Byron/ son  of  466  Daniel"  and  Silence  C 
[Adams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lowell,  Mass.,  August  9,  1828- 
He  was  married  November  10,  1859,  to  Miss  Augusta  Eve- 
lyn Demeiitt,  of  Durham,  N.  H.  They  have  had  three  chil- 
dren, the  eldest  was  born  at  Durham,  the  other  two  at  Man- 

1782  Walter  Adams,"  b.  Jan.  31,  1861;  d.  Mch.  5,  1880,  at  Man- 

1783*    Fannie  Augusta,"  b.  May  19,  1S67. 
1784      Alice  EVELTN,9  b.  May  14,  1876. 

993.  Henry  Augustus.^  son  of  467  William  H."  and 
Louisa  [Shattuck]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  Mass., 
September  3, 1825,  and  died  September  7,  1850.  He  married 
Lauretta  C.  Wliitcomb,  of  Fairlee,  Vt.,  in  1848.  They  had 
one  child. 

1785*    Louisa  Shattuck,"  b.  in  1849. 

994.  Rebecca  Ann,^  daughter  of  467  William  H."  and 
Louisa  [Shattuck]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford,  May  7, 
1828.  She  married  Abel,  son  of  John  Stickuey,  of  Groveland, 
March  13,  1856.  They  had  three  children,  all  born  at  Grove- 
land.  John  Henry,  b.  Feb.  22, 1859  ;  Frank  Wallace,  b.  June 
5,  1864  ;  Louisa  Shattuck,  b.  Mar.  14,  1868,  d.  Sept.  13, 1868. 

997.  Eliza  Greenleaf,^  daughter  of  471  Wesley"  and 
Ann  [Greenleaf]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  May 
16,  1825,  and  died  December  18. 1886.  She  was  married  first, 
at  Thomaston,  Me.,  to  Parker  McCobb,  of  Waldoboro,  Me. 
He  died  at  St.  Augustine,  Fla.  She  married  for  her  second 
husband,  John  A.  Low,  of  Concord,  N.  H.  He  died  in  De- 
cember, 1865.     She  had  no  children. 

998.  Harriet  Frances/  daughter  of  471  Wesley"  and 
Ann  [Greenleaf]  Balch,  was  born  at  Haverhill,  Mass.,  in 
1827,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  March  23,  1866.  She  mar- 
ried Hon.  Jackson  B.  Swett,  State  Senator  from  Haverhill, 


May  2, 1854.  He  was  bom  at  Haverhill,  February  12,  1815, 
and  died  in  the  same  town  October  3,  1890.  She  was  Swett's 
second  wife ;  his  third  was  her  cousin  Mary  Boardman  Davis, 
daughter  of  478  Susan  Osborn  Balch.  They  had  four  chil- 
dren, all  born  at  Haverhill.  Wesley  Balch,  b.  Sept.  20, 1855, 
d.  Apr.  11,  1858  ;  Harry  and  Willie,  twins,  b.  Jan.  3,  1858,  d. 
Jan.  4,  1858  ;  Alice  Balch,  b.  June  27,  1860,  d.  Aug.  3, 1860. 
1000.  Sarah  Elizabeth.^  daughter  of  472  John'  and 
Sarah  Ann  [Samson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Thomaston,  Maine, 
November  13,  1828.  She  was  married,  June  6,  1848,  to 
Thomas  Genthner.  He  died  at  Waldoboro,  Maine,  March  2- 
1872.     They  had  three  children : 

Edwakd  Kavanagh,  b.  Mar.  26,  1849;  m.  Anna  M.  M'Carrison, 
of  Portland,  Me.,  June  3,  1890.  She  died  at  Portland  in 
March,  1891.   Edward  K.  Genthner  is  a  physician  at  Portland. 

Delia  Jabvis,  b.  March  29,  1861;  m.  at  Waldoboro,  Jan.  12, 1891, 
Herbert  A.  Hastings,  of  Westboro,  Mass.  They  live  at  Somer- 
ville,  Mass.,  and  have  one  child:  Gladys  Balch,  b.  Jan.  19, 
1893,  at  Waldoboro. 

Elizabeth  Fablby,  b.  Oct.  4,  1864. 

1003.  Wesley  Perkins,^  son  of  480  Wesley  Perkins, 
and  Marj'  [Baker]  Balch,  was  born  at  Medfield,  June  20, 
1822,  and  died  November  10,  1890.  He  married  Almira 
Patterson  Smith,  in  June,  1848.  She  was  born  May  11, 
1826,  and  is  living  in  Boston.     They  had  one  child. 

1786    Mary  Elizabeth,^  b.  March  4,  1849;  d.  April  22, 1852. 

In  1860  he  was  a  leading  merchant  in  Boston,  doing  busi- 
ness in  grain  and  flour.  Few  men  in  this  country  have  been 
more  successful  in  trading  and  breeding  famous  horses.  The 
stallion  Fearnaught  and  the  mare  Purity  he  sold  for  $25,000 

1004.  Mary  Rebecca  H.,^  daughter  of  480  Wesley  Per- 
kins''' and  Mary  [Baker]  Balch,  was  born  at  Medfield,  No- 
vember 10,  1823,  and  lives  at  Brookline,  Massachusetts.  She 
married  George  William  Pettes,  a  journalist  and  author,  at 
Roxbury,  Mass.,  December  8,  1846.  He  died  at  Brookline, 
March  18,  1892.     They  had  six   children :     Elizabeth  Law- 


rence,  b.  July  25,  1848,  m.  Henry  Hall  Tuttle,  June  3,  1879, 
he  died  July  19,  1883;  George  Wesley,  b.  May  5,  1850, 
unm. ;  James  Lawrence,  b.  Sept.  9,  1851,  unm.  ;  Ada  Percy, 
b.  Oct.  9, 1856,  unm. ;  Helen  Huntington,  b.  Oct.  19,  1858,  d. 
Aug.  21,  1859  ;  Helen  Frances,  b.  Dec.  13,  1860  ;  unm. 

1006.  William  Henry,^  son  of  480  Wesley  Parkins'^ 
and  his  third  wife,  Eliza  A.  [Brackett]  Balch,  was  born  at 
Medfield,  April  3,  1849,  is  not  married ;  is  living  at  Santa 
Barbara,  California  ;  a  merchant  and  ship  owner. 

1007.  Elizabeth  Arabella.^  daughter  of  480  Wesley 
Perkins'  and  his  third  wife,  Eliza  A.  [Brackett]  Balch,  was 
born  at  Medfield,  Sept.  23,  1851.  She  is  not  married,  and 
lives  in  Boston,  Massachusetts. 

1008.  John  F.,s  son  of  483  John'  and  Abigail  [Fair- 
banks] Balch,  was  born  at  Medfield,  inl829,  and  died  in  New 
York  city,  August  24,  1869.  He  was  married  July  23,  1860, 
to  Elvira  J.,  daughter  of  Walter  James.  She  was  born  at 
Boston,  November  1,  1834,  and  died  at  New  York  city,  Jan- 
uary 6,  1894,  and  was  buried  at  Medfield,  Mass.  They  had 
four  children,  the  first  born  in  Boston,  the  others  in  New 
York  city. 

1787  Eva  Janes.^  b.  Dec.  24, 186.3. 

1788  Ida  Richaedson,^  b.  Sept.  9,  1865;  d.  July  21,  1866. 

1789  Elizabeth  Richardson,^  b.  April  2,  1867;  d.  July  25,  1867. 

1790  John  Walter,"  b.  April  27,  1869;  d.  Oct.  11,  1869. 

1010.  Sarah  Clark,^  daughter  of  484  Benjamin"  and 
Chloe  [Smith]  Balch,  was  born  at  Mendon,  Mass.,  September 
6,  1827,  and  died  in  Dayton,  Ohio,  May  20,  1853,  and  was 
buried  at  Dayton.  She  was  married  January  12,  1845,  to 
Asahel  P.  Clark,  who  was  born  at  Medfield,  Mass.,  and  died 
in  Providence,  R.  I.,  February,  1875.  They  had  two  chil- 
dren :  Amelia  J.,  b.  February,  1846  ;  Anna  Louisa,  b.  No- 
vember, 1852,  d.  J.anuary,  1855. 

1013.  Clara  Anna,^  daughter  of  484  Benjamin'^  and 
Chloe  [Smith]  Balch,  was  born  in  Providence,  R.  I.,  Septem- 
ber 3,  1834,  and  is  living  in  Chicago,  Illinois.     She  was  mar- 


ried  December  21,.  1858,  to  Sylvanus  Holbrook  Soutliwick» 
son  of  Jonathan  F.  Southwick.  He  was  born  at  Uxbridge, 
Mass.,  Jan.  15,  1835.     They  have  no  children. 

1019.  Louise  Maynard,^  daughter  of  484  Benjamin'  and 
his  fourth  wife,  Louise  [Fales]  Balch,  was  born  in  Provi- 
dence, R.  I.,  September  27, 1856.  She  is  a  teacher,  unmar- 
ried, and  lives  at  Pasadena,  California,  with  her  mother  and 

1020.  Frank  Benjamin,^  son  of  484  Benjamin"  and 
his  fourth  wife,  Louise  [Fales]  Balch,  was  born  at  Provi- 
dence, R.  I.,  October  23,  1859,  and  is  a  salesman  of  saddlery 
hardware.  In  1895  he  moved  from  Providence  to  Los  An- 
geles, California.     He  is  not  married,  and  lives  at  Pasadena. 

1022.  Jane  Rebecca.^  daughter  of  485  Ebenezer  H.^  and 
Sarah  [Wood]  Balch,  was  born  November  26,  1832,  at  Wor- 
cester, Massachusetts,  and  lives  at  Boston.  She  was  married 
April  15,  1851,  to  Ebeu  Sears,  who  was  born  in  Boston,  July 
16,  1829.     They  live  in  that  city,  and  have  four  children. 

Eben  Warden,  b.  Aug.  1,  1854,  at  Watertown ;  m.  Caroline  Roos, 
July  23, 1879,  b.  Boston,  Deo.  7,  1857.  Children:  Eben  War- 
den, b.  Boston,  May  18, 1880;  Richard  Willard,  b.  Dorchester, 
Oct.  11,  1881;  Nathaniel  Philip,  b.  Winthrop,  Mass.,  Oct.  29, 
1883;  Florence  Hazel,  b.  Maiden,  Mass.,  Nov.  16,  1886;  Win- 
throp MonUjomery,  b.  Winthrop,  Sept.  7,  1893. 
Flokence,  b.  Dec.  20,  1856,  at  Watertown,  Mass. ;  m.  Henry  Tol- 
man,  Jr.,  of  Boston,  December  6,  1877.  Children:  Henry, 
Oct.  15,  1879;  Richard  Sears,  b.  Newton,  Sept.  30, 

Maey  Crease,  b.  Aug.  18,  1859,  at  Watertown,  Mass.;  unm.;is 
an  artist;  and  was  commissioner  to  the  Columbian  Exposition 
from  Massachusetts. 
Emma  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  12,  1881,  at  Watertown,  Mass.;  un- 
1023.     Sarah  Maria,^  daughter  of  485  Ebenezer  H."  and 
Sarah  [Wood]  Balch,  was  born  November  16,  1834,  at  Prov- 
idence, R.  I.     She  was  married  November  8, 1855,  to  Charles 
A.  Ramsdell,  who  was  born  January  10,  1836,   at  Milford, 
New  Hampshire,  and  has  a  clothing  store  at  Winchester, 
Massachusetts.  They  have  two  children,  both  born  in  Boston. 


Ida  M.,  b.  Aug.  30,  1856;  m.  first,  Feb.  18,  1884,  to  William 
Thomson,  of  Winchester,  Mass.  He  died  March  3,  1891, 
leaving  no  children.  She  married  second,  October  23,  1895, 
Jean  Louis  Victor  Gustave  Belichon,  of  Paris,  France.  They 
are  artists,  living  in  Paris. 

CuFFOBD,  b.  Aug.  17,  1863;  m.  first,  Aug.  9,  1884,  Mary  S.  Ir- 
win. She  died  at  Dorchester,  Mass.,  Sept.  12,  1888,  leaving 
no  children;  m.  second,  at  Roxbury,  Mass.,  March  9,  1892, 
Carrie  E.  Felch.  Children:  Laurice  C,  b.  at  Forest  Hill, 
Mass.,  Oct.  21,  1894;  d.  Nov.  16,  1894;  William  Eben,  b.  at 
Providence,  R.  I.,  May  4,  1895. 

1024.  Anna  Betsey,^  daughter  of  485  Ebenezer  H.''  and 
Sarah  [Wood]  Balch,  was  born  September  4,  1837,  at  Provi- 
dence, R.  I.,  and  died  at  Chicago,  Illinois,  February  13, 1890, 
and  was  buried  at  Rose  Hill.  She  was  married  in  October, 
1877,  to  Leonard  St.  John,  M.D.,  of  St.  Catherines,  Ont., 
Canada.     They  lived  in  Chicago,  and  had  no  children. 

1025.  Frank  Wood.s  son  of  485  Ebenezer  H.^  and  Sarah 
[Wood]  Balch,  was  born  September  1,  1841,  at  Providence, 
R.  I.,  and  lives  at  Chicago,  Illinois.  He  was  educated  at 
Williston  Seminary,  East  Hampton,  Massachusetts.  On 
September  12,  1862,  he  was  mustered  as  a  private  in  Com- 
pany F.  44th  Massachusetts  Volunteer  Militia,  a  nine-months' 
regiment,  and  saw  service  principally  in  North  Carolina.  He 
was  honorably  discharged  June  18,  1862,  and  engaged  in  the 
coal  trade,  which  business  he  still  continues.  He  was  married 
April  19,  1876,  to  Lucy  Cudworth,  daughter  of  James  M.  and 
Lucy  [Cudworth]  Ellis,  of  Syracuse,  aud  granddaughter  of 
General  John  Ellis.     They  have  had  three  children. 

1791  Loui,5  b.  Sept.  1877,  d.  y. 

1792  Isabella  Ellis,"  b.  March  18,  1880,  at  Chicago. 

1793  Ellis  St.  John,^  b.  Apr.  17,  1883,  d.  July  11,  1883. 

1026.  Joanna,^  daughter  of  489  Thomas"  and  Elizabeth 
[Kingman]  Balch,  was  born  May  5,  1794,  aud  died  October, 
1863.  She  married  November  13,  1820,  John  B.  Elliott,  who 
was  born  June  21, 1789.  They  had  eight  children.  John  O., 
h.  Jan.  13,  1822,  d.  March  19,  1822 ;  Ezekiel  B.,  b.  July  16, 
1823,  d.  1888 ;  Thomas  B.,  b.  July  24,  1824,  d.  1881 ;  Sarah 

Frank  W.   Balch. 


JOHN   BALCH, — TRESCOTT,    ME.  285 

E.,  b.  Nov.  23,  1827  ;  Emily  Joanna,  b.  Oct.  14,  1829; 
Martha  Joanna,  b.  May  17,1831,  d. ;  Lucretia  Ann,  b.  ;  Jacob 
Henry,  b. 

1027.  Benjamin.s  son  of  489  Thomas'  and  Elizabeth 
[Kingman]  Balch,  was  born  at  Barrington,  N.  H.,  May  2, 
1796,  and  died  at  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  January  28,  1869.  He 
was  married  April  24,  1819,  to  Ann  Van  Benthuysen,  of 
Troy,  N.  Y.  She  was  born  October  9,  1795.  They  lived  in 
Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  and  had  six  children. 

1794  Sarah  Elizabeth,"  b.  Apr.  13,  1820;  unm.;  d.  April  4,  1895. 

1795  Thomas,"  b.  May  22, 1822;  d.  y. 

1796*    Joanna,"  b.  May  22,  1823;  d.  Jan.  14,  1877. 
1797*    Georgb  H.,"  b.  July  1,  1825;  unm.  d.  May  15,  1892. 
1798*    Benjamin  James,"  b.  Aug.  27,  1828;  d.  Oct.  7,  1887. 
1799*    John  W.,»b.  Aug.  10,  1837. 

Benjamin,^  was  a  skilful  joiner  and  pattern  maker.  This 
family  were  dark  complexioned,  tall,  and  finely  developed. 

1028.  Dolly ,8  daughter  of  489  Thomas^  and  Elizabeth 
[Kingman]  Balch,  was  born  at  Barington,  N.  H.,  September 
10,  1799,  and  died  July  28,  1870.  She  was  married  March 
25,  1829,  to  Jeremiah  Caverno,  of  Stafford.  He  was  born 
March  17,  1797  and  died  November  14, 1872. 

1030.  Lucy  0.,8  daughter  of  489  Thomas"  and  Judith 
[Perhens]  Balch,  was  born  December  22,  1807.  She  was 
married  April  19,  1827,  to  Charles  C.  Elliott,  who  was  born 
November  4,  1805.  They  had  one  son,  Ezekiel  0.,  b.  June 
1,  1831. 

1032.  John.s  son  of  492  John^  and  Hannah  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Bangor,  Me.,  November  14, 1808,  and  died 
suddenly  of  heart  disease  at  Roxbury,  Mass.,  January  29, 
1861.  He  married  March  19,  1833,  Mary  E.  Chaloner. 
They  had  eleven  children. 

1800*    John  William,"  b.  Feb.  1,  1834. 

1801*    Louis  C,"  b.  Oct.  13.  18.35;  d.  unm.  Jan.  8,  1854. 

1802*    Maky  Louise,"  b.  Apr.  11,  1837;  unm. 

1803*    Hannah  Elizabeth,"  b.  Apr.  13,  1839;  d.  Mar.  5,  1865. 

1804*    Anna  Maria,"  b.  Aug.  12, 1841;  unra. 

1805*    Henry  Clay,"  b.  Dec.  7,  1843;  unm. 

1806*    Amoby  Otis,"  b.  Jan.  7,  1846;  d.  unm.  Sept.  21, 1866. 


1807      Henrietta  Ring,"  b.  Dec.  13,  1847. 

1808*    Alice  Hall,"  b.  Oct.  15,  1849. 

1809*    George  Haley,^  b.  Oct.  6,  1851. 

1810      Zoe  Tract.s  b.  July  1.5,  1853;  unm. 

Capt.  John  Balch  spent  the  active  years  of  his  life  at  Tres- 
cott,  Me.,  where  he  was  largely  engaged  in  ship-building,  and 
advanced  that  branch  of  industry  to  a  state  of  great  prosperity 
in  that  part  of  the  country.  He  represented  his  fellow  towns- 
men repeatedly  in  the  legislature  and  other  public  offices.  He 
was  an  active  friend  of  the  temperance  cause,  and  other 
objects  of  social  progress  and  enterprise. 

Several  years  before  his  death,  he  removed  from  Maine  to 
Roxbury,  Mass,  and  was  engaged  in  commerce  with  England, 
Australia,  and  the  Pacific  coast.  Severe  revei'ses  in  business 
marked  his  last  years,  but  they  were  borne  with  singular  for- 
titude, and  served  only  to  bring  out  other  and  brighter  sides 
of  his  character  which  had  less  opportunity  to  display  them- 
selves during  his  days  of  prosperity. 

1034.  Hiram  Augustus,^  son  of  492  John'  and  Han- 
nah [Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bangor,  Maine,  September  14, 
1806,  and  died  January  29,  1872,  at  Lubec,  where  he  was 
buried.  When  a  young  man  he  went  to  Trescott,  Maine, 
where  he  built  and  owned  several  sawmills,  engaged  in  ship 
building,  and  owned  several  vessels.  In  1846  he  removed 
his  business  to  Lubec,  and  soon  after  was  elected  to  the 
state  legislature.  He  lived  upon  his  father's  old  homestead 
at  Trescott,  and  in  the  latter  years  of  his  life  also  owned  a 
summer  residence  at  Calais,  Me.  He  was  married  December 
30,  1835,  to  Martha,  daughter  of  Capt.  John  and  Mary 
[Schofield]  Maryman.  She  was  born  at  Brunswick,  Maine, 
in  1807,  and  died  at  Lubec,  October  17,  1870.  They  had  five 
children,  born  at  Trescott. 

1811*    Hibam  Augustus,"  b.  Sept.  13,  18.37;  d.  Jan.  22,  1894. 

1812*    Hannah  Stone,"  b,  Oct.  24,  1839;  d.  March  17,  1886. 

1813*    Harriet  M.,"  b.  Nov.  4,  1842. 

1814  Mary  Susan,"  b.  April  4,  1845;  d.  Jan.  7,  1873. 

1815  Albert  Ben.jamin,"  b.  Oct.  11,  1848;  unm.;  a  school  teacher, 

lives  at  Pee  Ell,  Washington. 


1036.  Rebecca,^  daughter  of  492  John"  and  Hannah 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bangor,  Me.,  February  7,  1809, 
and  died  February  20,  1864.  She  married  John  Monroe. 
He  died  December  12,  1884,  and  was  a  grandson  of  Capt. 
Varden,  of  the  British  navy.  They  lived  six  years  at  St. 
George,  New  Brunswick,  where  their  three  eldest  children 
were  born.  Then  they  moved  to  St.  Johns,  where  their  two 
youngest  children  were  born. 

Sakah  Maria,  b.  Aug.  17,  1834;  m.  George  T.  Smith,  of  the 
Provincial  Militia  of  New  Brunswick,  and  lives  at  Tacoma, 
Wash.  They  moved  west  in  1869,  and  are  members  of  the 
Congregational  Church.  Their  children  are  as  follows: 
Lafayette  Balch,  a  grocer  at  Tacoma,  m.  Nov.  17, 1882,  Phebe 
Adell  Woodruff;  Eva  Gertrude,  a  teacher  at  Tacoma;  Lillian 
Rebecca;  George  William,  a  grocer  at  Tacoma;  Izola  Balch. 

Hannah,  b.  Nov.  13,  1835;  lives  at  Ludington,  Mich.;  m.  Edwin 
Wheaton,  who  died  March  31,  1869,  at  St.  Johns,  N.  B.  They 
have  two  sons:  Frederick  Albert,  b.  December,  1862;  hotel 
clerk  at  Cheboygan,  Mich.;  John  Balch,  b.  November,  1868; 
lives  in  Chicago. 

Geokge  Alphoxse,  b.  1838;  d.  1839. 

John  Harrison,  b.  1842;  d.  1843 

John  Albeet,  b.  June  24,  1847;  d.  June  10,  1895;  m.  Kate  Mon- 
roe, who  lives  at  Houghton,  Mich.  They  had  one  daughter, 
Em  ./.,  b.  Sept.  17,  1870,  m.  June  27,  1895,  Frank  Kopp,  of 

After  the  death  of  her  mother,  Rebecca  assumed  the  man- 
agement of  the  household.  She  was  noted  for  her  amiability 
and  deeds  of  charity,  and  was  a  devout  Christian,  and  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Wesleyan  Methodist  Church. 

1037.  Louis,^  son  of  492  John^  and  Hannah  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Bangor,  Me.,  March  27,  1810.  He  was  a 
sea  captain,  and  owned  the  vessel  which  he  commanded.  In 
a  gale  on  December  23,  1837,  when  on  a  voyage  from  New 
York  to  Charleston,  he  was  knocked  overboard  and  drowned. 

1038.  Oharles.s  son  of  492  John"  and  Hannah  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Bangor,  September  1,  1811.  He  owned 
and  commanded  a  sailing  vessel.  His  home  was  at  Trescott. 
He  was  married,  but  died  January  29,  1890,  without  issue,  at 
Trescott,  Maine. 


1039.  Hannah,^  daughter  of  492  John"  and  Hannah 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bangor,  Maine,  December  13, 
1813,  and  died  at  Chippewa  Falls,  Wisconsin,  July  19,  1865. 
She  was  a  woman  of  pure  Christian  spirit,  manifest  in  all  her 
life.  On  June  8,  1834,  she  married  George  Gillmor,  of  St. 
George,  N.  B.  He  was  largely  engaged  in  the  lumber  trade. 
He  left  St.  George  in  1857,  and  moved  with  his  family  to 
Chippewa  Falls,  where  he  died,  June  7,  1861.  They  were 
members  of  the  Baptist  church,  and  had  twelve  children: 
Horatio  Gonzala,  b.  April  30,  1835,  d.  Dec.  27, 1867 ;  Rosalba 
Elisabeth,  b.  Sept.  25,  1836,  d.  Jan.  29,  1888 ;  George  Alon- 
zo,  b.  Oct.  24,  1837,  lives  at  Chippewa  Falls,  Wisconsin ; 
John  Balch,  b.  Jan.  2,  1839,  d.  Dec.  10,  1875 ;  Rosalba  Ellen, 
b.  April  4,  1840,  d.  Sept.  15,  1842 ;  Rosina  Grace,  b.  March 
28,  1843,  lives  at  St.  George,  New  Brunswick  ;  Sarah  Balch, 
b.  Sept.  13,  1844,  d.  Jan.  15,  1864 ;  Daniel  Webster,  b.  May 
28,  1845,  is  a  minister  at  Creston,  Iowa ;  Anna  Sophia,  b. 
April  11,  1847,  d.  Aug.  29,  1871 ;  Zachary  Taylor,  b.  Oct. 
15,  1848,  d.  Oct.  10,  1863  ;  Joseph  Judson,  b.  April  13, 1852, 
d.  April  28,  1852 ;  Hannah  Rebecca,  b.  April  18,  1856,  lives 
at  Chippewa  Falls. 

1042.  Henry ,^  son  of  492  John''  and  Hannah  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Bangor,  Me.,  July  15,  1819,  and  is  a 
mining  engineer  in  San  Francisco,  California.  He  never 
married.  For  seven  years  he  was  superintendent  of  the 
Comstock  gold  mines. 

1043.  George,^  son  of  492  John'^  and  Hannah  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Trescott,  Me.,  May  18,  1821,  and  died  at 
Placer  county,  Cala.,  May  18,  1861.  He  went  to  California 
in  1850,  with  his  brothers,  around  the  Horn,  and  in  a  few 
years  amassed  a  fortune  in  mining.  In  1855  he  came  east  to 
visit  his  relatives.  On  his  return  to  California  he  met  a  lady 
on  the  steamer,  whom  he  afterwards  married.  Three  years 
after  his  marriage  he  died,  leaving  all  his  property  to  his 
widow  and  baby  girl,  then  eight  months  old.  His  widow 
married  a  Mr.  Sullivan.     She  is  insane. 

1816    >fELLiE,9  b.  about  1858;  d.  in  1876. 

MARY   W.    [BALCH]    HACKETT, — NEWTON,   MASS.        289 

1045.  Lafayette.s  son  of  492  John"  and  Hannah  [Stone] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Trescott,  Me.,  February  3,  1825,  and  died 
at  San  Francisco,  Cal.,  November  25,  1862.  He  owned  a  line 
of  packets  that  ran  between  San  Francisco,  Oregon  and  Puget 
Sound.  He  was  a  sea  captain,  and  commanded  the  ship  Sac- 
ramento, in  which  he  and  his  brothers  sailed  around  the 
Horn  in  1850.  He  was  a  member  of  the  first  Territorial 
Legislature  of  Washington. 

1046.  Albert  Gallatin.s  son  of  492  John"  and  Hannah 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Trescott,  Me.,  March  10,  1827, 
and  died  unmarried  about  1860.  He  went  to  California,  and 
engaged  in  mercantile  pursuits  in  a  town  near  San  Francisco. 

1047.  Mary  Wadsworth/  daughter  of  493  Rev.  Wil- 
liam" and  Mary  [Wadsworth]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salisbury, 
Mass.,  August  10,  1806,  and  died  at  Newton,  Mass.,  April  11, 
1881.  She  married  Horatio  Balch  Hackett,  D.  D.,  LL.D  , 
September  22,  1834.  He  was  the  second  son  of  Richard  and 
497  Martha  [Balch]  Hackett  and  was  born  in  Salisbury, 
Mass.,  December  27,  1808,  and  died  in  Rochester,  New  York, 
November  2,  1875.  They  had  four  children,  born  at  Newton 

Horatio  Balch,  b.  July  .5,  1841;  m.  Dec.  23,  1874,  Sarah  Maria 
Field.  They  live  at  Newton  and  have  had  four  children. 
Winia7n  Field,  b.  Oct.  l.S,  187?-  Howard,  b.  Apr.  11,  1879; 
Bertha,  b.  July  7,  1883;  Sarah  Balch,  b.  Apr.  23,  1887. 

Maky  Wadsworth.  b.  Sept.  12,  1843,  unm.,  lives  at  Newton. 

William  Richard,  b.  Mar.  27,  1840;  d.  Sept.  19,  1849. 

Benjamin  Wadsworth,  b.  Jan.  5,  1849;  m.  Nov.  13,  1878,  Alice 
Harriet  Abbott,  two  children.  Bessie  Wadsioorth,  b.  at  New- 
ton, Aug.  24,  1879,  d.  May  13,  1891;  Leon,  b.  at  Cambridge, 
Ma^s.,  Oct.  20,  1882. 

Dr.  Hackett  graduated  at  Amherst  College  in  1830,  and 
studied  theology  at  Andover.  Afterwards  he  studied  the 
German  language  at  Halle  and  Leipsic,  and  the  Greek  lan- 
guage at  Athens.  He  taught  for  a  year  at  Mt.  Hope  Col- 
lege, Baltimore,  and  while  there  changed  his  views  on  bap- 


tism.  He  was  ordained  a  Baptist  clergyman.  He  was  pro- 
fessor of  ancient  languages  in  Brown  University  from  1835 
to  1839,  when  he  became  professor  of  New  Testament  Exe- 
gesis in  Newton  Theological  Institution.  In  1868  he  re- 
signed his  professorship  at  Newton  and  became  editor  of  the 
American  Edition  of  Smith's  Bible  Dictionary.  In  1870  he 
accepted  the  professorship  of  New  Testament  Exegesis  at 
Rochester  Theological  Seminary,  and  retained  it  until  his 
death.  Among  his  numerous  published  works  are  "  A  Com- 
mentary on  the  Original  Text  of  the  Acts  of  the  Apostles," 
"  Illustrations  of  Scripture,"  and  "  Chi-istian  Memorials  of 
the  War.''  A  volume  entitled  "Memorials  of  Horatio  Balch 
Hackett,"  was  published  under  the  auspices  of  the  Rochester 
Theological  Seminary. 

1053.  Harriet.^  daughter  of  495  Dr.  Horatio  Gates^  and 
Rhoda  [Dutton]  Balch.  She  married  Uriah,  son  of  Capt. 
Coolidge,  commander  in  the  revenue  service.  They  had  three 
children,  all  now  dead.     Julia  Dutton,  Edith  and  Frank. 

1054.  Sophia,^  daughter  of  49-1  Dr.  Horatio  Gates'*  and 
Rhoda  [Dutton]  Balch,  She  married  Lowell  Chase.  They 
had  one  child,  Elizabeth. 

1057.  Emily ,^  daughter  of  495  Dr.  Horatio  Gates"  and 
Rhoda  [Dutton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lubec,  Maine,  August 
8,  1820,  and  died  at  Weaverville,  Cal.,  Dec.  13,  1892.  She 
was  married  in  .June,  1844,  to  J.  J.,  son  of  Capt.  John  Ames. 
He  was  born  in  1820,  and  died  at  San  Diego,  Cal.,  in  1861. 
They  had  two  children,  both  born  at  Calais,  Maine :  George 
G.,  b.  April  2,  1845,  d.  April  2,  1847,  at  Calais,  Me. ;  Helen 
P.,  b.  Sept.  3,  1847,  d.  unm.  May  29,  1865,  at  Peabody,  Mass. 

1060.  James  Ripley .^  son  of  495  Dr.  Horatio  Gates^ 
and  Harriet  Turner  [McLellan]  Balch,  was  born  November 
22, 1831,  at  Lubec,  Me.  He  was  a  merchant,  and  resided  at 
Weaverville,  Cal.,  where  he  died,  April  18,  1895.  He  was 
married  October  3,  1867,  to  Margaret,  daughter  of  John  Robb. 


She  was  born  at  Lewis,  N.  Y.,  February  12,  1848.     They 
have  had  seven  children,  all  born  at  Weaverville,  California. 

1817      James  Hobatio,'  b.  July  30,  186S;  d.  March  11,  1869. 

1818*    Emily  Ambs,«  b.  May  19,  1870. 

1819  Alice,3  b.  Jan.  5,  1872;  d.  Jan.  19,  1872. 

1820  Henry  Ripley,^  b.  April  12,  1873. 

1821  Edward,"  b.  April  24,  1878;  d.  Feb.  6,  1885. 

llii      H™ior'^''  }   *^^°^'  "•  O'^*-  13.  1881.   {  <j.  ^,^_  10,  1887. 

1061.  Horatio  Gates.s  son  of  495  Dr.  Horatio  Gates' 
and  Harriet  Turner  [McLellan]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lubec, 
Me.,  June  15,  1840,  and  died  at  Weaverville,  Cal.,  March  7, 
1894.     He  was  a  seaman,  and  did  not  marry. 

1062.  Jacob  William.^  son  of  498  Jeremiah  O.^  and 
Sarah  [Penniman]  Balch,  was  born  November  19,  1817,  at 
Lubec,  Me.,  and  died  at  New  Westminster,  British  Colum- 
bia, November  1,  1883.  He  was  married  in  1844  to  Sarah 
A.,  daughter  of  True  and  Lydia  Bradbury,  of  Lubec.  She 
was  born  at  Lubec,  July  12,  182.3,  and  died  at  Boston,  Wash., 
July  10,  1892.  About  1865  his  family  removed  from  Ma- 
chias,  Maine,  to  Washington  Territory,  where  he  had  made  a 
home,  and  was  engaged  in  the  lumber  trade.  They  had  nine 
children.  All  were  born  at  Machias,  except  the  youngest, 
who  was  born  at  Port  Gamble,  Wash. 

1824*    Frank  True,"  b.  March  24,  1845. 

1825  Sarah  P.,"  b.  Dec.  28,  1847;  m.  McQuillan;  lives  at  Seattle, 


1826  Henry  C.,«  b.  Feb.  6,  1850;  d.  Feb.  19,  1850. 

1827  Lizzie  M.,'  b.  Feb.  25,  1851;  d.  June  13,  1856. 

1828  Augustus  LeRoy,^  b.  March  6,  1853;  d.  Oct.  19,  1878. 

1829  Laura  P.,"  b.  Feb.  8,  1856;  m.  Hall;  lives  at  Port  Townsend, 


1830  Kate  M.,»  b.  May  6,  1860;  m.  White;  lives  at  Suez,  Wash. 
1831*    Minnie  B.,'  b.  Sept.  20,  1862. 

1832      Teresia  T.,3  b.  Feb.  17,  1869;  d.  May  17,  1891. 

1063.  Mary  Oynthia.s  daughter  of  498  Jeremiah  O.^ 
and  Sarah  [Penniman]  Balch,  was  born  October  12,  1820^ 
and  died  November  13,  1873.     She  was  married  at  Machias, 


Maine,  December  31,  1837,  to  Robert  Dutch  Foster.  He  died 
August  29,  1866.  They  lived  and  died  at  St.  Louis,  Mis- 
souri, and  had  eight  children  :  Helen  Maria,  Helen  Jane, 
Charles  Henry,  Mary  Elizabeth,  Sarah  Frances,  Eugene  and 
Ella,  twins  ;  Ignatus  Sargent.     Of  these  two  grew  up. 

Helen  .Jane:  b.  Feb.  3,  1840;  m.  April  2,  1863,  Charles  LaSalle 
Gilpin.  Tlu-ee  children:  Adele  Locke,  b.  March  20,  1864;  m. 
Spencer  Ervin,  of  Philadelphia;  Robert  Porter,  b.  Feb.  26, 
1S68,  d.  May  25, 1878;  Charles  Edward,  b.  Xov.  15,  1872. 

Chaeles  Heney,  b.  Dec.  15,  1841;  d.  Dec.  6,  1895;  m.,  1865, 
Charlotte  Remer,  at  Kosciusko,  Miss.  Children:  Charles 
Henry,  Robert  Balch,  live  at  New  Orleans,  La. 

1065.  Henry  Orawford,^  son  of  498  Jeremiah  O.'  and 
Sarah  [Penniman]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Machias,  Me., 
December  18,  1824,  and  died  at  Williamsburg,  N.  Y.,  July 
30,  1861,  and  was  buried  at  Kingston,  N.  Y.  He  was  a  dry 
goods  merchant,  first  at  Montgomery,  Ala.,  and  afterwards  at 
New  York  city.  He  was  married  to  Catherine  A.,  daughter  of 
Robert  W.  Newton,  of  Hope,  New  Jersey,  where  she  was 
born  November  22,  1825.  She  lives  at  Sioux  City,  Iowa. 
They  had  four  children. 

1833  Henry  Newton.^  b.  Oct.  7,  1850;  d.  May  27,  1853. 

1834*  Ida  May,«  b.  June  29,  1853. 

1835*  Charles  Taylor,"  b.  Oct.  22,  18.56. 

1836*  Edward  Crawford,^  b.  July  17,  1858. 

1066.  Francis  Storms,^  son  of  498  Jeremiah  O.'  and 
Sarah  [Penniman]  Balch,  was  born  September  5,  1826.  He 
died,  unmarried,  August,  1888,  in  New  York  city.  He  was 
one  of  the  early  residents  of  Washington  Territory.  He 
returned  east,  and  was  appointed  an  acting  assistant  paymas- 
ter in  the  U.  S.  navy,  March  29,  1865  ;  served  on  the  Cur- 
lew, Mississippi  squadron,  and  afterwards  on  the  "  Woxsaw." 
Discharged  October  17,  1866. 

1069.  George  Washington,^  son  of  498  Jeremiah  O." 
and  Elizabeth  A.  [Haskell]  Balch,  was  born  in  Vienna  (now 
Phelps),  N.  Y.,  May  24,  1832.     He  was  married  at  Detroit, 

GEOEGB  W.  BALCH, — DETROIT,  MICH.,  NEW  YOBK,    N.  Y.    293 

Mich.,  June  8,  1858,  to  Mary  E.  Cranage,  by  whom  he  has 
had  six  children,  the  third  born  at  Mt.  Clemens,  and  the  oth- 
ers at  Detroit,  Michigan. 

1837  George  C,"  b.  Oct.  27,  18.59. 

1838*  Thomas  B.,»  b.  Oct.  22,  1861. 

1839*  Maby  E.,9  b.  Sept.  25,  1865. 

1840  Howard,'  b.  Aug.  7,  18G7;  d.  Feb.  IS,  1869,  at  Detroit. 

1841  Kate  D.,^  b.  Dec.  2,3, 1869. 

1842  Fredekick  A.,'  b.  July  3,  1874. 

George  W.  Balch  was  trained  early  to  business  pursuits, 
first  in  Michigan,  and  next  at  Chattanooga,  Tenn.,  where,  at 
the  age  of  17,  he  engaged  in  the  dry  goods  business.  About 
1851  he  became  also  connected  with  the  telegraph,  which  was 
then  first  introduced  in  that  region.  Knowledge  of  this  bus- 
iness he  had  previously  acquired  at  the  North.  He  was  the 
first,  and  for  a  time  the  only  practical  telegrapher  in  East 
Tennessee.  In  1852  he  returned  North,  and  regularly  en- 
tered the  telegraph  service,  first  at  Detroit,  Michigan,  then  at 
Chicago,  and  returning  again  to  Detroit,  in  1853-4,  he  there 
became  superintendent  of  the  Western  Union  Telegraph 
Company.  In  1865  he  was  appointed  assistant  general  super- 
intendent of  that  company,  with  headquarters  at  Rochester, 
N.  Y.  In  1866  he  removed  to  New  York  city,  as  assistant  to 
I.  H.  Wade,  president  Western  Union  Telegraph  Company. 
In  1867-8  he  returned  to  Detroit  and  engaged  in  commercial 
business.  In  1871  he  was  elected  president  of  the  common 
council,  and  for  a  time  was  acting  mayor.  Subsequently  he 
served  three  years  as  president  of  the  Board  of  Education  of 
that  city.  He  was  president  of  the  American  District  Tele- 
graph Company  and  of  the  Telephone  and  Telegraph  Con- 
struction Company,  and  also  of  the  Michigan  Bell  Telephone 
Company  and  of  the  Michigan  Telegraph  Company,  and  also 
president  of  the  Detroit  Electrical  Works.  Later  he  entered 
on  railroad  construction,  and  became  vice-president  of  the 
Detroit,  Butler  &  St.  Louis  Railroad  Company  (an  adjunct  of 
the  Wabash  R.  R.  Co.)     For  25  years  he  was  engaged  in  the 


grain  business  at  Detroit,  and  for  the  past  twenty  years,  in 
connection  therewith,  conducted  the  grain  business  in  New 
York  city,  retaining  residence,  however,  continuously  in  De- 
troit, Mich.  As  chairman  of  the  New  York  Produce  Ex- 
change Canal  Committee,  he  promoted  the  improvement  of 
the  New  York  state  canals,  under  whose  eiforts  the  present 
$9,000,000  improvement  of  the  state  canals  was  mainly 
brought  about. 

1070.  Benjamin,^  son  of  498  Jeremiah  O."  and  Elizabeth 
A.  [Haskell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Leroy,  N.  Y.,  December  8) 
1840,  and  died  March  3,  1884,  at  Burlington,  Vt.  He  was 
twice  married,  first  to  a  Miss  Fish,  second  to  Miss  Jane  E. 
Wilkins,  and  had  no  children. 

1071.  Lavinia  Melissa,^  daughter  of  498  Jeremiah  O.' 
and  Elizabeth  A.  [Haskell]  Balch,  was  born  June  24,  1843, 
at  Marshall,  Mich.,  and  died  at  Bellevue,  Mich.,  July  12, 
1887.  She  was  married  December  6,  1865,  to  Abram  G.,  son 
of  Edward  Butler,  of  Marshall,  Mich.  He  was  born  in  that 
city,  August  15,  1841.  They  had  eight  children,  one  born  at 
Marshall,  ]\Iichigan,  two  at  Detroit,  three  at  Chicago,  Illinois, 
and  two  at  Bellevue,  Michigan.  Grace  Dency,  b.  Nov.  11, 
1866  ;  Mayuard  Balch,  b.  Sept.  28,  1868 ;  Josephine,  b.  Nov- 
11,  1870  ;  Florence,  b.  Feb.  26,  1877 ;  Samuel  Abram,  b.  Jan. 
15,  1880  ;  Abram  G.,  b.  Aug.  19,  1881  ;  Ada  Havel,  b. 
March  10,  1885  ;  Lavinia  M.,  b.  March  4,  1887. 

1072.  Rebecca  Bailey,*  daughter  of  501  Phineas  Carle- 
ton'  and  Jane  Kezer  [Merrill]  Balch,  was  born  July  21, 
1821,  and  died  June  16,  1887,  the  result  of  a  fall  from  a 
hammock.  She  married  Joshua  N.  Foss,  in  1856.  He  was  a 
farmer  and  fire  insurance  agent  at  Rowley,  Massachusetts. 
He  died  January  11,  1894.     They  had  no  children. 

1073.  Abigail  Carleton,*  daughter  of  502  Leonard'  and 
Mary  A.  [Hopkinson]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford, 
Massachusetts,  June  25,  1823.     She  was  married  to  Ebenezer 


Carleton,  who  was  born  October  20,  1820.     They  had  four 
children : 

Alvin  Bteon,  b.  May  9,  1842;  m.  July  25,  Kate  Fitzsimmons. 
Phinehas  Balch,  b.  July  2,  lSi6;  m.  Dec.  28,    1871,   Julia  E. 

Fenton.    Tbree  cbildren:    George  Henry,   b.   Oct.   8,   1872; 

Mahel  Louise,   b.   Oct.  8,  1874;   Daniel  Barton,  b.  May  16, 

Harriot  Lapham,  b.  Bee.  21,   1854;  m.  July  4,  1872,   Newton 

Tilton.     Two  children:    Leonard  Alvin,  b.   June  30,    1873; 

Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  30,  1877. 
Mart  Ann,  b.        ;  d.  y. 

1074.  Melvin  Parker.^  son  of  503  William"  and  Abigail 
B.  [Parker]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford  [Groveland], 
November  27,  1832.  He  was  married  at  Lynn,  April  12, 
1863,  to  Ada  R.  Huntley,  of  Lynn.  He  became  intemperate 
and  violent,  and  in  1873  his  wife  obtained  a  divorce.  He 
then  disappeared,  and  it  is  not  known  what  became  of  him. 
They  had  two  children,  both  of  whom  are  living  with  their 

1843  Am-st  G.,«  b.  at  Kasson,  Minn.,  Nov.  22,  1865. 

1844  Ethel  M.,^  b.  at  Lynn,  Mass.,  March  2P,  1869. 

1075.  Olara  Maria.s  daughter  of  503  William^  and  Abi- 
gail B.  [Parker]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford  [Grove- 
land],  September  10,  1840,  and  died  July  1,  1896.  She  was 
married  February  20,  1859,  to  Alfred,  son  of  Thomas  Laws, 
who  was  born  in  Washington,  N.  H.,  June  26,  1831.  He 
graduated  at  Dartmouth,  for  a  time  was  a  school  teacher,  and 
is  now  in  the  insurance  business  at  Brockton,  Mass.  Their 
children  were  as  follows :  Amma,  b.  Nov.  2,  1861,  d.  Aug. 
14,  1866  ;  Walter,  b.  June  14,  1864,  d.  Aug.  14,  1866  ;  Frank 
A.,  b.  May  28,  1867,  at  North  Bridgewater,  Massachusetts  ; 
Mary  L.,  b.  July  23,  1869,  d.  Sept.  24,  1869. 

1076.  William,^  son  of  505  Thomas  Hutchinson"  and 
Sophia  B.  [Tenney]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford 
[Groveland],  October  9,  1840.  He  was  married  July  3, 1866, 
to  Martha  S.,  daughter  of  Charles  and  Rebecca  C.  [Palmer] 
Harriman.  They  reside  in  Brockton,  Mass.,  and  have  no 


1077.  Hiram  Tenney,^  son  of  505  Thomas  Hutchinson' 
and  Sophia  B.  [Tenney]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford 
[Groveland],  May  28,  1842.  He  was  married  February  23, 
1864,  to  Mary  Sophia,  daughter  of  Daniel  and  Ascenath 
[Parker]  Morse,  of  Bradford,  Mass.  She  was  born  at  Brad- 
ford, January  25,  1842.  They  live  at  Newburyport,  and 
their  four  children  were  born  at  Groveland. 

1845  Herman  Morse, ^  b.  June  5,  1806;  d.  Sept.  6,  1866. 

1846  .loHN  Pembeeton,'*  b.  July  13,  1807;  unm. 
1847*    WiLLiAM,9  b.  Aug.  18,  1869. 

1848  Leonard  Parker,^  b.  Dec.  29,  1871;  unm. 

Hiram  T.  enlisted  in  company  B,  48th  Regiment,  Massa- 
chusetts Volunteers.  August  18,  1862.  This  was  a  nine 
months'  regiment.  It  was  sent  to  the  Department  of  the 
Gulf,  and  served  its  full  time  in  Louisiana.  He  was  honora- 
bly discharged  September  -3,  186-3.  He  re-enlisted  August 
23,  1864,  in  company  M,  4th  Massachusetts  Heavy  Artillery, 
and  was  honorably  discharged  July  17,  1865.  He  is  an 

1078.  Charles  Thomas,*  son  of  505  Thomas  Hutchin- 
son' and  Sophia  B.  [Tenney]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Brad- 
ford [Groveland],  February  23,  1844.  He  was  with  the  firm 
of  Pemberton  &  Balch,  at  Newburyport.  The  firm  was  dis- 
solved after  the  burning  of  the  shop,  in  1888.  He  has  held 
many  town  offices,  and  was  a  member  of  the  Massachusetts 
Legislature  from  Groveland  in  1895. 

1079.  Arthur  Oliflford,*  son  of  505  Thomas  Hutchin- 
son' and  Sophia  B.  [Tenney]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Brad- 
ford [Groveland],  October  22,  1846.  He  was  married  to 
Mary  Darling,  widow  of  Leonard  Darling,  and  daughter  of 
Elbridge  and  Lucy  [Runnells]  Smith,  of  Haverhill.  They 
live  at  Groveland,  and  have  one  child. 

1849  Clifford  Tenney, »  b.  Oct.  16,  1884. 

1080.  Eustis.s  son  of  505  Thomas  Hutchinson'  and 
Sophia    B.    [Tenney]    Balch,    was   born   at   East   Bradford 


[Groveland],  Mass.,  April  2,  1849.  He  is  a  carpenter  and 
builder,  and  lives  at  Oakland,  California.  He  was  married 
June  2,  1886,  to  Georgianna  M.,  daughter  of  John  McDou- 
gald  and  Matilda  [Irving]  Post.  She  was  born  at  Sutter's 
Creek,  December  26,  1859.  Their  children  were  born  at 
Oakland,  California. 

1850  Sophia  Matilda,'  b.  Dec.  23,  1888. 

1851  Henrietta,!*  b.  June  17,  1890. 

1852  Thomas  Eustis,'  b.  May  16,  1893. 

1082.  Gardner  Pickard,^  son  of  505  Thomas  Hutchin- 
son' and  Sophia  B.  [Tenney]  Balch,  was  born  at  Groveland, 
Massachusetts,  July  7,  1856.  He  was  married  August  28, 
1886,  to  Sophia  George,  daughter  of  Moses  and  Eliza  A. 
[Estabrook]  Williams.  She  was  born  January  28,  1863,  at 
West  Newbury,  Mass.     They  liave  one  child. 

1853  Malcolm  Williams,'  b.  Sept.  2,  1894. 

Gardner  Pickard  graduated  from  Dartmouth  College  in 
1881,  was  first  sub-master  of  the  High  and  Putnam  School, 
at  Newburyport,  and  is  now  principal  of  schools  in  Swamp- 
scott,  Mass.,  and  master  of  the  Phillips  High  School. 

1083.  Sarah  Hutchinson.^  daughter  of  506  Jonathan^ 
and  Sally  [Hopkinson]  Balch,  was  born  September  21,  1829. 
She  was  married  Oct.  25,  1849,  to  Charles  Putnam,  son  of 
Thomas  and  Deborah  Savary.  He  was  born  May  20,  1828, 
and  died  Nov.  11,  1893.  She  resides  at  Groveland,  and  has 
three  children  :  William  P.,  b.  April  10,  1852,  m.  Aug.  3, 
1879,  Alice  M.  Richardson  ;  Elizabeth  M.,  b.  May  27,  1859, 
d.  April  8,  1863 ;  Annie  W.,  b.  July  25,  1866. 

1084.  Horace  Morse,^  son  of  506  Jonathan'  and  Sally 
[Hopkinson]  Balch,  was  born  February  24,  1831,  and  died 
Sept.  14,  1892,  in  California.  He  married  first  Sarah  L.  G. 
Ayers,  in  1854.  She  was  the  widow  of  Joseph  U.  York. 
They  had  no  children.  He  married  second  Louise  Pettigrew, 
by  whom  he  had  one  son.     They  lived  in  San  Francisco. 

1854  Alvin  H.,'b.  May,  1873;  d.  Aug.,  1893. 


1085.  Ann  Mary,^  daughter  of  506  Jonathan"  and  Sally 
[Hopkinson]  Balch,  was  born  November  17,  1832.  She  was 
married  February  23, 1854,  to  Luther  K.,  son  of  Joseph  Kim- 
ball and  Lucy  [Jameson]  Pemberton.  He  was  born  August 
10,  1830,  and  was  a  member  of  the  firm  of  Pemberton  & 
Balch,  until  the  shop  was  burnt  in  1888.  He  is  a  contractor 
for  children's  shoes,  and  lives  in  Groveland. 

1088.  Harriet  Lapham,^  daughter  of  506  Jonathan' 
and  Sally  [Hopkinson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Groveland,  August 
28, 1838,  and  died  Jan.  31,  1893,  in  Wisconsin.  She  was 
married,  in  1854,  to  George  W.,  son  of  James  A.  and  Grace 
M.  [Walker]  Banks,  of  Yorkshire,  Eng.  He  died  in  March, 
1895.  They  lived  at  Monroe,  Wisconsin.  Harold,  b.  April 
13,  1856  ;  Fred  A.,  b.  April  17,  1858  ;  Philip,  d.  y. ;  George, 
b.  July  1,  1866  ;  Harriet  M.,  b.  Sept.  17,  1875 ;  Ralph,  b.  Dec. 
20,  1877,  d.  y. 

1092.  Frank  Henry ,^  son  of  506  Jonathan"  and  Sally 
[Hopkinson]  Balch,  was  born  July  18,  1851,  and  lives  in 
Groveland,  Mass.  He  was  married  September  26,  1872,  to 
Marcy,  daughter  of  Charles  and  Charlotte  [Brock]  Ruddock, 
of  West  Newbury,  Mass.     They  have  no  children. 

1094.  David  Moore,^  son  of  510  Benjamin''  and  Caro- 
line L.  [Moore]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  Mass.,  January 
22,  1837,  and  is  a  chemist  at  Coronado,  Cal.  He  was  married 
December  26,  1876,  to  Emma  A.,  only  daughter  of  Joseph 
Swasey.     She  was  born  June  16,  1851.     Their  children  are  : 

1855  Caroline  Mooke,''  b.  Oct.  24,  1S77. 

1856  Alice  Gifford.^  b.  Dec.  26,  1878;  d.  next  day. 

1857  Maky  Elizabeth,''  b.  May  28,  1881. 

1858  Emma  Louese,^  b.  Jan.  2,  1883,  at  Lugonia,  Cal. 

David  M.  graduated  from  Harvard  College  in  1854.  To 
him  is  due  the  credit  of  much  of  the  work  in  collecting  the 
matter  for  this  Genealogy.  His  searches  among  the  official 
records  of  Massachusetts  has  been  extensive,  and  his  care  to 
have  his  work  correct  is  characteristic  of  his  Balch  heredity. 

DAVID    MOORE,    EDWARD  F.    BALCH, — SALEM,  MASS.    299 

An  article  by  him,  of  great  historical  value,  entitled  "  The 
Old  Planters,"  was  published  in  the  "  Salem  Gazette,"  May 
10,  1878,  and  in  the  Balch  Leaflets.  He  resided  iu  Salem 
until  about  1880,  when  he  went  to  California  to  cultivate 
oranges.  For  a  time  he  lived  at  Lugonia,  and  since  1888  he 
has  been  at  Coronado  Beach. 

1095.  Edward  Franklin,^  son  of  510  Benjamin"  and 
Caroline  L.  [Moore]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  November  27, 
1842,  and  died  Aug.  29,  1892.  He  was  married  June  5, 1873, 
to  Elizabeth  S.,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Mary  [Dustin]  Per- 
kins.    They  had  three  children,  all  born  at  Salem. 

1859  Edith  Pebkins,^  b.  Aug.  26,  1874. 

1860  Elizabeth,^  b.  Nov.  11,  1876. 

1861  rBANK,«  b.  Oct.  .31,  1880. 

Edward  Franklin  received  his  education  at  the  private 
schools  of  Salem,  Mass.  He  first  tried  a  business  career,  but 
not  being  suited,  entered  the  machine  shop  of  the  Naumkeag 
Cotton  Mills,  at  Salem,  remained  for  five  years,  and  rose  to 
the  position  of  superintendent.  Next  he  resigned  to  accept 
the  agency  of  the  D wight  Mills  at  Chicopee.  He  remained 
there  two  years,  when  the  agency  of  the  Naumkeag  Mills 
became  vacant,  and  he  was  called  to  the  position,  which  he 
filled  up  to  the  time  of  his  death. 

1096.  William  Duncan,^  son  of  511  James"  and  Harriet 
Jane  [Duncan]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  Sept.  28, 1834.  He 
lives  at  Maiden,  Massachusetts,  and  is  a  jeweler  at  Boston. 
He  served  in  the  50th  Massachusetts  Volunteers  during  the 
civ  il  war,  in  Gen.  Auger's  division,  19th  Army  Corps,  De- 
partment of  the  Gulf.  He  was  married  August  2,  1871,  to 
Caroline  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Col.  David  and  Caroline  P. 
Stanwood,  of  Brunswick,  Maine,  where  she  was  born,  No- 
vember 13,  1832.     They  have  no  children. 

1097.  Catherine  Duncan,^  daughter  of  511  James'^  and 
Harriet  Jane  [Duncan]  Balch,  was  born  at  Salem,  Mass., 
September  22,  1836,  and  died  at  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  in  Febru- 


ary,  1892.  She  was  married  June  1,  1857,  to  James  D. 
Nairne,  of  Scotland.  He  studied  dentistry,  but  did  not  prac- 
tice, and  was  a  lace  importer  and  dealer  in  New  York  city. 
They  lived  in  Brooklyn,  and  all  their  children  were  born 
there.  Katherine  D.,  b.  April  14,  1858,  d.  at  Edinburg, 
June  4,  1860;  James  D.,  b.  Aug.  22,  1860;  Elizabeth  D.,  b. 
July  15,  1862  ;  Lillian,  b.  July  25,  1864 ;  Harriet  D.,  b.  Sept. 
25,  1867 ;  William  H.,  b.  Jan.  25,  1871 ;  Frank  B.,  b.  Aug. 
2,  1873. 

1100.  William  Prederick.s  sou  of  512  William^  and 
Marian  [Kittridge]  Balch,  was  born  July  16,  1836,  and  died 
March  31,  1868.  He  lived  at  Salem  and  Pawtucket,  Mass., 
Half  Day,  111.,  and  New  York  city.  He  was  married  Febru- 
ary 11,  1857,  to  Martha  C.  Darg,  who  was  born  in  Louisi- 
ana.    She  died  about  1885,  in  Texas,  leaving  one  daughter. 

1862     Amy  C.,^  b.  1S59;  m.  Canning;  no  children. 
William    F.    was  the    author    of  a  paper  on  the    "  Balch 
Genealogy,"  in  the  New  England  Genealogical  and  Histori- 
cal Register,  for  July,  1855.     He  was  a  physician,  and  prac- 
ticed in  New  York  city. 

1101.  Lucy  Ann,^  daughter  of  512  William'  and  Marian 
[Kittridge]  Balch,  was  born  August  17,  1837,  and  died  Oc- 
tober 21,  1881.  She  married,  April  17,  1862,  Capt.  George 
R.  Durand,  of  the  United  States  navy.  They  had  three 
children,  born  at  Pawtucket,  Rhode  Island :  Susan  Marian, 
b.  Jan.  29,  1863  ;  Lucy  Balch,  b.  Sept.  30,  1865  ;  William 
Balch,  b.  Feb.  26,  1871.     They  live  in  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

1102.  Benjamin  K.,^  son  of  512  William"  and  Marian 
[Kittridge]  Balch,  was  born  November  5,  1840,  and  was 
drowned  at  Pawtucket,  Rhode  Island,  in  August,  1870.  He 
was  married  October  8,  1864,  to  Elizabeth  Robinson,  and  left 
no  children. 

1104.  Lowell  Thayer.s  son  of  512  William^  and  Marian 
[Kittridge]   Balch,  was  born  at  Half  Day,  Illinois,  May  21, 


1848,  and  lives  at  Pawtucket,  Rhode  Island.  He  was 
married  June  14,  1868,  to  Martha  Travis,  daughter  of 
George  and  Laureney  [Marchant]  Thompson,  at  Pawtucket. 
Her  father  was  born  in  Lancashire,  England,  and  her  mother 
in  Massachusetts.  She  was  born  in  Pawtucket,  June  14, 
1852,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  December  18,  1874.  They 
had  three  children,  born  at  Pawtucket. 

1863*    ■WiLLiAM,='  b.  Feb.  16,  1869. 

1864*    Edward  Kittbidgb,^  b.  May  6,  1871. 

1865*    Maktha  Thompson,^  b.  Deo.  11,  1874. 

1106.  George  Phippen,^  son  of  513  Moses  Phippen'and 
Adelia  M.  [Lauriat]  Balch,  was  born  at  Barre,  Mass.,  June 
18,  1840.  He  is  a  watchmaker,  and  resided  at  DeKalb,  Illi- 
nois. He  is  now  at  Lynn,  Mass.  He  was  married  Dec.  25, 
1870,  to  Isadore  Cornish. 

1866  Daniel  Lauriat,"  b.  Oct.  9, 1876. 

1867  Austin  Cornish,"  b.  June  12,  1878. 

1108.  Sarah  Elizabeth.^  daughter  of  513  Moses  Phip- 
pen'^  and  Adelia  M.  [Lauriat]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lynn, 
Mass.,  January  1,  1844.  She  was  married  November  17, 
1869,  to  Frederick  L.  Fiske,  of  Gharlestown.  They  live  at 
Everett,  Mass.,  and  have  two  children.  William  Lincoln,  b. 
July  29,  1873,  m.  Clara  Deihl,  Sept.  9,  1894 ;  George  Freder- 
ick, b.  Sept.  18,  1877. 

1113.  Laura  Octavia,*  daughter  of  513  Moses  Phippen" 
and  Adelia  M.  [Lauriat]  Balch,  was  born  January  18,  1858. 
She  was  married  August  5,  1877,  to  Robert  R.  Jones.  They 
live  in  Boston,  Mass.  They  have  one  child,  Clara  Rosanna, 
b.  May  26, 1878. 

1115.  Ebenezer  Gunnison,^  son  of  522  Daniel'  and 
Elizabeth  [Gunnison]  Balch,  was  born  at  Dorchester,  N.  H., 
September  18,  1819,  and  died  at  Newburyport,  January  14, 
1884.  He  went  on  several  whaling  vo3'ages  when  a  young 
man,  after_ which  he  entered  a  hardware  store,  where  he  re- 
mained up  to  a  few  years  before  his  death.     He  was  a  deacon 


in  the  Unitarian  church,  a  Republican,  and  much  respected 
in  the  community  in  which  he  lived.  In  1851  he  married 
Eliza  Hall,  and  had  five  children. 

1866      Danibl,^  b.         ;  d.  y. 

1869*     Daniel,"  b.  1853. 

1870*    Lucy  Ann,"  b.  April  6,  1857;  d.  March  29, 1888. 

1871*    George  H.,'  b.  1861;  d.  Feb.  15,  1895. 

1872      Charles  Hodge,"  b.  1862;  d.  unm.  March  24,  1883. 

1116.  Lucy  Elizabeth,^  daughter  of  522  DanieF  and 
Elizabeth  [Gunnison]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  No- 
vember 14,  1820,  and  died  April  16,  1867.  She  was  married 
June  25,  1844,  to  David  Merritt,  of  Salem,  and  had  one  child, 
Elizabeth  Balch,  b.  March  29, 1851. 

1119.  William  Oharles,^  son  of  524  William"  and  Han- 
nah [Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  July  8,  1819, 
and  died  February  12,  1895,  at  Dorchester,  Massachusetts. 
He  graduated  at  Phillips  Academy,  Exeter,  after  which  he 
was  in  a  hardware  store  in  Boston.  Then  he  was  agent  of  a 
steam  cotton  mill  in  Newburyport  for  many  years.  He  was 
an  alderman  and  school  committeeman  in  that  city.  In  poli- 
tics he  was  a  Democrat.  He  married  Elizabeth  Ann  Hamil- 
ton, of  Portland,  Me.,  November  12,  1846.  She  was  born 
November  16,  1825,  and  died  September  17,  1894.  They  had 
eight  children. 

1873*  William,'  b.  March  20,  1848. 

1874*  Gertrude  Akline,"  b.  Oct.  24,  1849. 

1875*  Walter  Hamilton,"  b.  Aug.  28,  1851. 

1876*  Arthur  Stone,"  )    ,.„;„„  k  n^^    iq  iom    ( 

1877  Ernest  Hodge>  \   *^"^'  ^-  ^c*-  1^.  1S53,  |  ^^  ^p^jj  gg^  ^gg^ 

1878*    Edith  Ashton,"  b.  Jan.  12,  1856. 

1879*    Gerald  Spofford,"  b.  Feb.  16,  1859;  d.  July  22,  1896. 

1880      Horace  Pearson,"  b.  Feb.  13, 1861;  d.  Jan.  12,  1863. 

1120.  Sarah  Stone,^  daughter  of  524  William-  and  Han- 
nah [Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  February  5, 
1821,  and  died  April  25,  1848.  She  was  devoted  to  works  of 
charity,  possessed  a  superior  mind,  was  an  expressive  singer, 
had  a  charming  manner,  and  such  beauty,  both  of  person  and 


character,  that  even  after  fifty  years  she  still  seems  a  vivid 
inspiring  reality  to  all  who  knew  her.  She  was  married  Sep- 
tember 25,  1844,  to  Frederick  Beck,  of  Boston,  who  was  born 
May  9,  1818.     They  had  two  children. 

Frederick  Alletne,  b.  Oct.  17,  1845;  m.  Nov.  3,  1866,  Sarah  E. 

Piper,  of  Newburyport.    They  live  at  Portland,  Oregon,  and 

have  five  children  and  three  grandchildren. 

Alice  Foster,  b.  Jan.  3,  1847;  m.  June  1,  1877,  Charles  W.  Lov- 

ett,  of  Boston.    He  died  Feb.,  1890.    She  lives  in  Marshfield. 

1121.  George  Edward,«  son  of  524  William"  and  Han- 
nah [Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  August  7, 
1822,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  August  23, 1889.  He  grad- 
uated at  Exeter  Academy.  At  the  age  of  22  years  he  was 
given  the  command  of  the  bark  Oberlin,  and  five  years  later 
commanded  the  full-rigged  ship,  "  The  Columbus,"  from 
Boston  to  Akyab.  While  bound  from  Akyab  for  Flushing 
the  upper  cabin  was  broken  down  by  a  tremendous  sea  during 
the  night,  which  took  him  with  it,  head  first,  through  the  lee 
bulwarks  to  his  waist,  when  the  boards  sprung  back  and  held 
him  half  in  and  half  out  of  the  ship.  While  in  this  position 
one  knee  was  severely  injured  by  a  loose  spar,  and  he  was  in- 
sensible when  rescued.  While  expecting  every  minute  that 
they  might  founder,  they  sighted  a  Dutch  vessel  in  distress, 
with  missionaries  on  board.  Captain  Balch  had  his  men  carry 
him  on  deck  to  see  the  situation  and  give  orders.  Volunteers 
went  to  the  relief  of  the  vessel.  The  Dutch  sailors  were 
drunk  when  rescued,  and  at  their  urging  some  of  their  chests 
were  taken  off,  but  instead  of  clothing,  they  contained  whis- 
key. Unknown  to  the  officers,  this  was  given  freely  to  the 
men,  and  all  hands  refused  to  man  the  pumps.  Captain 
Balch,  though  suffering  excruciating  pain,  with  pistol  in 
hand,  quelled  the  mutiny.  For  this  act  of  humanity  and 
heroism  he  was  given  a  gold  medal  by  the  South  Holland  In- 
stitute. The  cyclone  lasted  three  days.  Seventeen  days  later 
they  made  the  Isle  of  France.  A  physician  there  proposed 
to  amputate  his  leg,  but  Captain  Balch  would  not  consent,, 


and  it  was  saved.  On  his  homeward  voj'age,  in  April,  1851, 
in  the  storm  that  carried  away  the  Minot  Ledge  lighthouse, 
the  ship  was  wrecked,  and  they  were  left  upon  the  back  of 
Cape  Cod  for  forty-eight  hours,  when  they  were  taken  off 
naked  and  barely  alive.  He  had  a  third  narrow  escape- 
When  four  days  out  from  Boston,  his  ship,  the  "  Howadji," 
was  struck  by  lightning,  and  he  and  his  crew  were  rescued  by 
another  ship  just  before  theirs  went  down. 

Captain  Balch  was  married  October  21,  1852,  to  Elizabeth 
Johnson,  daughter  of  Peter  LeBreton,  of  Newburyport.  She 
was  born  April  17,  1826.     They  have  four  children. 

1881*    Le  Breton,9  b.  April  10,  1855. 

1882*    Sahah  Beck.s  b.  July  29,  18.57. 

1883*    Lewis,«  b.  Feb.  25,  1861. 

1884      Georgiaotja  Elizabeth,^  b.  Jan.  17,  1865. 

1122.  Leonidas.s  son  of  524  William'  and  Hannah 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  August  7,  1824. 
He  is  not  married,  was  a  clerk,  and  lives  at  Newburyport. 

1123.  Lucy  Hodge,«  daughter  of  524  William'  and 
Hannah  [Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  NewburypoVt,  April  15, 
1826.  She  is  not  married,  lives  at  Newburyport,  and  has 
been  of  much  assistance  in  gathering  material  for  this  Gene- 

1125.  Elizabeth.^  daughter  of  524  William'  and  Hannah 
[Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  September  6,  1828. 
She  was  married  October  22,  1863,  to  Eliphalet  Griffin.  They 
live  at  Newburyport,  and  have  two  children  :  Hannah  Balch, 
b.  Aug.  26,  1864  ;  Life,  b.  June  17,  1867,  he  married,  May 
23,  1895,  Mary  Elizabeth  Davis. 

1126.  Mary  Oaroline.s  daughter  of  524  William'  and 
Hannah  [Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  October 
18,  1829,  where  she  now  lives.  She  married  Charles  P.  Mor- 
rison, April  23,  1864.  He  enlisted  as  a  private  in  company 
A,  Eighth  Regiment,  Massachusetts  Volunteers,  and  served 
with  that  regiment  for  four  months  at  Washington  and  Bal- 

FANNY   STONE    [BALCH]    -WOODWARD, — ST.  LOUIS,  MO.    305 

timore.  He  was  next  commissioned  second  lieutenant  in 
company  A,  48th  Massachusetts  Volunteers,  and  served  with 
Gen.  Banks  in  the  Department  of  the  Gulf,  participated  in 
the  battle  of  Plain's  Store,  and  was  one  of  the  few  volun- 
teers in  the  sortie  of  the  Forlorn  Hope  during  the  siege  of 
Port  Hudson.  He  made  music  a  profession,  at  Newburyport, 
Mass.,  till  1867  ;  then  at  Worcester,  Mass.,  until  1879,  when 
he  became  professor  of  music  at  Washington  University,  St. 
Louis,  Mo.  He  is  the  author  of  "  Morrison's  Collection  of 
Church  Music,"  "  In  Memoriam,"  and  other  pieces.  They 
have  had  no  children. 

1127.  Hannah  Stone.^  daughter  of  524  William"  and 
Hannah  [Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  August 
28,  1834,  and  lives  at  Brookliue,  Massachusetts.  She  was 
married  May  17,  1855,  to  George  Richard  Coffin.  He  was 
born  at  Castine,  Maine,  February  12,  1832,  and  died  August 
20,  1894,  at  Brookline,  Massachusetts.  They  had  eight  chil- 
dren :  George,  b.  March  6,  1856,  at  Jamaica  Plain ;  Freder- 
ick Seymour,  b.  May  19,  1860,  at  Newburyport ;  Winthrop, 
b.  June  3,  1863,  at  Boston ;  Gertrude  Richards,  b.  March  4, 
1866,  d.  June  26,  1868  ;  Anna  Balch,  b.  June  8,  1867,  at 
Roxbur}',  m.  May  10,  1893,  Edward  Everett  Elms,  two  chil- 
dren ;  Laura  Stone,  b.  July  15,  1869,  at  Roxbury  ;  Henry 
Richards,  b.  June  21,  1871,  at  Roxbury  ;  William  Balch,  b. 
Dec.  30,  1877,  at  Auburndale,  Massachusetts. 

1128.  Fanny  Stone,^  daughter  of  524  William'  and 
Hannah  [Stone]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  'January 
2,  1837.  For  several  years  she  has  been  president  of  the  day 
nursery  for  the  children  of  the  poor,  in  St.  Louis,  Missouri. 
She  was  married  Sept.  30,  1863,  to  Calvin  Milton  Woodward, 
who  was  a  captain  in  the  48  th  Regiment,  Massachusetts  Vol- 
unteers, during  the  civil  war.  In  1865  he  was  appointed 
professor  of  mathematics  and  applied  mechanics  in  Washing- 
ton University,  St.  Louis,  Mo.  He  held  the  office  of  dean  of 
the   Polytechnic   School   for  twenty-five   years.     He   is  the 


author  of  a  work  on  the  "  Theory  and  Construction  of  the 
St.  Louis  Bridge."  They  have  had  nine  children :  Alice 
Balch,  b.  July  25,  1864,  d.  May  19,  1865  ;  Clara  Lincoln,  b. 
July  20,  1865;  Bertha,  b.  Aug.  29,  1867,  d.  Dec.  21,  1870; 
Fanny  Louise,  b.  Dec.  9,  1869 ;  Hilda,  b.  Aug.  21,  1871 ; 
Margaret,  b.  Feb.  7,  1874;  Alexander,  b.  Sept.  5,  1876,  d. 
July  1,  1877 ;  Calvin  Balch,  b.  Oct.  27,  1878,  d.  Jan.  19, 
1888  ;  Heniy  Bridge,  b.  Sept.  3, 1880,  d.  Feb.  25,  1883. 

1129.  Charles  Carrol,^  son  of  524  William-  and  Hannah 
[Stone]  Balch,  Avas  born  at  Newburyport,  May  9,  1841.  He 
graduated  at  Harvard  in  1862,  and  decided  to  study  medicine- 
He  was  drowned,  August  27, 1863,  while  bathing  at  Salisbury 

1130.  George  Thaclier,^  son  of  525  John  Theodoric'  and 
Elizabeth  Jones  [Thacher]  Balch,  was  born  at  Biddeford, 
Me.,  October  2,  1828,  and  died  very  suddenly  in  New  York 
city,  April  15, 1894,  and  was  buried  at  Troy,  N.  Y.  He  was 
married,  November  8,  1859,  to  Harriet  Delafield,  daughter  of 
Hon.  John  P.  Cushman,  a  judge  of  the  New  York  Supreme 
Court,  living  at  Troy.  She  lives  at  Saratoga.  They  have 
had  no  children. 

Colonel  George  T.  Balch  graduated  from  West  Point  Mili- 
tary Academy  in  1852,  and  soon  after  was  commissioned  a 
lieutenant  of  artillerj'.  In  April,  1861,  he  was  ordered  to 
Fort  Pickens,  Florida,  with  the  artiller}-  under  the  command 
of  Colonel  Harvey  Brown.  The  war  department  soon 
recognized  his  remarkable  organizing  and  executive  abilities, 
and  called  him  to  the  Ordnance  Bureau  at  Wasliingtou, 
where  he  remained  until  the  close  of  the  war.  The  com- 
pleteness of  his  organization  in  the  ordnance  department 
enabled  all  the  accounts  to  be  closed  and  the  force  of  clerks 
reduced  to  the  few  needed  in  times  of  peace,  almost  as  soon 
as  the  troops  were  mustered  out.  Having  been  promoted 
through  the  various  grades  to  that  of  lieutenant  colonel  dur- 
ing the  war,  he  resigned  at  its  termination,  and  formed  the 

Col.  George  Thacher  Balch. 


COL.    GEORGE   THACHER    BALOH, — NEW   YORK,    N.  Y.    307 

Remington  Plow  Company.  Not  meeting  with  success  in 
this  undertaking,  he  soon  terminated  his  connection  with 
it,  and  passed  into  the  service  of  the  receiver  of  the  Erie 
Railway  Company,  to  straighten  out  its  affairs.  While  in 
this  position  he  thoroughly  inventoried  the  propert}'  of  the 
company,  and  in  this  work  discovered  to  them  real  estate 
titles  amounting  to  over  one  million  dollars  that  had  been 
overlooked  and  forgotten.  At  the  direction  of  Mayor  Hewitt, 
of  New  York  city,  in  1886,  he  made  a  careful  study  and  in- 
vestigation of  the  health  department  and  of  the  street  paving 
contracts  of  the  city,  and  in  this  capacity  made  a  scathing 
report  on  the  repaying  of  Fifth  Avenue  and  many  other 
frauds  perpetrated  on  the  city  by  contractors.  From  his 
investigation  of  the  health  department  he  was  led  to  the 
study  of  the  foreign-born  residents  of  New  York  city.  His 
remarkable  ability  for  thorough  and  accurate  work  came  to 
the  attention  of  the  Board  of  Education  of  New  York,  and 
led  to  his  appointment  as  actuary  of  that  board.  His  original 
and  thorough  methods  in  these  various  capacities  have  been 
embodied  in  various  books  and  reports  from  his  pen.  "  A 
General  Classification  of  Railway  Rights,  Realities  and  Per- 
sonalities," J.  J.  Little  &  Co.,  printers.  New  York,  1878,  con- 
cisely sums  up  his  methods  of  taking  the  inventory  of  the 
Erie  Railway  Company's  property.  "  The  Sewage  Question 
in  Saratoga  "  appears  in  a  report  from  the  Boaid  of  Sewer 
Commissioners  to  the  Board  of  Trustees  of  that  village  in 
1885.  "  Teaching  Patriotism  in  Our  Public  Schools,"  The 
D.  Van  Nostrand  Co.,  publishers,  brings  timely  before  the 
American  public  the  importance  and  the  methods  of  incul- 
cating loyalty  to  the  country  and  its  flag. 

1131.  Theodoric  Augustus,^  son  of  525  John  Theodoric" 
and  Elizabeth  Jones  [Thacher]  Balch,  was  born  in  New  York 
city,  January  16,  1832,  and  is  a  farmer,  and  resides  at  Akron, 
Ohio.  He  was  married  October  8,  1868,  to  Ann  E.,  daughter 
of  Justin  Gale,  late  of  Akron,  O.,  but  originally  from  Wells 


River,  Vt.     She  was  born  September  23,  1831.     They  have 
no  children. 

1132.  Daniel  Webster.^  son  of  525  John  Theodoric" 
and  Elizabeth  Jones  [Thacher]  Balch,  was  born  in  New  York 
city,  November  14,  1834,  and  lives  in  San  Francisco,  Califor- 
nia. He  was  married  April  25,  1868,  to  Nellie  Dingle 
Holmes.  She  was  a  daughter  of  John  Dingle,  and  took  the 
name  of  Holmes  upon  her  mother's  second  marriage.  She 
was  born  in  Syracuse,  N.  Y.,  June  18,  1844.  They  have  five 
children,  three  born  in  Virginia  City,  Nevada,  and  two  born 
in  San  Francisco,  California. 

1885  George  Thacheb,^  b.  Feb.  27,  1S69. 

1886  Daniel  Hekbeet,^  b.  Sept.  5,  1870;  d.  Oct.  11,  1896. 

1887  Maud,9  b.  June  1.5,  1878. 

1888  John  Adkian.^  b.  Aug.  6,  1876. 

1889  Daniel  Fkasee,^  b.  Jan.  19,  1882. 

Daniel  Webster  left  his  home  in  Akron,  Ohio,  at  the  age 
of  thirteen,  shipped  as  a  sailor  from  Newburyport,  Mass.,  and 
made  several  voyages.  In  1850  he  went  to  California,  and 
has  since  resided  in  that  state  and  Nevada.  By  profession  he 
is  an  assayer,  but  has  been  interested  in  railways  and  mining. 
In  1886  he  was  president  of  the  Nevada  and  Oregon  R.  R. 
and  secretary  of  the  California  Rock  Drill  Co.  He  is  the 
inventor  of  an  improved  method  of  working  ores  by  the  cya- 
nide process. 

1133.  Elizabeth  Thacher,^  daughter  of  525  John  The- 
odoric^ and  Elizabeth  Jones  [Thacher]  Balch,  was  born  in 
New  York  citj',  December  27,  1837.  She  was  married  March 
18,  1868,  to  Gilbei-t  Saltonstall,  son  of  James  Sumner  and 
Frances  [Saltonstall]  Carpenter.  He  was  born  at  Medina, 
Ohio,  April  17,  1836.  He  is  an  olficer  in  the  U.  S.  army,  with 
rank  of  major.  They  have  had  the  following  children : 
George  Balch  and  James  Thacher,  twins,  b.  Jan.  18,  1866,  at 
Akron,  Ohio,  both  d.  y.  ;  Laura  Balch,  b.  March  29,  1868,  at 
Chattanooga,  Tenn. ;  Dudley  Saltonstall,  b.  Feb.  26,  1870,  at 


Nashville,  Tenn. ;  Edward  Laramie,  b.  Jan.  14,  1873,  at  Fort 
Laramie,  Wyoming  Ter. ;  Elizabeth  Frances,  b.  June  22, 
1878,  at  Fort  Hartsuff,  Neb. ;  Anna  Thacher,  b.  Jan.  25, 
1882,  d.  Aug.  27, 1888. 

1134.  Laura  Otis,^  daughter  of  525  John  Theodoric" 
and  Elizabeth  Jones  [Thacher]  Balch,  was  born  at  Akron, 
O.,  September  23,  1845.  She  is  not  married,  and  is  living  in 
Youngstown,  O. 

1135.  Caroline  Williams/  daughter  of  532  Joseph' 
and  Caroline  A.  B.  [Williams]  Balch,  born  at  Boston,  Mass., 
March  16,  1813.  She  was  married  Nov.  3,  1840,  to  Dr.  Isaac 
Gordon  Braman,  whose  first  wife  was  Ann  Mehitable  Moody, 
daughter  of  533  Eunice'.  They  lived  at  Georgetown,  Mass., 
until  about  1843,  when  they  moved  to  Brighton,  now  a  part 
of  Boston,  where  he  practiced  for  about  thirty-three  years. 
During  the  greater  part  of  this  time  he  was  in  charge  of  the 
medical  department  of  the  arsenal  at  Watertown,  Mass.,  as 
acting  assistant  surgeon.  United  States  army.  He  was  also 
coroner  and  justice  of  the  peace.     They  had  two  children. 

Chandlke  Balch,  b.  August  19,  1841,  at  Georgetown;  d.  Aug. 
1.5,  186S.  He  was  acting  assistant  surgeon  United  States 
army,  and  while  stationed  at  Baton  Rouge,  Louisiana,  was 
liilled  by  a  brother  officer.  He  was  married  Aug.  13,  1867,  at 
Terra  Haute,  Indiana,  to  Cecilia  O.  Gage. 

Joseph  Balch,  b.  Feb.  15,  1845,  at  Brighton  (now  in  Boston), 
Massachusetts.  He  is  practicing  law  with  his  wife  in  New 
York  city.  They  are  commissioners  for  all  the  states  and 
many  foreign  countries,  and  are  also  passport  and  consular 
agents  and  customs  notaries.  Mr.  Braman  enlisted  at  Bos- 
ton, Dec.  7,  1861,  in  Capt.  James  M.  Magee's  cavalry  com- 
pany, the  "  Mounted  Rifle  Rangers,"  known  as  Butler's  Body 
Guard,  at  first  attached  to  the  30th  Regiment,  Massachusetts 
Volunteers.  Being  disabled,  he  was  discharged  at  New  Or- 
leans, Louisiana,  June  21,  1862.  He  re-enlisted  at  Boston, 
May  16,  1SG4,  in  the  12th  Unattached  Company,  Massachu- 
setts Volunteers,  and  served  at  Provincetown,  Mass.  On 
July  21,  1864,  he  was  commissioned  captain  of  company  D, 
47th  Regiment,  Massachusetts  Volunteers,  and  was  dis- 
charged August  4,  1864.     He  is  a  Master  Mason,  Odd  Fellow, 


and  a  member  of  Lafayette  Post,  Grand  Army  of  the  Repub- 
lic. On  Sept.  10,  1667,  be  was  married  at  Brighton,  to  Ella 
Frances,  daughter  of  Abram  W.  and  Sopbronia  Swift  [Ellis] 
Collins.  They  have  had  five  children,  the  four  eldest  born  at 
Brighton,  Mass.,  and  the  youngest  at  Los  Angeles,  Califor- 
nia. Joseph  Milton,  b.  July  13,  1869,  d.  Xov.  14,  1869;  Susan 
Caroline,  b.  Oct.  6,  1870;  Joseph  Chandler,  b.  Aug.  5,  1872; 
Herbert,  b.  Nov.  15,  187.5;  Mia  Angela,  b.  April  5,  1874. 

1137.  Sarah  Bartlett.^  daughter  of  532  Joseph"  and 
Caroline  A.  B.  [Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass., 
November  26,  1817,  and  died  at  Jamaica  Plain,  September  9, 
ISo-l.  She  was  married  June  6,  1838,  to  Stephen  Minot,  son 
of  Capt.  William  Gordon  and  Hannah  [Minot]  Weld,  of 
Boston.  He  was  born  at  Boston,  September  29,  1806,  and 
graduated  from  Harvard  College  in  1826.  His  sterling  worth, 
elastic  spirits,  and  strong  social  sympathies  made  him  the 
most  popular  member  of  his  class.  In  1858  he  was  chosen  by 
the  legislature  one  of  the  overseers  of  Harvard  College.  To 
Stephen  M.  Gordon  and  Sarah  B.  Weld  were  born  seven 
children,  two  of  whom  died  in  infancy :  Hannah  Minot,  b. 
July  13,  1839 ;  Stephen  Minot,  b.  Jan.  4,  1842  ;  m.  Eloise 
Rodman ;  Alice  Buckminster,  b.  Feb.  28,  1844 ;  Caroline 
Balch,  b.  Jan.  15,  1846,  m.  S.  S.  Gray  :  Edith,  b.  Aug.  4, 

1138.  Joseph  Williams,^  son  of  532  Joseph"  and  Caro- 
line A.  B.  [Williams]  Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  August  3, 
1819,  and  died  at  Jamaica  Plain,  Massachusetts,  January  11, 
1891.  He  married,  first,  June  8,  1846,  Maria,  daughter  of 
George  Hallet,  of  Boston.  She  was  born  in  that  city,  March 
15,  1820,  and  died  at  Gloucester,  Mass.,  August  16,  1857, 
leaving  four  children. 

1890*    Geokge  Hallet,!"  i.  May  27,  1847;  d.  unm.,  Feb.  25,  1894. 
1891      Agnes  Gordon,^  b.  Feb.  12,  1849. 
1892*    Henry  Gordon,^  b.  Sept.  15,  18-53. 

1893      CiiAKLES  Buckminster,'  b.  June  18,  18.56;  d.  Dec.  28,  1881,  in 
Orange,  Cal. 

Joseph  W.  was  married,  second,  September  27,    1859,  to 


Joseph  Williams  Balch. 

FRANCIS    V.   BALCH, — JAMAICA   PLAIN,   MASS.         311 

Agnes  Love,  daughter  of  Franklin  and  Agnes  Love  [Brad- 
lee]  Greene,  of  Boston.  She  was  born  in  Boston,  July  23, 
1832,  and  died  September  6,  1893.     They  had  four  children  : 

1894*  Joseph,^  b.  Feb.  3,  1861. 

1895*  Fkanklin  Gbeene.s  b.  April  26,  1864. 

1896*  JoHN,9  b.  May  4,  1865. 

1897  Emily  Greene,^  b.  Aug.  17,  1809. 

He  was  tall  and  well  proportioned,  a  man  of  sterling  in- 
tegrity, and  excellent  business  ability.  In  1838  he  entered 
the  Boylston  Fire  and  Marine  Insurance  Company  as  its  sec- 
retary. In  1853  he  became  its  president,  and  held  the  posi- 
tion until  it  was  ruined  by  the  great  Boston  tire  of  Saturday, 
November  9,  1872.  The  next  Monday  a  new  company,  now 
known  as  the  Bo3'lston  Insurance  Company,  was  formed,  and 
he  was  chosen  its  president,  and  retained  the  office  to  the 
time  of  his  death.  He  was  also  president  of  the  Boston  and 
Providence  Railroad,  and  of  the  Boston  Fire  Underwriters' 
Union,  vice-president  of  the  Provident  Institution  for  Sav- 
ings, and  a  trustee  of  the  Eoxbury  Latin  School.  He  was  a 
trustee  of  Forest  Hill  cemetery  corporation  for  twenty-one 
years,  and  was  its  president  from  1876  to  1889. 

No  man  ever  bequeathed  to  the  community  the  recollection 
of  more  kindly  traits  of  character,  a  warmer  and  more  sympa- 
tlietic  nature,  or  was  more  conscientious  in  adherence  to  the 
right,  than  Joseph  Balch.  He  was  a  loyal  friend,  a  kind  and 
thoughtful  neighbor,-  a  public-spirited  citizen,  and  a  large- 
hearted  Christian  gentleman. 

1145.  Francis  Vergnies,^  son  of  532  Joseph'  and  Anne 
Lathrop  [Noyes]  Balch,  was  born  in  Boston,  February  3, 
1839.  He  took  the  degree  of  A.  B.,  in  1859,  at  Harvard  College, 
and  in  1860  graduated  from  Harvard  Law  Scheol,  and  was 
admitted  to  the  bar.  He  first  became  a  partner  with  Francis 
Winthrop  Palfrey,  and  came  into  professional  relations 
with  George  S.  Hillard.  In  1862  he  joined  the  Twen- 
tieth  Massachusetts  Infantiy  Volunteers,  of  which  his  part- 


iier,  Mr.  Palfrey,  was  lieutenant  colonel,  but  fell  out  after  a 
few  months,  on  account  of  sickness,  without  having  been  in 
any  engagement.  After  a  prolonged  convalescence,  he  re 
joined,  in  the  practice  of  his  profession.  Col.  Palfrey,  who 
had  been  wounded  and  discharged.  In  1868  he  married  his 
cousin,  Ellen  Maria,  daughter  of  Francis  V.  and  Elizabeth 
[Porter]  Noyes,  and  great  granddaughter  of  William  Bart- 
lett,  of  Newburyport,  a  successful  merchant.  She  was  born 
July  11,  1837.     They  had  eight  children. 

1898  CATHBEiNE.a  b.  June  14,  1864;  d.  April  24,  186.5. 

1899  Anne  Lathrop,^  b.  July  29,  1865. 
^,-1900*    Emily  Greene,^'  b.  Jan.  8.  1867. 

1901*  Elizabeth,'  b.  Aug.  29,  1868. 

1902  Ellen,!*  b.  .Jan.  10,  1872;  d.  Dec.  7,  1874. 

1903*  Francis  Notes,"  b.  Nov.  2.3,  1873. 

1904  Alicb,9  b.  July  12,  1876. 

1905  Marion  Casares,"  b.  Feb.  25,  1879. 

In  1864  Francis  V.  became  the  clerk  of  the  Senate  Com- 
mittee on  Foreign  Relations,  and  also  for  two  years  was  pri- 
vate secretary  of  Senator  Sumner.  Later  he  was  made  gen- 
eral executor  and  one  of  the  literary  executors  by  Mr.  Sum- 
mer. In  1867  he  was  admitted  to  the  law  office  of  William 
Minot,  where  he  remained  for  several  years,  and  attained  a 
position  of  high  standing.  He  is  now  the  senior  partner  in 
the  law  firm  of  Balch  &  Rackemann,  his  specialty  being  con- 
veyancing and  trust  law. 

1147.  Lucy  French.s  daughter  of  542  John'  and  Eliza- 
beth [Tappan]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  Mass.,  No- 
vember 22,  1827,  and  died  at  Baltimore,  Maryland,  May  30, 
1852.  She  was  married  May  31,  1848,  to  John  L.,  son  of 
Hon.  John  Merrill,  of  Newburyport,  Mass.  He  was  born 
January  24,  1824.  They  had  two  daughters,  born  at  Balti- 
more, Md. 

Catherine  Elizabeth,  b.  May  27,  1849.  She  married  Stuart 
Lindsley,  of  Orange,  N.  J.,  and  had  live  children:  George 
Leonard,  b.  May  30,  1882,  at  East  Orange,  N.  J. ;  Lucy  Mer- 
rill, b.  Dec.  12,  1884,  at  Carson  City,  Colo.;  Alice,  b.  Sept.  1, 

Isaac  Denny  Balch. 


ISAAC   DENNY   BALCH, — NEW   YOKK,    N.    Y.  313 

188S,  at  Orange,  N.  J. ;  Horace  Nelson,  b.  April  12,  1889,  at 
Orange;  Oirard,  b.  May  3,  1891,  at  Orange. 
Lucy  L.,  b.  Jan.  27,  1852;  d.  July  12,  1852. 

1149.  Elizabeth  Tappan.s  daughter  of  542  John'  and 
Elizabeth  [Tappan]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  Mass., 
September  19,  1832.  She  was  married  September  26,  1860, 
to  John  L.  Merrill,  whose  first  wife  was  her  sister,  Lucy 
French.  They  live  at  East  Orange,  New  Jersey,  and  have 
had  six  children. 

Alice  Balch,  b.  March  16,  1862,  at  West  Orange,  N.  J.  She 
was  married  Oct.  10,  1884,  to  Henry  F.  Camblos,  M.  D.,  of 
Philadelphia,  Penn.     They  have  three  children. 

George  Denny,  b.  Jan.  1,  1S64,  at  West  Orange,  N.  J.  Married, 
April  26,  1888,  to  Miss  Elizabeth  A .  Haines,  of  Brooklyn,  N. 
T.     Lives  at  East  Orange. 

John  Lenoed,  b.  Sept.  17,  1866,  at  Orange. 

Joseph  Moulton,  b.  Feb.  3,  1870,  at  East  Orange. 

^L^L^"e^S^I'.pp.n,  }  -'-.  ^-  M^y  ^^'  ^'^'-^ !  '■  '''-'• ''  ''''■ 

1150.  Isaac  Denny,^  son  of  542  John'  and  Laura  Ame- 
lia [Denny]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  AprillS,  1835, 
and  died  unmarried,  February  16,  1889,  at  East  Orange,  New 
Jersey.  In  1856  he  graduated  at  Bowdoin  College,  studied 
law,  and  practiced  at  Cincinnati  until  the  breaking  out  of  the 
civil  war,  when  he  volunteered  in  a  three  months'  regiment 
at  Washington.  Afterwards  he  practiced  law  in  New  York 
city.  About  1869  he  was  appointed  chief  clerk  of  the  law 
department  in  one  of  the  divisions  of  the  New  York  Custom 
House.  Ten  years  later,  under  General  Merritt,  he  was  ap- 
pointed a  deputy  collector  in  the  rotunda,  and  also  special 
deputy  collector,  with  power  to  represent  the  head  of  the 
custom  house  when  absent.  In  this  position  he  introduced 
many  reforms  in  the  methods  of  transacting  the  business.  In 
1882  he  resigned,  and  devoted  himself  thereafter  mainly  to 
stock  brokerage  business.  He  was  a  man  of  decided  ability 
and  of  unwavering  integrity.  He  was  buried  at  Newbury- 

1152.     Alice  March,^  dausrhter  of  542  John'  and  Laura 


Amelia  [Denuy]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  September 
16,  1840.  She  was  married  November  2,  1864,  to  Abiel  Ab- 
bot, a  commission  merchant  in  New  York  city.  They  live  at 
East  Orange,  New  Jersey,  and  have  had  eight  children: 
Laura  Kendrick,  b.  Oct.  12, 1865  ;  Alice  Balch,  b.  Feb.  11, 
1867 ;  Mary  Wade,  b.  Dec.  29,  1869,  d.  Jan.  10, 1870  ;  Arthur 
Denny,  b.  Dec.  21,  1870,  d.  Aug.  6,  1871 ;  Fanny  Holmes,  b. 
June  17,  1872 ;  Alfred  Ernest,  b.  Jan.  12,  1875 ;  Julia 
Wade,  b.  March  18, 1877  ;  Helen  Denny,  b.  July  11,  1880. 

1154.  Mary  Nelson/  daughter  of  542  John'  and  Laura 
Amelia  [Denny]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport,  Mass., 
July  29,  1846,  where  she  now  lives.  She  was  married  Octo- 
ber 19,  1869,  to  George  Whitfield  Blood,  of  Charlestown, 
Mass.  He  died  November  12,  1876.  They  had  three  chil- 
dren :  John  Balch,  b.  July  21,  1870,  at  Newburyport ;  Gios- 
venor  Tarbell,  b.  Aug.  22,  1872  ;  George  Whitfield,  b.  March 
26,  1877. 

1155.  Maria  Willikms,*  daughter  of  543  Benjamin' and 
Lj^dia  Elizabeth  [Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Newburyport, 
Mass.,  January  28,  1831.  She  married  Elias  Nason,  of  Hol- 
lo well,  Me.  He  was  a  flour  merchant  at  Fall  River,  Mass. 
They  had  three  children  ;  two  d.  y. 

1156.  Frances  Caroline.^  daughter  of  543  Benjamin' 
and  Lydia  Elizabeth  [Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  New- 
buryport, Mass.,  February  28,  1833,  and  died  at  St.  Louis, 
Mo.  She  married  George  Perrin,  and  had  four  children : 
George,  b.  1853  ;  Charles  O.,  d.  y.  ;  Charles  T.,  d.  y. ;  Anna 

1160.  William  Heman.s  son  of  546  Capt.  William  Sav- 
ary"  and  Mary  [Stickney]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Bradford, 
[Groveland]  Mass.,  August  17,  1826,  and  died  at  Maiden, 
Mass.,  September  19,  1889.  He  succeeded  his  father  in  the 
manufacture  of  boots  and  shoes  for  the  western  trade,  and 
carried  on  a  wholesale  business  in  Boston.     He  married  first. 

Dan'iel  Stickney  Balch. 


DANIEL  S.,  JOHN  K.  V.  BALCH, — LYONS,  lA.,  MALDEN,MASS.  315 

June  17,  1852,  Susan,  daughter  of  Capt.  Benjamin  and  Anna 
[Lapham]  Parker.  She  was  born  in  East  Bradford,  April 
7,  1829,  and  died  in  Maiden,  July  19,  1874.  Their  four 
children  were  born  in  Groveland. 

1906  Mary  A.,'  b.  Nov.  29,  1855;  d.  May  28,  1856. 

1907  Annie  P.,»  b.  Feb.  7,  1860. 

1908  WiLLiAM.s  1,.  Dec.  31,  1863;  d.  Aug.  17,  1664. 

1910  Frederi'ck^"'  *^*°''  ^-  ^'=*-  ^2'  ^^^'  P'^P'^  ^''^'^®°  Express. 
William  H.  married  second,  November  25,  1881,  Sophia, 
daughter  of  Aaron  and  Susanna  [Burbank]  Atwood,  of 

1164.  Daniel  Stickney.s'son  of  546  Capt.  William  Sa- 
vary"  and  Mary  [Stickney]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Brad- 
ford [Groveland],  December  11,  1831.  He  moved  to  Lyons, 
Iowa,  and  with  his  brother,  John  Kirby  Perry,  established  a 
large  boot  and  shoe  wholesale  trade.  He  is  the  American 
Express  agent  at  Lyons,  and  is  secretary  of  Pioneer  Camp, 
No.  1,  Modern  Woodmen  of  America.  He  was  married  Au- 
gust 20,  1861,  to  Mary  Jane,  daughter  of  Moses  and  Abigail 
B.  [Ladd]  George,  of  East  Haverhill,  Mass.,  where  she  was 
born,  January  1,  1884.  The  family  are  members  of  the  Con- 
gregational church,  where  he  is  a  deacon.  Their  three  chil- 
dren were  born  in  Lyons. 

1911*    Louisa  Annie,'  b.  April  7,  1864. 

1912*    Clifton  Fletcher,"  b.  March  4,  1867. 

1913      Jennie  Fullington,'  b.  Aug.  26,  1870. 

1167.  John  Kirby  Perry ,8  son  of  546  Capt.  William 
Savary''  and  Mary  [Stickney]  Balch,  was  born  at  East  Brad- 
ford [Groveland],  Mass.,  February  17,  1837.  He  moved  to 
Lyons,  Iowa,  in  1858,  and  carried  on  a  wholesale  boot  and 
shoe  business  for  twenty-five  yeara.  In  1877  he  took  the  first 
telephone  to  Iowa,  and  built  the  first  telephone  exchange  in 
the  West.  Many  parts  of  this  he  invented.  He  has  lield 
the  offices  of  president  and  general  manager  of  the  North- 
western Bell  Telephone  Co.,  president  of  Lyons  Pressed  and 


Paving  Brick  Co.,  director  aud  superintendent  Lyons  Water 
Works  Co.,  and  treasurer  and  superintendent  Lyons  &  Fulton 
Bridge  Co.  He  is  a  member  of  the  Sons  of  the  American 
Revolution.  He  was  married  August  10,  1870,  to  Sarah 
Amelia,  daughter  of  Orville  and  Sarah  Hayes  [Cone]  Bar- 
bour, of  Harwinton,  Ct.,  where  she  was  born,  May  12,  1846. 
She  died  in  New  Britton,  December  18,  1884,  and  was 
buried  at  Harwinton.  They  had  one  child,  born  at  Lyons. 

1914  Mart  Elizabeth,"  b.  May  16,  1872. 

John  Kirby  Perry  Balch  married  second,  January  15,  1891, 
Frances  Ellen  Crosby,  of  Maiden,  Massachusetts.  She  was 
born  at  Cambridge,  May  11,  1853.     They  had  one  child. 

1915  Mart  Eams,"  b.  Dec.  9,  1891;  d.  same  daj'. 

1171.  Edward  H.,^  son  of  550  Nathaniel"  and  Elizabeth, 
M.  [Tucker]  Balch,  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  December  24, 
1840,  and  lived  at  Exeter,  New  Hampshire.  He  was  married 
in  1864,  to  Julia  H.  Philbrick,  of  Rye,  N.  H.  She  died  at 
Portsmouth,  November  23,  1884.  They  had  one  child,  born 
at  Rye. 

1916  Eliza  Gbace,"  b.  July  4,  1865;  d.  Nov.,  1887;  m.  John  Jenner. 
Edward  H.  was  married  second,  April,  1889,  to  Olive  Wil- 

ley,  of  Concord,  N.  H.     She  died  in  October,  1891. 

1173.  Martha  Ellen,^  daughter  of  550  Nathaniel"  and 
Elizabeth  M.  [Tucker]  Balch,  was  born  at  Portsmouth,  N. 
H.,  March  30,  1851.  She  was  married  September  24,  1877, 
to  Charles  E.,  son  of  Charles  F.  Trefether,  of  Rye,  N.  H., 
where  he  is  a  carpenter  and  farmer.  They  have  had  ten 
children :  Susie  Ellen,  b.  July  1,  1878,  d.  Jan.  6,  1880  ; 
Austen  Wallace,  b.  Sept.  5,  1880  ;  George  Chester,  b.  Feb. 
15,  1882  ;  Arthur  Elwyn,  b.  April  24,  1883  ;  Elmer  Balch, 
b.  July  10,  1885  ;  Willie  Marshall,  b.  Dec.  24,  1887  ;  Julia 
Alice,  b.  Feb.  5,  1888  ;  Raymond  Hall,  b.  Aug.  10,  1889  ; 
Maria  Elizabeth,  b.  April  19,  1891 ;  Ruth  Mabel,  b.  May  5, 

John  Kirbv  Perrv  Balch. 


Ninth  Generation. 


Descendants  of  5  Samuel.^ 
Descendants  of  21  Samuel.* 

1174.  Christopher  S.,^  son  of  555  Joseph^  and  Betsey 
[Shrove]  Balch,  was  born  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  19, 1821, 
and  died  October  22,  1861,  at  North  Easton,  N.  Y.  He  was 
a  farmer,  and  lived  in  the  town  of  Easton,  N.  Y.  He  mar- 
ried Susan  M.  Robinson,  of  Easton,  N.  Y.,  on  Jan.  12,  1848. 
She  was  born  October  5,  1823,  and  died  Feb.  12,  1873. 

1917      William  B..,^"  b.  June  29,  1854;  d.  Jan.  3,  1870. 
1918*  b.  Aug.  21,  1859. 

1175.  John  Henry ,9  son  of  555  Joseph^  and  Betsey 
[Shrove]  Balch,  was  born  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  April  26, 1825, 
and  died  at  Cambridge,  N.  Y.,  May  30,  1869.  He  was  mar- 
ried December  15,  1847,  to  Abby  Ilzaide,  daughter  of  John 
and  Amelia  Lee.  She  was  born  at  Cambridge,  March  22, 
1820,  and  died  in  the  same  town,  October  8,  1881.  They 
had  two  children,  both  born  on  the  home  farm  in  Cambridge. 

1919*    Amelia  E.,"  b.  Feb.  18,  1849;  d.  Jan.  18,  1886. 
1920*    Fannie  M.,"  b.  May  16,  1853. 

1176.  Ebenezer  Atwood.^  son  of  555  Joseph^  and  Bet- 
sey [Shrove]  Balch,  was  born  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  March  26, 
1827.  He  resided  at  Greenwich,  N.  Y.,  where  he  died,  Janu- 
ary 16,  1892,  and  was  buried  at  Schaghticooke,  N.  Y.  On 
February  20, 1856,  he  was  married  to  Hannah,  daughter  of 
Robert  and  Abbie  Hoag,  who  was  born  at  Pittstown,  N.  Y., 
July  3,  1833.     They  had  three  children. 



1921*    Allan  C.,1'  b.  March  13,  1S64. 

1922  Elizabetu  A.,i»  b.  March  10,  1871. 

1923  Howard  J.,!"  b.  March  10,  1873. 

Ebenezer  A.  first  farmed  with  his  brother  Christopher,  then 
engaged  in  the  sale  of  jewelry  and  maps,  was  next  a  station 
agent  at  Valley  Falls,  and  afterwards  engaged  in  real  estate 
transactions.  At  Cambridge  he  had  a  grocery  store,  and 
lastly  a  shirt  factory. 

1178.  Joseph,**  son  of  556  John  and  Margaret  [Hadcock] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  December  3,  1828,  and 
was  married  July  4,  1850,  to  Margaret  Morehouse,  who  was 
born  July  23,  1830.     Their  children  were  as  follows  : 

1924*  RozENA,!"  b.  March  31,  1851;  d.  April  16,  1884. 

1925*  John  A.,i»  b.  Dec.  16,  1853. 

1926*  Merrktt  A.,i»  b.  June  28,  1857. 

1927*  Adah  E.,'"  b.  April  25,  1859. 

1928*  WiLLETT  F.,1"  b.  March  14,  1863. 

1929  G.  Fbank,i»  b.  July  14,  1868. 

1930  Warren  D.,io  b.  Jan.  31,  1871. 
1931*  F.  Cora,"  b.  Aug.  29,  1873. 

1932  Gertrude  M.,i»  b.  Jan.  16,  1877. 

1179.  Andrew  J.,**  son  of  556  John  and  Margaret  [Had- 
cock] Balch,  was  born  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  February  17, 
1831,  and  died  at  Marcy,  N.  Y.,  December  30,  1889,  and  was 
buried  at  Frankfort.  He  was  a  carriage  maker  at  Utica,  N. 
Y.,  and  was  married  December  19,  1854,  to  Caroline,  daugh- 
ter of  Michael  and  Hannah  Reymore.  She  was  born  at  Con- 
stantia,  N.  Y.,  December  9,  1834.  They  had  seven  children, 
the  first  three  born  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  the  next  two  at 
IMansfield,  and  the  last  two  at  Albert  Lea,  Minnesota. 

1933  Carrie  E.,i»  b.  Aug.  16,  1856;  d.  June  3,  1861. 
1934*    Charles  IIerbert,i»  b.  July  22,  1858. 
1935*    Frederick  W.,'"  b.  Jan.  23,  1861. 

1936*  William  Dell,'"  b.  Dec.  23,  1866. 

1937*  Geobge  A.,i»  b.  June  6,  1869. 

1938  Cora  Belle,i»  b.  Sept.  22,  1871;  d.  Nov.  11,  1873. 

1939  Myrtle  Belle.i"  b.  Feb.  12,  1875. 

1182.     Marcus  D.,^  son  of  556  Johu«  and  Margaret  [Had- 

MARCOS   D.,    ROSELLB   BALCH — UTICA,    N.    Y.  319 

cock]  Balch,  was  born  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  August  5,  1838. 
He  has  been  engaged  in  farming,  but  is  now  a  builder  at 
Utica,  N.  Y.  He  was  married  January  21,  1869,  to  Miss 
Adeline  M.,  daughter  of  James  S.  and  Lucy  Harvey.  She 
was  born  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  January  24,  1846.  They  have 
four  children,  all  born  at  Utica,  N.  Y. 

1940      Eva  M.,"  b.  April  6,  1870. 

1941*    BuKTOx  M.,i»  b.  Jan.  15,  1874;  lives  in  Brooklyn. 

1942  Florence  L.,!'-'  b.  Dec.  16,  1878. 

1943  Bessie  M.,!"  b.  Nov.  12,  1882. 

1184.  Roselle,9  son  of  556  John^  and  Margaret  [Had- 
cock]  Balch,  was  born  at  Frankfort,  N.  Y.,  March  3,  1844, 
and  is  in  the  real  estate  business  in  Utica,  N.  Y.  He  was 
married,  in  1868,  to  Ida,  daughter  of  Charles  Hubbell,  of 
Frankfort.     They  have  three  children. 

1945  Okville,"  b.  1869;  m.  Ella  Dell. 

1946  Reba,i»  b.  June,  1881. 

1947  May.w  b.  1885. 

1190.  Emma  M.,»  daughter  of  567  Philander^  and  Jane 
A.  [Robinson]  Balch.  She  married  H.  R.  Bailey,  and  they 
lived  at  East  Charleston,  Vt. 

1193.  Romanzo,^  son  of  569  Leonard^  and  Betsey 
[Smith]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyndon,  Vt.,  June  14,  1852,  and 
is  a  machinist  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.  He  married  first,  August 
15,  1872,  Abbie,  daughter  of  Jeremiah  Leighton.  She  was 
born  at  Danville,  Vt.,  and  died  at  St.  Johnsbury,  Vt.,  July 
26,  1886.     They  had  two  children,  born  at  St.  Johnsbury. 

1948  Harry  Edwin,""  b.  May  8,  1873. 

1949  LE0N.4.RD  George,!"  b.  June  6,  1876. 

Romanzo  was  married  second,  September  10,  1887,  to  Mrs. 
Luella  Stanton,  a  daughter  of  Benson  and  Mary  Etta  Al- 
drich.  She  was  born  at  Topsham,  Vt.,  August  24,  1854. 
They  have  two  children,  both  born  at  St.  Johnsbury. 

1950  Benson  Aldrich,'"  b.  July  9,  1888. 

1951  Ltle  W.,!"  b.  Aug.  14,  1890. 

1195.    H.  Anna,"  daughter  of  571  Nathaniel  Aldrich^  and 


Sarah  M.  [Chapin]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich., 
July  12,  18-40.  She  was  married  October  25,  1864,  to  John, 
son  of  Paulus  and  Gooltze  den  Bleyker.  He  was  born  Sep- 
tember 5,  1839,  at  Isle  Texel,  Holland,  Europe.  They  are 
living  at  Kalamazoo,  and  their  nine  children  were  all  born  in 
that  city.  Paul,  b.  Sept.  14,  1865  ;  Sara,  b.  April  28,  1867  ; 
Gertrude,  b.  Jan.  12,  1869  ;  Johnnie,  b.  Jan.  12,  1871,  d. 
July  22,  1873  ;  Harry,  b.  Aug.  2,  1873  ;  Walter,  b.  Oct.  30, 
1876  ;  Mattie,  b.  April  27,  1879,  d.  July  4,  1887  ;  Anna,  b. 
Nov.  29,  1881  ;  and  a  twin  to  Anna,  who  died  young. 

1196.  Walter  O.,^  son  of  571  Nathaniel  Aldrich^  and 
Sarah  M.  [Chapin]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich., 
April  9,  1843,  and  died  at  Kalamazoo,  December  22,  1876.  He 
was  married  September  29,  1868,  to  Helen  M.,  daughter  of 
Rev.  S.  W.  Burton,  of  Wattsburg,  Pa.  No  issue.  He  was 
a  graduate  from  the  law  department  of  the  University  of 
Michigan,  was  admitted  to  the  bar  in  1866,  and  associated 
himself  with  the  firm  of  Balch,  Smiley  &  Balch.  He  was 
forcible  in  argument,  an  able  and  ready  writer,  and  a  regular 
correspondent  of  several  newspapers  and  magazines.  His 
health  was  always  delicate.  He  remained  in  the  fii-m  for 
nearly  eight  years,  but  owing  to  delicate  health,  was  unable 
to  practice  for  the  last  three  or  four.  For  a  time  he  was  as- 
sociate editor  of  the  Austin  (Tex.)  News.  In  1876  he  re- 
turned to  Kalamazoo,  and  died  after  a  long  and  painful  ill- 
ness. His  noble  Christian  qualities  of  mind  and  heart  en- 
deared him  to  all  who  knew  him. 

1200.  Herbert  Melville.s  son  of  574  Samuel  Raymond^ 
and  Elizabeth  Kendell  [Woods]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalama- 
zoo, Mich,  July  13,  1854,  and  is  a  farmer  at  El  Dorado,  Kan- 
sas. He  was  married  December  2,  1877,  to  Mrs.  Elita  Prin- 
dle.     They  have  one  child. 

1952    Raymond,!"  b.  Sept.  6,  IS78. 

1202.  Elmer  Adelbert.^  son  of  574  Samuel  Raymond^ 
and  Elizabeth  Kendell  [Woods]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalania- 


ZOO,  Mich.,  Sept.  25,  1867,  and  was  married  October  28,1877, 
to  Josephine  Chapman.  They  reside  at  Kalamazoo,  and  have 
six  children. 

1953  George  Adelbert,!"  b.  July  12,  1879. 

1954  Clarekcb  Eugkne.w  b.  May  9,  1880. 

1955  Walter  A.,"  b.  Nov.  22,  1881. 

1956  HoMEE,i»  b.  July  8,  1883. 

1957  Jessie,"  b.  Feb.  2,  1889. 

1958  J  AMES, I"  b.  Oct.  7,  1893. 

1203.  Laura  Alice,"  daughter  of  574  Samuel  Raymond^ 
and  Elizabeth  Kendell  [Woods]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalama- 
zoo, Mich.,  September  15,  1859.  She  was  married  at  Somer- 
ville,  Mass.,  March  17,  1885,  to  Charles  Haynes,  son  of 
Charles  Davis  and  Hannah  Louise  [Haynes]  Chapman.  He 
was  born  at  Oldtown,  Maine,  August  26,  1858,  is  a  farmer, 
and  they  live  at  Goodale's  Corner,  Maine. 

1205.  William  Arthur,"  son  of  574  Samuel  Raymond^ 
and  Elizabeth  Kendell  [Woods]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalama- 
zoo, Michigan,  August  28,  1 864,  and  was  married  November 
26,  1891,  to  Dora  Pines. 

1207.  Jane  Maria,"  daughter  of  576  Royal  Tyler^  and 
Ruthana  Grimes  [Davis]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vt., 
September  18,  1845,  and  lives  at  Helena,  Montana.  She 
graduated  from  Kalamazoo  High  School  in  1868,  and  was  a 
successful  teacher.  She  was  married  May  4,  1870,  to  Albert 
Sergeant,  son  of  Clark  and  Catherine  [Sergeant]  Kellogg, 
who  was  born  at  Oshtemo,  Mich.,  November  30,  1842.  They 
are  Presbyterians,  and  have  had  five  children,  three  born  at 
Oshtemo,  Michigan,  and  two  at  Boulder,  Montana.  Julia 
Clark,  b.  April  5,  1871,  m.  Nov.  12,  1894,  Wm.  Fergus,  of 
Whitehall,  Montana ;  Ruth  Elsie,  b.  Jan.  31, 1875.  Frederick 
William,  b.  Jan.  18,  1877,  d.  June  22,  1880  ;  Sarah  Augusta, 
b.  March  5,  1886  ;  Ernest  Wickes,  b.  April  19,  1889,  d.  Sept. 
19,  1889. 

1209.  Sarah  Lorinda,"  daughter  of  576  Royal  Tyler* 
and    Ruthana  Grimes    [Davis]  Balch,   was  born  at  Athens, 


Vt.,  November  29,  1849.  She  graduated  at  the  Kalamazoo 
High  School  in  1868,  and  is  now  a  teacher.  She  is  a  member 
of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church. 

1210.  Abby  Adella.^  daughter  of  576  Royal  Tyler«  and 
Ruthana  Grimes  [Davis]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalamazoo, 
Mich.,  July  16,  1852.  She  was  married  February  12,  1879, 
to  Frank  Cherevoyx,  son  of  George  Washington  and  Ruth 
Rosett  Hall.  He  was  born  August  15,  1851.  They  are  mem- 
beis  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  church.  Their  children  are 
Walter  Albert,  b.  Nov.  4,  1879,  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich. ;  Royal 
Tyler,  b.  Jan.  7,  1881,  at  Oshtemo,  Mich. ;  Jennie  Rosetta,  b. 
Feb.  19,  1885,  at  Portage,  Mich. ;  Frank  Nathao,  b.  Aug.  10, 
1891,  at  Kalamazoo. 

1211.  Royal  Curtis.^  son  of  576  Royal  Tyler^  and  Ruth- 
ana  Grimes  [Davis]  Balch,  was  born  at  Oshtemo,  Mich 
igan,  April  26,  1856,  where  he  is  a  farmer.  He  was  mar- 
ried October  6,  1880,  to  Alice  Nellie,  daughter  of  William 
C.  and  Mary  Ann  [Kempsey]  Wild.  She  was  born  at  Osh- 
temo, October  6,  1856.  The  family  are  Methodists,  and  their 
children  were  born  at  Oshtemo. 

1959  Clarence  Leigh,i»  b.  Oct.  28,  1882. 

1960  John  Vincent,"  b.  Aug.  23,  1884. 

1961  Elwyn  Cubtis,!''  b.  Aug.  5,  1886. 

1962  KUTH  A.,i»  b.  Sept.  11,  1891. 

1963  b.  May  20,  1893. 

1964  Royal  T.,i»  b.  Jan.  3,  1895. 

1212.  Emma  May,"  daughter  of  576  Royal  Tyler^  and 
Ruthana  Grimes  [Davis]  Balch,  was  born  at  Oshtemo,  Mich., 
August  21,  1858.  She  was  married  October  6,  1880,  to  Seth 
Edson,  son  of  William  and  Maria  [Smith]  Combs.  He  was 
bora  at  Brandon,  Oakland  county,  Mich.,  November  23,  1856, 
and  is  a  music  dealer  at  South  Haven,  Mich.  Their  children 
are:  Earl  Edson,  b.  March  7,  1882;  Emma  Leoti,  b.  Dec.  9, 

1213.  Ernest  Alanson.^  son  of  576  Royal  Tyler^  and 
Ruthana  Grimes  [Davis]  Balch,  was  born  at  Oshtemo,  Mich., 


June  23, 1867,  and  lives  in  Chicago,  Illinois.  He  graduated 
from  Kalamazoo  college  in  1888,  and  in  1889  took  the  degree 
of  M.  A.  at  the  University  of  Michigan.  He  was  married 
April  2,  1890,  to  Bertha  Low,  daughter  of  Osmond  Monroe 
and  Harriet  E.  [Kennicott]  Stevens.  She  was  born  October 
29,  1867. 

1965  Kendell  Monroe,!"  b.  April  13,  1892;  d.  Aug.  30,  1892. 

1966  Helen  Habriet,i»  b.  Dec.  20,  1893. 

1214.  Dorr  Micah,^  son  of  578  Amaziah  Robinson^  and 
Abby  [Davis]  Balch,  was  born  at  Athens,  Vermont,  January 
11,  1848.  He  was  married  in  1886,  to  Phoebe  D.,  daughter  of 
Samuel  S.  and  Lucretia  [Bangs]  Loomis.  She  was  born  at 
Milton,  Canada  East,  Nov.  30,  1847.  They  now  live  at  New 
Richmond,  Wisconsin,  and  have  three  children,  born  at  Min- 
neapolis, Minnesota. 

1967  Sidney  Alanson,"  b.  Oct.  27,  1887. 

1968  Raymond  Edison,i<>  b.  May  6,  1889. 

1969  Grace  Adella,"  b.  Oct.  2,  1890. 

1217.  Nathaniel  Amaziah,"  son  of  578  Amaziah  Rob- 
inson^  and  Mary  [Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Wayland, 
Micliigan,  February  18,  1866.  He  was  married  in  December, 
1886,  to  Ella  Curtis.  She  was  born  May  1,  1867,  at  Pine 
Grove,  and  died  Feb.  1,  1893,  at  Plainwell,  Michigan,  where 
Nathaniel  A.  is  now  in  business  as  a  merchant.  Their  chil- 
dren are  : 

1970  HOYD,i»  b.  Aug.  20,  1887. 

1971  James  B.,"  b.  Jan.  21,  1893. 

Nathaniel  A.  married  second,  Bridget  Storms,  daughter  of 
J.  M.  and  Bessie  Storms.  She  was  born  March  10,  1873.  By 
her  he  has  no  children. 

1219.  Mary  Ehzabeth.s  daughter  of  578  Amaziah  Rob- 
inson and  Mary  [Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Wayland, 
Michigan,  January  9,  1872.  She  was  married  December  10, 
1891,  to  John  S.,  son  of  Sherman  G.  and  Sarah  T.  Forbes. 
He  was  born  Nov.  28,  1865,  at  Belleville,  Alabama.     They 


have  one    child,    born    at   Plainwell,    Michigan :     Sherman 
Balch,  b.  Nov.  9,  1894. 

1220.  Emerson  B.,9  son  of  579  Arad  Chickering^  and 
Elizabeth  O.  [Emerson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich- 
igan, March  26,  1854,  and  is  engaged  in  farming  and  lumber- 
ing at  Marble,  Michigan.  He  was  married  April  22, 1885,  to 
Carrie,  daughter  of  John  W.  and  L.  M.  Austin.  She  was 
born  at  Gouverneur,  N.  Y.,  Oct.  17,  1859.  They  have  two 
children  born  at  Allegan,  and  one  at  Marble. 

1972  Guy,i»  b.  Sept.  26, 1886. 

1973  Ray,!"  b.  April  14,  1890;  d.  Aug.  26,  1890. 

1974  Roy,"  b.  March  27,  1893. 

1221.  Frank  O.,"  son  of  579  Arad  ChickeringS  and  Eliz- 
abeth O.  [Emerson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich., 
October  4,  1855,  and  is  a  civil  engineer  at  Hastings,  Michi- 
gan. He  was  married  December  5,  1887,  to  Ida  L.,  daughter 
of  James  N.  and  Susan  H.  Stearns,  who  was  born  at  Medina, 
New  York,  September  20,  1861.  They  have  one  child,  boi-n 
at  Hastings,  Mich. 

1975  Josephine  Louisa,!"  b.  Dec.  27, 1888. 

1227.  Glen  E.,^  son  of  579  Arad  ChickeringS  and  Eliza- 
beth O.  [Emerson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalamazoo,  May  11, 
1869,  and  is  a  civil  engineer  in  the  government  lake  survey. 
He  is  unmarried. 

1228.  Ralph,9  sou  of  579  Arad  Chickering^  and  Eliza- 
beth O.  [Emerson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kalamazoo,  July  31, 
1873,  and  is  a  medical  student  at  the  Michigan  University. 

1229.  Emily  A.,''  daughter  of  580  Confucius  Icilious^ 
and  Caroline  A.  [Ryther]  Balch,  was  born  at  St.  Charles,  Illi- 
nois, March  1,  1855,  is  unmarried,  was  the  principal  of  the 
Lovell  street  school  in  Kalamazoo,  Mich.,  and  is  now  teaching 
at  Aurora,  Illinois. 

1231.  Clara  O..^  daughter  of  580  Confucius  Icilious^ 
and  Caroline  A.  [Ryther]  Balch,  was  born  at  St.  Charles, 
111.,  March  27,  1858.     She  was  married  November  25,  1890, 

HERBERT    B.    BALCH — CHICAGO,    ILL.  325 

to  Charles  A.,  son  of  Blamford  and  Sarah  [Potter]  Pierce, 
and  resides  at  Elgin,  Illinois.  They  have  two  children : 
Louise  Winefred,  b.  April  12, 1892  ;  Marion  Alice,  b.  March 
31,  1896. 

1232.  Herbert  B.,^  son  of  580  Confucius  Icilious^  and 
Caroline  A.  [Ryther]  Balch,  was  born  at  St.  Charles,  Illinois, 
December  1,  1860,  and  lives  in  Chicago,  Illinois.  He  was 
married  July  6,  1882  to  Nettie  Grace  Ridge,  who  was  born 
June  5,  1862,  at  Dayton,  Ohio. 

1976  Emma  E.,!"  b.  Oct.  7,  1S83;  d.  Jan.  20,  1890. 

1977  Mabel  Grace,i»  b.  Dec.  15,  1889. 

1233.  George  R.,^  son  of  580  Confucius  Icilious^  and 
Caroline  A.  [Ryther]  Balch,  was  born  at  St.  Charles,  Illinois, 
June  20, 1862,  and  is  the  purchasing  agent  of  the  Cincinnati, 
Hamilton  and  Dayton  R.  R.  Co.,  at  Cincinnati,  Ohio.  He 
was  married  October  22,  1890,  to  Edith,  daughter  of  W.  D. 
and  Helen  Woodford,  who  was  born  August  19,  1867,  at  Kal- 
amazoo, Michigan. 

1234.  Louis  N.,^  son  of  580  Confucius  Icilious^  and 
Caroline  A.  [Rji-her]  Balch,  was  born  at  St.  Charles,  111., 
April  28,  1865.  He  married  Nellie  MuUin,  October  14, 1894, 
in  Chicago,  111.     He  is  a  bookkeeper. 

1978  Louis  Raymond,!"  b.  Sept.  11,  1895. 

1237.  Martha  P.,9  daughter  of  583  CobenS  and  Amanda 
E.  [Houghton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyndon,  Vermont,  Feb- 
ruary 10,  1834,  and  was  married  October  26,  1856,  to  John 
J.,  son  of  Isaac  and  Hannah  Henderschott.  They  have  lived 
at  Irving,  Mich.,  on  the  same  farm,  since  they  were  married. 
Their  children  are  as  follows  :  Lizzie  Amanda,  b.  March  3, 
1859,  graduate  homeopathic  department.  University  of  Michi- 
gan, class  of  1888,  and  is  practicing  at  Irving,  Mich. ;  Mary 
Gertrude,  b.  June  4,  1861,  d.  Dec.  12,  1863  ;  Florence  Edith, 
b.  March  4,  1865,  graduate  pharmacy  department,  Universit}' 
of  Michigan,  class  of  1887,  m.  Dec.  19,  1889,  Frederick  J. 
Henning,   of  Detroit ;  Nellie   Blanche,  b.   June   14,   1867  ; 


Grace  Leoue,  b.  Dec.  2,  1870  ;  Ella  Pearl,  b.  Feb.  5,  187-4, 
graduate  Michigan  State  Normal  School,  class  of  1895,  teach- 
er at  Jackson,  ]\Iich. 

1238.  Mary  E.,9  daughter  of  583  Coben^  and  Amanda 
E.  [Houghton]  Balch,  was  born  November  7,  1837,  and  lives 
at  Middleville,  Michigan,  ^he  married  John  Campbell,  De- 
cember 25,  1861.  He  is  a  merchant  and  farmer.  Their  chil- 
dren are  :  Coben,  b.  Oct.  8, 1862,  d.  1873  ;  Amanda,  b.  April 
27,  1865 ;  Sarah  Elizabeth,  b.  May  7, 1887,  d.  March  26, 1869  ; 
Edna,  b.  March  10,  1877.  Amanda  married  Archie  Orr,  Sept. 
24,  1885,  and  lives  at  Peoria,  N.  Y. 

1239.  Sarah  A.,8  daughter  of  583  CobenS  and  Amanda 
E.  [Houghton]  Balch,  was  born  March  29,  1840,  and  died 
September  30,  1869.  She  married  January  3,  1860,  George 
W.  Slade,  and  had  one  daughter :  Lulu  Bishop  Slade,  b. 
November  5,  1863.  She  married,  Dec.  2,  1885,  Frank  A. 
Stead,  of  Waterloo,  Iowa.  They  live  at  Hopkinton,  Iowa, 
and  have  four  children. 

1245.  Maria  E.,^  daughter  of  584  Barnabas  Dodge^  and 
Adeline  [Ketchum]  Balch,  was  born  February  1,  1851.  She 
married  Lucien  Everett,  son  of  Dr.  R.  A.  and  Abbie  H.  E. 
Axtell,  March  16,  1875.  Edith,  b.  March  6,  1876  ;  Bessie,  b. 
June  18,  1878  ;  May,  b.  Jan.  2, 1881,  d.  Feb.  10,  1891  ;  Louise, 
b.  Nov.  27,  1883 ;  Henry  Sylvester,  b.  Jan.  15,  1887 ;  Everett 
Balch,  b.  Aug.  17,  1889. 

1247.  Florence  Gertrude,^  daughter  of  590  Luther 
Chickering^  and  Sarah  A.  [Pointer]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kala- 
mazoo, Mich.,  November  28,  1851.  She  married  A.  J.  Mills, 
who  was  born  January  9,  1851.  He  is  a  lawyer,  and  has  been 
judge  of  the  circuit  court  in  Kalamazoo  county.  They  have 
two  daughters,  both  born  at  Kalamazoo :  Florence  Gertrude, 
b.  July  14,  1875 ;  Mabel  Clara,  b.  Aug.  21,  1877. 

1248.  Charles  L.,9  son  of  590  Luther  Chickering^  and 
Sarah  A.   [Pointer]   Balch,   was  born  at  Kalamazoo,  Mich., 

CHARLES   L.    BALCH, — LAWTON,   MICH.  327 

Januaiy  14,  1855.  He  married  Mary,  daughter  of  William 
and  Fannie  McLain.  She  was  born  April  25,  1853.  They 
live  in  Lawton,  Mich.,  and  have  two  children. 

1979  Bektha,!"  b.  Feb.  S,  1S7S. 

1980  Barney,"  b.  Jan.  12,  1881. 

1249.  James  P.,^  son  of  592  Frederick^  and  Hannah  .J. 
[Perry]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  November  12, 
1847,  and  died  June  14,  1889.  He  married  Augeline  Maria 
Kauldack,  of  Boston,  in  the  fall  of  1872.  She  died  at  Wor- 
cester, Mass.,  in  the  fall  of  1887.     No  issue. 

1250.  Lydia  A.,^  daughter  of  592  Frederick^  and  Han- 
nah J.  [Perry]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  .January  6, 
1849.  She  was  married  October  1,  1868,  to  Henry  Edwin, 
son  of  William  and  ^Nlary  Jane  Warner,  of  Clarmont,  N.  H. 
He  died  at  Tewksbury,  Mass.,  April  18,  1881.  Lydia  A.  is 
living  at  West  Somerville,  Mass.     They  had  no  children. 

1251.  Hannah  M.,^  daughter  of  592  Frederick^  and  Han- 
nah J.  [Perry]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boston,  Mass.,  February 
21, 1850,  and  died  February  22, 1891.  She  was  married  Dec. 
25,  1873,  to  Isaac  S.  Foster,  of  Brewster,  Mass.  They  had 
two  children,  born  in  Boston :  Albert  W.,  b.  Oct.  20,  1874  ; 
Frederick  Balch,  b.  July  7,  1876. 

1254.  Adeline  R.,9  eldest  daughter  of  596  Amos^  and 
Esther  A.  [Woodward]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H., 
Aug.  30, 1842,  where  she  now  lives.  She  was  married  June  13, 
1860,  to  Charles  H.  Stebbins.  They  lived  at  Elkhart,  Indiana, 
in  1886  and  1887  ;  Wichita,  Kansas,  to  1889  ;  Denver,  Colo- 
rado, to  1893 ;  Kirksville  to  1895,  and  in  1896  are  at  their 
birthplace.  They  have  had  three  children:  Etta  E.,  b. 
Jan.  22,  1862,  d.  Aug.  11,  1862;  Bert  L.,  b.  July  10,  1868  ; 
Fred  D.,  b.  March  22,  1875.  Bert  L.  married  September  18, 
1888,  Eva  B.  Rydman.     They  live  at  Elkhart,  Ind. 

1255.  Luke  W.,^  eldest  son  of  596  Amos^  and  Esther  A. 
[Woodward]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H.,  Decem- 
ber 23,  1846,  and  lives  at  Sloan,  Missouri.     He  was  married 


first,  June  10,  1871,  to  Clara  B.  Rundlett.  She  died  Novem- 
ber 25,  1873.  He  was  married  second,  October  26,  1881,  to 
Clara  J.  Davis,  of  New  York  city,  a  granddaughter  of  Acey 
Kinne,  reviser  of  Blackstone. 

1257.  Eva  A.,'*  youngest  daughter  of  596  Amos^  and 
Esther  A.  [Woodward]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  N.  H., 
Januarj'  3,  1858,  and  died  April  9,  1885.  She  was  married 
September  26,  1880,  to  James  Aldeu  Stebbins,  a  brother  of 
her  sister  Adeline's  husband.  They  had  one  daughter,  Lila 
E.,  b.  May  17,  1881. 

1258.  Emeline,9  daughter  of  597  Samuel  B.s  and  Mary 
A.  [Holmes]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  New  Hampshire, 
October  22,  1811,  and  is  living  at  HoUister,  California.  She 
was  married  March  3,  1857,  to  Milan  C,  son  of  Milan  and 
Candice  [Putnam]  Series,  of  New  York.  He  was  born  June 
9,  1835.  They  have  had  five  children,  three  dying  young. 
Martha  L.,  b.  Dec.  16,  1859 ;  James  E.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1867. 

1261.  Harvey ,9  son  of  597  Samuel  B.s  and  Mary  A. 
[Holmes]  Balch,  was  born  at  Colebrook,  N.  H.,  December  24, 
1848,  and  is  living  at  Sloan,  Missouri.  He  was  married 
March  21,  1875,  to  Amanda  Lanel.  Their  children  are  as 
follows  : 

1981  Harvby,io  b.  Jan.  13,  1S76. 

1982  Fred,1'>  b.  Sept.  30,  1878. 

1983  Alma,!'  b.  Sept.  14,  1880. 

1984  BERTHA,i»b.  Oct.  13, 1882. 

1985  E8MA,i''  b.  Jan.  2,  1884;  d.  May  6,  1885. 

1986  Mabel,!"  b.  jan.  25,  1886. 

1987  Lee,!'>  b.  Jan.  9,  1888. 

1988  Eael,w  b.  March  23, 1890. 

1989  LuKE.i"  b.  March  15,  1895. 

1262.  Mary  Adelaide,^  daughter  of  597  Samuel  B.» 
and  Mary  A.  [Holmes]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lancaster,  New 
Hampshire,  February  17,  1852,  and  died  at  San  Diego,  Cali- 
fornia, October  21,  1894.  She  was  married  August  13, 1873, 
to  Frank  E.,  son  of  William   O.   and  Nancy   J.   [Whipple] 


Belden.  They  had  five  children :  James  Edgar,  b.  June  1, 
1874;  Marvin  Deloss,  b.  May  21,  1875  ;  George  W.,  b.  May 
31,  1876,  d.  y.  ;  Sylvia  Ellinor,  b.  Aug.  5,  1877  ;  Julius  T., 
b.  Oct.  11,  1887,  d.  y. 

1263.  Sarah  Adams,^  eldest  daughter  of  600  Joseph 
H.s  and  U.  S.  [Riles]  Balch,  was  born  at  Plaquemine,  La., 
December  16,  1850.  She  was  married  February  23,  1870,  to 
L.  O.  Hacker,  a  lawyer  at  New  Iberia,  La.  He  graduated  in 
letters  at  the  College  of  the  Immaculate  Conception,  at  New 
Iberia,  La.  They  are  Roman  Catholics,  and  six  children  were 
born  in  New  Iberia :  Sarah  Emily,  b.  Dec.  12,  1870  ;  Lewis 
Wellington,  b.  Feb.  1,  1872 ;  Mary  Meade,  b.  April  19,  1874  ; 
John  Hubbard,  b.  Aug.  19,  1877 ;  Mary  Edna,  b.  July  19, 
1879  ;  L.  O.  Hacker,  Jr.,  b.  July  29,  1883. 

1265.  Eliza  0.,9  daughter  of  600  Joseph  H.s  and  U.  S. 
[Riles]  Balch,  was  born  at  Plaquemine,  La.,  September  16, 
1854.  She  was  married  Oct.  24,  1876,  to  A.  J.  Mignes,  a 
pilot  on  the  Mississippi  river,  and  lives  at  New  Iberia.  They 
are  Roman  Catholics,  and  have  two  children,  both  born  at 
New  Iberia :  Kate,  b.  Aug.  29,  1877  ;  L.  Wellington,  b.  Dec. 
3,  1879. 

1266.  Joseph  Thomas,^  son  of  600  Joseph  H.^  and  U. 
S.  [Riles]  Balch,  was  born  at  Plaquemine,  La.,  June  7,  1856. 
He  was  married  October  18,  1876,  to  Adorestine  Bourk,  of 
New  Iberia,  La.  He  is  a  printer  and  a  Roman  Catholic. 
Their  three  children  were  born  in  New  Iberia,  La.,  where 
they  now  reside. 

1990  Advet,"'  b. 

1991  Hubbard,!'  b. 

1992  Agnes,w  b. 

1270.  Emma  E..^  eldest  daughter  of  603  Charles  W.^ 
and  Olive  [Higgins]  Balch,  was  born  at  West  Boudoin, 
Maine,  July  13,  1855,  and  died  June  2,  1880.  She  was  mar- 
ried October  14,  1874,  to  Henry  Paine  Bonney,  of  Hooksett, 
N.  H.     They  had  one  child,  Nona,  b.  April  11,  1875. 


1271.  Charles  H.,9  only  son  of  603  Charles  W.^  and 
Olive  [Higgins]  Balch,  was  born  at  West  Boudoin,  Maine, 
June  21,  1856,  and  died  May  18,  1889.  He  was  married  first, 
March  12,  1884,  to  Jeannette,  daughter  of  Hosea  Gray.  They 
had  one  son. 

1993  Hosea.,!'  b.  Api-il,  1886;  d.  March,  1894. 

Charles  H.  married  second.  May  26, 1887,  Mrs.  Jennie  E. 
(Ames)  Goodwin,  of  Lancaster,  N.  H.  They  had  two  chil- 

1994  Nora  May,^  b.  Feb.  8,  1888. 

1995  Chables  Asa,w  b.  April  8,  1889. 

1274.  Loren  A.,9  son  of  608  Frederick  A.^  and  Henri- 
etta [Caldwell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Trenton,  Wisconsin,  No- 
vember 4,  1856,  is  a  stenographer  and  salesman  at  Neillsville, 
Wisconsin,  and  is  manager  of  the  Neillsville  Novelty  M'f'g 
Co.  He  was  married  March  7,  1881,  to  Mary  Austin,  at  Ra- 
cine, Wisconsin,  and  divorced  in  February,  1889.  He  mar- 
ried second,  Rose  Isabella,  daughter  of  Thomas  Robinson, 
on  May  15, 1895,  at  Neillsville.     He  has  had  no  children. 

1275.  Rella  W.,^  son  of  608  Frederick  A.^  and  Henrietta 
[Caldwell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Sheboygan  Falls,  Wisconsin, 
September  14,  1859.  He  is  head  of  the  firm  of  Balch  & 
Tragsdorf,  shippers  of  produce,  at  Neillsville,  Wisconsin.  He 
was  married  November  22,  1881,  to  Nettie  B.,  daughter  of 
Charles  C.  Whipple.  She  was  born  at  Lima,  Wis.,  April  16, 
1860.     They  have  two  sons,  born  at  Neillsville. 

1996  Leland  R.,i»  b.  March  10,  1883. 

1997  Harold  C.,'"  b.  Aug.  27,  1890. 

1277.  Frederick  O.,^  son  of  608  Frederick  A.s  and 
Henrietta  [Caldwell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Hingham, Wisconsin, 
May  8, 1869,  and  is  a  travelling  salesman  living  at  Neillsville, 
Wisconsin.  He  was  married  July  27,  1892,  to  Grace  Louise,, 
daughter  of  James  and  Ruane  (Allison)  Flynn.  She  was 
born  August  9,  1870,  at  Madison,  Wisconsin. 

1998  Faville  Cleon,i»  b.  June  1,  1895. 

CHAS.  W.,  GEO.   H. — NEW  YORK,  N.  Y.,  MORRIS,  CT.     331 

Descendants  of  22  Joseph.'' 
1278.  Aurora  Maria,^  daughter  of  612  Henry  Brace^ 
and  Lucy  Aurora  [Brace]  Balch,  was  born  in  Meadville,  Pa., 
October  19,  1852,  and  died  at  Benzonia,  Mich.,  January  6, 
1877.  She  was  married  November  12, 1875,  to  George  Buck, 
who  was  born  June  16, 1851,  at  Wheatland,  Hillsdale  county, 
Mich.     They  had  no  childi-en. 

1280.  Herbert  Oorrie,^  son  of  612  Henry  Brace^  and 
Julia  Elvira  [Bates]  Balch,  was  born  in  Meadville,  Pa.,  Jan- 
uary 27,  1861.  He  was  a  sash  and  blind  maker  at  Travers 
City,  Michigan,  until  1890,  when  he  removed  to  Benzoa, 
Michigan,  and  has  taken  charge  of  a  planing  mill  for  the 
Case  Brothers  Lumber  Company.  He  is  a  Republican.  He 
was  married  June  30,  1885,  to  Clara  Jane  Chandler,  who  was 
born  in  Chicago,  October  2,  1865.  They  are  members  of  the 
Methodist  church,  and  had  one  child. 

1999  HiNE  Edward,!'  b.  Sept.  5,  1895;  d.  Sept.  22,  1895. 

1281.  Ida  Minerva,^  daughter  of  612  Henry  Brace®  and 
Julia  Elvira  [Bates]  Balcli,  was  born  in  Meadville,  Pa., 
March  26,  1863.  She  is  a  professional  nurse  in  Chicago, 
where  she  was  married,  November  28,  1895,  to  Dr.  Benjamin 
L.  Babcock,  who  was  born  March  12,  1862,  at  Huron,  Michi- 

1283.  Charles  Warner ,»  son  of  613  Jonathan  Belden^ 
and  Charlotte  Crosby  [Warner]  Balch,  was  born  at  Harwin- 
ton,  Ct.,  March  30,  1856,  and  is  a  stenographer,  living  in  New 
York  city.  He  was  married  December  22,  1885,  to  Isabel 
Brevoort,  daughter  of  Richard  and  Jane  [Ker]  Wickstead, 
of  New  York  city.  She  was  born  Sept.  5,  1859.  They  have 
two  children. 

2000  Howard  Kellogg, i'^  b.  Xov.  21,  18S6. 

2001  Claeence  Wickstead,!'  b.  Nov.  9,  1890. 

1284.  George  Humphrey,''  son  of  613  Jonathan  Bel- 
den^  and  Charlotte  Crosby  [Warner]  Balch,  was  born  at 
Harwinton,  Ct.,  August  28,  1858,  and  lives  at  Morris,  Conn. 


He  is  aa  engraver.  He  was  married  to  Nettie,  daughter  of 
Joseph  and  Althea  [Foster]  Cook,  of  Harwinton.  Their 
children  are  as  follows  : 

2002  Charlotte  EMMA,i»b.  Nov.  7,  1877. 

2003  Arthur  Humphrey,"  b.  April  6,  1879. 

2004  Mabel  Althea,i°  b.  June  16,  1880. 

2005  Franklin  Henrt,"  b.  Jan.  18,  1887. 

2006  Katie  LArBA,if  b.  Nov.  10,  1888. 

2007  Charles  Edgae,i»  b.  March  .31,  1892. 

2008  George  Jonathan,!"  b.  Feb.  13,  1894. 

1285.  Walter  Shaffer.s  son  of  613  Jonathan  Belden^ 
and  Charlotte  Crosby  [Warner]  Balch,  was  born  at  Harwin- 
ton, Connecticut,  September  29,  1860,  where  he  is  in  the 
mercantile  business.  He  was  married  July  2,  1887,  to  Ellen 
J.,  daughter  of  Horace  W.  and  Sarah  A.  Fisher,  of  Stratford, 

2009  Mabel  Wood,"    U^=_,    r.   ^^^.  go    ,sS8 

2010  Maud  Thomas,"  (  *'^'°^'  "•  *""•  ^^'  ^''^^■ 

2011  Walter  Fisher,"  b.  July  22,  1889. 

1286.  Carrie  Maria,^  daughter  of  613  Jonathan  Belden^ 
and  Charlotte  Crosby  [Warner]  Balch,  was  born  at  Harwin- 
ton, Ct.,  October  22,  1862.  She  was  married  January  26, 
1888,  to  Dennis  G.,  son  of  Edward  E.  and  R.  L.  Baker.  He 
has  a  market  and  grocery  store  at  Harwinton,  Conn.  They 
have  one  child,  Addie  Louise,  b.  March  18,  1889. 

1291.  Mary  Julia,"  daughter  of  623  Albert  Vestus*  and 
Sarah  T.  [Parmelee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Weyauwega,  Wis- 
consin, January  21,  1855.  She  was  married  September  29, 
1877,  to  Frank  W.,  son  of  Reuben  B.  and  Ruth  Ann  [Ring] 
Houghton.  The  ceremony  was  performed  by  the  Rev.  Dr. 
Steele,  at  the  residence  of  her  father  in  Weyauwega. 
Mr.  Houghton  was  born  at  Rochester,  N.  Y.,  Dec.  21, 
1849.  He  is  a  lawyer,  in  the  successful  practice  of  his 
profession  at  Oshkosh,  Wisconsin,  where  they  reside. 
They  had  five  children,  the  two  oldest  born  at  Wau- 
sau,  and  the  others  at  Oshkosh,  Wisconsin.  Laura  Madge, 
b.  Oct.  6,  1878  ;  Mary  Ruth,  b.  Nov.  13,  1879  ;  Albert  Balch, 

SAM  DEL    W.    BALCH, — YONKEES,    N.   Y.  333 

b.  Aug.  27,  1882 ;  Frank  Wilbur,  b.  July  30,  1884 ;  Harry 
Abner,  b.  Dec.  16,  1886. 

1292.  Sarah  Maria.^  daughter  of  623  Albert  Vestus^ 
and  Sarah  T.  [Parmelee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Weyauwega, 
Wisconsin,  July  25,  1860.  She  was  married  at  the  residence 
of  her  father  in  Weyauwega,  April  20,  1891,  to  Dr.  Charles 
D.,  son  of  Charles  M.  and  Janet  Fenelon,  who  was  born  in 
Weyauwega,  May  17,  1863.  Dr.  Fenelon  graduated  in  1885 
from  the  Wisconsin  State  University,  was  principal  of  the 
High  School  in  Weyauwega  for  three  years,  then  attended 
the  Rush  Medical  College  at  Chicago,  and  graduated  in  1891. 
He  is  practising  at  Phillips,  ^Wisconsin.  They  have  one 
daughter,  Eunice,  b.  Dec.  24, 1894. 

1293.  Laura  Bertha,^  youngest  daughter  of  623  Albert 
Vestus^  and  Sarah  T.  [Parmelee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Weyau- 
wega, Wisconsin,  December  12,  1862.  She  was  married  at 
the  residence  of  her  father,  in  Weyauwega,  September  15, 
1886,  to  Rev.  Thomas  E.,  son  of  Rev.  Edward  and  Millia 
[Webb]  Barr,  of  Frankfort,  Ind.  The  groom's  father  per- 
formed the  ceremony.  Rev.  Mr.  Barr  was  born  April  21, 
1860.  He  and  Laura  Bertha  were  classmates,  and  graduated 
together,  in  1885,  from  Lake  Forest  University,  with  the 
first  and  second  honors  of  the  class,  the  former  being  vale- 
dictorian and  the  latter  salutatorian.  Mr.  Barr  then  attended 
Princeton  (N.  J.)  Theological  Seminary.     In  the  summer  of 

1886  he  was  settled  over  the  Presbyterian  church  at  Snow 
Shoe,  Pennsylvania.  In  June,  1887,  he  was  settled  as  pastor 
of  the  Presbyterian  church  in  Beloit,  Wisconsin  ;  in  1890  at 
Racine,  Wisconsin  ;  in  1892  at  the  First  Presbyterian  church, 
Kalamazoo,  Michigan,  and  after  one  year  of  service  became 
pastor  of  the  First  Congregational  church  in  the  same  city. 
Their  children  are  as  follows  :     Edward  Balch,  b.  June  16, 

1887  ;  Sarah  Katharine,  b.  April  7,  1889 ;  Millia  Jennie,  b. 
Sept.  4,  1891 ;  Henrietta  Rood,  b.  Sept.  15,  1893. 

1294.  Samuel  W.,^  son  of  625  Galusha  Burchards  and 


Harriet  C.  [Andrews]  Balch,  was  born  at  ISIalone,  New  York, 
January  18, 1862,  and  lives  at  Yonkers,  New  York.  In  1883 
he  took  the  degree  of  engineer  of  mines,  at  the  School  of 
Mines,  Columbia  College,  and  has  since  been  engaged  in  me- 
chanical engineering  and  patent  soliciting,  with  an  office  in 
New  York  city.  He  has  contributed  scientific  articles  to  va- 
rious periodicals,  and  has  assisted  in  the  editing  of  this  Gene- 

1296.  Harriet  Elizabeth.^  daughter  of  625  Galusha 
Burchard*  and  Harriet  C.  [Andrews]  Balch,  was  born  at 
Plattsburg,  N.  Y.,  May  17,  1870.  In  1892  she  took  the  de- 
gree of  bachelor  of  science  at  Wellesley  College,  and  is  now 
a  student  in  the  senior  class  at  the  Women's  Medical  Col- 
lege, New  York  city. 

1298.  Margaret  Andrews.^  daughter  of  625  Galusha 
Burchard^  and  Harriet  C.  [Andi-ews]  Balch,  was  born  at 
Yonkers,  N.  Y.,  June  1,  1875.  She  is  now  a  student  at 
Wellesley  College,  where  she  is  making  a  specialty  of  litera- 
ture and  history. 

1300.  William  Monroe.^  son  of  647  Manning  B.^  and 
Hattie  L.  [Monroe]  Balch,  was  born  at  Monroe,  Wisconsin, 
Nov.  25,  1871.  He  graduated  from  the  University  of  Wis- 
consin in  1891,  and  received  the  degree  of  master  of  letters 
from  the  institution  in  1896.  He  studied  law  the  year  follow- 
ing graduation,  but  entered  the  ministry  in  1892.  He  is  now 
a  member  of  the  West  Wisconsin  Conference  of  the  Meth- 
odist Episcopal  Church,  and  pastor  at  River  Falls,  Wisconsin. 
He  has  also  served  one  year  as  state  secretary  of  the  Epworth 
League.  He  was  married  June  27,  1893,  to  Beulah  G.  Rich- 
ards, of  Mineral  Point,  Wisconsin.  They  have  one  daughter. 
2012    Mary  Monkoe,"  b.  May  9,  1894. 

1303.  Eleonore  Marie  Amelie,^  daughter  of  656  Fred- 
erick A.^  and  Celeste  A.  Brasier  [De  LaTour]  Balch,  was 
born  December  1,  1868.     She  was  married  June  27,  1894,  to 

Samuel  W.  Balch. 

REV.    AAEON   L.    BALCH, — SWANZEY,   MASS.  335 

•Georges  Paul  Alba  de  Cazeneune.  He  was  born  in  Faulsuse 
France,  May  11,  1870,  and  is  an  actor.  They  have  one  child, 
Paul  Auguste,  b.  Jan.  11,  1896. 


Descendants  of  6  Benjamin.-^ 
Descendants  of  31  Joseph.^ 
1309.    Joel,9  son  of  663  Nathan  Balch,  was  born  in  Rut- 
land county,  Vermont,  and  was  living  at  Fon  du  Lac,  Wis- 
consin, in  1856.     He  married  Louisa  Manley.    Their  children 
were  : 
2013      George.1" 
2014*    William  L.,i^^  b.  Dec.  22,  1833. 

2015  Spenceb.i» 

2016  LouisA.i" 

2017  Stlvia.w 

2018  Mabtin.i"  , 

1317.  Aaron  Leland.^  son  of  664  JoeP  and  Betsey 
[Stevens]  Balch,  was  born  at  Andover,  Vt.,  June  17,  1802, 
and  died  at  Swanzey,  Mass.,  November  4,  1839.  He  was 
married  in  New  York  city,  December  25,  1826,  to  Eliza, 
daughter  of  Richard  Vaughan.  She  was  born  at  Bristol, 
England,  in  1798,  and  died  at  Baltimore,  Md.,  in  1871.  They 
had  four  children. 

2019  William  S.,"  b  ;  d.  y. 

2020  William  S..i»  b.  ;  d.  y. 

2021  Leland  Joel,!"  b.  18.32;  d.  Xov.,  1875. 
2022*    William  Eugene, i"  b.  1839,  in  Swanzey,  Mass. 

Aaron  Leland  Balch  was  a  Universalist  clergyman.  He 
was  brought  up  under  the  strictest  kind  of  Calvanistic  Bap- 
tist doctrine,  and  his  means  of  education  and  improvement  in 
early  life  were  much  restricted.  He  graduated  in  1836  from 
the  Norwich  (Vt.)  University,  at  the  age  of  21,  and  went  to 
live  in  New  York  city.  He  commenced  his  ministerial  labors 
at  Woburn,  Mass.,  and  next  removed  to  Newport,  N.  H., 
where  he  resided  until  June,  1839,  when  he  settled  with  the 
societies  in  Fall  River  and  Swanzey. 


1318.  Louisa  Marium,^  daughter  of  664  JoeP  and 
Betsey  [Stevens]  Balch,  was  born  at  Andover,  Yt.,  April  13, 
1804  and  died  February  5,  1892.     She  was  married  March  8, 

1827,  to  John  L.  Clay,  of  Galesburg,  111.  He  was  born  Octo- 
ber 3,  1802,  and  died  October  29,  1877.  Their  children  were 
as  follows :— Alonzo  C,  b.  Feb.  18,  1828,  lives  at  Galesburg, 
111. ;  William  L.,  b.  Aug.  31,  1831,  lives  at  WoodhuU,  111. ; 
Eliza  A.,  b.  March  31,  1833  ;  d.  Jan.  29,  1835  ;  Warren  W. 
W.,  b.  June  12,  1835,  d.  Jan.  7,  1861  ;  Hiland  H.,  b.  Jan.  3, 
1838 ;  lives  at  Galesburg,  111. 

1319.  William  Stevens.^  son  of  664  JoeP  and  Betsey 
[Stevens]  Balch,  was  born  at  Andover,  Vt.,  April  13,  1806, 
and  died  at  Elgin,  111.,  December  25,  1887.  He  was  married 
August  6,  1829,  to  Adeline  Gale,  daughter  of  John  Capron, 
of  Winchester,  N.  H.  She  was  born  May  19,  1809,  and  died 
in  New  York  city.  May  24,  1854,  and  was  buried  in  Green- 
wood cemetery.     They  had  eight  children. 

2023*    Ada  Louisa, ^^  b.  Sept.  25  1830. 

2024*    Emma  Elizabeth, i"  b.  March  23,  1832. 

2025*    William  Delos.i''  b.  June  2,  1834. 

2026*    Estelle  MAEiA,i''b.  June  23,  1836. 

2027*    Chables  Leland,!"  b.  March  25,  1840;  d.  Aug.  20,  1872. 

2028*    Mary  Elena, i"  b.  Oct.  9,  1842;  d.  June  18,  1876. 

2029*    Edward  Ernest, i«  b.  Aug.  13,  1814. 

2030*    John  Joel,w  b.  May  16,  1852. 

Rev.  William  S.  married,  July  28,  1856,  for  his  second 
wife,  Mrs.  ]\Iary  Ann  Waterhous'e,  daughter  of  John  Dalley. 
She  was  born  in  New  York  city,  December  25,  1832.  They 
had  three  children. 

2031*    MixxA  Seamax,i»  b.  July  12,  1858. 

2032      Clarence  Ellsworth.i"  b.  March  24,  1860;  d.  Dec.  24,  1864. 

2033*    George  Warren,w  b.  Nov.  12,  1861. 

Rev.  William  Stevens  Balch  received  fellowship  as  a  min- 
ister of  the  General  Convention  at  Saratoga,  N.  Y.,  in  Sep- 
tember, 1827,  and  ordination  in  Claremont,  N.  H.,  in  June, 

1828.  Up  to  1831  he  preached  in  the  various  towns  of 
Windham  county,  Vermont,  and  then,  after  spending  a  year 

Rev.  Wii.  Stevens  Balch. 


EEV.    WILLIAM   STEVENS    BALCH,— ELGIN,    ILL.         337 

at  Watertown,  he  removed  to  Claremont,  N.  H.,  and  supplied 
there,  and  in  Hartland  and  Springfield,  Vt.,  and  Newport,  N. 
H.,  until  a  new  church  in  Claremont  was  finished.  Here  he 
was  very  actively  employed  in  all  kinds  of  missionary  work. 
In  March,  1836,  he  was  settled  over  the  society  in  Provi- 
dence, R.  I.,  which  was  divided  between  restorationism  and 
ultra  Universalism.  In  two  years  the  large  church  was 
crowded,  and  a  second  society  was  formed  in  the  city.  Hav- 
ing become  interested  in  what  was  known  as  the  "  Dorr " 
movement,  and  freely  expressing  his  wish  to  have  a  "  Re- 
publican form  of  government,"  by  a  constitution,  and  seeing 
a  political  storm  brewing,  he  accepted  the  call  from  New 
York,  and  settled  there  in  November,  1842. 

After  seventeen  years'  hard  work  in  preaching,  lecturing, 
and  writing  on  religious  and  moral  reform  topics,  he  went  to 
Ludlow,  Vt.,  and  supplied  in  various  places.  At  Galesburg, 
111.,  he  preached  five  years,  and  removed  to  Hinsdale  in  1870. 
In  1871  he  went  to  Elgin,  111.  In  1877  he  started  for  Cali- 
fornia, but  stopped  for  three  years  as  a  supply  at  Dubuque, 

When  in  Providence,  R.  I.,  Mr.  Balch  gave  a  course  of 
lectures  on  "  Language,"  which  were  published  in  1838.  He 
also  wrote  a  "  Grammar  of  English  Language,"  explained 
according  to  the  principles  of  truth  and  common  sense,  which 
passed  through  four  editions.  In  1849  his  volume,  "  Ireland 
as  I  Saw  It,"  was  issued,  and  in  1881,  "  A  Peculiar  People," 
the  first  edition  of  which  sold  in  eight  weeks.  He  was  the 
author  of  a  "  Sunday  School  Manual,"  published  in  1837. 

His  business  capacity  was  evinced  in  his  raising  funds  for 
the  theological  school  at  Canton,  N.  Y.,  taking  charge  of  the 
location,  plan,  and  rearing  of  the  building,  and  selection  of 
the  principal.  He  afterwards  completed  the  raising  of  a 
large  fund  for  the  institution.  He  devoted  much  time  to  the 
.business  of  making  the  Christian  Ambassador  of  New  York 
a  denominational  paper,  and  placing  it  on  a  sound  financial 


basis.  His  work  in  these  particulare  was  well  and  faithfully 

His  character  is  summed  up  as  foUows  by  Dr.  J.  G.  Adams, 
in  "  Fifty  Notable  Years  "  :  "  Mr.  Balch  was  always  a  ready 
and  popular  speaker.  Although  in  favor  of  fraternal  organi- 
zation for  the  good  of  the  cause,  yet  his  ideas  in  reference  to 
creed  and  to  centralized  authority  were  not  accordant  with 
those  of  many  other  of  his  brethi-en,  who  hold  in  high  esti- 
mation the  work  he  had  done  in  the  spirit  and  truth  of  the 

"  His  eminent  services  to  the  church  and  cause  of  right- 
eousness entitle  him  to  be  ranked  as  one  of  the  foremost 
preachers  of  his  generation.  His  active  and  able  participa- 
tion in  the  temperance  cause,  and  all  other  moral  questions 
brought  before  the  American  people,  clearly  rank  him  as  one 
of  our  most  worthy  and  respected  citizens.  His  pronounced 
convictions  and  firmness  in  maintaining  them,  with  his  bold 
and  fearless  hatred  and  denunciation  of  evil,  are  characteris- 
tic of  the  family. 

"  Dr.  Balch  had  a  commanding  presence,  a  powerful  phy- 
sique, a  strong  and  active  mind,  a  lofty  ideal,  and  a  tender 
heart.  He  maintained  a  pure  heart  and  a  spotless  life.  He 
sympathized  with  all  ranks  and  conditions  of  men,  and  no 
one  stood  more  clearly,  consciously  and  heartily  than  he  on 
that  plane  of  intellectual  hospitality  which  is  as  wide  as  the 
race.  He  was  an  ardent  and  practical  lover  of  all  that  was 
good  and  noble  in  man,  and  an  ardent  and  practical  hater  of 
all  selfishness,  meanness,  greed,  hypocrisy  and  pretence.  His 
influence  for  good  was  great  and  wide." 

1324.  Dorcas,^  daughter  of  669  Francis  S.^  and  SaUy 
[Dickerson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Shirley,  Mass.,  November  26, 
1811,  and  died  at  North  Leominster,  October  23,  1886.  She 
was  married  April  14.  1833,  to  George  Rice,  who  was  born 
at  Boylston,  Mass.,  August  10,  1811.  They  Uved  at  North- 
boro  aud  Leominster,  and  had  one  child,  born  at  the  former 
place  :     Sarah  L.,  b.  Aug.  17.  1836. 

FRANCIS,    CHARLES   C.    BALCH SHIRLEY,   MASS.         339 

1325.  Prancis,9  son  of  669  Francis  S.^  and  Sally  [Dick- 
erson]  Balch,  was  born  on  his  father's  farm  at  Shirley,  Mass., 
March  10,  1814,  and  died  at  North  Leominster,  November  22, 
1876.  He  was  married  April  9,  1836,  to  Eliza,  a  daughter  of 
John  Butler.  She  was  born  in  Leominster,  Mass.,  August  6, 
1812,  and  died  in  the  same  town.  May  IB,  1879.  They  had 
three  children. 

2034*    OscAK  Abbott,"  b.  Jan.  25,  1837. 

2035»    Ellen  JI.,!"  b.  July  8,  1844. 

2036      Revilla  M.,i"  b.  Jan.  10,  1846. 

Francis  engaged  first  in  cotton  and  then  in  paper  manufac- 
ture. This  he  followed  by  other  pursuits,  such  as  farming, 
wood  cutting,  butcher  business,  milk  business,  and  trading  in 
real  estate.  He  was  a  man  full  of  business,  and  of  sterling 
integrity,  always  ready  to  assist  his  friends  and  neighbors. 
His  wife  was  famous  for  her  cooking  and  her  pies. 

1326.  Sarah.s  daughter  of  669  Francis  S.s  and  Sally 
[Dickerson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Shirley,  Mass.,  May  14,  1818. 
She  was  married  December  1,  1841,  to  Oliver  F.  Lawrence, 
of  Harvard,  Mass.  They  lived  at  Shirley,  and  have  had  six 
children,  two  born  in  Fitchburg,  Mass.,  four  in  Shirley : 
George  F.,  b.  Nov.  1,  1843  ;  Enoch  H.,  b.  April  24,  1845,  d. 
y. ;  Sarah  E.,  b.  Feb.  2,  1848,  d.  y.  ;  Edward  A.,  b.  Oct.  21, 
1851  ;  Herbert  E.,  b.  July  21,  1854  ;  Austin  E.,  b.  Feb.  22, 

1327.  Charles  C.,^  son  of  669  Francis  S.^  and  SaUy 
[Dickerson]  Balch,  was  born  on  the  farm  at  Shirley,  Decem- 
ber 20,  1820,  and  died  May  16,  1893.  He  was  a  carpenter. 
On  his  monumeut  are  graven  words  that  fittingly  describe 
him,  "  Faithful  and  true."  He  was  married.  May  9,  1847, 
to  Lucena  Olive,  daughter  of  Abel  and  Nicena  [Ballon] 
Bliss.  She  was  born  in  Royalston,  Mass.,  July  3,  1825.  The 
family  have  been  influential  members  of  the  Baptist  church. 
They  have  had  but  one  child,  who  was  born  in  Royalston. 

2037    Emma  Lucena/"  b.  Oct.  12,  1850;  married,  Dec.  18,  1886,  Waldo 
F.  Cummings. 


1328.  Susan,9  daughter  of  670  Ei-«  and  Susan  [Buss] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Leominster,  Mass.,  May  13,  1819,  and  died 
in  the  same  town,  May  22,  1863.  She  was  married  August 
7, 1839,  to  her  brother-in-law,  Joel  Crosby,  son  of  Henry  and 
Frances  [Crosby]  Allen,  who  was  born  September  2,  1817. 
He  was  a  merchant,  and  held  various  town  offices.  Their 
four  children  were  born  in  Leominster. 

Fanny  Ckosby,  b.  July  14,  1843;  unm. ;  lives  in  Leominster. 
Hannah  Blanchabd,  b.  July  9,  1846;  m.  Oct.  23,  1873,  Eugene 

A.  Bennet;  he  d.  March  5,  1877. 
Alice  Gertrude,  b.  Dec.  6,  1849;  m.  June  10,  1868,  Frank  L. 

Croker,  of  Leominster;  he  d.  July  31,  1873;  one  son,  Allen 

Crosby,  b.  Nov.  17,  1870;  m.  second,  Nov.  20,  1883,  Joel  G. 

Taylor,  of  Leominster. 
Jennie  Catherine,  b.  Dec.  10,  1852;  m.  Dec.  27,  1876,  Charles 

S.   Perry,  of  Leominster;  have  one  child,  Edith  Martha,  b. 

June  9,  1878. 

1329.  Sarah  Ann.s  daughter  of  670  Er^  and  Susan 
[Buss]  Balch,  was  born  in  Leominster,  Mass.,  May  20,  1821, 
and  died  October  3,  1851.  She  was  married  in  September, 
1841,  to  George  William,  son  of  William  and  Mary  [Hills] 
Wilder,  of  Leominster.  He  was  born  July  8,  1816,  and  died 
March  19,  1889.  They  lived  in  Worcester,  Mass.,  where  their 
two  children  were  born. 

George  Edward,  b.  Feb.,  1848;  d.  May  4,  1844. 

Annette  Elizabeth,  b.  Feb.  26,  1845;  m.  in  Leominster,  Jan. 
8,  1867,  to  George  W.,  son  of  George  W.  and  Maria  (Worces- 
ter) Chute,  of  Leominster.  He  was  b.  at  Canton,  Mass., 
April  14,  1841.  They  have  two  children:  Mhel  Sarah,  b. 
Jan.  2,  1873;  Josephine  Wilder,  b.  March  2,  1875. 

1330.  Jolin  Buss,9  son  of  670  Er^  and  Susan  [Buss] 
Balch,  was  born  in  Leominster,  Mass.,  June  17,  1825,  and 
died  in  Boston,  Mass.,  October  27,  1851.  He  was  married 
August  20,  1850,  to  his  sister-in-law,  Susan  Thurston,  daugh- 
ter of  Henry  and  Frances  [Crosby]  Allen.  She  was  born 
October  2,  1824.     They  had  one  child. 

2038    Elizabeth  Frances, '»  b.  March  22,  1852. 

1331.  Deneris.s  daughter  of  670  Er^  and  Susan  [Buss] 

GEO.  L.,   PKANCIS  BR   BALCH, — CAMBRIDGE,   MASS.       341 

Balch,  was  bom  at  Leominster,  Mass.,  June  6,  1829,  and  died 
December  20,  1867.  She  was  married  February  7,  1850,  to 
George  W.  Pierce,  M.  D.  He  was  born  October  15,  1819, 
and  died  May  1,  1886.     They  had  seven  children. 

Sabah  Eve,  b,  Feb.  24,  1852 ;  m.  Sept.  17,  1873,  Edwin  C.  Far- 
well,  who  was  b.  Aug.  2,  1851.  They  have  three  children: 
Harold  Crosby,  b.  Feb.  1,  1877,  d.  Deo.  22,  1877;  Minnie  Greg- 
ory, b.  Sept.  21, 1878;  Chester  Warren,  b.  Nov.  .3, 1880. 

Mary  Agnes,  b.  April  2,  1854;  d.  Nov.  27,  1864. 

Helen  Bell,  b.  Dec.  21,  18-55. 

George  Balch,  b.  Dec.  26,  1860;  m.  June  11, 1888,  Addie  Lincoln 
Shattuck.  They  have  two  children:  Marion,  b.  Deo.  11, 1893; 
Mildred  Lincoln,  b.  Sept.  6,  1895. 

Henry  William,  b.  June  7,  1863;  d.  Aug.  6,  1864. 

Susie,  b.  May  27,  1864;  d.  July  22,  1864. 

Hattie  Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.  9,  1865;  m.  Aug.  7,  1889,  George  H. 
Woodbury,  dentist,  who  was  born  Mar.  17,  1864.  They  have 
three  children :  Vernon  Pierce,  b.  Feb.  22,  1893;  Helen,  b. 
June  5,  1894;  Paul  Henry,  b.  Dec.  14,  1895. 

1332.  George  Lucius.^  sou  of  670  Er^  and  Susan 
[Buss]  Balch,  was  born  at  Leominster,  Mass.,  April  8,  1831, 
and  lives  at  Cambridge,  Mass.  He  was  married  November  4) 
1863,  to  Lucia,  daughter  of  Addison  and  Fanny  [Wright] 
Dunham,  of  Westminster,  Vt.  She  was  born  January  16, 
1841.     They  had  three  children. 

2039*    John  Ee,i»  b.  Nov.  6,  1864. 

2040      Fanny  Emily,i»  b.  June  7,  1868;  unm.;  lives  at  Cambridge. 

2041*    Helen  Fkances,i"  b.  July  3,  1871. 

1333.  Francis  Er,"  son  of  670  Er^  and  Susan  [Buss] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Leominster,  Mass.,  January  17,  1834,  and 
is  a  hotel  proprietor  at  Paris,  Tennessee.  He  was  married 
November  27,  1855,  to  Mary  Ellen,  daughter  of  Lysander  and 
Emily  [Brown]  Conant,  who  was  born  at  Louisville,  Ken- 
tucky, March  5,  1883.  To  them  have  been  born  five  childi-en. 

2042*  FsBDERic  Horace,!"  i,.  gept.  20,  1856. 

2043*  Addie  Augusta, w  b.  May  9,  1858. 

2044  Ruth  Fbances,i»  b.  Sept.  9,  1866;  d.  Dec.  29,  1869. 

2045  WILLIA5I  FRANK,if  b.  April  2,  1870. 

2046  Marion  Fbanklin,'"  b.  Sept.  18,  1871. 


In  1887  Francis  B.  kept  the  Hotel  Pemberton,  at  Hull, 
Massachusetts.  For  seven  years  he  was  steward  at  Memorial 
Hall,  Harvard  College. 

1334.  Adaline  Adams,-'  daughter  of  670  Er*  and  Susan 
[Buss]  Balch,  was  born  at  Leominster,  Mass.,  November  26, 
1837,  where  she  now  lives.  She  was  married  December  29, 
1863,  to  Charles,  son  of  Seth  and  Anna  Tisdale.  He  was 
born  September  10,  1833,  and  died  in  April,  1875.  They  had 
four  children  :  Louis  Francis,  b.  May  18,  1864,  d.  Feb.  23, 
1884 ;  Walter  Seth,  b.  Aug.  9,  1865  ;  Susie  Balch,  b.  May 
30,  1867,  d.  Dec.  18,  1884 ;  ^Charles  Er,  b.  Sept.  25,  1875. 

1337.  John  Hiram,^  son  of  672  James  Parker^  and  Lu- 
cinda  [Boynton]  Balch,  was  born  in  Weathersfield,  Vt.,  Feb- 
ruary 22,  1824,  and  died  January  7,  1807.  He  was  a  mer- 
chant at  Newburyport,  Mass.,  and  was  married  June  22, 1854, 
to  Lydia  J.  S.,  daughter  of  Jonathan  Coffin.  She  was  born 
at  Fultonborough,  N.  H.,  March  7,  1833.  They  have  had 
three  children. 

2047*  Horace  Lbland,i»  b.  Jan.  9,  1856. 
2048*  Nettie  Coffin,!'^  b.  June  16,  1859. 
2049*    John  Hiram,i»  b.  Feb.  4, 1866. 

1338.  Elizabeth  Mary ,9  daughter  of  672  James  Parker^ 
and  Lucinda. [Boynton]  Balch,  was  born  January  18,  1827, 
and  died  July  16,  1894,  at  Newburyport.  She  was  married 
November  9,  1847,  to  Pliny  Gay.  They  lived  at  Colorado 
Springs,  Colo.,  for  a  few  years,  and  then  returned  to  New- 
buryport, Mass.  Mr.  Gay  died  at  Newburyport,  August  4, 
1892.  They  had  one  child,  Fred  H.,  born  in  1849,  who  is 
living,  unm.,  at  Colorado  Springs. 

1340.  James  Nelson,"  son  of  672  James  Parker^  and 
Lucinda  [Boynton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Weathersfield,  Vt., 
May  26,  1832,  and  is  the  head  of  the  firm  Balch,  Price  &  Co., 
importers,  manufacturers,  and  dealers  in  straw  goods,  furs, 
hats  and  millinery  goods,  at  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  On  September 
20,  1858,  he  was  married  to  Sarah,  daughter  of  Edward  S. 

<AJ-*2>.<^.   ^aUL<^£y^ 

JOHN   H.,     GEO.    P.    BALCH, — NEWBURYPORT,   MASS.    343 

and  Sarah  F.  Leslie,  of  Newbuiyport,  Mass.     Thej'  have  no 

1341.  George  Parker.^  sou  of  672  James  Parker^  and 
Lucinda  [Boynton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Weathersfield,  Ver- 
mont, January  18,  1834,  and  died  at  Newburyport,  Mass.,  Oc- 
tober 17,  1891.  He  was  a  dealer  in  coal  and  wood.  He  was 
married  September  1,  1869,  to  Mary  Elizabeth,  daughter  of 
Charles  A.  and  Frances  Stevens.  She  was  born  at  Castine, 
Maine,  October  16,  1843.     They  had  two  children. 

2050  Mabel  Fkances,!"  b.  June  18,  1875. 

2051  Carrie  Boynton,!"  b.  Aug.  18,  1877. 

1342.  Isadore  Lucinda,^  daughter  of  672  James  Par- 
ker^ and  Lucinda  [Boynton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Weathers- 
field,  Vt.,  February  8,  1886,  and  died  at  Newburyport,  Mass., 
July  14,  1883.  She  was  married  at  Weathersfield,  Dec.  16, 
1856,  to  Warren  Currier,  and  had  three  sons :  Warren 
Thomas,  b.  Nov.  29,  1857,  m.  Feb.  5,  1885,  to  Effie  Carolena 
Hodge  ;  Frank  Balch,  b.  Dec.  4,  1863,  m.  Nov.  4,  1889,  An- 
nie Knowlton  Tuck ;  William  Swasey,  b.  April  25,  1868. 

1343.  Ellen  Jane,^  daughter  of  672  James  Parker^  and 
Lucinda  [Boynton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Weathersfield,  Vt., 
August  20,  18S7.  She  was  married  January  24,  1865,  to  Or- 
lando Alford,  of  Brookline,  Mass.  They  had  two  children  : 
Martha,  b.  Feb.  3,  1867;  Edward  Balch,  b.  Sept.  13,  1871. 

1344.  Carrie  Maria,^  daughter  of  672  James  Parker^ 
and  Lucinda  [Boynton]  Balch,  was  born  at  Weathersfield, 
Vt.,  December  7,  1841.  She  was  married  November  23, 
1868,  to  John  Gardner  Little,  a  farmer  at  Turkey  Hill,  New- 
buryport.    They  have  no  children. 

1346.  William  Lincoln,^  son  of  679  Edward  Lawrence^ 
and  Martha  Willis  [Lincoln]  Balch,  was  born  April  2,  1847, 
at  Roxbury,  Massachusetts,  where  he  now  lives.  On  the 
maternal  side  he  is  descended  from  Gov.  Bradford,  of  the 
Plymouth  colony.     Learning  all  the  details  of  the  printer's 


art  from  his  father,  he  has  always  been  connected  with  news- 
papers and  literature,  and  has  had  experience  in  almost  every 
department  of  newspaper  work,  besides  contributing  to  peri- 
odical fiction.  He  prepared  the  chapters  in  this  volume  on 
the  origin  of  the  name,  the  coat  of  arms,  and  the  early  Eng- 
lish home  of  the  family.  He  was  night  editor  of  the  old 
Boston  Daily  News,  and  is  now  engaged  in  similar  work  on 
the  Boston  Herald,  and  is  a  member  of  the  Boston  Press 
Club.  On  April  17, 1893,  he  was  married  to  Nora  E.,  daughter 
of  James  and  Eliza  Ann  [Colburn]  Emerson,  of  Glover,  Vt. 

1348.  Ela  M.,9  daughter  of  680  William  YoungS  and 
Maria  Swift  [Beal]  Balch,  was  born  September  29,  1857,  at 
Milton,  and  lives  at  East  Milton,  Massachusetts.  She  was 
married  in  Boston,  January  17,  1883,  to  Joseph  Albert,  son 
of  John  A.  and  Mahala  L.  Simpson,  of  East  ililton.  Their 
children  are  George  Albert,  b.  Feb.  29,  1884,  and  William 
Beal,  b.  Aug.  8,  1887. 

1349.  Joseph  Pope,"  son  of  681  Joseph^  and  Mary  Ann 
[Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  at  Providence,  R.  I.,  August  9, 
1822,  and  died  in  the  same  city,  December  2,  1872.  He  was 
married  at  Providence  on  July  14,  1853,  to  Laura  Tiffany, 
daughter  of  John  A.  Field,  of  that  city.  They  had  three 

2052  Makt  Howard,!"  b.  jan.  22,  1855;  unm. 

2053  Laura  Field.i"  b.  Feb.  11,  1857;  d.  Oci.  13,  1859. 
2054*    Joseph,  1°  b.  July  16,  1860. 

Joseph  Pope  Balch,  although  prepared  for  college,  evinced 
such  a  desire  for  mercantile  life,  that,  at  the  age  of  14  years, 
he  entered  his  father's  drug  store  as  clerk,  and  eventually 
became  a  partner.  In  1841  he  joined  the  Providence  Marine 
Corps  of  Artillery,  and  the  exciting  season  of  the  following 
year  intensified  his  military  ardor.  In  1857  he  was  commis- 
sioned brigade  major  and  inspector  of  the  Second  Brigade  of 
Rhode  Island.  He  was  appointed  one  of  the  majors  of  the 
First  Regiment  in  1861,  and  accompanied  its  second  detach- 

GEN.    JOSEPH   P.   BALCH, — -PROVIDENCE,   E.    I.  345 

ment  to  Washington,  where  he  was  untiring  in  his  efforts 
toward  improving  its  discipline  and  equipment.  On  the  ap- 
pointment of  Col.  Burnside  to  the  command  of  a  brigade, 
Major  Balch  succeeded  to  the  command  of  the  regiment,  and 
in  the  battle  of  Bull  Run  was  distinguished  for  his  coolness, 
steadiness  and  courage.  This  gained  for  him  from  the  Presi- 
dent the  brevet  of  Lieutenant-Colonel,  Colonel,  and  Brigadier 
General  of  volunteers  in  the  army  of  the  United  States.  Af- 
ter the  disbandment  of  the  First  Regiment,  in  August,  1861, 
he  continued  to  render  valuable  services  to  the  state  and 
country  in  enlisting  and  organizing  regiments  and  batteries 
for  the  war.  On  May  26,  1863,  General  Balch  was  commis- 
sioned brigadier-general  of  the  Second  Brigade  of  Rhode 
Island  militia.  In  October  of  that  year  the  brigade,  consist- 
ing of  over  three  thousand  men,  was  reviewed  by  Governor 
James  Y.  Smith,  and  conceded  to  have  furnished  the  finest 
military  display  ever  witnessed  in  the  state.  He  was  social 
in  his  habits,  devoted  in  his  attachments,  and  generous  in  his 
hospitality.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Rhode  Island  Society 
for  the  Encouragement  of  Domestic  Industry,  and  was  also 
a  member  of  the  Providence  Franklin  Society. 

Death  came  to  him  suddenly.  While  home  from  his  store 
for  dinner,  he  was  taken  with  an  internal  hemorrhage,  from 
which  he  died  in  a  few  hours. 

1350.  Mary  Ann,^  daughter  of  681  Joseph^  and  Mary 
Ann  [Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  at  Providence,  R.  I.,  October 
7,  1823,  and  died  August  31,  1889.  She  was  a  remarkable 
woman,  both  socially  and  publicly.  She  represented  Rhode 
Island,  in  1876,  at  the  Centennial  in  Philadelphia,  and  found- 
ed the  Rhode  Island  Institute  for  the  Deaf.  She  was  married 
December  16,  1845,  to  Henry  Lippitt.  He  was  born  October 
9,  1818,  and  died  Jan.  5,  1891.  He  was  Governor  of  Rhode 
Island  in  1875-6.     They  had  eleven  children. 

Charles  Warren,  b.  Oct.  8,  1S46;  Governor  of  Rhode  Island, 
1895-6;  m.  Margaret  Bahara  Farnum,  Feb.  23,  1886;  she  was 


born  June  29.  1860.  Six  children:  Charles  Warren,  b.  May 
29,  1887,  d.  Bee.  27,  189.3;  Alexander  Farnum,  b.  Feb.  28, 1890, 
d.  Jan.  1,  1894;  Jeanie  BarJiara,  b.  Jan.  5,  1892,  d.  Dec.  26, 
189.3;  Charles  Warren,  h.  May  15,  1894;  Alexander  Farnum,  b. 
Marcli  11,  1896. 

Henry  Merbiman,  b.  Sept.  17,  1848;  d.  March  10,  1856. 

Joseph  Balch,  b.  July  9,  1850;  d.  Nov.  18,  1851. 

Jeanie,  b.  Jan.  6,  1852,  m.  April  18,  1893,  William  B.  Weeden, 
widower  of  1357  Hannah  Raymond^.  They  live  at  Providence 
and  Matunuck,  Rhode  Island. 

George  Ernest,  b.  April  1,  1853;  d.  March  24,  1856. 

Frederick,  b.  Feb.  1,  1855;  d.  April  1,  1856. 

Henry  Frederick,  b.  Oct.  12,  ;1856;  m.  Dec.  15,  1881,  Marie 
Louise,  daughter  of  Tully  D.  and  Louisa  Holmes  Bowen, 
She  was  born  Dec.  19,  1859.  Children:  Mary  Louise,  b. 
March  8,  1883;  Henry,  b.  July  13,  1886;  Frances,  b.  Feb.  10. 
1891 :  Bobert,  b.  Feb.  19,  1893,  d.  Aug.  5,  1895. 

Mary  Balch,  b.  July  14,  1858;  m.  Jan.  17,  1892,  Charles  John, 
son  of  Charles  and  Sarah  [Bishop]  Steedraan,  of  South  Caro- 
lina, admiral  United  States  navy. 

Robert  Lincoln,  b.  March  22, 18dO;  m.  Nov.  17,  1883,  Mabelle  C. 
Bray  ton.  They  had  one  child:  Mabelle  Clifton,  b.  Dec.  1, 

Abby  Frances,  b.  Oct.  31,  1861;  m.  Jan.  25,  1893,  Duncan,  son 
of  Archibald  and  Mary  Jane  [Grahame]  Hunter,  of  Scotland. 
He  was  born  July  3,  1863.  Children:  Mary  Lijipitt,  h.  Dec. 
11,  1893;  Francis  Grahame,  b.  May  19,  1895. 

Alfred,  b.  Feb.  6,  1863;  d.  y. 

1352.  Jane  Adams,^  daughter  of  681  Joseph^  and  Mary 
Ann  [Baile}']  Balch,  was  born  at  Providence,  R.  I.,  January 
14,  1827,  and  died  in  Providence,  R.  I.,  January  4,  1893.  She 
was  married  June  5,  1849,  to  Albert  S.  Gallup.  They  re- 
sided in  New  York  city,  and  had  three  children  :  Albert,  b. 
June  9,  1853,  d.  Dec.  24,  1892  ;  Howard,  b.  Sept.  14,  1854, 
living  in  London ;  Jeanie,  b.  Nov.  14,  1864,  m.  Rev.  Henry 
Mottet,  D.  D.,  New  York. 

1353.  Ellen  Howard,**  daughter  of  681  Joseph^  and 
Maiy  Ann  [Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  at  Providence,  R.  I., 
March  14,  1830,  and  died  October  6,  1865.  She  was  married 
May  19,  1856,  to  Rev.  Jared  M.  Heard.  He  was  born  jNIarch 
16,  1832,  and  died  in  March,  1862.     They  had  two  children  : 

EDWARD    A.    BALCH, — PROVIDENCE,    E.    I.  347 

Jeanie,  b.  April,  1858,  d.  1860  ;  Mabel  Balch,  b.  May  3, 1861, 
d.  Jan.  8,  1879. 

1354.  Edward  Augustus,^  sou  of  681  Joseph^  and 
Mary  Ann  [Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  in  Providence,  R.  I., 
April  2,  1832,  and  died  Jan.  14,  1871,  in  that  city.  He  was 
a  member  of  the  firm  of  J.  Balch  &  Son,  druggists.  He 
married.  May  18,  1858,  Anna  L.,  daughter  of  Capt.  William 
and  Harriet  Comstock.  She  was  born  April  20, 1836.  They 
resided  in  Providence,  R.  I.,  and  their  three  children  were 
born  in  that  city. 

2055      Harriet  Comstock,!"  b.  March  9, 1857;  unm. 
2056*    Anna  Augusta,!"  b.  oct.  29,  1858. 
2057      Mary  Sprague,"  b.  Aug.  3,  1865;  unm. 

1355.  Anna,9  daughter  of  681  Joseph^  and  JNIary  Ann 
[Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  March  12,  1836,  at  Providence, 
Rhode  Island,  where  she  now  lives.  She  was  married  June 
5,  1856,  to  James  Robinson,  who  was  born  May  19,  1831,  and 
died  Aug.  16,  1875.  They  resided  in  New  Bedford,  Mass. 
They  had  two  children :  Caroline,  b.  Sept.  7,  1860  ;  William 
Atmore,  b.  July  25,  1865. 

1356.  Abigail  Pope,-'  daughter  of  681  Joseph^  and  Mary 
Ann  [Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  in  Providence,  R.  I.,  March 
11,  1837.  She  remained  at  home,  and  took  care  of  her  in- 
valid mother  and  her  orphan  niece,  Mabel  Heard. 

1357.  Hannah  Raymer,^  daughter  of  681  Joseph^  and 
Mary  Ann  [Bailey]  Balch,  was  born  March  16, 1839,  at  Prov- 
idence, Rhode  Island,  and  died  December  18,  1891.  She  was 
married  December  5,  1867,  to  William  B.  Weeden,  who  was 
born  September  1,  1834.  He  is  a  woolen  manufacturer,  and 
author  of  "  Economic  and  Social  History  of  New  England." 
They  had  seven  children :  John  Edward  and  William 
Wager,  twins,  b.  Feb.  5,  1869;  Eliza  Barnes,  b.  Aug.  1, 
1870,  m.  March  1,  1892,  Samuel  Slater  Durfee,  have  one 
child,  Dorothy,  b.  Aug.  9,  1895  ;  Raymer  Balch,  b.  Nov.  5, 
1877  ;  James  Vaughn,  b.  June  5,  1879  ;  Mary  Bailey,  b. 
June  14,  1880  ;  Ellen  Howard,  b.  Dec.  8,  1882. 


Mr.  Weeden  married  second,  .Jeannie,  daughter  of  Henry 
and  1350  Mary  Ann^  [Balch]  Lippitt.  She  is  a  trustee  of 
the  institution  founded  by  her  mother. 


Descendants  of  7  Jokn.^ 
Descendants  of  39  John.'' 

1358.  Louisa  Puller,^  daughter  of  687  Andrew^  and  Lou- 
isa [Fuller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  July  7,  1816, 
and  lives  at  Westmoreland,  N.  H.,  where  she  was  married,  Sep- 
tember 28,  1838,  to  Warren  Shelley,  son  of  Barney  and  Lj^dia 
Shelley.  He  was  born  October  29,  1809,  and  died  September 
24,  1893,  at  Westmoreland,  where  he  was  a  farmer.  In  poli- 
tics he  was  a  Republican.  They  are  Baptists.  They  had  no 

1359.  James  Andrew .^  son  of  687  Andrew^  and  Lou- 
isa [Fuller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  November  22, 
1817,  and  died  at  Arlington,  Mass.,  October  11,  1876.  He 
was  married  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  in  April,  1844,  to  Philena  C. 
Robinson.  They  had  two  children,  both  born  at  South  Ac- 
ton, Mass. 

.  2059*  Andrew  Caepenter,i»  b.  June  22,  1847;  d.  July  19, 1894. 
2060  Maeia  Philena,i'>  b.  Oct.,  1849;  d.  March,  1873,  at  Chelsea. 
James  Andrew  was  a .  carpenter.  In  1846  he  moved  to 
South  Acton,  Mass.,  and  in  1867  he  went  to  live  at  Chelsea, 
Mass.,  where  he  resided  until  his  death,  which  was  sudden. 
For  23  years  he  was  a  deacon  in  the  Baptist  church  at  Ac- 
ton. He  was  a  Republican,  and  was  universally  esteemed  as 
a  conscientious  and  consistent  Christian. 

1360.  Lucy  Snow,^  daughter  of  687  Andrew^  and  Louisa 
[Fuller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  New  Hampshire,  Septem- 
ber 17,  1819,  and  lives  at  Wilson  [Witoka  P.  O.],  Minnesota. 
She  was  married  at  Westmoreland,  New  Hampshire,  Novem- 
ber 29,  1842,  to  her  second  cousin,   Francis,  son    of  Martin 

PERLEr  SNOW  BALCH, — KBENE,  N.  H.       349 

and  Lucindia  [Gilbert]  Snow.  He  was  born  at  Westmore- 
land, April  5,  1820,  and  died  at  Saxton  River,  June  13, 1893, 
where  they  moved  in  1881. 

1362.  Perley  Snow,"  son  of  687  Andrew^  and  Louisa 
[Fuller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  September  15, 
1823,  and  was  killed  by  falling  from  a  load  of  hay,  August 
16,  1868.  He  was  a  Democrat,  and  a  soldier  in  the  civil 
war.  He  was  married  at  Keene,  April  12,  1848,  to  Mary  E., 
daughter  of  Levi  and  Sophronia  Pond,  who  was  born  at 
Keene,  December  23,  1827.  They  had  seven  children,  the 
last  of  whom  died  young,  all  born  at  Keene,  N.  H. 

2061  Lucius  Edwin,!"  b.  Aug.  30,  1849;  d.  Feb.  11, 1850. 

2062  Maky  Elizabeth,!"  b.  Feb.  8,  1852;  d.  Dec.  6,  1853. 
2063*  Ella  Sophbonia,!"  y,^  j^jy  jg,  1854. 

2064  Elizabeth  b.  Feb.  26,  1857;  d.  unm.  Sept.  3,  1880. 

2065  Maet  Ellen, i»  b.  July  27,  1861;  d.  Aug.  13, 1861. 

2066  Julia  ELLEN,i»b.  May  19,  1866;  d.  Oct.  31,  1866. 

1364.  Betsey  Puller,^  daughter  of  687  Andrew^  and 
Louisa  [Fuller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Westmoreland,  N.  H., 
August  21,  1827,  and  lives  at  Keene,  N.  H.  She  was  mar- 
ried at  Westmoreland,  April  1,  1847,  to  Joseph,  son  of  Bar- 
ney and  Clarinda  [Wilbur]  Shelley,  of  Westmoreland.  He 
was  born  at  Westmoreland,  August  20,  1824,  and  died  Sep- 
tember 1,  1886.  He  was  postmaster  of  Westmoreland  for  15 
years  previous  to  his  death.  He  was  a  Republican,  and  a 
Seventh-Day  Adventist.     They  had  four  children. 

Warken  Winfield,   b.   Nov.   22,  1849;  m.    Millie  Streeter,  of 

Westmoreland;   has  one  daughter,  Mhel  Shelley,   b.   Dec, 

Louisa  Josephine,  b.  Feb.  27,  1848;  m.  Warren  Wilbur,  of 

Westmoreland,  where  they  live,  and  have  had  four  daughters 

and  two  sons. 
Mary  Emeline,  b.  Nov.  13,  1851;  m.  JohnD.  Brown,  of  Chicago. 

111.,    in  which  city    they  live.    They    have    one  daughter, 

Alice  Lucilla,  b.  Sept.  12,  1857;  m.  William  Bretton,  of  Keene, 

N.  H. ;  live  in  that  city;  no  children. 

1365.  Mary  Elitia,^  daughter  of  687  Andrew^  and  Lou- 


isa  [Fuller]  Balcli,  was  born  at  Westmoreland,  N.  H.,  June 
2,  1831.  She  was  married  at  Westmoreland,  January  22, 
1857,  to  Charles  Jefts,  of  Chester,  Vt.  They  live  at  Owa- 
tonna,  Minn.  He  is  a  merchant  and  a  Democrat.  They  are 
Baptists,  and  have  no  children. 

1366.  John,»  son  of  687  Andi-ew^  and  Louisa 
[Fuller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Westmoreland,  N.  H.,  April  27, 
1833,  and  lives  at  Wilson  [Witoka  P.  O.],  Minnesota.  He 
is  a  Republican,  and  a  member  of  the  Congregational  church. 
He  was  married  at  Warren,  Minn.,  September  5,  1859,  to 
Lydia  Martha,  daughter  of  Levi  and  Martha  [James]  Rey- 
nolds. She  was  born  in  Ohio,  November  25,  1841,  and  died 
at  Ellington,  Minu.,  February  9,  1869.  They  had  four  chil- 

2067*    Fbancis  Edwin,'"  b.  Aug.  28,  1860. 

2068*    Martha  Louisa,!"  b.  Dec.  7,  1862;  d.  Dec.  30,  1891. 

2069      Mary  Ida,i»  b.  Oct.  22,  1865;  d.  Jan.  3,  1884. 

2070*    Levi  Andkew,'"  b.  Jan.  12,  1869. 

John  E.  Balch  was  married  a  second  time,  July  15,  1869, 

to  Margaret,  daughter  of  John  and [Barbary]  Wagner, 

who  was  born  at  Buffalo,  New  York,  March  11,  1854.  They 
had  five  children,  all  born  at  Wilson,  Minn. 

2071  Lucy  Jane,'"  b.  March  17,  1874. 

2072  John  Adams,"  b.  April  23,  1876;  d.  Sept.  1,  1877. 

2073  Lydia  Alicb,i»  b.  July  24,  1879. 

2074  John  Edwabd,i»  b.  July  26,  1881. 

2075  Mary  Eliza,"  b.  March  1,  1887. 

1368.  Sarah  L.,9  daughter  of  688  Ezra^  and  Dorcas 
[Miller]  Balch,  was  born  at  Keene,  N.  H.,  in  1826,  and  died 
in  the  same  place,  February  26,  1860.  She  married  Clark 

1371.  Ezra  W.,9  son  of  690  Timothy^  and  Hannah  [Ran- 
dall] Balch,  was  born  at  Orwell,  N.  Y.,  September  12,  1825, 
and  died  September  18,  1862.  He  enlisted  in  company  G, 
Twenty-fourth  New  York  Infantry  Volunteers.  At  the  sec- 
ond  battle   of  Bull   Run,   August  31,    1862,   he   was   shot 

WILLIAM,  OKKIN  H.  BALCH, — MANNSVILLE,   N.  Y.        351 

through  the  left  leg,  above  the  knee,  taken  prisoner,  and  for 
six  days  received  little  care.  He  was  then  taken  to  the  Clif- 
ton Hospital  at  Washington,  where  his  leg  was  amputated. 
The  stump  became  gangrenous,  and  ten  days  later  secondary 
hemorrhage  took  place,  and  he  bled  to  death.  He  never  mar- 

1373.  Nancy  L..^  daughter  of  690  Timothy^  and  Han- 
nah [Randall]  Balch,  was  born  at  Orwell,  N.  Y.,  December 
26,  1832.  She  was  married  December  13,  1849,  to  Wilbur, 
son  of  William  and  Mary  Blount.  He  was  boi-n  August  10, 
1819,  at  Barre,  N.  Y.,  and  is  a  farmer  at  Ricard,  N.  Y.  They 
have  five  children  :  Nettie  H.,  b.  Dec.  13,  1850 ;  Mary  A., 
b.  Oct.  1,  1852  ;  Lewis  P.,  b.  Nov.  12,  1854 ;  Herbert  W., 
b.  April  26,  1859 ;  Cora  B.,  b.  Sept.  9,  1869. 

1374.  Lucindia,9  daughter  of  690  Timothy^  and  Hannah 
[Randall]  Balch,  was  born  at  Orwell,  New  York,  March  22, 
1834.  She  was  twice  married,  first  to  Mr.  B.  Wells,  and 
second,  on  Dec.  8,  1890,  to  John,  son  of  George  H.  and  Polly 
Chago.  He  was  born  June  23,  1841,  at  Sandy  Creek,  N.  Y., 
where  they  live. 

1380.  William.s  son  of  691  John^  and  Eunice  [Stowell] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Orwell,  New  York,  December  18,  1832, 
and  is  a  farmer  at  Mannsville,  N.  Y.  He  was  married  De- 
cember 17,  1854,  to  Sarah  M.,  daughter  of  Hiram  and  Polly 
[Hill]  Wheeler.  She  was  born  at  Ellisburg,  New  York,  Feb- 
ruary 2,  1835.     Their  four  children  were  born  at  Ellisburg. 

2076*    Ella.w  b.  Dec,  1858. 
2077*    IBA  F.,1"  b.  Jan.  2,  1862. 
2078*    Melvin  W.,1"  b.  Jan.  9,  1863. 
2079*    DoKA  G.,!"  b.  Dec.  30,  1871. 

1381.  Orrin  H..^  son  of  691  John^  and  Eunice  [Stowell] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Orwell,  N.  Y.,  March  31,  1835.  He  was 
married  September  4,  1856,  to  Catherine  E.,  daughter  of 
Amos  G.  and  Phebe  [Steanburgh]  Currey.     She  was  born  at 

October  22,  1834,  and  died  at  Mannsville,  N.  Y., 


October  14,  1876.     They  had  five  children  ;  the  three  eldest 
were  born  at  Oswego,  the  two  youngest  at  Orwell. 

2080*  Carrie  E.,i»  b.  July  28,  1857. 

2081*  Frbdbeick  O.,!"  b.  Oct.  28,  1861. 

2082*  Horace  E.,!"  b.  July  7,  1865. 

2083*  Ida  E.,i»  b.  Nov.  2,  1867. 

2084  Rosa  May,!"  b.  Sept.  10,  1871. 

Orrin  H.  Balch  married  second,  Clara  C.  [Vernam]  Brown, 
a  widow.     They  have  one  daughter,  born  at  Mannsville. 

2085  Sadie  E.,i»  b.  April  3,  1884. 

Orrin  H.  served  during  the  civil  war  in  the  147th  regi- 
ment, New  York  Infantry  Volunteers.  He  is  a  member  of 
Calvin  Burch  Post,  No.  345,  at  EUisburg,  New  York.  He  is 
a  carriage  ironer  and  general  blacksmith. 

1383.  Ira,9  son  of  691  John^  and  Eunice  [Stowell] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Orwell,  N.  Y.,  February  22,  1840.  He 
was  married  March  18,  1860,  to  Mary  E.,  daughter  of  Hiram 
and  Polly  [Hill]  Wheeler.  She  was  born  December  30, 
1839,  at  Mannsville,  N.  Y.,  where  they  now  live,  and  he  is  a 
milk  dealer.     They  have  two  children. 

2086  Etta  L.,i»  b.  Sept.  6,  1862,  at  Oswego,  N.  Y. 

2087  Herbert  W.,i»  b.  Oct.  15,  1870,  at  EUisburg,  N.  Y. 

1386.  John  H..^  son  of  691  John^  and  Eunice  [Stowell] 
Balch,  was  born  January  24,  1849,  at  Orwell,  New  York, 
where  he  has  a  farm.  He  was  married  twice,  first,  August 
28,  1868,  to  Mary  E.,  daughter  of  Charles  and  Eliza  Cutler, 
of  Oak  Grove,  Wisconsin.  She  died  at  Orwell,  November  3, 
1878.     They  had  three  children,  born  at  Orwell. 

2088  Charles  E.,!"  b.  July  4,  1869. 

2089  George  W.,^"  b.  May  26,  1871. 

2090  Arthur  A.,"  b.  Nov.  3,  1873. 

John  H.  was  married  second,  July  4,  1879,  to  Sarah  E., 
daughter  of  Morgan  and  Frances  [Hines]  Greenfield.  They 
have  had  three  children,  all  born  at  Orwell. 

2091  RoYCE  H.,i»  b.  June  4,  1880. 

2092  John  H.,w  b.  Feb.  2,  1887. 

2093  Orlo  M.,i»  b.  May  25,  1892. 


1389.  Artimicia  M.,^  daughter  of  694  DanieP  and  Bet- 
sey [West]  Balch,  was  born  May  19, 1829.  She  married  Oct. 
19,  1852,  Nelson,  son  of  John  and  Polly  Carswell.  He  was  born 
at  Orwell,  New  York,  where  he  was  a  farmer.  March  30, 1863, 
he  enlisted  in  a  New  York  regiment,  went  to  the  front,  and  died 
in  the  service.  After  his  death  his  widow  went  with  her 
family  to  live  in  a  part  of  the  house  with  her  sister  Lurannah, 
who  married  Jonas  Carswell,  a  brother  to  Nelson.  The  four 
children  of  Artimicia  M.  and  Nelson  Carswell  were  all  born 
at  Orwell :  Bertha  Teressa,  b.  March  5,  1854,  d.  April  9, 
1874;  Paris  DeWitt,  b.  March  5,  1857,  d.  March  27,  1858; 
Paris  DeWitt,  b.  May  16,  1859,  d.  "June  24,  1859  ;  Nelson 
Leroy,  b.  Nov.  16,  1861,  d.  Jan.  17,  1878. 

1391.  Lurannah,9  daughter  of  694  DanieP  and  Betsey 
[West]  Balch,  was  born  in  June,  1833,  and  died  of  consump- 
tion, October  26,  1877.  She  was  married  December  30, 1857, 
to  Jonas  Carswell.  He  served  in  the  Union  array  during  the 
civil  war.     He  died  January  28,  1878. 

1392.  Cyrus  Decatur ,9  son  of  698  EbenezerS  andLydia 
[Shepard]  Balch,  was  born  in  1812,  in  northern  Vermont, 
and  died  in  Meigs  county,  Ohio,  in  1877.  In  1832  he  mar- 
ried Margaret  Wakely,  who  was  born  in  1817,  and  died  in 
1862.  They  had  six  children,  two  born  in  Warren  county, 
Pa.,  and  four  in  Athens  county,  Ohio. 

2094*  b.  June  26,  1833. 

2095  Ebenezek.w  b.  1835;  d.  1837. 

2096  Maby  Jane,'"  b.  1840;  lives  at  Hollister,  Ohio. 

2097  SoPHKONA,'"  b.  1843;  lives  Chicago  Junction,  Ohio. 
2098*  b.  July  5,  1850;  d.  Aug.  1,  1881. 

2099  Maeia,"  b.  1854;  lives  Bear  Lake,  Michigan. 

Cyrus  Decatur^  married  second,  Winifred  Logan,  in  1863. 
By  her  he  had  five  children. 

2100  CtEorgb,!"  b.  1864;  d.  1869. 

2101  Laura,"  b.  1866;  d.  1869. 

2102  Howard  C.,"'  b.  Aug.,  1872;  lives  Meigs  county,  Ohio. 

2103  Emmett,"  b.  1875;  adopted  to  Wesley  Benson. 

2104  HATriE,"b.  1876;  d.  1877. 


Cyrus  Decatur  was  a  farmer.  Soon  after  his  marriage  he 
moved  from  Alleghany  county,  N.  Y.,  to  Warren  county,  Pa., 
where  their  two  children  were  born.  Then  they  moved 
to  Athens  countjs  Ohio,  and  later  to  Meigs  county,  in  the 
same  state. 

1394.  Ebenezer  Washington/'  son  of  698  Ebenezei^ 
and  Lydia  [Shepard]  Balch,  was  born  about  1819,  and  was 
killed  by  being  knocked  from  a  car  into  a  coal  shaft.  He 
married  Catherine  Smith,  in  Athens  county,  Ohio.  They  had 
two  children. 

2105  Ebenezer,!"  \,^ 

2106  Lydia, I'Ui. 

1395.  Christopher  Columbus.^  son  of  698  Ebenezei-^ 
and  Lydia  [Shepard]  Balch,  was  born  about  1821,  and  died 
in  1848.  He  was  married  to  Charlotte  Pierce  in  1845.  She 
was  born  in  England,  and  died  at  Knight's  Creek.  Alleghany 
county,  N.  Y.,  in  February,  1873.  Soon  after  his  marriage  he 
enlisted  in  the  army  and  went  to  Mexico.  He  served  through 
nearly  the  whole  of  the  Mexican  war,  when  he  died.  They 
had  one  son. 

2107*    George  W.,!"  b.  Dec.  20,  1846. 

1396.  John  Quincy  Adams,"  son  of  698  Ebenezer^ 
and  Lydia  [Shepard]  Balch,  was  born  in  New  York  state, 
April  6,  1825,  and  died  at  St.  Louis,  Mo.,  August  28,  1887. 
He  was  married  in  1849,  in  Athens  county,  Ohio,  to  Sarah, 
daughter  of  John  Burton.  Burton  ^vas  a  soldier  in  the  war 
of  1812.     They  had  eight  children. 

2108  Alice, 1"  b. 

2109  Harriet  Ann,"' b. 

2110  Eli,"  b.         ;  d.  y. 

2111  Quincy  Adams, i"  b.         :  lives  in  St.  Loui.s. 

2112  Ebenkzeb,!"  b.         ;  lives  in  St.  Louis. 
2113*  George  H..^"  b.  1859;  lives  in  St.  Loui.«. 

2114  Katie  Geneva, i"  b. 

2115  Ida  Beli.,!"  b. 

John  Q.  A.  Balch  served  through  the  Mexican  war;  was  in 


the  battles  of  Palo  Alto,  Monterey,  Cliepultepee,  Contieras, 
and  at  the  capture  of  the  City  of  Mexico.  He  was  a  far- 
mer, and  a  member  of  the  Baptist  church. 

1398.  Andrew  Jackson,^  sou  of  698  Ebenezer^  and 
Lydia  [Shepard]  Balch,  was  born  in  Alleghany  county,  N. 
Y.,  December  1,  1838,  and  died  at  (xalena,  Kansas,  Novem- 
ber 3,  1894.  He  married  Elizabeth  Watts,  in  Athens  count)', 
Ohio,  August  6,  1859.  She  was  born  in  Athens  county, 
Ohio,  June  4,  1842.  She  was  the  daughter  of  Richard  and 
Cassia  Watts.  Andrew  J.  enlisted  in  company  I,  92d  Ohio 
Volunteers,  and  was  with  that  regiment  in  many  battles. 
He  was  a  boot  and  shoe  maker.     Their  children  were  : 

2116*    Cassandka,!"  b.  June  21,  1860. 

2117*    RiciiAnD  JonNSON,!"  b.  Nov.  6,  1863. 

2118      CoRA,i''b.  Feb.  2,  1868. 

2119*    Nellie,!"  \,_  pec.  5.  1871;  m. 

2120*    LucY,i»  b.  Deo.  17,  1873:  m. 

2121  Helen,"  b.  Jan.  27,  1875. 

2122  William  A.,"  b.  Oct.  27,  1870;  lives  at  Galena,  Kansas. 

2123  Elizabeth,!"  5.  ^ov.  23,  1878. 

1402.  Benjamin  Franklin.^  son  of  698  EbenezerS  and 
Lydia  [Shepard]  Balch,  was  born  in  Wayne  county,  N.  Y., 
in  1842.  He  was  married  to  Miss  Rebecca  Walker,  in  Meigs 
county,  Ohio.  She  died  December  19,  1884.  They  had  four 

2124  Andrew  J.,"'  b. 

2125  Ben,jamin  F.,i»  b. 

2126  Mary  M.,"  b. 
2127*    QuENNiE  v.,!"  b.  1871. 

On  the  third  of  April,  1861,  Benjamin  Franklin  Balch  en- 
listed in  company  A,  17tli  Ohio  Infantry,  a  three  months' 
regiment.  They  were  in  the  first  battle  of  Bull  Run,  under 
Gen.  Hunter,  above  the  bridge.  He  was  captured,  paroled, 
went  home  to  Ohio,  was  exchanged  July  29,  re-enlisted  into 
company  O,  18th  Ohio,  on  the  7th  of  the  following  month, 
for  three  years.  At  the  battle  of  Stone  River,  Tenn.,  he  was 
badly  wounded,  and  left  on  the  field  for  dead,  and  put  in 


Pine  Forest  prison  for  eight  and  a  half  months,  was  then 
taken  to  Mobile,  and  from  thence  to  Andersonville,  where  he 
remained  nearly  nine  months.  He  kept  the  record  of  dates  by 
cutting  notches  on  a  stick.  Finally  he  escaped  at  night  through 
a  tunnel,  and  after  great  hardships,  reached  Gen.  Sherman's 
lines,  15  miles  south  of  Dal  ton,  barefooted,  bareheaded,  and 
scarcely  a  garment  left  on  his  emaciated  body,  which  was  re- 
duced from  175  to  115  pounds  weight.  After  15  daj^s'  rest, 
he  went  to  Washington,  was  interviewed  by  President  Lin- 
coln, and  given  some  money  by  him  with  which  to  go  home 
to  Ohio.  In  Key's  "Andersonville  Prison"  he  is  spoken  of 
as  the  man  who  acted  as  prosecutor  at  the  trial  of  the  New 
York  toughs,  which  resulted  in  the  hanging  of  several  of 
them  for  murder.  Soon  after  his  return  home  from  Wash- 
ington he  re-enlisted  into  company  I,  92d  Ohio  Volunteers. 
At  the  battle  of  Columbia,  S.  C,  he  was  permanentlj^  dis- 
abled by  a  wound  in  his  left  hand. 

1403.  Elmina  M..^  daughter  of  701  John^  and  Lucy 
[Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Burlington,  Vt.,  February  6, 
1826,  and  lives  at  Morrison ville,  N.  Y.  She  was  married 
November  25,  1845,  to  Edger,  son  of  Shadrach  and  Susan 
Place.  He  was  born  at  Shelburn,  Vt.,  December  2,  1825, 
and  is  a  blacksmith.     They  had  four  children. 

Maky  Eliza,  b.  Nov.  25,  1846,  at  Burlington,  Vt. ,  d.  Dec.  25, 

1890;  m.  Wm.  V.  Greeley.     Children:  Clara  Elmina,  Edward 

Edwakd  Eugene,  b.  June  9,  1848,  at  Addison,  Vt. ;  m.  Ida  A. 

Loyd.     Two  daughters:    Jessie  May,  Alice  Elmina. 
Geokge  Shadkach,  b.  Feb.  6,  1850,  at  Vergennes,  Vt.;  m.  first, 

Julia   Ladue;  second,  Lilia  J.  Blanchard.    Daughter,  Butk 

Fkank  Ceyi.on,    b.   May   6,  18.57,  at  Morrisonville,   N.   Y. ;  m. 

Maggie  S.  Chalmers;  no  children. 

1404.  John.o  son  of  701  John^  and  Lucy  [Williams] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Burlington,  Vt.,  November  12,  1827,  and 
is  an  ordained  minister  in  the  Iowa  Wesleyan  Methodist  Con- 
ference.    He  married.    May    5,   1845,    Eunice,   daughter  of 

IIEV.    JOHN    BALCH, — 6ALVA,     lA.  357 

Henry  and  Sally  Baldwin,  who  was  born  at  Crown  Point,  N. 
Y.,  March  10,  1830.     They  have  had  seven  children. 

2128*    Mart  Eliza.i^i  b.  May  28,  1849. 

2129      William  Warnee,!"  b.  Nov.  16,  1853;  d.  July  IG,  1856. 

2130*     Melissa  Maeia,'"  b.  Sept.  15, 185G. 

2131*    William  Warner,'''  b.  June  10,  1859. 

2132*    Benjamin  iLiFF.wb.  April  18,  1861. 

2133*    Lucy  Elmina,!"  b.  Aug.  16,  1863. 

2134*    Miriam  Elizabeth, i"  b.  Sept.  10,  1870. 

1405.  Emeline  Robinson.a  daughter  of  701  John^  and 
Lucy  [Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Westford,  Vt.,  May  4, 
1830,  and  died  September  28,  1886.  She  was  married  first  to 
Ruben  Heath,  by  whom  she  had  one  son,  George  E.,  who 
lives  at  Gardner,  Mass. 

Emeline  R.  was  divorced  from  Heath,  and  married  Lincoln 
Whitcomb,  by  whom  she  had  one  son,  William  L.,  who  lives 
in  Boston. 

1406.  Martha  Eliza,'^  daughter  of  701  John«  and  Lucy 
[Williams]  Balch,  was  born  at  Addison,  Vt.,  September  15, 
1832,  and  lives  at  Jay,  N.  Y.  On  January  1,  1855,  she  mar- 
ried Arthur,  son  of  Jesse  and  Laura  Benedict.  He  was  born 
October  7,  1832.  Their  children  are  ;  Mary  Jane,  b.  May 
5,  1856  ;  Laura  Adelaide,  b.  Dec.  19,  1859  ;  Walter  Wesley, 
b.  Dec.  11,  1864  ;  Richard  Arthur,  b.  Sept.  15,  1869. 

1416.  Cyrus  Munson,^  son  of  704  Cyrus^  and  Asenith 
[Robinson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Carlisle,  Ohio,  June  5,  1839. 
He  is  an  engineer  at  South  Haven,  Mich.  He  served  in  the 
army  during  the  civil  war.  He  was  married  July  18,  1864, 
to  Mercy  M.,  daughter  of  Peter  and  Mandana  Frear.  She 
was  born  at  Collamer,  Ohio.  They  had  five  children,  one 
born  at  Grafton,  Ohio,  one  born  at  Hastings,  Michigan,  and 
the  others  at  South  Haven. 

2135  Mart  E.,!"  b.  June  15,  1865;  d.  Jan.  18,  1872. 

2136  Agnes  F.,"  b.  July  27,  1868. 

2137  KiTTiB  Minnie,!"  b.  Dec.  9,  1870. 

2138  Cabrik  Alice,!"  b.  Dec.  29,  1876. 

2139  Charles  Albert,"  b.  Jan.  13,  1882;  d.  Feb.  5, 1882. 


1417.  Mary  Ermina,9  daughter  of  704  Cyrus^  and  Ase- 
nith  [Robinson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Carlisle,  Ohio,  Septem- 
ber 10,  1842.  She  was  man-ied  March  10,  1866,  to  William, 
son  of  Joel  Taylor.  He  died  at  Parma,  Mich.,  April  29, 
1866.     No  childi'en. 

1418.  Caroline  Elizabeth.^  daughter  of  704  Cyrus^  and 
Asenith  [Robinson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Carlisle,  Ohio,  Jan- 
uary 15,  1845.  She  was  married  January  27,  1869,  to  Frank, 
son  of  James  and  Mary  Campbell.  He  was  born  at  Piince- 
ton,  Canada,  May  30,  1846,  and  is  a  farmer  at  Winsor,  N.  D. 
They  have  had  three  children,  all  born  at  Rutland,  Mich. 
Bert,  b.  Oct.  10,  1868  ;  Ella,  b.  Nov.  30,  1870,  d.  Oct.  10, 
1880 ;  Ray,  b.  Sept.  10,  1882. 

1420.  James  William,'^  son  of  704  Cyrus*  and  Asenith 
[Robinson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Carlisle,  Ohio,  November  13, 
1849.  He  is  a  stock  ranchman,  and  lives  at  Jamestown,  N. 
D.  He  was  married  March  18,  1868,  to  Henrietta  Amelia, 
daughter  of  Timothy  M.  and  Sarah  [Palmer]  Bush.  She 
was  born  at  Fitchville,  Ohio,  February  22,  1850.  They  have 
had  four  children,  all  born  at  Hastings,  Mich. 

2140  George  B.,i»  b.  Dec.  22,  1S68. 

2141  Fkank,w  b.  Nov.  13,  1870. 

2142  Ida,!"  b.  March  1(3,  1873. 

2143  Edith,"  b.  March  29,  1880. 

1421.  Gyrus  Henry ,^  son  of  706  Ely  Stone*  and  Philura 
[Southard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Addison,  Vt.,  January  16, 
1830,  and  died  at  Saginaw,  Mich.,  May  23,  1857.  He  was 
married  August  13,  1854,  to  Harriet  M.,  daughter  of  Jerrious 
and  Irene  [Ashman]  Bissett,  who  was  born  at  Milford, 
Mich.,  June  2,  1840.  They  lived  at  Saginaw,  Mich.,  where 
he  was  engaged  in  the  sawmills,  and  was  killed  while  attend- 
ing a  lathe  saw,  by  a  piece  of  lumber  crushing  his  skull.  He 
was  a  fine  looking  man,  and  much  liked  by  all  who  knew 
him.     They  had  one  child. 

2144  Elenok  Mai-ica,'"  b.  Feb.  27,  1857;  unni. 


1422  Martha  Helen,"  daughter  of  706  Ely  Stone^  and 
Philura  [Southard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Addison,  Vt.,  March 
12,  1832.  She  was  married  June  25,  1859,  to  Amos  Fowler, 
son  of  James  and  Abigail  [Fowler]  Barnard.  He  was  born 
at  Cohocton,  N.  Y.,  July  2,  1820.  He  is  a  farmer ;  lived  at 
Handy,  Michigan,  where  their  children  were  born  :  Albert 
Dwight,  b.  Nov.  7,  1860  ;  Captola  Vergiuia,  b.  Feb.  2,  1863, 
d.  Jan.  17,  1865  ;  Fred  Johnson,  b.  May  23,  1865  ;  Sir  Wil- 
lard,  b.  Aug.  16,  1866  ;  Helen  Gladstone,  b.  Nov.  20,  1867  : 
Charles  Henry,  b.  July  7,  1875. 

1424.  Delia  Ann  Elmina.^  daughter  of  706  Eli  Stoue^ 
and  Philura  [Southard]  Balch,  was  born  at  Summerfield, 
Mich.,  September  14,  1836.  She  was  married  December  7, 
1856,  to  Charles  Bulsby,  son  of  Piatt  and  Eleuor  [Ricar] 
Johnson.  He  was  born  June  3,  1835,  at  Pontiac,  Michigan, 
where  he  is  a  farmer,  and  their  five  children  weie  born.  Al- 
bert Henry,  b.  Oct.  26,  1857  ;  Frederic  and  Eli,  twins,  b.  Dec. 
27,  1861,  d.  y. ;  Alonzo  J.,  b.  April  16, 1865 ;  Arthur  Finsted, 
b.  Oct.  12,  1874. 

1426.  Emaline,'*  daughter  of  706  Eli  Stone  and  Adeline 
[CofBn]  Balch,  was  born  at  Conway,  Mich.,  July  81,  1847. 
She  married,  June  18,  1878,  Horatio  M.,  son  of  Jerrious  and 
Irene  [Ashman]  Bissett.  He  was  born  at  Milford,  Oakland 
county,  Mich.,  April  6,  1843,  and  is  a  sailor.  They  have  six 
children ;  the  eldest  was  born  at  Pontiac,  the  others  at  Au 
Gres,  Michigan :  Helen  Mabel  Irene,  b.  Aug.  22, 1879  ;  Edith 
Blanche,  b.  June  21,  1881  ;  Grace  Coffin,  b.  April  27,  1883  ; 
Grover  C.  Balch,  b.  June  16,  1885  ;  Charles  Gardner,  b.  June 
26,  1887  ;  Maud  Charlien,  b.  Aug.  6,  1889. 

1427.  Eliza  H.,^  daughter  of  711  Abner^  and  Lydia 
[Woodbury]  Balch,  was  born  at  Concord,  Vermont,  July  19, 
1832,  and  died  at  Littleton,  New  Hampshire,  December  8, 
1863.  She  was  married  June  19,  1853,  to  Harvey  P.,  son  of 
Samuel  and  Fanny  P.  Ross.  He  was  born  at  Bath,  New 
Hampshire,  January  18,  1831,  and  is  an  express  messenger 


and  farmer.  They  lived  at  Bath,  and  had  three  children,  two 
born  at  Bath  and  one  at  Littleton.  Samuel,  b.  June  1, 1855  ; 
Mary  Ellen,  b.  July  24,  1858  ;  Ellwood  Jackman,  b.  Sept. 
28,  1863. 

1428.  Almira,''  daughter  of  711  Abner*  and  Lydia 
[Woodbury]  Balch,  was  born  at  Concord,  Vermont,  July  2, 
1834,  and  died  at  Bath,  New  Hamiwhire,  November  25,  1861. 
She  was  married  November  7,  1859,  to  Sumner  W.,  son  of 
Jonathan  and  Lucretia  Lewis.  He  was  born  at  Concord, 
April  6,  1829,  and  died  at  West  Concord,  November 
30,  1885.  He  was  a  machinist,  and  they  lived  at  West 
Concord,  where  their  only  son  was  born,  Frank  Balch, 
b.  Aug.  30,  1861.  He  is  a  druggist  at  Whitetield,  N.  H.  He 
was  married  Sept.  27,  1888,  to  Lizzie  E.,  daughter  of  Clar- 
ence H.  and  Lucy  O.  [Burroughs]  Dudley.  She  was  born 
at  Concord,  April  30,  1866.     They  had  no  childi-en. 

Sumner  W.  Lewis  served  through  the  civil  war  in  the 
Eighth  Vermont  Infantry,  and  rose  from  the  ranks  to  a  lieu- 
tenancy. He  married  second,  August  8,  1872,  Sabrina, 
daughter  of  Asa  and  Mary  [Powers]  Smith,  who  was  born 
at  Lunenburg,  June  4,  1847,  and  died  at  West  Concord,  April 
18,  1885.     They  had  one  son,  Fred  A.,  b.  July  26,  1876. 

1429.  William  Henry,"  son  of  711  Abner^  and  Lydia 
[Woodbur}']  Balch,  was  born  January  11,  1837,  .and  died  at 
Bath,  N.  H.,  November  13,  1865.  He  was  a  mechanic,  and 
lived  at  Bath.  He  married  in  1860,  Caroline  Ann  Buswell, 
of  Lebanon,  N.  H.  She  died  Sept.  18,  1882.  They  had  two 

2145      Joseph,  11  b.        ;  d.  y. 
2146*    Alfred  C.,i°  b.  Nov.  28,  1862. 

1431.  Ellen  J.,9  daughter  of  711  Abner^  and  Lydia  [Wood- 
bury] Balch,  was  born  February  27,  1842.  She  was  married 
November  29,  1871,  to  Andrew  C.  Rollins,  a  railroad  conduc- 
tor. He  was  the  son  of  John  D.  and  Sarah  H.  Rollins,  and 
was  born  July  9,  1843.  They  have  one  child,  born  at  White 
River  Junction,  Vt.,  George  R.,  b.  Feb.  22,  1873. 

CHAS.    P.,  PLINY    E.    BALCH, — PLAINFIELD,    IND.        361 

1433.  Byron  Bliss,''  son  of  711  Abner^  and  Lydia 
[Woodbury]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bath,  N.  H.,  November  23, 
1848.  He  has  a  drug  store  at  Chicopee,  Mass.  He  was  mar- 
ried November  25,  1875,  to  Edna  M.,  daughter  of  Warren 
and  Mary  G.  Simonds.  She  was  born  at  Templeton,  Mass., 
October  3,  1856.  They  have  two  children,  both  born  at 
Springfield,  Mass. 

2147  Maude  Ltdia,''^  b.  Oct.  20,  1876. 

2148  Geoege  Waeken,!"  b.  Oct.  5,  1882. 

1434.  Ellen  Almira,^  daughter  of  713  Alfred^  and  Eliz- 
abeth [Cory]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lebanon,  N.  H.,  May  31, 
1844.  She  married  June  22,  1872,  Theodore  Francis,  son  of 
Edwin  S.  and  Clara  [Reed]  Hovey.  They  live  in  Boston, 
Mass.,  and  have  two  children  :   Clara  May,  b.  Sept.  10, 1875  ; 

-Alfred  Balch,  b.  Dec.  6,  1876. 

1435.  Charles  Parkhurst.^  son  of  713  Alfred^  and 
Elizabeth  [Cory]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lebanon,  N.  H.,  August 
10,  1845,  and  is  superintendent  of  an  elevator  at  Johnson- 
ville,  Tennessee.  He  married  MoUie  A.  Estes,  who  died 
Nov.  25,  1890.     They  had  four  children. 

2149  Jessie  M.,^"  b.  June  9,  ISSl;  d.  Aug.  29,  ISSl. 

2150  LuciEN,i»  b.  Mar.  17,  1883. 

2151  Alice  Maud,"  b.  Jan.  27,  1887. 

2152  Charles  Parkhurst,!"  b.  Oct.  17,  1890  ;  d.  Nov.  4,  1890. 

1436.  Pliny  Earl,^  son  of  713  Alfred^  and  Elizabeth 
[Cory]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lebanon,  N.  H.,  January  25, 1847. 
He  was  married  June  27,  1874,  to  Annie  E.,  daughter  of 
Harbard  and  Phoebe  [Garrison]  Fansler.  She  was  born 
April  20,  1851,  at  Belleville,  Ind.  They  live  at  Plainfield, 
Ind.,  where  he  is  a  carriage  painter.  They  have  four  chil- 

2153*  CoBA  b.  Sept.  1,  1875. 

2154  Alfeed  Clarence, 1°  b.  June  6,  1878. 

2155  Haebard  Fanslee,"  b.  April  28,  1880. 

2156  Gbaydon  a.,'"  b.  July  27,  1891. 

1437.  Prank  Mortimer ,9  son  of  713  Alfred^  and  Eliza- 


beth  [Cory]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lebanon,  N.  H.,  June  10^ 
1849.  He  married  Mrs.  Stella  Walker  Emerson,  daughter  of 
Thomas  and  Maria  [Gould]  Walker.  They  live  at  Wake- 
field, Massachusetts,  and  have  no  children. 

1439.  Alice  Maud.^  daughter  of  713  Alfred^  and  Eliza- 
beth [Cory]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lebanon,  N.  H.,  Jauuar)'  21, 
1853.  She  was  married  September  4,  1879,  to  Algernon  M., 
son  of  Calvin  and  Jane  [Greele)^]  Stevens.  He  was  born 
June  27,  1846,  at  Tiskilwa,  111.  He  is  a  stockman,  and  they 
live  at  Janesville.  Minn.,  and  have  two  children  :  Calvin 
Balch,  b.  July  6,  1886,  d.  Oct.  6,  1886  ;  Rosalie  Cora,  b.  Jan. 
9,  1889,  at  Tiskilwa,  111. 

1440.  Rosalie.s  daughter  of  713  Alfred^  and  Elizabeth 
[Cory]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lebanon,  N.  H.,  September  6, 
1855.  She  was  married  September  6,  1876,  to  Charles  M., 
son  of  Bradford  Newcomb  and  Lydia  [Alden]  Stevens.  He 
was  born  February  6,  1848,  at  Tiskilwa,  111.  They  live  at 
Tiskilwa,  and  have  had  four  childi-en,  born  in  that  town : 
Alfred  Newcomb,  b.  Jan.  13,  1879,  d.  July  4,  1880  ;  Arline 
Alice,  b.  May  10,  1880  ;  John  Aldeu,  b.  Oct.  26,  1882,  d. 
Dec.  15,  1884  ;  Charles  Harold,  b.  Jan.  29,  1884,  d.  Aug.  22, 

1441.  Alvah  Abner.o  son  of  713  Alfred'  and  Elizabeth 
[Cory]  Balch,  was  born  September  5,  1857,  and  lives  at  Co- 
lumbus, Ohio.  He  was  married  October  27,  1887,  to  Jennie, 
daughter  of  John  G.  aud  Elizabeth  [Weaver]  Bassey,  who 
was  born  March  8,  1865,  at  Jasper,  Ohio. 

1451.  Sarah  Belle,^  daughter  of  721  Benjamin^  and 
Lucy  [Cary]  Balch,  was  born  May  26,  1849.  She  was  mar- 
ried December  10,  1873,  to  William  G.  Smith.  Daughter, 
Gale  Balch,  b.  Oct.  4,  1874. 

1452.  Frank,^  son  of  721  Benjamin*  and  Lucy  [Cary] 
Balch,  was  born  July  28,  1852,  and  lives  at  Union,  N.  Y.  He 
was  married  December  22,  1873,  to  Jenny  Williams.  They 
have  had  three  children. 

THUB   BALCH, — CHICAGO,    ILL.  363 

2157  b        ;  d.  in  infancy. 

2158  LACBA,!"  b.  July  1,  1877. 

2159  lRENE,w  b.  Jan.  12,  18S6. 

1456.  Elnora,9  daughter  of  722  Matthew  Stanley^  and 
Maria  [Eldridge]  Balch,  was  born  in  1843,  in  St.  Johnsbuiy, 
Vt.,  and  is  not  living.  She  married  James  Layton,by  whom 
she  had  four  children.     Only  one,  a  daughter,  survived  her. 

1458.  Esther  Alice,^  daughter  of  725  James  BrittonS 
and  Phoebe  Eliza  [Decker]  Balch,  was  born  at  Union,  N.  Y., 
October  4,  1850.  She  was  married  at  Owego,  N.  Y.,  Sep- 
tember 20,  1876,  to  Edgar  Zabriskie,  who  is  an  adjuster  and 
public  accountant.  He  was  born  in  New  York  city,  April  1, 
1840.  They  reside  at  Omaha,  Neb.,  and  have  had  three  chil- 
dren, the  youngest  of  whom  is  living.  Albert  C,  born  Feb. 
12,  1878,  d.  June  18,  1878 ;  Helen  B.,  b.  May  4, 1882,  d.  May 
7,  1882  ;  Edgar  Britton,  b.  Jan.  28, 1888. 

1459.  Thur,9  son  of  725  James  Britton^  and  Phoebe 
Eliza  [Decker]  Balch,  was  born  at  Union,  N.  Y.,  October  19, 
1852.  He  was  married  October  30,  1890,  to  Anna,  daughter 
of  Adolph  and  Bertha  [Lohman]  Nissen.  He  is  now  in 
business  in  Chicago,  and  is  a  member  of  the  Board  of  Trade. 
They  have  one  cliild. 

2160  RuTH.^o  b.  Oct.  31,  1891. 

1460.  Emma  Ann  Stanley,^  daughter  of  725  James 
Britton^  and  Phoebe  Eliza  [Decker]  Balch,  was  born  at 
Binghamton,  N.  Y.,  March  25, 1856,  and  is  living  in  Chicago. 
She  was  married  Dec.  13, 1879,  to  Henry  Lane  Carpenter, 
who  was  born  Aug.  15,  1856,  at  Lone  Rock,  Wisconsin,  and 
died  Dec.  8,  1883,  at  Papillion,  Nebraska.  They  had  two 
children,  one  of  whom  died  young.  The  other,  Mildied 
Henry,  b.  Dec.  28,  1883,  is  living  at  Union,  N.  Y. 

1464.  Albert  P.,"  son  of  730  John  WetherbyS  and  Lou- 
isa C.  [Stevens]  Balch,  was  born  at  Littleton,  N.  H.,  April 
11,  1855.  He  graduated  at  Cornell  University  in  1877  ;  then 
he  entered  the  employ  of  the  Fairbanks,  of  St.  Johnsbury,. 


Vt.,  as  cashier.  After  remaining  in  the  service  of  this  firm 
a  few  years,  he  moved  to  Marshalltown,  Iowa,  and  went  into 
the  Marshalltown  State  Bank.  He  was  married  January  20, 
1888,  to  Nettie  McVey,  of  Burlington,  Iowa. 

2161  Louisa  Kutii,i»  b.  Nov.  20,  188S. 

1465.  Phineas  S.,"  son  of  730  John  WetherbyS  and  Lou- 
isa C.  [Stevens]  Balch,  was  born  at  Littleton,  N.  H.,  April 
27,  1857.  He  was  a  clerk  in  the  First  National  Bank  of  St. 
Johnsbury,  Vt.,  for  a  few  years,  and  then  moved  to  Marshall- 
town,  Iowa.  He  was  married  September  20,  1883,  to  Nellie 
Willigrod,  of  Marshalltown,  Iowa. 

2162  Catherine  Louisa,"  b.  Sept.  10,  1885. 

2163  JoHNW.,"b.Julyl5,  1887 . 

1466.  Mary  E.,«  daughter  of  731  Samuel  Albert^  and 
Agnes  [Lacy]  Balch,  was  born  in  New  York  city,  June  22, 
1863.  She  was  married  January  18,  1882,  to  George  H. 
Smalley.  He  is  a  member  of  the  New  York  fire  department, 
and  lives  at  No.  5  Watts  street,  New  York.  They  had  one 
child,  Frank,  born  January  5,  1883,  died  July  26,  1883. 

1468.  Sylvia  W.,-'  daughter  of  734  James*  and  Fanny 
[Smith]  Balch,  was  born  Sept.  29,  1839,  at  Lunenburg,  Ver- 
mont, and  died  October  15,  1892.  She  was  married  January 
1, 1863,  to  Luie  B.  Hartshorn,  who  lives  at  St.  Johnsbury, 
Vermont.  Their  children  are  :  Kate,  b.  Nov.  6, 1863,  m.  M. 
L.  Miner  ;  James  E.,  b.  Aug.  26,  1865 ;  Fanny  Fern,  b.  March 
3,  1868,  m.  Gilbert  E.  Woods. 

1469.  Emeline  M.,^  daughter  of  734  James^  and  Fanny 
[Smith]  Balch,  was  born  November  5,  1840,  at  Lunenburg, 
Vermont,  and  died  July  28,  1874.  She  was  married  August 
3,  1871,  to  John  B.  Blandin.  They  had  one  son,  Lyman. 
After  her  death  he  married  her  sister  1474  Lucy  E. 

1470.  Austin  A.,^  son  of  734  James^  and  Fanny  [Smith] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vermont,  January  8,  1842, 
and  is  a  merchant  at  Penacook,  New  Hampshire.  He  was 
married  December  14,  1865,  to  Mary  E.,  daughter  of  Jona- 

AUSTIN   A.,    GARDNER    H.    BALCH, — LUNENBURG,    VT.    365 

than  and  Hannah  Whipple.  She  was  born  at  Northumber- 
land, N.  H.,  May  24,  1865.     They  have  two  children. 

2164*    Hattik  Mae.i"  b.  Nov.  11,  1866. 

2165*    James  Whipple,!"  b.  Dec.  28,  1870,  at  Lancaster,  N.  H. 

1473.  Gardner  H.,9  son  of  734  James^  and  Fanny 
[Smith]  Baleh,  was  born  December  7,  1848,  at  Lunenburg, 
Vermont,  where  he  now  lives.  He  married,  September  1, 
1870,  Augusta  M.  Hartshorn.  She  was  born  February  10, 
1854.  They  have  had  six  children,  all  born  in  Lunenburg, 
the  last  of  whom  died  young. 

2166  Lorenzo  H.,i»  b.  Sept.  27,  187-3. 

2167  Mtba  a.,!"  b.  Feb.  10,  1876. 

2168  Eugene  G.,!"  b.  Oct.  27,  1878. 

2169  Charles  H.,i<>  b.  Aug.  25,  1884. 

2170  Ernestbne,m  b.  March  1,  1888. 

1475.  Laura  L.,s  daughter  of  735  Edward  A.s  and  Mary 
[Ingerson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  February  15, 
1848.  She  was  married  May  12,  1878,  to  Mahlon  M.,  son  of 
William  W.  and  Michael  [Holoomb]  Young.  He  was  born 
at  Stephentown,  N.  Y.,  December  31,  1836.  They  live  at 
Dixon,  Illinois,  and  have  three  children :  Edward  Clare,  b. 
April  2,  1879  ;  Homer  Lyle,  b.  July  30,  1881 ;  Enla,  b.  March 
30, 1883. 

1476.  George  Edward,^  son  of  735  Edward  A.^  and 
Mary  [Ingerson]  Balch,  was  born  at  Jefferson,  N.  H.,  Octo- 
ber 25,  1853,  and  is  a  farmer  at  Water  Valley,  Mississippi. 
He  was  married  February  17,  1878,  to  Caroline  M.,  daughter 
of  John  and  Caroline  [Bell]  Law.  She  was  born  October 
29,  1852,  at  Scarboro,  Ontario,  Canada.  They  have  two  chil- 
dren, born  at  Harmon,  Illinois. 

2171  Bertram  Cl:nt,i»  b.  Jan.  15,  1880. 

2172  Alice  Vebe,!"  b.  July  6,  1881. 

1477.  William  E.,^  son  of  741  George  Sherman®  and 
Eliza  M.  [Glins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Febru- 
ary 3,  1854.  He  holds  the  position  of  state  taxidermist.  He 
has  rendered  much  assistance  in  obtaining  records  of  the  de- 


scendants  of  179  Lieut.  Benjamin.  He  was  married  September 
27,  1876,  to  Ella,  daughter  of  Jourden  and  Lois  A.  [Powers] 
Marr.  She  was  born  at  Lewiston,  Maine,  January  27,  1857. 
They  have  two  children. 

2173  Floeekce  M.,i"  b.  Sept.  14,  1S77. 

2174  Walter  H.,"  b.  Feb.  14,  1888. 

1478.  George  A.,f  son  of  741  George  Sherman^  and 
Eliza  M.  [Glins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Sep- 
tember 27,  1855,  and  is  a  casket  manufacturer  at  Lunenburg. 
He  was  married  June  28,  1882,  to  Harriet  B.,  daughter  of 
Joseph  H.  and  Harriet  [Miles]  Benton.  She  was  born  at 
Bradford,  Vt.,  February  3,  1858. 

1479.  Herbert  F.,^  son  of  741  George  Sherman^  and 
Eliza  M.  [Glins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vt.,  Sep- 
tember 28,  1857,  and  is  a  clerk  in  the  employ  of  the  Boston 
&  Maine  road,  residing  at  Lyndonville,  Vermont.  He  was 
married  October  5,  1879,  to  Susan  E.,  daughter  of  Arthur  H. 
and  Louisa  W.  [Phelps]  Dean.  She  was  born  at  Lunenburg, 
Vt.,  December  29,  1857.  They  have  one  child,  born  at 
Lyndonville,  Vt. 

2175  Geace  D.,11  b.  Aug.  IS,  1886. 

1480.  Karl  O.,^  son  of  741  George  Sherman®  and  Eliza 
M.  [Glins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lunenburg,  Vfc.,  July  4,  1860. 
He  was  married  February  24,  1887,  to  Mabel  Thomas,  daugh- 
ter of  C.  W.  and  S.  [Bell]  Thomas,  of  Lunenburg.  She 
was  born  at  Lunenburg,  December  4,  1866.  They  reside  at 
Lunenburg.     He  is  a  wholesale  dry  goods  agent. 

1482.  Frank  A.,«  son  of  753  George^  and  Elizabeth  H. 
[Aldrich]  Balch,  was  born  at  Concord,  Vt.,  May  14,  1847. 
lie  was  married  December  30,  1868,  to  Mary  Emma  Smith. 
She  was  born  in  Pliiladelphia,  Pa.,  July  24,  1849.  Their 
liome  is  in  Davenport,  Iowa,  and  they  have  five  children. 

2176*    James  E.,"  b.  Jan.  27,  1870. 

2177      Grace  ALDr.icH,i"  b.  Aug.  28,  1871. 

2178*    Edwin  Fiiazer,"'  b.  July  29,  187-3. 

JAMES    EALCH, — MAKCELLtJS,    N.    Y.  367 

2179  George  Henry."  b.  Sept.  25,  1874. 

2180  Frank  A.,"l>.  Sept.  2,  1876. 

About  1885  Frank  A.  went  to  Omaha,  Nebraska,  and  en- 
gaged in  hotel  keeping  for  six  years.  During  the  World's 
Columbian  Fair  he  was  the  manager  of  the  Revere  House,  in 

1485.  Addle  Louise,^  daughter  of  754  Stephen  Moore* 
and  Olive  A.  [Kimball]  Balch,  was  born  at  Kennebec,  Maine, 
October  8,  1860.  She  was  married  at  San  Francisco,  Cali- 
fornia, September  15,  1884,  to  Arthur  F.,  son  of  James  and 
Frances  R.  Thane.  He  is  a  commission  merchant  in  San 
Francisco,  where  they  are  living.  They  have  two  children  : 
Arthur  C,  b.  May  13,  1886 ;  Alma,  b.  Dec.  11,  1887. 

Descendants  of  40  Israel.-* 

1486.  Abigail,9  daughter  of  759  John*  and  Sybil  [Bar- 
row] Balch,  was  born  at  Marcellus,  N.  Y.,  December  12, 
1815,  and  died  at  Marietta,  N.  Y.,  May  9,  1891.  She  mar- 
ried Samuel  D.  Hall,  who  was  born  at  Onondaga,  N.  Y., 
December  8,  1812,  and  died  February  16,  1894.  They  lived 
at  Marietta,  N.  Y.,  and  had  one  son,  Charles  J.,  b.  Oct.  3? 
1850.  He  married  Eliza  Champlain,  Jan.  6,  1875,  and  has 
one  son,  Frederick  D.,  b.  March  25,  1876. 

1487.  James,"  son  of  759  John^  and  Sybil  [Barrow] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Marcellus,  N.  Y.,  May  7,  1819,  and  died 
February  14,  1892,  and  was  buried  in  Amber  Cemetery,  Oris- 
co,  N.  Y.  He  was  a  farmer,  a  republican  and  a  Universalist. 
He  was  married  July  28,  1845,  to  Laura,  daughter  of  Jonah 
and  Susan  Henderson.     They  had  two  children. 

2181  Jay.w  b.  Xov.  30,  1853;  d.  Jan.  27,  1S61. 
2182*    Bella  E.,!"  b.  Apr.  24,  1865. 

1488.  Adelphia,"  daughter  of  759  John^  and  Sybil  [Bar- 
row] Balch,  was  born  at  Marcellus,  N.  Y.,  December  12, 
1821.  She  died  at  Norvel,  Mich.  She  married  Edward  Fay, 
a  farmer.  They  had  two  sons.  George  H.  is  dead.  He 
was  a  lawyer  at  Jackson,  Mich.  Charles  is  a  doctor,  gradu- 
ated at  the  Ann  Arbor  Medical  College. 


1490.  Holland,"  son  of  760  Ira^  and  Margaret  [Baker] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Onondaga,  N.  Y.,  January  31,  1825.  He 
is  a  carpenter  at  Sodus,  N.  Y.  He  was  married  November 
22,  1848,  to  Jane  E.,  daughter  of  John  and  Helen  Lund. 
She  was  born  in  Yorkshire,  England,  January  15,  1831. 
They  have  had  five  children. 

2183      Helen  L.,i»  b.  Jan.  12,  1852,  at  Sodus,  N.  Y. 
2184*    Chaeles  M.,i»  b.  Sept.  2,  1855,  at  Sodus,  N.  Y. 

2185  Julia  A.,^'^  b.  Nov.  5,  1857,  d.  Dec.  10,  1882. 

2186  Harriet  M.,'"  b.  Oct.  20,  1860,  at  Genessee,  N.  Y. 

2187  Jennie  E.,"  b.  Sept.  22,  1S67,  at  Sodus,  X.  Y. 

1491.  Mary,"  daughter  of  760  Ira^  and  Margaret 
[Baker]  Balch,  was  born  at  Onondaga,  N.  Y.,  July  21,  1827, 
and  died  at  Sodus,  New  York,  March  20,  1892.  She  was 
married  February  20,  1851,  to  Robert,  son  of  William  Lund. 
He  was  born  May  2,  1811,  in  Yorkshire,  Eng.,  and  died 
March  6,  1872,  at  Sodus.  They  had  four  children,  all  born 
at  Sodus.  Martha  Augusta,  b.  Nov.  12,  1855 ;  James 
Helson,  b.  Aug.  29,  1862 ;  George  Elmer,  b.  Feb.  20,  1865,  d. 
Feb.  1,  1877  ;  Edward  Orrin,  b.  July  23,  1868. 

1494.  Caroline,"  daughter  of  760  Ira^  and  Margaret 
[Baker]  Balch,  was  born  at  Sodus,  N.  Y.,  May  28, '1830,  and 
died  at  Sodus,  New  York,  August  30,  1889.  She  was 
married  September  12,  1859  to  Walter,  son  of  Ephrim  Tetor. 
He  was  born  at  Sodus,  October  4,  1837.  They  resided  at 
Sodus  where  their  four  children  were  born.  Mary  Ella,  b. 
April  8,  1861  ;  George  Elmer,  b.  Feb.  24,  1863 ;  Rose  Adella, 
b.  Aug.  31,  1868 ;  Emily  Eliza,  b.  Dec.  29,  1871. 

1496.  Orrin,"  son  of  760  Ira^  and  Margaret  [Baker] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Sodus,  N.  Y.,  June  4,  1840.  He  was 
married  December  29,  1863,  to  Hannah  Adelade,  daughter  of 
Elisha  Burdick.  She  was  born  March  2,  1845,  in  Delaware 
Co.,  N.  Y.  Orrin  is  a  farmer,  at  Poplar  Grove,  Illinois, 
where  their  five  children  were  born. 

2188  Thomas  John,ij  b.  July  10,  1865;  d.  Oct.  16,  1875. 

2189  William  Henry,"  b.  Sept.  4,  1868. 


2190  Caroline  Amanda,  m  b.  Aug.  14,  1871. 

2191  Mary  Louisa,^  b.  Nov.  5,  1874,  d.  Mav.  17,  1877. 

2192  Phkbe  Jane,w  b.  Apr.  12,  1878. 

Onin  and  his  wife  separated  November  17, 1880,  the  chil- 
dren going  with  their  mother,  and  they  reside  at  Ogden, 
Illinois,  and  he  was  married  again  December  2,  1885,  to  Han- 
nah Ester  McCann.  She  was  born  in  Pennsylvania,  in  1866 
and  died  at  Poplar  Grove,  December  14,  1895. 

2193  Lillian  Elsv,!"  b.  Jan.  31,  1892. 

1499.  Jude  Henry .^  son  of  764  David^  and  Polly  [Com- 
stock]  Balch,  was  born  at  Ridgeway,  N.  Y.,  July  5,  1833, 
and  resides  at  Janes ville,  Wisconsin.  He  graduated  from 
the  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  Commercial  College  ;  was  three  years  a 
student  at  Wilson  Collegiate  Institute,  N.  Y. ;  one  year  as 
teacher  at  Oxford  Institute,  Michigan  ;  served  three  terms  as 
clerk  of  the  lower  house,  and  one  term  as  clerk  of  the  Senate 
of  Wisconsin ;  two  terms  as  deputy  register  of  deeds.  Rock 
County,  Wisconsin  ;  two  years  as  justice  of  the  peace  and 
four  years  as  city  assessor.  Since  1886  he  has  been  book- 
keeper in  the  Rock  County  National  Bank.  He  was  married 
March  20,  1858,  at  Oakland,  Mich.,  to  Olivia  L.  Newman. 
They  have  three  children. 

2194  Frank  Ervyn,!"  b.  Jan.  12,  1859,  d.  Apr.  17,  1861. 
2195*    Fred  Jay,""  b.  July  17,  1862. 

2196*    Carlyn  Jude,!"  b.  July  19,  1865. 

1500.  Lydia  Almira,"  daughter  of  764  David^  and 
Polly  [Comstock]  Balch,  was  bom  at  Ridgeway,  N.  Y., 
November  8, 1835.  She  was  married  December  31,  1863,  to 
Truman  A.  Bacon,  of  Ridgeway,  they  reside  at  Medina,  N. 
Y.,  and  have  two  children.  Louis  Allen,  b.  Feb.  14,  1865, 
m.  Dec.  10,  1893,  Anna  House ;  Nellie  Diantha  b.  Sept.  28, 

1502. '  William  Jackson,^  son  of  764  David^  and  Polly 
[Comstock]  Balch,  was  born  at  Ridgeway,  N.  Y.,  February 
18,  1843,  and  lives  on  the  old  homestead  at  Medina,  N.  Y. 
He  was  married  at  Medina,  February  18,  1869,  to  Edna  M., 


daughter  of  John  and  Huldah  [BuUard]  Leighton.  She  was 
born  March  29,  1845,  and  died  February  16,  1875.  They 
had  two  children. 

2197  AiLEEN  Edna,!"  b.  Sept.  19,  1870,  d.  Apr.  30,  1879. 

2198  Barby  Leighton,!"  b.  May  1,  1874. 

William  J.  was  married  second  at  Ridgeway,  N.  Y.,  Jan- 
uarj^  29,  1880,  to  Eva  F.,  daughter  of  James  and  Jane 
[Powell]  Hesse.  She  was  born  December  28,  1857.  They 
have  one  child. 

2199  Vera  Evelt.x,!"  b.  July  18,  1882. 

1503.  Charles  Irwin.s  son  of  764  David^  and  Polly 
[Comstock]  Balch,  was  born  at  Ridgeway,  N.  Y.,  February 
10,  1849.  He  was  married  at  Ridgeway,  N.  Y.,  February 
27,  1884,  to  Jennie  L.  Hesse,  who  was  born  at  Medina,  N.  Y. 

2200  Edmund  Irwin,!"  b.  Aug.  5,  1886. 

2201  Mable  Jennie.i"  b.  Dec.  6,  1887. 

2202  OlCxA  Hesse.i"  b.  Apr.  30,  1890. 

2203  Pebcia  Evelyn,!"  b.  July  31,  1891. 

1504.  Martha  Ann.^  daughter  of  764  David^  and  Polly 
[Comstock]  Balch,  was  born  at  Ridgeway,  N.  Y.,  September 
16,  1851.  She  was  married  at  Ridgewaj-,  October  17,  1883, 
to  Jay  E.  AUis.  They  live  at  Medina,  N.  Y.,  and  have  one 
child.     Raymond  Erwin,  b.  Aug.  19,  1889. 

1505.  Horace,^  son  of  765  Stephen^  and  Polly  [Terrell] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Covington,  New  York,  January  2,  1811, 
and  lives  at  Oleander,  California.  He  was  married  February 
6,  1832,  to  Mary  Manning,  who  was  born  in  New  York  state, 
January  4,  1811,  and  died  in  Kansas,  January  1 9, 1881.  They 
had  six  children. 

2204  George,!"  b.  Sept.  6,  1833;  lives  at  Lone  Star,  Cal. ;  six  chil- 

dren, three  living. 
2205*    Lucinda,!"  b.  ISTov.  12,  183.5;  d.  Oct,  IS,  1864. 
2206*    Emily,!"  \^_  ^^pj-ii  12,  1841. 
2207*    Matilda,!"  ^_  j^jy  27,  iS4.5;  d.  Mar,  24,  1868. 

2208  Mary  Annie,i"  b.  April  7,  1848;  m.  2213  Homer  P.  Balch. 

2209  Lucy  Jane,!"  b,  Oct.  8,  1850:  d.  Xov.  2,  1863. 

Horace  married  second,  Mrs.  Sarah  Penfield,  August  6, 
1882.     She  died  July  6,  1884. 


1506.  Jasper,9  son  of  765  Stephen^  and  Polly  [Terrell] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Covington,  Onondaga  County,  N.  Y., 
September  11,  1812  and  died  January  19,  1891,  at  Welda, 
Kansas.  He  was  married  September  3,  1832,  to  Betsey, 
daughter  of  Josiah  Manning,  of  Leroy,  N.  Y.  She  was  born 
at  Leroy,  February  19,  1816.  They  had  four  children,  all 
born  in  Genessee  County,  New  York. 

2210*    Margaret  A.,i»  b.  Sept.  27,  1833;  d.  Apr.  27,  1881. 
2211*    Amelia  M.,i»  b.  July  11,  1835;  d.  May  18,  1876. 
2212      Mekcy  0.,i<>  b.  Apr.  27,  1838;  d.   Oct.  25,  1865;  m.  Elijah  Jus- 
2213*    Homer  P.,!"  b.  Feb.  6,  1840;  d.  Dec.  19,  1883. 

1507.  Diantha,9  daughter  of  765  Stephens  and  Polly 
[Terrell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Covington,  N.  Y.,  September 
16,  1814,  and  died  December  9,  1848.  She  was  married  to 
Marquis  Langtoss.     No  issue. 

1509.  Philander,"  son  of  765  Stephen^  and  Polly  [Ter- 
rell] Balch,  was  born  at  Covington,  N.  Y.,  February  18, 
1819,  and  is  living  at  Elgin,  Illinois.  He  was  married 
November  10,  1842  to  Eleanor  H.  DriscoU,  by  whom  he  had 
eight  children,  all  the  living  ones  being  married. 

2214  Edwin  E.,i»  b.  Sept.  16,  1843;  lives  at  Elgin,  111. 

2215  b.  July  2.  1845;  d.  May  2,  1853. 

2216  William  C.,i»  b.  Dec.  28,  1846;  d.  Dec.  14,  1882. 

2217  HENRT,i''b.  Jan.  21,  1849;  lives  at  Henrietta,  Micli. 

2218  James  O.,!"  b.  Nov.  12,  1850;  lives  at  Mills  City,  Oregon. 

2219  Charles  C.,'»  b.  Aug.  21,  1852;  lives  at  Charlotte,  Mich. 

2220  ELLEOii^b.  Jan.  2,  1854;  d.  Oct.  4,  1866. 

2221  Adelk,i»  b.  Mar.  2,  1857;  d.  Aug.  12,  1863. 

Eleanor  H.  died  October  2,  1866,  and  Philander  married 
second  November  27,  1867,  Addie  N.,  daughter  of  John  Cur- 
tis, of  Dalton,  Mass.,  by  whom  he  had  two  daughters,  both 
born  at  Church  Hill,  Mississippi. 

2222  Adele,m  b.  Nov.  7,  1868;  m.  Earns,  Elgin,  111. 

2223  Clara  L.,!"  b.  Nov.  14,  1874;  m.  Cole,  Pecos  Valley,  N.  M. 

1510.  Laura.s  daughter  of  765  Stephen^  and  Polly  [Ter- 
rell] Balch,  was  born  at  Covington,  N.  Y.,  July  10,  1821,  and 


died  July  2, 1891.  She  was  married  April  7,  1844,  to  Enoch 
M.  Winslow,  M.  D.  He  graduated  from  Ann  Arbor,  Mich., 
and  is  living  at  Parma,  Mich.  They  have  one  son,  Frank,  b. 
in  1857. 

1511.  Albert,^  son  of  765  Stephen^  and  Polly  [Terrell] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Covington,  N.  Y.,  March  30,  1823,  and  is 
a  farmer  at  Oleander,  California.  When  sixteen  years  of  age 
he  became  a  member  of  the  Church  of  the  Disciples.  About 
1856  he  united  with  the  Adventists  for  whom  he  has 
preached.  Before  the  war  he  was  an  Abolitionist,  after  the 
war  a  Greenbacker.  He  was  married  first,  June  1,  1854,  to 
Emeline,  daughter  of  Nelson  Baker.  She  was  born  in  March, 
1830,  and  died  at  Minneapolis,  Minnesota,  Dec.  1,  1867. 
They  had  three  children,  all  born  at  Naperville,  Illinois. 

2224*    Lewis  Nelson^",  b.  Mar.  9,  1855. 

2225  Cabbie  AblottieI",  b.  Jan.  21,  1859;  d.  May  23,  1861. 

2226  Elliott  Thompson^",  b.  Sept.  24,  1860;  lives  at  Leavenworth, 

Albert  married  for  his  second  wife,  Almira  Dart,  a  sister 
of  Jabez  who  married  2211  Amelia  M.^"  She  was  born  at 
Bedford,  Canada,  April  19,  1842.  They  have  five  children. 
The  four  eldest  were  born  at  Elmdale,  Kan.,  the  youngest  at 
Colfax,  Colorado. 
2227*    Carrie  MatI",  b.  Feb.  15,  1871, 

2228  Albert  Eugine,"  b.  June  1,  1873. 

2229  Mary  Lillian,i»  b.  Nov.  29,  1877;  d.  June  17,  1882. 

2230  Latjka  Emily,"  b.  June  20,  1880. 

2231  Grace  Edith.m  b.  July  6,  1884. 

1512.  Matilda,^  daughter  of  765  Stephen^  and  Polly 
[Terrell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Covington,  N.  Y.,  September 
17,  1825.  She  was  married  December  10,  1845,  to  David  S. 
Babbitt.  They  live  at  Elgin,  Illinois,  and  have  three 

Ltjlu  M.,  b.  Nov.  7,  1846,  at  Elgin,  111.;  d.  unm.  March  6,  1892. 

Addib,  b.  Sept.  16,  1848,  at  Naperville,  111.;  m.  Sept.  20,  1867,  to 
W.  H.  Chapman.  They  reside  at  Elgin,  111.,  and  have  three 
children,  Frank  W.  b.  June  14,  1869;  m.  Linda  Morris;  Ella 
L.  b.  Jan.  29,  1871;  m.  W.  H.  Morgan;  Genevieve  L.  b.  Mar. 
17,  1878. 

MATILDA    [bALCH]    BABBITT, — ELGIN,    ILL.  373 

Jennie,  b.  July  4,  1857  at  Naperville,  111. ;  m.  May  20, 1885,  Oliver 
N.  Owens,  at  Elgin,  Illinois.  He  is  a  merchant,  and  they  re- 
side at  McHenry,  Illinois.  One  daughter,  Ethel  May,  b.  Apr. 
15,  1886. 

1513.  Lucinda,^  daughter  of  765  Stephen"  and  Polly 
[Terrell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Darien,  N.  Y.,  November  30, 
1827.  She  was  married  Dec.  10,  1845  to  Solomon  Malton 
Babbitt  who  was  born  at  Austinburg,  Ohio,  August  27,  1823. 
He  is  a  banker.  They  reside  at  Oakland,  Cal.,  and  have  had 
five  children.  Mary  F.  b.  Nov.  22,  1846,  at  Naperville,  111. ; 
m.  Feb.  14,  1878,  to  Zachery  T.  Gilpin,  one  son ;  Emma 
Grace,  b.  Nov.  6,  1849,  d.  April  19,  1864  ;  Ella  Florence,  b. 
Dec.  4,  1855,  d.  April  8,  1870  ;  Harriet  Adele,  b.  Aug.  10, 
1863,  at  Algonquin,  111.,  m.  Mar.  19,1890,  Edwin  W.  Owen ; 
Walter  L.  b.  Sept.  22,  1871,  d.  Aug.  4,  1872. 

1515.  Harriet,9  daughter  of  765  Stephen^  and  Polly 
[Terrell]  Balch,  was  born  in  New  York  State,  February  4, 
1832.  She  was  married  to  DeVVitt  Clinton  Fox.  He  is  an 
engineer  and  they  reside  at  Dayton,  Nevada,  and  have  had 
two  children.  Alice,  b.  July  10,  1854,  d.  Aug.  21,  1858  ; 
Charles,  b.  Apr.  27,  1857. 

1516.  Melinda,^  daughter  of  765  Stephen^  and  Polly 
[Terrell]  B.alch,  was  born  in  New  York  State,  November  2, 
1835.  She  Avas  married  December  24,  1862,  to  Willet,  son 
of  Robert  Phillips.  He  was  born  June  11,  1834,  at  Nesham- 
ing  Falls,  Penn.,  and  is  a  farmer.  They  live  at  Algonquin, 
Illinois,  and  have  had  four  children,  all  born  at  Algonquin. 
Nettie,  b.  Dec.  14,  1863  ;  Alice  Ray,  b.  Aug.  18,  1867,  d. 
Aug.  29, 1867  ;  Frederick,  b.  May  14,  1869 ;  Cora  Maudline, 
b.  Nov.  26,  1870 ;  d.  Apr.  20,  1872. 

1517.  Fidelia  Ann,»  daughter  of  779  John^  and  Almira 
[Stowell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Virgil,  N.  Y.,  June  9,  1825, 

She    married  Daniel,    son  of   Ezra  and [Hotchkiss] 

Maltby.     He  served  during  the  last  nine  months  of  the  civil 
war  in  a  New  York  regiment.     In   1865,  they  removed  to 


Hagerty,  Wisconsin,  where  Mr.  Maltby  died  and  his  widow 
was  living  in  1887.  They  had  three  children  all  born  in  the 
state  of  New  York.  Hester  Ann,  b.  Nov.  27,  1858  ;  John 
Ezra,  b.  Dec.  30,  1859;  MaryD.,  b.  Feb.  7,  1864. 

1519.  Emma  Melvina,^  daughter  of  779  John^  and  i\.l- 
mira  [Stowell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Cortland,  N.  Y.,  October 
11,  1831,  and  lives  in  Wichita,  Kansas.  She  was  married 
March  4,  1853,  to  Edwin  Adams,  by  whom  she  had  three 
children ;  all  were  born  at  McLean,  N.  Y. 

Randolph,  b.  Nov.  28,  1853. 

Matie  D.,    b.  May  9,  1856,  ra.  F.  T.  Tombs,  Uvea  East  London, 

Hattie  D.,  b.  Jan.  25,  1860;  m.  F.   Tenney,  lives  at  Cortland, 

N.  Y. 

Mr.  Adams  died,  and  Emma  M.  married  second.  Urban  S., 
son  of  Placid  and  Clotine  Gabrielle  [Tousigan]  Beaudet, 
who  was  born  near  Quebec,  October  11,  1838.  They  had 
three  children  all  born  at  Auburn,  N.  Y. 

W.  Irving,  b.  Nov.  9,  1870. 

ClaeaM.,  b.  May  8,;1872. 

Horace  Frederic,  b.  Oct.  13,  1873. 

1520.  Mary  Jane,^  daughter  of  779  John^  and  Almira 
[Stowell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Summer  Hill,  N.  Y.,  April  9, 
1833.  She  was  married  May  6,  1855,  to  William  D.,  son  of 
Samuel  and  Lucy  [Comstock]  Lane,  who  was  born  at  Tru- 
mensburg,  N.  Y.,  April  23,  1834.  He  enlisted  in  Co.  E, 
Eighth  Minnesota  Infantry  Volunteers,  and  served  in  the 
Indian  War  until  1864,  when  he  was  mustered  out.  He 
then  moved  to  Momeuce,  Illinois,  and  engaged  first  in  the 
drug  trade,  and  then  in  the  grocery  business.  He  was  post- 
master at  Momeuce,  from  1870  to  1884  and  is  now  a  dealer 
in  general  merchandise.  They  are  Methodists  and  have  four 

Emma  Estella,  b.  May  23,  1856,  at  Momence,  Ills.  She  mar- 
ried May  10,  1881,  Herbert  E.  Conant,  of  New  Haven,  Vt. 
He  is  a  carpenter  at  Momence,  and  they  have  one  child  Flora, 
b.  in  1882. 

JOHN   KANSOM   BALCH, — CORTLAND,   N.   Y.  375 

COKA  Ethlee^j,  b.  May  3,1860,  at  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  m.  March 
2,  1882,  to  Frederick  Brandt,  of  Chicago.  They  reside  at 
Momence,  and  have  two  daughters,  Irene  and  Viola. 

Frank  Eugene,  b.  March  14,  1862,  at  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  is  a 
dealer  in  general  merchandise  at  Momence ;  unm. 

Gback  Elenor,  b.  Oct.  17,  1876,  at  Momence. 

1521.  John  Ransom,^  son!  of  779  John^  and  Almira 
[Stowell]  Balch,  was  born  at  Cortland,  N.  Y.,  January  18, 
1835.  He  married  Margaret,  daughter  of  Amos  and  Rebecca 
Snjder.  She  was  born  at  Dryden,  N.  Y.,  April  23,  1830. 
They  have  had  seven  children.  The  five  eldest  were  born  at 
Cortland,  N.  Y.,  the  other  two  at  Stockbridge,  Wisconsin. 

2232  Elsa  B..!"  b.  Oct.  28,  1858;  d.  December  31,  1861. 

2233  Alida  E.,10  b.  Dec.  1,  18.59;  d.  Jan.  13,  1861. 

2234  Albert  E.,i»  b.  Nov.  2,  1861;  d.  Feb.-"22,  1862. 
2235*  Frederick  R.,"  b.  Mar.  16,  1863. 

2236*  Lewbllie  L.,"  b.  April  21,  1866. 

2237  Lena  L.,i»  b.  July  30,  1867;  d.  October  12,  1885. 

2238  Edith  M.,  i''  b.  July  12,  1872. 

1523.  John,9  son  of  78i  Ahimaaz*  and  Sarah  [Way] 
Balch,  was  born  at  Colchester,  Conn.,"  and  married  Lucy, 
daughter  of  Gardner  Wickwire  of  that]  place  where  their 
children  were  born. 

2239  Ida,!"  b.  :  m.  Wm.  Wagner,  of  Colchester. 

2240  Etta,i<i  b.  ;  m.  Frank  Brown,  of  Colchester. 

2241  Abbie,!"  b. 

1524.  Betsey  Morgan,"  daughter  of  784  Ahimaaz^  and 
Eliza  [Lee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Colchester,  Connecticut,  and 
was  married  March  9,  1863,  at  Norwich,  Ct.,  to  George  Mar- 
cus, sou  of  Jabez  and  Eunice  Bailey  Rockwell,  who  was  born 
March  23,  1840. 

1525.  Prances  Ann,^  daughter  of  784  Ahimaaz^  and 
Eliza  [Lee]  Balch,  was  born  at  Colchester,  Ct.  She  married 
Charles  King  and  had  two  children.     Minnie  and  Winnie. 

1526.  Annah  Maria,"  daughter  of  789  Samuel  West^ 
and  Joanna  E.  [Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H., 
July  5,  1837.     She  was  married  October  24,  1865  to   Simeon 


Hunt.  They  lived  at  East  Providence,  R.  I.,  and  have  three 
chUdren.  William  West,  b.  April  22,  1868;  Fred  Balch,  b. 
Jan.  8, 1872,  d.  Aug.  10,  1882 ;  John  Archie,  b.  Nov.  3, 1878. 
William  W.  is  married  and  has  one  child. 

1527.  Lucretia  Sophia,^  daughter  of  789  Samuel  West^ 
and  Joanna  E.  [Perkins]  Balch,  is  a  twin  to  Annah  Maria, 
and  was  married  May  2,  1865,  to  Joseph  P.  Marsh.  They 
live  at  Farmiugtou,  Minnesota,  and  have  two  children,  Lucy 
Ellen,  b.  Feb.  14,  1868  ;  Charles  Balch,  b.  Oct.  7,  1870.  Luc'y 
E.  married  Mr.  Seely  and  has  two  children. 

1528.  Frances  Oampbell,^  daughter  of  789  Samuel 
West*  and  Joanna  E.  [Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N. 
H.,  October  2,  1839.  She  was  married  December  30,  1873,  to 
James  H.  Holmes.  They  live  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  and  have  had 
two  children.  Charles  Balch,  b.  August,  1874,  d.  July,  1875  ; 
Harry  Balch,  b.  Sept.  11,  1875. 

1532.  Charles  Oarroll,^  son  of  789  Samuel  West^  and 
Joanna  E.  [Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  August 
23,  1847.  He  was  married  June  13,  1876,  to  Abbie  M., 
daughter  of  Oliver  and  Abbie  Maria  Chaffee.  They  live  at 
East  Providence  Centre,  R.  I.,  and  have  one  child. 

2242  Gbace  Abby,!'  b.  Mar.  28,  1877. 

1533.  West  Shaw,9  son  of  789  Samuel  West*  and  Jo- 
anna E.  [Perkins]  Balch,  was  born  at  Lyme,  N.  H.,  May  16, 
1849,  and  is  a  farmer  at  Lyme,  New  Hampshire.  He  was 
married  first  April  2,  1872,  to  Mary  E.  daughter  of  Sidney  S. 
and  Louisa  Grant.  She  died  October  10,  1885.  Their 
children  were  as  follows. 

2243  Fkederick  West,'"  b.  Aug.  10,  1874,  d.  July  10,  1S75. 

2244  Frank  Foster,"  b.  Oct.  U,  1876.     Lives  at  Lyme,  N.  H. 

2245  Anna  Louisa,"  b.  July  31,  1880,  d.  April  3,  1S93. 

West  Shaw  was  married  second,  June  2,  1888,  to  Julia  F., 
daughter  of  Alfred  W.  ami  Edna  E.  Pusher.  They  have  one 

2246  Ralph  West,!"  b.  Mar.  15,  1894. 

FOST    R  L.,  HENRY  P.    BALCH, — MINNEAPOLIS,    MINN.    377 

1538.  Foster  Lamson.^  son  of  791  Dan  Shaw^  and 
Doiothy  Marston  [Whittier]  Balch,  was  born  at  Canaan,  N. 
H.,  September  19,  1835,  and  is  the  head  of  the  firm  of  Balch 
&  Wetherbee,  grading  contractors,  Minneapolis,  Minnesota. 
He  was  married  January  14,  1868,  to  Nancy  McArthur, 
daughter  of  John  Morris.  She  was  born  at  Chillicothe, 
Ohio,  October  4,  1829,  and  died  at  Minneapolis,  Minn.,  April 
26,  1886.  They  had  five  children.  The  four  eldest  were 
born  at  Shakopee,  Minn.,  the  youngest  at  Minneapolis. 

2247*    KOBEBT  Morris,""  b.  April  7,  1864. 

2248*    Frank  Shaw,"   I  t^,.„„  ^  !«■„„   i«   ,q«=     i 

2249      Emma  Rogkrs,i»  )  *^'°''  ^-  ^'"'-  ^^'  ^^^^^    \  d.  Oct  15,  1866. 

2250*    Gertrude,!"  b.  March  24,  186S. 

2251      Helbn,i»  b.  March  11,  1875. 

Foster  L.  was  married  second,  January  23,  1889,  to  Helen 
Maria  Lord.  She  was  the  widow  of  John  Newton,  and 
daughter  of  Samuel  and  Philura  Parker  Lord.  She  was  born 
at  Putney,  Vt.,  January  7,  1838. 

1540.  Henry  Francis.^  son  of  791  Dan  Shaw^  and  Dor- 
othy Marston  [Whittier]  Balch,  was  born  at  Bradford,  Vt., 
November  17,  1838,  and  is  a  railroad  contractor,  living  at 
Minneapolis,  Minnesota.  He  was  married  June  13,  1862,  to 
Evalyn,  daughter  of  James  Kendrick.  She  was  born  at 
Claremont,  N.  H.,  September  20,  1838.  To  them  have  been 
born  three  children,  all  at  Minneapolis. 

2252*    Alice  Kendrick,!"  b.  March  3,  1864. 
2253*    Mart  Evaltn,!"  b.  June  25,  1866. 
2254      Agnes  Louise,^"  b.  Feb.  24,  1871. 

1541.  Martha  Jane,^  daughter  of  791  Dan  Shaw^  and 
Dorothy  Marston  [Whittier]  Balch,  was  born  at  Boscawen, 
N.  H.,  November  8, 1842.  She  was  married  October  4,  1866, 
to  Henry  L.,  son  of  Joseph  Moses.  He  was  born  at  Welling- 
ton, Maine,  July  23,  1835,  and  is  a  farmer  at  Pasadena,  Cali- 
fornia. Their  two  chilch-en  were  born  at  Empire,  Minneso